List of rail accidents (1950–1999)

List of rail accidents (1950–1999)

List of rail accidents from 1950 to 1999.

For historic accidents before 1950, see "List of pre-1950 rail accidents".

For accidents from 2000 to the present, see "List of rail accidents".




* February 17 1950 – Rockville Centre, New York, United States: a head-on collision between two Long Island Rail Road commuter trains kills 32 and injures 158.
* March 18, 1950 – Ashton, Ontario, Canada: Wind blows smoke and freshly fallen snow to obscure the headlight on a Canadian Pacific Railway passenger train doing switching maneuvers at Ashton; the apparently blinking light is misinterpreted as a clear signal by the engineer of an opposing train who throttles up and runs into passenger cars that were still standing on the mainline. [Colin Churcher's Railway Pages (February 2006), " [ Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area: 1950, March 18 - Canadian Pacific - Ashton] ". Retrieved March 18 2006. ]
* April 6 1950 – A local passenger train plunged into Indios River at Tangua, outskirt of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in an incident caused by heavy rain with flood, killing at least 108.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom August 27, 1950 – Penmaenmawr, Caernarfonshire, Wales. The "Irish Mail" train, en-route from the port of Holyhead, crashed into another engine killing six passengers. A human signalling error was to blame.
* September 11 1950 – Coshocton, Ohio, United States: The Spirit of Saint Louis runs a red light and rear-ends a stopped troop train in heaving fog carrying the 109th Infantry Regiment from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, killing 33. The engineer of the Spirit of Saint Louis is to blame for excessive speed. [Korean War Educator,, retrieved June 19, 2008]
* November 15 1950 – Hjuksebø train disaster, Hjuksebø, Norway: Four goods cars get loose during shunting and crash with an express train on the Sørlandsbanen line. 15 killed.
* November 21, 1950 – Canoe River, British Columbia, Canada: A Canadian National Railway train carrying Korea-bound troops is given incorrect orders and collides with a passenger train, killing 21, including 17 soldiers.
* November 22 1950 – Richmond Hill, New York, United States: a collision between two Long Island Rail Road commuter trains kills 79, hundreds injured. [cite web| url=| title=The 1950 LIRR crash at Kew Gardens/Richmond Hill| date=2007-01-27| accessdate=2007-11-22| ]
* December 21 1950 – Podivín, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): A passenger train collided with a bus at level crossing. 34 killed, 56 injured.


* February 6, 1951 – Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States: "The Broker", a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train, derails, killing 85 people and injuring over 500.
* April 24, 1951 – A commuter train catches fire at the pantograph approach at Sakuragichō railroad station, Yokohama, Japan, killing at least 106 people and injuring 93.
* June 7, 1951 – A commuter train collide with truck carrying gasoline at level crossing at Nova Iguacu, northwestern Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, killing at least 54.
* July 22, 1951 – Tatranská Lomnica, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia): In the Slovakian Tatra Mountains (Vysoké Tatry), two ČSD electric mountain trains collide. 19 are killed. A similar crash had occurred 1895 in the same place. [sk icon cite web|url=|title=Železničná trať Tatranská Lomnica - Studený Potok]
* August 18, 1951 – Székesfehérvár, Hungary: A fast train ran into the end of a local commuter train. 6 people died in the accident (also a conductor), and 3 more after transfer to hospital. 28 passengers injured.
* August 18, 1951 – Debrecen, Hungary: A passenger train heading for Tiszalök collided with a shunting DMU. 11 passengers died because of the wooden-frame coaches.


* May 7, 1952 – A fully-laden passenger train collides in heavy fog with a stationary train at Berala railway station, Sydney, Australia. 10 are killed and 137 injured.
* October 8, 1952Harrow and Wealdstone rail crash, United Kingdom: Three trains are involved in a crash that kills 112 and injures 340. A rear-end collision due to a driver passing a signal at danger in fog is immediately followed by another express running into the wreckage.
* August 16, 1952 – Former Soviet Army carrying passenger train derailed at Rzepin, Slubice, Poland, 23 officer and 136 soldiers are killed.
* August 26, 1952Suchdol nad Odrou, Czechoslovakia: A fast train derails, killing 12 and injuring 108.
* December 26, 1952Budapest, Hungary: A local train from Szentendre derails because of a faulty switch killing 26 and injuring 57. The switch attendant was executed on the same day.


* January 15, 1953 – Washington, DC, United States: Approaching Union Station, the brakes partially fail on the Pennsylvania Railroad "Federal Express" overnight train from Boston. Unable to stop, the 16 car train careened through the interlocking, barreled into sixteen track, a stub track, plowed through the bumper and smashed its way into the station, destroying the main newsstand and the stationmaster's office. The massive GG-1 electric locomotive pulling the train collapsed the concourse floor and fell into the basement. Amazingly, nobody was killed in the accident. President-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower's inauguration was scheduled the following week, leaving insufficient time to extricate the locomotive. So the basement was planked over for the celebration week. After the inaugural festivities had concluded, the unit was cut up into three pieces, hauled to Altoona, Pennsylvania where it had been built, reassembled and returned to revenue service for another three decades. GG-1 No. 4876 is in the collection of the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. [cite web|url=|title=The Famous Union Station Wreck|publisher=National Railway Historical Society|accessdate=2007-04-22]
* March 27, 1953 – Conneaut, Ohio, United States: Three New York Central trains tangle near Conneaut on the four-track mainline on the night of March 27. Twenty-one passengers die. Cause is found to be an improperly secured gondola load - a section of thirteen-inch (330 mm) pipe fell from a freight car onto the adjacent track, getting struck by a passenger train.
* December 19, 1953 – Sydenham Rail Disaster, Australia: a passenger train of the New South Wales Railways runs into the rear of another train. Five people are killed and 748 injured.
* December 24, 1953 – Šakvice train disaster, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): Express train whose crew fell asleep after several bottles of wine hits commuter train at a station, killing 106.
* December 24, 1953 – New Zealand: Tangiwai disaster; the Tangiwai railway bridge over the Whangaehu River collapses as the overnight express train between Wellington and Auckland passes over it; the bridge supports had been weakened by a lahar (a volcanic ash and debris filled flash flood) a few minutes before the train passed. 151 people are killed.


* January 23, 1955Sutton Coldfield train disaster, England: a passenger train rounds a sharp curve too fast and derails at Sutton Coldfield station; 17 people die as a result.
* April 3, 1955Guadalajara, Mexico: a train falls into a canyon. 300 killed.
* August 22, 1955 – Spring City Train Disaster, Spring City, Tennessee, United States: School bus disregards crossing signal and is struck by freight train. Eleven dead, 39 hurt; all the dead are school children.
* November 20, 1955Milton rail crash: a passenger train takes a crossover too fast and derails at Milton, near Didcot, England. 11 killed, 157 injured.
* December 2, 1955Barnes rail crash, Barnes, South London, England: collision due to signal error and consequent fire. 13 killed, 35 injured.


* September 5, 1956 – near Robinson, New Mexico, United States: Two Santa Fe express passenger trains collide when a railroad worker prematurely throws a switch directly in front of one of the trains. 20 railroad employees, mostly dining car personnel, are killed. [cite web|url=|title=Unexpected Diversion Accidents|accessdate=2007-04-22|publisher=J.B. Calvert]
* October 15, 1956 – An express train passes a traffic signal and safety catch point at Rokken railroad station, near Ise, Japan, colliding head-on with another express train, crushing four passenger cars, killing 44 people and injuring another 94.
* November 23, 1956 – A Madras-Tuticorin Express derailed at Maradaiyar River bridge at Ariyalur, Tamil-Nadu, India, killing at least 154 people.


* March 15, 1957 – near Kuurila, Finland: The southbound night express train P64 Tornio–Helsinki hauled by Hr1 Pacific 1005 (Lokomo 132 / 1940) with 48 axles (12 coaches) collides head-on with Motor Express train MP41 Helsinki - Pori 16 axles (three coaches) hauled by motor wagon Dm4 1607. 26 were killed and 60 injured in Finland's worst peace-time train crash. The accident was a result of human mistake made at Kuurila station where permission was given to P64 (where it was stopped to let the northbound motor express train MP41, which was running late, to pass) on (then) single line between Toijala and Hämeenlinna on the Tampere–Helsinki main line, to departure when the station personnel thought that MP41 had been stopped at Iittala to give free line for P64. At the moment the crash happened between Kuurila (km 136.3) and Iittala (km 129.3), in a curve, the speedometer of Hr1 1005 had stopped to 68 kph. This was lucky in this accident that Pacific hauled night express was not using its scheduled speed 110 kph over this section. As a result of this accident Dm4 1607 went to the pieces and was abandoned. But Hr1 1005 suffered only light damages when it broke through the motor coach and halfway in next coach after Dm4 1607, before it collapsed to her right hand side. Most of the victims were in MP41. The driver of the Pacific died but the fireman survived. Both the driver and engine assistant on Dm4 1607 died. On the P64 only the sleeping car just behind the locomotive was badly damaged and had to be scrapped. Hr1 1005 was repaired (L4) back to working order at Hyvinkää Works and entered back to revenue-earning service on May 15, 1957.
* April 27, 1957 – Bylnice, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): A carriage packed with wood ran away during shunting from Brumov station and collided with a passenger train carrying 20 people. 10 killed, 4 injured, 6 left unharmed.
* September 1, 1957 – Manchester, Jamaica, British West Indies: Chartered train returning to Kingston from Montego Bay derails, killing 197 and injuring more than 700.
* September 29, 1957 – Montgomery, Pakistan: An express train crashes into an oil train. 250 killed.
* October 20, 1957 – Two Passenger trains, include Simplon Orient Express head collided at Sirkeci, outskirt of Istanbul, Turkey, Killing at least 95 people, injuring another 150.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom December 4, 1957 – Lewisham rail crash, England: A steam train passes a red signal in the fog and ploughs into the back of an electric train. The crash also destroys a support column of a railway bridge, causing parts of the bridge to collapse onto the wreck. 90 people are killed.


