List of Fist of the North Star characters

List of Fist of the North Star characters
Opening page of chapter 209 of the Hokuto no Ken manga, which depicts Kenshiro confronting Kaioh, as images of past rivals are shown at the background. From left to right: Raoh, Thouzer, Shin, Rei, Toki, and Shu.

The following is a list of fictional characters from the manga and anime franchise Fist of the North Star by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson. All characters are from the original manga unless otherwise noted.


Hokuto Shinken

Hokuto Shinken (officially translated as the "God Fist of the North Star", among other names) is the primary fighting style in the series. A martial art which is 18 centuries old, Hokuto Shinken uses the body's 708 vital points to destroy or heal from within. The art can only be passed down from one master to a single student, and thus the dispute between Kenshiro and his adoptive brothers becomes the central plot during the first half of the manga's run.


The protagonist of the series, Kenshiro is the youngest of the four Hokuto brothers and the chosen successor of Hokuto Shinken.


The eldest of the four Hokuto brothers, Raoh is a conqueror who takes the mantle of Ken-oh or 'Fist King'.


Toki (トキ?) is the second of the four Hokuto brothers. He is a pacifist who seeks to use Hokuto Shinken as a healing art. Toki's self-made technique, Hokuto Ujō Ken (北斗有情拳?, "North Star Humane Fist"), is an art that is capable of healing or destroying that which it is used on. When fatally wounded with this style, the dying experiences a great feeling of euphoria, instead of horrifying pain. Toki is from the Land of Asura, and along with Raoh, is orphaned and adopted by Ryuken, who is seeking a student to train. Although he originally doesn't train Toki, Toki shows incredible potential, and he is made to promise that he will stop Raoh if he falls down the wrong path.

During the war, Toki is infected by radiation. Toki survives for two weeks without food and water, but the radiation infection turns his hair white and leaves him terminally ill. Thus, Toki renounces the succession to the Hokuto Shinken style and becomes a wandering doctor, easing the people's ills. Toki wanders into a village full of sick people and heals everyone there. The village became known as the "Village of Miracles" and Toki becomes heralded as a miracle maker. However, Toki is taken captive by Raoh's army and imprisoned at Cassandra, while Amiba impersonates him in an attempt to tarnish Toki's reputation. Kenshiro rescues him, and Toki attempts to stop Raoh, though he is defeated. Toki later dies from his illness.

He does not appear in the film.

Toki was voiced by Takaya Hashi in the TV series, Hideyuki Tanaka in Shin Hokuto no Ken, Kenyū Horiuchi in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu movies, and by Hiroki Touchi in the Ten no Haō anime series. Kirk Thornton voiced Toki in Manga Entertainment's dub of the TV series and David Wald voiced him in Sentai Filmworks's release of Legends of the Dark King.


Jagi (ジャギ?) is the third of the four Hokuto brothers. Deceptive and evil, Jagi stops at nothing to win and frequently cheats during battle. He never really mastered Hokuto Shinken, relying on his sawed-off shotgun to finish off most of his opponents. After a botched attempt at killing Kenshiro, he is left with a hideously disfigured head as a reminder of his failure. Consequently, he hides his head by wearing an iron helmet and a section of plating over the disfigured portion of his face to control the constant pain it produces. Harboring a severe hatred for Kenshiro, Jagi was the one who manipulated Shin into betraying Kenshiro. Afterwards, he engraves seven scars on his chest in the same Big Dipper-like pattern as the ones on Ken's chest and began terrorizing numerous villagers with his gang, while claiming to be the true Kenshiro himself. Kenshiro tracks him down and easily defeats him, despite Jagi having somehow learned basic Nanto Seiken as well as Hokuto Shinken. His face finally starts exploding but as he dies he reveals that Toki and Raoh are still alive and gleefully declares his hopes that Kenshiro would be destroyed in the battles to come.

Jagi was voiced by Kōji Totani in the TV series, Chikao Ōtsuka in the 1986 movie and David Itō 2007 OVA Yuria Den. He was voiced by Dan Woren in Streamline Pictures' dub of the 1986 movie. Chris Penn portrayed Jagi (renamed "Jackal" in this adaptation, unrelated to the other character with the same name) in the 1995 live-action movie.


The previous successor to the Hokuto Shinken style. Ryuken (リュウケン Ryūken?) was the sifu who adopted and trained Raoh, Toki, Jagi, and Kenshiro in the Hokuto Shinken style. After he chose Kenshiro as his successor, he was slain by Raoh, a feat made possible by chance; he suffered a stroke at the moment he was about to seal Raoh's fist. Kenshiro did not know the real cause of Ryuken's death, having been told that Ryuken died from illness, until Toki revealed the shameful secret during their first battle. Both Kenshiro and Raoh reflect on Ryuken's teachings during difficult situations. In Fist of the Blue Sky, his real name is revealed to be Ramon Kasumi, younger half-brother of Yan Wang, Kenshiro Kasumi.

In the original TV series, Ryuken was originally voiced by Junji Chiba, later replaced by Ryūji Saikachi in the later episodes and 1986 movie, with Kōji Totani as the younger version of him. He was also played by Chikao Ōtsuka in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu series, by Mugihito and Takashi Kondo (as a young boy) in the Fist of the Blue Sky anime series, and by Atsushi Ono in the Ten no Haoh anime series. Malcolm McDowell played Ryuken in the 1995 live-action movie.


Koryu (コウリュウ Kōryū?, voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata) is a former rival of Ryuken who competed against him for the succession of the Hokuto Shinken. During the duel, both Koryu and Ryuken realize that their strength and skills are equal, and that both of them could be killed in the fight. Acknowledging that, Koryu decided to give up the successorship to Ryuken, and to begin living an ascetic life in the mountains. Raoh challenges Koryu and defeats him but spares the lives of Koryu's two sons, Zeus and Aus.

Nanto Roku Seiken

The Nanto Roku Seiken (南斗六聖拳?, "The Six Sacred Fists of the South Star") are the six top masters of Nanto Seiken (南斗聖拳?, "Sacred Fist of the South Star") among the 108 branches. Each of them has a fate corresponding to a certain star in the South Dipper (南斗六星 Nanto Rokusei?) constellation. After Juda betrayed the Six Sacred Fists and joined Raoh's army, the group was divided into two factions: one for preserving order and another for promoting chaos. The fighting styles of each of the Nanto Roku Seiken is affiliated with an avian totem.


Shin (シン?) is Kenshiro's first major adversary in the series. Shin represents the Star of Martyrdom (殉星 Junsei?) and is the successor of the Nanto Koshūken (南斗孤鷲拳?, "South Star Lone Eagle Fist") style. Shin was Kenshiro's friend and rival, who secretly desired Kenshiro's fiance Yuria from afar, but knew Yuria's heart was for Kenshiro and gave up pursuing her. However, his mind was eventually corrupted by Jagi, Shin challenged Kenshiro, after destroying Ryuken's grave stone and defeated him, engraving the seven scars on his chest afterwards and subsequently taking off with Yuria by force. He then forms the King organization and builds Yuria the city of Southern Cross. However, he is unable to win Yuria's love and after her failed suicide attempt, Shin entrusts her to the Nanto Goshasei for her protection. Sometime afterwards, he is challenged by Kenshiro in his lair and is defeated. Mortally wounded, he claimed that Yuria had died from the fall, then he jumped off the roof of his own palace so that the fatal impact would kill him, instead of Kenshiro's attack.

