List of Family Guy characters

List of Family Guy characters
The Griffin family
Back: Lois, Peter, Meg, and Chris;
Front: Brian and Stewie

These are characters from the animated American TV series Family Guy. Characters are only listed once, normally under the first applicable subsection in the list; very minor characters are listed with a more regular character with whom they are associated. Characters that appear in only one episode are not listed.


Main characters

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is an "average" not particularly competent American father. Peter is irresponsible, obese, immature, loud-mouthed, dim-witted, and is a heavy drinker. He finds out he is mentally retarded in the episode "Petarded". Peter's also one to get himself, his family and friends into situations all the time

Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin (voiced by Alex Borstein) is Peter Griffin's wife. She is a stay-at-home mother who juggles her piano lessons, kids, and husband all in one day, while she (unknowingly) dodges her matricidal infant Stewie. With dealing with peters crazy problems she secretly hopes to one day never have to deal with it again but that will never come.

Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin (voiced by Rachael MacFarlane in the pilot, Lacey Chabert in Season One, Mila Kunis in later seasons) is the first child and only daughter. She is a self-conscious and unattractive teenage girl. The other family members (particularly her father, Peter Griffin) treat her with contempt, as an object of abuse, and an outcast. Meg repeatedly attempts to "fit in" with the popular kids but is rejected and made fun of. Connie, a rude cheerleader, finds Meg as an easy target. Meg has had several love interests, including the Griffins' family dog Brian. Meg is always getting picked on and never confronts it (apart from the hurricane episode, but she decides that it is for the best as she needs to keep the balance of things).

Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin (voiced by Seth Green) is the second child. He is fat, dim-witted, blond, and emotionally effusive. A recurring gag was that an evil monkey lives in his closet, which he found out was not evil in the episode Hannah Banana. He also trys to fit in with his peers but clearly doesn't because he has the brains and actions of his father.

Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is the baby, but often behaves in adult ways such as speaking in an upper-class English accent. He is a child genius who aspires to murder his mother Lois and take over the world at the young age of one which he has been since Family Guy started.

Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is the family's anthropomorphic talking dog. Brian is portrayed as an intellectual who often points out how ridiculous Peter's ideas are. He is an alcoholic, a smoker, and unsuccessfully aspires to be an author.

Glenn Quagmire

Glenn Quagmire (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is the Griffins' next-door sex-addict neighbor and one of Peter's best friends. He is an airline pilot, but is best known for his extreme sexuality and always saying "Giggity". He is attracted to nearly everything and everyone (especially Lois Griffin).

Joe Swanson

Joe Swanson (voiced by Patrick Warburton) is the Griffins' neighbor and Peter's friend. He is a paraplegic who also suffers from impotence and incontinence. As shown in "A Hero Sits Next Door" before moving to Quahog, Joe was injured in his job as a police officer while stopping the Grinch from stealing Christmas and slipped on a roller skate and fell off a roof (though some episodes show he has been a paraplegic since he was young). Despite his disability, Joe still proves to be an extremely skilled police officer, as he is constantly seen pursuing criminals or rescuing victims with the aid of his wheelchair and even goes so far as to abandon his wheelchair to complete his work. He used to live in Providence, Rhode Island. Although he is usually shown as being very tactful, he also has severe anger issues. He is married to Bonnie Swanson, who was once pregnant for many years. She and he had a son named Kevin. In a later episode, Joe revealed to Peter that Kevin died in Iraq. He will make a return in the episode, "Thanksgiving". [1]) He also has an infant daughter, Susie. He has a glass eye, as a result of Peter shooting his real eye, in the episode Lottery Fever.

Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Brown (voiced by Mike Henry) is Peter Griffin's mild-mannered friend who formerly owned and ran a deli. Following his departure from Quahog, the character became the star of his own spin-off series The Cleveland Show. He is an African-American male who is very polite to everyone and has a unique laugh.

Supporting characters

Mayor Adam West

Mayor Adam West is the mayor of Quahog. He is named after and portrayed by the real life Adam West. He is a highly eccentric and paranoid politician. He has been shown to be generally irresponsible. As of the Ninth Season episode, Brothers & Sisters Mayor West marries Lois's sister Carol, thus making him Peter and Lois's Brother-In-Law. Mayor West played Grand Moff Tarkin in "Blue Harvest"


Angela (voiced by Carrie Fisher) is Peter's and Opie's supervisor, in charge of the Shipping Department at the Brewery. She likes Opie far better than Peter, and treats Peter very coldly, repeatedly rewarding Opie as employee of the month. Peter tried to befriend her based on her love of animals, but ended up horrifying her by staging a bloody cockfight in her house and leaving the aftermath for her to find. In the season 8 episode "Peter-assment", Angela targets Peter with sexual lust after Peter comes to work without wearing his glasses. After Peter refused to have sex with her, she tried to gas herself in her car. After Peter rescued her, it was revealed that she has not dated anyone in ten years. Feeling sorry for her, Peter disguised himself as a stereotypical 1920s New York billionaire, and had sex with her. Angela knew it was really Peter, but what she did not know was that Peter hid Mort Goldman (who did it for $2) in his pants so it was Mort who actually had sex with her, not Peter.

