Boss (video games)

Boss (video games)

A boss is a computer-controlled opponent which is found in video games. [Burt, Andy (2008-4). "No More Heroes: The Killer Boss Guide", "GamePro" vol. 235., pg. 66.] Their purpose is to test the skills that the player has accumulated over the course of a game. Boss battles are generally seen at the climax of a particular section of the game, usually at the end of a stage or level, or guarding a specific objective, and the boss enemy is generally far stronger than the minions the player has faced up to that point.Thompson, Clive. (2006-05-08) [ Who's the Boss?] "Wired". Retrieved on 2008-03-22.] A fight with a boss character is commonly referred to as a boss battle. [ [ Top 5 boss battles] .
MSNBC. Retrieved on 2008-03-25.


The first interactive game to feature a boss was "dnd", a 1975 computer role-playing game for the PLATO system. [ Gary Whisenhunt, Ray Wood, Dirk Pellett, and Flint Pellett's DND] . [ The Armory] . Retrieved on 2008-04-08.] [ dnd (The Game of Dungeons)] . [ Universal Videogame List] . Retrieved on 2008-04-09.] One of the earliest dungeon crawls, "dnd" implemented many of the core concepts behind "Dungeons & Dragons". The objective of the game is to retrieve an "Orb" from the bottommost dungeon. [ [ The History of Computer Role-Playing Games Part 1: The Early Years (1980-1983)] . [ Gamasutra] . Retrieved on 2008-04-07.] The orb is kept in a treasure room guarded by a high-level enemy named the Gold Dragon. Only by defeating the Dragon can the player claim the orb, complete the game, and be eligible to appear on the high score list. [ [ Dnd (computer game)] . [] . Retrieved on 2008-04-03.]

The first arcade game to feature a boss was "Phoenix", a fixed shooter developed by Taito in 1980. [Sterbakov, Hugh. (2008-03-05) [ The 47 Most Diabolical Video-Game Villains of All Time] . Gamepro. Retrieved on 2008-04-28.] "Phoenix" includes five levels ("Rounds") which pit the player against swarms of alien birds. During the first two Rounds, the player is assaulted by the pigeon-like "Scouts", whereas the more formidable "Soldiers" are introduced in Rounds 3 and 4. On disposing these enemies, a giant mothership appears in the fifth and final Round. [ Pheonix] . [ Arcade-History] . Retrieved on 2008-03-14.]


A "miniboss" or "sub-boss" is an intermediate kind of enemy, typically appearing in the middle of a level or immediately prior to the level's actual boss.

A "boss rush" is a round in which boss characters from earlier in the game are fought in succession, often leading up to a big boss. This is found in such games as "Bonk's Adventure", "Crash Team Racing", "Space Harrier", "Monster in My Pocket", "Mega Man", and the "Kirby" series.


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