List of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City characters

List of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City characters

A number of recurring characters appear during various missions or cut scenes in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, set in 1986. Prominent characters are listed here.


Major characters

Tommy Vercetti

Introduced in: Introduction, airport cut scene

Tommy Vercetti is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Tommy Vercetti (1951-) is the protagonist and playable character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Before the events in Vice City, Vercetti had previously worked with the Forelli family. In 1971, he was sent by Sonny Forelli to kill a man in the Harwood District, but when he arrived 11 men ambushed him. Vercetti was forced to kill them, and ended up in jail for multiple charges for murder but due to being psychotic, he only served 15 years. He also earned the title "Harwood Butcher".

Fresh out of prison in 1986, Vercetti (at the age of 35) is keen to start work again for the Forelli family, and is immediately dispatched by Don Sonny Forelli to Vice City to participate in a drug deal. When an ambush of the deal by a group of masked assailants results in Tommy losing both the money and the drugs, he sets out to find and kill the party responsible. In doing so, he takes complete control of the city, becoming one of Vice City's richest and most powerful men and becoming the leader of the extremely powerful Vercetti Gang. Sonny Forelli, however, continually demands his cut of the substantial profits, leading him to confront Tommy in person. After it emerges that Tommy's original 1971 capture was orchestrated by Sonny himself, Tommy kills Sonny and countless Forelli family members in his mansion, and emerges triumphant as the leader of an organization in total domination of Vice City. He used his power to kill a couple of the people he worked for, such as Ricardo Diaz. Tommy also had a business relationship with other gangs such as the Cubans, the Haitians, and big Mitch Baker's Bikers.

Tommy Vercetti is voiced by Ray Liotta.

Preceded by
Claude GTA III
Protagonist of Grand Theft Auto (series)
Succeeded by
Carl "CJ" Johnson

Sonny Forelli

Introduced in: Introduction, first Marcos Bistro cut scene

Killed in: “Keep your Friends Close...”

Sonny Forelli (1948–1986) is the Don of the Forelli family of the Liberty City Mafia circa 1986 and the main antagonist of the game. He is also the brother of Marco, Franco, and Mike and cousin of Giorgio. The Forelli family is the richest and most powerful Mafia family in Liberty City in the ’80s (contrary to Grand Theft Auto III, where the organization is a shadow of its former self and has been usurped by the Leone family). Sonny came to power young, and ordered several important mob killings around the time of Tommy Vercetti’s imprisonment that resulted in the great success of the Forelli family. At the time of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Sonny is believed to have major influences in racketeering, gambling, unions, corruption, and prostitution, with growing interest in the narcotics trade (which the other Mafia families have tried to avoid).

Tommy Vercetti grew up with Sonny and they were friends. Sonny granted Tommy a position in the organization and he was loyal to the family above all else. Then, fifteen years before the start of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Tommy was sent by Sonny to the Harwood District to assassinate a key mobster. Tommy was apparently ambushed, and ended up killing eleven rival mobsters in a massacre earning him the title of the “Harwood Butcher.”[1] Tommy always believed that Sonny set him up, although his motives were unknown.

By the time the game starts, Sonny Forelli is wary of the possibility of other gangs, including the rival mob families, cutting into Vice City’s hugely profitable and suddenly expanding drug business, and wants to stake a claim for the Forelli family first. At the same time, Tommy Vercetti is back in town, just fresh from prison. Because Tommy kept quiet when he did his time, Sonny feels obliged to give him a job; however, Sonny believes Tommy is still too well known as the Harwood Butcher and he feels this will prove harmful to business in Liberty City. He therefore sends Tommy to Vice City as a formal Forelli family representative to set up a drug outpost there. His intention was for Vercetti to start a large drug cartel in Vice City operating on behalf of the Forelli family.

When it is learned that Vercetti emerges without the millions in cash or the drugs he was sent to buy as a result of the ambush during a drug deal, Sonny is enraged and promises to kill Tommy if he does not get both the money and the merchandise back.

As Tommy Vercetti grows powerful and builds his extensive empire, Sonny calls in periodically to pressure Tommy into giving him his cut. Once it is clear that Tommy has gone solo, he sends enforcers to Vice City to rough up Tommy’s men and tax his multiple businesses. When Tommy slaughters all of them, Forelli approaches one of Tommy’s partners, Lance Vance (or possibly vice-versa), and the two conspire against Tommy.

Tommy is expecting Sonny and his men when they arrive at his mansion’s doors, ready with suitcases full of counterfeit money to pay the Forelli family off once and for all. When Lance Vance tells Sonny the real money is in Tommy’s office safe and Sonny reveals that Tommy’s imprisonment was actually organized by himself, Tommy realizes the time for diplomacy is over. A huge gunfight ensues, and Tommy slaughters countless Forelli family members, and the traitor Lance, within the mansion, ending with a showdown between Sonny and himself in the mansion’s entrance hall. Tommy finally gets revenge for his 15-year imprisonment by personally killing Sonny in a gun battle.

The Introduction, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’s prelude film, implied that the death of Sonny Forelli struck a severe blow to the Forelli family and resulted in the incursion of the Sindacco family into Liberty City from Las Venturas. Don Salvatore Leone has referenced Sonny’s name when responding in anger to the Underboss of the Sindacco family, Johnny Sindacco.[2] Sonny is the most powerful man in Liberty City at the time as well as being the richest.

Sonny Forelli was voiced by Tom Sizemore.

Ken Rosenberg

Introduced in: Introduction, airport cut scene

Ken Rosenberg (1953-) is a shady neurotic lawyer (a partner at the “Rosenberg & Associates” legal firm) who is closely affiliated with Tommy Vercetti and loosely connected to the Forelli family, often serving as comic relief. Ken meets Tommy at Escobar International Airport and remains his loyal ally throughout the game. He secures Tommy’s release from prison whenever he is arrested, and his voice on a phone is sometimes briefly heard in these situations (“Tommy Vercetti is an innocent man!” and “Officer, do you really think my client is capable of these acts?” and "Tommy Vercetti wasn't even in Vice City on the day in question!" and even “Tommy Vercetti doesn’t even own a gun!”) Tommy can also be heard requesting that the police call his lawyer, and gives Ken’s name.

