Highest intercostal artery

Highest intercostal artery

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Latin = arteria intercostalis suprema
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Caption = The thoracic aorta, viewed from the left side. (Highest intercostal artery labeled at upper right.)

Caption2 =
BranchFrom = costocervical trunk
BranchTo =
Vein = intercostal veins
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DorlandsPre = a_61
DorlandsSuf = 12154668
The highest intercostal artery (supreme intercostal artery, superior intercostal artery) is an artery in the human body that usually gives rise to the first and second posterior intercostal arteries, which supply blood to their corresponding intercostal space. It usually arises from the costocervical trunk, which is a branch of the subclavian artery.

ee also

*Supreme intercostal vein
*Superior intercostal vein
*Posterior intercostal veins

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* http://www.instantanatomy.net/thorax/vessels/aupperintercostalarteries.html

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