List of unmanned aerial vehicles

List of unmanned aerial vehicles

The following is a list of Unmanned aerial vehicles developed and operated by various countries around the world. Listed with primary mission(s) and year of first flight.

Austrian models

* Schiebel Camcopter S-100, reconnaissance

Belgian models

*EPERVIER drone (1969)
*B-HUNTER (UAV) (2002)

Bulgarian models

*RUM-1, target (1967)
*RUM-2, target (1967)
*RUM-2M, target (1969)
*RUM-2MB, target (1971)
*M-200, target (1971)
*UtRUM, targer (1974)
*P-200, target (1975)
*Yastreb-1, target (1978)
*Yastreb-2, target (1981)
*Yastreb-3,target (1982)
*NITI (2006)

Canadian models

*Canadair CL-89, reconnaissance (1964)
*CL-227 Sentinel, reconnaissance (1977)
*Silver Fox ALIX (Atlantic Littoral Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Experiment) (2004)
*SAGEM Sperwer (2003-2006)
*MMIST CQ-10 Snowgoose (2000)

Chilean models

*Sirol, reconnaissance and researsh (2007) [ UAV Sirol]

Chinese (PRC) models

*ChangKong-1, target, reconnaissance (1966)
*WZ-2000, reconnaissance (2003)

Czech models

*SOJKA III [ [ Czech army info about SOJKA III] ]

European models

*EADS Barracuda, reconnaissance and combat (2006)
*EADS SIDM, reconnaissance (2006)
*Dassault nEUROn, combat (expected in 2011)
*Higheye HE60, Cam helicopter []

French models

*SAGEM Sperwer, reconnaissance
*Dassault AVE-D Petit Duc, research (2000)
*Dassault AVE-C Moyen Duc, research (2001)
*Dassault-Sagem SlowFast, reconnaissance (2004)
*Verhagen X2 Autonomous Helicopters, flycam reconnaissance (2008) [ [ website] ]

German models

*Drohne CL 289
*Aladin, reconnaissance
*Rheinmetall KZO, reconnaissance
*Luna X 2000, reconnaissance
*EuroHawk, reconnaissance (developed together with the U.S.)
*EADS Barracuda, German-led program together with Spain

Greek models

*HAI Pegasus, reconnaissance (1982)
*3 Sigma Nearchos, reconnaissance (1996)
*EADS 3 Sigma Iris
*EADS 3 Sigma Alkyon
*EADS 3 Sigma Perseas

Hezbollah models

*Mirsad-1, reconnaissance, possible weapon (2004)

Indian models

*DRDO Nishant
*HAL/ADE Lakshya
*Searcher MkII (with Israel)
*HAL Heron (with Israel)
*ADE Kapothaka
*HAL/DRDO Rustam medium-altitude long-endurance UAV
*HAL/DRDO Pawan short-range UAV
*HAL/DRDO Gagan tactical UAV []

Indonesian models

*PUNA (Pesawat Udara Nir-Awak, Made by BPP Teknologi)

Israeli models

*IMI Mastiff
*Top I Vision Casper 250
*Top I Vision Aerostat
*IAI Pioneer (with the USA)
*RQ-5 Hunter (with the USA)
*IAI General
*IAI Harpy
*IAI Heron / Machatz-1, reconnaissance
*IAI Ranger
*IAI Scout
*IAI Searcher
*IAI Skylite - Canister Launched mini-UAV system
*Elbit Hermes 450 (unconfirmed claims of ground attack role)
*Aeronautics Defense Systems - Aerostar
*Aeronautics Defense Systems - Dominator
*Aeronautics Defense Systems - Aerolight
*Aeronautics Defense Systems - Orbiter
*EMIT Blue Horizon 2
*EMIT Sparrow
*EMIT Butterfly