He has been reported to have problems with controlled substances (particularly cocaine) and egomania. He is also suspected of cheating on his law school exams and having employed heavies on numerous occasions to intimidate and corrupt juries; Giorgio Forelli, the Cousin of Sonny Forelli and a member of the Forelli Family, is a “blue chip” client of Ken’s. Ken’s inability to firmly take control of situations meant he would also be the subject of jokes on occasions. One example of this is during the planning stages of a large-scale bank heist, where Tommy jokingly stated that Ken can “wash the money for the rest of the team and keep the drinks on ice” when Ken wanted to participate in the heist. Ken even mocks himself, saying “I couldn’t intimidate a child — and believe me, I’ve tried!” Ken has a very poor success rate at trial and is referred as a “bonkers ambulance chaser” who couldn't "defend an innocent man all the way to death row" (stated by Kent Paul, who later befriends Ken). In 1992, after Ken was sent to a rehabilitation clinic in Las Venturas. Ken attempted to contact Tommy for a job. However, he was turned away by one of Tommy’s associates as Tommy has apparently abandoned him, seeing Ken as more of a liability than help.

Ken transfers his loyalty to Carl Johnson, who hires him as an accountant for his successful music venture.

Ken’s character is based on the lawyer David Kleinfeld (played by Sean Penn) in the movie Carlito's Way—both characters look very much like each other, share the same frizzy hair and gaudy suits, and both are rendered increasingly paranoid and incoherent by their cocaine addictions. The work offices of both lawyers are also almost identical.[3]

Ken is mentioned in Vice City Stories during a news report on the radio after the mission “Nice Package.” He also works as a legal consultant for one of the cities' radio stations.

It is stated after the reporter talking about the gun fights that he quotes the second amendment and should face charges.

Ken Rosenberg is voiced by Bill Fichtner.

Lance Vance

Introduced in: "Back Alley Brawl". Killed in "Keep your Friends Close..."

Lance Vance (1958–1986), is a Dominican drug dealer who becomes Tommy Vercetti's associate throughout the game, but later the secondary antagonist in the game. Lance worked in the narcotics trade with his brother, Victor (and later Pete), and made up one third of the Vance Crime Family, with Victor as the leader. In the game's opening cut scene, Pete flies Victor to a cocaine deal with Tommy Vercetti (which Lance arranged), but before the goods could change hands, Victor and two men accompanying Tommy, Harry and Lee (who managed to survive), are shot down in an ambush. Pete, still in the helicopter, flies away unscathed, while Tommy jumps into a car with Ken Rosenberg at the wheel and narrowly escapes with his life, but not the money or drugs. Pete would tell Lance about the accident which resulted in Lance seeking out Tommy in order to find their money.

Lance meets Tommy face-to-face shortly after Tommy beats to death a small-time hitman named Leo Teal who helped organize the ambush. Each agrees to help the other get revenge on whoever wrecked the cocaine deal. Lance helps Tommy on several assignments such as saving Ricardo Diaz from an ambush by the Haitian Gang in mission Guardian Angels and killing a thief who was stealing money from Ricardo in mission Phnom Penh '86'. Lance attempts to kill Ricardo after discovering he organized the ambush but is captured and tortured by Ricardo in a junk yard until he is saved by Tommy. Tommy and Lance plan an ambush on Ricardo and after sneaking into his mansion they make their way to Ricardo's office and gun him down. They take over his empire creating the Vercetti Gang. However, over time as Tommy becomes extremely rich and powerful, Lance begins to resent Tommy's greater share of the substantial profits. He believes that Tommy is treating him like a child and a common grunt. Eventually, Sonny Forelli approaches Lance (or possibly the other way around) and Lance begins to conspire against Tommy. Lance later betrays Tommy in the final confrontation between Sonny and Tommy, changing sides and citing business as a reason for betraying Tommy. Enraged, Tommy slaughters all of Forelli's men, and kills Lance on the rooftop helipad of the Vercetti Estate.

Lance on the surface appears cool and collected, but he is very impulsive, and his quest for vengeance against Ricardo Diaz lands Tommy in a great deal of trouble regularly. He's also very sensitive about his name, and will protest every time somebody makes fun of it.[4] Lance Vance is also well known on the Vice City club scene and the Underworld for the infamous "Lance Vance Dance", and has been seen owning and driving a distinctive white Infernus, a Lamborghini Countach-like sports car.

Lance Vance was voiced by Miami Vice star Philip Michael Thomas, as another one of Vice City's many references to Miami Vice. Also, both Lance and Thomas's character in Miami Vice, Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, share the same quest of exacting revenge for the murders of their brothers at the hands of drug dealers.

Supporting characters

Ricardo Diaz

Introduced in: "The Party"

Killed in: "Rub Out"

Ricardo Diaz (1935–1986) is the leader of the biggest drug cartel in Vice City and an antagonist. He is extremely dangerous and volatile individual behind the ambush of the Forelli family's drug deal. He is also the leader of his own gang, and the initial drug lord of Vice City. Fearing the Liberty City Mafia is looking to gain a foothold in Vice City's expanding drug trade, Ricardo takes the initiative and arranges the killing of multiple buyers and suppliers, which includes Tommy Vercetti and his crew, as well as the supplier Victor Vance.[5] Over time, Ricardo becomes less tolerant of competition, singling out aspiring dealers for assassination, no matter how small-time.[6] Tommy and Ricardo meet during the mission Guardian Angels where Tommy and Lance Vance save Ricardo from an ambush by the Haitian Gang, there Tommy proceeds to run several errands for Ricardo like wiping out a thief stealing money from Diaz in Phnom Penh '86, and stealing the fastest boat in Vice City in the mission The Fastest Boat. However, Tommy is soon informed by Colonel Cortez that Ricardo organised the ambush that ruined his drug deal. Upon hearing this, Lance Vance attempts to kill Ricardo but is captured and tortured in a junkyard in the mission Death Row, Tommy then saves Lance but blows his cover as one of Ricardo's helpers. Fearing that Ricardo is now after them, Tommy and Lance load themselves up with a lot of weaponry in the mission Rub Out and raid Ricardo's mansion, after all of Ricardo's men are killed, Tommy manages to shoot Ricardo in the stomach during a brief shootout in Ricardo's office. Both Tommy and Lance then proceed to shoot a wounded Ricardo Diaz in the face, killing him.

