Ascending colon

Ascending colon
Ascending colon
1: Ascending colon
2: Transverse colon
3: Descending colon
4: Sigmoid colon
5: Rectum
Front of abdomen, showing surface markings for liver, stomach, and great intestine.
Latin colon ascendens
Gray's subject #249 1180
Artery Right colic artery
Vein Right colic vein
Nerve celiac ganglia, vagus [1]
Precursor Midgut

The ascending colon is smaller in caliber than the cecum.

It passes upward, from its commencement at the cecum, opposite the colic valve, to the under surface of the right lobe of the liver, on the right of the gall-bladder, where it is lodged in a shallow depression, the colic impression; here it bends abruptly forward and to the left, forming the right colic flexure (hepatic).

It is retained in contact with the posterior wall of the abdomen by the peritoneum, which covers its anterior surface and sides, its posterior surface being connected by loose areolar tissue with the Iliacus, Quadratus lumborum, aponeurotic origin of Transversus abdominis, and with the front of the lower and lateral part of the right kidney.

Sometimes the peritoneum completely invests it, and forms a distinct but narrow mesocolon.

It is in relation, in front, with the convolutions of the ileum and the abdominal parietes.


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