Right coronary artery

Right coronary artery
Artery: Right coronary artery
Sternocostal surface of heart. (Right coronary artery visible at left.)
Latin arteria coronaria dextra
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Supplies right ventricle (RV), & 25% to 35% of left ventricle.
Source ascending aorta   

The right coronary artery (RCA) originates above the right cusp of the aortic valve. It travels down the right atrioventricular groove, towards the crux of the heart.

At the origin of the RCA is the conus artery.

In addition to supplying blood to the right ventricle (RV), the RCA supplies 25% to 35% of the left ventricle (LV).

In 85% of patients, the RCA gives off the posterior descending artery (PDA). In the other 15% of cases, the PDA is given off by the left circumflex artery. The PDA supplies the inferior wall, ventricular septum, and the posteromedial papillary muscle.

The RCA also supplies the SA nodal artery in 60% of patients. The other 40% of the time, the SA nodal artery is supplied by the left circumflex artery.

Additional images

Coronary arteries (labeled in red text) and other major landmarks (in blue text). Right coronary artery is at left in the image.
Cardiac vessels.png
RCA = right coronary
AB = atrial branches
SANB = sinuatrial nodal
RMA = right marginal
LCA = left coronary
CB = circumflex branch
LAD/AIB = anterior interventricular
LMA = left marginal
PIA/PDA = posterior descending
MARG = left marginal
AVN = atrioventricular nodal

SCV = small cardiac
ACV = anterior cardiac
AIV/GCV = great cardiac
MCV = middle cardiac
CS = coronary sinus

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