Barbara Pewterschmidt

Barbara Pewterschmidt (voiced by Alex Borstein) is Carter's wife, and mother to Lois, Carol, and Patrick. She often speaks in an English accent. Carter often calls her "Babs." It is noted on a few occasions Barbara only married Carter for his wealth and family heritage. She is less hostile towards Peter than her husband is. In appearance, she is basically an older version of Lois. In the episode titled Family Goy, it is revealed she is a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, and her family name was originally Hebrewbergmoneygrabber. She only changed her religion so she and Carter could gain access to country clubs. In the episode Running Mates, she is described as passive aggressive. Barbara Pewterschmidt is also the ex-wife of billionaire Ted Turner. She left Carter in "Welcome Back Carter" after learning he had an affair. However, she does eventually forgive him after deeming herself too old to remarry.


Bertram (voiced by Wallace Shawn) was the son of the Gym Teacher and her partner through artificial insemination. Bertram's biological father, through a sperm bank mishap fixing, is Peter Griffin. Bertram has appeared in Emission Impossible, Sibling Rivalry and in The Big Bang Theory. In his debut, Emission Impossible, Bertram was still a sperm inside Peter's testicles. He entered combat with Stewie Griffin, the youngest son, to prevent his destruction, as Stewie still wanted to be the baby of the family. Here, the two became frenemies, and Stewie would change his mind on a new family member because of this. In Sibling Rivalry, a mishap prior to Peter's vasectomy landed Bertram in a vial that would later be used to impregnate the Gym Teacher's partner. After he was born, he started playing at the same park as Stewie, and the two fought over who would be ruler of the playground. Stewie eventually wins by disarming Bertram, and it appears that Stewie killed Bertram, but in reality is only planting a tree. Bertram actually admitted defeat and ran away. He appears again in The Big Bang Theory where he tries to erase Stewie from the universe by killing Leonardo da Vinci, one of Stewie's ancestors. Although he succeeds in killing da Vinci, he is killed in turn by Stewie when he is shot in the head with his crossbow. In the end, Stewie manages to maintain the time line and overall save the universe. Bertram shares many qualities of Stewie, these appear to include intelligence, strategy and rampant megalomania. Bertram also has a football-shaped head like Stewie.

Bonnie Swanson

Bonnie Swanson (voiced by Jennifer Tilly) is Joe's calm and soft-spoken wife, and mother of Kevin and Susie Swanson. She had been pregnant from her first appearance in "A Hero Sits Next Door" in season one until "Ocean's Three and a Half" in season seven, when she finally gave birth to a daughter, named Susie. Her prolonged pregnancy was pointed out by Peter in the Family Guy season 4 episode 3 "Blind Ambition." Joe temporarily left her in "Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air" when he regained the ability to walk. He returned to her when she tried to shoot him to paralyze him. After missing several times, he did it himself. She was arrested in "The Hand That Rocks The Wheelchair" after Meg planted a gun in her purse due to Meg's infatuation with Joe which she acquired when Bonnie asked her to look after Joe while she was out of town. In "Foreign Affairs" Bonnie goes to Paris with Lois in the hopes of having an affair after feeling neglected by Joe. She nearly leaves Joe for a French man, also in a wheelchair, called Francois. After intervention from Lois, Joe comes to Paris and apologises for neglecting her before proving his love by walking (although it was actually Quagmire walking, tied to Joe's back). Bonnie reunites with Joe and they return to Quahog.


