Dark Kingdom

Dark Kingdom
Sailor Moon villain group

The Dark Kingdom as seen in the anime, with Queen Metalia looming over it.
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Dark Kingdom
Story arc: Sailor Moon (anime)
Dark Kingdom (manga)
Live-action series
Codename: Sailor V (Dark Agency only)
Dub name: Negaverse
Leader: Queen Beryl
Chaos form: Queen Metalia
Key figures: The Shitennou, Mio Kuroki, Dark Mercury, Danburite
MOTD: Youma
Dark Agency Idols
Tools: Crystal Ball

The Dark Kingdom (ダークキングダム Dāku Kingudamu?) is an organization of antagonists in the Sailor Moon metaseries. They are the primary villains of the first story arc in every version of the series, and are responsible for the destruction of the ancient Moon Kingdom.

The kingdom came into being in the 20th century when the servants of those who had served the evil Queen Metalia millennia before (in the battle against the civilization on the Moon) were reawakened. However, in the English dub, the word "reborn" is used rather than "reincarnation" — it is implied that Queen Beryl and her cohorts were active the whole time even if they did not accelerate activities until the coming of Sailor Moon. Queen Beryl and her four Shitennou lead this group, attempting to gather human energy with which to reawaken Metalia.

Creatures called youma (meaning "monster") serve as monsters of the day in the anime. They are summoned by the Shitennou in order to drain energy, hunt the Princess, distract the Sailor Senshi, and perform various other tasks.

DiC's English dub of Sailor Moon calls them the Negaverse, a portmanteau of negative and universe. Being that the Negaverse and its inhabitants are inherently evil, the English dub shows Beryl and her cohorts using "Nega" as a common prefix to show their devotion to wickedness and to underscore their dimension's inherent negativity — e.g. "negapower", "negahistory". The term is applied to all enemies in the English dubs of the first two Sailor Moon series, implying that they are all loyal to Beryl or her cause. In the original Japanese anime, the Dark Kingdom is separate from the origins of any other set of antagonists, and is the extra-dimensional location of the evil Queen Beryl and her minions. In the English dub of the Sailor Moon R movie by DiC, references are made to Kisenian Blossom sowing seeds of "negativity". Later, when Cloverway took over dubbing, references were made at first to "old enemies" but this was soon dropped entirely. In the English version, the youma are merely referred to as "monsters" or "Negamonsters" by the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask.


Key figures

Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl as seen in the anime.

Queen Beryl(クイン・ベリル Kuin Beriru?) is the first major villain in every version of the Sailor Moon series. She is named after the mineral beryl. Beryl has immense magical power, but she uses most of it to channel the life energy harvested by her servants to the entity called Queen Metalia.

In most versions of the story, she has the ability to corrupt others into serving the powers of darkness. Her generals, for instance, were once the bodyguards and best friends of Prince Endymion, and in most versions of the story she is able to use her powers to sway Tuxedo Mask into her service.

In the manga, Beryl was a beautiful girl on Earth during the age of the Silver Millennium.[1] Beryl was in love with Prince Endymion, but her love was unrequited; when she discovered Endymion with Princess Serenity of the moon, she was crushed. She later states that having Endymion was her sole reason for siding with the evil force from the sun, Queen Metalia.[1] She was corrupted and empowered by Metalia, and used her new powers to mobilize the Earth in a war against their protectors, the Moon Kingdom.

Beryl killed Prince Endymion as he was trying to protect Princess Serenity, leading to the princess's own suicide. At some point after this, Sailor Venus killed Beryl with the holy moon sword. Queen Serenity, greatly weakened, sealed away Metalia again, and before dying sent the whole of her Kingdom to be reincarnated on Earth.[1]

Beryl is "reborn" in the 20th century, but finds Queen Metalia sealed within the Earth while traveling in the Arctic. She becomes Queen of the Dark Kingdom, communicating with Queen Metalia and wielding her reincarnated generals Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite to find the Silver Crystal and defeat the newly-awakened Sailor Soldiers.

Queen Beryl is able to summon the reincarnated Prince Endymion (Tuxedo Mask) to her side, but only after he has been killed and merely exists as a mindless zombie. In the end she fails to get the Silver Crystal, and is again killed by Sailor Venus, who drives a sword through her body. As she falls, she says Endymion's name, and murmurs that she had always just been watching him.[1]

She is generally portrayed in a more tragic light in the manga than she is in the anime, even experiencing a brief moment of regret as she knows that she can no longer turn back.[2]

In the anime, Queen Beryl is the mastermind behind the various attacks against the citizens of Tokyo while Sailor Moon, and later the other Sailor Soldiers, are searching for the Moon Princess. She also kidnaps and brainwashes Prince Endymion in order to force him to kill his lover. But when he breaks free of her control and attacks her she lies in a swoon and begs Queen Metalia for more power, which results in Beryl becoming Metalia's vessel for the destruction of everything on Earth called Super Beryl.[3] Queen Beryl is soon vaporized along with Metalia when Sailor Moon, who has transformed into Princess Serenity, combines the power of the Silver Crystal with that of the Moon Stick.

In the English-dubbed anime no mention is given to her origin and she is only said to be the ruler of the Negaverse, an evil alternate dimension, from which she was somehow able to escape in order to attack this dimension. Yet while she is an extra-dimensional monster in human form that was never born on Earth, it can be assumed that this Beryl has a similar origin because when she sees Tuxedo Mask without his mask, she recognizes his face and seeks to claim him as her own. Her love for Endymion is not mentioned; indeed, she does not even know anything about love, vaguely saying that she has heard of it when Jadeite mentions it as a human phenomenon.[4] She is, however, capable of carnal lust, as seen with her attraction to Darien/Mamoru.

A key difference between the dubbed Beryl and her Japanese counterpart is that with the demotion of Metalia to the dub Negaforce, Beryl is much more assertive, vindictive, power hungry, and possessive (when towards the end of the first season, Darien is freed from mind control, she shouts "Traitor!" and attacks him with a stone spear, screaming "You are mine!"[5]). In the Swedish dubbed version, Queen Beryl's name is Morga.

In the original Japanese anime, Beryl was content to serve Metalia and her chief motivation was loyalty to Metalia. In the English dub, she rules the Negaverse in her own name and is regarded by her foes as a "snake... all twisted and ugly and full of bitterness." Aside from enslaving the entire universe (or even destroying it with everyone in it) for herself, her chief motivation was to avenge her defeat one thousand years ago at the hands of her most hated enemy, Queen Serenity, whom she vowed to have "begging for mercy!".[6] She looked down on Serenity's daughter, Sailor Moon as being a nuisance at best. Beryl was supreme leader and junior partner to her advisor, the Negaforce. Aside from being one of the more ruthless and power hungry of her counterparts, there was almost no sympathy extended to her. The sole exception was when she recalled Queen Serenity imprisoning the Seven Shadows, Beryl's voice actress, Naz Edwards, intoned a sad voice when she read "they disappeared into the Earth's atmosphere..."[7]

At the end of the season, Beryl is said to be merely banished back to the Negaverse when Sailor Moon defeats her. While the narrator who opened the first season opens the second season reiterating that information, there is also a continuity error when Artemis mentions during the second series that Queen Beryl had been "completely destroyed."[8] Ann and Alan also mention her, saying that she had told them about the Earth, though it is not specified at what point this ever happened; before or after Beryl's defeat.[9]

In the live-action series, as in the manga, Beryl sends out her Shitennou to collect energy for Metalia, find the princess, and obtain the Silver Crystal. Beryl had problems, however: Jadeite and Nephrite were rivals for her affections; Zoisite was more loyal to Prince Endymion than to her; Kunzite had set his sights on taking Queen Metalia's power for himself. However, it was soon revealed that Beryl had revived the four and used her magic to bring them into her service, though only Jadeite and Nephrite are completely under her spell as they have forgotten their past memories. At one point, Beryl creates a shadow of herself, Mio Kuroki (Kuroki Mio), who sets out to ruin Usagi Tsukino's reputation while being Beryl's eyes and ears. When she learns that Mamoru Chiba was Endymion, Beryl forces him to come with her by showing him that she can easily kill the Shitennou, with Nephrite as an example. Once she has the object of her desire under her services, Beryl has Jadeite implant an item in Mamoru's body that will shorten his life when he is with Usagi. However, Mamoru still risks his life for Usagi, to Beryl's dismay. Even more, thanks to Usagi's overuse of the Silver Crystal, Beryl loses control over Metalia's actions. She dies in the finale when her castle crumbles under the stress of a distraught Princess using the Silver Crystal to destroy the world. However, for all her sadness she is not alone, as Jadeite stays by her side after she removes her mind-control spell on him, claiming that Beryl is his master by choice.

Queen Beryl appears as a boss in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game. She is encountered in a cave by the Sailor Senshi following the DD Girls destruction. Super Beryl serves as Queen Beryl's second form. Later on in the past level, it was shown that Queen Beryl had been a sage that lived at the North Pole wanting Endymion to be hers at the time and has followers all over the world.

Beryl's original form appears, blurrily, in a flashback in the later episodes of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Beryl's original form also appears in the manga, where she wears a gypsy-like outfit.[10] In the manga her original form had black hair, but in PGSM her hair was red in her original form.

