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Newfoundland and Labrador Route 1
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Route 1 is a Canadian highway in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Also carrying the designation Trans-Canada Highway in the province, Route 1 is the primary east-west surface road on the island of Newfoundland.

The eastern terminus of Route 1 is St. John's. From there, the highway crosses the island 903 kilometres (561 mi) to Channel-Port aux Basques, its western terminus.

From there, the Trans-Canada Highway is carried across the Cabot Strait by ferry to North Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Route description

Trans Canada Highway Route 1 at Corner Brook. This is a 4-lane section at this point in the highway's 903-kilometre length.

The following description details the highway from its eastern terminus to its western terminus.

Route 1's official eastern terminus is at the interchange with Logy Bay Road in the northeastern part of the city. The highway proceeds west on the Outer Ring Road, a 4-lane expressway. Route 1 maintains the name Outer Ring Road, intersecting with St. John's roads such as Aberdeen Avenue, Portugal Cove Road, Torbay Road, Allandale Road, Thorburn Road, Topsail Road and Kenmount Road until the interchange with Pitts Memorial Drive, 20 km to the west.

Route 1 proceeds in a generally southeastern direction for another 25 km as it follows the southern shore of Conception Bay (several kilometres inland) until it reaches the interchange with Route 13 where it turns west and then northwest, continuing for another 29 km on a 4-lane expressway to Whitbourne where the divided highway ends at the interchange with Route 80/81.

Route 1 transitions to a 2-lane controlled access highway and continues northwest from Whitbourne along the isthmus of the Avalon Peninsula and 188 km north to Glovertown, bypassing Clarenville, small communities like Arnold's Cove, Goobies and passing through Terra Nova National Park; park admission is not required to use Route 1. The Bonavista Peninsula and Burin Peninsula can be accessed via interchanges near Clarenville and Goobies, respectively.

From Glovertown, the highway proceeds northwest 182 km to Badger, bypassing Gander, Glenwood. Lewisporte (about 11 km north on Route 340), Norris Arm Bishop's Falls and Grand Falls-Windsor; Route 1 has a 6 km 4-lane section through Grand Falls-Windsor. As of August 2008, there are no gas stations along the highway between the towns of Gander and Bishop's Falls. The Isles of Notre Dame region of the province, which includes Fogo, the Twillingate Islands, New World Island and surrounding areas, can be accessed via Route 340 at the Notre Dame Junction interchange near Lewisporte, Newfoundland and Labrador. The Bay d'Espoir region can be accessed via the Bay D'Espoir highway near Botwood. Botwood, Point Leamington and Leading Tickles can be accessed via the Botwood Highway, officially Route 350 at an interchange in the Bishop's Falls-Grand Falls-Windsor area.

From Badger, Route 1 heads due north for 64 km to Springdale where the highway swings southwest for 137 km to Pasadena, passing through Deer Lake.

At Pasadena, the highway transitions to a 4-lane expressway and continues southwest along the south shore of Deer Lake before following the Humber River through the narrow Humber Valley. The 4-lane section proceeds for 29 km in a southwest direction, where it transitions back to a 2-lane controlled access highway west of the interchange with Confederation Drive, southwest of Corner Brook.

From the Confederation Drive interchange, Route 1 proceeds for 213 km in a southwest direction, bypassing Stephenville (accessible via Route 460 and Route 490) and passing through the Codroy Valley (where it is a 2-lane uncontrolled access highway) to Port aux Basques. It terminates southeast of the town at the Marine Atlantic ferry terminal.

New alignment

New highway construction during the 1990s extended Route 1 on what is called the Outer Ring Road to the interchange with Logy Bay Road in the northeast part of St. John's. Prior to this construction, Route 1 and the Trans-Canada Highway designation began at St. John's City Hall on New Gower Street and proceeded west on Pitts Memorial Drive and then on the current alignment of Route 1 to the southwest. It is for this reason that the city named its hockey arena and convention centre Mile One Centre, adjacent to the city hall.

To follow an unofficial alignment of Route 1 from St. John's City Hall, one must head geographically east for 1.5 km into the southeastern part of the city, continuing onto Duckworth Street (Route 60). Proceed north for 1 km on Ordnance Street and King's Bridge Road before turning east for 1.5 km along the north shore of Quidi Vidi Lake on The Boulevard.

Continue north on East White Hills Road, which becomes controlled access several hundred metres north of its intersection with The Boulevard. The East White Hills Road transitions into the Outer Ring Road 4 km to the north at the interchange with the Logy Bay Road.

Exit list

Location km Exit Intersecting Roads Notes
Port aux Basques 1 1 Route 470
Stephenville Crossing 144 2 Route 490 – Stephenville
Trout Brook 168 3 Route 460 (White's Road, Hansen Highway) – Stephenville
Corner Brook 212 4 Route 450 (Lewin Parkway)
215 5 Massey Drive
217 6 Lewin Parkway
221 7 Route 440 (Riverside Drive)
Steady Brook 224 8 Marble Drive Marble Mountain
Humber Village 230 9 Marble Drive
Little Rapids 234 10 Bonnell Drive
237 11 Berkshire Road
Pasadena 241 12 Main Street
244 13 Stentaford Avenue
St. Jude's 260 14 Ridgeview Road
Deer Lake 264 15A Glide Lake Road
265 15 High Street
267 16 Route 430
Grand Falls-Windsor 474 17 Main Street
477 18 Cromer Avenue
478 19 Union Street
479 20 Scott Avenue
Bishops Falls 491 21 Main Street
495 22 Route 350
Notre Dame Junction 526 23 Route 340 – Lewisporte, Twillingate
Gambo 612 24 Route 320
Glovertown 629 25 Route 310
George's Brook 701 26 Route 230 – Bonavista Peninsula
Whitbourne 816 27 Route 100 – Placentia
817 28 Route 80 Baccalieu Trail
Ocean Pond 827 29 Ocean Pond Road
Grand Pond 830 30 Route 71 (Hodgewater Line)
Roaches Line 834 31 Route 75 (Veterans Memorial Hwy.) Baccalieu Trail
Brigus Junction 837 32 Brigus Junction Road
Middle Gull Pond 842 33 Middle Gull Pond Road
Avondale 844 34 Route 63
Holyrood 848 35 Route 90
856 36 Route 62
Butter Pot 858 37 Route 13 (Witless Bay Line) – Bay Bulls
862 38 Butter Pot Provincial Park
Conception Bay South 875 39 Route 61 (Foxtrap Access Road)
St. John's 880 40 Paddy's Pond/Cochrane Pond
886 41 Route 2 (Pitts Memorial Drive)
888 42 Kenmount Road
889 43 Route 60 (Topsail Road)
893 44 Route 50 (Thorburn Road)
895 45 Route 3A (Team Gushue Highway)
899 46 Allandale Road
901 47 Route 40 (Portugal Cove Road)
902 48 Route 20 (Torbay Road)
903 49 Aberdeen Avenue, Stavanger Drive
905 50 Route 30 (Logy Bay Road)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
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NL Route 1
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