Gender Male

Old German

Meaning Old German for Theodoric
Other names
Related names dereck, derrick, derick, derik, deric, derric, deryck, derrek, diderik, dierk, dietrich, dirk

Derek is a male name derived from the same root as the Old German Theodoric,[1] meaning power of the tribe or ruler of the people. Variants recently revived are Deryk, Deric, Derak, the Dutch form Dirk, popularised by the actor Dirk Bogarde, and the Low German Di(e)rk (Dierk Hoff). In recent years it has been used occasionally as a family name, for example Bo Derek.



People with the surname

People with the given name

Acting, presenting

Athletics (track and field)


  • Derek Bell (born 1968), former Major League Baseball player
  • Derek Jeter (born 1974), American baseball player (shortstop)
  • Derek Lilliquist (born 1966) Drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the First round in 1987. Last pitched Sept. 6, 1996
  • Derek Lowe (born 1973), American baseball player
  • Derek Tatsuno (born c. 1959), American college baseball player


  • Derek Anderson (born 1974), Professional basketball player
  • Derek Fisher (born 1974), American basketball player
  • Derek Grimm (born 1974), American basketball player
  • Derek Harper (born 1961), American basketball player and TV sports anchor
  • Derek Hood (born 1976), American basketball player
  • Derek Smith, (1961-1996), American basketball player
  • Derek Strong (born 1968), American basketball player and racing driver

Boxing and wrestling

  • Derek Bryant (born 1971), American heavyweight boxer
  • Derek Couch aka Robbie McAllister Scottish member of Canadian tag wrestling team The Highlanders


Car racing



  • Derek Brown, software developer
  • Derek Drymon (born 1965), American writer and storyboard artist
  • Derek Ford (1932-1995), English film director/writer
  • Derek Harvie (born 1971), Canadian entertainment writer and producer, living in the U.S.
  • Derek Hill film production designer
  • Derek Hough (born 1985), American dancer, choreographer, musician and actor
  • Derek Jarman (1942-1994), English film director, stage designer, artist and writer
  • Derek Lamb (1936-2005), American animation film-maker and producer
  • Derek Malcolm (born 1932), British film critic
  • Derek Meddings (1931-1995), British TV and cinema special effects expert
  • Derek Rath, photographer and radio programmer
  • Derek Smart, controversial designer of video games
  • Derek Yee (born 1957), Hong Kong film director

Football (American and Canadian)

  • Derek Abney (born 1980), American football wide receiver
  • Derek Anderson (born 1983), NFL quarterback
  • Derek Darnell Brown (born 1971), American football player (RB)
  • Derek Combs (born 1979), American football player
  • Derek Cox (born 1986), American football player (cornerback)
  • Derek Curry, American footballer
  • Derek Dooley (born c. 1968), American football player and coach
  • Derek Hagan (born 1984), American football player (wide receiver)
  • Derek Rackley (born 1977), American football player (tight end)
  • Derek Smith (born 1975), American football player (linebacker)
  • Derek Smith (born 1980), American football player (tight end)

Football (soccer)

Football (other rules)

  • Derek Edwards, rugby league footballer for Great Britain, Yorkshire, and Castleford
  • Derek Hallas, rugby union and rugby league footballer for Yorkshire (RU), Roundhay, Great Britain (RL), Yorkshire, Keighley, Leeds, and Parramatta Eels
  • Derek Howes, rugby league footballer for Wales, and Wakefield Trinity
  • Derek Murray (Gaelic footballer) Irish Gaelic footballer
  • Derek Noonan, rugby union and rugby league footballer for St. Helens (RU), England (RL), Lancashire, Warrington, St. Helens, and Fulham
  • Derek Turner (born 1933), rugby league footballer for Great Britain, England, Yorkshire, Hull Kingston Rovers, Oldham, and Wakefield Trinity
  • Derek Quinnell (born 1949), Welsh rugby union player
  • Derek Whitehead, rugby league footballer for Great Britain, Lancashire, Swinton, Oldham and Warrington
  • Derek Woodcock, Australian Rules football field umpire