Iranian models

*Mohajer 3
*Mohajer 4

Italian models

*Meteor, now SELEX Galileo Avionica Mirach series, target drone-reconnaissance
*SELEX Galileo Avionica NIBBIO, tactical reconnaissance
*SELEX Galileo Avionica FALCO, reconnaissance
*Alenia Aeronautica Sky-x, research UCAV (2005)
*Alenia Aeronautica Sky-y, research-reconnaissance MALE (2007)
*Alenia Aeronautica Molynx/Black Lynx, reconnaissance HALE (in development)

Japanese models

*Yamaha R-50
*Yamaha R-MAX

Jordanian models

*Jordan Falcon
*Jordan Arrow
*Silent Eye


*Eagle ARV System

Mexican models

*The S4 Ehecatl by Hydra Technologies
*The E1 Gavilán by Hydra Technologies

Pakistani models

* Ababeel Aerial Drone
* Baaz Aerial Drone

Polish models

* ITWL HOB-bit
* WB Electronics SOFAR []
* WB Electronics RUFUS []

erbian models

*Mini UAV Gavran "(Raven)"
*Medium UAV

ingaporean models

* ST Aero FanTail
* ST Aero Skyblade
* ST Aero MAV-1

outh African models

*Kentron Seeker
*Kentron Skua
*ATE Vulture
*Denel Bateleur

outh Korean models

*KAI Night Intruder, reconnaissance

oviet/Russian models

*Lavochkin La-17, target and reconnaissance (1953)
*Tupolev Tu-123, reconnaissance (1964)
*Tupolev Tu-141, reconnaissance (mid-1970s)
*Yakovlev Pchela, reconnaissance
*ZALA 421-08, most popular russian UAV reconnaissance plane 2007
*ZALA 421-06, reconnaissance helicopter 2008
*ZALA 421-12, reconnaissance plane 2008

panish models

*Aerovision Fulmar, surveillance (2007). Web Site: []

wiss models

*RUAG Ranger
*Swiss UAV NEO S-300

wedish models

*Saab Skeldar
*Saab Filur
*CybAero APID 55

Taiwanese models

*Chung Shyang II []

Turkish models

*TAI TIHA (MALE) (due 2010)
*METU Güventürk (Mini)
*Bayraktar Mini UAV (Reconnaissance)
*VESTEL Efe (Mini) 2007
*VESTEL Arı (Micro) 2007

Thai models

*IAI Searcher (with Israel)

United Kingdom models

*Fairey Queen (1930s)
*de Havilland Queen Bee (1930s)
*Airspeed Queen Wasp (1936)
*Miles Queen Martinet (1940s)
*ML Aviation Sprite (1981)
*Meggitt Banshee, Target drone {1984}
*BAE Phoenix, reconnaissance (1986)
*QinetiQ Observer, experimental lightweight reconnaissance
*BAE Corax, research (2004)
*BAE HERTI, reconnaissance (2004)
*Thales Watchkeeper WK450, reconnaissance (2005)
*BAE Skylynx II, reconnaissance (2006)
*BAE Fury, reconnaissance/attack (2008)
*BAE Taranis, research (planned)
*BAE Mantis, research, (planned)
*QinetiQ Zephyr, high-altitude long-endurance (in development)
*QinetiQ Mercator, research (in development)
*UnKnown Aerospace Cygnet, logistics (in development)