Shin was voiced by Toshio Furukawa in the TV series and 1986 movie and by Takuya Kirimoto in the 2007 OVA Yuria Den. He was voiced by Michael McConnohie in Streamline Pictures' English dub of the 1986 movie and by Steven Blum in Manga Entertainment's dub of the TV series. Costas Mandylor played Lord Shin in the 1995 live-action movie.


Rei (レイ?, "Ray" in Viz's English manga) is the successor of Nanto Suichōken (南斗水鳥拳?, "South Star Waterfowl Fist"), which is said to be the most elegant of the Nanto Seiken styles, and represents the Star of Justice (義星 Gi-sei?). While away on training, his home village was attacked by a "Man with Seven Scars" (who was actually Jagi posing as his brother Kenshiro), who killed Rei's parents and kidnapped his sister Airi. While searching for his sister's kidnapper, he met the real Kenshiro and Mamiya while working as a spy for the Fang Clan. Rei ends up betraying the Fang Clan and in retaliation, they track down and kidnap Airi. After his sister is rescued by Ken, Rei decides to repay him in any way possible by accompanying him in his journey. Rei decides to repay his debt to Kenshiro by challenging Raoh on Kenshiro's behalf, but is defeated. However, Raoh does not kill him immediately, but instead strikes a pressure point that will drain all the blood out of his body in a matter of three days. Rei decides to spend his last few days of his life by challenging rival Juda, who once tormented Mamiya in the past.

Rei was voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa in the TV series and 1986 movie, Isshin Chiba in the 2005 arcade fighting game and Shinichiro Miki 2007 OVA Yuria Den. In the English dub of the film, he was voiced by Greg Snegoff. In Manga Entertainment's dub of the TV series he was voiced by Darran Norris.


Juda (ユダ Yuda?) is the successor of Nanto Kōkakuken (南斗紅鶴拳?, "South Star Crimson Crane Fist"), a style specializing in long range attacks. Representing the Star of Enchantment (妖星 Yōsei?, "Fairy Star"), also known as the Star of Betrayal (裏切りの星 Uragiri no Hoshi?), Juda declares himself to be the strongest and most beautiful of fighters, and is willing to betray his own subordinates for his own self-gain. Juda trained alongside Rei while they were still learning Nanto Seiken and became envious that Rei's elegant fighting style was given more recognition than his own among his peers. Seeking to avenge Mamiya's honor (who was once part of Juda's harem of female slaves), Rei challenges Juda to a match. After being defeated by Rei, Juda concedes that Rei is the more beautiful of the two and admits that he secretly admired Rei before dying.

Juda was voiced by Bin Shimada in the original TV series and by Kisho Taniyama in the Ten no Haoh anime series. Blake Shepard voices in the English dub of Legends of the Dark King.


Shu (シュウ Shū?) is the successor of the Nanto Hakuroken (南斗白鷺拳?, "South Star White Heron Fist") style, which specializes in kicks. He represents the Star of Benevolence (仁星 Jinsei?), as well as a friend of Rei. Shu was once Thouzer's second-in-command until he met a young Kenshiro, who was participating in a kumite against ten Nanto Seiken practitioners. Shu challenged Ken as his final opponent and defeated Ken, but forfeit his eyesight (by slicing his own eyes) after his victory so that Kenshiro's life would be spared. After the Nuclear War, Shu leads a resistance movement against Thouzer and his empire and is reunited with the now grown Kenshiro. Shu eventually surrenders himself to Thouzer in order to save his villagers and is forced to carry the apex that will complete Thouzer's Holy Cross Mausoleum. When he reaches the top of the pyramid he realizes it is hollowed out, and Thouzer plans to kill him and entomb him there. After being impaled by several arrows and a spear hurled by Thouzer, Shu miraculously recovers his eyesight and is able to see Kenshiro for the last time.

Shu was voiced by Katsuji Mori in the TV series and Hōchū Ōtsuka in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu movie series.


Thouzer (サウザー Sauzā?, Souther in some adaptations) represents the star of the star of leadership (将星 shoshi?), which rules over the other Nanto stars. He fights with the Nanto Hōōken (南斗鳳凰拳?, "South Star Phoenix Fist) style; Thouzer eschews defensive stances, because his style makes his body so light that no physical attack can touch him. Thouzer uses unstoppable offensive blows and is immune to most Hokuto Shinken techniques thanks to his "Emperor's Armor" (his organs and pressure points are reversed). Thouzer was orphaned as an infant and was raised by the previous Hōōken successor, Ohgai, who trained him during childhood, sparring with Raoh at the time. During his final training lesson, Thouzer unwillingly killed his sensei, who intentionally allowed himself to be killed by Thouzer. Traumatized by the event, Thouzer disavowed all feelings of love and compassion. After the Nuclear War, he takes on the title of Holy Emperor (聖帝 Seitei?) and enslaves children with his army in order to construct the Holy Cross Mausoleum, a shrine to his deceased sensei. During the events of "Ten no Haoh," Thouzer battled Raoh before the two entered into a temporary ceasefire. Later, after his first fight with Thouzer, Kenshiro learns the secret of Thouzer's immunity and is able to defeat him. Thouzer uses his last breaths to reconcile with his emotions.

Thouzer was voiced by Banjō Ginga in the original TV series, Akio Ōtsuka in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu movie series, and Toshihiko Seki in the Ten no Haoh anime series. Illich Guardiola voices him in the English dub of Legends of the Dark King.


Yuria (ユリア?, Julia in some adaptations) is a descendant of the Rightful Nanto Bloodline and represents the Star of the Compassionate Mother (慈母星 Jibosei?). She is Kenshiro's fiance, but is admired by other men as well, particularly Raoh, Toki, Shin, and Juza. After Kenshiro was defeated by Shin, Yuria agrees to follow Shin so that Kenshiro's life will be spared. However, she is unable to tolerate the subsequent atrocities Shin commits in her name and attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of Shin's palace at Southern Cross. However, she is safely caught by the Nanto Goshasei, who are sworn to protect her. She becomes the Last Nanto General and orders the Goshasei to attack Raoh. Ken rushes to the Nanto Capital after learning that she is alive, but Raoh gets to her first and uses her as bait for his final battle with Kenshiro. Kenshiro defeats Raoh and is reunited with Yuria, only to learn that she is dying from the same radiation poisoning which killed Toki. After learning this, Raoh manipulates one of her pressure points and extends her lifespan to several years instead of the few months she originally had. She spends her remaining years living a secluded life with Ken. That is the end of it in the original series, but in the OVA legend of Kenshiro, she is shown to be pregnant with his child. In Hokuto no Ken 2, she and Kenshiro live in the village belonging Shouki, Gento's Red General, after Kenshiro save his village. They would continue to live there for the remaining part of her life.

Yuria was voiced by Yuriko Yamamoto in the Fist of the North Star animated TV series which aired between 1984 and 1988. She was voiced by Melissa Williamson in Manga Entertainment's English dub of the first 36 episodes. In the 1986 animated movie, Yuria was once again played by Yuriko Yamamoto and by Melodee Spevack in Streamline Pictures' English dub version. Yuria is portrayed by Yuriko Ishida in the five part Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu. Isako Washio portrayed Yuria (anglicized as Julia) in the 1995 live-action movie.

Nanto Goshasei

The Nanto Goshasei (南斗五車星?, "South Dipper Five Chariot Stars") are the sworn guardians of Yuria, the Last Nanto General. The stars of Goshasei correspond to the constellation Auriga, the Charioteer (馭者座 Gyoshaza?) and each of the five members represent the following elements: Wind ( ?), Cloud ( Un?), Fire ( En?), Mountain ( Zan?), and Sea ( Kai?). Each of the Goshasei confront Raoh during the story.


