List of rail accidents (2000–present)

List of rail accidents (2000–present)

List of rail accidents from 2000 to the present. The list includes some terrorist bombings.

For accidents before 1950, see "List of pre-1950 rail accidents".

For accidents between 1950 and 1999 (inclusive), see "List of 1950-1999 rail accidents".

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* January 4, 2000 – Åsta accident, Åsta in Åmot, Norway: Two diesel passenger trains collide on the Rørosbanen killing 19. The fire after the collision lasted nearly 6 hours.
* February 6, 2000 – Brühl, Germany: An express night train from Amsterdam to Basel passes a construction area at excess speed and derails at Brühl station on the main line between Cologne and Bonn, crashing into a nearby house. 9 people died.
* March 2, 2000 – Kølkær, Denmark: Two regional trains collide head-on after one passes a red signal. 3 die and 39 are injured.
* March 8, 2000 – Naka-Meguro train disaster, Japan: A Tokyo Subway train derails and is hit by another train on the next track; 4 die and 33 are injured.
* April 5, 2000 – Lillestrøm in Skedsmo, Norway: A freight train's brakes fail between Strømmen and Lillestrøm; it collides with a stationary freight train at Lillestrøm station. Two gas wagons loaded with propane catch fire and 2000 people are evacuated in fear of a BLEVE, but there are no casualties.
* August 15, 2000 - According to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation report, a Butere-Kisumu commuter train carrying 400 passengers on-board ploughed off the rails at the shore of Lake Victoria, Lela, Nyanza, Kenya, in an incident caused by brake failure, killing 13; another 36 are injured.
* August 17, 2000 - 6 die in Kisumu, after a freight train hits a packed bus on a busy level crossing during the morning rush hour.
* August 19, 2000 - According to Kenya Television Network report, a Mombasa-Nairobi freight train with liquefied gas exploded and caught fire at Mavoko, Eastern, Kenya, killing 25 and injured more 50, most of victims and injuring were residents of house, nearby railroad line.
* October 17, 2000 – Hatfield rail crash, England, United Kingdom: As the London-Leeds express passes at 115 mph (185 km/h), a faulty rail shatters into 300 pieces because of a condition known as rolling contact fatigue. Four are killed, and 102 are injured. This rail failure forces the biggest and most expensive re-railing exercise in British history, with huge service disruption for many months. Operator Railtrack is found guilty in one of the longest rail-related trials in UK legal history, but manslaughter charges against company managers are not sustained.
* June 6, 2000 - A bomb explodes on a train in Bathinda, killing 2 and injuring 1.
* June 28, 2000 - 13 children die after a goods train they were riding on derails in Padang. The Indonesian government cracks down on passengers clinging onto the sides of freight trains as a means of free travel. (Source- BBC)
* November 11, 2000 – Kaprun disaster, Austria: A funicular train catches fire in a tunnel because of an unsafely installed heater. 155 die.
* December 2, 2000 – Sarai Banjara rail disaster, a crowded commuter train crashes into a derailed freight train inPunjab. More than 45 die.
* December 30, 2000 - Rizal Day bombings, Philippines: A bomb explodes on a Manila Light Rail Transit System train during a terrorist attack near Blumentritt station. 22 die and hundreds are injured.


* January 12, 2001 – Nvoungouti, Congo: Over 30 die when two trains collide because of a brake failure at Nvoungouti. [cite web|url=|title=Train Crash Kills at Least 30 in Republic of Congo|publisher=People's Daily|date=2001-01-12|accessdate=2007-02-24]
* February 7, 2001–Toronto, Ontario: Ontario Northland Railway's "Northlander" passenger train derails in the Don Valley near the Bayview Extension and Pottery Road area. 23 passengers were on board; 2 slightly injured. [cite web|url=|title=Train derailment affects commuters|publisher=CBC New|date=2001-02-07|accessdate=2007-12-06]
* February 28, 2001 – Selby rail crash, Great Heck, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom: a driver on England's M62 motorway falls asleep at the wheel and runs off the road, landing on railway tracks; he escapes, but the vehicle is almost instantly hit by a passenger train, which derails and hits a coal train traveling in the opposite direction. 10 die, over 80 are injured. The car driver is later jailed for causing death by dangerous driving.
* March 27, 2001 – Pécrot rail crash, Pécrot, Belgium: Two passenger trains collide on the same track. 8 die and 12 are injured.
* April 12, 2001 – Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, Canada: a teenager tampered with a control switch on the VIA Rail Canada's "Ocean". Many are injured in the resulting crash.
* May 15, 2001 – Toledo, Ohio, United States: A CSX freight train of 47 cars, including some with hazardous molten phenol acid, runs away in the yard at Toledo with no engineer aboard. The engineer, Michael Scanlan, had stepped out to reset a switch but had improperly applied the dynamic brake. It runs for mi to km|66|precision=0 to Kenton, Ohio before being stopped by a railroad worker who jumps aboard and manages to stop it. CSX had slowed the train down to 10 mph by coupling an engine onto the end. [cite web|url=|title=Runaway train stopped after uncontrolled 2 hours|publisher=CNN|date=2001-05-16|accessdate=2007-02-24]
* June 21, 2001 – Kadalundi River rail disaster, Kerala, India: 57 people die.
* July 18, 2001 – Howard Street Tunnel fire, Baltimore, Maryland, United States: A 60-car CSX train carrying chemicals and wood products derails in a mi to km|1.7 long tunnel under Baltimore, causing water contamination and a fire that burns for six days. [cite web| url=| format=PDF| title=Accident Number: DCA-01-MR-004| publisher=United States National Transportation Safety Board| date=2004-12-16| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* August 19, 2001 – Kurunegala train crash, Sri Lanka: 13 die when a train in Sri Lanka derails because of speeding and overcrowding. cite web|url=|title=Rail accidents in Sri Lanca|publisher=Sri Lanca Railway Page]
* September 2, 2001 – Cirebon, Indonesia: A passenger train and a locomotive collide, killing 40 and seriously injuring 37. [cite web|url=|title=Forty dead in Indonesian train crash|publisher=CNN|date=2001-09-02|accessdate=2007-02-24]
*Flagicon|Russia November 8, 2001 – Russia: A nuclear waste train from Bulgaria crashes at midnight between the Krasnoyarsk and Kemerovo on the Trans-Siberian railway. 14 of the 20 tanker-wagons derail and the line is closed for about 12 hours. 1 km of track is damaged. [cite web|url=|title=Spent nuclear fuel arrived at Zheleznogorsk|publisher=Bellona|accessdate=2007-02-24]
* December 18, 2001 – Orestiada, Greece: 1 death results when a train becomes stuck in a snow drift and derails at the town of Orestiada, near the Bulgarian border. Temperatures fall to −10°C. [cite web|publisher=BBC News|url=|title=Passengers rescued from Greek train|date=2001-12-18|accessdate=2007-02-24]
* December 25, 2001 - A packed passenger train careened into a station just outside Berbes and slammed into a stationary train from Jakarta, killing 27 and seriously wounding dozens according to the local authorities and Indonesian Red Cross.


