List of Chinese aircraft

List of Chinese aircraft

Aircraft produced by the People's Republic of China. As a convention, the designations of aircraft usually start from 5 instead of 1.


Common Abbreviations

Abbreviations Aircraft Type Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Pinyin
H Bomber 轟炸機 轰炸机 HōngZhàJī
J Fighter aircraft 殲擊機 歼击机 JiānJīJī
Q Ground attack aircraft 強擊機 强击机 QiángJīJī
JJ/L/JL Trainer 敎練機 教练机 JiàoLiànJī
Y Transport aircraft 運輸機 运输机 YùnShūJī
Z Helicopter 直升機(直昇機) 直升机 ZhíShēngJī


Designation Manufacturer Remarks
H-5 Harbin Copy of Il-28, retired
H-6 Xi'an Copy of Tu-16
JH-7 Xi'an Fighter-bomber
H-8 Xi'an Development of H-6
SH-5 Harbin Amphibious bomber, production stopped

Fighter aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
MiG-9 Mikoyan-Gurevich Purchased from the Soviet Union, no longer in production
MiG-15 Shenyang/Mikoyan-Gurevich Purchased from the Soviet Union and licenced built in China, no longer in production
FC-1 (JF-17) Chengdu/PAC Multi-role light-weight fighter, jointly developed by Chengdu and PAC, Pakistan
J-5 Shenyang Chinese variant of Mig-17, no longer in production
J-6 Shenyang Chinese variant of Mig-19, no longer in production
J-7 Chengdu Chinese variant of Mig-21
J-8 Shenyang Interceptor/Fighter
J-9 Chengdu Cancelled single-engine fighter project
J-10 Chengdu Multi-role medium-weight fighter
J-11 Shenyang Chinese variant of Su-27
J-12 Nanchang Cancelled light-weight single-engine fighter project
J-13 Shenyang Cancelled light-weight single-engine fighter project
J-15 Shenyang Chinese variant of a carrier-based Su-33 fighter aircraft
J-20 Chengdu 5th generation stealth fighter in development, contract awarded to Chengdu in 2007

Ground attack aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Q-5 Nanchang Developed based on Mig-19
Q-6 Nanchang Cancelled; based on Mig-23BN
JH-7 Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation Fighter-bomber


Designation Manufacturer Remarks
CJ-5 Nanchang Copy of Yak-18, retired
CJ-6 Nanchang Basic propeller trainer
JJ-1 Shenyang Basic jet trainer, cancelled
JJ-5 Shenyang Trainer version of J-5
JJ-6 Shenyang Trainer version of J-6
JJ-7 Guizhou Trainer version of J-7
JL-8 Hongdu Basic jet trainer/attacker
JL-9 Guizhou Upgrade version of JJ-7
YJ-7 Xi'an Aircraft Industry Corporation Bomber-trainer, based on Y-7
Yak-152K Hongdu/Yakolev Jointly developed by China and Russia
L-15 Hongdu Advanced jet trainer/attacker

Transport aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Y-5 Shijiazhuang Copy of An-2
Y-6 Il-14
Y-7 Xi'an Copy of An-24
Y-8 Shaanxi Copy of An-12
Y-9 Shaanxi Multi-purpose transport, in development and variant of the Y-8 (as Y-8X)
Y-10 Shanghai Boeing 707 class airliner, cancelled
Y-11 Harbin 7 seats utility aircraft
Y-12 Harbin 17 seats utility aircraft
MA-60 Xi'an 60 seats turboprop-powered airliner, upgrade version of Y-7
MA-600 Xi'an 60 seats turboprop-powered airliner, upgrade version of MA-60
MA700 Xi'an 70-to-80 seats turboprop-powered airliner, to be introduced in 2009
ARJ-21 ACAC 70-90 seats advanced regional jet airliner, in development
C919 COMAC 168-190 seat twin-jet airliner, in development
Airbus A320 Airbus Chinese built version of the European Airbus A320, introduced 2009


Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Z-5 Harbin Copy of Mi-4, retired
Z-6 Cancelled and based on Mi-8; designation also used on a variant of the Z-5 with a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T-6 "Twin Pac" turboshaft engine
Z-7 Changhe Cancelled
Z-8 Changhe Copy of SA321Ja Super Frelon
Z-9 Harbin Copy of Eurocopter Dauphin
CAIC WZ-10 Changhe Attack helicopter
Z-11 Changhe Copy of Eurocopter AS350
Z-12 Medium military transport helicopter development
EC-120 Harbin Cooperative design with Eurocopter
Z-15/EC-175 Harbin 6,000 kg-class medium utility helicopter jointly developed by Harbin and Eurocopter
Z-X Harbin 5,000 to 5,500 kg twin-engined light helicopter development, possibly derived from Z-9

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