Queen Beryl appears in the first musical, Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen and its revision, in a similar plot to the series' first story arc. She is then revived in the semi original musical Eien Densetsu and its revision by Sailor Galaxia, who merely uses her as a puppet to awaken Saturn.[11] Beryl dies while protecting Sailor Moon from a stab by the evil Tuxedo Mask mud puppet, her last statement being, "This time I die for passion".[12] Similarly, in Shin Densetsu Kourin Beryl kills the evil King Endymion mud puppet to give Sailor Moon a fighting chance against Galaxia.[13]

Several times in the musical, Beryl and Sailor Pluto share the song Onna no Ronsou which explains why betrayal by Endymion in the past killed Beryl's emotion of love.[14] Each time this song is played, Sailor Pluto would always begin with "Because we are the same" or a similar phrase.[15][16][17]

In the original Japanese anime, Beryl is voiced by Keiko Han, who also voices Luna. During recording, this contrast resulted in occasional fits of giggles among the cast when she would change from Luna's cute, catlike voice to the deep, evil tones of Queen Beryl. Sometimes, she would accidentally play Beryl with Luna's voice.[18] In the English dub, the character was played by Naz Edwards (though Jill Frappier voiced her in a flashback in the episode "Follow the Leader").

In the stage musicals, Queen Beryl has been played by two actresses: Yuri Nishina and Akiko Miyazawa (who previously played Sailor Venus). In the live action series, she is played by adult film star Aya Sugimoto.

The inclusion of her as an evil character in a line of dolls for girls has been described as a "radical idea".[19]

Queen Metalia

Queen Metalia(クイン・メタリア Kuin Metaria?) is a malignant, amorphous energy being, similar to the depersonalized Japanese god of evil Amatsu-Mikaboshi. She/it was born as a result of radioactivity in the sun and is the true mastermind behind the Dark Kingdom. Like all arch-villains in the Sailor Moon manga, she is an incarnation of the final arch-villain, Chaos. The re-released manga romanizes her name as Metaria.[20]

In the manga, when Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity were to be wed, Metalia took advantage of those on Earth who despised the union. Such a person was Beryl, whose affections for Endymion were preyed on by Metalia. After the war, Metalia was sealed at the North Pole and placed in suspended animation.

In the 20th century, Metalia manages to return a reborn Beryl to her service and orders her to find the Silver Crystal so it may be used to free Metalia. After Endymion's reincarnated form is captured, Metalia enters the young man's body to use him as a suitable host, letting Beryl die in battle. After Sailor Moon is forced to kill Endymion, Metalia is freed to resume her evil. She is eventually destroyed by Sailor Moon.

In the anime Metalia is much the same, with a few exceptions. She eventually becomes powerful enough to resurrect on her own and then takes possession of the dying Beryl, transforming into a towering goddess-like creature referred to as Super Beryl.

In the English dub of the anime, she is referred to only as the Negaforce, a combination of Negative and Force. This dark lord (or lady) is a god/demon-like creature to the peoples of the Negaverse, and though it is the supreme being of its dimension, and thus not beholden to any being from the human dimension, not even Chaos, her/its role is greatly downplayed. As the name change implies, the Negaforce is nameless and impersonal and is more a force of nature. Unlike Metalia, she seems never to have been sealed away and she seems to have always been a faceless diabolic force, content to have Beryl do the actual work. Despite this, it is Beryl's primary adviser and the power behind her throne; without the Negaforce, Beryl could not rule. It is also more treacherous and manipulative than its Japanese counterpart, showing that despite having no overt dreams of power, has an agenda for which Beryl, her nominal superior is a tool. That can be seen with how she stokes Beryl's ego by telling her "queen" "You alone will rule the universe!" in one episode, and demanding the minion she insults for stupidity call her master in another. The possession of Beryl in the dub is reworked as "giving her one last chance", and appears to be the Negaforce imbuing Beryl with power rather than possessing her.

In the live-action series, Metalia lacks a personality other than the desire to destroy the world. Beryl originally intends to use the Silver Crystal to control Metalia, but later learns that the gem's power only makes Metalia stronger due to Usagi's rage transmitted through it. This escalates to the point where Beryl can no longer control the actions of her own Youma and fears that Metalia may destroy everything. During Acts 45-46, Metalia transfers her will into the strongest Youma at its service. In a vain attempt to stop Metalia, Endymion takes the creature into his own body with the intent of committing suicide to take it with him. This has nightmarish results, as Metalia takes control of Endymion and then uses him in an attempt to force Sailor Moon to use the Silver Crystal's power. Metalia's plan succeeds, but only after Sailor Moon is forced to kill Endymion. But Sailor Moon manages to revive Mamoru with the Silver Crystal's power, with Metalia gone for good.

In the anime, Queen Metalia is voiced by Noriko Uemura, who reappears in the Death Busters story arc as Professor Tomoe's assistant Kaolinite. In the dub, Metalia's voice actress is Maria Vacratsis. In the live-action series, she was voiced by Miyū Sawai, who also played Usagi Tsukino and who had her voice digitally deepened and altered for this role.[citation needed]


Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite in the manga.

The Shitennou (四天王 Shitennō?, Four Heavenly Kings) are the commanders of the Dark Kingdom working directly under Queen Beryl. The Shitennou provide the major antagonistic force for the beginning of every version of the series—manga, anime, musicals, and live-action. The group's title, shitennou, comes from Buddhist mythology. Each member has epaulettes on his uniform, which indicate their respective ranks.

In the manga, the Shitennou originally functioned as the four guardians of Earth's crown prince Endymion. They were led astray during the time of the Silver Millennium, finally selling their souls to the Dark Kingdom and becoming Queen Beryl's servants. When reincarnated in the 20th century, they again fall prey to her and obey her every command, but retain a sense that they need to seek out their real master and aid him. In the manga, they continue to appear after the first season as spirit-advisors to Mamoru, the reincarnation of Endymion. This backstory was not included in the anime, but was reintroduced and built upon for the stage musicals and even more so live-action series. It is also hinted that they were in romantic relationships with the remaining Sailor Senshi. Kunzite and Venus, Zoicite and Mercury, Jadeite and Mars, and Nephrite and Jupiter were the hinted pairings in the manga.

In DiC's English adaptation of the anime, the Shitennou were human-like beings from the Negaverse, an alternate dimension of evil, and had only a vague understanding of human ways. From dialogue between Nephlite (Nephrite) and Zoycite (Zoisite), they were even required to take classes in human psychology to blend in.[21] Zoycite was also changed from a male to a female.

The first musical, Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen and its revision featured all four Shitennou. During a ball, Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion sang Waltz ni Koi wo Nosete, and the Shitennou were paired with their respective partners, however, this romance was short-lived as Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus were each forced to fight Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite respectively. While the Guardian Senshi won in each case, the Shitennou used lies and trickery to harm each of the soldiers, resulting in members of both sides dying.

In the 1997 musical Eien Densetsu, only Kunzite and Zoisite appear. Zoisite flirts with Ami, and even sings a duet with her (Itsuwari no Forevermore, lit. Lies Forevermore). Ami only responded to Zoisite's flirting because he subtly brainwashed her. They would have shared a kiss if they weren't interrupted.[22]

In the Sailor Moon: Another Story video game, the Shitennou appear as ghosts who help four of the Sailor Senshi get the respectul gems of each of the Shitennou when Momoru ends up injured by the Opposito Senshi.

In Starlights - Ryuusei Densetsu, the implied romance between the Shitennou and Guardian Senshi can be seen in various situations. The Shitennou are sent to flirt with the Senshi to make them distracted. The Shitennou in their human identities protect the Senshi who are also in their civilian identities, from Sailor Galaxia.[23] They can also each be seen flirting in their respective couples, as the Shitennou present gifts to the Senshi in a park.[24][25] They take the alies of J. Taitou, Light Mifune, Saitou Izou and Saitou Kun and are known as a group called the Jewel Meterias. They claim to deal in gemstones and bring their business to Japan by being a part of Miciru, the Animamates' and Three Light's joint concert.

The musical Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin had a group that which called themselves the Neo Shitennou. The members of the Neo Shitennou were Kunzite, Hematite, Hiddenite, and Kalunite. There was no explanation for changing their names, but Hematite, Hiddenite, and Kalunite looked identical to Zoisite, Nephrite and Jadeite respectively. The group worked with the reborn Queen Beryl under Sailor Galaxia, though the five of them were plotting to get out of Galaxia's rule.


Jadeite(ジェダイト Jedaito?, called Jedite in the English anime) is the first of the Shitennou to appear. In her Materials Collection, Naoko Takeuchi describes him as being about 18 years old in appearance,[26] making him the second-youngest, while in the live-action series he is the youngest. He is the head of the Dark Kingdom's Far-Eastern Division[27] and is named after the mineral jadeite.