* January 1, 1958 – an Ambala-Delhi local train collided with standing Delhi-Pathankot express at Mohri station, Ambala, Haryana, India, killing at least 32, another 85 are injured.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom January 30, 1958 – Dagenham East rail crash, Dagenham, United Kingdom: A commuter train passes a danger signal and rear-ends the stopped train in front of it, killing 10 and injuring 89.
* May 8, 1958 – A commuter express train ram and crashed into another commuter train、and wreckage of cars piled along embankments vender a highway over pass at near Manguelira station, outskirt of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, killing 140, another 300 are injured.
* September 14, 1958 – Drachenfels Railway, Königswinter, Germany: A rack railway train derails, killing 17.
* September 15, 1958 – Newark Bay rail crash, Newark Bay, New Jersey, United States: A Central Railroad of New Jersey morning commuter train blows through stop signals, derails, then slides off of the open liftspan. Both diesels and first two coaches plunge into Newark Bay and sink immediately, 48 drown. A third coach hangs precariously out the drawbridge for two hours, snagged by its rear truck before it, too, topples into the water. As the whole operating crew was killed, no absolute determination for the accident was reached, but a medical emergency in the cab was theorized.


* May 28, 1959 – A Gambir of Jakarta-Parahyangan of Bandung express derailed with plunge into a ravine at outskirt of Tjipeundeuj, West Java, Indonesia, killing 92, another 40 are injured.
* June 28, 1959 – Meldrim, Georgia, United States: Tank cars carrying butane derail atop a wooden trestle owned by the Seaboard Air Line Railroad. The resulting explosion and fire kills 23 persons. [ [] Retrieved March 27 2007.]



* March 1, 1960 – Rosedale, California, United States: An Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway passenger train strikes a heavy tanker truck carrying a large quantity crude oil at a grade crossing and derails. The wreckage immediately ignites and fourteen perish in the inferno.
* May 15, 1960 – Leipzig, East Germany: Two local trains collide in Leipzig central station owing to a dispatcher error. 54 die, 200 are injured.cite web|url=|title=Bahnbetriebsunfälle der DR und DB ab 1958|author=Gerd Böhmer]
* November 16, 1960 – Stéblová train disaster, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): 118 are killed and 110 injured in a head-on collision.


* August 27, 1961 – Vrbno pod Pradědem, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): Three freight carriages which ran away during shunting collided with a passenger train. 19 killed, 17 injured.
* October 26, 1961 – Two cars of a commuter train run by Oita Traffic Company (Oita Kotsu) are hit by a mudslide after heavy rain at Ōita, eastern Kyūshū, Japan, killing 31 people and injuring another 36. Most of the passengers are senior high school students.
* December 14, 1961 – Auburn, Colorado, United States: A Union Pacific passenger train in route to Denver collides with a school bus carrying 36 children bound for Delta and Arlington elementary schools, Meeker Junior High, and Greeley High. 20 of the children were killed, 16 children and the driver survived. [The Rocky Mountain News " [ The Crossing] " Retrieved January 26 2007.]


* January 8, 1962 – Harmelen, The Netherlands: The Harmelen train disaster, the worst railway accident in the history of The Netherlands, occurs when one passenger train driver misses a warning signal in fog and passes a red signal to collide nearly head-on with another passenger train. 91 people (including both drivers) die, 54 are injured of which 2 lost their lives while in hospital. [ [ Danger Ahead! Harmelen, The Netherlands, 1962 ] ]
* May 3, 1962 – a 6-car commuter train bound for Toride collides with a derailed freight train, and is then hit head on by another train bound for Ueno at Mikawashiima station, Jōban Line, downtown Tokyo, Japan, killing at least 160 people and injuring another 290.
* August 17, 1962 – Tiszatenyő, Hungary: Fast train no. 6601 derails at the tight curve after the station owing to speeding, the loco falls down from the embankment killing the two firemen.


* February 1, 1963 – According to Mexican Red Cross confirmed report, two locomotive engine train rammed into a passenger train, and exploded with caught fire at Nogales, Veracruz, Mexico, killing 17 and injuring 63.
* August 2, 1963 – According to Uruguay State Railroad official confirmed report, a suburb train derailed on safety catch point at Piedras, Canelones, Uruguay, killing 40 and injuring 70.
* November 9, 1963 – Yokohama rail crash : a twelve car of Yokosuka-Tokyo commuter train collides with derailed three cars of freight train, and hit head on collide Tokyo-Zushi commuter train during slow speed, and crushing both four passenger cars at Tsurumi-Shinkoyasu, Yokosuka and Tokaido Line, Yokohama, Japan, killing at least 161, another 120 are injured.
* December 24, 1963 – Paládicspuszta, Szolnok, Hungary: A passenger train hits a freight train. 45 killed, 34 injured.


* January 4, 1964 – A commuter train collided with standing passenger train at Jajinci, Vozdovac, Serbia, killing at least 66, another injured at least 200.
* March 18, 1964Mirigama train crash, Sri Lanka: A Sri Lankan commuter train derails at high speed, killing over 60 people.
* July 21, 1964 – Passenger train derailed at Custoias, Portugal, killing 94 people.
* September 5, 1964 – According to TT news agency report, a eight cars of North Arrow Express derailed at Alby station, Botkyrka, Stockholm, Sweden, killing ten and injuring forty.


* February 26, 1965 – According to Sudanese Al-Ayaam and Al-Raayam newspaper report, a 500-tons of freight train head-on collided on a Khartoum-Port Sudan passenger train at Miseiktab, River Nile, Sudan, at least 100 killed and injuring 29.
* September 21, 1965 – Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): A passenger train collided with a freight train at Hloubětín station. 14 killed, 70 injured.
* October 4, 1965 – A commuter local train carrying 850 passenger is derailed at outskirt of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, killing at least 150, another 700 are injured.
* December 18, 1965 – Aldehuela de la Bóveda, Spain: An international passenger train collided with a local passenger train at Villar de los Álamos station. Over 30 killed, over 60 severely injured.


* May 2, 1966 – Deštnice, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): A train collided with a lorry. 10 killed, 37 injured.
* October 1966 – The Dorion level crossing accident: A merchant CN Rail train traveling at an excessive speed collides with a school bus at a level-crossing in Dorion, Quebec, Canada, killing 19 of 40 teenage students and the bus driver.


* July 6, 1967 – Langenweddingen rail crash, Langenweddingen, East Germany near Magdeburg: Because of an overstretched cable preventing the proper operation of a level crossing's barriers, a local train collides with lorry carrying 15,000 litres of light petrol and ignites. 94 killed, of which 44 are children on a holiday trip. After the accident, barrier-dependent train signalling was introduced on the DR network.

* August 10, 1967 – Odense, Denmark: 11 people are killed and 36 injured as a lyntog express train from Copenhagen crashes into a stationary train shortly before Odense.

* August 25, 1967 – Beesd, Netherlands: The driver and conductor (who in those days was supposed to ride together with the driver in the front cabin) are killed and 7 passengers of a passenger train are injured at 5:55 in the morning, when a cargo train crashes head-on into the first passenger train of that day. The driver of the cargo train (who was injured but survived the crash) missed a red signal, because of dense fog. [ Overzicht spoorwegongevallen] ]

* October 4, 1967 – Fexhe-le-Haut-Clocher, Belgium : 11 people are killed as 3 trains collide.

* / flagicon|United Kingdom November 5, 1967 – Hither Green rail crash, England: 49 people are killed and 78 people injured as an express train from Hastings to Charing Cross derails at Hither Green, owing to a broken rail at a rail joint.


* January 6, 1968Hixon rail crash, England: A Manchester-London express strikes a vehicle carrying a 122-tonne (120-long ton) transformer at an automatic level crossing. Eleven people are killed and 27 seriously injured.
* December 12, 1968Mende, Hungary: A fast passenger train collied head-on with a freight train. 43 killed, 60 injured.


* 1969 – Violet Town railway disaster, Australia: a head-on collision on a single line, no ATP; 9 killed
* January 31, 1969 – Herend, Hungary: a passenger express train crashed into a military train. Eleven people are killed and 39 injured.
* July 28, 1969 – Bezděčín, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): A passenger train collided with a bus at level crossing, killing 23 and injuring 29.



* February 1, 1970 – A Tucuman-Buenos Aires express train collides with standing local train at Benavide railroad station, outskirt of Buenos Aires, Argentina,on both trains were 1,100 passendgers on-board. In an incident of express train is mechanical failures. According official of Argentine estimate report, 236 killed, another 360 injured.
* February 18, 1970 – A passenger train derail with fall canyon at Langa Langa, Benue, Nigeria, killing at least 81 people
* February 23, 1970 – Valašské MeziříčíPúchov railway line, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): A passenger train collided with a single locomotive. 11 killed, 14 injured.
* June 1970 – Oslo, Norway: A train from Skien collides with a shunting locomotive at Lysaker. 30 injured.
* May 20, 1970 - New York City, NY A rerouted Brooklyn-bound GG train on the express track crosses over a switch near Roosevelt Avenue–Jackson Heights station, slammed into another train on the local track, which was taken out of service for a brake problem earlier. The out of service train on the local track was being operated from the third car while the conductor was in the first car, relaying instructions to the motorman via. a flashlight. 2 killed, 77 injured
* June 21, 1970 – Crescent City, Illinois, United States: Toledo, Peoria and Western Railroad Company's Train No. 20 derails in downtown Crescent City; propane tank car ruptures and explosions cause fires that destroy the city center. No fatalities.
* August 9, 1970 – Plentzia, Basque Country, Spain: Two EuskoTren trains crash in each other on the Bilbao-Plentzia line killing 33. In 1995 this line was transferred to Metro Bilbao.
* December 11, 1970 – Řikonín, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): An express train named "Pannonia" crashed into a freight train which had derailed after collision with a locomotive. Two carriages of the express train then fell down from a bridge. 32 killed, 17 injured.
* December 31, 1970 – According to Iranian Transport Ministry and Kayhan newspaper report, a passenger train carrying railroad workers collid with standing freight train at Saghzi-Nibod, Ostan-e Estafan, Iran, killing 70, another 140 are injured.


