List of Walker, Texas Ranger episodes

List of Walker, Texas Ranger episodes

The following is a list of episodes from the American television series Walker, Texas Ranger. Although the first three episodes were televised at the end of the 1992-93 television season, they are included in the Season 1(1993–94) DVD Box Set and are not listed as a pilot season on the DVDs.


Pilot Season: 1993

# Air date Production Code Episode Title Episode Overview
1 April 21, 1993 101 One Riot, One Ranger This two-hour premiere episode introduces Cordell Walker, a contemporary Texas Ranger. After his old partner is killed in a bank heist, working with his new partner Trivette, Walker seeks vengeance on the killer - and uncovers the next daring scheme. (Note: The role of C.D. Parker was played by Gailard Sartain. In the first regular season, Noble Willingham took over the role starting with the episode, "Bounty." Clarence Gilyard joined the cast, after departing his role on Matlock. In syndication, this is a two-part episode.)
2 April 24, 1993 102 Borderline Walker and his partner work to protect Alex from the sheriff, who found himself on the wrong side of the bars when she sent him to prison. After his release from the big house, he stalks Alex in search of revenge.
3 May 1, 1993 103 A Shadow in the Night East meets the Wild West when Walker and Trivette try to safeguard a Congressman whose assistant killed a Yakuza boss and find themselves confronting a Japanese hit man who also happens to be both a martial arts master and an old friend of Walker.