Ricardo bribed the INS for a green card in 1978, after entering the country illegally from Colombia. His contacts there believe he is a major player in the illegal drug industry and anti-government activity. Ricardo took up residence in Vice City and operated as a drug smuggler before wiping out the competition, emerging as the premier Vice City drug baron in 1984. He is also a friend of Colonel Cortez.

Ricardo is a popular philanthropist who gives money to foundations across Vice City and Central and South America, but all are believed to be fronts. He is short in stature and is thought to suffer from a Napoleon complex. His medical records show he has over-active glands and sweats more than he is socially acceptable. He is a noted gun collector and is almost always armed; he has a private militia and is heavily guarded at all times. He has been involved in a long-running battle for control of the drug business in Vice City and has bribed most police officers and officials within the town. He is feared due to his reputation of unpredictable behavior and may be personally responsible for 18 murders.

Ricardo's foul tempered and hot headed nature is evidenced in game, damaging or destroying items either by hand or with whatever weapon is available, such as shooting his unplugged VCR when he thought that the device was malfunctioning, shooting pigeons when he found bird feces on his car, or knocking over and repeatedly stamping on a television set after watching a horse on which he has bet lose a race.

Ricardo lived in a huge mansion in the affluent neighborhood of Starfish Island. Dubbed as the Diaz Estate, the interior of the home closely resembles that of fictional drug lord Tony Montana from the 1983 film Scarface. His clothing is also an exact copy of what Tony Montana wore in Scarface's famous chainsaw torture scene. However, the estate was seized by Tommy Vercetti after his death. Ricardo Diaz's first name is also similar to that of Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, a major Miami Vice character. Ricardo also appears to have once had a brother. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Lance Vance apologies to Ricardo for his brother (Victor Vance) going 'alpha male' on him. Ricardo says he understands, his brother did the same, so he killed him.

Ricardo Diaz was voiced by Luis Guzmán.

Colonel Juan García Cortez

Introduced in: "The Party"

Colonel Juan García Cortez (1935-), a retired colonel from an unspecified Central American nation and is an acquaintance of Ken Rosenberg. He helped set up the failed exchange that brought Tommy Vercetti to Vice City, but was not involved in the ambush that resulted in the deal's failure. Tommy meets Juan in person at an informal party on the Colonel's extravagant yacht.

Tommy continuously asks Juan when he is getting reimbursed for the money he lost at the setup, but Juan tells Tommy that he is "not in Liberty anymore", and encourages him to take charge, which Tommy does, although Juan has set up his own "methods of inquiry" into finding out who ambushed Tommy's deal. Juan more or less strings Tommy along, using Tommy's debt with the mob to make him work for him. Nevertheless, Juan is not unappreciative and behaves as such, paying Tommy for his work and thinking of him as a friend. While investigating, Juan discovers that his lieutenant, Gonzalez, is a mole and leaked the information about Tommy's deal to someone. He later suspects that Ricardo Diaz was behind the ambush, a lead that Tommy follows and discovers to be true.

In addition to hosting parties, the Colonel also ties together many areas of criminal activity, including narcotics, firearms, weapons, and stealing military secrets. In mission Mall Shootout, Cortez sends Tommy to retrieve some chips containing top secret weapons information stolen from the French government by a courier. Tommy finds the courier and is discovered by the French Secret Service, leading the Courier to escape and for Tommy to chase and kill him to retrieve the chips. When the French begin to pursue Colonel Cortez for their stolen "missile technology" chips, he asks Tommy for help one more time to flee Vice City for safer harbor with his yacht. Recognizing that the Colonel is honorable, Tommy obliges and fends off the French authorities alongside Juan's crew and Juan himself. Once the boat is free of pursuers, Juan graciously gives Tommy a luxurious speedboat as a parting gift, and asks him to look after his daughter Mercedes. The two men part on pleasant terms.

Juan phones again following the game's final mission to wish Tommy well, and to ask about his daughter, whom he heard (to his great concern) was studying law. Tommy tells him that he is mistaken, much to the Colonel's immense relief, but does not mention that she is instead starring in a pornographic film Tommy himself is financing.

Colonel Cortez hosts A-list parties on his yacht for celebrities and fellow crime figures. He also enjoys dining on endangered species (such as Tapir heads), which he considers a hallmark of fine living. He has managed to survive up to thirty coups in his native country, has been sentenced to death nine times (but always survived and received a promotion), and has diplomatic immunity. Juan has also expressed his dislike for the French (including the French secret service), claiming that they used to rob poor nations for centuries, but are now accusing Juan of stealing. Juan is also a widower.

Colonel Juan Cortez was voiced by Robert Davi.

Kent Paul

Introduced in: "The Party"

Kent Paul (1964-) is a Cockney 21 year old English youth who works in the music business but claims to be a criminal mastermind. His strong Cockney accent and his drunkenness are strong indications he is from the UK. "Kent Paul" is possibly an assumed name; his real name may be unknown, although an early voice clip featured him calling himself "Paul from Kent." He also goes by "KP", "Paulo" and "Kent". He tapped the local biker gang to provide security for the band he represents, but had a falling-out with Big Mitch Baker and was stripped and thrown out of their bar.