In the manga, Jadeite's mission is to track down the Silver Crystal but eventually changes to gathering life energy to awaken Queen Metalia. He has very little interaction with the other Shitennou, only briefly being seen with and mocked by Nephrite. He expresses an attraction to Sailor Mars and is eventually killed by her Akuryo Taisan attack. At this point, Nephrite vows to take revenge for his fallen comrade as he preserves Jadeite's skeleton in a glass coffin. In the later side story Casablanca Memories, Zoisite also tries to avenge Jadeite. Jadeite was briefly revived near the end of the Dark Kingdom arc and was able to remember the Golden Kingdom and his time as a military officer of Prince Endymion before being turned into the stone from which his name was derived. The piece of jadeite (along with the stones for the other three Shitennou) were kept by Mamoru Chiba and he used them to call upon his Shitennou for advice.

In the anime, hunting energy is Jadeite's primary mission. He is adapted to be outspokenly sexist against women, often remarking how women and girls cannot match his power nor comprehend his methods, although this is toned down in the English dub and replaced with a more general rivalry between himself and the Sailor Senshi. Most of his schemes in the anime involve disguises; he takes on a variety of occupations and personas to trick humans into giving him energy, always targeting mass numbers at once. Due to his repeated failures to destroy the Sailor Senshi and the loss of Thetis (who was one of Queen Beryl's top Youma and Jadeite's love interest), Jadeite is threatened to destroy the Sailor Senshi or be condemned to "Eternal Sleep" (which was reputed to be worse than death itself as anyone condemned to it will be drifted to profound darkness forever). He ends up luring the Sailor Senshi to an airport where he attacks them with mobile airplanes until Tuxedo Mask saves them. Just as Sailor Moon tries to finish Jadeite off with her Moon Tiara Action, he dodges it and appears to be teleported back to Queen Beryl before either 747 jumbo jet could flatten him. He tried to tell her that he had found out the true identities of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars but angered over his failed duel, she locks him into "Eternal Sleep" claiming his knowledge of the Sailor Senshi's identities as one of his excuses. As Jadeite is encased in a crystal and forever teleported away towards profound darkness, Queen Beryl informs all Youmas and allies of the Dark Kingdom to let Jadeite's fate be a warning to all of them. Queen Beryl then promotes Nephrite to be her new commander and to continue the energy hunting job that Jadeite started. Jadeite (alongside the other Shittenou) is featured in a flashback where it depicted the Negaverse's invasion of the Moon Kingdom. It is unknown if the Sailor Senshi believed that they killed Jadeite or that he went back to the Negaverse injured.

Of all the Shitennou, Jadeite is the only one to retain his basic appearance and mannerisms in the live-action series. He is totally subservient to Queen Beryl, for which she rewards him with her favor, sending him on missions that range from gathering energy to spying on his fellow warriors to attacking the Senshi directly. He disappears early in the series reverting to crystalline form due to an injury from one of his battles, but is revived some time later by the growing power of Queen Metalia. Firmly loyal to Beryl, he rejects Endymion as his true master until the very last episode of the series where he stays with Queen Beryl as her castle collapses around her.

In the first official Sailor Moon popularity poll, Jadeite was ranked the twentieth most popular character out of thirty eight choices.[28]

Jadeite's voice for the original anime was provided by Masaya Onosaka and in the English dub by Tony Daniels. In the live-action series he was portrayed by Jun Masuo, and two people have played him in the stage musicals: Susumu Futabashi and Yuhka Asami (an actress).


Nephrite(ネフライト Nefuraito?, called Neflite or Nephlite[29] in the English adaptations) is the second of the Shitennou to appear. Takeuchi describes him as cocky and emotional, writing in her concept notes he will probably get himself killed right off. He is the second-oldest, estimated at about 19 years old,[26] and is in charge of the Dark Kingdom's North American division.[30] He is named after the mineral nephrite.

Nephrite's primary goal in the manga is to locate the Silver Crystal, but he also takes on a vow to avenge the death of Jadeite, and this is his main driving force. He uses a female "shadow" of himself to attack his victims, simultaneously taking control over their bodies and draining their energy. He is killed in battle by Sailor Jupiter. Nephrite was briefly revived near the end of the Dark Kingdom arc and was able to remember the Golden Kingdom and his time as a military officer of Prince Endymion before being turned into the stone from which his name was derived. The piece of nephrite (along with the stones for the other three Shitennou) were kept by Mamoru Chiba and he used them to call upon his Shitennou for advice.

In the anime, Queen Beryl appoints Nephrite to continue the energy hunting job following Jadeite being condemned to "Eternal Sleep." Nephrite hypothesizes that more energy can be taken by concentrating on a single human than by drawing from a crowd as Jadeite usually did which he claimed to be one of the reasons why Jadeite had failed Queen Beryl. Establishing himself in an abandoned church, he uses intonation with the stars to detect the "energy potential" of individual people before attacking them when he implants the essence of one of his Youma into a specific person's object. He, in turn, is mocked by his would-be successor, Zoisite. Also unlike Jadeite, Nephrite uses just one alter ego, that of Masato Sanjouin (三条院正人 Sanjōin Masato?), a wealthy businessman and socialite. To match his monogrammed belongings, the English dub gave him the pseudonym Maxfield Stanton, which author Patrick Drazen describes as "ridiculously soap-opera."[31] Over the course of his missions, Nephrite inadvertently attracts the attention and affections of Usagi's best friend, Naru (Molly in the English dub), which interferes with his progress. One time when Nephrite discovered that Tuxedo Mask is Sailor Moon's weakness, Queen Beryl tells Nephrite that he'd better destroy Sailor Moon or he'll join Jadeite in "Eternal Sleep." Even though he wasn't able to destroy Sailor Moon, he did managed to siphon some energy from Naru earlier which did impress Queen Beryl. The Black Crystal he crafts to detect the Silver Crystal reacts instead to Naru's love for him. In the end, he comes to return her love and chooses to rescue her from Zoisite at the cost of his own life, dying in her arms just as the Sailor Senshi arrive to help. Naru screams in despair, which Drazen says must have been an unexpected development for viewers used to happy endings. Drazen describes this as a scene of redemption, pointing out that, before the end, Nephrite gives a genuine smile, as well as a good laugh, which Drazen considers "would have been beyond him in the past, but love is turning him human".[31] Nephrite (alongside the other Shittenou) is featured in a flashback where it depicted the Dark Kingdom's invasion of the Moon Kingdom.

In the live-action series, Nephrite is Jadeite's main rival for the attentions of Queen Beryl, who considers him useless. His physical appearance is drastically changed, and he is portrayed as hot-headed and violent. Repeatedly humiliated by the Sailor Senshi, and mocked by the other Shitennou, he strives to win Beryl's favor, but is eventually murdered by her as a demonstration of her power. He is then reborn in Tokyo as a normal human being with all his memories intact, getting a job at the karaoke parlor and forging a tenuous friendship with Ami Mizuno, who was compassionate toward him when she was Dark Mercury. At the end of the series, he is re-established with the other Shitennou as one of Prince Endymion's guardians.

Nephrite's voice for the original anime was provided by Katsuji Mori and in the English dub by Kevin Lund. In the live-action series he was portrayed by Hiroyuki Matsumoto, and two actors have played him in the stage musicals: Toshikazu Seike and Shuusuke Yoda.

Nephrite was the joint seventeenth favorite male character in a May 1993 Animage poll, tying with a character from Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh.[32]


Zoisite(ゾイサイト Zoisaito?, called Zoycite in the English anime) is the third of the Shitennou. Of the four, his character has undergone the most drastic changes from version to version of the story. He is the youngest, at about 16–17 years of age, described by Takeuchi as the least mature and most effeminate.[26] He manages the Dark Kingdom's European Division[33] and is named after the mineral zoisite.

Zoisite enters the manga in much the same way as his predecessor, first mocking Nephrite and then crying out in anguish when he is killed. However, he also works closely with the one remaining Shitennou, Kunzite, sharing concerns and strategies as he works. Seeking the Silver Crystal, he uses news reports and press releases to make the population of Tokyo help with his search, then resorts to taking their energy when they fail. He very nearly defeats the Sailor Senshi, but is killed in a surprise attack by Sailor Venus. Zoisite was briefly revived near the end of the Dark Kingdom arc and was able to remember the Golden Kingdom and his time as a military officer of Prince Endymion before being turned into the stone from which his name was derived. The piece of zoisite (along with the stones for the other three Shitennou) were kept by Mamoru Chiba and he used them to call upon his Shitennou for advice.

In the anime, Zoisite is introduced along with Nephrite, ridiculing him in each episode. On one occasion, Zoisite was present when Nephrite told Queen Beryl that Tuxedo Mask is Sailor Moon's weakness. Zoisite hoped that Nephrite's plan would fail and that Nephrite would end up joining Jadeite in "Eternal Sleep." Despite Nephrite's plan not working, Nephrite managed to impress Queen Beryl with the energy he got from Naru. When Zoisite asks why she let Nephrite off the hook, Queen Beryl informs Zoisite that if he questions her judgement again, he'll end up joining Jadeite in "Eternal Sleep." Later, he finally orchestrates Nephrite's death by having the Plant Sisters kidnap Naru and having the Plant Sister Housenka critically wound Nephrite. After Queen Metalia was awakened, Queen Beryl appointed Zoisite to find the Rainbow Crystals that are in specific humans that are hosts to the Seven Youma. He is more successful than either of his predecessors, obtaining all seven fragments of the Silver Crystal. He very nearly succeeds in killing Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Mask takes the hit for her. The two are then revealed to be Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. Queen Beryl was infuriated that Zoisite harmed Prince Endymion and used an attack from her crystal ball-tipped staff to blast Zoisite with dark energy, critically wounding him. Queen Beryl then tells Kunzite to let her attack on Zoisite be a warning to him if he ever harms Prince Endymion. Zoisite later dies in Kunzite's arms. Zoisite (alongside the other Shittenou) is featured in a flashback where it depicted the Dark Kingdom's invasion of the Moon Kingdom.