Bruce (voiced by Mike Henry) is a moustached Southerner who speaks in a calm, drawn-out voice with a slight lisp. Though he was not given a name until the episode "No Chris Left Behind", he has appeared in several episodes without being named on-screen. He even comments on it the first time his name is spoken in the series. He has several catchphrases, the most notable being "Oh no!" He first appeared as the clerk of an "exotic entertainment" shop, and was then seen sitting astride an obese donkey at the Renaissance fair when Peter fought the Black Knight. He has since been seen with a variety of jobs including a deacon, a therapist, a medium, a lawyer, a masseur and a barman. More recently, he was seen working at the bowling alley selling rental shoes, and refereeing the boxing match where Lois fought Deirdre Jackson. He has also been seen training to be a police officer, teaching a CPR course and running the Quahog Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He is a member of the school board committee of James Woods Regional High School. Although Bruce himself is generally limited to occasional appearances, his voice is lent to a number of anthropomorphic creatures including a large bee, the shark in a parody of Jaws, a Xenomorph from a parody of Aliens, a Tetris block, and a giant mutant rat. In "Blue Harvest", he played the role of Greedo. He makes an appearance as Admiral Piett on the Imperial Star Destroyer in the episode "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side". Bruce often talks to Jeffrey, his unseen roommate. It is implied that Bruce is gay and that Jeffrey is his domestic partner, as in Road to the North Pole where he states in the song "All I Want for Christmas" that he wants a wedding ring from a guy named Jeffrey. In the episode "BFFs" of The Cleveland Show, Peter says that Bruce was his therapist and referred to him as "that gay guy who has like a thousand jobs."


Carl (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is the manager of the local gas station and convenience store, the Quahog Mini Mart. He speaks in a calm, monotone voice and shows almost no emotion regarding anything happening around him. Carl has an obsession with films and attractive actresses. In "Road to the North Pole", for Christmas, he wants a Blu-ray of The Wiz. He goes out of his way to discuss exciting movies. He becomes good friends with recurring customer Brian and eventually becomes friends with Chris, when Chris worked for him in "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)". Carl and Chris establish a friendship based on their mutual interest in movies. He does not get along with Meg. In "Friends of Peter G," it is revealed that the reason that he knows so much about movies is because he's an alcoholic and he spent so much time in his house and watched every film he could get his hands on. In the Star Wars episodes, Carl plays Yoda.

Carol Pewterschmidt

Carol Pewterschmidt (voiced by Carol Kane in the first appearance, Julie Hagerty in the second appearance) is Lois's often mentioned and occasionally seen sister. She has undergone nine divorces and is the wife of Mayor Adam West. She first appeared in "Emission Impossible", where Peter helps deliver her first child, a boy whom he mistakes as a girl. She later returns in "Brothers & Sisters" fresh from her ninth divorce and quickly rushes into a new marriage with West. Some of her ex-husbands include Evan Johnson (a fan of the Red Sox), Randall Carrington (who gives unwanted gifts), and Doggie Daddy Stone (whose son, Augie, caused strife in their marriage).

Carter Pewterschmidt

Carter Pewterschmidt (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is Lois Griffin's father and also a billionaire industrialist, shipping mogul, and owner of several major companies. His company in the episode Business Guy is named Pewterschmidt Industry, and he is also a member of what is probably the New York Yacht Club whose clubhouse is located in Newport, Rhode Island. He is shown to be friends with other powerful people such as Michael Eisner and Bill Gates yet has problems with Ted Turner. Carter serves as one of the antagonists to the series. He hates Peter with a passion and makes frequent jokes and does various things to embarrass and/or cause Peter pain, even if it causes Lois and the children to suffer as well. On rare occasions, though, he and Peter share a friendship and work together, normally with a common goal. He loves Lois but sometimes does not listen to her and tries to boss her around. He is married to Barbara Pewterschmidt, with whom he had three children – Lois, Carol, and Patrick. In the episode "No Chris Left Behind," he is a member of the Skull and Bones and also slightly admires Chris. It is revealed in "Welcome Back, Carter" that he is an Allied officer. In this episode, he cheated on his wife, Barbara. Peter found out and blackmailed him before accidentallly telling Barbara. She left him and, with persuasion from Peter, he entered the dating scene. He discovered he only wanted Babs and convinced her to take him back. In Laugh It Up, Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy he plays both Owen Lars and Emperor Palpatine.

Cleveland Brown, Jr.

Cleveland Brown, Jr. (voiced by Mike Henry in "Family Guy, Kevin Michael Richardson in "The Cleveland Show") is the son to Cleveland and Loretta Brown. In his appearances on Family Guy, he is slim and hyperactive. However, after leaving Quahog with his father in the first episode The Cleveland Show, he is both severely obese and less hyperactive.