Hyui of the Wind (風のヒューイ Kaze no Hyūi?) is the leader of the Wind Brigade, who uses a fighting style which utilizes air pressure to slice enemies. Hyui is the first member of the Goshasei to challenge Raoh and is immediately defeated.

Hyui was voiced by Kazuyuki Sogabe in the TV series and by Hiroshi Tsuchida in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu series.


Shuren of the Flames (炎のシュレン Honō no Shuren?) is the leader of the Fire Corps and uses the Gosha Enjōken (五車炎情拳?, "Five Chariots Passionate Flame Fist"), which allows him to engulf his body in flames at will. After the death of Hyui, Shuren vows to avenge the death of his "brother star" by setting his home castle ablaze. Shuren challenges and attempts to sacrifice himself to defeat Raoh, which proves to be ineffective.

Shuren was voiced by Norio Wakamoto in the TV series and by Nobuyuki Hiyama in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu series.


Juza of the Clouds (雲のジュウザ Kumo no Jūza?) is the childhood rival of Raoh and a martial art prodigy who uses a self-styled martial art (我流の拳 Garyū no Ken?) that suits his free-spirited personality. A childhood friend of Yuria, Juza fell in love with her as they grew up, but his hope of pursuing a relationship with her was shattered when he learned that they were half-siblings from the same father. Afterwards, Juza began living a care-free life of promiscuity, indifferent to the cause of the other Goshasei until he learns the true identity of the Last Nanto General. Juza challenges Raoh to a fight and manages to stall him for a while by stealing his steed, Kokuoh-Go, but is eventually defeated in one of Raoh's most grueling battles. By blood, he's also the brother of Ryuga, which is reinforced in the Ten no Haō anime.

Juza was voiced by Yoshito Yasuhara in the original TV series and by Keiji Fujiwara and Shintaro Asanuma in the Ten no Haō anime. Mark Laskowski voices Juza in the English dub of Legends of the Dark King.


Fudoh of the Mountains (山のフドウ Yama no Fudō?) is a giant warrior who uses his huge size and brute strength to crush his enemies. Fudoh was once a ruthless bandit known as Fudoh the Ogre (悪鬼のフドウ Akki no Fudō?), whose presence terrified a young Raoh when he invaded the Hokuto Shinken dojo at one point. However, a young Yuria stood up to Fudoh's rampage and taught him the value of life. Fudoh became a gentle giant, and later began raising several orphaned children as a foster father. Fudoh befriends Kenshiro and his companions in order to lead them to the Nanto Capital, and eventually reveals the Last General's true identity to Ken. Raoh later challenges Fudoh in order to overcome his fear against Ken. Despite heavy injuries during the fight, Fudoh manages to make Raoh take a retreat slightly, causing Raoh's men to impale Fudoh with several large lances and arrows, mortally wounding him. The injuries soon kill him.

Fudoh was voiced by Shōzō Iizuka in the TV series and Daisuke Gōri in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu series.


Rihaku of the Ocean (海のリハク Umi no Rihaku?) is the leader and military strategist of the Goshasei, specializing in setting up boobytraps. Rihaku encounters Raoh and is beaten, but survives due to Kenshiro's intervention, making him the sole survivor of the group (including his daughter Toh, who commits suicide). He later becomes the senior strategist of Bat and Lin's Hokuto Army, by then he is using a cane; implying his skills have decreased. It's also revealed he has a vast knowledge and history concerning not only Hokuto and Nanto, but Gento and the Asura.

Rihaku was voiced by Takeshi Aono in the TV series and Katsuhisa Houki in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu series.


The Tentei (天帝?, "Heavenly Emperor" or "Heavenly Lord") is a title held by the successor of a royal family to whom the successors of Gento Kōken (元斗皇拳?, "Imperial Fist of the Source Star) are sworn to protect. The star of Tentei is also known as Polaris (大極星 Taikyokusei?).


Solia (ソリア Soria?) Voiced by: Michihiro Ikemizu. A general of the Celestial Lord's Army. A protegee of Falco also trained in Gento Kōken, Solia lost his right eye to Falco during a sparring match. He challenges Kenshiro and is defeated.


Shoki (ショウキ Shōki?, Voiced by: Tessho Genda) is the General of the Red Light Army in the Celestial Lord's army and friend of Falco. Shoki befriended Kenshiro in the past, who was traveling with an ill Yuria, and allowed the two to live in his village until Yuria's death. When they first met, he told Kenshiro not to reveal his name because he didn't want to fight him. Later, Shoki revolts against Jakoh and attempts to sneak out of the Imperial Capital with the help of Falco, only to be killed by Shieno (Boltz in the TV series).


Falco (ファルコ Faruko?, voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka) is the successor of Gento Kōken. Falco once confronted Raoh in the past when his army came to invade the Gento village, but the two came to a truce when Falco amputated his right leg (which was later replaced by a prosthetic) as a peace offering. Falco is later blackmailed by Jakoh to do his evil bidding when he locks away Lui, the current Celestial Lord, and is forced to fight against Kenshiro. After Lui is rescued by Bat and Ein, Falco turns against Jakoh and kills him. He later sails to the Land of Asura to rescue Lin only to confront the Nameless Asura and die from his injury.


Jakoh (ジャコウ Jakō?, voiced by Shigeru Chiba) is the Viceroy of the Imperial Capital. He gained his position by locking away the Celestial Empress Lui and blackmailing Falco into destroy the Hokuto and Nanto fighters. Ostensibly, this is because they attempt to outshine the Gento's imperial star, Taikyokusei (大極星?, aka Polaris, not to be confused with Hokuto which is the Big Dipper). In reality, when Raoh was about to leave the Gento village after Falco convinced him to spare them, Raoh told Falco that Jakoh had evil intentions and that Falco should kill him if he wanted to maintain their peace. Falco could not bring himself to do so at the time, as Falco's own mother also raised Jakoh as her own and killing him would've devastated her. Jakoh's encounter with Raoh however, left a deep terror in him. As a result he has developed severe achluophobia.

Jakoh is assisted by his two sons Jask (ジャスク Jasuku?) and Shieno (シーノ Shiino?), whom are replaced by the renegade Gento masters Green Light Taiga (タイガ?, voiced by Masaharu Sato) and Blue Light Boltz (ボルツ Borutsu?, voiced by Yōsuke Akimoto). Shieno is killed by Kenshiro, while Jakoh himself is killed by Falco after Lui is rescued. Jask is buried under debris, but survives. He is rescued by an unaware Lin and he immediately kidnaps her to protect his escape. After blowing up the capital city Jask takes off to the Land of Asura, only to be slaughtered by the warriors of Asura.


Lui (ルイ Rui?, voiced by Yoshino Takamori) is the twin sister of Lin and the Celestial Empress (天帝 Tentei?). Only one of the children was permitted to live, but Falco could not bring himself to kill Lin and instead left her in the care of his aunt and uncle. Lui is kidnapped by Jakoh and locked underground in the Imperial Palace as a means by Jakoh to blackmail Falco, her protector. Bat, Lin and Ein sets off to the Imperial Castle to free Lui, while Kenshiro is fighting Falco. When Lin meets Lui for the first time, she learns the truth about her parentage. After Lui is freed, Falco turns against Jakoh and kills him.

