List of Venezuelans

List of Venezuelans

Famous or notable Venezuelans include:

República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Flag of Venezuela. Coat of Arms of Venezuela.
Flag Coat of Arms





Beauty queens

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008
Stefanía Fernández, Miss Universe 2009
Hannelly Quintero, Miss Intercontinental 2009





Business & Law

  • Gustavo Cisneros, Venezuelan-born media mogul. He is among the world's richest men according to Forbes magazine, which estimates his fortune at $6 billion.
  • Lorenzo Mendoza, oversees one of Venezuela's largest private companies, $6 billion (sales) Empresas Polar.
  • Eugenio Mendoza (1906–1979), was a Venezuelan business tycoon who made important contributions in the modernization of the country during the 20th Century.
  • Henry Lord Boulton, is a Venezuelan aviator, entrepreneur, owner, and former owner of many businesses such as Casas Boulton, Avensa/Servivensa among others.
  • Ali Lenin Aguilera, is a Venezuelan lawyer, entrepreneur.










  • Simón Bolívar (1783–1830), Wars of Independence leader, military commander, Father of the Nation.
  • Francisco de Miranda (1750–1816), Wars of Independence leader, veteran of the U.S. and French revolutions.
  • Antonio José de Sucre (1795–1830), Wars of Independence leader, Grand Marshal of Ayacucho, president of Bolivia (1826–1828), president of Peru
  • José Antonio Páez (1790–1873), Wars of Independence leader, former President.
  • Juan Germán Roscio (1763–1821), lawyer and politician, main editor of the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence and chief architect of the Venezuelan Constitution of 1811.
  • Cristóbal Mendoza (1772–1829), considered as the First President of Venezuela.
  • Rafael Urdaneta (1788–1845), Hero of the Latin American wars of independence.
  • Santiago Mariño (1788–1854), hero in the Venezuelan War of Independence, and important leader of Venezuela's eastern.
  • Pedro Camejo (better known as Negro Primero, or The First Black) (1790–1821), lieutenant at the Venezuelan war of independence.
  • José Félix Ribas (1775–1815), leader and hero of the Venezuelan War of Independence.
  • Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi (1799–1866), Heroine from the Venezuelan War of Independence
  • Juan José Flores (1800–1864), founder of Ecuador and its first President.
  • José Tadeo Monagas (1784–1868), hero of the Venezuelan War of Independence, and former president.
  • José Gregorio Monagas (1795–1858), hero of the Venezuelan War of Independence, and former president.
  • Agostino Codazzi (1793–1859), Italian born, military officer, cartographer, former governor of Barinas.
  • Mariano Montilla (1782–1851), Major General of the Army of Venezuela in the Venezuelan War of Independence.
  • Fernando Adames Torres (1837–1910) General of the Army during the Revolution of Coro, Senator representing Lara State and Chief of Staff













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