* February 9, 1971 – Aitrang, Germany: The TEE 56 "»Bavaria«", a SBB RAm TEE DMU, heading from Munich to Zurich, derails while passing a curve shortly after Aitrang station. The maximum speed in the curve is 80 km/h, however the train passes the curve at 130 km/h because of frozen water in the air brake. Shortly after the TEE has derailed, a railbus hits the wreckage, coming from the opposite direction. 28 die, 42 are injured.cite paper|title=Eisenbahn-Kurier Special #43: Die DB 1971|publisher=EK-Verlag, Freiburg]
* February 15, 1971 – According to former Yugoslav Tanjug news agency report, a diesel locomotive passenger train caught fire inside tunnel at outskirt of Zenica, Bosnia, killing 34, another 60 are injured.
* March 4, 1971 – A local train collides with a small truck that enters the crossing on the Fujikyu line, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan, killing at least 17 people and injuring 69.
* May 27, 1971 – Radevormwald, Germany: Dahlerau train disaster - a railbus and a freight train collide on the single track line Wuppertal–Radevormwald near the station Dahlerau. The railbus was a special service carrying schoolchildren of a Radevormwald school. The local dispatcher claims to have signalled a red light to the freight train, whilst the freight train engineer claims to have seen a green one. Ultimately, the case cannot be resolved as the dispatcher is killed in a car accident before the legal hearings start. 41 die, 25 are injured. Worst rail accident in West Germany during Deutsche Bundesbahn times. The accident leads to the phasing out of the Nachtbefehlsstab, and presses the DB to introduce radio communications on branch lines.
* July 21, 1971 – Rheinweiler, Germany: D 370 from Basel to Copenhagen passes a 75 km/h curve at about 140 km/h and derails, destroying a detached house; 23 die, 121 are injured. The suspected reason for the accident was a technical failure in the Class 103 engine's automatic cruise control mechanism, leading to the engine gaining too much speed. The cruise control was consequently disabled after the accident and restricted speed zones were equipped with PZB. [cite news|publisher=Badische Zeitung|title=Schweiz-Expreß bei Rheinweiler entgleist: 25 Tote|date=1971-07-22]
* October 25, 1971 – Two limited express trains collide head-on in the Kintetsu Osaka Line tunnel at Hakusan (present-day Tsu), Mie, Japan, killing at least 25 people and injuring 236.


* January 16, 1972 – According to Greek ERT television report, a Munich-Athens Acropolis Express head on collided with a local passenger train, with five passenger cars crushed at outskirt of Doxaras, Larisa, Greece, killing 15, another 50 are injured.
* June 4, 1972 – According United News of Bangladesh news agency report, a Kolkatta-Khulna passenger train head on collided with standing freight train, with crushing 10 passenger cars at Jessore station, Khulna, Bangladesh, killing 76, another 500 are injured.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom June 11, 1972 – The Eltham Well Hall rail crash. An excursion train took a bend at excessive speed and derailed, at Eltham, London. The driver and five passengers were killed, and 126 people injured. The subsequent investigation established that the driver had been drinking.
* June 16, 1972 – A tunnel collapsed by huge rock fall, with two passenger train derailed, at Vierzy tunnel, Aisne, France, killing at least 107, injuring another 111.
* July 21, 1972 – A Madrid-Cadiz nightly express head on collided with standing local train at El Cuervo, outskirt of Seville, Spain, killing at least 76, another 103 are injured.
* August 6, 1972 – According to Associated Press of Pakistan report, a Bahawalpor-Karachi Tezro express rammed into standing freight train at Liaqatpur station, Punjab of Pakistan, killing 50, another 150 are injured.
* October 6, 1972 – According to a Mexican Red Cross and Televisa television report, a 22-car express train carrying 2,200 pilgrims returning from a Roman Catholic religious festival derailed, overturned and caught fire at Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. The incident was caused by the train's excessive speed when approaching a curve. Mexican officials confirmed 208 killed and at least 1,000 injured.
* October 30, 1972 – Chicago, Illinois, United States: Illinois Central Gulf commuter rail crash, 45 are killed and over 300 injured.
* October 30, 1972 – Schweinsburg-Culten, East Germany: The driver of Ext 346 (Leipzig–Karlovy Vary) does not notice a stop signal on a single-track stretch of line because of heavy fog and collides with D 273 heading toward Berlin. 22 die, 70 are injured.
* October 31, 1972 – According to Turkish Radio and Television Corporation report, a Konya-Istanbul passenger train derailed and move onto the main track in a signal mixup, and some passenger cars burst into flames at Eskisehir, Turkey, killing at least 30.
* November 6, 1972 – An express train bound for Aomori with 761 passengers onboard is going through the Hokuriku railroad tunnel, Tsuruga, Japan, when a fire starts in the dining car, killing at least 31 people and injuring 637.


* January 30, 1973 – Helvécia, Hungary: A scheduled local bus disregards crossing signal and crushed by local train. 37 people killed, 18 injured.
* July 10, 1973 – Leipzig, East Germany: The driver of a commuter train fails to notice a diversion, causing the train to derail and hit the signal box of Leipzig-Leutzsch railway station. Four are killed, 25 injured.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom August, 1973 – Glasgow, Scotland: Electric train hits a diesel train near Glasgow Central Station. 5 die, 50 are injured.
* September 7, 1973 – Copenhagen, Denmark: 2 people killed and 23 injured as an S-train collides with another stationary S-train in a tunnel close to Østerport station.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom December, 1973 – Ealing rail crash, London: Train derails, killing 10 and injuring 94.
* December 17, 1973 – According to Brazilian Rede Globo television report, an express passenger train head collide with freight train at outskirt of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, killing 80, another 40 are injured.


* June 17, 1974 – According to Mena report, a Cairo-Alexandria express train collided with Egyptian military truck at level crossing of Benha, Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt, killing 16, another injuring are 90.
* August 04, 1974 – A bomb explodes in car 5 of the Italicus Express running from Rome to Brennero on the night of the 4th August. Twelve passengers were killed and 44 were wounded. Ten years later in the same place, the same thing happened again.
* August 30, 1974 – Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now Croatia): An express train from Athens to Dortmund derails at Zagreb train station because of excessive speed. 153 passengers killed. (see 1974 Zagreb train disaster)


* January 18, 1975 – According to Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram report, a Damietta-Cairo express train derailed and crushing six passenger cars, where a man riding on locomotive engine, which overturned twice at Kalyub, Nile Delta, Egypt, killing 27, another injuring are 52.
* February 22, 1975 – Tretten, Norway: The Tretten train disaster. A passenger train from Oslo collides with an express train from Trondheim. 27 killed.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom February 28, 1975 - Moorgate tube crash, England: A London Underground train fails to stop at a cul-de-sac tunnel at Moorgate station, 43 people are killed.
* March 31, 1975 – According to Swedish Sveriges Television report, a 13 cars Stockholm-Malmoe Oeresund Arrow express, carrying 300 passengers onboard has derailed at Mjoelby, Ostergotland, Sweden, killing 14, another injuring 39.
* April 4, 1975 - Passenger train collided with freight train at Žąsliai in Vilnius - Kaunas line. 17 people were killed.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom June 6, 1975 – Nuneaton rail crash, Warwickshire, England: Collision between two trains at Nuneaton Station, including the London Euston to Glasgow sleeper service. 6 killed 38 injured.
* June 8, 1975 – Warngau, Germany: Two trains collide on a single-rail stretch of track between Lenggries and Munich because of a dispatcher error. 41 dead, 122 injured.
* July 17, 1975 – According to SBT television of Brazil report, a six car of commuter train with 1,000 passengers onboard plunged rail track, and crushing two passenger cars at Madareira, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, killing 14 and 340 injured.
* October 14, 1975 – Hajdúsámson, Hungary: Local bus struck by local train. 12 people killed, 8 injured.
* December 14, 1975 – According to Lusa News Agency report, a Lisbon-Paris express head on collided another local train at Fornos do Algodres, Viseau, Portugal, killing 16, another injuring are 60.


* March 17, 1976 – According to Peruvian America Television report, a Machu Pichu-Cuzco sightseeing passenger train smashed a rear of another passenger train at Panradero Imata railroad station, Arequipa, Peru, killing 30, another injuring are 100.

* April 21, 1976 – at Changhua, Taiwan: A bus carrying students collides with a train, killing 40 and injuring 42.

* May 4, 1976 – near Schiedam, the Netherlands: An international train collides with a local train, killing 24 and injuring 11.

* September 11, 1976 – According to Mexican TV Azteca and Televisa report, a two car of Chihuahua-Los Mochis passenger train head-on collide with satnding freight train, and plunged bottom of 60-feet embankment, near Barranca del Cobre, Chihuahua, Mexico, some of passenger riding on roof vehicle, killing 24 and injuring 60.
* November 3, 1976 – According to Polish PAP news agency and TVP television report, a Lublin-Wroclaw express rammed another standing passenger train at Julianka railroad station, Kielce, Swietokrzyskie, Poland, killing 25 people and injuring 60.

* November 29, 1976 – According to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation news report, an overnight Mombasa-Nairobi express carrying 600 passengers onboard, plunged into flood-waters by thunderstorm at Kathekani, Voi, Kenya, killing twelve and injuring 70.