Paul is a notorious kiss-up to all of Vice City's elite, and as such is very good "with rumors." He has information on most of the major crime figures in the city, and seems to have contacts in certain SWAT divisions. Tommy has, as such, used him several times for crucial information. He is also, however, a pathological liar and a suspected alcoholic. Kent serves as a manager to the metal band Love Fist and is usually found at the Malibu Club, Vice City's largest nightclub and owned by Tommy Vercetti.

In a drunken phone call to Tommy at the end of the game, Paul insinuates he is seen as a disgrace back in England. Paul claimed to have moved to the United States in 1982 at the age of 17, which would suggest he was born in 1964. He also appeared in GTA: San Andreas[7]

Kent Paul was voiced by Danny Dyer.

Avery Carrington

Introduced in: "The Party" (may also be heard on the radio during commercials for Shady Acres Condominiums)

Avery Carrington (1932–1998) is a successful Texan property magnate, real estate mogul and extreme capitalist. He enjoys quoting his father ("my daddy used to say, never look a gift horse in the mouth and by golly, he never did!") and using old-western euphemisms. He is willing to do anything to manipulate property prices and land value, including arson, rioting, bribery, intimidation, and murder. He always wears a cowboy hat and rides in a black limousine.

Carrington is believed to be behind many lucrative development plans and responsible for violent slum-clearances. However, he is careful to be out of town on business when any violence arises. He is a frequent guest at Colonel Cortez' parties; he is also Ken Rosenberg's biggest client, which is how he comes into acquaintance with Tommy Vercetti. Tommy performs tasks for Avery and as a reward, Carrington helps Tommy purchase his first business, which led to his colossal business/criminal empire. Carrington has an apprentice, Donald Love who is a major character in Grand Theft Auto III and in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories as a corrupt business tycoon. Carrington taking Love under his wing and teaching him about real estate explains Love's ruthlessness in later games. It is also from Avery that Donald is believed to have learned a quote that has been repeated in almost the same manner in GTA III:[10]

“ Now, nothing brings down real estate prices quicker than a good old-fashioned gang war, 'cept maybe a disaster, like a biblical plague or something, but, that may be going too far in this case. ”

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Carrington is also featured as a billboard resembling Vegas Vic in Las Venturas. Carrington reprises his role in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, only to be killed by Toni Cipriani during his one cameo (under orders of his old protégé, Donald Love).

Avery Carrington was voiced by Burt Reynolds.

Umberto Robina

Introduced in: "Stunt Boat Challenge"

Umberto Robina (1942-) is the leader of Los Cabrones who has been involved in a long-term Vice City turf war with the Haitian Gang. He is an extremely macho man who wants to wage full scale war with the Haitian Gang. However, he has never been personally implicated in a crime and his bravery has been questioned within Cuban circles. He becomes good friends with Tommy Vercetti and treats him as an equal. His quote on it: "Tommy, to us, you Cuban".

Umberto's long time rivalry with the Haitians ends in mission Trojan Voodoo where he and Tommy sketch out a plan to destroy the Haitians' drug factory. Tommy, Umberto and some Cubans steal a Haitian Voodoo and with it they enter the factory. There they kill every Haitian and set bombs up, after leaving the place the factory blows up, putting the Haitians out of business.

Umberto Robina was voiced by Danny Trejo.

Auntie Poulet

Introduced in: Juju Scramble

Auntie Poulet (1898 - ) is an elderly Haitian matriarch, leader of the Haitian Gang (which she also uses as her own protection). She gives Tommy Vercetti mind-altering voodoo potions to get him to cooperate in the missions she wants him to undertake. This includes acting against the Cuban Gang, with whom he has friendly relations. However, when the potion's effects wear off, Tommy shows no memory of what he has done for the Haitian Gang. Ultimately, she cuts her ties with him and wishes that he not return to Little Haiti, but when Tommy does do so, he receives a final phone call from Auntie Poulet ("Why you [Tommy] coming here for? Me tell you we don't want to see you around here no more.") and makes Tommy a permanent enemy of the Haitian gang. Following Poulet's final mission, Tommy destroys the Haitian Gang's base of operations and large drug plant, killing many members in the process and severing all ties with Poulet and her gang.

Auntie Poulet was voiced by Youree Cleomili Harris, better known as infamous "psychic hotline" spokeswoman Miss Cleo.

Love Fist

Introduced in: "The Party" (Jezz Torrent only), "Love Juice" (Dick and Percy), "Psycho Killer (Willy). However, Jezz Torrent may be heard in an interview on the K-Chat radio station before the mission, and two Love Fist songs may be heard on the V-Rock radio station.

Love Fist is a Scottish glam metal band in Vice City, managed by Kent Paul. The band's members are Jezz Torrent, Willy, Dick and Percy. The last three names are all slang terms for penis, while Jezz Torrent, when said in a Scottish accent, is heard as "Jizz Torrent", a slang term for semen. Many times lines of dialogue refer to the entire band as being bisexual. Percy's main influence is Duran Duran, while the band is heavily influenced by Mötley Crüe. During the game, Tommy Vercetti helps them in various ways. He provides them with drugs and prostitutes, acts as a bodyguard and arranges security for the show. At one point, he must keep their rigged limo at a high rate of speed while the drummer disarms the engine bomb.

A number of songs by Love Fist are named in the game, notably during a radio interview of Jezz Torrent on K-Chat and in a commercial of Love Fist's Steel Heart Stone Cold Prostate tour on V-Rock. The songs mentioned include Fist Till Morning, Dangerous Bastard, Fist Fury, The Four Scottish Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Take it on the Chin, Zinc Deficiency, Four Boys against Your Face, Satan’s Pillows, Beast Fist, Chin Stainer, Liver Buster and Dangerous Man- Dead Family. Love Fist's albums mentioned throughout the game include: Dogs on Heat, Fat Chicks – All Day, All Night and Devil’s Own Band. Those titles are obvious spoof of the albums released by glam metal band Mötley Crüe in the 1980s, Girls, Girls, Girls and Shout at the Devil.