Connie D'Amico

Connie D'Amico (voiced by Fairuza Balk in earlier appearances, Lisa Wilhoit in later appearances) is the most popular girl in school. Connie is portrayed as extremely egotistical, shallow, promiscuous and vain. She shows great disdain toward Meg and plays cruel pranks on her with her friends. However, more than once Connie has formed an alliance with Meg; while this is usually to further her own social standing, at least once—in the episode "Stew-Roids"—Connie turns to Meg after she realizes what it is like to be shunned and mercilessly taunted by her classmates. Chris has been noted to like her, and it is possible that she likes him as well (see Stew-Roids). Connie has kissed every child of the Griffin family, having dated Chris when he briefly became popular, Stewie when he posed as a student, and Meg kissed her after beating her with a bag filled with soda cans. She also danced with Peter at the Winter Snowball dance.


Consuela (voiced by Mike Henry) is the head of the Maids' Union. She is Hispanic and speaks very broken English; for example, she pronounces the word "mister" as "misser" and uses incorrect sentence structure. Consuela first appears in "Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air" demanding Lemon Pledge in a court case, and is then seen answering the door as Superman's maid at the Fortress of Solitude in "Lois Kills Stewie". She appears in a cutaway in "Ocean's Three and a Half" on the game show Are You Smarter Than a Hispanic Maid?. In "Dog Gone", she goes to work for the Griffin family, but proves to be so annoying that they drug her with chloroform and leave her with Joe. She has a nephew named Mikey, who apparently sells light-up yo yos, and a son named Rodrigo, who is in prison. Another of her nephews was molested by James Woods before he committed suicide, as revealed in "And Then There Were Fewer" when she was working as Woods' maid. In "Stewie Goes for a Drive" Stewie runs away from home and ends up in a bad neighborhood. Consuela (for the first time not wearing a maid's uniform, but a turquoise tracksuit) finds and takes him to her home and puts him in her bathtub, which is also being used to make soup for a Quinceañera(girl's 15th birthday party) being held at her house. Brian tracks Stewie to Consuela's house but she refuses to let him go, wanting to keep him and calling him "Ernesto". A young male relative of Consuela threatens Brian with a gun in his belt. Stewie takes the gun, shoots Consuela in the foot and fires into the air scaring all the guests as he and Brian leave. Consuela also appears as Darth Vader's maid in "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side", and as the controller of the security system at the palace of Jabba the Hutt in "It's A Trap!" Mike Henry modeled her after one of his former maids.


Death (voiced by Norm Macdonald in the first appearance, Adam Carolla in later appearances) is the grim reaper figure in the form of a skeleton in a black robe who seldom removes his hood. Underneath his hood is a human skull with spiders and snakes crawling in and out of the eye sockets, mouth and ear cavities as seen in "Death Lives". In the episode "I Take Thee Quagmire", it is revealed that anyone who touches his bones dies instantly (though in "Death Is a Bitch", this is contradicted). In "Friends of Peter G.", Death shows Peter what his life would be like if he continues to drink as much as he does, and if he does not drink at all. Peter learns to control his drinking from this. In "Wasted Talent", Death comes to a college campus where a party had taken place and everybody is dead with beer bottles around the room. After doing his deed, he drinks some beer bottles to try and find a silver scroll (for Pawtucket Pat's contest). He ends up getting drunk and crashes his car.

Diane Simmons

Diane Simmons (voiced by Lori Alan) is the news station's late former news anchor and talk show hostess. In the episode "The King Is Dead", it was revealed that her birth name was Diane Seidelman. She and fellow anchor Tom Tucker often traded insults on the air. Her largest role on the show was when Peter hired her to play Anna in his version of The King and I; she quit after he kept changing everything. It was revealed that her husband killed himself after Tom asked, "Diane, didn't your first husband blow his brains out?" In the hour-long season 9 premiere "And Then There Were Fewer," it was mentioned that she used to date James Woods until he broke up with her around the same time when Tom Tucker tried to replace her. Diane reveals that she worked with Tom for 15 years. This caused her to plan revenge on both men with James Woods ending up murdered and leaving evidence that Tom Tucker murdered Muriel Goldman, Derek Wilcox, James Woods' girlfriend Priscilla and Quagmire's then-girlfriend Stephanie. In an attempt to murder Lois after she found out, she was shot and killed at the last moment by Stewie using a suppressed sniper rifle and her body fell into the ocean. In "Excellence in Broadcasting," her murderous actions and her own demise were mentioned by Tom Tucker and Diane was replaced by Joyce Kinney.[2] Lori Alan has appeared in Seth MacFarlane's animated short Larry & Steve, a precursor to Family Guy. When Family Guy was created, Lori Alan auditioned for the role of Lois, but eventually was cast as Diane.[3] Lori Alan stated that she based Diane's voice on her mother who was also a voice actress.[3]

Dr. Hartman

Dr. Elmer Hartman (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is a doctor that works at Quahog's hospital. He temporarily loses his medical license in "Stewie Loves Lois" when Peter accuses him of rape (Hartman had in fact merely performed a normal prostate exam). He manages to regain his license after treating Peter's urination problem. He has shown a slight sexual attraction to Peter.[4] In the episode New Kidney in Town, Dr. Hartman gives Peter a kidney because the Griffin family are his last paying customers. Also in the episode, Hartman reveals that while attempting to clone a chicken, he inadvertently created Ernie the Giant Chicken, something Peter says he's going to want to discuss later.

