List of Newfoundland and Labrador highways

List of Newfoundland and Labrador highways

This is a list of highways in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Main provincial highways

List of Newfoundland and Labrador highways that traverse both the island and mainland part of the province and those that lead into distinct regions of the province.
*Trans-Labrador Highway
*Route 1, the Trans-Canada Highway
*Route 210, TCH at Goobies to Marystown
*Route 230, TCH at Thorburn Lake to Bonavista
*Route 320, TCH at Gambo to New-Wes-Valley
*Route 330, TCH at Gander to New-Wes-Valley
*Route 340, TCH at Notre Dame Junction to Twillingate
*Route 360, TCH at Bishops Falls to Harbour Breton
*Route 410, TCH at Sheppardville to Fleur-de-Lys
*Route 430, TCH at Deer Lake to St. Anthony
*Route 480, TCH at Southwest Brook to Burgeo
*Route 500, TCH at Labrador City to Happy Valley-Goose Bay
*Route 510, TCH at L'Anse-au-Clair to Cartwright

Regional roads

Main transportation routes leading into and around the various regions of the province sorted by regions.

Avalon Peninsula

*Route 2, Pitts Memorial Drive and CBS Bypass
*Route 3, Goulds Bypass Road
*Route 10, Southern Shore Highway
*Route 11, Petty Harbour Road
*Route 13, Witless Bay Line
*Route 20, Torbay Road and Pouch Cove Road
*Route 21, Bauline Road
*Route 30, Logy Bay Road
*Route 40, Portugal Cove Road
*Route 41, Beachy Cove Road
*Route 50, Thorburn Road
*Route 60, Topsail Road and Conception Bay Highway
*Route 70, Roaches Line and Conception Bay North Highway
*Route 71, Hodgewater Road
*Route 72, Port de Grave Road
*Route 73, New Harbour Road
*Route 74, Heart's Content Highway
*Route 75, Veterans Memorial Highway
*Route 80, Trinity Road
*Route 81, Markland Road
*Route 90, Salmonier Line and St. Mary's Bay Highway
*Route 91, Old Placentia Highway
*Route 92, North Harbour-Branch Highway
*Route 93, Mount Carmel Road
*Route 94, Admirals Beach Road
*Route 100, Argentia Road and Cape Shore Highway
*Route 101, Long Harbour Access Road
*Route 102, Fox Harbour Road and Ship Harbour Road
*Route 201, Chapel Arm-Bellevue Road
*Route 202, Long Harbour Road
*Route 203, Fair Haven Road

Burin Peninsula

*Route 210, Burin Peninsula Highway
*Route 211, English Harbour East Road
*Route 212, Bay L'Argent Road
*Route 213, Garnish Road
*Route 214, Monkstown Road
*Route 220, Burin Peninsula Highway
*Route 220A, Creston Boulevard
*Route 221, Burin Road
*Route 222, Salt Pond-Winterland Road

Bonavista Peninsula and area

*Route 204, Southwest Arm Road
*Route 205, Hatchet Cove Road
*Route 230, Bonavista Peninsula Highway
*Route 230A, Old Bonavista Peninsula Highway
*Route 231, Random Island Road
*Route 232, Smith Sound Road
*Route 233, Clode Sound Road
*Route 234, Winter Brook Road
*Route 235, Cabot Highway
*Route 236, Shock Cove Road
*Route 237, Blackhead Bay Road
*Route 238, Elliston Road
*Route 239, New Bonaventure Road

=Kittiwake Coast, Fogo Island and Twillingate areas=

*Route 301, Terra Nova Road
*Route 310, Glovertown-Salvage Highway
*Route 320, Bonavista North Highway
*Route 330, Gander Bay Highway
*Route 331, Boyd's Cove Highway
*Route 332, Frederickton Road
*Route 333, Fogo Island Road
*Route 334, Joe Batt's Arm Road
*Route 335, Farewell Road
*Route 340, Road to the Isles
*Route 341, Laurenceton Road
*Route 342, Embree Road
*Route 343, Comfort Cove Road
*Route 344, Cottlesville Road
*Route 345, Moreton's Harbour Road
*Route 346, Toogood Arm Road

Exploits River Valley and Bay d'Espoir region

*Route 350, Botwood Highway
*Route 351, Rattling Brook Road
*Route 352, Fortune Harbour Road
*Route 360, Bay d'Espoir Highway
*Route 361, St. Albans Road
*Route 362, Belleoram Road
*Route 363, Coombes Cove Road
*Route 364, Hermitage River Road
*Route 365, Conne River Road
*Route 370, Buchans Highway
*Route 371, Millertown Junction Road

Baie Verte Region

*Route 380, Beothuk Trail
*Route 381, Port Anson Road
*Route 382, Long Island Tickle Road
*Route 390, Springdale Road
*Route 391, Harry's Harbour Road
*Route 392, Beachside Road
*Route 410, Dorset Trail
*Route 411, Purbeck's Cove Road
*Route 412, Seal Cove Road
*Route 413, Burlington Road
*Route 414, La Scie Highway
*Route 415, Nippers Harbour Road
*Route 416, Round Harbour Road
*Route 417, Pacquet Road
*Route 418, Ming's Bight Road
*Route 419, Wild Cove Road

Great Northern Peninsula and area

*Route 401, Howley Road
*Route 420, White Bay South Highway
*Route 421, Hampden Road
*Route 422, Cormack Road
*Route 430, Great Northern Highway
*Route 431, Bonne Bay Road
*Route 432, Main Point Highway
*Route 433, Englee Highway
*Route 434, Conche Road
*Route 435, Cook's Harbour Road
*Route 436, L'Anse aux Meadows Road
*Route 437, Cape Onion Road
*Route 438, Croque Road

Western Newfoundland

*Route 402, Gallants Road
*Route 403, Flat Bay Road
*Route 404, Robinsons Road
*Route 405, Highlands Road
*Route 406, Codroy Road
*Route 407, St. Andrews-Searston Road
*Route 440, Admiral Palliser's Trail (formerly North Shore Highway)
*Route 450, South Shore Highway
*Route 460, Port au Port Highway / Kippens Road / Hanson Memorial Highway
*Route 461, St. George's Highway
*Route 462, Point au Mal Road
*Route 463, Lourdes Road
*Route 470, Lapoile Highway
*Route 480, Burgeo Highway
*Route 490, Stephenville Access Road


*Route 500, Trans-Labrador Highway
*Route 503, Grenfell Drive
*Route 510, Labrador South Highway
*Route 513
*Route 514
*Route 520, Northwest River Road

Local roads

There is also an extensive system of numbered local roads in Newfoundland and Labrador. These roads are numbered based on an intersecting primary highway, with another number following a dash (i.e. 210-1).

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* [ Newfoundland Highway Photos] by Oscar Voss
* [ Newfoundland and Labrador Highway Building Regulations] - contains descriptions of most provincial numbered highways

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