Jesus myth theory

Jesus myth theory
Jesus myth theory
Noel Coypel The Resurrection of Christ.jpg
The Resurrection of Christ by Noel Coypel (1700).
Jesus myth theorists see this as one of a number of stories about dying and rising gods.
Description The New Testament account of the life of Jesus is a myth ranging from historical to so filled with myth and legend as well as internal contradictions and historical irregularities that at best no meaningful verification regarding Jesus of Nazareth (including his very existence) can be extracted from them.
Early proponents Charles François Dupuis (1742–1809)
Constantin-François Volney (1757–1820)
Bruno Bauer (1809–1882)
Arthur Drews (1865–1935)
Modern proponents G.A. Wells, Alvar Ellegård, Robert M. Price
Subject Ancient history