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ICD-10 N28.8, Q62.2
ICD-9 593.89, 753.22
DiseasesDB 32546

Megaureter is an anomaly whereby the ureter is abnormally dilated. Congenital megaureter is an uncommon condition which is more common in males, may be bilateral, and is often associated with other congenital anomalies. The cause is thought to be aperistalsis of the distal ureter, leading to dilatation.

A functional obstruction at the lower end of the ureter leads to progressive dilatation and a tendency to infection. The ureteric orifice appears normal and a ureteric catheter passes easily.

Definitive surgical treatment involves refashioning the lower end of the affected ureter so that a tunnelled reimplantation into the bladder can be done to prevent reflux.


  • Bailey and Love's Short Practice of Surgery

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