Hokuto Ryūken

Hokuto Ryūken (北斗琉拳?, North Star Lapis Lazuli Fist) is a fighting style which branched off from the main Hokuto family along with Hokuto Shinken. The style uses the 1109 destructive points of the human body called the keiraku hakō (経絡破孔?), as well as an evil energy called Matoki (魔闘気 Matōki?, Evil Fighting Spirit) that can drive its practitioner insane. The three Rashō (羅将?, the Lords of Asura) that Kenshiro faces are all masters of this art.


Kaioh (カイオウ Kaiō?, voiced by Kenji Utsumi) is the First General of Asura (第一の羅将 Dai-ichi no Rashō?). He proclaims himself to be the Creator of the New Century (新世紀創造 Shin Seiki Sōzōshu?) and the Demon Kaioh (魔神カイオウ Majin Kaiō?). Kaioh is the elder blood brother of Raoh and Toki, who remained in Asura after his brothers left the country when they were children. He bears a strong resemblance to Raoh, but a bit taller, darker complexion, and an X-shaped scar on his face. Kaioh is characterized as the strongest warrior of Asura and is the only other character alongside Shin and Thouzer to brutally defeat Kenshiro following their initial encounter. He wears a specially constructed armor which allows him to control his evil aura, but can easily burn it off when he unleashes all his Matoki. He hates the main Hokuto bloodline, from which Ken and Hyoh are descended from, due to the fact that he was forced to play a subordinate role to Hyoh by Jukei, despite being a more gifted warrior. His hatred was furthered after the death of his mother, who died saving Kenshiro and Hyo. Kaioh is the last major villain in the manga (there are others after him) and the final opponent Kenshiro faces in the TV series.


Hyoh (ヒョウ Hyō?, also spelled as "Hyou", voiced by Shinji Ogawa) is the Second General of Asura (第二の羅将 Daini no Rashō?). He is a descendant of the main Hokuto bloodline and Kenshiro's true older brother. After being separated from Ken as a child, his memories were sealed away by Jukei, the scar on his forehead being the result of this. Hyoh was favored by Jukei over Kaioh due to his bloodline, but plays a subordinate role to Kaioh in the present. Unlike Kaioh, Hyoh is initially portrayed as a more benevolent ruler until he goes insane and turns evil after Sayaka's death. He returns to his normal self after fighting Ken and regains his lost memories. He rescues Lin from the Warriors of Asura while Ken fights against Kaioh. After his memories were restored, he realizes what Jukei has done during his training, understanding Kaioh's pain, ultimately taking full responsibility for Kaioh's actions.


Han (ハン?, voiced by Koji Totani) is the Third General of Asura (第三の羅将 Daisan no Rashō?) and the first of the Hokuto Ryūken masters Kenshiro faces in Asura. Han uses a personal fighting style that allows him to create strong wind currents with his fists. He reveals Kenshiro's origin at the Land of Asura during their battle; implying he knew Kenshiro was Hyo's brother and pleaded with him to leave Asura before ultimately dying from his wounds. After being killed, his body drifts from the blood-soiled lake into Hyoh's castle, who swears to avenge Han's death.


Shachi (シャチ?, "Orca", voiced by Hirotaka Suzuoki) is the son of Akashachi, the pirate. As a child, he met and began to admire Raoh while his father worked under his command. On one adventure, his father's crew was attacked by Asura Warriors (it is implied it was Kaioh's army) ; the result being left behind in Asura after Akashachi and his remaining men fled during an attack. There, he became romantically involved with Leia, a local girl. He soon became Jukei's fourth student and learned Hokuto Ryūken to protect Leia. He began fighting against the Asuras, eventually earning a reputation as "Rakshasa". At first, he only teams up with Ken to use him in his plot to destroy the three "Rashō", offering Lin to Han so that Ken would fight him. After he is reunited with Akashachi before his death, Shachi becomes a loyal ally to Ken, sacrificing his left eye to Hyoh so that Ken would not be captured. He helps Ken restore Hyoh's memories, but later dies after being mortally wounded while fighting against Kaioh himself.


Jukei (ジュウケイ Jūkei?, voiced by Kōhei Miyauchi) is the Hokuto Ryūken master who trained the three Rashō and Shachi. In the past, he went through a demonic possession as a result of his misuse of his style, killing his wife and child, but was rescued by Ryuken. He then trained Kaioh and Hyoh, sealing Hyoh's memories of Kenshiro and his knowledge of the original Hokuto style. The main reason for the training Kaioh, Hyo, and Han the art because Asura needed defenders of the land and that the three were too "weak" to learn Hokuto Shinken; Kaioh was filled with hatred, while Hyo was emotionally attached to his brother; despite knowing the risks involved, he taught Hokuto Ryuken in order to buy time so a Hokuto Shinken successor will return to Asura (expecting it would be Raoh). In the present, he forms part of Leia's resistance, after Hokuto Ryuken has corrupted his students, and attempts to undo the seal to prevent the two brothers of the Hokuto Soke from destroying each other, which would result in the absolute destruction of the Hokuto Soke bloodline. However, Hyo's seal was compromised by Kaioh and any attempt to restore Hyo's memory was lost. Realizing what Kaioh has done, Hyoh gives the mortal blow; dying, Jukei would regret his past deeds as his mistakes may doom all of Asura.

In Souten no Ken, he appears as an orphaned child belonging to the Hokuto Ryūkaken.

Other main characters


Bat (バット Batto?, Bart in the Manga Entertainment dub of the TV series) is a young boy who accompanies Kenshiro in his journey. Bat left his home village to fend for himself so that his adoptive mother Toyo could take better care of her other orphans. He was eventually imprisoned in Lin's home village for trying to steal food and was locked in the same cell as Kenshiro, where the two met for the first time. After escaping, Bat decides to follow Kenshiro as his self-appointed sidekick, hoping to use Ken's strength to gain food for himself, but gradually matures as he witnesses the many tragic events, including the death of his adoptive mother. He grows up and forms the Hokuto Army with Lin to fight the Heavenly Emperor's Army, becoming a wanted fugitive. As a young adult, Bat has rudimentary martial art skills, along with limited knowledge of Hokuto Shinken. At the end of the manga, Bat gives up on his love for Lin so she and Kenshiro could get married and finally, live the happy life they deserve so much. He presses Lin's pressure points to make her forget about him and manages to reunite Lin with an also amnesiac Ken, but fate forces him to pose as Ken in order to fight against Bolge, a blind and dangerous thug with a grudge against Ken. Bat is captured and horribly tortured by Bolge, but does his best to leave a convincing impersonation of Ken, hoping that with his death, the real Ken gets declared officially dead and future thugs leave him alone. Just before Bat's death, the real Ken rescues him and defeats the entire thug gang, moved by Bat's ultimate sacrifice. Lin decides to stay behind and guard Bat's grave forever, only to discover that Ken managed to save Bat's life by manipulating his remaining pressure points. In his final panels, Lin is happily hugging a fully healed, yet still unconscious Bat.

Bat was voiced by Mie Suzuki (as a child) and Keiichi Nanba (as an adult) in the original TV series, by Daisuke Namikawa in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu films, and by Ayumi Tsunematsu in the fighting game by Sega. In English dubbed versions, Bat was voiced by Tony Oliver in Streamline Pictures dub of the 1986 movie and by Gary Michaels in the Manga Entertainment dub of the TV series. He was played by Dante Basco in the 1995 live-action movie.