Francis Griffin

Francis Griffin (voiced by Charles Durning) is Peter's curmudgeonly Irish American adoptive father.. He was once married to Peter's natural birth mother, Thelma Griffin. An obsessively devout Roman Catholic, he hates Lois because she is not a Catholic, and often calls her a "Protestant whore", disapproves of his son's family's lifestyle, and frequently attempts to force his religious views on them. Despite all of this, he truly did love and care for Peter, and showed on multiple occasions to care for his grandchildren. Francis used to have a job at a metal fabrication plant; after his short retirement, he became a body guard for the Pope. In the episode "Peter's Two Dads," Francis dies on Meg's 17th birthday when Peter, dressed up as a clown, gets drunk, and tries to ride a unicycle down the stairs, but ends up falling off the stairs and landing on top of Francis. Francis passes away in a hospital, after uttering "Peter... you're a fat stinking drunk!". Francis appears at the memorial in "Perfect Castaway" and as a ghost in the episode "Family Goy" to tell Peter not to convert to Judaism.


Herbert (voiced by Mike Henry) is an elderly pederast, who resides just down the street from the Griffin family and distributes popsicles to small children in his basement. He has a particular interest in Chris; in the episode "Play It Again, Brian", Chris finally realizes this and asks Herbert, "Are you a pedophile?", to no onscreen answer. Also, in "Spies Reminiscent of Us", Stewie refers to a "pedophile who lives down the street" who nobody is taking any action against "because he's so funny", clearly talking about Herbert. He has a dog named Jesse, who is also very old and is unable to use his hind legs. He has a high-pitched, very soft effeminate voice and pronounces sibilant consonants with a high-pitched whistle. Herbert is often seen wearing a light blue robe and slippers, walks with a walker and frequently makes inappropriate, sexually tinged comments to teenage boys (in "Road to the North Pole", Herbert wants a little drummer boy for Christmas, while staring at a poster of Nick Jonas). It is revealed later on that he is the eldest member of the Skull and Bones secret society. He was also a Corporal in the United States Army and a POW during World War II. Herbert plays Obi-Wan Kenobi in the "Blue Harvest", "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" and "It's a Trap!" episodes. In "And Then There Were Fewer" he drove an ice cream truck. In an interview, Mike Henry stated that he based Herbert's voice on an old man he used to meet at a grocery store.[5] Before the character was used for the show, Mike would use the Herbert voice to motivate stalled writers at meetings.


Horace (voiced by John G. Brennan) is the proprietor and bartender of The Drunken Clam. Has been shown to have been working there for at least as long as Peter and his friends have been regulars. Horace has also been shot a handful of times, but has recovered from each incident.

Jake Tucker

Jake Tucker (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is Tom Tucker's deformed son and Chris' former classmate. Jake's many appareances show him with an "upside-down face"; a mouth near the top of his head and eyes near the bottom. Toxic waste later gives him a normal face. Jake is typically depicted as a demanding and obnoxious brat. Jake does seem to be happy when Peter lets "Papa Tom" play catch with him. It is also revealed in the episode Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother? that he has no anus.


Jasper (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is Brian's flamboyantly gay cousin, known for random inappropriateness such as constantly telling dirty jokes. Brian stays with him in Hollywood in "Brian Does Hollywood". Jasper marries a Filipino named Ricardo in the episode "You May Now Kiss the... Uh... Guy Who Receives". Jasper also makes a short appearance in "E. Peterbus Unum" during one of Peter's flashbacks when Peter gets another dog.

Jillian Russell

Jillian Russell (voiced by Drew Barrymore) is Brian's sexy, bulimic and dimwitted ex-girlfriend, portrayed as a stereotypical blonde.She is very clueless and naïve, for example she does not understand that Adolf Hitler was stopped decades ago. First appeared in "Whistle While Your Wife Works". She is the only girlfriend that Brian has dated for more than one episode, and was a recurring character in Season 5. He stays with her purely for sex, though after they split, he felt strong feelings of love for her. She breaks up with Brian in "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)" when it is revealed that Brian did not want a committed relationship with her, and she briefly dated Mayor West. She got married in the episode "We Love You Conrad". In the episode "And Then There Were Fewer", her husband Derek Wilcox was murdered by Diane Simmons, thus making Jillian a widow. She is shown dating again in "Tiegs for Two", where Quagmire attempts to date her to make Brian jealous, but she and Cheryl Tiegs leave together when they realize how immature both men are acting.

