List of Chinese aircraft engines

List of Chinese aircraft engines

Aircraft engines produced by the People's Republic of China.



Abbreviations Chinese Pinyin English Name
HS HuoSai Piston engine
WJ WoJiang Turboprop
WP WoPen Turbojet
WS WoShan Turbofan
WZ WoZhou Turboshaft

Piston engines

Designation Power Output Used by Remarks
HS-5 Y-5 A version of the of the Shvetsov ASh-62, which itself was a modified version of Wright R-1820. Built by Zhuzhou Aeroengine Factory (ZEF), now South Motive Power and Machinery Complex (SMPMC).[3]
Zhuzhou HS-6 CJ-6, Y-11 Originally a copy of the Soviet Ivchenko AI-14R engine. Built by Zhuzhou Aeroengine Factory (ZEF), now South Motive Power and Machinery Complex (SMPMC). Chinese modifications resulted in many variants (-6A, -6B, -6C, -6D, -6E, -6K).[1]
Dongan HS-7 1,268 kW (1,700 hp) Z-5 A modified version of the Soviet Shvetsov ASh-82V, which is developed from the Shvetsov M-62, itself a development from Shvetsov M-25, which is a licensed version of the Wright R-1820. Built by Dongan Engine Manufacturing Company (aka Harbin Engine Factory). [4] [5]
Dongan HS-8 1,380 kW (1,850 hp) A modified version of the Dongan HS-7 which "combined the main body and supercharger of the HS7 with the reduction gear and propeller drive of the Shvetsov ASh-82T". Built by Dongan Engine Manufacturing Company (aka Harbin Engine Factory). [6]


Designation Power Output Used by Remarks
Dongan WJ-5 Y-7 Built by Dongan Engine Manufacturing Company (aka Harbin Engine Factory). Turboprop based on the Ivchenko AI-24. Several variant were made. [2]
WZ-6 Z-8 Turboshaft engine. License-built copy of the Turbomeca Turmo.
WZ-5 Z-6 Turboshaft version of the Dongan WJ-5, program was canceled.
Zhuzhou WZ-8 Z-9 Originally license-built copies of the Turbomeca Arriel turboshaft, many modified variants of this engine were made.[1]
Zhuzhou WZ-9 WZ-10 New turboshaft engine under development for the WZ-10 helicopter. [1]
WZ-16 WZ-10, Z-15 New turboshaft engine under development for the WZ-10 and Z-15 helicopter.

Turbojet engines

Designation Thrust Used by Remarks
Shenyang PF-1 JJ-1 jet trainer (cancelled) A small turbojet engine based on the WP-5, which was a copy of the Soviet Klimov VK-1F.
WP-5 J-5, H-5 A licensed copy of Soviet Klimov VK-1 turbojet, which was derived from British Rolls-Royce Nene engine. Built at the Liming Engine Manufacturing Corporation aka Shenyang Aero-Engine Factory. [3]
WP-5D JJ-5 trainer Produced by Xi'an (XAE)
WP-6 J-6, Q-5 A copy of the Soviet Tumansky R-9BF-811 jet engine
WP-6A 29.42/36.78kN J-6I, Q-5 Improved WP-6
WP-6Z J-12 Lightweight fighter (cancelled)
Shenyang WP-7 Originally a Chinese copy of the Soviet Tumansky R-11-300 afterburning turbojet. Many upgrades and new variants have been developed from the basic engine.
WP-8 93.2kN H-6 A copy of Soviet Mikulin AM-3M-500 turbojet [7]
WP-9 Y-10 (cancelled) A copy of Pratt & Whitney JT3C, cancelled
CAREC WP-11 WZ-5 UAV & drone, HY-4 anti-ship missiles Small turbojet engine made by China National Aero-Engine Corporation (CAREC). Similar to the Turbomeca Marboré.
Guizhou WP-13 39.9/63.7kN J-7C/D A Chinese engine based on the Tumansky R-13-300 turbojet. Several variants were made. [4]
WP-13A 44.1/66.7kN
WP-13A-II 42.7/65.9kN [8][9] J-8-II Produced by Liming Aircraft Engine Company
WP-13F 44.1/66.7kN J-7E/G, JL-9
Shenyang WP-14 Kunlun ~75kN with afterburn J-8-II Indigenous Chinese turbojet engine produced by Shenyang.[5]
WP-14C Kunlun-3 J-7, J-8T, JL-9 An improved WP-14 Kunlun

Turbofan engines

Designation Thrust Used by Remarks
Shenyang WS-5 Cancelled
Shenyang WS-6 J-9, J-13, Q-6 canceled Cancelled[6]
Shenyang WS-6A Cancelled
Shanghai WS-8 Y-10 canceled Cancelled[7]
Xian WS-9 Qinling 91.2kN JH-7 Licensed version of Rolls-Royce Spey RB.168 Mk 202
Xian Qinling-2 9,325+kg Improved version of the WS-9; comparable to the French SNECMA M53-P2
Shenyang WS-10A Taihang 13,200kg J-10, J-11 Indigenous T/W: 7.5 replacement for AL-31 and AL-31F; possibly used to power new J-XX fighters[8]
Shenyang WS-10G Taihang 15,810kg J-20 Modified Taihang with T/W: 9, possibly used to power new J-20 fighters [9]
WS-11 JL-8 Licensed version of the Ivchenko-Progress AI-25TLK
WS-12 Taishan Canceled
WS-12B Taishan JH-7B Heavier, improved WS-12
Guizhou WS-13 Taishan 86.37kN JF-17 Indigenous T/W: 7.8 upgrade for RD-93
WS-13 upgrade 100kN JF-17 Upgraded Taishan with 100kN thrust in development[10]
Shenyang WS-15 18,350kg J-20 Described by Russian sources as the "18-ton" thrust, T/W: 9-10 project possibly used to power new J-20 fighters.[11]
WS-18 H-6K Developed as a replacement for the D-30K2[12]

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