For the English language dub, DiC reworked the character of as "Zoycite", a female henchman and girlfriend of Kunzite. They also rewrote the character, giving Zoycite a snarky personality as well as playing up the rivalry between the character and Nephrite. This was the first time that the English dub changed the gender of a character and was later done with the characters Fisheye (male to female) and Zirconia (female to male) in Sailor Moon SuperS.

In the live-action series, Zoisite is an enigmatic piano player, using magical songs to hunt for the hidden Moon Princess. In addition to his own "Requiem for a Princess," he plays such compositions as the "Fantaisie-Impromptu" and "Moonlight Sonata." He cares very little for Queen Beryl and comes to recognize Prince Endymion as his master long before the others. After being defeated by Sailor Venus and subsequently revived by the power of Queen Metalia, he ignores Beryl altogether and uses his music to attempt to reach out to Endymion and to restore the memories of their collective past life to his fellow Shitennou. His loyalty to Endymion is such that he offers his own life in exchange for the Prince's, and when Queen Beryl asks for Usagi's life instead, Zoisite sets out to kill her. Diverted from this course of action by Endymion, he dies protecting Sailor Moon and is ultimately revived along with the others.

Zoisite's voice for the original anime was provided by Keiichi Nanba and in the dubbed anime by actress Kirsten Bishop. In the live-action series he was portrayed by Yoshito Endou, and four actors have played him in the stage musicals: Toshitaka Akita, Misao Idono, Akira Tomemori and Kaname Aoki.

Zoisite was the tenth most popular male anime character in a May 1993 Animage poll.[32]


Kunzite(クンツァイト Kuntsaito?, called Malachite in the English anime) is the fourth and final member of the Shitennou, and the highest in rank. He carries a shortsword,[disambiguation needed ] and Takeuchi describes him as the greatest of the four, with the majesty of an Arabian king. She also admits to being very fond of him as a character. He is about 25–26 years old,[26] leads the Dark Kingdom's Middle Eastern Division,[34] and is named after the mineral kunzite (or, in the dub, malachite). Unlike the others, he wears a white cape in addition to his uniform.

In the manga, Kunzite is first shown acting in an advisory role to Zoisite, finally taking over as Queen Beryl's henchman when all the other Shitennou are dead. He defeats the Sailor Senshi at Tokyo Tower and nearly kills Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Mask takes the injury for her, and they are revealed to be Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. Remembering that Endymion was his former master, Kunzite becomes uncertain about his loyalties causing Queen Beryl to plant a crystal in his forehead that reduces him to little more than a zombie. It takes the combined strength of all the Sailor Senshi to defeat him. Kunzite was briefly revived near the end of the Dark Kingdom arc and was able to remember the Golden Kingdom and his time as a military officer of Prince Endymion before being turned into the stone from which his name was derived. During that time, Kunzite told Momoru where Queen Metalia's weakness. The piece of kunzite (along with the stones for the other three Shitennou) were kept by Mamoru Chiba and he used them to call upon his Shitennou for advice.

Kunzite and Zoisite are even closer in the anime, lovers as well as allies. Kunzite has comforted Zoisite when Queen Beryl had denied Zoisite's request to take Nephrite off the Silver Crystal-searching assignment. Following Queen Metalia's awakening, Kunzite has occasionally assisted Zoisite in obtaining the Rainbow Crystals. When him and Zoisite were asked to explain for losing the Rainbow Crystals and wounding Prince Endymion, Kunzite is spared while Zoisite is mercilessly wounded. As Zoisite dies in his arms, Queen Beryl tells Kunzite to let Zoisite's punishment be a warning to him if he ever harms Prince Endymion. Although he greatly resents being forced to work with the brainwashed Prince Endymion, he blames himself for the death of his love, Zoisite. Following Zoisite's death, Kunzite's goal was to get revenge on the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon especially, and often turns any human into a Youma to help him. Near the end of the series, he battles the Sailor Senshi all at once and captures all of them except Sailor Moon. Kunzite's attack on her reflects back and kills him. He dies crying out to Zoisite, begging his love to meet him on the other side. Kunzite (alongside the other Shittenou) is featured in a flashback where it depicted the Negaverse's invasion of the Moon Kingdom.

In the live-action series, Kunzite is first introduced in the form of a kindly amnesiac named Shin, whom Usagi attempts to befriend. His memories are restored by Queen Beryl, who had apparently tucked him away until she needed him, and he becomes a ruthless and powerful warrior. His efforts to reawaken Queen Metalia are largely motivated by a desire for personal gain, and he is dismissive to Beryl, sometimes to the point of insubordination. For the most part, however, he works with her toward their shared goals, and it is he who transforms Sailor Mercury into Dark Mercury. Kunzite is awakened early on to the memory that Endymion was his master in his previous life, but he feels extreme contempt for the prince, believing he betrayed the Shitennou in ages past and left them for dead. In the end, however, he defends Endymion against an attack by Jadeite and confesses his loyalty before dying.

Kunzite's voice for the original anime was provided by the late Kazuyuki Sogabe and in the English dub by Dennis Akayama (though John Stocker voiced him in a flashback in the episode "Follow the Leader"). In the live-action series he was portrayed by Akira Kubodera, and four people have played him in the stage musicals: Yuuta Mochizuki, Ryuji Kasahara, Hideka Asano, Miki Kawasaki (an actress).


Prince Endymion

In both the anime and manga, Queen Beryl found out that Mamoru Chiba is the reincarnated Prince Endymion and used her magic to brainwash him into serving her. Sailor Moon managed to break Queen Beryl's spell in the final battle.

Dark Mercury

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Kunzite attempts an experiment in which he turns one of the Sailor Senshi evil. In Act 20, he kidnaps Ami Mizuno, who at the time is the loneliest and most vulnerable member of the team, and exposes her to the power of Queen Metalia, changing her into her evil alter ego, Dark Mercury. A black motif is added to her uniform, and she uses "Dark" powers and an icicle sword. Kunzite keeps her fairly close, being careful to withdraw her whenever Sailor Moon attempts a healing, but he does take advantage of her newly-sadistic personality by allowing her to attend school and antagonize Usagi. While a part of the Dark Kingdom, Mercury is as arrogant as her allies, but she does extend a small amount of kindness to Nephrite. Queen Beryl finds the experiment interesting, but does not entirely trust it. In the end, Dark Mercury is very nearly able to kill Sailor Moon, but the knowledge that she has injured her friend finally reverts her back to herself. She has no memory of her experiences afterward.

Mio Kuroki

Mio Kuroki, on the outside, was a new teenage idol whose signature song, "Change of Pace," had a following comparable to that of Minako Aino's "C'est la Vie." Also like Minako, she was good at volleyball, and claimed to be a good friend of Usagi's. The truth, however, was much more sinister.

Mio was a "Shadow" of Queen Beryl, created by her and Jadeite some time between Act 25 and Act 28. Her objectives in life were: to be Beryl's eyes and ears in the human world, to give Mamoru Chiba to Queen Beryl, and to generally make the lives of the Sailor Senshi as miserable as possible - especially Usagi's. To do this, Mio did her best to be Usagi's friend (and always called her "Usagi-chan"), while simultaneously humiliating her at every turn, by pretending self-pity so other people would feel bad for her and turn against whoever "did" her harm. She also harmed people who saw through her, such as Naru Osaka, and constantly tried to upstage Minako whenever she could, with mixed results.

Mio was principal in getting Mamoru Chiba into Beryl's grasp; she also generally watched Mamoru during his time in the Dark Kingdom and provided him with outside "encouragement" from Rei Hino when he was cursed. However, her treatment of Mamoru inadvertently came back to haunt her when Prince Endymion was possessed by Queen Metalia, who seemingly blasted her out of existence.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the attack did not completely destroy her, though it took her four years to completely recover without Beryl's power to help her.[citation needed] Nevertheless, she returned in the Special Act and attempted to recreate the Dark Kingdom with her as its queen - and Mamoru as the king. After realizing that Mamoru would always love Usagi even when brainwashed, she transformed into her true form: a terrifying, giant black flower with sharp vines. She was finally destroyed when the Sailor Senshi, sans Mars (whom she had managed to defeat earlier on, rendering her incapacitated) performed the Sailor Planet Attack.

She was played by Alisa Yuriko Durbrow.

Dark Agency

In Codename: Sailor V, Minako faces off with the Dark Agency, a group of villains posing as a talent and idol agency. The Dark Agency manipulated idols into helping them gather energy for the Dark Kingdom. In the final volume of the manga, it is revealed to Sailor V that the Dark Agency was established by the Dark Kingdom. After Sailor V defeats their leader, the group dissolves and the Dark Kingdom begins to act directly, thus leading into the Sailor Moon series. They are never mentioned in the Sailor Moon manga or other continuities.


