Timeline of aviation

Timeline of aviation

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This is a timeline of aviation history, and a list of more detailed aviation timelines.

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  • Timeline of aviation - 18th century — 18th century aviation*1700 1799 **The kite is popular during the century. then died. *1709 **Father Bartolomeu de Gusmão designs a model hot air balloon and demonstrates it to King John V of Portugal. *1716 ** Well thought out glider project of… …   Wikipedia

  • Timeline of aviation - 19th century — 1800s*1803 **July 18, Etienne Gaspar Robertson and Lhoest climb from Hamburg (Germany) up to 7,280 m in a balloon. **October 3 4, Frenchman André Jaques Garnerin covered a distance of 395 km from Paris to Clausen with his Montgolfière. **Count… …   Wikipedia

  • Timeline of aviation - 20th century — 1901= * July 31 German meteorologists Berson and Süring climb to 10,800 m in a free balloon.August*August 14 in Fairfield, Connecticut, Gustave Whitehead reportedly flew his engine powered Whitehead Number 21 800 meters at 15 meters height,… …   Wikipedia

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