* January 18, 2002 – Minot, North Dakota, United States: A Canadian Pacific Railway train derails at 01:40 CST near a residential area west of Minot; the derailment results in a massive anhydrous ammonia leak. Seven of 15 tank cars rupture, releasing more than 750,000 liters (200,000 US gallons) of anhydrous ammonia which vaporizes in the sub-zero air, forming a toxic cloud that drifts over much of Minot. One man died and numerous others are treated for chemical exposure. [cite web|url=|title=Accident report, RAR-04/01|publisher=National Transportation Safety Board|accessdate=2007-02-24]
* February 6, 2002 – Charlotte’s Dale train crash, South Africa: Two commuter trains collide in Charlotte’s Dale near Durban. 22 die, of which 16 are children. [cite web|url=|title=School children die in South African train crash|publisher=namibian|accessdate=2007-02-24|date=2002-02-06]
* February 20, 2002 – Al Ayatt train disaster, Egypt: A train packed to double capacity catches fire, 373 die.
* March 30, 2002 – A Spanish high-speed express train on the Valencia-Barcelona route of the Euromed collides head on with the Tortosa-Barcelona Catalunya express. Between both trains, 600 passengers were onboard, five cars of the Euromed are damaged at Torredembarra station, outskirts of Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain. At least four are killed and another 88 are injured.
* April 18, 2002 – Crescent City, Florida, United States: 21 cars of an Amtrak Auto-Train derail near Crescent City. Four deaths, 142 injured. The National Transportation Safety Board initial accident report found that the ECP brakes purchased for the train were not functioning: the final report determined that the accident was caused by a hot-weather "sun kink" misalignment of the track due to inadequate CSX maintenance-of-way, and stated that equipment and track damages totaled about $8.3 million. [cite web|url=|publisher=National Transportation Safety Board|title=Railroad Accident Report RAR-03/02|format=PDF]
*flagicon|United States April 23, 2002 – Placentia, California, United States: a BNSF Railway freight train collided head-on with a Metrolink train in Placentia, near the Atwood Junction, at the intersection of Orangethorpe Avenue and Van Buren Street. Two people died in the crash and twenty-two were seriously injured.
* May 2, 2002 – Firdale, Manitoba, Canada: An eastbound CN train collides with a trailer; about 20 cars carrying plastic pellets, benzene, glycol and hexane catch fire, forcing the evacuation of nearly 200 residents.
* May 10, 2002 – Potters Bar rail crash, north of London, England, United Kingdom: a northbound train derails at high speed; 7 die, 11 seriously injured.
* May 13, 2002 – Jaunpur train crash, 12 people die when a passenger train derails and crashes in Uttar Pradesh. It is insinuated that the train was sabotaged.
* May 25, 2002 – Tenga, Mozambique: In an accident reminiscent of Armagh 1889, passenger carriages, separated from a train also carrying freight, run away and smash into a cement train, killing 200.
* June 13, 2002 – Alawwa train crash, Sri Lanka: Train derails whilst coming into Alawwa station, killing 14 people.
* May 28, 2002 – Clarendon, Texas United States: A BNSF Railway coal train exceeded its movement authority under an “after-arrival” track warrant while the engineer was making a personal cell phone call, and collided head-on with a BNSF intermodal train. All four crew members jumped from their trains before impact and were injured, the intermodal engineer fatally.
* June 24, 2002 – Igandu train disaster, Tanzania: Nearly 300 die when a passenger train rolls backwards into a goods train.
* July 29, 2002 – Kensington, Maryland, United States: The eastbound Amtrak Capitol Limited, train 30, while traversing a CSX route, strikes a sun kink at 1:55 PM while traveling at 60 mph (100 km/h) near milepost 11.78. Several cars go down an embankment and four Superliners overturn against trees. 16 people are seriously injured and 79 people suffer from minor injuries. The misalignment was determined to be caused by an improperly tamped ballast and excessive speed in the 96°F (35°C) sunny weather. "Slow orders" were imposed on passenger trains in the area on very hot days following this accident. Fact|date=January 2007
* September 9, 2002 – Bad Münder, Germany: Two freight trains collide head-on after a brake failure on one of the trains. A tank car loaded with 1-Chlor-2,3-epoxypropan explodes, contaminating the station and exposing 96 firemen to carcinogenic fumes. [de icon cite web|url=|title=Bremsschlauch verursachte Zugunglück|publisher=Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung|date=2004-08-20|accessdate=2007-02-24]
* September 9, 2002 – Rafiganj rail disaster. Over 130 die when a passenger train derails and falls into the Dhave River in Bihar because of sabotaged tracks. [cite web|url=|title=Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express derails; 150 feared killed|accessdate=2007-02-24||date=2002-09-10]
* September 272002Jamaica, NY: Three cars of a JFK Airtrain test train derail near Federal Circle. The train's lone occupant, a train operator testing the automated equipment, is crushed to death by the cement blocks inside the first car. The cement blocks were used to evenly distribute the weight inside the car, simulating the weight of customers when in passenger service. When the train derailed, the cement blocks collapsed onto the operator.
* October 13, 2002 – Benalla level crossing collision, Victoria, Australia. A heritage train hauled by K class steam locomotive K 183 collides with a B-Double truck that had failed to clear the level crossing. The impact causes the locomotive to derail, rolling onto its side, and the locomotive's tender to be forced into the locomotive's cab. Of the four people in the cab at the time of the collision, three are killed and one critically injured. [cite web| url= |title= Rail Safety Investigation Report - Final; Collision between steam passenger Train 8382 & Loaded B-double truck | date=2006-02-23 |publisher=Australian Transport Safety Bureau |accessdate=2008-05-16|format=PDF]
* November 6, 2002 – Nancy, France: A fire broke out in the front two carriages of an overnight sleeper train heading from Paris to Vienna. 12 passengers died of smoke inhalation, 9 were injured. [cite web|url=|title=Twelve dead in France train fire|publisher=BBC|accessdate=2007-10-07]
* December 21, 2002 – Kurnool train crash, 20 die when a passenger train derails in Andhra Pradesh, the result of sabotage.