Danburite is a subordinate of Kunzite in the Sailor V manga. He takes a human form as Ace Kaitou, Minako Aino's love interest, and fights alongside Sailor V until revealing his true identity as a servant of the Dark Kingdom and leader of the Dark Agency, a subsect of the Dark Kingdom. He is later revealed that in his past life he was Adonis, a lowly foot soldier posted to Princess Venus's army in her past life. He was later assigned to fight under Endymion. He had fallen in love with Venus, but the love was one-sided. It is because of him that Minako learns of the existence of the Dark Kingdom and joins the Sailor Team. Upon his death at the hands of Sailor V, he predicted that her love would be doomed for all eternity, knowing she would always choose duty over love. At key moments, the symbol of Venus glows on his forehead.[35]


Fluorite was the leader of the Dark Agency's idol talent search. She answers to Danburite and is the commander of Pandora, Petite Pandora, Dark Guys, Twin Dark, and Dark Shizuka-hime. She was defeated by Sailor V after her underlings were destroyed.


Youma are the monsters of the day in the first arc of the Sailor Moon anime and in the live-action series. All of the Shitennou, as well as Queen Beryl and occasionally Metalia herself, use youma to achieve their goals. Although the origin of earlier Youma is not shown, Kunzite's Youma are created from human beings in the anime. Any Youma created from humans can be returned to their human form by Sailor Moon using Moon Healing Escalation (which restores the human while destroying/expelling the Youma side) while others would be finished off by Moon Tiara Action (or other Senshi's attacks on occasion; see below). In the English anime members of the Negaverse refer to the Youma as their "servants", while the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask just call them "monsters" or sometimes "Negamonsters".

In addition to the silhouettic Youma that are seen in Queen Beryl's throne room, the following Youma are listed in order of appearance:


  • First Appearance: "Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation"
  • Seiyu: Michiko Abe
  • Voice Actor: Maria Vacratsis

A brown-skinned humanoid Youma used by Jadeite. She first appears posing as Naru's mother (after locking the real one in the basement) and uses this form to collect energy using jewelry. Morga shed her disguise after Naru knew that Morga wasn't her real mother. When fighting Sailor Moon, Morga used the zombified people to help her attack. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.

NOTE: Morga was one of a few Youma to appear in both the anime and the manga.


  • First Appearance: "Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Youma Mansion"
  • Seiyu: Hiroko Emori

A green-skinned humanoid Youma used by Jadeite. She can use her hair as weapons. She appears in the form of a fortune teller that collects energy using tarot cards. Anyone who had possession of her tarot cards would end up obeying Balm's every command. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.


  • First Appearance: "Mysterious Sleeping Illness! Protect the Girls' Hearts in Love"
  • Dub Name: Fro
  • Seiyu: Yoko Asagami
  • Voice Actor: Maria Vacratsis

A blue/purple-skinned humanoid Youma used by Jadeite. She can attack with her claws and emit energy from her mouth. She appears in the form of a radio station manager that collects energy using flower brooches. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.


  • First Appearance: "A Youma's Scent! Chanelas Steal Love"
  • Seiyu: Yoko Matsuoka

A blue humanoid lizard-like Youma used by Jadeite. She appears in the form of a pet store owner that collect energy using Chanelas (small furry gerbils) which gave off a perfume-like scent that causes anyone exposed to it to obey Iguara's every command. After finding Iguara's weak spot at the base of her tail, Sailor Moon destroyed Iguara with her Moon Tiara Action.


  • First Appearance: "Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is a Cupid"
  • Seiyu: Emi Shinohara

A humanoid vampire bat-like Youma used by Jadeite. She can extend her fingernails into long sharp claws and emit sonic waves from her wings. She appeared in the form of a Jam Records employee and was ordered to broadcast a cassette charged with dark energy. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.

Kyurene appears as one of the monster types in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game. A green variant of Kyurene also appeared as a boss during Chapter One after she attacked Shingo Tsukino.


A humanoid glass-themed Youma used by Jadeite. She can emit a glass webbing from her mouth. She appears in the form of teen idol Mikan Shiratori (after immobilizing her in her apartment) and uses this form to collect energy through lapel microphones. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.

NOTE: In the dub, Derella's glass-based attacks were changed to ice-based attacks.


A red-skinned humanoid Youma used by Jadeite. She can turn her left hand into an axe. She appears in the form of a computer course instructor of the "Crystal Seminar Cram School" and collects energy with a Crystal Disk. Anyone who used the Crystal Disks would end up obeying Garoben's every command. When confronted by Sailor Moon, she took Ami Mizuno hostage. When dodging Garoben's axe attack, Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury. Destroyed by a combination of Sailor Mercury's Shabon Spray and Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.

Garoben appears as one of the monster types in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game.

In "Sailor Moon S: Quiz Taiketsu! Sailor Power Ketsushuu," Garoben was among the monsters revived by the Daimon Quiz to fight the Sailor Senshi.


  • First Appearance: "Usagi's Misfortune! Watch Out for the Rushing Clocks"
  • Dub Name: Ramwoir
  • Seiyu: Eiko Yamada
  • Voice Actor: Maria Vacratsis

A pale-skinned humanoid Youma used by Jadeite. She appears in the form of the owner of the Clock Look store and uses this form to collect energy with the clocks and watches. Destroyed by a combination of Sailor Mercury's Shabon Spray and Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.


  • First Appearance: "Cursed Buses! Fire Senshi Mars Appears"
  • Seiyu: Reiko Yamada
  • Voice Actor: Maria Vacratsis

A brown/green-skinned humanoid Youma used by Jadeite. She appears in the form of a female bus driver to transport girls to another dimension to collect their energy. When Sailor Moon confronted Kigaan, she had Rei Hino in a headlock until her guardian crows Deimos and Phobos attacked Kigaan. After Kigaan was immobilized by Sailor Moon, Rei becomes Sailor Mars for the first time and destroys Kigaan with her Mars' Fire Soul.


  • First Appearance: "Usagi vs Rei? A Nightmare in Dreamland"
  • Dub Name: Dream Princess
  • Seiyu: Eriko Hara
  • Voice Actor: Wendy Lyon

A doll-themed Youma used by Jadeite. She could breathe out a red fog that would cause her victims to enter a waking dream state. She appears in the form of Dreamland's mascot Dream Princess and uses this form to collect energy with her apple. Destroyed by a combination of Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action and Sailor Mars' Fire Soul.

Murid appears as one of the monster types in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game.

In "Sailor Moon S: Quiz Taiketsu! Sailor Power Ketsushuu," Murid was among the monsters revived by the Daimon Quiz to fight the Sailor Senshi.


  • First Appearance: "I Want a Boyfriend Too! A Trap on a Luxury Cruise Ship"
  • Dub Name: Titus
  • Seiyu: Miki Itou
  • Voice Actor: Maria Vacratsis

A water-elemental Youma who worked with Jadeite. She is one of Queen Beryl's high-ranking Youma and has a crush on Jadeite. Thetis appeared in the form of the first mate of a romantic cruise ship and drained the energies from the couples. Following a distraction by Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars, Thetis was destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.


  • First Appearance: "A Powerful New Enemy! Nephrite's Evil Crest"
  • Dub Name: Tensie
  • Seiyu: Michiko Abe
  • Voice Actor: Maria Vacratsis

A humanoid tennis-themed Youma used by Nephrite. She was assigned to collect energy from Rui Saionji when her essence was implanted in the tennis racket that Rui uses. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.

Tesuni appears as one of the monster types in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game.


  • First Appearance: "Usagi is Frantic! Rei's First Date"
  • Seiyu: Noriko Uemura
  • Voice Actor: Loretta Jafelice

A plant-like Youma used by Nephrite. She can control animals and emit vines from her hands or hair. She was assigned to collect energy from park caretaker Kunitachi when her essence was implanted in his hat. Petasos gave Kunitachi the power to control the animals at the park, allowing him to drive away the construction crews and protect nature, but every time he drew upon the Youma's power it caused his energy level to rise. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.


  • First Appearance: "Dream of a White Dress! Usagi Becomes a Bride "
  • Dub Name: Black Widow
  • Seiyu: Yūko Mita
  • Voice Actor: Barbara Radecki

A humanoid spider-like Youma used by Nephrite. She can use her webs to trap anyone. She was assigned to collect energy from Higure Akiyama when her essence was implanted in some fabric that Higure purchased to make a wedding dress. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.


  • First Appearance: "Is Usagi a Model? The Focus of the Youma Camera"
  • Seiyu: Yuka Ohno
  • Voice Actor: Maria Vacratsis

A humanoid Youma used by Nephrite. She was assigned to collect energy from award-winning photographer Kijin Shinokawa when her essence was implanted into a camera that Kijin owned. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.


A humanoid doll-like Youma used by Nephrite. She can reassemble herself making her invulnerable. She was assigned to collect energy from champion doll maker Mika Kayama when her essence was planted in one of the dolls that Mika made. Sailor Moon used her Moon Tiara Action on Jumeau's weak spot destroying her.