Lin (リン Rin?, Lynn in certain English versions) is a young orphaned girl who befriends Kenshiro while working as jailer in the village where Kenshiro and Bat also met. After Ken helps her recover her voice (having been traumatized in the past, witnessing bandits slaughter her family) and rescues her from the clutches of Zeed's gang, Lin decides to follow Ken and eventually finds him, joining him in his journey. Lin grows up and as a young woman, she forms the Hokuto Army to rebel against the Heavenly Emperor's Army. Lin later learns that she is actually the twin sister of Lui, the current Empress, and was secretly given up for adoption by Falco after he was given orders to kill one of them.

Lin was voiced by Tomiko Suzuki (as a child) and Miina Tominaga (as an adult) in the original TV series and 1986 movie, by Maaya Sakamoto in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu series, and by Miwa Kouzuki in the fighting game version by Sega. In English dubbed versions, Lin was voiced by Holly Sidel in the Streamline Pictures dub of the 1986 movie and by Sandy Fox in the Manga Entertainment dub of the TV series. Lin (as Lynn) was played by Nalona Herron in the 1995 live action film.


Mamiya (マミヤ?, also transliterated as "Mamia", voiced by Toshiko Fujita) is a female village leader who bears resemblance to Kenshiro's fiancee, Yuria. She has limited skill in the martial arts, and uses weapons such as bladed yo-yos, bow and arrows, and kunai in combat. In the past, Juda slaughtered Mamiya's parents and kidnapped her with the intent to make her his concubine, branding her with the "UD" mark on her back. She eventually managed to escape, and in her humiliation, renounced her womanhood and became a warrior. Mamiya recruits Ken and Rei as guardians of her village and later accompanies the two for several arcs of the story.

During the trio's time together, Mamiya, due to her similar attributes with Yuria, develops deep concern for Kenshiro, though he does not acknowledge it; she also becomes the object of Rei's affections. However, burdened by the shame of her past, she is never able to express her love in return. In order that she would never forget him, Rei uses his final living days to challenge Juda, whom he defeats and avenges the crimes that Juda committed against Mamiya in the past. Moved by his sacrifice on her behalf, Mamiya is able to re-embrace her womanhood, renouncing her life as a warrior. Following Rei's death, she only makes sporadic appearances through the remainder of the manga.


Airi (アイリ?, also transliterated as "Iris", "Aili" and "Ailee", voiced by Arisa Andō) is Rei's younger sister, who was kidnapped by Jagi on the day of her wedding and then sold to slavery. The Fang Clan managed to get a hold of her after killing her previous captor and used her as leverage against Rei. Rei rescued her with the help of Kenshiro, who restored her eyesight. She remains in Mamiya's village and gains the courage to stand up and defend herself with the help of Lin when Ken-oh's army invades the village.


Ryuga (リュウガ Ryūga?) is the elder brother of Yuria and the successor of the Taizan Tenrōken (泰山天狼拳?, "Mt. Tai Celestial Wolf Fist") style, which allows him to scoop out chunks of his enemies' flesh while leaving them with a feeling of coldness. He represents the solitary star of Sirius (天狼星 Tenrōsei?, The Heavenly Wolf Star), which is neither part of the Hokuto nor Nanto constellations. After the nuclear war, Ryuga pledges his loyalty to Raoh, believing that his tyranny will restore order to the world. However, he begins to doubt Raoh's methods when he meets his sister's fiancée Kenshiro, the other Hokuto Shinken master. Ryuga decides to challenge Kenshiro by kidnapping Toki and keeping him captive in his castle. Kenshiro defeats him, only to find out that Ryuga was already dying, having slit his own stomach before the battle. He shows Kenshiro the locket of Yuria, whom he holds dear, and realizes Yuria has made the right decision by choosing Kenshiro before dying. Based on bloodline, it's he is also the half-brother of Nanto Goshasei's Juuza of the Clouds; this is reinforced during the Ten no Haoh story.

Ryuga was voiced by Hideyuki Hori in the original TV series, Daisuke Sakaguchi (as a child) in the Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu series, and by Daisuke Matsubara in the Ten no Haoh anime series. John Swasey voices him in the English dub of Legends of the Dark King.


Ein (アイン Ain?, voiced by Ken Yamaguchi) is a famed tracker and a headhunter who fights with an unorthodox brawling style (ケンカ拳法 Kenka Kenpō?). He is hired to capture Kenshiro, but after a brief fight with Ken, he begins to respect him. He has a daughter named Asuka, who he protects with his very life and is the reason why he earns money. He sacrifices his own life to save Bat, Myu, Lin and Lui from a flooding cell. Kenshiro is given Ein's gloves by Asuka after his death in which he was seen wearing throughout the rest of the series, until it is finally destroyed in his showdown with Han.

Harn Bros.

Harn Brothers (ハーン兄弟 Hān Kyōdai?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Gouri (Buzz) and Yutaka Shimaka (Gill)
Buzz (バズ Bazu?) and Gill (ギル Giru?) are two dangerous brothers that were captured by Ein in the past through luck and wit (ironically they would be rescued by Ein and Kenshiro). They are masters of Nanto Sōyōken (南斗双鷹拳?, "South Star Twin Hawk Fist") and have a grudge against Falco for killing several Nanto masters. In the original manga, Buzz is killed after detonating a decommissioned nuclear mortar in a failed attempt to take Falco's life, while a distraught Gill lives on and is convinced to join the Hokuto Army. He is finally seen holding Ein's lifeless body during the destruction of the capital before being phased out from the series. In the anime, both Buzz and Gill die during the explosion. The scene in which Gill holds Ein's corpse has been maintained replacing the Harn with a generic fighter. Buzz is also known as Hazu (ハズ?) due to a misprint in the manga (which was fixed in the Kanzenban edition), which is the name he goes by in the TV series.


Akashachi (赤鯱?, "Red Orca")
Voiced by: Daisuke Gōri, Nobuaki Kakuda (2007 movie)
Father of Shachi and also a one legged and one eyed pirate with a metal claw, who transported Kenshiro reluctantly to Asura. He gave a mission to Kenshiro to find his son Shachi that somehow got lost in Asura. Albeit he is portrayed as a brutal pirate in the beginning, he did reveal his good side at the end especially when he tried to save a fatally injured Kenshiro. Raoh personally thanked Akashachi at some point, as he helped Raoh as an ocean transport. In Raoh Den, he cried for Raoh when Kokuoh-Go brought his ashes to Reina. He was killed by Kaio's hidden crossbow when rescuing Kenshiro; however, he did managed to find his son Shachi, as well as meeting his love, Leia, whom he blessed before passing away. After his death, his son, wore his eye patch in his memory.


Leia (レイア Reia?)
Voiced by: Masako Katsuki
A native girl of Asura who breaks Asuran law by preaching against violence. She becomes Shachi's girlfriend which makes him choose to stay in Asura, but later comes to an agreement with Shachi to distance herself from him for her protection. However before Shachi's final battle with Kaioh she travels with him, and eventually holds Shachi and sheds tears for him as he dies.


Ryu (リュウ Ryū?)
Introduced late in the manga's run, Ryu is the orphaned son of Raoh with an unknown mother, who was raised by the Hakuri family after his father's death. Ryu already possess wit and courage at a young age, as he stands up against a group of bandits threatening his village. He is already acquainted with his "Uncle Kenshiro" when he first appears, who introduces him to his father's steed Kokuoh-Go. After Ryu's foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hakuri, are killed, Kenshiro takes Ryu as his apprentice and travels with him for a few story arcs before Kenshiro abruptly leaves him under the care of Balga and his son, so that Ryu can train on his own. Ryu never appears in the TV series, as the post-Kaioh chapters of the manga were not adapted, but he makes an non-vocal appearance in a flashback in New Fist of the North Star.