Of all the songs mentioned, only "Dangerous Bastard" and "Fist Fury" can be heard on V-Rock, although a portion of "Fist Till Morning" can be heard during the Love Fist commercial. Their other song Going for choke was mentioned in the 3rd season of One Tree Hill (TV series)

Love Fist was voiced by Kevin McKidd (Jezz Torrent), Mark Hanlon (Willy), Peter McKay (Dick) and Russell Foreman (Percy). Their songs were written by Allan Walker, Paul Mackie, Trevor McDonald, Dr. Boogie and Craig Conner, and performed by musicians Andy Thomson, Mark Farquhar, Neil Mchaffie, Trevor McDonald and Paul Mackie.

The character of Jezz Torrent makes a minor cameo appearance in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where he claims to have joined the Epsilon Program cult. According to his testimony and the Epsilon website, the cult helped him get off smack. Pictures of Love Fist also appeared as posters and billboards in both San Andreas and Liberty City Stories and Love Fist is also mentioned in San Andreas on the radio station K-DST when DJ Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith says that "I can't believe I get to play music for a living, even if it is other people's; and whatever happened to Love Fist?" They are also mentioned on the Radio X radio station when Sage talks briefly about a "growing rap crisis". She starts off by saying "First it was Love Fist..." and as well mentions OG Loc, one of the other characters in the game.

Love Fist are still performing during the era of Grand Theft Auto IV, as an electronic sign outside a café in The Triangle displays the words "Superstar Café starring the mighty Love Fist".

Steve Scott

Introduced in: "The Party"

Steve Scott (1944-) is an aging, degenerate porn film director, with bisexual tendencies, at Interglobal Films. He is obsessed with directing "artistic" pornography involving giant sharks and space aliens (parodies of the Steven Spielberg films Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, respectively). When Tommy Vercetti meets Scott, his career is in shambles, as his ideas for adult films have become so bizarre that no one wants to give him funding. Tommy purchases Scott's company and revitalizes his career, turning Scott into one of his pawns in a takeover of Vice City's porn underground.

Steve Scott was voiced by Dennis Hopper.

"Big" Mitch Baker

Introduced in: "Alloy Wheels of Steel," although he may be heard as a caller on the V-Rock radio station beforehand

"Big" Mitch Baker |(1947-) is a Vietnam veteran and turned motorbike enthusiast. He has won the Purple Heart award for killing a village full of Vietcong. His extreme bitterness at treatment of veterans has led to violent clashes with authority. He has been jailed on 13 occasions. His character has been described in Rockstar Games's official website as a lawless degenerate sociopath. Big Mitch Baker's hobbies include bar sports, fighting, Pinball, Pool, eating live animals, Hard Rock music, wrestling, racing motorbikes, urinating in public places and scaring police.

Big Mitch Baker is believed to have been implicated in several civil disturbances. He runs the local gang of Bikers and is believed to be implicated in Narcotics distribution. He has extreme loyalty within his gang, the Bikers. His initiation rituals for the Biker Gang preclude getting a man on inside. Big Mitch Baker is known to loathe soft rock, Communists and wigs.

Big Mitch Baker is 6'4" (193 cm) in height

Was born in 1947.

Throughout the game, Mitch makes numerous angry phone calls to local radio stations, complaining that they play too much hair bands and not enough hard rock.

Mitch Baker was voiced by Lee Majors.

Earnest Kelly

Introduced in: "Spilling the Beans"

(1931)Earnest Kelly (dubbed "Old Man Kelly" in the Vice City manual) is the manager of the Print Works bordering Little Havana and Little Haiti, which is purchased by Tommy Vercetti. Having worked at the Print Works for a long time, Earnest has always printed counterfeit money, albeit on a small scale. With the help of Tommy, Earnest acquires high quality printing plates to produce better counterfeit money in a larger scale, eventually generating millions for Vercetti. Tommy's own father managed a similar printing press when Vercetti was younger. Tommy shows extreme concern and anger when Earnest is injured by Forelli family enforcers who have come to take "their cut." Some time after the final mission, Tommy receives a phone call from Earnest, who is recovering well from his injuries.

Old Man Kelly was voiced by George DiCenzo.

Phil Cassidy

Introduced in: "The Shootist"

Phil Cassidy (1949-) is a firearms expert and dealer who first appeared in GTA III, where he claimed to have lost an arm in Nicaragua. In contrast to his appearance in GTA III, the younger Phil is more energetic, but drinks to the point of drunkenness during one mission (qualities which become more common during his appearance in Vice City Stories). He also appears with both arms intact and participates in Tommy's "Job," a heist at a local bank. In Tommy's final mission for him, Phil loses an arm when his "boomshine", a homemade and hazardous explosive/alcoholic beverage, explodes directly in front of him. After the explosion, Tommy must drive Phil to the hospital while suffering from the intoxicating effects of the boomshine. On the way to the hospital, Phil has Vietnam flashbacks and post-traumatic stress disorder. After that point, he continues to sell Tommy rare and powerful weapons.

Although Phil claims to serve in various divisions of the Army, Army records show that Phil was repeatedly rejected for service because of drunkenness and an unsuitable temperament for combat. Phil is also a gun enthusiast, with memberships in various Second Amendment organizations and Vice City gun clubs.

In GTA III, Phil is shown without a left arm, whereas in Vice City, the cut scene of the boomshine accident depicted him losing his right arm. After Tommy delivers him to safety, Phil is seen without a left arm while his right arm remains intact.

Phil Cassidy was voiced by Gary Busey.

See also: GTA III rendition, GTA: Liberty City Stories rendition and GTA: Vice City Stories rendition

Mercedes Cortez

Introduced in: "The Party"

Mercedes Cortez (born 1966) is Colonel Cortez's wayward daughter. She is initially set up as a possible love interest for Tommy Vercetti, but this plot line is never fully explored. Tommy is first introduced to her during a party aboard the Colonel's yacht. Afterwards, she asks Tommy to give her a ride to the Pole Position Club, Vice City's largest strip club which Tommy ends up owning. On another occasion, she has sex with the band Love Fist. She is referenced in the Love Fist song Dangerous Bastard in the stanza "Action, camera, lipstick, lights. I fit in Mercedes tight. No one knows I play guitar, wearing her red bra." She becomes involved in the porn film industry, co-starring with Candy Suxxx in a film directed by Steve Scott and produced by Vercetti and his movie studio.