Jumeau appears as one of the monster types in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game.


  • First Appearance: "Usagi is Thrilled! Tuxedo Mask's Love Letter"
  • Dub Name: Leo

A lion-like Youma summoned by Nephrite. He was assigned to kill Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action wasn't strong enough to bring Regulus down. Nephrite recalled Regulus when he trapped Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in an elevator that he rigged.

NOTE: Regulus was referred to as a Youjuu (妖獣; lit. "bewitching beast") rather than a Youma in the "Sailor Moon Memorial."

Castor & Pollux

  • First Appearance: "Protect the Children's Dreams! Friendship Linked by Anime"
  • Dub Name: Gemini Warriors
  • Seiyu: Akiko Hiramatsu (Castor), Yuka Ohno (Pollux)
  • Voice Actors: Maria Vacratsis (Pollux)

Twin humanoid Youma that are Nephrite's most powerful warriors. Castor was a red-skinned female that can imitate Sailor Mars' Fire Soul while Pollux was a purple-skinned female that can imitate Sailor Mercury's Shabon Spray. The twins were assigned to collect energy from Hiromi Matsuno (one of the animators for the "Sailor V" movie) when their essence were implanted into her pencil. They tend to argue a lot which eventually led to them being destroyed by a combination of Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action, Sailor Mercury's Shabon Spray, and Sailor Mars' Fire Soul.

Castor and Pollux appear as one of the monster types in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game.

Soul Shadow

  • First Appearance: "Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss"
  • Seiyu: Katsuji Mori

A shadowy Youma created by Nephrite. It possessed Princess Dia at the time when Nephrite believed she had the Silver Crystal. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.


  • First Appearance: "Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naru's Pure Love"
  • Seiyu: Noriko Uemura

A Yaksha-like Youma used by Zoisite. She was sent to spy on Nephrite and steal the Silver Crystal if Nephrite was able to obtain it. Destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action.

Grape, Housenka, & Suzuran

  • First Appearance: "Naru's Cry! Nephrite Dies for Love"
  • Seiyu: Sanae Takagi (Grape), Chie Satou (Suzuran)
  • Voice Actor: Kathleen Laskey (Grape and Suzuran)

Grape, Housenka, and Suzuran are three plant-themed Youma that were used by Zoisite. Grape can attack by throwing balls that explode upon impact, Housenka attacks by firing electrical-charged sharps sticks, and Suzuran attacks by emitting supersonic waves. They were sent to capture Naru Osaka and take the Silver Crystal back from Nephrite. Housenka was responsible for fatally wounding Nephrite. They were destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action and Sailor Mars' Fire Soul.

Seven Youma

In the anime, the great Seven Youma (Seven Shadows in the English dub?) are the most powerful Youma in the Dark Kingdom. Thanks to the power of Queen Serenity, they were sealed within seven separate shards of the Silver Crystal and carried to Earth where they were reincarnated centuries later with no memories of their prior existences. Zoisite manages to reawaken them one by one, only for Sailor Moon to heal them with her Moon Healing Escalation and revert them to their humanoid forms which also destroys/expels the Youma form at the same time.[36] Queen Beryl later sent the brainwashed Prince Endymion to capture the hosts of the Seven Youma in order to combine them into one powerful Youma. Before Prince Endymion could get to Rei's grandfather, Sailor Mercury manages to break the crystal that held the other six hosts of the Seven Youma.


  • First Appearance: "Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love"
  • Dub Name: Game Machine Man
  • Seiyu: Masaaki Ohkura

Gesen (ゲーセーン?) is the keeper of the Red Rainbow Crystal. Gesen is a robotic Youma reborn as Crane Game Joe (Game Machine Joe in the English version), a pro at arcade games.[37] His name is short for "game center". When Zoisite extracted the Red Rainbow Crystal from Joe, he transformed into Gesen. He can emit a hammer or a crane-like claw from his hand. When Gesen grabbed Sailor Moon, Mokoto Kino lifted him up and threw him into the bushes. Upon Luna seeing that she is the reincarnation of Sailor Jupiter, Luna told Mokoto to transform. As Sailor Jupiter, Mokoto used her Supreme Thunder to weaken Gesen. Gesen was reverted back to Crane Game Joe by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.

Gesen appears as one of the monster types in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game.


  • First Appearance: "Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship"
  • Dub Name: Bobo the Vulture
  • Seiyu: Hideyuki Umezu
  • Voice Actor: David Huband

Boxy (ボクシー?) is the keeper of the Orange Rainbow Crystal. He is a boxing birdman Youma reborn as a priest who Naru meets at a cemetery in Yokohama.[38] While fighting, Boxy repeatedly paraphrases Muhammad Ali. His name is a pun on bokushi, meaning "priest" in Japanese, and bokushingu, meaning "boxing". When Zoisite extracted the Orange Rainbow Crystal, the priest became Boxy despite the interference of Naru and Sailor Moon. Gurio Umino and Tuxedo Mask managed to save Naru and Sailor Moon respectively. Before Boxy can attack Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Jupiter used her Supreme Thunder to destroy Boxy's glove. Boxy was reverted back to the Priest by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.

Two monsters based on Boxy appear in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game.


  • First Appearance: "Love for Ami? A Boy Who Can Predict the Future"
  • Dub Name: Bumboo
  • Seiyu: Shinichirou Ohta
  • Voice Actor: Harvey Atkin

Bunbo (ブンボー?) is the keeper of the Yellow Rainbow Crystal. He is a large, armored lizard-like Youma with Swiss army knives for hands. He is reborn as Ryo Urawa, who Ami developed a crush on. During their date, Zoisite appeared and extracted the Yellow Rainbow Crystal from Ryo turning him into Bunbo. Though the beast awakened, Urawa attempted to retain control himself and attacked Zoisite only to end up completely under his control.[39] Bunbo was reverted back to Ryo by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.


Binah (ビーナ?) is the keeper of the Green Rainbow Crystal. She is an angel-like Youma reborn as local artist Yumeni Yumeno. Her attacks are art-based.[40] When Zoisite removed the Green Rainbow Crystal from Yumeni's body, she became Binah. Binah was reverted back to Yumeni by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.


  • First Appearance: "Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship"
  • Dub Name: Techniclon
  • Seiyu: Rica Fukami
  • Voice Actor: Kirsten Bishop

Rikoukeidar (リコケイダー?) is the keeper of the Blue Rainbow Crystal. She is a youma wearing a black bandeau bathing suit reborn as Motoki's girlfriend Reika Nishimura.[41] When Zoisite removed the Blue Rainbow Crystal from Reika, she became Rikoukeidar. She can throw explosive vials that release swarming protists and even used a special flask that absorbed Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Thunder. Rikoukeidar was reverted back to Reika by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.


Jiji (ジジ?) is the keeper of the Indigo Rainbow Crystal. He is an Oni-like youma who is reincarnated as Rei's grandfather.[42] Its name may be derived from the Japanese word for grandfather, ojīsan. When Zoisite removed the Indigo Rainbow Crystal from Rei's grandfather, he became Jiji. Sailor Moon almost used her Moon Tiara Action on him only for Sailor Mars to tell her not to. She instead uses the Moon Healing Escalation to restore Rei's grandfather.


  • First Appearance: "Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever"
  • Dub Name: Meladrama
  • Seiyu: Masahiro Anzai

Bakēne (バケーネ?) is the keeper of the Violet Rainbow Crystal. He is a beastly cat Youma reborn as the cat Rhett Butler (named Hercules in the English Dub), who had a thing for Luna, even in Youma form.[43] When Zoisite removed the Violet Rainbow Crystal from Rhett, he became Bakene. Of all the other Seven Youma, Bakene was less aggressive as he didn't take any violent action and even saved Luna. Sailor Moon easily reverted Bakene back to Rhett with her Moon Healing Escalation.


  • First Appearance: "Umino's Resolve! I'll Protect Naru"
  • Seiyu: Shinobu Satouchi
  • Voice Actor: David Fraser

A Youma accidentally created by Zoisite from an actor portraying the Sentai hero Redman when she attempted to turn Naru into a Youma. He can throw seaweed balls in battle. Restored to normal by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.


  • First Appearance: "Usagi is Confused! Is Tuxedo Mask Evil?"
  • Seiyu: Chiharu Kataishi
  • Voice Actor: Lisa Dalbello

A humanoid Youma created by Kunzite from Kariko Tokoyama and her assistants in a hair salon. She can morph her arm into all sorts of salon equipment like a blow dryer that melts things, a nail file, a modified sprayer that shot out scissors, and a giant razor that acts like a chainsaw. Restored to normal by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.


  • First Appearance: "Aim to be a Princess? Usagi's Weird Training"
  • Dub Name: Polite Society
  • Seiyu: Youko Kawanami
  • Voice Actor: Kirsten Bishop

A purple-skinned humanoid Youma created by Kunzite from Countess Rose, an aristocrat who ran the "Princess Seminars". She can attack with a gooey liquid that would encase anyone in hot wax. Restored to normal by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.

Shakoukai appears as one of the monster types in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game.


