List of political parties in Venezuela

List of political parties in Venezuela

Politics of Venezuela
VenezolanosPolitical parties in Venezuela lists political parties in Venezuela.

Historically, Venezuela has had a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments. In the 2005 parliamentary elections, the Fifth Republic Movement effectively established itself as the dominant party in a dominant-party system; its position was continued by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, into which it merged on 2007-10-20.

The parties

Major Parties

*A New Era "(Un Nuevo Tiempo)"
*Justice First "(Primero Justicia)"
*For Social Democracy "(Por la Democracia Social)"
*Fatherland for All "(Patria para Todos)"
*Movement for Socialism "(Movimiento al Socialismo)"
*Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee "(Comite de Organizacion Politica Electoral Independiente)"
*Democratic Action "(Acción Democrática)"
*Project Venezuela "(Proyecto Venezuela)"
*United Socialist Party of Venezuela "(Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela)"
*Communist Party of Venezuela "(Partido Comunista de Venezuela)"

Other parties

*National Integrity Unity Movement "(Movimiento de Integridad Nacional Unidad)"
*Venezuela First-class "(Venezuela de Primera)"
*Democratic Republican Union "(Union Republicana Democratica)"
*Republican Movement "(Movimiento Republicano)"
*Revolutionary Middle Class "(Clase Media Revolucionaria)"
*National Convergence "(Convergencia Nacional)"
*Emergent Vision "(Vision Emergente)"
*Laborist Movement "(Movimiento Laborista)"
*Only One People "(Un Solo Pueblo)"
*Liberal Force "(Fuerza Liberal)"
*Rebirth "(Renace)"
*Popular Force "(Fuerza Popular)"
*Emergent People "(Gente Emergente)"
*Independent Solidarity "(Solidaridad Independiente)"
*National Socialist Liberation Group Pro Venezuela "(Grupo Nacional Socialista de Liberacion Pro-Venezuela)"
*Radical Cause "(La Causa Radical)"
*Opening "(Apertura)"
*Patriotic Unity "(Unidad Patriotica)"
*Free Electors "(Electores Libres)"
*Patriotic Community Unity "(Unidad Patriotica Comunitaria)"
*Venezuela We Are All "(Venezuela Somos Todos)"
*New People Concentration Movement "(Movimiento de Concentracion Gente Nueva)"
*Farming Action "(Accion Agropecuaria)"
*For Love of the City "(Por Querer a la Ciudad)"
*Red Flag Party "(Partido Bandera Roja)"
*Democratic Image "(Imagen Democratica)"
*The Key "(La Llave)"
*National Thought "(Pensamiento Nacional)"
*Independents for Venezuela "(Independientes Por Venezuela)"
*Democratic Left "(Izquierda Democratica)"
*Renovative Democracy "(Democracia Renovadora)"
*Democratic Active National Organization "(Organizacion Nacional Democratica Activa)"
*Solidarity "(Solidaridad)"
*Builders of a Country "(Constructores de un Pais)"
*National Encounter "(Encuentro Nacional)"
*Popular Independent Party "(Partido Popular Independiente)"
*National Independent Movement "(Movimiento Nacional Independiente)"
*Force of the People "(Fuerza de la Gente)"
*Independents With Vision Of The Future "(Independiente Con Vision De Futuro)"
*Vision Venezuela
*Laboral Power "(Poder Laboral)"
*Solution "(Solucion)"
*Venezuelan Revolutionary Currents "(Corrientes Revolucionarias Venezolanas )"
*Pole "(Polo)"
*Community Change Answer "(Respuesta de Cambio Comunitario)"
*Araguaney Electoral Movement "(Araguaney Movimiento Electoral)"
*Advanced Answer Independent Electoral Party "(Partido Indepeniente Electoral De Repuesta Avanzada)"
*Young "(Joven)"
*New Social Order "(Nuevo Orden Social)"
*National Feeling Movement "(Movimiento Sentir Nacional)"
*Movement of the Conscience of the Country "(Movimiento de Conciencia de Pais)"
*Sons of the Homeland "(Hijos de la Patria)"
*We Break Chains "(Rompamos Cadenas)"
*For the Love of Venezuela "(Por Querer a Venezuela)"
*National Council of Venezuelan Indians "(Consejo Nacional Indio de Venezuela)"
*Civil Resistance "(Resistencia Civil)" - libertarian party
*Fearless People's Alliance "(Alianza Bravo Pueblo)"
*Internationalism "(Internacionalismo)"
*Party of the Venezuelan Revolution "(Partido de la Revolución Venezolana)"
*Progressive Republican Party "(Partido Republicano Progresista, PRP)"
*United Multiethnic Peoples of the Amazonas "(Pueblos Unidos Multietnicos de Amazonas)"

Historical parties

*Venezuelan Democratic Party ("Partido Democrático Venezolano")
*Merged into PSUV:
**Fifth Republic Movement "(Movimiento V República)"
**People's Electoral Movement "(Movimiento Electoral del Pueblo)"
**Everybody Wins Independent Movement "(Movimiento Independiente Ganamos Todos)"
**Venezuelan People's Union "(Unión Popular Venezolana, UPV)"
**Socialist League "(Liga Socialista)"
**Movement for Direct Democracy "(Movimiento por la Democracia Directa)"
**Union Party "(Partido Union)"
**Militant Civic Movement "(Movimiento Civico Militante)"
**Action Force of Base Coordination "(Fuerzas de Acciones de Coordinación de Base)"
**Independents for the National Community "(Independientes por la Comunidad Nacional)"

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