National Scenic Byway

National Scenic Byway
Marker used for National Scenic Byways
A sign indicating the National Scenic Byway designation for the Creole Nature Trail.

A National Scenic Byway is a road recognized by the United States Department of Transportation for its archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and/or scenic qualities. The program was established by Congress in 1991 to preserve and protect the nation's scenic but often less-traveled roads and promote tourism and economic development. The program is administered by the Federal Highway Administration.

The most scenic of the roads in the program are designated All-American Roads. The designation means they have features that do not exist elsewhere in the United States and are scenic enough to be tourist destinations unto themselves. As of November 2010, there are 120 National Scenic Byways and 31 All-American Roads, located in 46 states (all except Hawaii, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Texas).[1]



National Scenic Byways must go through a nomination procedure, and must already be designated as a state scenic byway in order to be nominated (However, roads that meet all criteria and requirements for National designation but not State or designation criteria may be considered for national designation on a case-by-case basis).[2]

To be considered for designation as a National Scenic Byway "a road or highway must significantly meet at least one of the six scenic byways intrinsic qualities". To be designated as an All-American Road, a road must meet at least two of the six qualities. The qualities are:[2]

  • Scenic Quality is the heightened visual experience derived from the view of natural and manmade elements of the visual environment of the scenic byway corridor. The characteristics of the landscape are strikingly distinct and offer a pleasing and most memorable visual experience.
  • Natural Quality applies to those features in the visual environment that are in a relatively undisturbed state. These features predate the arrival of human populations and may include geological formations, fossils, landform, water bodies, vegetation, and wildlife. There may be evidence of human activity, but the natural features reveal minimal disturbances.
  • Historic Quality encompasses legacies of the past that are distinctly associated with physical elements of the landscape, whether natural or manmade, that are of such historic significance that they educate the viewer and stir an appreciation for the past. The historic elements reflect the actions of people and may include buildings, settlement patterns, and other examples of human activity.
  • Cultural Quality is evidence and expressions of the customs or traditions of a distinct group of people. Cultural features include, but are not limited to, crafts, music, dance, rituals, festivals, speech, food, special events, or vernacular architecture.
  • Archeological Quality involves those characteristics of the scenic byways corridor that are physical evidence of historic or prehistoric human life or activity. The scenic byway corridor's archeological interest, as identified through ruins, artifacts, structural remains, and other physical evidence have scientific significance that educate the viewer and stir an appreciation for the past.
  • Recreational Quality involves outdoor recreational activities directly association with and dependent upon the natural and cultural elements of the corridor's landscape. The recreational activities provide opportunities for active and passive recreational experiences. They include, but are not limited to, downhill skiing, rafting, boating, fishing, and hiking. Driving the road itself may qualify as a pleasurable recreational experience. The recreational activities may be seasonal, but the quality and importance of the recreational activities as seasonal operations must be well recognized.

A "corridor management plan" must also be developed, with community involvement, and the plan "should provide for the conservation and enhancement of the byway's intrinsic qualities as well as the promotion of tourism and economic development". The plan includes, but is not limited to:[2]

  • A map identifying the corridor boundaries and the location of intrinsic qualities and different land uses within the corridor.
  • A strategy for maintaining and enhancing those intrinsic qualities.
  • A strategy describing how existing development might be enhanced and new development might be accommodated while still preserving the intrinsic qualities of the corridor.
  • A general review of the road's or highway's safety and accident record to identify any correctable faults in highway design, maintenance, or operation.
  • A signage plan that demonstrates how the State will insure and make the number and placement of signs more supportive of the visitor experience.
  • A narrative describing how the National Scenic Byway will be positioned for marketing.

Corridor management plans for All-American Roads must also include:[2]

  • A narrative on how the All-American Road would be promoted, interpreted, and marketed in order to attract travelers, especially those from other countries.
  • A plan to encourage the accommodation of increased tourism, if this is projected. Some demonstration that the roadway, lodging and dining facilities, roadside rest areas, and other tourist necessities will be adequate for the number of visitors induced by the byway's designation as an All-American Road.
  • A plan for addressing multi-lingual information needs.