* January 3, 2003 – Ghatnandur train crash, 18 people die in the collision of two trains at Ghatnandur in Maharashtra [cite news| url=| title=Secunderabad-Manmad Express derails, 18 dead, 41 injured|| date=2003-01-03| author=Jafri, Syed Amin| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* January 31 2003 – Waterfall train disaster, Waterfall, New South Wales, Australia: The driver of a southbound passenger train suffers a heart attack and dies; the train speeds out of control and derails on a curve, overturning several cars and killing 6 passengers.
* February 2, 2003 – Dete train crash, Zimbabwe: Two trains collide, derailing and catching fire, killing over 40. [cite news| url=| title=40 die in Zimbabwe train crash| author=BBC News|| date=2003-02-02| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* February 3 2003 – Broadmeadows train runaway & crash, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: An unmanned electric suburban train rolled away fom Broadmeadows Station and ran for 16.848 kilometres at speeds in excess of 100kmh through many pedestrian & level crossings before crashing into a stationary Diesel passenger train at Southern Cross Station derailing both. More through luck than anything else, no injuries resulted from this incident. [cite web| url=| publisher=Australian Transportation Safety Bureau| title= Rail Safety Investigation Report - Final, Runaway of Suburban Electric Passenger Train 5264 and collision with Diesel Locomotive Hauled Passenger Train 8141 | date=2003-12-01| accessdate=2008-06-03| ]
* February 18, 2003 – Daegu subway fire, South Korea: A mentally ill man starts a fire which engulfs two subway trains, killing some 200.
* March 1, 2003 – Chiayi, Taiwan: A brake system malfunction aboard a train on the Alishan Forest Railway causes the driver to lose control and the train plummets into a valley. 17 die, 173 injured.
* March 20, 2003 – Roermond, Netherlands: The driver of an NS passenger train has a heart attack, runs through a red signal, collides head-on with a freight train; the driver is killed, six passengers are seriously injured. The driver kept his foot on the dead man's switch during his heart attack and the slow speed of the train did not trigger the automatic safety system (one of its major design flaws), so the train did not stop.
* May 9, 2003 – Siófok, Hungary: A German tourist bus disregards the crossing signal. A fast train from Budapest to Nagykanizsa hits the bus. 33 tourists are killed.
* May 15, 2003 – Ladhowal train fire, A passenger train catches fire, 38 die near Ladhowal in the Punjab. [cite news| url=| title=38 killed in Frontier Mail fire|| date=2003-05-15| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* June 3, 2003, Albacete train crash – 19 die when a TALGO train and a freight train crash head-on in Albacete, Southern Spain. [cite news| url=| publisher=CNN| title='Human error' in Spain train crash| date=2003-06-04| author=Goodman, Al| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* June 11, 2003 – 6 die and 25 are injured when two passenger trains collide head-on near Schrozberg, Germany. [cite news| url=| title=Six Die in Southern German Train Crash| publisher=China Daily| date=2003-06-12| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* June 20, 2003 – southern California, United States: A runaway Union Pacific freight train carrying lumber derails in the Los Angeles suburb of Commerce, California, destroying several homes and rupturing natural gas lines. [cite web| url=| publisher=United States National Transportation Safety Board| title=Derailment of Runaway Railcars on Union Pacific Railroad, City of Commerce, California, June 20, 2003| date=2004-04-07| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* June 23, 2003 – Vaibhavwadi rail disaster: 51 die when a special holiday train derails in Maharashtra, India.
* July 2, 2003 – Warangal train crash: 22 die when a train's brakes fail and it falls off a bridge into a crowded fish market in Warangal, India.
* July 7, 2003 – Between Evesham and Pershore, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom, a First Great Western train collides with a minibus on a level crossing, killing 3 people in the minibus. [cite news| url=| publisher=BBC News| title=Timeline: Rail crashes in the UK| date=2004-11-07| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* August 3, 2003 – Kent, England, United Kingdom: Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway steam train hits car driven across level crossing. Steam train driver killed, car driver with passenger and some train passengers injured.
* October 12, 2003 – Chicago, Illinois, United States: A Metra train carring 350 passengers derails after engineer ignores warning signals telling him to slow down for a track change and continues travelling 73 miles per hour over a 10 mph switch. Front engine rolled onto side and caught fire. Almost 100 persons injured. Engineer is not terminated and continues to work for Metra. Occurred in the same spot and for the same reasons as the 2005 Metra crash.
* October 14 – at Yingge, Taipei County, Taiwan, a bus carrying students on a field trip collides with a south-bound train, killing 4 and injuring 42.


* February 18, 2004 – Nishapur train disaster, Iran: A train derails and catches fire, exploding hours later. At least 320 killed.
* March 11, 2004 – 2004 Madrid train bombings: 191 die when bombs are detonated on four commuter trains in Madrid. [cite news| url=| title=2004: Many die as bombs destroy Madrid trains| year=2008| publisher=BBC News| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* April 22, 2004 – Ryongchon disaster, North Korea: 161 killed and more than 1000 injured when an explosion takes place.
* February 15, 2004 – Tebay , Cumbria, England, United Kingdom: A sleeper (railroad tie) transporter trolley with defective brakes carrying 16 tonnes of rails became detached from a maintenance train south of Penrith and rolled down the falling gradient until it struck and killed 4 workmen in a team repairing the line at Tebay, between Oxenholme and Penrith. The owner of the sleeper transporter truck (a contractor working for Network Rail) is prosecuted. "(Source- The Metro newspaper (UK), March 2006)."
*flagicon|Turkey April 16, 2004- Temelli, Turkey: An overnight İzmir to Ankara express hits a truck in Temelli, near Ankara, as it crossed a level-crossing. 7 to 10 children die and 2 to 5 more injured according to various reports at the time. [ [ BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Train hits school bus in Turkey ] ]
* June 17, 2004 - Karanjadi train crash, near Matsyagandha,Mumbai, India: 20 die and 100 are injured when 10 carriages fall off a bridge during a monsoon-induced landslide. [Daily Star (UK), June 17 2004.]
* June 28, 2004 - Macdona, Texas, United States, near San Antonio: 3 die and 51 are injured when a Union Pacific Railroad train failed to stop at a signal and collided with another train, causing lethal chlorine gas to leak out of a train car. Two local residents living near the tracks were killed, as was the UP engineer. Several other residents were seriously injured by the gas. [ [ NTSB - Macdona, Texas - Hearing ] ] [cite episode |title="Wayne & Mary/Holly/Linda" |series="I Survived" |serieslink= |network=bio. |airdate=April 28, 2008 |season=1 |number=6 |minutes=60]
* July 23, 2004 - An Istanbul-Ankara express with 230 people on board, and carriages overturned with derailed at Pamukova, Sakarya Province, Turkey, according to Turkish government official confirmed, killing at least 38, injuring another 80. [cite news| url=| title=In pictures: Turkey train crash| publisher=BBC News| date=2004-07-23| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Three Jordanian citizens die in train crash in Sakarya| publisher=Anadolu| date=2004-07-23| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Dozens dead in Balkan train crash| publisher=BBC News, reprinted by JTW News| date=2004-07-24| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Turkey: Government Under Fire After Train Crash| publisher=Radio Free Europe| date=2004-07-23| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Turkey probes fatal train crash| publisher=BBC News| date=2004-07-23| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Turkish train crash kills 36| date=2008-07-23| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title='Carnage' at Turkish crash site| publisher=BBC News| date=2004-07-22| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Train crash controversy grows, government under fire Human rights inspections for public institutions| publisher=Turkish Daily News| date=2004-07-26| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* August 4, 2004 – Near Tavsancil, Turkey: 6 die and 85 injured when a train driver falls asleep at the controls, goes through a red light and hits a stationary train head on.
* September 10, 2004 – Nosaby, near Kristianstad, Skåne, Sweden: A heavy truck is caught between the barriers at a level crossing, and is hit by a passenger train. Two aboard the train die, 47 are injured. The truck driver was found guilty of not attempting to move the vehicle away from the level crossing, and was sentenced to 14 months' imprisonment.
* October 23, 2004 – Nagaoka, Niigata: During the Chūetsu Earthquake Eight of ten cars of the Toki No. 325 train on the Jōetsu Shinkansen were derailed. None of the 154 passengers were killed or injured.
* November 3, 2004 – Washington, D.C., United States: An out-of-service Washington Metro train rolls backwards into the Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan Station, and hits a revenue train servicing the station. No one dies, 20 people are injured. The National Transportation Safety Board [RAR-06/01] determined that the probable cause was the failure of the operator of the out-of-service train to apply the brakes to stop the train, likely due to his reduced alertness.
* November 6, 2004 – Ufton Nervet rail crash, England, United Kingdom: A High Speed Train hits a stationary car on a level crossing (an apparent suicide) at 100 mph and derails. Five train passengers and the drivers of both the train and the car die; over 100 passengers are injured.
* November 10, 2004 – Ankara, Turkey: 37 die when an express train hits a truck on a crossing near Ankara and derailed.
* November 14, 2004 – Ankara, Turkey: 15 die and 45 injured as another express train derails near Ankara.
* November 15, 2004 – Cairns Tilt Train derailment, Berajondo (near Bundaberg), Queensland, Australia: The world's fastest narrow-gauge train derails at 112 km/h. Nobody is killed or permanently injured. The accident has been blamed on the train travelling too fast on a curved line.
* November 29, 2004 – Richland, Florida: Two CSX freight trains collide in early morning fog at Vitis Junction, killing one and injuring three. [ [ CSX Vitis, FL Head-on Collision ] ]
* December 26, 2004 – Queen of the Sea rail disaster, Telwatta, Sri Lanka: Approximately 1700 die in the world's worst rail disaster as a train is overwhelmed by a tsunami created by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.