Other sports

Painting, sculpture, fashion


  • Derek Barber aka Baron Barber of Tewkesbury (born 1918), British civil servant, agricultural expert and politician
  • Derek Beackon, English lorry driver and politician
  • Derek Bedson (1920-1989), Canadian civil servant
  • Derek Blackburn (born 1934), Canadian politician
  • Derek Brownlee (born c. 1975), Scottish politician
  • Derek Bryan (1910-2003), British diplomat
  • Derek Burney (born 1939), Canadian businessman, diplomat and political strategist
  • Derek Clark (born 1933), British politician and science teacher
  • Derek Conway (born 1953), British politician
  • Derek Coombs (born 1931), British politician and corporate executive
  • Derek Corrigan (born about 1955), Canadian politician
  • Derek Croxton American history researcher and writer
  • Derek Denton (born 1924), Australian scientist
  • Derek Draper, UK political lobbyist involved in Cash for Access scandal in 1999, subsequently a psychotherapist
  • Derek Edwards, psychologist and academic working in England
  • Derek Enright (1935-1995), British politician
  • Derek Ezra aka Baron Ezra (b. 1919) British politician and corporate executive
  • Derek Fatchett (1945-1999), British politician
  • Derek Fletcher (born 1951), Canadian politician born in England
  • Derek Foster (b. 1937), British politician
  • Derek Freeman (1916-2001), New Zealand anthropologist
  • Derek Gregory (born 1951), British geographer
  • Derek Hatton (born 1948), English politician, businessman and after-dinner speaker
  • Derek Holland (activist), British politician and writer who uses several pen-names: Harry Worthington, Rory O'Connor, D. Liam O'Huallachain, Derek O'Huallachain, and Deric O'Huallachain
  • Derek Humphry (born 1930), writer of the suicide handbook Final Exit and president of the Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization
  • Derek Hussey (born 1948), Northern Irish politician
  • Derek Insley, Canadian politician
  • Derek Jelliffe (d. 1992), expert in tropical paediatrics and infant nutrition
  • Derek Keppel (1863-1944), British nobleman, soldier and member of the royal household
  • Derek Laud (born 1964), English political lobbyist
  • Derek Lee (born 1948), Canadian lawyer and politician
  • Derek Lodge (1929-1996), English civil servant and statistician
  • Derek McDowell (born 1958), Irish politician
  • Derek Mooney (born 1962), Irish ministerial adviser and [(Fianna Fáil)] campaign manager
  • Derek Moore-Brabazon (1910-1974), a UK baron - 2nd Baron Brabazon of Tara
  • Derek Morris, British academic formerly chairperson of the Competition Commission
  • Derek Nally (born 1936), policeman, campaigner and politician
  • Derek Oulton (born 1927), lawyer and civil servant
  • Derek Page (1927-2005) aka Baron Whaddon, British politician
  • Derek Prag, British politician
  • Derek Quigley (born 1932), New Zealand politician
  • Derek Robinson aka Red Tobbo, British motor industry shop steward
  • Derek Schofield, Chief Justice of Gibraltar
  • Derek Simpson (b.1944), British trade unionist
  • Derek Spencer (born 1936), British politician
  • Derek Taylor (born 1951), Caribbean politician
  • Derek Twigg (born 1959) English politician
  • Derek James Walding (born 1937), Canadian politician, born in England
  • Derek Walker-Smith aka Baron Broxbourne (1910-1992), British politician
  • Derek Wall, British politician
  • Derek Watkins British docker shop steward member of the "Pentonville Five"
  • Derek Watson (retired 2002), British churchman
  • "Derek Wee", name used in a controversial blog by Wee Siew Kim (b. 1960), Singaporean politician
  • Derek Wells (born 1946), Canadian politician and lawyer
  • Derek Worlock (1920-1996), British Roman Catholic bishop
  • Derek Wyatt (born 1949), British politician

Science, education and academic

  • Derek Abbott (born 1960), physicist and electronic engineer
  • Derek Barton (1918-1998), British physical chemist and Nobel Prize Laureate
  • Derek Bickerton (born 1926), linguist and academic
  • Derek Birley (1926-2002), academic and educator
  • Derek Blake, academic and research scientist
  • Derek Bok (born 1930), American lawyer and educator
  • Derek Briggs (born c. 1945), Irish paleontologist
  • Derek Hirst (born 1948), English historian of early-modern Britain
  • Derek Hockridge, British translator, lecturer and expert in French society and culture
  • Derek Hopwood, British academic and author
  • Derek Long (born 1925), former professor of structural chemistry at the University of Bradford, working in the field of Raman spectroscopy
  • Derek McCormack, New Zealand biochemist and academic
  • Derek Morley (1920-1969) independent science consultant and journalist noted for study of ants
  • Derek Parfit (born 1942), British philosopher and academic
  • Derek Price (1922-1983), information scientist and science historian
  • Derek Ratcliffe (1929-2005), British nature conservationist
  • Derek Roe, British paleolithic archeologist and academic
  • Derek Summerfield controversial psychiatrist and writer
  • Derek Taunt (1917-2004), British mathematician and codebreaker
  • Derek van der Kooy (born c. 1955), scientist and academic working in stem cell research

Sports on ice



  • Derek Bentley (1933-1953), Englishman hanged for murder and subsequently pardoned
  • Derek Anthony Seagrim (1903-1943), English soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Derek Wood, one of two British Army corporals shot and killed in Northern Ireland in 1988

Fictional characters

  • Derek and Clive, controversial cult characters portrayed by Dudley Moore and Peter Cook
  • Derek the dark green diesel, character from Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Derek the Midget, character played by radio personality Shuli
  • Derek the Sheep, eponymous character in a comic strip in the Beano
  • Derek Almond, character in the graphic novel V for Vendetta
  • Derek Bliss, character in Vampires: Los Muertos
  • Derek Blunt, anthropomorphic hawk in Darkwing Duck
  • Derek Branning, character in the BBC soapEastEnders
  • Derek Conway, character in British TV series The Bill
  • Derek the Dalmatian (also known as Evil Derek the Dark Dalmatian), from the 1970s BBC children's television series Olimar The Wondercat
  • Derek Flint, eponymous character in Our Man Flint
  • Derek Frye, character in the ABC soap opera All My Children
  • Derek Harkinson, character in the BBC soap EastEnders
  • Derek Haig, a character in Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Derek Klivian, pilot in the Rogue Squadron from Star Wars
  • Derek Morgan, senior special agent in Criminal Minds
  • Derek O'Farrell character in the British soap Brookside
  • Derek Powers aka Blight, supervillain in the animated series Batman Beyond
  • Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy, neurosurgeon in the American medical series Grey's Anatomy
  • Derek Smalls character in the spoof rockumentary This is Spinal Tap
  • Derek Stevens, character in Saturday Night Live musical sketches
  • Derek Stiles, character in Trauma Center series of video games
  • Derek Trotter, character in the TV comedy series Only Fools and Horses
  • Derek Venturi, character in the Canadian TV show Life with Derek
  • Derek Vinyard in American History X
  • Derek Wheeler aka Wheels, character in the Degrassi series
  • Derek Wilton, character in the TV soap Coronation Street
  • Derek Zoolander, eponymous character in the film Zoolander
  • Prince Derek, Son of Queen Uberta, character of Swan Princess
  • Derek Jupiter, the lead singer of the fictional band "Iron Weasel" from I'm in the Band

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