* January 18, 1977 – Granville railway disaster, Australia: 83 die when a train derails and hits a bridge support. The Bridge then fell, crushing part of the train.
* February 4, 1977 – Chicago Loop derailment Chicago, Illinois, United States: In the worst accident in the system's history, a Chicago Transit Authority elevated train motorman disregards cab signals and rear ends another train on the Loop curve at Wabash and Lake Streets during the evening rush hour. Eleven people are killed and over 180 injured as four cars of the rear train derail and fall to the street below. The motorman was discovered to have marijuana in his possession, although it was never determined if he was impaired in any way. [ [ (] ]
* February 28, 1977 – According to Televisio de Catalunya report, a Martorell-Plaza de Espana of Barcelona and Plaza de Espana-Igualada commuter locomotive cars train head on collided near San Andres de Barca station, Barcelona, Spain, killing twenty-two and injuring 97.
* June 27, 1977 – Lebus, East Germany: Because of a dispatcher operating under the influence of medication at Boosen, a holiday train from Zittau to Stralsund is diverted onto the branch line to Kietz, where it crashes with a freight train. 28 die in the accident, including the train crew of the holiday train; the dispatcher is jailed for five years.
* flagicon|United States November 9, 1977 – Pensacola, Florida, United States: A Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company freight train derails near Escambia Bay, and a punctured tank car of anhydrous ammonia kills two local residents as they try to flee the toxic gas cloud. Another 46 are injured.
* November 11, 1977 – Freight train with dynamite explode at Iri railroad station, Iksan, Jeollabukdo, South Korea, killing at least 57 people.
* November 27, 1977 – Bitterfeld, East Germany: The boiler of a Class 01 steam engine explodes for lack of water, killing 9 and injuring 45. [cite news|publisher=BZ am Abend|title=Lokomotive explodierte auf dem Bahnhof Bitterfeld|date=1977-11-27]


* February 22, 1978 – Waverly tank car explosion, Waverly, Tennessee, United States: A Louisville and Nashville Railroad freight train derails; one tank car containing liquefied petroleum gas explodes two days later, killing 16 and injuring 43. Numerous buildings in downtown Waverly are destroyed or damaged by force of the blast and resulting fires.
* February 25, According to Argentine television network Artear report, a 18 car of Tucuman-Buenos Aires express train carrying 2,130 passengers returning from sea side resort site has slammed into a heavy weight track and skidding along the embankment move 900-feet at Saa Pereya, Santa Fe, Argentina, with crushing 11 passenger cars derailed, killing 50, another 120 are injured.
* February 26, 1978 – Youngstown, Florida, United States: Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay Railroad freight train derails, a chlorine gas cloud, released from a punctured tank car, kills eight and injures 138. This was the first recorded major liquified chlorine gas disaster and the cloud was some 5 km (3 miles) long.
* April 13, 1978 – Budapest, Hungary: commuter train overruns a buffer stop owing to brake failure and crashes into the station building. 13 killed, 25 injured.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom July 6 1978 – Taunton train fire, Taunton, England: A fire aboard a British Rail sleeping car travelling from Penzance to Paddington station in London kills 12. Investigation shows that the fire was caused by the careless placement of a plastic bag of linens against a heater in the car's vestibule.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom October 12 1978 – an IRA bomb exploded on a train near Belfast Central station before it was fully evacuated, killing a woman. [CAIN [ Chronology of the conflict 1978] , retrieved 4 March 2007]
* December 3, 1978 – Shipman, Virginia, United States: Southern Railway's "Southern Crescent" enters a curve at excess speed; all of the consist but the lead engine and last car derail and slide down a ravine. Six die, including Gov. Jimmy Carter's former chef, Louis Price, killed in the galley. Sixty others are injured, most trapped in the wreckage.
* December 15, 1978 – According to Telemadrid Television of Spain report, a Madrid-Cadiz Talgo Express with 300 passengers rammed into freight train at Manzanares railroad station, Ciudad Real, Spain, at least twelve dead and injuring sixty.
* December 16, 1978 – According to China Central Television report, No.87 express Nanjing-Xuzhou head-on collided with standing No.368 Xian-Xuzhou passenger train at Yangzhuang railroad station, Lujiang, Anhui, China, killing 106, another 218 are injured.


* April 8, 1979 – Louisville and Nashville Railroad freight derails at Crestview, Florida, United States and punctured tank car leaks anhydrous ammonia, injuring 14.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom October 22, 1979 – Invergowrie rail crash, Scotland: starting signal failed to return completely to stop, giving the following train a false clear indication. 5 killed.
* November 10, 1979 – Mississauga train derailment in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada: tank cars containing propane and chlorine derail, causing a fire which lofts deadly contamination high into the air. No fatalities or serious injuries, but more than 250,000 residents are evacuated from the city: the largest peacetime emergency evacuation in North American history until 2005 when New Orleans was evacuated because of Hurricane Katrina.
* 1979 – Taling Chan, Thailand: 54 people are killed in the worst accident in Thai railway history when a Thonburi - Nakhon Pathom commuter train collides with a Bangsue - Padang Besar freight train at Taling Chan on 21 August 1979 as a result of errors on the part of the fatigued freight train engineer.



* flagicon|United Kingdom January 18, 1980 – Belfast, Northern Ireland: An IRA firebomb inadvertently detonates on a train travelling between Ballymena and Belfast, engulfing a carriage and killing three (including the bomber). Five are injured in the blast. [F.A.C.T. [ Train bomb 18 Jan 1980] , Retrieved on 3 March 2007 ] [CAIN [ Sutton index of deaths 1980] , Retrieved on 3 March 2007 ]
* June 2, 1980– Hinsnoret-Ornäs, Dalarna, Sweden: 11 killed and over 60 injured as a passenger train and a freight train collide.
* June 30, 1980 – Siófok, Hungary: Passenger train stikes a local bus. 20 killed.
* July 25, 1980 – Winsum, the Netherlands: Two trains collide on a single track between Groningen and Roodeschool resulting in 9 deaths and 21 injured.
* August 1, 1980 – Buttevant, County Cork, Ireland: A train crashes into a siding on the main Dublin - Cork line resulting in 18 deaths and 62 injured. This remains the Republic of Ireland's worst transportation disaster.
* August 19, 1980 – A freight train runs through a red light and slams into a passenger train traveling from Toruń to Łódź, Poland. The accident near Otłoczyn killed 67 people and injured 65.
* August 24, 1980 – According to TT news agency and Sveriges Television report, a 13 cars of Narvik-Stockholm Northern Arrow Express, carrying 500 passengers onboard has derailed at Upplands-Vasby, Uppland, Sweden, killing nine, another injuring are 35.
* September 24, 1980 – Valencia, Spain: A train crashes into a bus on a level crossing killing 27.
* November 17, 1980 – Cima Hill, California: Runaway Union Pacific Railroad train loaded with ties is unable to brake and crashes into another train. Three railroad workers killed.
* November 21, 1980 – According to Italian Rai Uno and ANSA news agency report, a Rome-Siracusa express train rammed into 69 cars of freight train, and then hit Sicily-Rome express train derailed, with crushing four passenger cars at Lamezia Terme, Catanzaro, Italy, killing 30, another injuring are 100.
* December 13, 1980 – According to former Yugoslav media report, a freight train through a red signal, where head on collided Bihac-Bosanski Novi passenger train at Una River, Bosanska Krupa, Bosnia, in an incident caused by a freight train driver has exceed speed, killing 23, another injuring are ten.


* January 5, 1981 – According to Spanish EFE news agency report, a Burgos-Madrid passenger train ignored by a red traffic signal,and slammed head-on into a diesel locomotive car at Miraflores railroad station, Zaragoza, Spain, five railroad workers and one passenger killed.
* March 8, 1981 – A train traveling from Mar del Plata, Argentina to Buenos Aires smashes into a pair of derailed freight cars at Brandsen Partido, states of Buenos Aires, 60 miles (95 kilometers) south of the capital, killing 45 and injuring 120.
* March 8, 1981 – A truck collides with a passenger train at a level crossing, sending five of the ten coaches over a bridge into a dry river bed in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Thirty are killed and 131 injured in what was the worst rail crash in Taiwan up to that point.
* March 16, 1981 – A freight train rammed into back of passenger train halted by thick hock at approaching to Imata railroad station, Chivay, Arequipa Region, Peru. according to Peruvian railroad official confirmed, killing at least thirty and injuring at least ninety.
* May 14, 1981 – Two express trains collide about 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of Seoul, killing 54 people.
* June 6, 1981 – Bihar train disaster, India: Hundreds are killed (300-800) when a train falls into a river.
* July 9, 1981 – Liziyida train disaster, China: A bridge was destroyed by mud-rock flow, while a passenger train was running towards it. Two locomotives, a mail carriage and a passenger carriage were flushed into the Dadu river by the flow, and other two passenger carriages derailed, 275 people killed or lost.
* July 17, 1981 – A freight train slams into the back of a passenger train in Madhya Pradesh, India, killing 39 people and injuring 43.
* July 19, 1981 – In an incident blamed on sabotage, a train traveling to Ahmedabad from New Delhi, India, derailed in Gujarat, killing 30 people and injuring 70.
* July 31, 1981 – According to Associated Press of Pakistan report, an Islamabad-Karachi nightly express with 1,700 passengers onboard derailed and 500-yard of the rail track has damaged, between Samarsatta-Bahawalpur, Punjab of Pakistan, killing 43 and injuring 50.
* August 18, 1981 – According to TVNZ news report, a diesel powered train left the tracks on a sharp bend, and plunged down 26 feet between Tangiwai and Waiouru, New Zealand, killing four, another 13 are injured.
* November 30, 1981 – Mohora, Hungary: Departmental train strikes a bus. 17 killed, 29 injured.


* January 13, 1982Washington, D.C.: An Orange line train derails on the Washington Metro between the Smithsonian and Federal Triangle stations. While the train was being backed up, the derailed truck drives the aluminium car into a tunnel support, killing three people. By coincidence this happened at the same time Air Florida Flight 90 crashed into the 14th Street Bridge.
* January 27, 1982 – A passenger train travelling from Oran to Algiers derailed convert|50|mi|km|0 west of the Algerian capital, killing at least 130 and injuring 146, in Algeria's worst train crash in 20 years.
* January 27, 1982 – A freight train and an express passenger train collide head-on in heavy fog near Agra, India, killing 50 and injuring 50.
* March 20, 1982 – A Mangalore-to-New Delhi train slams into a tourist bus at a level crossing in Andhra Pradesh, snapping the bus in two, killing at least 59 people on the bus and injuring 25 others.
* July 7, 1982Fair Lawn, New Jersey: Teenagers throw a switch and send a commuter train into a pasta factory resulting in the death of the engineer. Four teens are eventually charged with various crimes relating to the wreck. [ [ THE REGION; Youths Sentenced In Train Crash - New York Times ] ]
* July 12, 1982 – An express train travelling from Mexicali to Guadalajara, Mexico, derails into a ravine near Tepic, killing 34 and injuring 136.
* August 2, 1982Ostercappeln, Germany: Two drunk British Army soldiers steal a tank at the Osnabrück barracks and crash into the oncoming D 15233 after the tank has been driven on the Rollbahn railway tracks. Both engines of the train and five cars derail, the tank is completely destroyed. 23 are injured, the two soldiers are instantly killed. [cite news|publisher=Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung|date=1982-08-03]
* September 9, 1982 – According to Hungarian Railroad Authority and Magyar Televiso Report, an express train collided with a bus at outskirt of Szekestehervar, Fejer, Hungary, at least sixteen passengers, mainly carrying bus has dead.
* November 27, 1982 – According to Italian Railroad Authority and ANSA news agency report, an eighteen cars train crashed by failed switch to a parallel line and ran into a section at San Benedetto del Tronto, Marche, Italy, killing at least four passengers and 100 injured.