* January 6, 2005 – Graniteville train disaster, South Carolina, United States: Still under investigation by the NTSB; preliminary findings are that a turnout is left lined for a siding when it should have been lined for the mainline, causing a through Norfolk Southern freight train to collide with a parked train. 10 die, the engine crew, and nearby citizens who are caught in toxic gas cloud released from a damaged tank car. [cite web| author=United States National Transportation Safety Board| date=2005-11-29| url=| title=Report of Railroad Accident: Collision of Norfolk Southern Freight Train 192 with Standing Norfolk Southern Local Train P22 With Subsequent Hazardous Materials Release. Graniteville, South Carolina; January 6, 2005. NTSB/RAR-05/04| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* January 7, 2005 – A passenger train running from Verona to Bologna fails to stop at a red light and collides frontally with a freight train, near Crevalcore. There was thick fog at the time of the accident. 13 die. [ [ Una corsa senza freni nella nebbia, 13 morti ] ]
*January 12, 2005 – Fort St. John, Winnipeg. 5 cars of a CN propane tanker train de-rail, causing a major evacuation.
* January 17, 2005 – Bangkok- only 140 injured passengers, resulting from a collision of 2 metro tains in the new MRT Blue-line.
* January 26, 2005 – Glendale train crash, California, United States: In what was originally thought to be a failed suicide attempt by an automobile driver, a southbound Metrolink double-deck commuter train collides with a vehicle that had been driven onto the tracks and derails; the derailed train strikes the northbound Metrolink train on the other track and a parked Union Pacific Railroad freight train on a siding. 11 people are killed, about 100 injured.
* February 3, 2005 – Nagpur level crossing disaster, India: A tractor-trailer carrying a wedding party is hit by a train. 55 wedding guests die.
* February 28 2005 – A chlorine tanker train derails due to brake failure after they were wrongly set to "empty". The line was closed for 2 weeks.
* April 14 2005 – Solon Springs, Wisconsin: 19 cars of a CN train derail and cause a forest fire.
* April 15 2005 – in Bratislava-Petržalka railway station in the 11.00, the Austrian ÖBB railway company's international superexpress train IC 402 Gerlach Bratislava-Vienna hits a car - 1 member injured.
* April 21, 2005 – Vadodara rail collision, India: collision between freight and passenger express train; 18 are killed.
* April 25, 2005 – Amagasaki rail crash, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan: A train derailed on sharp curve and smashed into an apartment building. 107 die, 549 are injured. Investigation showed the driver was speeding because of a slight delay.
* April 26, 2005 – Polgahawela level crossing collision, Sri Lanka: a bus tries to beat the train at a level crossing; at least 35 die, all on the bus.
* May 5, 2005 – Galt, Illinois, United States - A Union Pacific train derails and destroys the 140ft Transcontinental mainline bridge at Elkhorn creek. [ [ AP Article] ]
* May 9, 2005 – Biaora, India: 8 die when a bullock cart is hit at a level-crossing in Biaora.
* May 19, 2005 – Bandar Lampung, Indonesia: A passenger train from Palembang crashes in to another passenger train at Bandar Lampung station and derails. 7 children die and just under 200 were injured. Human error was blamed for the accident and many of the dead were passengers clinging on to the sides of the Palembang train. The Indonesian government begins a crack down on people clinging on to the exteriors of trains as a means of travel. [cite news| url=| title=Indonesia train crash kills seven| publisher=BBC News| date=2005-05-19| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Seven Die In Sumatran Train Crash| publisher=World Travel Guide| date=2005-05-20| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* June 12, 2005 – between Uzunovo and Bogatishchevo, Russia: At 0710 a bomb explodes derailing the locomotive and first four passenger cars of the Grozny-Moscow train. Investigators found wires leading from the explosion site to a control panel and hideout about 50 m from the site. [ [ RIA Novosti - Russia - Railroad traffic restored ] ]
* June 16, – Between Zubstov and Aristovo, Russia: 26 of 69 fuel oil tankers derail and leak. The train was going at 70 km/h. 641 metres of track were destroyed and the Volger River was briefly contaminated. The crash was blamed on poor track maintenance.
* June 21, 2005 – Revadim, Israel: A Beersheba-bound passenger train collides with a coal delivery truck near Revadim, about km to mi|40|precision=0 south of Tel Aviv. At least 7 die and more than 200 are injured. [ [ (CBS)] ]
* June 30, 2005 – Indonesia: 2 die and 80 injured after a passenger train between Bogor and Jakata ploughed into the back of another train that was waiting in the station after a previous train had broken down outside the same station. Heavy rain was blamed for reducing visibility and most of the dead were seated on the train's roof.
* July 7, 2005 – London, England, United Kingdom: A series of four terrorist explosions occur on London's transport system killing 52, plus four suicide bombers. (See 7 July 2005 London bombings)
* July 10, 2005 – Kent, England, United Kingdom: Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway steam train hits car driven across level crossing. Steam train driver killed, car driver and train passengers uninjured.
* July 13, 2005 – Ghotki rail crash, Ghotki, Pakistan: A chain reaction accident caused by one train missing a signal and colliding into another results in three trains crashed and over 150 people dead.
* July 14, 2005 – Gliwice, Poland crashed two truck train in the railway stations entry, one motorman killed, one motorman seriously wounded.
* July 26, 2005 – Vienna rail crash - passenger train of the ÖBB crashed of the cargo train, injuring 43.
* July 28, 2005 – Jaunpur train bombing, Janpur, India: A bomb explodes on a train in Uttar Pradesh, killing 13.
* July 31, 2005 – Shenyang, China: A train from Xi'an to Changchun passes a sabotaged railway signal and collides with a freight train, killing 5 passengers. Officials state that some wiring was stolen from a nearby signal box causing the signal to malfunction. [ [ (Trains)] ]
* August 5, 2005 – 2005 CN Rail Cheakamus River derailment, British Columbia: Nine cars of a CN Rail train derail into the Cheakamus River near Whistler British Columbia. 40,000 litres of caustic soda enter the river, killing over 500,000 fish and greatly damaging the surrounding ecosystem. [ [ Environmental Emergency Management Program - CN Rail - Cheakamus River Sodium Hydroxide Spill ] ]
* September 17, 2005 – Chicago, Illinois, United States: A Metra commuter train traveling into Chicago derails, killing two and injuring 83.
* October 3, 2005 – Datia train crash, Datia, Madhya Pradesh, India: 16 die when a train travelling at six times the speed limit derails. [ [ (BBC News)] ]
* October 23, 2005 – Bari province, Apulia region, Italy. Eurostar Italia train 9410, running from Taranto to Milan, is derailed between Acquaviva delle Fonti and Sannicandro di Bari when subsidence due to heavy rain causes a bridge to collapse under it, leaving two bare rails spanning the 12 m deep ravine. The train completes the crossing and comes to rest with its rear end suspended over the void. Nobody dies. [ [ Corriere della Sera - Maltempo in Puglia: 5 morti, 2 dispersi ] ] []
* October 29, 2005 – Veligonda rail disaster, Veligonda, Andhra Pradesh, India: At least 114 die and many more are injured when part of the track is swept away by a flood, causing a train to derail. [ [ (BBC News)] ]
* November 23, 2005- At 6.30 am a train hit a truck on a level crossing between Tarsus and Mersin. 9 died and 18 were injured. [ [ A Chechen with a hand-made bomb is detained in Moscow - Pravda.Ru ] ]
* 26 November, 2005Moy near Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom. 9 are airlifted to hospital when a First ScotRail Class 170 DMU derails after hitting debris from a landslide caused by a local blizzard.
* November 29, 2005 – Maniema, Democratic Republic of Congo: Over 60 people are swept off the roof of a train by the beams of bridge in the Maniema province. [Catastrophe ferroviaire de la Lufulu]
* December 25, 2005 – Shonai, Yamagata, Japan: According to Japanese Railroad official and NTV report, all 6 cars of Akita-Niigata Inaho express train derailed and three passenger cars crushed, 5 die and 32 are injured. Strong winter winds are thought to be the cause. [ [ (AP)] ]