  • First Appearance: "The Snow! The Mountains! Our Friendship! And of Course, a Youma Too"
  • Dub Name: Blizzard
  • Seiyu: Yuko Sasaki
  • Voice Actor: Wendy Lyon

An ice-elemental Youma created by Kunzite from a skiing champion named Saeko Yamamoto. Besides her ability to manipulate snow, she caused an earthquake that Usagi and Rei fall into a chasm as an avalanche prevents it from being closed. Yuuchirou Kumada found them only to be frozen by Blizzar. The brainwashed Prince Endymion arrived to assist Blizzar. When Sailor Moon gets through to Endymion, he throws a rose that destroys Blizzar's weapon. Restored to normal by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.

Blizzar appears as one of the monster types in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game.


A Youma duo created by Kunzite from the ice skating duo of Misha and Janelyn. Unlike most Youma, these two retained their names. When both of them attacked Makoto, she ended up seeing them transform into their Youma forms. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask arrived and distracted the pair long enough for Makoto to transform into Sailor Jupiter. When the other three Sailor Senshi arrived, Kunzite ended up activating a device on the ceiling that froze everyone in the skating rink including the two Youma. Tuxedo Mask managed to destroy the device and Sailor Moon restored Misha and Janelyn to normal with her Moon Healing Escalation.

Lake Monster

  • First Appearance: "The Legendary Lake Monster! Usagi's Family Ties"
  • Seiyu: Aya Hara

A mermaid-like monster that was created from the spirit of a girl. It was unleashed by Prince Endymion when he thought it was a Youma. Restored to normal by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.

London Youma

  • First Appearance: "Sailor Venus' Past! Minako's Tragic Love"

An unnamed Youma seen in Sailor Venus' flashback from when she was in London during her Sailor V days. Destroyed by Sailor Venus' Crescent Beam. On a related note, he was also the only male Youma in the entire first season which was not created from a male human while all other Youma appeared to be female.


  • First Appearance: "Sailor Venus' Past! Minako's Tragic Love"
  • Seiyu: Yūko Mita

A butterfly-like Youma created by Kunzite from Sailor Venus' London friend Katarina. She can transform her arm into a scythe, summon a swarm of butterflies to attack her opponents and shield herself from attacks. Restored to normal by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.


  • First Appearance: "Is Usagi Going it Alone? The Sailor Senshi Get Into a Big Fight"
  • Dub Name: Ninjana
  • Seiyu: Miyako Endou
  • Voice Actor: Sabrina Grdevich

A ninja-themed Youma created by Kunzite from tabloid photographer Nana Asahina. She can create shadow clones and wield throwing knives, a sword, and her bandana as weapons. Restored to normal by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation.

In "Sailor Moon S: Quiz Taiketsu! Sailor Power Ketsushuu," Oniwabandana was revived by the Daimon Quiz to fight the Sailor Senshi.

DD Girls

The DD Girls, who target the Sailor Senshi in Episode 45.
  • First Appearance: "The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle"
  • Dub Name: Doom and Gloom Girls
  • Seiyu: Naoko Nakamura and Asako Satou
  • Voice Actors: Tracey Hoyt, Mary Long, Tracey Moore, Barbara Radecki, and Nadine Rabinovitch

The DD Girls are a group of five Youma that are one of Queen Beryl's high-ranking Youma who work together in the penultimate episode of the first anime series. The DD Girls have the power to fly, to produce powerful tentacles from their bodies (flexible or rigid and sharp like spears), generate electricity, and to create illusions of people the Senshi care about (namely Tuxedo Mask for Moon and Mars, Motoki Furuhata for Jupiter and Ryo Urawa for Mercury) in danger or pain, as well as one of a giant fireball that gave off real heat while the fireball itself was fake. The source of these illusions is the stone in the Leader's forehead decoration, which is eventually destroyed by Sailor Mercury. When Queen Beryl asks her Youma subjects which one of them would like to dispose of the Sailor Scouts and earn a spot in Dark Kingdom history, the DD Girls volunteer to try to kill the Senshi as they attempt to find the entrance to the Dark Kingdom. One by one, each of the Guardian Senshi sacrifices herself to protect Sailor Moon and ensure that she reaches Queen Beryl. Sailor Jupiter is the first, destroying two of the Girls and mortally wounding herself with a massive, suicidal lightning strike. Next is Sailor Mercury, who uses her mini-computer to smash the stone that allows the Girls to create illusions and, though she survives a lava-flow with the protection of her Shabon Spray used as a force-field, she loses her life when she is crushed to death by the DD Girls' tentacles. She is followed by Sailor Venus, who knocks Sailor Moon away from a trap and performs her Crescent Beam attack point blank to the head of one of her assailants, blowing her apart and losing her own life in the resulting explosion. Finally, Sailor Mars detonates the rock formation, killing only one of the DD Girls and apparently herself. Before the final remaining DD Girl can kill Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars is revealed to be alive, expending the last of her living strength to set fire to the final youma. Sailor Mars finally dies only after clearing the way for Sailor Moon to proceed, meeting Beryl for their final battle.[3]

In the English dub, the scenes of each sacrificed Sailor's dead bodies crucified in the frozen explosions following each Youma's death are all removed, and the episode is combined with the one following, also editing out a violent fight scene between a possessed Prince Endymion and Sailor Moon. The dubbed episodes are further edited so that, rather than killing the Scouts, the "Doom and Gloom Girls" state that they are merely captured and being held hostage in the "Negaverse".[44]

The DD Girls appear in the "Sailor Moon: Another Story" video game where they were a reincarnated Queen Beryl's last line of defense.

Three DD Girls appear in the first musical, Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, played by Hisako Doubayashi, Yuko Nishi and Mayumi Maikuma, and in its revision, played by Yuriko Nishiyama, Kaori Ishikawa and Ai Suzuki.

Live-action Youma

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Youma serve much the same purpose as in the anime, except that they are most often monsters in their own right, rather than possessing the bodies of human beings. The creature designs used for individual Youma are not thematically influenced by the story of the episode, and they are usually portrayed by human actors in suits with only two being computer-generated. They never speak and are commanded by the Shitennou. Also, none of them are named in the series except for the ones in the Special Act.

In the second half of the live-action series, swarms of black hooded-robed Youma begin to appear in acts 31, 37-38, 40-41, 43, and 47 after Sailor Moon is revealed to be the Princess. Their loyalty is to Queen Metalia herself rather than to Queen Beryl and her servants, and their abilities include earth-swimming and fast movement. The costumes for these entities are recycled from the Golem Soldiers/Putty Patrol from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers[45] with hooded robes added.

The Youma's listed below are listed by act.