Hidden and unused phone conversation between Tommy and Mercedes revealed that there were originally intentions by the game developer to include a deeper relationship between the two characters. Audio files of Mercedes' phone calls usually have to deal with the fact that she wants to "spend some time alone with Tommy" when she is mad, happy or bored. One particular phone conversation is thought to be triggered after the killing of Ricardo Diaz, in which Mercedes praises Tommy for being a real man for killing Ricardo, while Tommy attempts to cover the incident by saying that Diaz died in a fire in his mansion.

Mercedes Cortez was voiced by Fairuza Balk.


Introduced in: "Stunt Boat Challenge"

Can be killed in: "Trojan Voodoo"

Rico(1953) is a member of the Cuban Gang who assists Tommy Vercetti in his quest to wipe out the Haitian Gang. Like Umberto Robina, he constantly talks about men with "cojones", at first taunting Tommy and then praising him, as Tommy successfully completes a mandatory boating challenge as an initiation to the Cuban Gang. He was part of the Cuban Gang enforcers who invaded the Haitian Drugs Factory and stole a large amount of their cocaine. In another mission, he drives Tommy on his boat to ambush a drug transaction. He is seemingly killed during the transaction sabotage when a concealed Haitian Gang member blew up the boat that he was driving. It later turns out that Rico had survived the explosion as he was seen with the Cuban motorcade that invaded the Haitian compound to destroy the Haitian Drug Factory. The text in the mission says 'Go meet Rico and the other Cubans'. How Rico survived is not explained. Rico can die in the еnd of the mission "Trojan Voodoo", if Tommy does not wait for him and Pepe to come along with him to escape the Haitian Drugs Factory via a staircase that leads to another building's roof.

Alberto Robina

Introduced in: "Stunt Boat Challenge"

Alberto Robina (1911) is the father of Umberto Robina, who is seen at Café Robina in Little Havana. He makes appearances in several cut-scenes, his only four lines are ("Si,men?"; "He called you dumb, son"; "No problemo, Tommy" and "Umberto, my son what happened?" and greeting Vercetti as he visits) and he works at Café Robina. He, like his son, is personally on good terms with Tommy Vercetti and regards him as Cuban. Umberto is protective of his father and mostly stays at the shop to look after him.

Alberto Robina was voiced Jorge Pupo


Introduced in: "The Party"

Killed in: "Treacherous Swine"

Gonzalez (1946–1986) works for Colonel Juan García Cortez in various capacities. He has Diplomatic Immunity which is a part of Cultural Affairs division of San Dominícan consulate, where Cortez in Cultural Attaché. Gonzalez's visa is believed to be issued as a Health and Fitness Commission. Gonzalez's character is described as greedy because he is known to take bribes. He has been seen leaving property of Diaz without Cortez which could be a possible weakness in Cortez's operation.

In the game, he first appears at Cortez's party where he is seen talking to Steve Scott and Pastor Richards as Mercedes introduces Tommy Vercetti to the party guests. Soon after, Cortez finds out about Gonzalez's relationship with Ricardo Diaz and realizes that he told Diaz about the drug deal he had arranged between the Forelli Family and the Vance Crime Family. This resulted in both the death of Gonzalez's old ally, Victor Vance, and the drugs being stolen. Cortez informs Tommy of this discovery and allows him to kill Gonzalez, which he does by chasing him out of his penthouse and killing him with a chainsaw.

Gonzalez was voiced by Jorge Pupo

Hilary King

Introduced in: "The Driver"

Killed in: "The Job"

Hilary King (1959–1986) is a talented, neurotic, and highly dependent driver who is involved in two missions with Vercetti. He is afraid of venturing on the deadly missions but will do as his team requires regardless. In "The Driver" Tommy beats Hilary in a race across a part of the city. In "The Job", he participates in a large scale bank robbery and is scheduled to meet the rest of the crew in a getaway taxi. However, he arrives late, and when he finally appears, he is instantly slain by SWAT gunfire. This is a reference to the 1995 film Heat, directed by Michael Mann, who also was the executive producer of Miami Vice.

While Hilary is thought by the police to be raised in a stable family, Hilary has serious childhood abandonment issues due to his mother's neglect, and is a compulsive eater. He is loosely similar to Stevie, one of the bank robbers featured in the film Dog Day Afternoon, who is also afraid of a bank robbery.

Hilary was voiced by Charles Tucker.

Cam Jones

Introduced in: "No Escape?"

Can be killed in: "The Job"

Cam Jones (1947-) is a kleptomaniac safecracker Tommy frees from jail to recruit for his bank robbery team. He is an expert at what he does, but is suggested by the police to have dubious expertise. Prior to his first appearance in the game, Cam was arrested by the police when he was caught running down the street with a safe he could not open. He was broken out to help Tommy as a bombsetter and a safecracker. He is awaiting trial for attempted robbery (which would see him sentenced to a 10-year prison term), when he is rescued by Tommy Vercetti and asked to help pull off "the job."

Cam's fate is left at the hands of the player, allowing him to either die or survive. If Cam dies, the game indicates that both Tommy and Phil would receive a bigger share of the money from the heist (Phil: "Too bad Cam didn't make it though." Tommy: "But then again, more for us." Phil: "You got that right!") (although the amount of money the player receives after the mission does not actually change if Cam Jones dies during the bank robbery).

Cam Jones is voiced by Greg Sims.