January - June

* January 6, 2006 – Possum Point, Virginia, United Sates: - A broken CSX rail causes VRE Train #304 to derail at Possum Point. The last 3 cars of the 6 cars came off the track, but did not fall over. NTSB found that CSX failed to post speed restrictions and repair/replace the track in a timely fashion. There were only a few minor injuries. [cite web| url=| format=PDF| title=Railroad Accident Brief: DCA-06-FR-003| publisher=United States National Transportation Safety Board| date=2006-11-20| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* January 23, 2006 – Bioče train disaster: A passenger train crashes into a ravine near Podgorica, killing 46 and injuring 198. [cite web|url=|publisher=BBC News|title=Dozens dead in Balkan train crash|accessdate=2007-03-12|date=2006-01-24]
* January 29, 2006 – A broken rail causes a derailment near Jhelum in the Punjab, killing 2 and injuring 29. Poor maintenance is officially being cited as cause of the accident, but sabotage was suspected by some authorities. The government inquiry later blamed defective and aging rails. [cite news| url=| title='Sabotage' caused Pakistan crash| publisher=BBC News| date=2006-01-30| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=In pictures: Pakistan train crash| publisher=BBC News| date=2006-01-30| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Train plunges into gorge near Jhelum| publisher=Daily Times, reprinted by National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers| date=2006-01-30| author=Bukhari, Mubasher| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Six rail coaches fall into ravine| publisher=Dawn, reprinted by National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers| date=2006-01-29| author=Asghar, Mohammad and Asghar, Hamid| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Domeli train accident was sabotage: inquiry report| publisher=Daily Times| date=2006-03-19| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Six rail coaches fall into ravine: Four killed in accident near Jhelum| publisher=Dawn| author=Asghar, Mohammad and Asghar, Hamid| date=2006-01-29| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite press release| url=| publisher=Pakistan Railway| title=Press Release| date=2006-01-30| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* February 16, 2006 – Serres, Greece: An inter-city train strikes a truck at a grade crossing near Serres and derails. A passenger and the truck driver die, and 20 on the train are injured. Fact|date=March 2007
* February 17, 2006 – High winds derail six Canadian Pacific freight cars on the Saint-Laurent Railway Bridge between Montreal and Kahnawake, Quebec, leaving them dangling precariously over the water. It takes several days to remove the cars, disrupting rail service. [] []
* March 10, 2006 – Hualien, Taiwan- 5 railroad workers die when hit by a southbound train.
* March 13, 2006 – Austin, Texas, United States: Tara Rose McAvoy, 18, the reigning Miss Deaf Texas, is killed by the snowplow on a 65-car Union Pacific freight train while trespassing on the tracks and text-messaging her parents. The train sounded its horn repeatedly and attempted to apply the emergency brakes but could not stop in time. [cite web|publisher=Associated Press|date=2006-03-15|url=|title=Miss Deaf Texas Text Messaging Near Tracks|accessdate=2006-03-18]
* April 5, 2006 – Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, United States: Patrick Deans, 18, High School football player, struck and killed by a CSX freight train while trespassing on the tracks. Two CSX trains were passing at the time. Patrick was able to escape being struck by one, but was struck by the other. [cite web|publisher=The Republican|date=2006-04-06|url=|title=?]
* April 15, 2006 – Gubuck, Java: 13 die and 26 are injured as two trains collide and wreckage falls into a paddy field. One Swiss man was among the injured. Human error by the driver was officially blamed. [cite web|url=|publisher=BBC News|date=2006-04-15|accessdate=2007-03-12|title=Deadly train crash in Indonesia] [cite news| url=| title=In pictures: Indonesian rail crash| publisher=BBC News| date=2006-04-15| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* April 28, 2006 – Victoria, Australia: A V/Line VLocity high-speed train is derailed when struck by an 18 wheeler truck, killing 2 and injuring 28 on the Ballarat to Ararat line. [cite web|url=|publisher=Sydney Morning Herald|title=Two dead, 30 hurt in train crash|accessdate=2006-04-28]
* May 25, 2006 – Lismore, Victoria: truck fails to stop at level crossing, derailing trains and causing massive pileup of wagons. [Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Rail Occurrence Investigation No. 2006/004] Mist/fog is factor.
* June 12, 2006 – Netanya, Israel: A passenger train from Tel Aviv to Haifa derails after colliding with a lorry on a level crossing, killing 5 and injuring more than 100. [de icon cite web|url=,1518,420858,00.html|title=Israel : Tote und Verletzte bei Zugunglück|publisher=SPIEGEL Online|date=2006-06-12]
* June 14 2006- Madera, California: 2 BNSF Railway Freight trains collide head on due to one of the trains running a red signal. One of the train's crews, the one that ran the red, was suspected to be high on cocaine. One of locomotives happened to be video recording, and the video is now widely seen on Youtube and related sites.