  • Youma #1 (1): This translucent Youma possessed Naru's mother in order to steal energy, which led Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon for the first time. She used her Moon Healing Escalation from her Moonlight Stick to remove the Youma from her friend's mother. Notably the only Youma to be made using CG until Mio's real form.
  • Youma #2 (2, 20): Jadeite transforms a statue of a human and dog into two Youma. They drain energy from students in a cram school Ami was attending. The humanoid Youma pretends to be Ami's teacher to steal her energy. Sailor Moon destroys one Youma with her Moon Twilight Flash and the other is destroyed by Sailor Mercury's Mercury Aqua Mist. It is later revived to distract and tease Rei.
  • Youma #3 (3, 20): A propeller-themed Youma. It pulled girls through a door to another dimension to drain their energy. It concentrated on wind attacks. Rei and Usagi are pulled into the dimension. Sailor Mars destroys the Youma using her Youma Taisan attack. It is later revived to distract and tease Rei.
  • Youma #4 (4, 20): A plant Youma created by Nephrite. It was ordered to possess a Jewel owner at a party. Sailor Moon uses Youma Taisan, but the Youma splits into two plant Youma: a red one and a blue one. One attacks her while the other runs after Mercury. Once Sailor Moon transform, the two Youma split split into a third yellow-colored one. Sailor Moon, Mercury, and Mars use their three attacks to destroy the three Youma. The yellow plant Youma is later revived to distract and tease Rei.
  • Youma #5 (5, 20): A Youma used by Nephrite. It was ordered to search for the Silver Crystal and snatches a pendant from a woman, thinking it is the Silver Crystal. It bounces around quickly place to place, hence hard to catch. She also says bouncing sounds. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars use a combine force of Moon Twilight Flash and Youma Taisan to destroy it. It is later revived to tease Sailor Moon.
  • Youma #6 (6): A Gorgon-themed Youma. It takes over the body of Takeru, a street basketballer popular among the girls. It makes statues out of his female victims and Jadeite keeps them in a dimension to steal their energy. It had the ability to wrap its snake-like whip around people's necks. It had the ability to put a spell over women. Sailor Jupiter destroys it with her Supreme Thunder.
  • Youma #7 (7, 20): A ninja-like straw man Youma. It first fought Sailor Moon at night. He leaves a decoy for others to hit. He possess Takai, Motoki's friend and Rei's date on a triple date to steal Rei's energy. Remembering her previous fight with this Youma, Sailor Moon waits until Sailor Jupiter has destroyed the decoy and then turns and sends her attack at the real Youma to destroy it. It is later revived to tease Sailor Moon.
  • Youma #8 (10, 20): A Youma created by Zoisite from the papers of her requiem. She sings an accompaniment to his music. Youma's song grows stronger the Princess of Estoa faints. The Youma attacks by singing multicolored musical notes. Sailor Moon destroys it with a combination of her Moonlight Stick and her crystal's energy. It is later revived to tease Sailor Moon.
  • Youma #9 (12): A Youma that possesses Minako's manager Sugao Saitou, in aims to find the Silver Crystal. It can wrap vines from its hands. It binds Minako and she breaks free from him. The Youma separates from Saitou's body and Sailor Moon tries to use her Moon Tiara Boomerang, but the Youma just knocks it aside. The Youma manages to trap the three Senshi. Sailor Moon destroys the Youma with her Moon Twilight Flash.
  • Youma #10 (13): A Yin and Yang-themed Youma created by Kunzite from a schoolgirl named Ayumi. Sailor Moon is reluctant to attack because she doesn't want to harm the innocent person inside. Luna tells her to believe in her power, because she has no choice. Sailor Moon apologizes to the Youma and uses Moon Healing Escalation to turn Ayumi back to normal.
  • Youma #11 (15): A Youma that resembled the Youma from Act 12, except for silver accenting instead of gold. It stalked Minako for the Silver Crystal. It later possesses a police officer to confiscate a briefcase of Minako's jewelry from Mamoru. It slashes Mamoru's arm with the sword and knocks him over a railing. Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash to destroy it.
  • Youma #12 (15-16): It had been trapping victims down a vortex, in which they would slide down to the Youma, who waits for them at a hole at the center. It has the ability to shoot out a tendrils that wrap around their victims. The victims were being kept alive so that their energy continually feed to awaken Queen Metalia. Late in Act 15, it tries to take Makoto. Sailor Mars uses Youma Taisan against the Youma, and it and the pit disappears before the attack can hit. It attacks Usagi's friend Naru and later captures her. Sailor Mercury destroys it with Mercury Aqua Mist. After the Youma was destroyed, Sailor Moon revived the victims.
  • Youma #13 (17-19): It possesses a priest from a church where Rei and Minako tend to a orphan dog. It is strong and deflects many attacks. It is after the Silver Crystal and also to gather energy from church parishioners in a large mass. It is the first youma for all five Senshi to fight. It is destroyed in Act 18 by a combined attack of Mars' Youma Taisan and Venus Love-Me Chain. Another Youma resembling it appears again in Act 19 and Sailor Moon destroys it with Moon Twilight Flash.
  • Youma #14 (22): A clown-themed Youma. It attacks an amusement park and Sailor Jupiter and Mars pursue it. It tries draining energy from them. It is destroyed from the energy of Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal, in a fail attempt to turn Dark Mercury back to normal.
  • Youma #15 (23): A Youma created by Nephrite from a stone. It stalks the hospital where Minako is. It destroyed by a combined Venus Love-Me Chain and Moon Twilight Flash.
  • Youma #16 (24): This Youma attacks a TV channel studio. Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter encounter this Youma. While Kunzite attempts to murder Mamoru, Sailor Jupiter fights this monster while Sailor Moon goes to help Mamoru. Sailor Mars then arrives to help. With a combination of Supreme Thunder and Youma Taisan, the Youma was destroyed.
  • Youma #17 (25): A Youma created by Jadeite under the suggestion of Kunzite. It attacks a plaza to steal energy and attacked Hina. The Youma breathes an icy attack that freezes the feet of Sailor Mars', Jupiter's, and Venus' in place. It then freezes Sailor Mars completely. It was extremely powerful against the Sailor Senshi, but was quickly destroyed by the power of the Silver Crystal.
  • Youma #18 (26): A Youma created by Nephrite in the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon fight the Youma. It took the combined attacks from the Moon Twilight Flash and Jupiter Thunderbolt to destroy this Youma.
  • Youma #19 (28): Following Dark Mercury being turned good, this Youma suddenly confronts Ami and Usagi in the forest where Kunzite sends them. Usagi is unable to transform in the dimension. When Ami and Usagi return, they are confronted by Kunzite and his Youma. All five Senshi debut their Moonlight Attractive Attack to destroy the Youma.
  • Youma #20 (29-30): This Youma initially attacks Usagi and Mio. It attacks with its cape and deflects other's attacks with it. Sailor Mars notices this. It also has the ability to trap people in webs emitted from its hands. Youma shoots a bolt of energy that knocks away Sailor Mercury's Tambourine. The Youma leaps to grab it, but Sailor Mercury discovers a new power to obtain it. The Senshi try to destroy it with Moonlight Attractive Attack, but fail. Sailor Moon confronts the Youma in Act 30 when it tries meddling with a concert. It is destroyed by the Moon Twilight Flash.
  • Youma #21 (31, 38): A rock-elemental Youma presumably created by Queen Metalia. It emerged from the ground with Queen Metalia's hooded robed Youma. It absorbs most of Sailor Jupiter's attacks. Sailor Jupiter awakens her inner Senshi powers and destroys the monster with a powered-up version of Supreme Thunder. It is also seen in a flashback in Act 38 when Makoto recalled her awakening.
  • Youma #22 (32, 43): A Youma that possess the body of male idol, Yuuto. After it attacks Sailor Moon, Prince Endymion fights it with his sword. Endymion distracts the Youma, so Sailor Moon could destroy it with Moon Twilight Flash. The Youma appears again in Act 43 and the Senshi without Sailor Moon fight this one. He gets Sailor Luna in a chokehold. It is destroyed by a combined attack from Sailor Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Luna.
  • Youma #23 (33-34): A plant-like Youma. It was confronted by Sailor Mars at night. It escapes and Ami and Rei are confrotned by a policeman to know why they are out so late. Sailor Mars fights it later, distracted by her memories of her mother and the confrontation with her father, the Youma seemingly defeats her, but she managed to injure it. Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Luna appear and drive it away. It targets Rei specifically as payback for the injury she caused it. Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter all attack in unison to destroy it.
  • Youma #24 (39): A Youma that was armed with a sniper rifle with a crystalline bullet to take out the Senshi, specifically Sailor Moon. Sailor Luna and Sailor Moon fight it, but Kunzite came in to distract Sailor Luna. Sailor Moon draws the Youma off into the woods, then turns around and attacks it. She manages to destroy its rifle with a blast from the Moonlight Stick causing it to retreat. Sailor Luna uses Luna Sucre Candy to destroy it.
  • Youma #25 (43): A water-elemental Youma. It gave Sailor Mercury a hard time, because he can absorb her attacks and fires them back at her. Sailor Moon saved her and he retreats. He has the ability to retreat in any body of water and re-emerge from another body of water. He emerges again in front of Usagi and Mamoru, this time from the Ocean. Sailor Moon stabs the Youma with Endymion's sword. Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash to destroy the Youma.
  • Youma #26 (44): Zoisite plays his piano to summon this silver Youma. It stalks and attacks Sailor Moon. It is defeated with a combined attack from Sailor Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter with their Sailor Star Tamborines.
  • Youma #27 (47): Queen Beryl gives Jadeite a stone to summon this Youma in order for it to drain Queen Metalia's power. As the Youma does so, plants wither and die and a number of Queen Metalia's hooded robed Youma appear and start attacking people. Sailor Mars destroys this one on her own when she was grief-striken upon learning that Minako had died.
  • Sword and Shield (Special Act): Sword and Shield are twin Youma that were summoned by Queen Mio to assist Mio's efforts to recreate the Dark Kingdom. Sword attacked Ami when she was driving a taxi to meet with her friends to obtain Legendary Sword. Shield attacked Minako and her bodyguards in a garage. They managed to escape. Sword and Shield later attacked Prince Endymion and the Shitennou. After a battle in which Prince Endymion tricked the Youma into destroying Shield. Endymion then destroyed Sword.
  • Pierrot (Special Act): A group of clown Youma summoned by Queen Mio. They were countless in amount and there were female and male genders. They fought either with swords or mallets, or just hand-to-hand combat. They had the ability to drain energy from humans. They could also perform dances and magic tricks to amuse Queen Mio or to distract their human targets. They road motorcycles as well. When a Pierrot is beaten, they disappear in a purple light.

Youma Metalia

In Act 41, the remains of numerous hooded robed youma pile up on top of one another and merge into a single youma. This composite entity is an agent of Metalia, gathering energy from everything around it and responding to the Silver Crystal. Naru and Motoki are among its numerous victims. Using the energy it gathers, the Youma is powerful enough to withstand attacks by the Sailor Senshi. Princess Sailor Moon almost finishes him off in Act 42, but Usagi restrains herself because she knows the power will make Queen Metalia stronger. In Act 43, he appears again with the hooded robed Youma but is unimpressed with the Sailor Senshi. He fights Sailor Moon along with Zoisite's Youma in Act 44. It impales Zoisite with crystals from its body and Zoisite manages to fire off energy that causes the Youma to retreat. By Act 45, Queen Metalia turns it into her host Youma Metalia in order to absorb every bit of energy in the world. However, she is soon forced by Sailor Venus to leave her host which is then destroyed by a group attack. This Youma was capable of speech while Metalia was using it as a host.


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