Jonathan Weed

Jonathan Weed (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is the late owner of the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory, and thus Peter's boss. He spoke with a strong Hispanic accent and was described as an "effeminate weirdo" by his employees. He disapproved of nearly all of Peter's actions, mainly because most of them were detrimental to the company, and has fired or come close to firing Peter on multiple occasions. In "Mr. Saturday Knight", he was invited to the Griffins' house for dinner. He promotes Peter to head of toy development and minutes later, chokes to death on a dinner roll. His video had described how the factory will be replaced by a children's hospital, starting 'now'; the machinery endangers everyone attending the meeting. His great-grandfather's surname was 'Bermudagrass' after the weed-like, invasive species of ground cover Bermuda grass. He is later mentioned by Stewie right before he attempts to kill Lois in "Lois Kills Stewie".[6]

Joyce Kinney

Joyce Kinney (voiced by Christine Lakin) was introduced in the episode "Excellence in Broadcasting" as a successor to the late Diane Simmons. In the Season 9 episode "And I'm Joyce Kinney", it is revealed that she went to high school with Lois and harbors a grudge against her for a humiliating prank committed by Lois and the cheerleading squad. When Lois confides in her over drinks that she was in a porn film, Joyce announces it on the news the next day causing most of Quahog to shun Lois. Also, it is revealed that in order to have a name that would work on television she changed her last name from Chevapravatdumrong (the last name of the Co-Producer for the series) to Kinney. When Lois showed the "Quest for Fur" porn film in church, Joyce was present and not pleased that the congregation forgave Lois.

Loretta Brown

Loretta Brown (voiced by Alex Borstein) is Cleveland's late ex-wife, and the mother of Cleveland, Jr. She had a liking for cricket and the television program Friends. Early in the show, Loretta had a minimal quantity of lines, the bulk of which were "Mm-hmm!" She treats Cleveland harshly, and eventually cheats on him with Glenn Quagmire, leading the Browns to divorce. In the episode "Love, Blactually", it is revealed that Loretta has regretted her actions and wants Cleveland back, but he refuses her advances. Cleveland informs her he needs to move on, and advises her to do the same. She takes Cleveland's house in the divorce and puts it up for sale, yet is still apparently living there some months later. In the Cleveland Show episode "Gone with the Wind", Loretta dies in an accident when Peter drops an Apatosaurus skeleton (which was dug up by Brian) on her house. Sitting in an upstairs bathtub (a reference to a recurring gag where Cleveland was always in the bathtub), the resulting fall ends up killing her. Quagmire ended up driving her body down to Stoolbend for her funeral.

Mort Goldman

Mort Goldman (voiced by John G. Brennan) is Jewish pharmacist with Polish ancestry, and one of Peter's friends. He runs Goldman's Pharmacy and was married to the late Muriel, with whom he has one son Neil. Mort's defining characteristics are stereotypically Jewish such as his whiny neuroticism, his chronic hypochondria, his wimpy attitude and his general gawkiness. Mort has terrible social skills, frequently discussing his various disgusting (and probably imaginary) maladies and childhood bullying in otherwise polite conversation. He takes on the characteristics of Sol Rosenberg, a character from The Jerky Boys created by Johnny Brennan in the late 1980s. Although he first appeared long after his son Neil, Mort has since become a major supporting character while Neil has all but been written out of the series. He was married to Muriel Goldman until he became a widower when she was killed by Diane Simmons in the episode "And Then There Were Fewer". Mort plays Lando Calrissian in the "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" episode.

Muriel Goldman

Muriel Goldman (voiced by Nicole Sullivan) is Mort's deceased wife, whose physical appearance is very close to her husband's. She met Mort via a video dating service, presumably during their youth, as they had their first kiss at age of fourteen while both of them were suffering from a head cold. Later in her life, one of her main recreations was watching old films along with the album Hotel California to find if any of them synchronize. She was murdered in the Season 9 premiere "And Then There Were Fewer" by being stabbed in the back by Diane Simmons. According to Seth MacFarlane's Twitter page, the events of that episode were canon, and her death was a way of killing her off in the TV series.