July - December

* July 3, 2006 – Valencia metro accident in Valencia, Spain: A Valencia Metro train derails after leaving "Jesús" station, killing 41 and injuring at least 47. The records of the train's black box show that the train passed a bend where the speed is limited to 40 km/h at 80 km/h. [ [ (BBC News: Train crash kills 50 in Valencia, accessed 2005-07-04)] ] [ [ BBC News: Spain train crash 'was speeding'] (URL accessed 2005-07-04)]
* July 11, 2006 – A series of bomb attacks strikes commuter trains in Mumbai, India, killing at least 200. [ [ BBC News: Mumbai Train Attacks] ]
* July 11, 2006 – A train collided with crowded bus at an unmanned railroad crossing at Akkelpur, Jaipurhat, Bangladesh, killing at least 33, another 30 are injured. Local official blamed for a bus was draged along for several yard by the train aftermath collision.
* July 14, 2006 – Luxembourg: A man sets a newspaper alight on board a train, resulting in a fire that injures 31, with 7 suffering critical injuries. The culprit is suspected to have a mental disorder. [cite news| url=,1518,426865,00.html| title=Verletzte nach Brandstiftung in Zug| language=#language:de| work=Spiegel Online, Germany|date=2006-07-14| accessdate=2006-08-18|]
*flagicon|India August 18 2006 two carriages catch fire on the Chennai-Hyderabad Express near Secundrabad station
* August 21, 2006 – Egypt: Two trains collide in the town of Qalyoub, 12 miles (20 kilometers) north of Cairo, killing 57 people and injuring 128. [cite news|url=|title=Egyptian train crash kills 57|work=CNN|date=2006-08-21| accessdate=2006-08-21|language=#language:en|]
* August 21, 2006 – Spain: A speeding eastbound RENFE intercity train derails in Villada, 40 km west of Palencia, leaving six people dead and 36 injured. [cite news| url=| title=5 killed as train derails in Spain| work=CNN|date=2006-08-21| accessdate=2006-08-21| language=#language:en| ] [cite news| url=| title=Speed blamed for Spain rail crash | work=CNN|date=2006-08-22|accessdate=2006-08-22| language=#language:en|]
* August 27, 2006 – Zimbabwe: 5 die in a head-on collision between a passenger train and a freight train 30 km south of Victoria Falls.cite news|url=| title= Victoria Falls train crash claims five lives
work=ZimObserverNews|date=2006-08-28|accessdate=2006-09-18| language=#language:en|
* September 4, 2006 – Egypt: A passenger train collides with a freight train north of Cairo, killing five and injuring 30. [ [ Vlaky.Net ] ] [ cite news|url=| title=Five dead in Egypt rail accident| work=BBC|date=2006-09-05|accessdate=2006-09-06| language=#language:en|]
* September 22 2006 – Lathen, Emsland, Germany: 21 passengers and two maintenance workers die and many more are injured when a German Transrapid train collides with a maintenance of way vehicle on the system's test track near the Netherlands border. "See also: 2006 Lathen maglev train accident." [cite news| url=| title=High tech German train crash kills at least one|date=2006-09-22| accessdate=2006-09-22| publisher=Reuters| ] [cite news| url=| title='Many' Killed In German Maglev Train Accident|date=2006-09-22| accessdate=2006-09-22|| ] [cite news| url=| title=Magnetic train crashes in Germany|date=2006-09-22| accessdate=2006-09-22| publisher=BBC News| ] [ [ ] ]
* October 11, 2006 – 2006 Zoufftgen rail crash, near Metz, France: Passenger and freight trains collide head on at Zoufftgen, Moselle, close to the Luxembourg border. 5, including the drivers of both trains, die and 20 are injured. [cite news| url=| title=French train collision 'kills 12'|date=2006-10-11| accessdate=2006-10-11| publisher=BBC News| ] The accident is ascribed to human error in the controlling signalling centre in Luxembourg.
* October 17, 2006 – Rome Metro collision, Italy: Two metro trains collide at Rome's Vittorio Emanuele metro station, killing at least one person and injuring around 60. [cite news| url=| title=Two metro trains collide in Rome| publisher=BBC News|date=2006-10-17| accessdate=2006-10-17| ]
* October 20, 2006 – New Brighton, PA - A Norfolk Southern unit train of tank cars containing ethanol derails on a bridge over the Beaver River. The resulting fire burns for days and forces some evacuations. [cite news| url=| title=Report: Train derailment in New Brighton sparks fire, explosion| publisher=Pittsburgh Post-Gazette| date=2006-10-20| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Massive rail cleanup in New Brighton| publisher=Pittsburgh Post-Gazette| date=2006-10-22| author=Roddy, Dennis B.| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* November 9, 2006 – India- 40 die and 15 injured in a West Bengal rail accident.Fact|date=March 2007
* November 9, 2006 – Baxter, California - Six cars of a runaway maintenance train derail, killing two of the crew. [cite web|url=,2933,228460,00.html|title=2nd Body Found in Wreckage of Derailed California Train|publisher=Fox News] [cite web|url=,2933,228820,00.html|title=California Rail Crew Tried to Apply Brakes Before Derailment|publisher=Fox News]
* November 13, 2006 – South Africa - A Metrorail train smashes into a truck carrying farm workers at a level crossing near Somerset West, killing 27. [ Associated Press [,2933,229052,00.html Train Collision Kills 27 in South Africa] " "Fox News Channel" 13 November 2006 ]
*flagicon|India November 20, 2006 – India- A bomb explodes on a train near Belacoba station in West Bengal, India, killing 7 and injuring 53. See 2006 West Bengal train disaster. [ Associated Press " [ India train bomb kills 7, hurts 53] " "CNN" 21 November 2006 ]
*flagicon|Netherlands November 20, 2006 - A train passes a red signal causing a head-on collision in Rotterdam. The passenger train was empty and none were injured, but there was extensive damage to the rail track and its overhead power lines [ | Treinverkeer rond Rotterdam komt weer op gang (video) ] ]
*flagicon|Netherlands November 21, 2006 – Arnhem, Netherlands - A train passes a red signal causing a head-on collision.Bhágalpur in the Ganges a portion of the 150-year-old 'Ulta Pul' bridge being dismantled collapsed over a passing train of India's Eastern Railways, killing 35 and injuring 17.cite web|url=|title=Dozens killed as bridge falls on train|publisher=Patna Daily] cite web|url=|title=Bhagalpur tragedy: Lalu blames officials, contractor|publisher=The Hindu]
* December 13, 2006 – Avio, Italy, a freight train operated by Trenitalia ignores a red signal and crashes on a freight train of the private company Rail Traction Company. Two Trenitalia engineers die in the violent crashit icon cite web|url=|publisher=La Republicca|title=Scontro fra treni mercidue morti in Trentino]

* In the industrial town of Cuautitlan outside Mexico city, 24 people lost lives on 28 December when their bus collided with a 36-wagon freight train. Another 12 passengers were hurt. Police arrested the bus driver who reportedly tried to flee the scene.