Season 1: 1993–1994

# Air date Production Code Episode Title Episode Overview
4 September 25, 1993 104 Bounty Bank robber Roy Buchanan is accidentally arrested, but when he is let go, he not only has Walker and Trivette on his heels, but a deadly bounty hunter by the name of Waxwell as well. (Note: This is the first episode where the end credits were played over a picture of a Texas Ranger badge, which stayed that way for the rest of the series. Noble Willingham took over the role of C.D. Parker in this episode.)
5 October 2, 1993 105 Storm Warning Trivette is up the river—and in very hot water—when he goes undercover in prison and finds himself trapped with other convicts during a brutal escape attempt.
6 October 30, 1993 106 In the Name of God Alex tries to rescue a friend's daughter from a religious cult, but finds herself being held prisoner by the group's charismatic leader.
7 November 6, 1993 107 Crime Wave Dave While searching for Billy Clancy, an escaped parolee that he helped before, Walker learns that Billy's parole officer Dave Kilmer has been forcing Billy to commit crimes. To protect himself, Kilmer abducts Billy's wife and son.
8 November 13, 1993 108 End Run While Walker and Trivette transport a fugitive who is about to testify in an out-of-state murder trial, Trivette struggles with his feelings for the dangerous woman.
9 November 20, 1993 109 Family Matters Walker faces a battle with the FBI after he arrests a criminal who feels himself to be above the law because of his sister's involvement in the Witness Protection Program.
10 November 24, 1993 110 She'll Do to Ride the River With A veterinarian investigating the strange deaths of local animals is killed and his daughter teams up with Walker and Trivette. The three discover that an oil company has been using a harmful substance to spray the roads in order to make a large profit.
11 November 27, 1993 111 Unfinished Business A renegade, whom is a failed Texas Ranger applicant challenges Walker with his attempts to capture several escaped criminals, but he inadvertently endangers innocent civilians in the process.
12 December 4, 1993 112 An Innocent Man Walker must find a way to prove a condemned man's guilty plea was the result of blackmail before he is put to death by lethal injection.
13 December 11, 1993 113 Night of the Gladiator Diane, an old flame of Trivette's asks him to help her brother Randy who is involved with an illegal street fighting ring. Walker and Trivette join the gang by posing as street fighters, and Randy learns from them that the opponent he thought he had accidentally killed, actually died from gunshot wounds. Though he realizes that his boss was responsible, Randy is forced to fight Trivette when his boss had kidnapped Diane to keep Randy in line.
14 January 8, 1994 114 The Legend of Running Bear Walker's cousin, David "Little Eagle" Jackson, returns to the reservation after studying medicine to find that many do not like him, including his girlfriend's father (a member of the reservation's tribal council), whose murder he soon witnesses. Walker must clear his cousins' name when he is arrested for the murder by two corrupt FBI agents who framed him for murder of the tribal leader who they killed after he uncovers they conspired with a mining tycoon to steal land belonging to the reservation.
15 January 15, 1994 115 Something in the Shadows: Part 1 Kurt Nypo, a powerful drug dealer, is attempting to get rid of Walker when he starts to get close. Nypo also has Tony Kingston, one of Walker's karate students (and whose mom he is dating), deliver the drugs. Meanwhile, the Rangers are working on locating a rapist at a college that Alex teaches at.
16 January 22, 1994 116 Something in the Shadows: Part 2 Tony is busted for delivering the drugs but refuses to come forward to protect his mother. After Nypo puts her in the hospital, Tony attempts to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, the Rangers continue their investigation on the college rapist and suspect that a professor that Alex knows might be the rapist.
17 January 29, 1994 117 On Deadly Ground Walker and Trivette, despite having no jurisdiction, travel to Mexico to rescue a captured D.E.A. agent, who is an old friend of Walker, from a Mexican drug cartel.
18 February 5, 1994 118 Right Man, Wrong Time Country singer Merrilee Summers (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) needs Walker's protection from her estranged ex-husband, who is threatening her.
19 March 5. 1994 119 The Prodigal Son Walker does some soul searching after he nearly causes a young man's death during a hostage situation. He ends up helping another young man (Tobey Maguire), who is on the run for stealing drugs from a mob boss to impress his estranged father.
20 March 12, 1994 120 The Committee Walker pretends a harsher attitude towards the legal system in order to infiltrate the Committee, a group of corrupt law enforcement officials that have been using vigilante-style methods to target and murder criminals that the law failed to convict due to legal procedures.
21 March 26, 1994 121 Deadly Vision Using a psychic to help locate a kidnapped 8-year-old earns Trivette ridicule from his fellow Rangers.
22 April 2, 1994 122 Skyjacked While transporting a condemned man from Ohio to Texas, his friends hijack the plane and subdue Walker and Trivette, who must find a way to prevent his escape.
23 April 9, 1994 123 The Long Haul Walker and Trivette go undercover to try and catch a gang of big rig hijackers.
24 April 30, 1994 124 Rampage C.D. must rescue Walker and Trivette when they are trapped deep inside Texas while tracking brothers.
25 May 14, 1994 125 The Reunion Walker and Trivette get help from a legendary Texas Ranger, back to seek justice for his murdered son, in tracking down an assassin with a U.S. Senator in his sights. (Note: In syndication, this is a two-part episode.)
26 May 21, 1994 126 Stolen Lullaby Walker investigates the claim of a woman (Danica McKellar), whose baby has been kidnapped, that the baby has been seen in the possession of a politician.