The final step is when the highway (or highways) is approved for designation by the Secretary of Transportation.[2]

List of byways

Type Name Image States Description Designated
NSB A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway Flaglerbeach.jpg Florida Follows Atlantic coast barrier islands 2002-06-13
AAR Acadia Byway Maine Scenic drive past mountains on the Maine shore 2000-06-15 (AAR)
NSB Alabama’s Coastal Connection Alabama Scenic drive along the Gulf coast 2009-10-16
AAR Alaska's Marine Highway Malaspina At Skagway.jpg Alaska Ferry system connecting Alaskan coastal communities 2002-06-13 (NSB)
2005-09-22 (AAR)
NSB Amish Country Ohio Historic drive through eastern Ohio's Amish communities 2002-06-13
NSB Arroyo Seco Parkway Scenic Byway Arroyo Seco Parkway from Marmion Way.jpg California The first freeway in the Western U.S., connecting Los Angeles and Pasadena through the Arroyo Seco 2002-06-13
NSB Ashley River Road South Carolina Traverses a historic district along the Ashley River 2000-06-15
AAR Beartooth Scenic Byway BeartoothHwy near BeartoothPass.jpg Montana, Wyoming Scenic northeastern entrance to Yellowstone National Park 2000-06-15 (AAR)
2002-06-13 (extended in Montana)
NSB Billy the Kid Trail New Mexico Scenic drive through rugged mountains 1998-06-09
AAR Blue Ridge Parkway Blueridgeparkwaylookingglassrock.jpg North Carolina, Virginia Scenic drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains 1996-09-19 (AAR, North Carolina)
2005-09-22 (AAR, Virginia)
NSB Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway Chateau country.jpeg Delaware Historic rolling hills of northern Delaware 2005-09-22
NSB CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway Ohio Historic drive along the Ohio and Erie Canal 2000-06-15
NSB Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway Sparks Meadow in July2.jpeg Oregon Connects lakes and forests of central Oregon 1998-06-09
NSB Catoctin Mountain Scenic Byway Point of rocks 8501.jpg Maryland Scenic and historic drive through the Catoctin Mountains 2005-09-22
NSB Cherohala Skyway NC TN CherohalaSkyway.jpg North Carolina, Tennessee Ridgetop drive in the Appalachians 1996-09-19 (Tennessee)
1998-06-09 (North Carolina)
NSB Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway South Carolina Scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Escarpment 1998-06-09
NSB Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway Maryland Traverses the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay 2002-06-13
AAR Chinook Scenic Byway WashingtonSR410.jpg Washington Scenic drive with views of Mount Rainier 1998-06-09 (AAR)
NSB Coal Heritage Trail West Virginia Historic drive through coal-producing areas of southwestern West Virginia 1998-06-09
AAR Colonial Parkway Colonial Parkway tunnel in Colonial Williamsburg.jpg Virginia Landscaped parkway through historic areas 2005-09-22 (AAR)
NSB Colorado River Headwaters Byway Colorado Descent along the Colorado River through canyons 2005-09-22
NSB Connecticut River Byway Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont Scenic drive on both sides of New England's longest river 2005-09-22
NSB Connecticut State Route 169 CT169 at CT197.jpg Connecticut One of the last unspoiled areas in New England 1996-09-19
NSB Copper Country Trail Michigan Traverses an area developed for copper mining 2005-09-22
NSB Coronado Trail Scenic Byway Arizona Scenic drive through high deserts and forests 2005-09-22
NSB Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway Washington Passes through coulees formed by receding glaciers 2005-09-22
NSB Country Music Highway U.S. 23 in Eastern Kentucky.jpg Kentucky Historic drive through eastern Kentucky 2002-06-13
AAR Creole Nature Trail Louisiana Marshes and prairies of southern Louisiana 1996-09-19 (NSB)
2002-06-13 (AAR)
NSB Crowley's Ridge Parkway Arkansas, Missouri Scenic drive along Crowley's Ridge, with a diversity of plant species 1998-06-09 (Arkansas)
2000-06-15 (Missouri)
NSB Death Valley Scenic Byway SR 190 in Panamint Valley.jpg California Scenic drive through the lowest place in North America, surrounded by mountains 1998-06-09
2002-06-13 (extended)
NSB Delaware River Scenic Byway NJ 29 northbound Hunterdon County.jpg New Jersey Scenic and historic drive along the Delaware River in central New Jersey 2009-10-16