United States military models

*Hewitt-Sperry Automatic Airplane, weapon (1916)
*Kettering Bug, weapon (1918)
*OQ-2/TDD-1 Radioplane, target (1939)
*Ryan A/BQM-34 series Firebee I and II, target (1951)
*North American X-10, research (1953)
*Northrop GAM-67 Crossbow, multi-role (1956)
*Northrop AQM-35, target (1956)
*McDonnell ADM-20 Quail, decoy (1958)
*Beech MQM-61A Cardinal, target (1959)
*Gyrodyne QH-50, research (1960)
*Beech AQM-37 Jayhawk, target (1961)
*Ryan Model 147/AQM-34 series Fire Fly and Lightning Bug, reconnaissance (1962)
*Northrop M/BQM-74A Chukar, target, decoy (1964)
*Lockheed D-21, reconnaissance (1964)
*Ryan AQM-91 Firefly, reconnaissance (1968)
*BQM-90, target (1970)
*Boeing YQM-94A Compass Cope B, reconnaissance (1973)
*BAE Systems SkyEye (with the United Kingdom), reconnaissance (1973)
*Ryan YQM-98A Compass Cope R, reconnaissance (1974)
*Ryan AQM-81A Firebolt, target (1983)
*BAI BQM-147 Dragon Drone, reconnaissance (1986)
*RQ-2 Pioneer, reconnaissance (1986)
*General Atomics GNAT-750, reconnaissance (1989)
*Sikorsky Cypher, research, (1992)
*General Atomics MQ-1 Predator, reconnaissance, combat (1995)
*LR-3 Tigershark, reconnaissance (2004)
*RQ-3 Dark Star, research (1996)
*RQ-6 Outrider, reconnaissance (1996)
*Bell Eagle Eye, tiltrotor reconnaissance (1998)
*IAI RQ-5 Hunter, reconnaissance (1999)
*AAI RQ-7 Shadow, reconnaissance (1999)
*MQ-8 Fire Scout, reconnaissance (2000)
*RQ-4 Global Hawk, reconnaissance (2001)
*General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper/Mariner, reconnaissance, combat (2001)
*Desert Hawk, reconnaissance (2001)
*Dragon Eye, reconnaissance (2002)
*Boeing X-45, research (2002)
*X-47 Pegasus, research (2003)
*Boeing X-50, research (2003)
*ScanEagle, reconnaissance (2004)
*Boeing A160 Hummingbird, research (2005)
*RQ-11 Raven, reconnaissance (2005)
*Lockheed P-175 Polecat, research (2006)
*Boeing Persistent Munition Technology Demonstrator, research (2006)
*MQ-9 Reaper, air attack (2006)
*Boeing Dominator, experimental (2007)
* [ Composite Engineering BQM-167 Skeeter] , In Development (2006)

United States non-military models

*NASA Mini-Sniffer, research (1975 to 1982)
*General Atomics ALTUS, research (1996)
*NASA Advanced Soaring Concepts Apex research (cancelled before first flight, 1999)
*NASA Helios and Pathfinder, research (2001)
*Octatron SkySeer
*Switchblade (aircraft) (proposed)

Privately developed

Commercial interest in non-military UAVs has led to several startups that are designing and selling autonomous aircraft. These include:
*Higheye automatic camera helicopters []
*Trek Aerospace Dragonfly
*Phantom Sentinel
*Insitu Aerosonde
*Airborne Autonomous Systems (HAVS) [] Developmental
*Miraterre Flight Systems []
*Rotomotion []
*Autopilot []
*Neural Robotics []
*Micropilot []
*Procerus Technologies []
*Mavionics []
*Baykar Machine []
*Arcturus-UAV T-15/T-16
*First Serbian unmanned aerial vehicle called “Nikola Tesla-150” projected and built by team of students called “EMA” []
*UAV Development Group at University of São Paulo - School of Engineering of São Carlos - Brazil
*Imaging 1's micro UAV []
*ATAIR Insect
*Viking Aerospace, LLC []
*Continental Controls and Design, Inc. []
*Gyrodyne DASH or Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter []
*Verhagen X2 []
*Vector P []
*Kestrel-T UAS []

Open Source UAV Projects

* Albatross UAV Project []
* Autopilot project (Closed up for earning $$ eventually) []
* CUAV - The custom UAV flight controller project []
* DIY Drones []
* Full UAV - Software Embedded Control [ in] recruiting developer
* Paparazzi []
* The R/C pilot project []
* The Remote Control Auto Pilot 2 (rcap2) []
* HOVTOL The Horizontal Or Vertical Takeoff Or Landing UAV project []


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