Balga (バルガ Baruga?)
Voiced by: Shigeharu Matsuda (TV), Masaki Terasoma (2007 movie)
One of Raoh's former generals. After Raoh died he didn't have a reason to fight and lost his "sting" as one of the hardhitting Generals of Raoh's army. Therefore he became soft and Kōketsu took advantage of that and enslaved Balga. He had to work hard in order to keep his son Shingo (シンゴ?) and the other children alive. Later as Kenshiro arrived with Ryu (Raoh's son) they defeated Kōketsu and left Balga in charge of the land, protecting the people and reclaiming his honor. After Baran is defeated, Kenshiro leaves Ryu in Balga's care. In the movie Raoh Den: Gekitō no Shō, it is established that Balga was the unnamed soldier that shot Raoh in the leg with an arrow to stop him from killing Yuria; it's also established that he was Raoh's most trusted soldier and cried for Raoh knowing that he would lose to Kenshiro after being captured by Rihaku.


Kokuoh-Go (黒王号 Kokuō-gō?, "Black King")
A large black stallion whom Raoh rides as Ken-oh. After Raoh's death, he becomes Kenshiro's steed.
Misumi (ミスミ?)
Voiced by: Ryūji Saikachi
A farmer whose life is saved by Ken early in the story. Ken helps him deliver a bag of seed rice to his village, but he is shortly killed by Spade. In the TV series, Misumi is named Smith (スミス Sumisu?).
Toyo (トヨ?)
Voiced by: Reiko Suzuki (TV series), Seiko Fujiki (Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu movie series)
Bat's foster mother. Kenshiro helps her dig a well to feed her adopted children. She is later wounded by Jackal, who attacks her village. She reconciles with Bat before dying from her wound. Toyo appears in the movie Raoh Den: Jun'ai no Shō, where she is renamed Martha (マーサ Māsa?).
Taki (タキ?)
Voiced by: Kyōko Tongū (TV series), Tōko Aoyama (Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu movie series)
One of Bat's adopted brothers, who leads Kenshiro to Toyo's village. In the manga, Taki is killed by a thug while stealing water from a neighboring village. In the TV series, Taki is saved by Ken at the last moment. He appears in 2006 movie Raoh Den: Jun'ai no Shō, where he is renamed Kaito (カイト?).
Ko (コウ ?)
Voiced by: Ryō Horikawa
Mamiya's younger brother, who is captured and slain by the Fang Clan.
Shiva (シバ Shiba?)
Voiced by: Keiichi Nanba, Miyu Irino (Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu movie series)
Shuh's son. He saves Kenshiro after he is captured and tortured by Thouzer, but blows himself up with some of Thouzer's soldiers to protect him while Kenshiro looks on in horror.
Toh (トウ ?)
Voiced by: Mika Doi (TV series), Yuko Kaida (Yuria Den)
The daughter of Rihaku. She disguises herself as the Last General of Nanto and then attempts to dissuade Raoh from taking Yuria by offering herself to him instead. After being rejected, she takes her own life in front of him.
Myu (ミュウ Myū?)
Voiced by: Kuniko Ogawa
Falco's wife. When the Empress Lui was kidnapped, she became Jakoh's woman to learn the whereabouts of the Empress. She later discovers she is pregnant with Falco's child.
Asuka (アスカ?)
Voiced by: Saori Sugimoto
Ein's young daughter, to whom he refers to as his "girl". In the TV series it was further established that she was his adopted daughter, whom he adopted from a young widow that used to take care of him. The widow was killed by bandits and Ein adopted Asuka as his own.
Tao (タオ?)
Voiced by: Nozomu Sasaki
Leia's younger brother. He looked up to Shachi as his idol and joined the Asuran training camp against his sister's wishes to follow in Shachi's footsteps. Tao deserted the training camp when he was ordered to kill a friend in combat.
Sayaka (サヤカ?)
Voiced by: Gara Takashima
Hyoh's fianceé and the younger sister of Kaioh. In order to manipulate Kenshiro and Hyoh into fighting each other, Kaioh kills Sayaka and then tells Hyoh that Kenshiro was the culprit. This triggers Hyoh's demonic aura, erasing the good moods and pity he still showed with his people.
Black Yaksha (黒夜叉 Kuro Yasha?)
Voiced by: Shigeru Chiba
A short dwarfish man who worked as a servant of the main Hokuto bloodline. He wields two long claws in battle. He assists Kenshiro and Hyoh, but dies fighting Kaioh's elite army.
Nagato (ナガト?)
Voiced by: Kazumi Tanaka
The second-in-command of Hyoh's army. He serves Hyoh rather than Kaioh due to Hyoh's more forgiving nature. When Hyoh turns goes insane after Sayaka's death, Nagato and his four subordinates renounces their position due to Hyoh's change of attitude. Hyoh considers this an act of treason and kills him.
Ohka (オウカ Ōka?)
Voiced by: Mika Doi
The sister of Shume and mother to Ryūō. A woman of the Hokuto clan, Ōka and her Shume gave birth to their respective sons on the same day. However, the priests of the Hokuto clan forbade the existence of two possible successors and choose to sacrifice expose both children to a pack of hungry wolves. Realizing that Shume was dying of a terminal illness and would not live to see her child grow, Ōka gave away her life in order to concede the successorship to Shume's son.
Shume (シュメ?)
Voiced by: Yuriko Yamamoto
The mother of Shuken. She was already suffering from a terminal illness when she gave birth to Shuken and wished for her son to be the Hokuto successor, going as far as to take Shuken away during the sacrificial ritual the priests set up to determine the successor.
Shuken (シュケン?)
The ancestor of Kenshiro and Hyoh. A practitioner of the original Hokuto Sōke style. He was destined by to be sacrificed by the Hokuto priests as a part of a successorship ritual, but was spared by the compassion of his mother and his aunt's sacrifice. He is founder of Hokuto Shinken. In the manga Fist of the Blue Sky, it is revealed that he created Hokuto Shinken by blending the Hokuto Sōke style with Seito Gekken.
Ryuoh (リュウオウ Ryūō?)
The ancestor of Raoh, Kaio and Toki. His mother Ōka sacrificed her life so that he and Shuken would grow up together. Ryūō grew up without the love of his mother and lost all respect for love. In the anime series, it is established that he is also the founder of Hokuto Ryūken. Since Ryuoh was part of the Hokuto Sōke, he and all of his descendants were born with a Big Dipper-shaped birthmark on their head as proof of their bloodline.
Asam (アサム Asamu?)
The ruler of the Sava Kingdom and Master of Daijō Nanken (大乗南拳?, "Southern Fist of Mahayana"). He is the father of three spoiled sons (and one daughter) that don't like each other, as they three fight to be the leader of the land. Attempts to hire Kenshiro to kill his three sons to prevent a civil war.
Kai (カイ?)
One of the Viceroys of the Sava Kingdom and the eldest son of Asamu. He was born under the sign of the Red Emperor and bears a resemblance to his father. He competes with his brothers for the successorship, but the three decides to set aside their differences when they learn their father is dying. He is later killed when he is struck from behind by one of the bandits threatening his kingdom.
Bukoh (ブコウ Bukō?)
The second Viceroy of Sava and Asam's middle son. He was born under the sign of the Blue Emperor. After the death of Asam and Kai, he attempts to leave the Kingdom along with Satora, but Satora forces him to stay.
Satora (サトラ?)
The third Viceroy of Sava and the youngest of Asam's sons. He was born under the sign of the Yellow Emperor. After the death of Kai and Asam, he concedes the successorship of the throne to Bukō and follows Kenshiro and Ryu to the Kingdom of Blanca to see his fiancee Luseli.
Sara (サラ?)
Princess of the Sava Kingdom and the young daughter of Asam. She is the one who seeks Kenshiro's help in order to solve the dispute between her three brothers.
Luseli (ルセリ Ruseri?)
Princess of the Blanca Kingdom and Satora's fiancee. She was saved by Baran, whom bares some resemblance to his younger sister who died many years ago.
Pell (ペル Peru?)
Lin's pet dog. Appears only in the TV series during the early episodes, but disappears after the Thouzer arc.
Saki (サキ?)
Voiced by: Kazumi Amemiya (episodes 12-21) → Yumiko Shibata (episode 73)
A young girl who appears in the early episodes of the TV series as Yuria's personal servant in Southern Cross. She provides emotional support to Yuria after learning about her situation and makes an escape attempt with Yuria, hoping to reunite her with Kenshiro. Shin catches the two in the act and decides to punish Saki. However, instead of killing her, she is sent back to her home village. She later appears in the Ryuuga arc, where she is shown to be the caretaker of Shin's and Yuria's graves.