NSB Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway UTSR128.JPG Colorado, Utah Passes many dinosaur fossil sites 2002-06-13
NSB East Tennessee Crossing Tennessee 2009-10-16
NSB Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway CASR4 Toiyabe NF.jpg California Crossing of the Sierra Nevada past giant sequoia groves 2005-09-22
NSB Edge of the Wilderness Minnesota Scenic drive through forests and hills of northern Minnesota 1996-09-19
NSB El Camino Real New Mexico Historic north–south route through central New Mexico 1998-06-09
2005-09-22 (extended)
NSB The Energy Loop: Huntington/Eccles Canyons Scenic Byway Utah Historic drive past coal mining operations 2000-06-15
NSB Flaming Gorge-Uintas Scenic Byway Utah Scenic drive through the Uinta Mountains 1998-06-09
NSB Flint Hills Scenic Byway Flint Hills.JPG Kansas Scenic drive through Great Plains grasslands 2005-09-22
NSB Forest Heritage National Scenic Byway North Carolina 2009-10-16
NSB Frontier Pathways Scenic and Historic Byway Colorado Follows the paths of early explorers through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains 1998-06-09
AAR George Washington Memorial Parkway Gw pkwy at gravelly point.jpg Virginia Landscaped parkway along the Potomac River 2005-09-22 (AAR)
NSB Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway New Mexico Scenic drive past mountains and lakes of southwestern New Mexico 2005-09-22
NSB Glenn Highway Alaska Terrain shaped by receding glaciers 2002-06-13
NSB Gold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic Byway Nom023 pq.jpg Colorado Follows stage and rail routes to historic gold mining locations 2000-06-15
NSB Grand Mesa Scenic and Historic Byway Grand Mesa and Mt. Garfield.jpg Colorado Climbs to Grand Mesa 1996-09-19
NSB Grand Rounds Scenic Byway Lake Calhoun-bike-path-2006-05-14.jpg Minnesota Continuous parkway surrounding Minneapolis 1998-06-09
NSB Great River Road GreatRiverRoadWI.jpg Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, Tennessee, Wisconsin Scenic drive along the Mississippi River from its headwaters to southern Mississippi 2000-06-15 (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin)
2002-06-13 (Arkansas)
2005-09-22 (Mississippi)
2009-10-16 (Tennessee)
AAR Hells Canyon Scenic Byway OR hells canyon.jpg Oregon Provides views of Hells Canyon on the Snake River 2000-06-15 (AAR)
NSB Highland Scenic Highway West Virginia Scenic drive through mountains and valleys 1996-09-19
NSB Historic Bluff Country Scenic Byway Minnesota Historic and scenic drive through southearnern Minnesota 2002-06-13
AAR Historic Columbia River Highway HCRH gorge view.jpg Oregon America's first scenic highway, through the Columbia River Gorge 1998-06-09 (AAR)
AAR Historic National Road Natl Road Marker in FraCo OH.jpg Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia Historic gateway to the Midwestern U.S. 1998-06-09 (NSB, Indiana)
2000-06-15 (NSB, Illinois)
2002-06-13 (AAR, all states)
NSB Historic Route 66 Rte66btwnOatmanAndKingman.JPG Arizona, Illinois, New Mexico Historic "Mother Road" linking Chicago to Los Angeles 2000-06-15 (New Mexico)
2005-09-22 (Arizona, Illinois)
NSB Illinois River Road: Route of the Voyageurs Illinois Scenic drive through the Illinois River Valley 2005-09-22
NSB Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway Florida Diverse estuary near Kennedy Space Center 2002-06-13
AAR International Selkirk Loop Idaho, Washington Loop around the Selkirk Mountains 2005-09-22 (AAR)
NSB Jemez Mountain Trail New Mexico Scenic drive past geological formations and Indian ruins 1998-06-09
NSB Kaibab Plateau - North Rim Parkway Arizona Scenic drive through dense forests to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon 1998-06-09
NSB Kancamagus Scenic Byway New Hampshire Passes through the White Mountains 1996-09-19
NSB Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail Ohio Follows the south shore of Lake Erie 2005-09-22
NSB Lake Tahoe - Eastshore Drive LaketahoeSR28.jpg Nevada Follows the east shore of Lake Tahoe 1996-09-19
AAR Lakes to Locks Passage, The Great Northeast Journey New York Passes by the connected waterways of the eastern tier of New York 2002-06-13 (AAR)
AAR Las Vegas Strip Lasvegas.usa.arp.400pix.jpg Nevada Urban boulevard past casinos and other Las Vegas entertainment 2000-06-15 (AAR)