Neil Goldman

Neil Goldman (voiced by Seth Green) is Mort's stereotypical nerdy son, who has an unrequited crush on Meg Griffin. He is the editor of the school newspaper and is part of the A/V Club. He is more confident than his father, so much so that he does not seem to realize that Meg has nothing but contempt for him. At one point in the series, both Neil and Meg become interns at Channel 5, and they share a kiss. Neil speaks with a lisp when he wears his retainer, but when he removes it, he speaks with a deep, smooth bass. Seth MacFarlane does his voice until Neil puts his retainer back in. He has made few appearances in the series in recent years, being absent entirely in the fifth and eighth seasons, and only making a silent cameo appearance during the ninth. "Peter's Daughter" and "Stew-Roids" are to date the only episodes since the fourth season where he has spoken.

Ollie Williams

Ollie Williams (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is the news station's Black-U-Weather Forecast reporter. Ollie Williams is a fast-talking black man who works at the Quahog News Station. Ollie never speaks for more than about 1–3 seconds. His news reports are always rapidly spoken and loud. The only time he was ever calm was in "420", having smoked marijuana, and it was later revealed his hyperkinetic style was also influenced by alcoholism.[7] Ollie has only spoken for longer than a few seconds on two occasions, one in an episode where Ollie and Tom were talking about him stuck in a rainstorm with his umbrella blown away, and in Lois Kills Stewie where he recaps the previous episode of Stewie Kills Lois. When Peter, Cleveland, and Joe hijacked an airplane, and Ollie was reporting the incident, he said "I'm at the wrong airport!" He has a close resemblance to Al Roker.

Principal Shepard

Principal Shepard (voiced by Gary Cole) is the principal of James Woods High School.


Seamus (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is a tough fisherman with two peglegs as well as two peg arms. He wears a black eye-patch. He makes his first appearance in the episode "A Fish Out of Water". While spending time with Peter and the gang in a steam room, it is revealed his whole body from the neck down is wood. He tends to warn Peter of danger. Seamus had his own talk show in "Perfect Castaway". In his premiere episode he jokes that his father was a tree, but in the episode "And Then There Were Fewer" he blames his condition on James Woods. Seamus claims that Woods carved him from wood and did not wish hard enough for him to be a real boy.

Thelma Griffin

Thelma Griffin (voiced by Florence Stanley in the first appearance, Phyllis Diller in later appearances) is the ex-wife to Francis and mother to Peter. Thelma first appears in "Holy Crap". She is 82 years old (as stated in the episode "Mother Tucker"), has gray hair and noticeable wrinkles below her eyes, and wears purple earrings and a purple bead necklace. She also wears glasses like her son and husband and is a heavy smoker. Unlike Francis, she is generally friendly and personable, and gets along well with Lois. Before Francis' death, she divorced him because she had "needs he didn't fill" and dated Tom Tucker for a while in "Mother Tucker". She often appears with news inconvenient or troubling to Peter and his family. Her brief partnership with Peter's biological father, Irishman Mickey McFinnegan, is only established in the episode "Peter's Two Dads".

Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is the arrogant, baritone male news anchor at Channel 5. Tom tends to insult everybody around him, particularly Diane Simmons, his former co-anchor. He disliked her and frequently traded insults with her on-air. His family includes his first wife, Stacy; his second wife, Sarah; and a son from his first marriage named Jake, whose face is upside down. He is shown to be protective of his son and dislikes people's use of the term "freak". MacFarlane stated that Tom Tucker's voice is the easiest to do for him, and he was "sort of modeled after the cigarette spokesman from the 1940s commercials".[8] In the episode "And Then There Were Fewer", Diane Simmons caused the deaths of James Woods, Muriel Goldman, and Derek Wilcox leaving evidence that would frame Tom Tucker. In "Excellence in Broadcasting," Tom Tucker was released from prison and mentions on the news that Diane caused the murders and is now dead. He also introduces Joyce Kinney as Diane's replacement.

