Deshwal(Hindi: देसवाल) or Deswal is a gotra or clan of Jats and Ahirs [1] in the states of Punjab, Haryana Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in India and the province of Punjab in Pakistan.



The genealogical tables prepared by the bards of the four gotras of Dalal, Deshwal, Mann and Sihag called the four clans as the descendants of Dhanna Rao. However, this is subject to dispute since gotras like Mann and Sihag existed long before Dhanna Rao.

In the present day however, Dalals, Deshwals (also spelt as Deswals), Manns and Sihags consider themselves as brothers, because of the tables prepared by the bards which describe them as descendants of the same person. So there cannot be any marriage between boys and girls having these gotras.

Geographic distribution

This gotra is smaller than the Dalal gotra and people belonging to this gotra have a few villages in Bhatinda in Punjab (India), some in the erstwhile princely state of Bahawalpur in Pakistan and in Rohtak, Jind, Panipat and Jhajjar districts in Haryana. Deshwals also have four of villages in western Uttar Pradesh Muzzafarnagar district; villages (Basera and Badheo and chota kesharwa and bada kesharwa and Shahjuddi) According to sir H.M Elliot the Deswal of Baghpat are all Ahirs.[2]

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