The Zeed (ジード Jīdo?) biker gang are the first group of villains Kenshiro faces in the story. Composed of mohawked punks with the letter "Z" tattooed over their heads, the Zeed gang have raided numerous villages and delivery vehicles for their food and water supply. The gang's leader (voiced by Eiji Kanie and Joe Romersa in the TV series and Hidekatsu Shibata and Michael Forest in the 1986 movie) has "Z 666" tattooed on his forehead. Kenshiro faces the gang when they invade Lin's village and the leader holds Lin captive. Kenshiro easily thwarts Zeed's men before taking on the leader himself, defeating him with the Hokuto Hyakuretsuken (North Star Hundred Crack Fist), causing Ken to utter his famous catch-phrase, "You're already dead", when he gets up for a counter-attack.


King (キング Kingu?, the Kingsmen in Viz's translation of the manga) is the gang formed and led by Shin of the Nanto Seiken school. In the original manga, the King organization is a territorial gang that rules over the former Kantō region, its base of operations being the city of Southern Cross (サザンクロス Sazankurosu?). Its members includes Shin himself, his four lieutenants (who pattern themselves after the four playing card suits) and their numerous nameless underlings.

The first of Shin's four lieutenants whom Kenshiro encounters is Spade (スペード Supēdo?, voiced by Tesshō Genda), who loses his right eye during their initial encounter. The second lieutenant, Diamond (ダイヤ Daiya?, voiced by Daisuke Gōri), is a staff wielding expert with clown-like makeup who executes random villagers to lure Kenshiro. The third, Club (クラブ Kurabu?, voiced by Kōji Totani) is armed with long claws and practices his Praying Mantis style against captured peasants. The fourth and last, Mr. Heart (ハート様 Hāto-sama?, voiced by Shōzō Iizuka in the TV series and by Junpei Takiguchi in the 1986 film version) is a large fat man who can absorb and deflect the impact of most martial art techniques with his stomach, earning him the title the "Destroyer of Fists". He is the most merciful of the four lieutenants, which is evident when he orders his underlings to stop harassing a bartender. However, his friendliness quickly turns to rage at the mere sight of his own blood, which turns him into a homicidal maniac who kills everyone near him. Heart is the most prominent of the four lieutenants, appearing in numerous Hokuto no Ken related media outside the original manga. He appears in the 1986 movie as Jagi's bodyguard and in numerous video games as a boss or sub-boss character.

In the TV series, the King organization is much larger in terms of sheer size and influence. In addition to Shin and the four core members from the manga (who are referred in the TV series as the "Four Jacks"), the King organization consists of numerous subordinate organizations and gangs, including God's Army (the Golan Commandos) and the Warriors (Jackal's gang), which were separate organizations in the manga, as well several original villains created for the series. The most prominent original character, Joker (ジョーカー Jōkā?, voiced by Shigeru Chiba in Japanese and Richard Cansino in Manga Entertainment's English dub) serves as Shin's primary informant and middleman and fights using a form of Nanto Seiken known as Nanto Shōtenken ("South Star Ascension Fist"). General Balcom (バルコム大将軍 Barukomu Daishōgun?, voiced by Seizō Katō in Japanese and by Beau Billingslea in Manga Entertainment's English dub), another original character, is introduced in episode 17 as the commander of King's army and a master of the Taizanji Kenpō (Taishan Temple Martial Arts) style. In episode 21, the episode prior to Kenshiro's battle with Shin, Balcom leads a mutiny against Shin, which results in his own death at Shin's hands in combat and the resulting chaos that ensues later leaves most of Southern Cross burning in flames. Joker also dies in this episode in battle with Kenshiro.


The Golan (ゴラン Goran?, the Provident in the Viz's English edition) organization is a militia composed of specially trained commandos that belonged to the fictional Red Beret special forces unit prior to the nuclear war. In the manga, the members of Golan think of themselves as God's chosen and are seeking to create God's Land (ゴッドランド Goddorando?, Providence in Viz's English edition), a nation for their elite race, by capturing young women and girls for procreation of their race. After Kenshiro rescues Lin from a group of Golan commandos and witnesses the horrors the organization beforehand, Ken decides to infiltrate the group's training camp and confronts their drill instructor, the Mad Sarge (マッド軍曹 (サージ) Maddo Sāji?, voiced by Yasurō Tanaka in the TV series), a knife fighting expert and user of blood squirting needles. After Ken defeats him, he comes face to face with the group's founder and leader, the Colonel (大佐 (カーネル) Kāneru?, voiced by Kōji Yada in the TV series), who claims to be a psychic but in reality reads his opponents moves by observing their slight body movements, and an expert of the Nanto Muonken (South Star Silent Fist) style, which conceals his presence. Other members include the Lieutenant, who is armed with razor whip (a garrote in the manga). In the TV series, the Golan organization became God's Army (ゴッドアーミー Goddo Āmī?), which is revealed to be one of King's subordinate organizations whose members worship Shin as their deity. in the 1986 movie, the Colonel appears as the security leader of Shin's palace in Southern Cross.


Jackal (ジャッカル Jakkaru?, voiced by Masayuki Katō in the TV series, Hiroshi Ohtake in the 1986 movie and Beau Billingslea in Manga Entertainment's dub of the TV series) is the leader of a notorious biker gang (The Warriors) that attempts steal water from children. Jackal finds himself at odds with Ken after Jackal's gang invades Bat's home village and kills his adoptive mother, Toyo. Kenshiro follows Jackal's trail, wasting several of his thugs, including Jackal's second-in-command Fox (フォックス Fokkusu}?, voiced by Kōji Totani in the TV series and Takeshi Aono in the 1986 movie). Eventually Ken catches up with Jackal at Villainy Prison, a rundown jail which was once used to hold the worst of the worst criminals. As a last-ditch effort, Jackal unleashes a giant beast of man known as the Devil's Rebirth (悪魔の化身 (デビルリバース) Debiru Ribāsu?, voiced by Eiji Kanie in the TV series), the sole successor of the forbidden Rakan Niōken (Arhat Deva Fist) style and tricks him into fighting Kenshiro by convincing Devil that they're long lost brothers.