Tricia Takanawa

Tricia Takanawa (voiced by Alex Borstein), typically referred to as "Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa" by her colleagues, speaks in a nasal monotone cadence that Alex Borstein has described as "all presentation and no substance". She was revealed to be Japanese in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

Gag characters

Evil Monkey

The Evil Monkey (voiced by Danny Smith) is a monkey living in Chris' closet, who scares Chris whenever he jumps out of the closet by pointing at him with an evil grimace and a strange tremble (which the monkey claims is due to a copper deficiency). He is voiced by Danny Smith. For much of the series, the family believes the Evil Monkey is a figment of Chris' imagination. In "Hannah Banana", Chris does poorly on a test at school and blames the Evil Monkey, who he says scared him while he was trying to study. Peter and Lois are taken aback when Chris catches it and shows it to them. The Evil Monkey explains that he moved into Chris' closet after his wife had an affair and divorced him (revealed in "Hannah Banana"), and pointing at Chris was his way of trying to make conversation. Chris is unconvinced, but when Monkey helps him write a book report, Chris becomes friends with him. Eventually, Monkey moves out of Chris' closet and parts ways with him, saying "I'll go where I'm needed", and moves to Jake Tucker's closet as his new haunt. The monkey's trademark grimace and pointing was the idea of writer Mike Barker.[9] In "The Cleveland Show" episode "BFFs," Peter Griffin brought the Evil Monkey with him to rescue Cleveland and his friends from hillbilly rapists.

Ernie the Giant Chicken

Ernie the Giant Chicken (voiced by Danny Smith) is an anthropomorphic, human-sized chicken that often fights violently and suddenly with Peter Griffin, usually interrupting some unrelated event. The fight scenes are often very long and dramatic, involving the destruction of large sections of Quahog. Peter wins most of the time. This rivalry begins when the Giant Chicken gives Peter an expired coupon, which angers Peter. (However, in "Meet the Quagmires", Peter's meddling in his past allows him to accidentally punch Ernie while dancing at the Country Club, giving a new origin to the rivalry.) In "No Chris Left Behind," their fight comes to a halt when Peter and the Giant Chicken forget what they have been fighting about, and Peter is cordially invited to dinner with the Chicken—referred to as Ernie—and his wife Nicole. Upon the end of the meal, both Peter and the Giant Chicken try to pay for the bill, attempting to be polite. The ensuing argument results in a fight, and the Giant Chicken and Peter resuming their feud. In "Big Man on Hippocampus," the Chicken ends up attacking an amnesiac Peter when he insults his lawn. The blow to the head causes Peter to remember who he is and states that he does not remember making peace with the Giant Chicken, who resumes smashing various objects on his head. The Giant Chicken is shown as Boba Fett in the Star Wars episodes "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" and "It's A Trap!". In the episode "New Kidney in Town", Dr. Hartman tells the Griffins about his failed cloning attempt, which resulted in a violent man-sized chicken. That prompts Peter to tell Dr. Hartman that they need to have a talk. He also appears in the episode "Trading Places", when Chris was making a chicken noise and he states that the noise was fake.

Greased-up Deaf Guy

Greased-up Deaf Guy (voiced by Mike Henry) first appeared in the episode "The Thin White Line". He can speak well, but somewhat out of tone. He is always shown running, and even when stopped, he will continue to run in place and flail his arms. In "North By North Quahog", he mentions that he used to be a lawyer, and in the next episode "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High", he is seen speaking in court during the show's intro, which parodied Law and Order. He was named Jay after an audience member by the same name in Family Guy Live queried his name in a Q&A session. However, he has not appeared on the show since season 4, except for the direct-to-DVD movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

James Woods

James Woods (voiced by himself) is an actor whose fictional persona is a criminal sociopath. In "Peter's Got Woods", he is invited by Peter Griffin to help deal with the name change for James Woods Regional High School in Quahog. While Brian's attentions are turned to his girlfriend, Peter becomes friends with Woods. This friendship ends when Woods becomes jealous of Brian. Peter and Brian lure Woods into a crate and ship him off to be studied by "top men". Woods returns in "Back to the Woods", stealing Peter's wallet and assuming his identity. Peter retaliates by assuming Woods' identity and ruining his credibility on The Late Show with David Letterman. When Woods shows up to fight Peter, he is again lured into a crate to be studied by "top men". In "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side", James Woods makes an appearance as General Maximilian Veers. In "Brian Griffin's House of Payne", the CBS producers hire Woods to star in Brian Griffin's television show, Woods making multiple changes to Brian's original script that prompt Brian to back out of the project. James Woods reappears in "And Then There Were Fewer", in which he becomes a born-again Christian due to his new relationship with young news intern Priscilla. Outside of his terrorizing the Griffin family, Woods also hits Bonnie Swanson, talks Tom Tucker out of auditioning for Robert Englund's role of Freddy Krueger on A Nightmare on Elm Street, steals Mayor Adam West's Twitter name, introduces Diane Simmons to Danny Bonaduce instead of Dan Rather, replaces Herbert's medicine with meth and cuts up Seamus while they are high on acid. Woods turns his life over to Jesus, wishing to make amends for his sins, but is killed as part of an elaborate murder plot orchestrated by Diane Simmons.


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