Introduced in: "The Party"

Mike (Dubbed Mike the Goon in the manual) is a member of Vercetti's Gang (formerly Diaz's Gang). He can be seen in "The Party" accompanying Ricardo Diaz in the Colonel Cortez's party. He later seen working in Cop Land. In the mission, Lance Vance is yelling at him for messing up an explosive attack on the Tarbrush Café (parody of Starbuck's Coffee) in the North Point Mall. Vercetti formulates a plan B, which involves Mike stealing a squad car (which can be found behind the lockup) while he and Lance ambushed two officers for their uniforms, so that they can use them as a disguse. Mike is not seen again, but accompanies Lance Vance as off-screen backup in Hit The Courier.

Mike the Goon was voiced by Robert Cihra.

Pastor Richards

Introduced in: "The Party"

Pastor Richards (1933-)is a maniac firebrand preacher, obsessed with money. Rockstar Games have stated that he has written several awful books which are all completely fabricated and most given away. Pastor is obsessed with degenerates and has been campaigning to build a large statue in his own image. He has been attempting to bribe officials at NASA for Rocket technology. He is believed to be embezzling money from the fund for a private mansion in Hawaii. He also hates rock and roll musicians (especially Love Fist) and believes them to be the spawn of the devil.

In the game, he first appears on board Cortez's yacht as one of his party guests and is seen talking to Steve Scott and Gonzalez. It is later revealed that he has been terrorizing Love Fist and wishes to kill them for corrupting the minds of people. While Love Fist holds an autograph signing, Richards disguises himself as a fan in hopes of killing them. It turns out, however, than the event was a trap and the band sends Tommy to kill the preacher as he tries to escape in his car. Later, it is revealed that he survived and managed to plant a bomb in Love Fist's limousine which will explode if the vehicle is moving at low speeds. While Tommy drives the band around town, they manage to defuse the bomb and thwart Richard's plot after which he is never heard from again.

Pastor Richards is a possible polygamist. He hates people who help others and he is a fervent Anti-Communist. He is obsessed with nuclear winter. His characteristics are described as a hateful human being but menace to society uncertain at present.

He was voiced by David Green.

BJ Smith

Introduced in: "The Party", although he may be heard on KCHAT or commercials before the mission

BJ Smith (1956) is the former tight-end of the Vice City Mambas professional American football team, haunted by problems off the field. He is a frequent guest at Juan Cortez' parties, and has had a little trouble adjusting to life off of the gridiron. He created the exercise video "BJ's Fit for Football" and used to own BJ's Used Autos (which police suspect is a front for selling stolen cars; the showroom was later bought by Tommy Vercetti and renamed as Sunshine Autos), and is preparing for a comeback into football. BJ's approach in life is said to be heavy handed, citing football as an inspiration to his claims of resolving many of life's challenges with aggression and violence. BJ is also in debt with loan sharks and is doing anything for money.

BJ Smith was voiced by real-life NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor. BJ also hints at robbing a store during a KCHAT interview, although is not revealed if this is simply a figure of speech or an actual event.[13]

Candy Suxxx

Introduced in: "The Party"

Candy Suxxx (born 1958) (real name Candice Shand )[1] is a female character with very large breasts (the result of having silicone breast implants). She mentions this when you first recruit her for Interglobal Films when you drive recklessly and crash your car ("Tommy, becareful, I just got my implants insured"). She wears little more than a bikini with a United States flag motif, and red high-heeled shoes. She works as a prostitute residing in the Downtown area; Congressman Alex Shrub is a regular of hers. Tommy Vercetti hires her to work at the Interglobal Films pornography studio; this after killing her pimp. Suxxx is also used in a blackmail sting against Shrub, who was trying to close down pornography businesses.

One mission results in Suxxx's breasts being spotlighted against the side of one of Vice City's many skyscrapers. The breasts however, was removed for the Japanese edition of the game.

Candy Suxxx would eventually rise to fame as a pornographic actress under the employ of Tommy Vercetti, as she is featured on posters and video covers of several pornographic movies in Vice City (Bite, Closer Encounters), San Andreas (Vinewood Call Girls, This Can't Be Legal, Return of the Anaconda) and Liberty City Stories (Let Me Bounce), while billboards erected to her likeness are featured in Los Santos and Las Venturas in San Andreas. In San Andreas she can also be seen on a casino billboard in Las Venturas resembling The Mint casino billboard. Vice City Stories revealed that Candy had starred in a bestiality film circa 1984. In GTA 3 she is featured on the radio station Game Radio or Fm, claiming to be 'one of the sexy game girls'[citation needed].

Candy Suxxx was voiced by real-life porn star Jenna Jameson.

Congressman Alex Shrub

Introduced in: "The Party" although he may be heard on the VCPR radio talk show before the mission

Blackmailed in: "Martha's Mug Shot"

Alex Shrub (1938-2009) is a corrupt, right wing politician who became the youngest state congressman in Florida history because, according to Maurice Chavez, “he has great hair and says things that make you nod your head.” Shrub is a delusional congressman who knowingly tries to cover up and distract people from the fact that Vice City is going downhill under his term. He cares only about money and has allowed businesses to do as they please, such as the legalization of Giggle Cream, a hazardous dessert which has killed 23 people. He is almost always protected by the FBI and travels around in a beige-coloured limousine. Eventually, he is blackmailed by Vercetti and Scott after they acquire photographs of the politician engaged in crossdressing and extramarital affairs.

Congressman Alex Shrub was voiced by Chris Lucas.

Maude Hanson

Introduced in: Purchase of Cherry Popper Ice Cream cut scene

Maude Hanson (dubbed "Maude the Ice Cream Lady" in the Vice City manual) is the owner of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory before Tommy Vercetti purchases her business. Featured in only one cut scene, she claims that her business serves as a front for selling "other, non-dairy products." Maude also exhibits psychotic hatred towards children and uses stereotypes of children claiming that they are disgusting, spoiled and bratty. She is also believed to have once run a children's home.

Maude the Ice Cream Lady was voiced by Jane Gennaro.