* January 4, 2007 – Hatay Province, Turkey: A freight train smashes into a truck carrying farm workers at a railroad crossing in Hatay Province, Turkey, killing 7 and injuring 19. [cite web|url=|title=Turkish train hits truck, seven dead|publisher=Reuters|accessdate=2007-01-10]
* January 10, 2007 – Woburn, MA - A MBTA Commuter train crashes into a work crew, killing two members of the crew and injuring 3 other crew members. Additionally 40 passengers on the train were also injured
* January 16, 2007 – Central Java, Indonesia: The Senja Bengawan train derails, leading to five fatalities. [cite web|url=|publisher=Al Jazeera|title=Train derails in Indonesia]
* February 6, 2007 – Hungary: Train collision between Almásfüzítő and Komárom stations. An EU Regio passenger train hit the end of a freight with speed of 101 km/h. The driver of the passenger train has died, 4 passengers injured.
* February 19, 2007 – 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings Deewana, near Panipat, Haryana State, India: At least 68 die in a suspected bomb blast on the Delhi-Attari Special train (the "Friendship Express") near Deewana, about 80 km north of Delhi, at around 23:55 local time. [cite web |url=|title=Dozens dead in India train blasts|publisher=BBC News|date=2007-02-19|accessdate=2007-02-26] [cite web|url=|title=Three held over India train blast|publisher=BBC News|date=2007-02-22|accessdate=2007-02-26]
* February 23, 2007 – Grayrigg rail crash, United Kingdom: A Virgin trains Pendolino service from London Euston to Glasgow Central derails at Grayrigg Cottage near Oxenholme, Cumbria. One woman dies. A set of points is thought to be the cause of the accident; the West Coast Main Line is closed for several days. [cite web|url=|title=Crash inquiry to focus on points|publisher=BBC News|date=2007-02-24|accessdate=2007-02-24]
* February 28, 2007 – A wind blows 10 passenger rail cars off the track near Turfan, China, killing 3 passengers and seriously injuring 2 others. [cite news |url=| title=Wind blows Chinese train off tracks, 3 dead| publisher=Reuters| accessdate=2007-02-27] [cite news| url=| title=Sandstorm derails train in China; 4 die| publisher=CNN| date=2007-02-28| accessdate=2007-02-28 ]
* March 6, 2007 – A freight train collide with Diivarasekwa-Mbare regular route bus at rail crossing, outskirt of Harare, Zimbabwe, killing 34, another 30 are injured.
* April 16, 2007 – A passenger train crashes into a minibus carrying local council officials at an unmanned rail crossing in southern India, killing 11 and injuring another 12 in the vehicle. Seven of the injured were hospitalized in serious condition. The vehicle was carrying 23 people.
* June 5, 2007 – Kerang train crash, Victoria, Australia. A B-Double truck collided with a Melbourne-bound passenger train 6 kilometres north of Kerang at the Murray Valley Highway level crossing, killing 11 rail passengers and injuring 23.
* June 15, 2007 – Two trains collided on the Italian island of Sardinia, killing 3. [ [ BBC NEWS | Europe | Three dead in Sardinia rail crash ] ]
* July 4, 2007 – A rail worker was killed by train numbered D1 near Jialing railway station. He only saw the up train numbered T48 but did not see the down train numbered D1 from the other direction.
* July 16-17, 2007 – Two Amtrak Silver Star trains on the Tampa to Miami route crash into automobiles and derail in two separate instances, one in Lakeland and one in Plant City. Four people were killed in the first wreck; one was killed in the second accident. The casualties were in the cars that collided with the trains; nobody on either train was seriously injured. [ [ Tracks Fatal Again Just One Day Later ] ]
* July 16, 2007 – 15 carriages from a train carrying yellow phosphor derail and catch fire, releasing toxic fumes affecting 14 villages in a 90 km² area. [ [ BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Scores hit by Ukraine toxic smoke ] ]
* July 30 - Train crash in Caracas subway leaves 1 dead, 6 injured. Two subway trains collide in Venezuela's capital. The accident took place in a tunnel near the Plaza Sucre station in western Caracas, Civil Protection chief Antonio Rivero said. Subways are generally equipped with ATP and ATC so such an accident is hard to explain.
* August 1, 2007 – Benaleka, Kasai-Occidental province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. A passenger train derails killing about 100 people and injuring more than 200 others, many riding on the roof. [cite news|url=|title=Congo train crash kills at least 100|publisher=Reuters|last=Bavier|first=Joe|date=2007-08-02|accessdate=2007-08-03] [ [ Congo news - Railpage Australia™ Forums (Africa) ] ]
* August 7, 2007 – 32 passengers injured as Jodhpur-Howrah Express derails near Juhi Bridge, Kanpur, India.
* August 24, 2007 – Two persons died, five are injured when a locomotive and a freight train collide near Čortanovci, Serbia. [cite news | url = | title = Trains collide in Vojvodina, two dead | publisher=B92]
* August 30, 2007 – 8 passengers killed and 80 injured when a commuter train collides with an empty train at Nova Iguaçu, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [cite news | url = | title = Eight dead after Rio train crash | publisher=BBC News]
* October 3, 2007 – Moving over the CSX east coast main line, the Amtrak Silver Meteor collided into a tractor-trailer after it attempted to cross a grade crossing in Port Wentworth, GA. No serious injuries were reported. [ cite web| url=| title=News article concerning 10/3/07 collision| ]
* October 10, 2007 – 2007 Painesville derailment, A CSX train, Q380-09 carrying ethanol and butane derails in Painesville and Painesville Township, Ohio, causing an evacuation and fire that took several days to burn out. Broken rail suspected as cause. [" [ Flames, smoke fill air after train jumps tracks] ", Willoughby News-Herald, October 11, 2007.] [" [ Derailed train moved as cleanup continues] ", Willoughby News-Herald, October 13, 2007.]
* October 13, 2007 – 4 killed, over 50 injured when rear carriages of Probhati Express derails near Dhaka, Bangladesh.* flagicon|USA October 22, 2007 – Train carrying Gasoline derails in Middlebury, Vermont causing an evacuation. At least one car caught fire and several others were leaking gasoline into Otter Creek (Vermont). [cite news
url =
title = Train Derails In Middlebury; Downtown Evacuated
*flagicon|USA October 29, 2007 – BNSF Railway two-train derailment in Clara City, Minnesota; A hydrochloric acid spill, prompting the evacuation of about 350 people. [citenews|title=Derailment Spills Acid, Residents Flee|url=|accessdate=2007-11-08|publisher=Associated Press|date=2007-10-29]
*flagicon|South Korea November 3, 2007 – 2 KTX trains collided inside Busan Station, with no casualties. [citenews|url=]
*flagicon|USA November 9, 2007 – CSX train derailment in District of Columbia dumps 10 rail cars of coal in the Anacostia River. Improperly secured, free-rolling cut of hoppers from Bennington Yard rolls onto out-of-service bridge, which collapses. [citenews|title=Derailment dumps coal cars into D.C. river|url=|accessdate=2007-11-23||date=2007-11-09]
*flagicon|USA November 30, 2007 – Amtrak train No. 371, the Pere Marquette, strikes last car of COFC freight train on Norfolk Southern, ex-PRR line, near 65th Street in Chicago. Two people in the cab of P-42DC No. 8 are injured, and many passengers shaken up, including three critical, but crumple zone design of locomotive is effective and prevents worse results. Engineer was running approximately 40 mph in a 15 mph zone due to confusion about the meaning of a signal.
* December 19, 2007 – Mehrabpur train derailment, Mehrabpur, Pakistan: A crowded passenger express train derails down an embankment 200km north-east of Karachi at about 2:20 am PST, killing 35 people and injuring about 269, 10 critically.