* February 1, 1983 – According to Egyptian Mena report, a Cairo-Alexandria express slammed into a local train, where ran a stop signal and crashed into the rear of the train and killing nineteen and injuring 77 at Qallama, Egypt.
* February 20, 1983 – A train traveling from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico to Guadalajara is rammed in the rear by a freight train near Guaymas,exploded and killed at least 56 and injuring 78.
* May 27, 1983 – Frechen, Germany: The Oostende-Wien-Express night train derails owing to trackbed damage. The engine hits a bridge and the first car jackknifes into the wreckage. Seven are killed, 23 injured.
* June 10, 1983 – According to Egyptian Al Gomhouria newspaper report, a Cairo-Luxor express train slammed into rear of another passenger train on same trsck at Al-Ayat, Giza, Egypt, killing 24, another 50 are injured.
* August 21, 1983 – Cherryville Junction, County Kildare, Ireland: crash occurred when a train, which had run out of fuel and stopped on the tracks at Cherryville junction in Co. Kildare, was hit by a second train from the rear. 7 people were killed and 55 were injured. The official investigation found several organisational factors to have been substantial causes of the crash. These included: CIE rules that allowed drivers to proceed past red signals in certain circumstances; ambiguity of responsibility between the driver and the guard; and inadequate re-fuelling procedures. [ [ Department of Transport Publications, Report into Cherryville Railway Accident] ]


* june 14, 1984 – Motley, Minnesota, United States: Two Burlington Northern Railroad trains collide head-on.
* July 14, 1984 – Divača, Slovenia (former Yugoslavia): A freight train plows into the rear of a crowded passenger train, killing 31 and injuring 33.
* August 16, 1984 – According to Indian State railroad confirmed report, a passenger train hit a washed out bridge and plunged into flooded ravine at near Chargoon railroad station, Madhya Pradesh, India, killing 56, another 120 are injured.
* October 31, 1984 – According to Argentine television network Telefe report, a commuter train rammed into the bus and shoved 600-feet down a rail tracks, where scattering wreckage and bodies along the way at San Justo, suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 43, another ten are injured.
* November 25, 1984 – Hong Kong: A train derailed between Sheung Shui and Fanling station on the KCR East Rail. The incident occurred when the driver, preparing to back the train up to Sheung Shui station, failed to follow a speed/stop signal while the train was exceeding the speed limit. The train crashed into a boulder/buffer with the first 2 cars piling on top of each other. The degree of which they were damaged was so extensive that the cars never returned to service. Luckily, the passengers were unloaded before the crash while the driver sustained only minor injuries. However, the accident caused train services to suspend for the rest of the day and the incident spurred a series of public outcries concerning railway safety.
* / flagicon|United Kingdom December 11, 1984 – Wembley, London: A passenger train collided with a freight train at Wembley Central, killing 3 injuring 60.
* December 23, 1984 – Italy: The Rapido 904 from Naples to Milan named the "Christmas train" explodes in the longest Italian tunnel of San Benedetto Val di Sambro. An alliance formed between Mafia groups "What ours" and the Neapolitan Racket was behind the massacre on Express 904. In that tunnel there remained the bodies of 15 people, and hundreds were seriously injured, some dying many years later.


* January 13, 1985 – A derailment hurled a train into a ravine at Imperial Railway Company of Ethiopia, Awash, Afar, Ethiopia, killing at least 428 people. This accident is the worst railroad disaster in Africa.
* January 21, 1985 – Gary, Indiana, United States: Two South Shore Line trains collide head-on, 85 injured.
* February 23, 1985 – Rajnandgaon train fire, Madhya Pradesh, India: Over 50 people are killed when an express train catches fire.
* March 9, 1985 – Bunovo, Bulgaria: 7 people killed in a terrorist attack in the mothers with children car on the Sofia - Burgas route.
* March 20, 1985 – Ronnenberg, Germany: Two freight trains, one consisting of 20 tank cars filled with petrol, the other consisting of 19 cars loaded with coal, collide in the densely populated suburb of Empelde, close to Hanover and ignite, the fire burning almost a day.
* June 11, 1985 – HaBonim disaster, HaBonim, Israel: 21 people killed, including 19 school children in a collision between a bus on a school field trip and a train going from Haifa to Tel Aviv near HaBonim.
* June 13, 1985 – Agra rail disaster, Argra, India: 38 people are killed in a collision.
* June 17, 1985 – According to Al Gomhouria newspaper of Egypt report, a Cairo-Aswan express and freight train collided, and passenger train entered safety catch point and ten passenger cars with a locomotive engine are crushed, six car are caught fire at Qena, Egypt, killing ten, and 14 are injured.
* July 11, 1985 – A four cars of express train from Kanazawa are derailed at Noto railroad Line, Anamizu, Ishikawa, Japan, killing 7 people, another 26 are injured. In an incident cause of heavy rain with landslide.
* August 3, 1985 – A limited express southbound Capdenac from Paris where head collide with two-car local train are go-ahead on same track, at Assier station, Flaujac-Gare, Cahors, France, killing at least 34, injuring at least 150.
* August 31, 1985 – A Paris-Portbou express derailed and head-on collided with postal train at Argenton-sur-Creuse, France, killing 43, another 37 are injured. In an incident cause by express driver are exceed speed.
* September 11, 1985 – The Sud Express linking Lisbon-Paris head-on collides with a regional train between Nelas-Mangualde, Viseu, Portugal. Portuguese official estimated killing 118, but Portuguese media claimed at least 150 killed.
* September 14, 1985 – According to SRG SSR idee suisse television report, a Lausanne-Morges passenger train head-on collided with two electric locomotives car at Denges, Morges, Switzerland, in an incident caused by railroad worker missed swithing point at safety catch point, killing five and injuring 50.
* December 27, 1985 – According to Argentina
Telefe and Artear television report, a Buenos Aires-Concordia passenger train head on collision a freight train at Zarate, state of Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing five and injuring eight.


* January 15, 1986 – According to Wen Wei Po newspaper report, a Wuhan-Guangzhou express train explosion at Shaoguan, Guangdong, China, in an incident blamed on sabotage, killing seven and injuring 38.
* February 8, 1986Hinton train collision, Dalehurst, Alberta, Canada: 23 lives lost when VIA Rail passenger train and CN freight train collide head-on. This led to the adoption of stricter crew scheduling practice and a complete rewrite of the operating rules.
* February 17, 1986 – Queronque rail disaster, according to Chilean government and TVN television report, a Valparaiso-Santiago express train head collided with local train, which carrying more 550 passengers on-board at Queronque bridge, outskirt of Limache, Quillota, Chile, in an incident caused by express train driver has exceeded speed on a sharp curved stretch. Chilean official confirmed, killing 62, another injured are 464.
* February 28, 1986 – Accotrding to Times of India report, an express train ran over and derailed, when passenger and driver watching cerebrating local festival at Telicherry railroad station, Thalassery, Kerela, India, killing 31 and injuring 100.
* March 10, 1986Khagaria rail disaster, over 50 people are killed in a collision in Bihar.
* March 28, 1986 – According to South African Broadcasting Corporation television report, an extra three locomotive with five passenger car Johanesburg-Pietersburg express train derail at track, Pylpunt, Gauteng, South Africa, killing at least sixteen.
* May 5, 1986 – According to Portuguese RTP television report, a Lisbon-Covilha express train smashed standing commuter train at Povoa de Santa Iria station, Lisbon, Portugal, in an incident caused by a express train driver has exceed speed, killing 14, another injuring are 18.
* June 28, 1986 – An express train head collide with local train at Black Sea coastal resort town of Gagry, Georgia, killing at least 70 people, injuring another 140.
* November 8, 1986Bangkok, Thailand: 5 people die and 7 are injured when an unmanned train runaway from the maintenance depot for 15 kilometer at a speed of 50 km/h toward Hua Lamphong station and hit the buffer stop.
* December 28, 1986 – According to TV Asahi and Fuji Television network report, an out of service train fell onto a fish processing factory, caused by strong wind at Amarube railroad bridge, Kasumi, Hyogo, Japan, one train conductor and five factory workers are killed.


* January 4, 1987Chase, Maryland rail wreck, Chase, Maryland, United States: The Amtrak "Colonial" express train, highballing at 130 miles per hour (210 kilometers per hour), slammed into a consist of Conrail freight locomotives whose engineer had ignored a stop signal and had fouled the Northeast Corridor mainline at Gunpow Interlocking. The force of the impact completely destroyed the lead Amtrak locomotive and derailed the rest of the train, killing the Amtrak engineer, a lounge car attendant and 14 passengers. The subsequent investigation revealed that the in-cab signaling system of the Conrail lead locomotive was inoperative and that the Conrail crew had been smoking marijuana. This notorious accident, Amtrak's most deadly at the time, caused the US railroad industry to tighten up drug use detection among operational personnel and subsequently led to the federal certification of locomotive engineers.
* March 8, 1987 – According to Television Nacional de Chile report, a freight train hit standing passenger train at Pelequen, O'Higgins, Chile, killing twelve and injuring 35.
* April 4, 1987Burnham, Illinois, United States: A South Shore Line (NICTD) commuter train collided with a freight car, which had rolled from a siding onto the mainline. The train's engineer was killed, several more injured. It was later determined that rusted rail prevented the freight car from activating the railroad's signal system.
* July 5, 1987 - According to United News of India report, a Deccan of Hyderabad-Hazrat Nizamuddin of Delhi Dakshin Express derailed at Macherial, Andhra Pradesh, killing 53.
* July 28, 1987 - Three cars of passenger train from Aleppo, that exploded at Al-Jazira, northern Syria, killing at least 50.
* August 7, 1987 - A freight train collided with standing passenger train in Kamensk rail road station, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov Oblast, killing at least 106.
* October 19, 1987 - A commuter train from Rankasbitung with 600 passenger on-board head collide with another commuter train with 300 passengers bound for Marak, where occurred at Bintaro Jaya, south of Jakarta, Indonesia, killing at least 102, injuring at least 300.
* November 16, 1987Lerum, near Gothenburg, Sweden: two passenger trains collide at a station, killing 9 and injuring 140.