NSB Lincoln Highway Illinois A portion of America's first transcontinental highway 2000-06-15
NSB Little Dixie Highway of the Great River Road Missouri Part of the Great River Road in northeastern Missouri 2002-06-13
NSB Loess Hills Scenic Byway Iowa Silt deposits in the Missouri River Valley 2000-06-15
NSB Logan Canyon Scenic Byway ChinaWall LoganCanyonUT.jpg Utah Passes through scenic Logan Canyon 2002-06-13
NSB McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Scenic Byway Oregon Loop across two Cascade passes 1998-06-09
NSB Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route Illinois Floodplain where the Illinois, Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers meet 1998-06-09
2000-06-15 (extended)
NSB Merritt Parkway Merritt3.jpg Connecticut Historic parkway with individually-designed bridges 1996-09-19
NSB Midland Trail NewRiverFromHawksNestWV.jpg West Virginia Scenic drive through the New River Gorge 2000-06-15
NSB Millstone Valley Scenic Byway New Jersey Scenic and historic drive along the Millstone River in central New Jersey 2009-10-16
NSB Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway Minnesota Historic drive through the Minnesota River Valley 2002-06-13
NSB Mohawk Towpath Byway New York Follows the historic Erie Canal 2005-09-22
NSB Mountains to Sound Greenway - I-90 I90ThruSnoqualmiePass.jpg Washington Scenic drive across the Cascades 1998-06-09
NSB Mt. Hood Scenic Byway MtHood from JonsrudViewpt.jpg Oregon Provides views of Mount Hood 2005-09-22
AAR Natchez Trace Parkway Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee Early trail connecting the Mississippi Territory with Nashville 1996-09-19 (AAR)
NSB Native American Scenic Byway North Dakota, South Dakota Traverses four Lakota Sioux reservations 1998-06-09 (South Dakota)
2005-09-22 (extended in both states)
NSB Nebo Loop Scenic Byway Utah Passes near Mount Nebo in the Wasatch Range 1998-06-09
AAR North Shore Scenic Drive Downtown Grand Marais from MN 61.JPG Minnesota Follows the north shore of Lake Superior 2000-06-15 (AAR)
2002-06-13 (extended)
AAR Northwest Passage Scenic Byway Idaho Follows Lewis and Clark's search for the Northwest Passage 2002-06-13
2005-09-22 (extended and became an AAR)
NSB Ohio River Scenic Route Illinois, Indiana, Ohio Follows the north bank of the Ohio River 1996-09-19 (Indiana)
1998-06-09 (Illinois, Ohio)
NSB Old Canada Road Scenic Byway Maine Historic route between Maine and Quebec 2000-06-15
NSB Outback Scenic Byway Oregon Scenic drive through rugged country of southern Oregon 1998-06-09
NSB Outer Banks Scenic Byway North Carolina 2009-10-16
AAR Pacific Coast Scenic Byway Oregon Coast.JPG Oregon Scenic drive along the Pacific coast 1998-06-09 (NSB)
2002-06-13 (AAR)
NSB Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Minnesota Passes through the forests of central Minnesota 2005-09-22
NSB Payette River Scenic Byway Idaho Traverses foothills and valleys 2002-06-13
NSB Pend Oreille Scenic Byway Idaho Scenic drive along Lake Pend Oreille 2002-06-13
NSB Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway South Dakota Scenic drive through mountains of southwestern South Dakota 1996-09-19
NSB Pioneer Historic Byway Idaho Includes Mormon settlements and Oregon Trail ruts 2005-09-22
NSB Pyramid Lake Scenic Byway Nevada One of the largest desert lakes in the world 1996-09-19
NSB Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway Maine Scenic drive past mountains and lakes 2000-06-15
NSB Red River Gorge Scenic Byway Kentucky Scenic drive through the Red River Gorge 2002-06-13
AAR Red Rock Scenic Road Arizona Scenic drive through the high desert 2005-09-22 (AAR)
NSB River Road Scenic Byway Michigan Scenic drive through the Au Sable River Valley 2005-09-22
NSB Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway Oregon Follows two scenic rivers through southwestern Oregon 2002-06-13
AAR Route One, Big Sur Coast Highway CalifCentralCoast.jpg California Scenic Drive along the Pacific coast 1996-09-19 (AAR)
AAR Route One, San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway California Scenic Drive along the Pacific coast 2002-06-13 (AAR)
NSB Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway Georgia Winds through the southern Appalachians 2000-06-15
