1953 in aviation

1953 in aviation

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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1953:


The first year in which the world's airlines carried more than 50 million people (ICAO statement, 29 December)


* January 26 - The first meeting of the Experimental Aircraft Association takes place at Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Curtis-Wright Field.


* No. 194 Squadron is commissioned as the Royal Air Force's first helicopter squadron


* March 10 - Czechoslovakian Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15s shoot down a USAF F-86 Sabre in Czech airspace.
* March 12 - an RAF Avro Lincoln is shot down by Soviet fighters over East Germany
* March 27 - the Royal Netherlands Air Force becomes a separate command


* April 1 - BEA and Air France introduce "tourist class" fares
* April 3 - BOAC introduces a weekly service to Tokyo by de Havilland Comet jet airliner
* April 24 - EB-29 and two EF-84B flying as part of Project Tom-Tom crash with no survivors.


* May 11 - INS "Garuda" becomes the first carrier, serving as the base for the Indian Naval Air Arm
* May 18 - Jackie Cochran becomes the first woman to break the sound barrier


* June 1 - The USAF Thunderbirds are activated as the 3600th Air Demonstration Team at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.
* June 18 - A USAF C-124 Globemaster II crashes near Tokyo, Japan, killing 129 people in the worst air crash to date- the first with a confirmed death toll exceeding 100. The toll surpasses a 1952 crash in Moses Lake, WA, USA, also involving a USAF Globemaster II.
* June 30 - A SNCASO S.O. 4000 (prototype of the Sud Vautour fighter-bomber) becomes the first European aircraft to exceed the speed of sound in a shallow dive.


* July 1 - air traffic control for West Germany is handed back to German authorities
* July 3 - first tethered flight by the Rolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig VTOL aircraft
* July 8 - Sabena begins the first international helicopter service, linking Belgium, the Netherlands and France
* July 27 - end of the Korean War


* August exact date unknown - an RAF English Electric Canberra on an intelligence gathering flight overflies the secret Kapustin Yar rocket test site in the USSR.


* September 1 - a B-47 Stratojet is refueled by a KB-47 in the first jet-to-jet aerial refueling
* September 21 - North Korean pilot No Kum-Sok defects, bringing his MiG-15 with him to Seoul and collecting a $US 100,000 reward.


* October - Chapter One of the Milwaukee-based Experimental Aircraft Association is formed in Riverside, California
* October 10 - an RAF English Electric Canberra wins the Christchurch Centenary air race, flying 11,792 miles (18,976 km) from England to New Zealand in 23 hours 50 minutes
* October 20 - a TWA Lockheed Constellation makes the first non-stop, scheduled passenger flight across the United States


* November 20 - Scott Crossfield flies the Douglas Skyrocket past Mach 2, the first flight to reach this speed. The world airspeed record is now set at 1,291 mph (2,078 km/h)

First flights

* January 5 - Ambrosini Sagittario

* March 2 - Sud-Ouest SO 9000 Trident

* April 9 - Convair XF2Y-1

* May 16 - Leduc O.21
* May 25 - North American YF-100A

* June 14 - Blackburn Beverley

* Lualdi-Tassotti ES 53
* Mooney M20
* September 3 - Pilatus P-3

* October 13 - North American X-10
* October 13 - Short Seamew
* October 24 - Convair YF-102

*December 14 - Miles Sparrowjet

Entered service

* January 13 - Vickers Viscount with BEA

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