* January 14, 1988Thompsontown, Pennsylvania: Two Conrail freight trains collide head-on after one train ignored a signal. The engineers and brakemen on both trains were killed, and damages totaled $6 million. The crash was attributed to crew fatigue. [ [ NTSB - Testimony ] ] [ [ 4 Die in Freight Train Collision in Pennsylvania - New York Times ] ]
* January 19, 1988Forst-Zinna, East Germany: A Soviet tank gets stuck on a level crossing and gets hit by an express train. 6 die, 33 are injured.
* January 24, 1988 – No.80 express train Kunming-Shanghai derailed and overturned between Qiewu and Dengjiacun, Yunnan, China, killing at least 90 people, injuring another 67 people.
* April 25, 1988 Sorø train accident, Denmark: 8 people die and 72 are injured as an intercity train derails in a switch in Sorø owing to excessive speed.
* June 4, 1988 – a 120-ton freight train explodes damaging 150 nearby buildings at Arzamas railroad station, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia, killing at least 73 people.
* June 27, 1988Gare de Lyon train accident, Gare de Lyon, Paris, France: After brake failure, runaway train hits stationary rush-hour train in station, 56 killed, over 50 injured.
* July 8, 1988 - Peruman railway accident - According to Press Trust of India report, a Bangalore-Trivandrum Island Express derailed and plunged into Ashtamudi Lake at outskirt of Kollam, Kerala, India, it is tornado like condition, 107 people drowned.
* August 16, 1988 - A high-speed train traveling from Leningrad to Moscow derails near Bologoye, killing 30 people and injuring about 180. [ru icon [ Крушение пассажирского поезда «Аврора»] ]
* December 12, 1988Clapham Junction rail crash, London, England: wrong side failure from electrical short circuit caused by faulty signal maintenance, 35 dead, more than 100 injured.


* January 15, 1989 – A Chittagong bound express train and Dhaka bound mail train, both trains carrying Muslim pigrims crashed head-on collided at Tongi railroad station, Maizdi Khan, near Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing at least 135, injuring at least 1,000. Many people were riding on the roof of trains and between passenger cars.
* January 18, 1989 – A passenger train plowed into a bus on an unattended crossing in Huinan, Tonghua, Jilin, China, a bus carrying local newly-weds and families, killing at least 32, another 41 injured.
* March 4, 1989Purley Station rail crash, London, England: As one train crosses over from one track to another, a second train runs a red signal and collides with the first train; the accident leaves six people dead and 94 injured.
* April 2, 1989 – According MENA of Egypt report, a passenger train and freight train head on collided, with four passenger cars caught fire and derailed, including a passenger car plunged at Damanhour, Nile Delta, Egypt, killing six and injuring 102.
* April 3, 1989 – According Italian Canale 5 television report, two cars derailed and slamned against the rail at San Severo, Foggia, Italy, killing five and injuring sixteen.
* April 18, 1989 – Karnataka express train derailed at Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, killing 75 people.
* May 4, 1989Tepic, Mexico: 20-52 (depending on reports) are killed after train brakes fail while descending a mountain side; the locomotive and three passenger cars flip on a curve and plunge down the ravine.
* May 12, 1989San Bernardino train disaster, San Bernardino, California: A Southern Pacific Railroad freight train derails on Duffy Street after descending the very steep Cajon Pass, killing two crew members and two children, ages 7 and 9. Eleven homes were severely damaged or completely destroyed in the accident. Thirteen days later fuel leaking from a pipe line damaged in the accident ignites, killing 2 people and causing further damage to homes.
* June 4, 1989Ufa train disaster, Soviet Union: 575 are killed and over 600 wounded when two trains pass near a leaking natural gas line which explodes.
* September 28, 1989 – Amtrak's Crescent, bound from Washington DC to New Orleans, Louisiana, hits a fire truck on an unguarded private grade crossing about convert|40|mi|km south of Washington. Two firefighters are killed, and the other three seriously injured.
* November 1, 1989 – Udyan Abha Toofan express train derailed at Sakaldiha, Bihar, India, killing at least 48.



* January 4, 1990 – A Multan-Karachi Bahauddin Express head on collided with standing 67 cars of freight train at Sangi station, Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan. In an incident caused by railroad workers error of switched onto track line. Pakistani official estimated killing 307, and another 500 more injured.
* February 2, 1990 – Rüsselsheim, Germany: Two S-Bahn commuter trains collide, killing 17 and injuring 80.
* April 16 1990 – Lysaker, Oslo, Norway: Two local passenger trains collide, 5 killed.
* April 16 1990 – Patna rail disaster, India: 70 killed as shuttle train is gutted by fire.
* March 7 1990 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States: A bolt securing a traction motor on a SEPTA subway-elevated train fails, causing the train to derail. Four killed, 158 injured.
* August 20 1990 – Ursus, near Warsaw, Poland. At 6.20 a.m., a passenger train called "Silesia" - from Praha to Warsaw (Warszawa Wschodnia) - telescoped last car of passenger train from Szklarska Poręba to Warsaw, killed 16.
* August 25 1990 – near Spálov, Liberecký kraj, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic): At the railway line TanvaldŽelezný Brod, between the Jesenný and Spálov railway stations, a freight train collided with a passenger train which then caught fire. 14 killed, 32 injured.
* December 12 1990 – A Amtrak North East Corridor regional train crashes into a MBTA commuter train at the Back Bay station in Boston, MA. This accident is the worst in the history of the MBTA. This accident injured over 500 people and was so severe that the locomotives of both trains along with several coaches had to be scrapped on site.
* December 20 1990 – According to TTV report, a Kaohsiung-Taipei express train hit and collide with a bus carrying 51 farmers returning from travelling at level crossing at Lu Chu, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a bus also burst into flames, killing 25, another 32 are injured.


* / flagicon|United Kingdom January 8 1991 – London, England: A passenger train hits the buffers at Cannon Street Station. 1 person killed. 542 persons injured.
* April, 1991 – Shigaraki train disaster, Shigaraki, Shiga, Japan: 42 people were killed.
* July 31 1991 – Lugoff, South Carolina, United States: The Amtrak "Silver Star" derails the rear portion of its consist on the former Seaboard Air Line of the CSXT Railroad when a faulty switch split (moved out of position) as the train passes over it, directing a coach into a hopper car standing on a siding, and derailing the following equipment. Eight passengers die and 76 are injured.
* August 26 1991 – Downers Grove, Illinois: Mary T. Wojtyla, 41, of Chicago died when she stepped in front of a westbound Metra EMD E9 pulling a "Racetrack" express train, estimated to be traveling at 60 miles per hour. The accident occurred at the Fairview Avenue grade crossing/Fairview Station. Apparently distracted by ongoing divorce proceedings, she crossed the center track and was struck and killed instantly. Her lawyer saw the oncoming train and was not struck.
* August 28 1991 – New York, New York: Five people are killed and more than 200 injured when a #4 Lexington Avenue express train derails going over a switch just north of Union Square. Two subway cars break open as they strike the steel tunnel support beams. The uninjured motorman, whom passengers report had been handling the train erratically, flees the scene and is arrested later, testing out as legally drunk. This accident, coupled with the Amtrak "Colonial" wreck at Chase, Maryland on January 4, 1987, is instrumental in driving new federal rules for engineer certification and toxicology testing.
* October, 1991 – Melun, France. A freight train overruns a closed signal, and fouls the path of the Nice-Paris night train. 16 people are killed. The accident was caused by a heart attack suffered by the freight train engineer. The deadman mechanism worked perfectly, but it was too late to stop the train in time. This led to the adoption of the KVB automatic train control system which will detect improper train handling.
* November 15, 1991 – Miaoli, Taiwan. One south bound train and one north bound train collided into each other when the signals were broken, 30 died and 112 injured.