* January 23, 2008 – When passenger train numbered D59 high-speed train Beijing-Qingdao plunged into a state owned construction zone where 16th Group workers started safety maintenance of a stretch track at Fangzi, Weifang, Shandong, China, killing 18 workers, injuring another nine.
* January 25, 2008 – Amtrak train 91, the Silver Star, collided with a garbage truck sitting on the tracks on CR 427 in Longwood, Florida while waiting for the traffic light to change at the intersection next to the crossing. Both occupants of the garbage truck were not wearing their seat belts and were ejected, one was seriously injured and the other occupant of the truck was killed, there were no injuries on the train .
* January 25, 2008 – Amtrak train 1, the Sunset Limited, collided with a semi truck in north-east Harris County, Texas. The driver of the truck was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
* January 27, 2008 – A Pamukkale Express bound for Denizli, with 436 passengers on board derailed after two cars rolled over at Kutahya due to ice on the tracks in western Turkey, killing nine, and injuring another 50.
* February 1, 2008 – East Midlands Connect service from Nottingham to Norwich involved in an incident at Barrow-on-Soar. The train hit a footbridge that was in its path, after a road vehicle had struck and damaged the bridge causing it to be foul of the line. Six passengers were on board the service and the driver had to be cut free from the driving cab. [cite news|url=,,30100-1303565,00.html |title=Train Driver Critically Injured After Lorry Smashes Into Bridge | publisher=Sky News]
* February 4, 2008 – According to Chinese press report, A 17 car freight train derailed, crushing several houses at Qujing, Kunming-Guizhou Line, Yunnan, China, killing at least six.
* February 5, 2008. – Two people died and 1 was injured in a so-called 'fatal chain reaction accident' at a fog-obscured rail crossing in Boswell, about 30 miles west of Lafayette, Indiana. The crash involved 6 vehicles and a 50 car train. The rural crossing has seen 5 other crashes, 2 of which were fatal, since 1984. A major FRA safety review is now planned for this accident hot-spot. The 2 other fatalities were on- October 10, 1984 and February 7, 1986 between a train and a truck, in which both truck drivers and the truck's passenger in the 1984 crash died. [cite news| url=| title=Fog Causes Fatal Crashes, Postponements| publisher=WLFI| date=2008-02-19| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Rail crossing site of massive wreck| publisher=Indy Star| date=2008-02-05| author=Showalter, Max| accessdate=2008-03-31| ]
* February 29, 2008. – Nine people became victims of fire in Bulgarian State Railways' train No.2637. The night train was travelling from Sofia to the north-eastern town of Kardam in Dobrich region. The fire started in a couchette carriage, which had 35 people in it at the time, and then spread to a sleeping coach with 27 people. It broke out as the train was entering the town of Cherven bryag, around midnight, and took more than three hours to extinguish. Among the victims of the fire was the Rasho Rashev, the director of Bulgaria's National Archaeological Institute. Bulgarian government declared March 5 a day of mourning in memory of the victims of the deadly fire. [cite news| url=| title=Bulgarian Train Torch Claims 9th Life, All Victims Identified| publisher=Sofia News Agency| date=2008-03-04| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [cite news| url=| title=Bulgarian train fire final death toll reaches nine people| publisher=Sofia Echo| date=2008-03-04| accessdate=2008-03-31| author=Bivol, Alex| ]
* March 1 - containers blown off train by wind between Tring and Cheddington; also Shap [ RAIL 25 March, 2008 p6 ]
* March 9, 2008 – Outskirts of Dolores, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina -- a El Rápido Argentino bus going from Mar de Ajó to San Miguel (Greater Buenos Aires) disregards the active warning devices on the railroad crossing of Provincial Highway 63, colliding with a Ferrobaires passenger train going from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata, killing 17, and injuring 40 people. [cite news| url=,21985,23347409-5005961,00.html| title=18 killed when bus and train collide| publisher=Herald Sun| date=2008-03-10| accessdate=2008-03-31| ] [ RailwaysAfrica 2008/1 p31 ]
* March 25, 2008 – Canton, MA - A MBTA train crashes into a runaway box car at Canton Junction station injuring 150 people onboard.
* April 16, 2008 – According to ATN Bangla television report, a Dinajpur-Dhaka Ekoto Express train collided with a local bus on a level crossing at outskirt of Kalihati, Tangail, Bangladesh, killing 18 and injuring 30.
* April 26, 2008 – Collision between a InterCityExpress train and a herd of sheep that had wandered onto the tracks at the mouth of the Landrückentunnel, Germany's longest rail tunnel on the Hanover-Würzburg high-speed rail line near Fulda. The train came to a stop 1300 m into the tunnel, 19 of the train's 135 passengers were lightly injured, four people suffered fractures. [ [ ICE-Unfall bei Fulda (; map)] ]
* April 28, 2008 – 2008 China Railway train T195 accident It has been reported that train No.T195 carrying approximately 1200 passengers from Beijing to Qingdao derailed at approximately 4:38am and was then hit by the No.5034 (Yantai to Xuzhou) passenger train at approximately 4:41am, also with approximately 1200 passengers aboard. The incident occurred at a section of temporary detour tracks Zhoucun-Wangcun, Hejiacun, on the outskirts of Zibo, Shandong, China, while the original tracks were being upgraded. The detour tracks had a lower speed limit of 80km/h, but the speed limit failed to be delivered to T195's operation monitor system or driver, and the driver was following the regular speed limit, so T195 was running at the regular speed of 131km/h before it derailed. It was reported that fourteen passenger cars had been crushed, 72 people had been killed and 416 injured.
* May 4, 2008 – According to Thai National Railroad and MCOT television network report, a Sungai Kolok-Pattaluna passenger train carrying 400 passengers onboard derailed at outskirts of Sungai Kolok, Songkhla, Thailand, killing one and injuring 30.
* May 5, 2008 – According to Sudanese newspaper Al-Ray al-Am web site report, a 20 car freight train carrying illegal passengers, and including Kordofan University students derailed at outskirts of Al-Foula, South Kordofan, Sudan, killing 14 and injuring 28. [ [ 14 dead after Sudan train derails - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) ] ]
* May 10, 2008 – Romanian National Railway Company (CFR) passenger train No 1661 going from Bucharest to Iasi derailed near station Valea Calugareasca (Prahova county), around 16:55 local time (EET) while travelling at a speed of 68 km/h. There was a maximum speed limit on that sector of 70 km/h. A 17 year old girl died and 4 other persons were injured. The locomotive and 3 train cars were thrown off the lines. 2 of the cars were severely damaged. The cause of the accident is supposed to be a defective switch.
* May 14, 2008 – According to ATN Bangla television report, a Upaban Express train rammed into the rear of Noakhali Express train at Ashuganj station, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh, killing 8 and injuring 100.
* May 16, 2008 Ottumwa, Iowa. A local man is killed after being struck by a train at a level crossing, At least six people had seen the pedestrian on one track at around 5 p.m., waiting for a train on the other track to pass. They said he apparently didn’t see the second train coming up behind him, traveling along the track on which he stood.
* May 28, 2008 – Boston MBTA Green Line D Train crashed into the rear of another train on the same line in Newton, Massachusetts between Woodland and Waban "T" stops. Driver of rear train killed, 12 others injured.
* June 23, 2008 – A freight train rammed into a minibus at a level crossing in Nurdagi, Gaziantep, Turkey, killing 11 bus passengers.
* July 16, 2008 – At least 44 are killed and 33 injured when a truck failed to stop at level crossing and pushed into two vehicles with a Matruh-Alexandrea passenger train, where crushing a locomotive engine with several passenger cars at Marsa Matruh, Dabaa, Egypt. [ [ Egyptian National Railways - Egypt | International Railway Journal | Find Articles at BNET ] ]
*flagicon|United Kingdom July 19, 2008 An Arriva Trains Wales Class 158 train crashed into a tractor on the Shrewsbury to Chester Line [ Today's Railways Issue 81]
* August 1, 2008 – According Indian Railroad official, NDTV and Zee News report, a Secunderabad-Kakinada nightly Gautami Express with 360 passengers caught fire at Tallapusalapalli-Mehboobabad, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India, killing at least thirty-two passengers.
*flagicon|United Kingdom August 4, 2008 An Arriva Trains Wales Class 158 train 158821 strikes a woman on the Welsh Marches Line near Crewe railway station whilst working the 05:50 Carmarthern to Manchester Piccadilly. Service terminates at Crewe. The woman was left with serious injuries to her leg.
* August 8, 2008 – Studenka Train Disaster - an express train EC 108 Comenius from Kraków, Poland to Prague, Czech Republic travelling at 140 km/h crashed around 10:30 local time (GMT+1) into a section of a bridge undergoing construction that had fallen onto the track. 7 people were killed and 67 injured in the accident. [cite news|url=|title=Several dead in Czech train crash|publisher=BBC News|accessdate=2008-08-08] [cite news|url=|title=Vlakové neštěstí ve Studénce: šest mrtvých a desítky zraněných||accessdate=2008-08-08|language=Czech]
* August 15, 2008 – At least nine died and injuring sixty-seven, when a KA Limex Express from Palembang head-on collided with a freight train carrying natural coal at approaching Bandar Lampung railroad station, southern Sumatra, Indonesia.
* August 22, 2008 – At least two died and injuring forty-seven, when a Tua-Mirandela local passenger train with fifty-nine peoples on board, where off the rail and plunged into Tua River, near Brunheda, Braganca, Portugal.
* September 12, 2008 – One railroad driver and another man died, two trains collided in front of Heidelberg Cement Company Bicaz factory at Tasca, Neamt County, Romania, in an incident caused by brake failure.
* September 12, 2008 – 2008 Chatsworth train collision, California, United States: A northbound Metrolink (Southern California) double-deck commuter train runs a red light and collides head on with a Union Pacific Railroad freight train pulled by three engines at about 60 mph and derails; the 220-ton derailed Metrolink engine is knocked 30 feet backwards into a 119-ton passenger car, crushing it in half. At least 26 people are killed and about 135 are injured. [cite news| url=| title=Human error led to fatal train collision| publisher=Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.| date=2008-09-13| author=CNN's Ted Rowlands| accessdate=2008-09-13| ] [cite news| url=| title=Metrolink Says Engineer Failed to Stop; Deaths at 24| publisher=Bloomberg News| date=2008-09-13| author=Nancy Kercheval| accessdate=2008-09-13| ]
* October 6, 2008 – 2008 Monorierdő train collision: Four people have died and 26 injured in a collision between two passenger trains near Budapest, Hungary.

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External links

* [ NTSB Publications] – The United States National Transportation Safety Board official reports of transportation accidents.
* [ RSSB Publications] – UK Rail Safety and Standards Board


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* [ United States National Transportation Safety Board Publications]

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