Introduced in: Purchase of Kaufman Cabs cut scene

Delores is a middle-aged dispatcher at the Kaufman Cabs taxi company (Andy Kaufman was an actor, made famous for his role as Latka in popular 1980s show Taxi). Appearing in one cut scene, she introduces the company and its dealings (competing aggressively against a rival taxi company) after Tommy purchases the business. Delores may also be heard on the dispatch radio of Kaufman Cab taxis.

It's Delores who dubs Tommy's gang as "The Vercetti Gang", since she says that the Kaufman Cabs have been bought about 20 times by gangs and she needs to tell the employees what gang is controlling Kaufman Cabs now.

The Taxi Controller was voiced by Blondie lead singer Deborah Harry.

Dwaine and Jethro

Introduced in: Purchase of Boatyard cut scene

Dwaine and Jethro were workers at the Viceport Boatyard, which is involved in building boats that may transport drugs.[2] Appearing in one cut scene, their names were never mentioned in game, but inspection of Vice City's credits in the manual and internal files reveals their first names. It is not until San Andreas, where they would reappear with larger roles, that their names are mentioned. Dwaine's name is spelled "Dwayne" in the game's data files and credits. It appears that they left the Boatyard after Tommy Vercetti took it over, however, they can be seen watching Tommy in the Checkpoint Charlie mission.

Dwayne was voiced by Navid Khonsari, while Jethro was voiced by John Zurhellen.

Minor characters

Harry & Lee

Both introduced: Introduction, airport cut scene

Both killed in: "Keep Your Friends Close..."

Harry & Lee are two members of the Forelli Family. They were both sent away to Vice City with Tommy Vercetti to do some drug business, but they are both gunned down by the men of Ricardo Diaz and seemingly killed.

Victor Vance

Introduced in/Killed in: Introduction, botched drug deal cut scene

Victor Vance (1956–1986) was the main protagonist of Vice City Stories and is the brother of Lance and Pete. At the start of the game, he and Pete try to sell the drugs Lance acquired at the end of Vice City Stories to Tommy. During the deal, the men of Ricardo Diaz (a man he and Lance once worked for) open fire on the dealers and Victor is gunned down while Tommy escaped.

Pete Vance

Introduced in: Introduction, botched drug deal cut scene

Pete Vance(1955-) is the brother of Lance and Victor and is the newest member of the Vance Crime Family. At the start of the game, he and Victor, under Lance's orders, try to sell the drugs they acquired at the end of Vice City Stories to Tommy. During the deal, he serves as the lookout and escapes in the helicopter after the deal is ambushed and Victor is killed. Soon after, Pete tells Lance about what occurred which results in Lance seeking Tommy out in order to find their money and get revenge on the man responsible for the ambush. Pete, however, makes no more appearances in the game and presumably left Vice City.

Donald Love

Introduced in: "The Party"

Donald Love, previously depicted as an influential media tycoon in Grand Theft Auto III, makes two minor appearances as an eager, young apprentice of real estate mogul, Avery Carrington, learning the tricks of the trade. The Vice City rendition of the character has little voice acting; Love remains silent throughout his appearances, and his second appearance sees him uttering only one or two minor words before being interrupted by Carrington.[3]

See also: GTA III rendition and GTA: Liberty City Stories rendition

Leo Teal

Introduced/Killed in: "Back Alley Brawl"

Leo Teal (1946-1986) works as a chef in Ocean Drive, but he is also secretly a very successful hitman and career criminal. He regularly works for a hitman agency run by a man known only as "Mr. Black" (as stated on the Vice City website). He accepts hit contracts from "Mr. Black" via various payphones located around Vice City. Tommy Vercetti seeks him out for information regarding his botched deal, but the confrontation ends with Vercetti beating Teal to death and stealing his cellphone. It is then discovered (via phone conversations) that Teal was directly involved in the ambush in the beginning, and it is implied that Teal organized it at the behest of "Mr. Black", on behalf of Ricardo Diaz. It is also discovered that Teal is involved in trying to find a buyer for the cocaine that Diaz acquired from the ambush. It is also known that Leo was working for Umberto Robina, the leader of the Cuban Gang.


Introduced/Can be killed in: "Trojan Voodoo"

(1965-1986(optionally)Pepe is another member of the Cuban Gang. He assisted Tommy by helping him to blow up the Haitian drug factory.

Cougar & Zeppelin

Both introduced in: "Alloy Wheels of Steel"

Cougar & Zeppelin are members of the VC Biker Gang. They are playing pool with "Big" Mitch Baker when Tommy first arrives to the Greasy Chopper Bar. Baker tells Tommy that he must defeat Cougar, Zeppelin and another biker in a motorcycle race to earn their trust. Cougar is seen again in the "Messing with the Man" mission. He is arm wrestling with Mitch.

Cougar was voiced by Blayne Perry.

Carl Pearson (1952-1986)

Introduced/Killed in: "Road Kill"

Carl Pearson is a pizza deliverer from the Well Stacked Pizza restaurant in Vice Point. He must drive a Pizza Boy scooter around Vice City and supply 50 pizzas. Tommy Vercetti kills him on order Mr. Black, who seems to believe Tommy is Leo Teal. The cause of this murder is unknown.

Dick Tanner

Introduced/Killed in: "Autocide"

Dick Tanner is a member of Patrol Invest Group. He works for DBP Security as a guard. With a small gang, he wanted to rob Vice City's bank. He steals a Securicar from the bank's workers and waits for the other members to go in his place. When Tommy Vercetti comes to kill him, he tries to escape with his stolen Securicar, but is killed on order by Mr. Black. Dick's surname is an obvious take on the name of the main character from Driver (video game) named Tanner.

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  3. ^ Avery Carrington: "Tommy, this is Donald Love. Donald, this here is Tommy Vercetti, the latest gunslinger to come to these parts." / Donald Love: "Yeh...uh..." / Avery Carrington: "Donald, you just shut up and listen, and you might learn something." (Opening cut scene of "Two Bit Hit," Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.)

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