* March 12, 1992 – Gothenburg, Sweden: A tram rolls backwards down a hill without control and derails near the bottom. There it glides sideways in a high speed into a tram stop where people are waiting. 13 killed, many injured.
* April 3, 1992 – According to Russian Interfax news agency report, a Riga-Moscow passenger train slammed into freight train at Nelidovo, Tver, Russia, killing forty and injuring fifty.
* April 5, 1992 – According to Times of India report, a passeger train rammed into the rear of a stationary freight train at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India, at least twenty-four killed and injuring fifteen.
* May 23, 1992 – According to Iranian IRIB television report, a passenger train and freight train head-on collided at Teheran-Ahvaz Line, outskirt of Dorud, Lorestan, Iran, killing 26 and injuring 28.
* June 30, 1992 – near Superior, Wisconsin, United States: A Burlington Northern freight train transporting benzene encounters fatigued tracks and derails, plunging 3 tank cars off a trestle and into the Nemadji River. One of the cars ruptures, spilling 79 500 L (21,000 US gallons) of chemicals into the river, which are then carried into Lake Superior, forming a toxic cloud over Superior and Duluth, Minnesota. 40,000 area residents are evacuated; many suffer long-term health problems, and the damage to the surrounding environment is considerable.
* August 12 1992 – just outside Newport News, Virginia, United States: Amtrak's "Colonial" passenger train, traveling at nearly convert|80|mi/h|km/h|-1|abbr=on, enters a switch that had just moments before been opened by a pair of teenaged saboteurs. Though there are no fatalities, dozens are injured. 60 of the passengers subsequently sue Amtrak and CSX (who owned the right-of-way) for negligence, but the case is decided in favor of the railroad companies as it was determined that there was no way for the train crew to prevent the incident. The two teens are sentenced to federal prison terms for the crime.
* November, 1992 – Hoofddorp, Netherlands: An Intercity train, travelling from Amsterdam to Vlissingen derailed near Hoofddorp. Five people died, 33 were injured.
* November 15, 1992 – 11 people die and 52 are injured when the wreckage of a derailed freight train is hit by an express train near Northeim, Germany. [ [ Passenger Trains ] ]


* January 18, 1993 – Gary, Indiana, United States: The eastbound Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District train number 7 runs a red signal and is hit by westbound train number 12; 7 passengers die, scores are injured in the accident.
* January 30, 1993 – Ngai Ndethya, Kenya: 65 killed in a Mombasa-bound passenger train carrying 600 passengers which plunged into a river after floods wash away a bridge.
* January 31, 1993 – According to Chinese Xinhua News Agency and Railroad Ministry report, No.77 express Chifeng-Dalian rammed an overloaded bus at an unmanned level crossing at Liaoning, China, killing 66 and injuring 28.
* March 17, 1993 – near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States: An Amtrak passenger train strikes a gasoline tanker truck that has stopped on a grade crossing, causing the tanker to explode. Six people (including the truck driver) are killed and 12 injured. The dining car stops in the center of the fire and is totalled.
* March 28, 1993 – According to South Korean Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation television report, a Seoul-Busan express train derailed, when an express train was moving at nomal speed approaching Busan station, suddenly 33 yards of rail track collapsed, and eight passenger cars plunged, where caused by 13-feet from caved in tracks at near Busan, South Korea, killing 79 people.
* April 30, 1993 – According to BBTV Channel Seven of Thailand report, a passenger train hit a bus carrying children of Shergli Primary schools at unguarded railroad crossing at Phutthamonthon, Nakorn Pathom, Thailand, killing 36 including 28 children.
* May 3, 1993 – Chhabra rail disaster, 71 people die in a collision between two trains at Chhabra in Rajasthan.
* May 28, 1993 – According to Armenpress report, a passenger train loaded with concrete blocks, and slammed into another passenger train at Gyumri, Shirak, Armenia, killing 43 people.
* July 24, 1993 – According to Indonesian RCTI report, a Surabaya-Pandanwangi passenger train rammed into an intercity bus an unguarded railroad crossing, and a bus dragged for eighty-yard before the train halted at Jombang, West Java, Indonesia, killing fifteen and injuring twenty.
* August 2, 1993 – Vega de Anzo, Spain a crash in a tunnel at kills 12.
* September 22, 1993 – Big Bayou Canot train disaster, Alabama, United States: Barges being pushed by a towboat collide with a piling and causes a bridge to shift out of alignment, creating a kink in the rails on the CSXT's former Louisville & Nashville Gulfcoast line. Minutes later, Amtrak's "Sunset Limited", just out of Mobile, Alabama, encounters the misaligned track, derailing the lead locomotive and plunging the train into the water. 47 people are killed in Amtrak's deadliest accident.
* October 3, 1993 – Nordstrand, Oslo, Norway: A local train collides with a shunting (switch) locomotive. 5 killed.


* January 2 1994 – According to Ugandan official report, a three car of passenger train with nine car of freight wagons derailed at Tororo-Pakwach railroad line, outskirt of Mbale, Uganda, killing 30, another 44 are injured.
* March 9 1994 – A commuter train with eight-cars carrying 800 passengers is derailed in a suburb of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, killing at least 63, injuring another 370.
* June 25 1994Greenock rail crash, Scotland: Two people are killed when a train strikes concrete blocks that were placed on the track by vandals. Vandalism starts to be noticed as a UK wide criminal phenomenon from the mid-1990s onwards.
* August 4 1994Batavia, New York, United States: Amtrak's "Lake Shore Limited" passenger train derails while traveling at 75 mph (120 km/h), injuring 125 passengers and crew members.
* September 22 1994 – Damaged brakes make a train crash into a canyon in Tolunda, Angola. 300 killed.
* September 29, 1994 – Two passenger trains collide head-on near Bad Bramstedt, Germany, resulting in the death of six people and injuring 67. [ [ Passenger Trains ] ]
* December 2 1994Szajol, Hungary: InterCity train traveling at 65 mph (105 km/h) derails and crashes into the railway station's building, killing 31 passengers and injuring many people.
* December 30 1994 – According to Myanmarese MRTV and Kyehmon newspaper report, a Mandalay-Myitkyina passenger train derailed and plummeted into a ravine at the outskirts of Wuntho, central Myanmar, killing 102.


* January 31, 1995 - Aisgill, Settle-Carlisle Railway , England: A British Rail Class 156 Super Sprinter Diesel Multiple Unit derails because of a landslide and is hit by another Sprinter coming in the opposite direction in darkness and heavy rain. The conductor of the Sprinter that derailed because of the landslide is killed. Several people are seriously hurt, and the driver of one of the Sprinters has to be cut out by the fire brigade.
* February 27 1995Eibar, Basque Country, Spain: A train derails killing five and injuring 33.
* May 3 1995Nalgonda rail disaster, 35 people are killed in a collision with a tractor in Nalgonda district in Andhra Pradesh.
* May 14 1995Salem rail disaster, over 50 people are killed in a collision at Salem on the Madras route.
* June 5 1995Brooklyn, NY, A Manhattan bound J train rear ends an M train on the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge, killing the motorman on the J train and injuring 55 people. The National Transportation Safety Board investigating into the accident, concluded that train operator fatigue, and poor spacing of the signal system (the signals were too close together) were the main causes to this crash. []
* June 16 1995Gettysburg Railroad Boiler Explosion, Gardners, Pennsylvania. A Gettysburg Railroad steam locomotive suffers a catastrophic boiler explosion due to low water. Three crew are seriously injured. The National Transportation Safety Board investigated, finding poor training, complacency and a general loss of the craft skills needed to operate and maintain steam. They also found an unusual boiler design feature had prevented a much more serious explosion. Major new regulation of steam locomotives followed. []
* June 24 1995Krouna, Czech Republic: Four runaway carriages smashed into a passenger train carrying 23 people. 19 killed, only 4 passengers survived.
* August 11 1995Russell Hill Subway accident, Toronto, Ontario: A subway collides with a stationary train when a driver misinterprets a signal. 3 are killed, and 30 injured.
* August 20 1995Firozabad rail disaster, India. A passenger train collides with another train that had stopped after it had run over a cow in Firozabad, India. 358 people are killed.
* August 26 1995 – According to Yonhap report, Seoul-Busan nightly express train carrying 440 passengers onboard plunged and derailed at Goisan, Chungju, South Korea, with crushing six passenger cars, killing one, another 120 are injured.
* October 9 1995 – Palo Verde derailment, Arizona, United States: One crewman is killed and 78 passengers are injured when an Amtrak passenger train en route to Los Angeles is derailed by saboteurs. To date, the person(s) responsible for the derailment have not been found.
* October 23, 1995 – According to Indonesian SCTV television report, a nightly passenger train derailed and crushing eight passenger cars and two locomotives at the outskirts of Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia, killing 17, another 100 are injured.
* October 25, 1995Fox River Grove level crossing accident, Illinois, United States: A school bus caught between a railroad crossing and a red traffic light is hit by a Metra commuter train, killing seven students.
* October 28 1995 - Baku, Azerbaijan – World's deadliest metro disaster. In Baku, an underground metro train catches fire during Saturday evening rush hour. 337 people are killed.
* December 12 1995 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany – The last of the DRG Class ET 91, a German class of electric multiple units from the 1930s, crashes with the ÖBB 1044 235 electric locomotive in the station of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, resulting in one fatal casualty and 46 injured.
* December 25, 1995 – According to Spanish Telemadrid television report, a Barcelona-Malaga-Madrid locomotive express train, carrying 200 passengers on-board is derailed and first car plunged down a ravine at mountain pass near Despenaperros Natural Park, Andalucia, Spain, killing two train workers.


* February 9, 1996Secaucus, New Jersey, United States: New Jersey Transit Train 1254 traveling to Hoboken Terminal via the Bergen County Line runs a red signal a few hundred yards east of where the Secaucus Junction Station is currently located and slams into NJT Train 1107 traveling to Suffern, New York via the NJT Main Line. Both engineers and a passenger on Train 1254 are killed.
* February 16, 1996Silver Spring, Maryland, United States: The engineer of a MARC commuter train bound for Washington Union Station, either misses or ignores a stop signal and collides with outbound Amtrak train no. 29, the westbound "Capitol Limited". The crash left 3 crew and 8 passengers dead aboard the MARC train. [ [ NTSB Abstract RAR-97/02 ] ] Three die of injuries suffered in the impact; but the rest are killed by smoke and flames, the fire which may have been ignited by oil pot switch heaters. This accident lead to the FRA instituting the Delay in Block Rule, and also was a major impetus for the Passenger Equipment Safety Standards regulation (49 CFR Part 238).
* February 26, 1996Kutas, Hungary: Local train hits a bus. The crash ignites the fuel in the bus fuel tank and causes fire. 12 people killed.
* March 4, 1996Weyauwega derailment, Wisconsin, United States: A broken turnout derails a Wisconsin Central train carrying liquefied petroleum gas and propane. The town of Weyauwega, Wisconsin, is evacuated as the fire burns for most of the 18-day evacuation.
* April 18 1996Gorakhpur-Gonda passenger train into s stationary freight train at Domingarh station, outskirt of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, killing at least 60.
* April 21, 1996Jokela rail crash: passenger train operating in heavy fog derails at Jokela, Finland because of overspeeding through a slow-speed turnout. The locomotive driver and three passengers were killed, and 75 were injured.
* May 14 1996Alappuzha level crossing crash, 35 wedding guests are killed when their bus is run down by a train in Kerala.
* May 25 1996Varanasi level crossing crash, 25 people die in a collision with a tractor at Varanasi.
* July 4 1996 – According to One plus One television of Ukraine report, a runaway trolley tram carteened of the truck, and slammed into a concreate, at downtown of Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnipropetovsk, Ukraine, killing 32, another injuring are 75.
* September 26 1996 - level crossing collision of a diesel locomotive into a school bus between Bataysk and Salsk in Rostov Oblast. 19 killed, including 18 children. 28 September was declared national day of mourning. [ru iconcite web|url =| title = Траурные дни в России| date=2007-03-21| publisher = "RIA Novosti"]
* December 30 1996Brahmaputra Mail train bombing, 33 people are killed in deliberate explosion on a train in Assam.
* December 30 1996Cazzago San Martino, Province of Brescia At Bornato station Brescia - Iseo -Edolo Railway, LeNord train n°4 departed on the single rail track without waiting for the incoming train n°255. 3 people were killed and 45 were injured.


