Nara (gotra)

Nara (gotra)

Nara is a gotra of jats. This gotra originated from Greek word Naraya.[citation needed]


Mor and Nara are mentioned as Mura and Naraka two powerful “ Yavana” Kings, who were ruling over the Mura and Naraka along with Varuna in the western countries.[citation needed] Also compare Maru and Nairi of Assyrians inscriptions.


Mandana village in Jhajjar district in Haryana has Jat gotra Nara in village the village. Bhukhri village in Ambala district in Haryana has Jat Gotra Nara and in nearby villages as well.

Bhaddar village in Gujrat district in Punjab/Pakistan has Jat gotra Nara in village the villege.

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