In the TV series, Jackal's gang is known as The Warriors and is one of several subordinate organizations of the King empire. Jackal himself is characterized as a master of Nanto Bakusatsuken (South Star Explosive Kill Fist), a Nanto Seiken style involving the use of dynamite. Jackal gets help from Joker to unleash Devil. In the 1986 movie, Jackal and Fox appears as members of Jagi's gang.

Fang Clan

The Fang Clan (牙一族 Kiba Ichizoku?, also known as the Kiba Clan or simply the Fangs) are a gang of mountain bandits who pattern themselves after a wolf pack. The gang are masters of the Kazan Gunrōken (Huashan Wolf Pack Fist) style. The clan's leader and father figure, a giant man known as Boss Fang (牙大王 Kiba Daiō?, lit. "Great Fang King", voiced by Takeshi Watabe in the Japanese version of the TV series, and James Avery in the english version), is a master of the Kazan Kakuteigi (Huashan Horn Wrestling) style, a style which allows him to harden his skin and turn his flesh into steel. Kenshiro and Rei are hired by Mamiya to protect her village against the Fangs. When Mamiya's brother, Ko, is slaughtered by the Fangs, Ken and Rei put aside their differences to annihilate the clan. Boss Fang manages gets a hold of Rei's missing sister, Airi, and takes Mamiya captive as well, hoping to use them as leverage against the two masters.

In the 1986 movie, the Fang Clan appears as a rival gang who fights against Ken-oh's army for their territory. Raoh defeats Boss Fang with ease.


Amiba (アミバ?) is a self-proclaimed genius who has developed a self-styled imitation of Hokuto Shinken by observing Toki's treatment of patients in Miracle Village. He bears a grudge against Toki after being scolded for mistreating a patient and when the real Toki vanishes, Amiba decides to tarnish reputation by impersonating him (by changing his facial appearance and reproducing the scar on his back) and using captive human test subjects for his sadistic pressure point experiments. Kenshiro confronts Amiba, believing that he is the real Toki who has turned evil, until Rei (having trained with Amiba in the Nanto Seiken school) arrives at the last moment and exposes his true identity. Amiba was voiced by Takaya Hashi in the original TV series.


The Dungeon of Cassandra (カサンドラ Kasandora?), also known as the City of Wailing Demons, was originally under the control of the Dragon Emperor as means to ward off intruders until Raoh took over, turning into a prison city where many of his are locked-up, mainly rival martial artists who were forced to give up their martial art secrets to Ken-oh. The dungeon is run by Uighur, the Warden (ウイグル獄長 Uiguru Gokuchō?, voiced by Daisuke Gōri), a giant in viking armor who Raoh gave the position to after expressing his interest in the legend Uighur wishes to make for himself. Uighur is master of a Taishan fighting style involving the use of whips and his special technique is a powerful shoulder tackle called the "Mongolian Dominator" (蒙古覇極道 Mōko Hakyokudō?, lit. "Tao of the Mongolian Champion"). The gatekeepers of Cassandra, Raiga (ライガ?, voiced by Yūji Mikimoto) and Fūga (フウガ?, voiced by Ikuya Sawaki), are the twin successors of the Nishin Fūraiken (二神風雷拳?, "Dual Gods Wind Thunder Fist") style. The twins are honorable warriors whose younger brother, Mitsu, is being kept hostage by Uighur and his men. Kenshiro, Rei and Mamiya head to Cassandra to rescue Toki, who is being kept prisoner there. Eventually, Uighur is killed by Kenshiro who frees Toki and the other prisoners in Cassandra.

Uighur appears in the 1986 movie as a public executioner and the second-in-command in Raoh's army, who is killed by Rei.

Ken-oh's army

Beginning with the Cassandra arc, Kenshiro and his allies faces against Ken-oh's numerous minions thorough the remaining first half of the series. These includes Ken-oh's Royal Guards at Cassandra, led by the Arabian swordsmen Zarqa and Qasim; the Ken-oh Transformation Attack Squad, led by a man posing as an old woman named Dekai Baba; the Ken-oh Invasion Squad, led by the fire-breather Gallon; the Dog Master Galf, who controls Medicine City; Gonzu, A cruel record holder in Human Hammer Throw; Hiruka, a Taizan Yōken master who challenges Fudoh; and Jadow, a biker (among others).

UD gang

Kenshiro and Rei face Juda's minions before Rei's battle with Juda. They are recognizable by the "UD" tattoos on their bodies. Two of Juda's most notable minions include the Nanto Hiyoku Ken master Dagarl (ダガール Dagāru?, voiced by Yūsaku Yara) and Komaku (コマク?, voiced by Shigeru Chiba), a diminutive henchman who is usually around Juda.

The Holy Emperor's army

Thouzer's army are recognizable by the Roman-like imperial armor they wear. The knife-throwers Beji and Giji of the Nanto Sōzanken style are part of his army, as well as Rizo, a friend of Shuh. There is also a bald unnamed large soldier with a great beard, who wore a metal collar and beared Thouzer's symbol in his forehead appears in the manga, anime series and Raō Den Jun'ai no Shō movie. He boasted to Kenshiro about his strength and gave a demonstration by smashing a rock with his forehead. Kenshiro crushed his head with a single punch.


The warriors that Ken and his allies faces during the Land of Asura arc are masters of unique martial art styles. Some of the notable Asuras featured in the story include: the Nameless Asura (無名修羅 Mumei Shura?, voiced by Shigeharu Matsuda), a ninjutsu master who gives Falco his final battle; Kaiser (カイゼル Kaizeru?, voiced by Yūsaku Yara), who uses a style which allows him to remove the bones of his opponents without drawing blood; and Alf (アルフ Arufu?), who can slow down time; among others. Keni, a strong warrior who was given a chance at taking Han's spot as 3rd Rasho, who uses techniques similar to Hokuto Ryuken.


Kohketsu (コウケツ Kōketsu?) is a short and fat dictator who possessed some intelligence, used to work as a horsefeeder in Raoh army, he one time tried to influence Raoh by deliberately brushing his shoes for him, however Raoh saw through his tomfoolery and threatened to kill Koketsu, he was humiliated in front of Raoh's army. When peace returned to the land with Raoh's death, Koketsu used his intelligence and ruthlessness to steal lands from farmers and enslaving gullible wasteland dwellers. One of those land that he stole was from Ryu's adoptive parents. He is killed by his own mouse trap in the food storage room.


Proclaiming himself to be "Baran, the Emperor of Light" (光帝バラン Kōtei Baran?), he is a dictator who conquered the land of Blanca by imprisoning its King and proclaiming himself to be God, building a cult of brainwashed minions. He uses the Hokuto Shinken that he learnt from observing Raoh as a boy, and even uses Raoh's Hokuto Gousho Ha technique. After he is defeated by Kenshiro, he releases the King of Blanca and has himself executed for his sins.


A blind wasteland thug that Kenshiro confronts in the final story arc of the manga, Bolge (ボルゲ Boruge?) was blinded during a past encounter with Ken (shortly after Ken met Bat), and thus bears a deep hatred towards him. To protect an amnesiac Ken and Lin, Bat engraves seven scars on his chest and pretends to be Ken and offers himself to Bolge. However, his plan backfires and must endure the torture of Bolge's revenge. It is only when Kenshiro's memory returns and defeats Bolge, that Bat is saved.


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