* January 12 1997 – A Pendolino train derails just before a train station at Piacenza, Italy, killing 8 and injuring 29 others. [ [ An Express Train in Italy Jumps Tracks, Killing 8 - New York Times ] ]
* March 3, 1997 – According to Associated Press of Pakistan report, a Lahore-Karachi Zulfikar Express head-on collided with another passenger train, where hit buffers at end of the spur line and crushing a locomotive engine with five passenger cars at Mirshah, Khanewal, Panjab of Pakistan, Pakistani official announced at least 126 dead with 81 injured.
* March 24, 1997 – According to South Korean Seoul Broadcasting System television report, a Seoul bound passenger train smashed into packed local bus, where flipped a vehicle onto railroad side at Namwon, North Jeolla, South Korea, killinf fourteen and injuring twenty.
* March 31 1997 – a RENFE intercity train derails at Uharte Arakil station at 130 km/h killing 18 and injuring 100.
* April 18 1997Gorakhpur rail disaster, Over 60 people are killed in a collision at Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.
* April 29 1997 – No.324 express train Kunming-Zhengzhou collided with No.818 passenger train Changsha-Chaling to the end at the speed 110 km/h, with thirteen cars derailed at Rongjiawan station, Yueyang, Hunan, China, killing 126, injuring more than 200.
* May 5 1997Reptowo, Poland. At 12.25 p.m., a passenger train derailed and its restaurant car ("WARS") collided with a goods train - 12 killed.
* June 22 1997Devine, Texas, United States: Two freight trains collided on a highway overpass, resulting in 4 deaths and an estimated 250-750 gallons of diesel fuel spilling out. A portion of the fuel burned off, while the rest mixed with leaking engine oil. The fuel and oil mixture leaked into two storm drains below, which was then carried by heavy rains southward to a spillway, and into a freshwater creek. Nearby residences were evacuated, and an extensive clean-up was promptly carried out.
* July 8 1997 – Lehra Khanna Station bombing, 33 people are killed by a terrorist bomb left on a station at Lehra Khanna in the Punjab.
* July 28 1997 – Faridabad train crash, 12 people die in a collision at Faridabad in the Delhi suburbs. [ [ Železničná nehoda v Leopoldove ] ]
* September 14 1997 – Bilaspur rail disaster, 120 people are killed in a derailment on a bridge in Bilaspur province in Chhattisgarh.
* September 19 1997Southall rail crash, London, England. A passenger train collides with a freight train, killing 6.
* October 23, 1997Beresfield rail disaster, Australia: coal train collides with the rear of an earlier coal train and blocks all tracks causing collisions with other trains - SPAD.
* December 9, 1997Hanover, Germany: A regional train carrying more than 300 passengers collides with a freight train consisting of 20 tanker cars filled with petrol. Five of the wrecked tankers ignite and explode. More than 90 injured. [ [ Technisches Hilfswerk, OV Ronnenberg] ]
* December 25, 1997 – According to Pakistan Television report, a Karachi-Islamabad Rohi Express slammed into standing passenger train at Rostam Sargana, Jhang, Pakistan, killing 32, another injuring are 40.


* january 5 1998Karna train crash, In Karna, convert|400|mi|km southeast of New Delhi, at least 51 people died and 62 injured when a passenger train sped through a red light in fog and slammed into a stopped train (that had hit a cow).
* February 15 1998Yaounde train explosion, Cameroon, Spilt fuel oil from a tanker train crash ignited and exploded, killing over 100 people.
*flagicon|Azerbaijan February 21, 1998South east Baku crash, Azerbaijan. A Russian freight train had hit a farm truck on a level crossing, near Baku, at high speed. It was reported that only the 2 farmers were badly hurt and the driver luckily got off with only minor injuries after the crash. The freighter was carrying 2 parcel wagons, an empty flat-car and 5 atomic waste flasks.
* March 6 1998Jyväskylä rail crash: express passenger train derails at Jyväskylä, Finland, as a result of over-speeding while passing over a slow-speed turnout. The locomotive driver and nine passengers were killed, 94 were injured.
* April 4 1998Fatuha train crash, At least 11 people die in derailment near Patna(near Fatuha station) on the Howrah-Delhi main line as Howrah-Danapur Express derails between between Fatuha and Bankaghat stations.
* April 24 1998 – 15 car of freight train collide with Manmad-Kacheguda express at Parli Vaijanath station, Madhya Pradesh, India, killing 24, another 32 are injured.
* June 3 1998Eschede train disaster, Eschede, Germany: Part of a high-speed ICE train derails because of a faulty wheel rim and strikes a bridge. The bridge collapses as the third car hits its pylons, the remaining cars and the rear power unit jackknife into the pile. The first three carriages are separated from each other and come to a halt at Eschede railway station whilst the undamaged power car continues for another two kilometres until its brakes are automatically applied. 101 are killed.
* June 18 1998Burns Harbor, Indiana, United States: The westbound Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District train number 102 strikes a semi-truck that was stopped on a grade crossing. 3 passengers are killed when the truck's steel cargo smashed through the front of the train.
* August 7, 1998 - The Tamworth Triangle incidents. Three teenagers fell out of unlocked doors on some of the older types of express trains and later died from their injuries. The first two deaths occurred near Tamworth, Staffordshire, the third near Nuneaton, Warwickshire a few days later. Several other people had also encountered serious faults with the unlocking of doors during the same period both both in Alrewas, Staffordshire and Stafford, but no more serious injuries resulted. A similar incident had also occurred in Cardiff, Wales a few months earlier. These incidents lead to the Health and Safety Executive condemning 'slam-door' trains. The former director of British rail, Sir Bob Reid referred back to it in his retirement speech in 1997 and later in 2002. The construction magazine CNpluss later published a report in to it, in part of an article called " "Two into four will go" " on 11 August, 2005, which concluded that trying to move about a crowded buffet-car was so difficult that some people were knock out of the carriage door or mistook it for an interior door. [ [] ] [ [] ]
* August 13 1998Chennai-Madurai express collide with a bus at an unmanned crossing on the Karur-Salem bypass route, Tamil Nadu, India, killing 19, another 37 are injured.
* October 18 1998 – According to Egyptian Nile TV report, an Alexandria-Cairo passenger train riding and pull into at Kafr el-Dawar station, Nile Delta, Egypt, in an incident caused by train driver has exceed speed, killing 47, another 104 are injured.
* November 26 1998Sealdah express rams into three car of derailed carriages of Golden Temple mail bound for Amrisar at Khanna station, outskirts of Ludhiana, Punjab, India, according to official confirmed, at least 212 people are killed.


* March 15, 1999Bourbonnais train accident, Bourbonnais, Illinois, United States: The southbound Amtrak "City of New Orleans", traveling at approximately 80 miles per hour (128 kilometers per hour), slams into a semi-trailer truck loaded with steel concrete reinforcing bar (rebar) at a grade crossing and derails. An ensuing fire sets one Superliner sleeper car ablaze. Eleven were killed and over 100 were injured. It was subsequently determined that the truck driver had ignored the grade crossing signals and drove around the lowered gates.
* March 24, 1999Tsavo National Park, Kenya: 32 die at Tsavo National Park when the brakes on a passenger train fail, causing it to derail. [ [] ]
* April 12, 1999Grdelica train bombing, Serbia: NATO warplanes fire on a civilian train killing 14 people.
* June 4, 1999Andhra Pradesh, India: twelve are killed in a derailment at Kazipet.
* July 16, 1999 – Grand Truck Express bound for Delhi, collide with freight train near Mathura, Vrindavan, India, killing at least 17, another 200 are injured.
* August 2, 1999Gauhati rail disaster, Gauhati, India: Two express trains collide head-on. Over 285 people are killed.
* September 18, 1999 – A Karachi-Peshawar express with six passenger cars was slammed into a ranway engine at Wah Cantonment, Panjab of Pakistan, according Pakistani official cofirmed killing 20, another 70 are injured.
* October 5, 1999Ladbroke Grove rail crash, England: Two trains collide head-on because of a signal passed at danger and smashed fuel tanks catch fire, killing 31 and injuring 400.
* November 17, 1999Athens, Greece: 3 workmen using a pneumatic drill in Athens station are killed when they could not hear an approaching train from Halkida as it entered the station. 2 others later died of their wounds. They also apparently ignored the obvious timing factors relating to when trains would be actually scheduled to use the platform in the first place. The deaths are put down as being caused by the use of sloppy work routines. [ [] ]
* December 3, 1999Glenbrook train disaster, New South Wales, Australia: Stop and Proceed rule at red signal applied with insufficient care (too much speed), killing 7.
* December 30, 1999Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada: Several tank cars filled with gasoline and heating oil from the CN freight train 703 travelling westward derailed as it was passing the CN freight train 306 train, travelling in the opposite direction on a parallel track. Train 306 hit the derailed wagons, which explode on impact, killing the engineer and the conductor of the 306 and starting a fire which was to burn 2.7 million litres of oil and force evacuation of 350 families within a 2 kilometres radius over the next four days. [ [] ]

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* [ NTSB Publications] – The United States National Transportation Safety Board official reports of transportation accidents.
* [ RSSB Publications] – UK Rail Safety and Standards Board
* [ US accidents] – CBS News


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