AAR San Juan Skyway Lizard Head.jpg Colorado Loop through the San Juan Mountains 1996-09-19 (AAR)
NSB Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway Colorado, New Mexico Follows a historic trade route through scenic mountains and plains 1998-06-09
NSB Savannah River Scenic Byway South Carolina Scenic drive along the Savannah River 1998-06-09
NSB Schoodic Scenic Byway Maine Unspoiled coastline through the "quiet side" of Acadia National Park 2000-06-15
NSB Seaway Trail New York, Pennsylvania Scenic drive along the shores of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River 1996-09-19 (New York)
2005-09-22 (Pennsylvania)
AAR Selma to Montgomery March Byway Alabama Route of the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March led by Martin Luther King, Jr. 1996-09-19 (AAR)
AAR Seward Highway Seward Highway Turnagain Arm.jpg Alaska Scenic drive through mountains and fjords 1998-06-09 (NSB)
2000-06-15 (AAR)
NSB Sky Island Scenic Byway SkyIslandPkwy.JPG Arizona Climb from the desert to forests with great biological diversity 2005-09-22
NSB Skyline Drive Skylinetunnel.jpg Virginia Scenic drive through Shenandoah National Park 2005-09-22
NSB Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway North Dakota Historic drive through a scenic valley 2002-06-13
NSB Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike West Virginia Historic drive through West Virginia forests 2005-09-22
NSB Stevens Pass Greenway Washington Scenic drive across the Cascades 2005-09-22
NSB Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway - SR 112 Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway - Elwha River Bridgfe.jpg Washington Follows the shoreline of northwestern Washington 2000-06-15
NSB Talimena Scenic Drive Telimenamountainroad.jpg Arkansas, Oklahoma Crest drive along some of the highest ridges between the Appalachians and Rockies 2005-09-22
NSB Talladega Scenic Drive Alabama Scenic drive through the southernmost extension of the Appalachian Mountains 1998-06-09
NSB Tamiami Trail Scenic Highway Tamiamitrail.jpg Florida Traverses the Florida Everglades 2000-06-15
NSB Tioga Road/Big Oak Flat Road SR 120 Yosemite.jpg California High mountain pass through Yosemite National Park 1996-09-19
NSB Top of the Rockies Colorado Scenic drive through the Rockies near Leadville 1998-06-09
NSB Trail of the Ancients Colorado, Utah Scenic drive through the Native American history of the Four Corners region 2005-09-22
NSB Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway New Mexico Scenic drive through the mountains of southwestern New Mexico 2005-09-22
AAR Trail Ridge Road/Beaver Meadow Road Trail Ridge Road.jpg Colorado America's highest continuously paved road 1996-09-19 (AAR)
NSB Turquoise Trail New Mexico Back road between Albuquerque and Santa Fe 2000-06-15
NSB Utah's Patchwork Parkway Ruggedwhitecliffs original.jpg Utah Scenic drive through Cedar Breaks National Monument 2009-10-16
AAR Utah's Scenic Byway 12 - A Journey Through Time UtahSR12 HeadOfTheRocks.jpg Utah Scenic drive through canyons, plateaus, and valleys 2002-06-13 (AAR)
AAR Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway LassenPeakFromVolcanicScenicByway.jpg California, Oregon Scenic drive through the Cascade Volcanic Arc 1998-06-09 (AAR, Oregon)
2002-06-13 (AAR, California)
NSB Washington Heritage Trail West Virginia Scenic and historic drive through West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle 2000-06-15
NSB West Cascades Scenic Byway Oregon Follows the west side of the Cascades 2000-06-15
NSB Western Heritage Historic Byway Idaho Scenic drive to the Snake River Canyon 2005-09-22
NSB Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway Kansas Scenic drive through wetlands of central Kansas 2005-09-22
NSB White Mountain Trail New Hampshire Passes through the White Mountains and past Mount Washington 1998-06-09
NSB Wilderness Road Heritage Highway Kentucky Follows Daniel Boone's historic entrance to the valleys of Kentucky 2002-06-13
NSB Woodward Avenue 2007 Dream Cruise photo.jpg Michigan Connects automobile-related historic sites of the "Motor City" 2002-06-13
NSB Journey Through Hallowed Ground Byway Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia Corridor from Gettysburg, PA, to Monticello, VA; "Where America Happened" Unknown


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