List of political parties in Aruba

List of political parties in Aruba

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This article lists political parties in Aruba. Aruba has a multi-party system, with two or three strong parties and a third party that is electorally successful.

The parties

The native party names are either in Dutch, Papiamento or Spanish.
  • Aruban Liberal Organization (Organisacion Liberal Arubano): liberals
  • Aruban Patriotic Party (Partido Patriotico Arubano) traditionalist-patriotic-nationalists
  • Aruban Patriotic Movement (Movimiento Patriotico Arubano) reformist-progressives
  • Aruban People's Party (Arubaanse Volks Partij): christian-democrats
  • Network of Electoral Democracy (Red Electoral Democratico) green-democrats
  • People's Electoral Movement (Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo), social-democrats
  • Real Democracy Party (Partido Democracia Real) social-liberal-pragmatics
  • Aruban Democratic Alliance (Aliansa Democratico Arubano) libertarians
  • Concentration for the Liberation of Aruba (Concentracion pa Liberacion di Aruba) libertarian-socialists
  • Independent Social Movement (Movimiento Social Independiente) independent-social-liberals
  • Workers Political Platform (Plataforma Politico di Trahadornan) workers-labours
  • Christian Union of Aruba (Cristianan Uni pa Aruba) christian-conservative-theocrats
  • National Democratic Action (Accion Democratico National) nationalists
  • Aruban Socialist Movement (Movimiento Socialista Arubano) socialists
  • Highest Good Party (Partido Sunnum Bunum) conservatives-reformists
  • New Patriotic Party (Partido Patriotico Nobo) progressive-patriotics
  • Aruban Democratic Party (Partido Democratico Arubano) progressives
  • Aruban Solidarity Movement (Movimiento Arubano Solidario) social-unionists
  • Restructured Aruba Now (Aruba Restructura Awo) reformists
  • United for the Wellbeing of Aruba (Uni pa Bienestar di Aruba) social-reformists

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