Season 2: 1994–1995

# Air date Prod. Code Title Overview
27 September 24, 1994 201 Badge of Honor Trivette meets an old acquaintance of Walker. He is a sheriff in a small town, running it with an iron fist and promoting racism among his deputies. When he gets too close, Trivette is captured, and learns that with another man he is to be put to death in a secret spot where the remains of other captured prisoners are.
28 October 1, 1994 202 Branded After a cattle inspector is killed by rustlers, Walker and Trivette work with the inspector's deputy to find those responsible, but the rustlers seem to be one step ahead of the Rangers.
29 October 8, 1994 203 Silk Dreams A deadly new designer drug sends Walker and Trivette out into the nightlife to seek its source.
30 October 15, 1994 204 Mustangs The death of a man who tried to bring Alex information on a plot to exterminate a group of wild mustangs leads Walker to a local ranch run by two brothers, Ned and Mitch Travis. The elder brother Ned, who is responsible is intending to get out of a lease agreement by getting rid of the herd. But when Walker gets too close, Ned and his gang are able to trap him in the badlands with no means of communication. Now, Walker must ride the leader of the herd in order to stop them in time.
31 October 22, 1994 205 Till Death Do Us Part Walker winds up in a coma after trying to save a baby from a car that teetered off a bridge following a hit-and-run accident.
32 November 5, 1994 206 Rainbow Warrior While attending the funeral of Chief Six Feathers, Walker learns that his death was no accident.
33-34 November 19, 1994 207-208 The Road to Black Bayou Work-related stress builds so Walker, under doctor's advice, takes Trivette & C.D. to Cajun country for a fishing trip. But the vacation turns sour when local ruffians grow tired of the Rangers' presence and take desperate measures to conceal their drug trade. (Note: In syndication, this is a two-part episode.)
35 November 26, 1994 209 Line of Fire After receiving information about Dallas police officers dealing in drugs, Alex receives a threat on her life.
36 December 10, 1994 210 Payback Someone has put out a bounty on Walker who is already busy with recovering a stolen van that is designed for a handicapped boy.
37 December 17, 1994 211 Tiger's Eye The Japanese Yakuza kidnap the daughter of Jesse Morell, a Texas power broker in order to get revenge on his security chief Manzo Tokada. Tokada, a former Japanese cop, previously infiltrated their gang before faking his death with Jesse's help after his cover was blown. However, Tokada refuses Walker's assistance, preferring to handle it his way.
38 January 7, 1995 212 The Big Bingo Bamboozle A protected witness to a bingo game (that was actually a money laundering operation) keeps trying to escape her guards. (Note: The theme song "Eye's of a Ranger", sung by Chuck Norris, first appears in the opening and end credits)
39 January 14, 1995 213 Money Train Walker and Trivette chance upon a planned train robbery after Trivette gets them work on a movie set.
40 January 28, 1995 214 Mean Streets A masked group consisting of spoiled rich boys have been beating up the homeless. But when one of their attacks results in a homicide, Walker goes undercover as a homeless man to catch them.
41 February 4, 1995 215 Cowboy Alex gets caught at the scene of an oil tycoon's abduction by career criminal Victor LaRue (Wayne Pére) and is rounded up as a hostage herself. Walker and Trivette set out to track down LaRue and save her and the other hostages.
42-43 February 11. 1995 216-217 War Zone A series of high-profile robberies puzzle the Rangers, but when one results in the death of Walker's friend, it becomes a personal crusade. (Note: In syndication, this is a two-part episode.)
44 February 18, 1995 218 Trust No One Walker must clear the name of Trivette, who's been accused in the disappearance of $5 million in counterfeit money.
45 February 25, 1995 219 Blue Movies A judge is killed by a man who reveals to Walker that the one who ordered the hit is D.L. Dade (Howard Keel), a respectable businessman who has been keeping his true activities hidden from the law. But after the killer is murdered, Walker remembering that the man said that Dade once made adult films, decides to track down one of the actresses suspecting that she was underage at the time. However an informant in Alex's office is keeping Dade up to date on the Rangers' moves.
46 March 11, 1995 220 On Sacred Ground Cherokee youths are stealing artifacts from a museum, claiming they were taken from their ancestral burial grounds.
47 April 29, 1995 221 Case Closed Walker seeks to disprove 40 years of UFO sightings in a small, Texas town, while also trying to find the missing father of a young girl.
48 May 6, 1995 222 Flashback Walker pursues a group of killers seeking the lost treasures of Hayes Cooper, a Wild West Texas Ranger. During the pursuit, Walker is attacked by a rattlesnake. Parts of the episode are "flashbacks" to Hayes Cooper, who with Lockett (played by Trivette/Gilyard), is pursuing a group of killers. (Notes: In syndication, this is a two-part episode.)
49 May 13, 1995 223 Standoff Walker (with the aid of a jet pack) and Trivette protect a Mexican Presidential candidate from an assassin. (Note: In syndication, this is a two-part episode.)

Season 3: 1995–1996

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
50 September 23, 1995 301 Blown Apart An escaped psychopathic prisoner named Max Kale (Ed O'Ross) goes on a spree, eager to kill people who helped put him away in prison—a list of people including Walker, Alex, a doctor named Jane Pine, a judge named Hollister, Max's ex-wife Angela, and the neighbors of the street where Max was raised in.
51 September 30, 1995 302 Deep Cover Assisting the DEA on a case Walker and Trivette head to Miami, Florida, where Walker poses as a cocaine dealer to help break up a drug trafficking operation and rescue a cop that is being held hostage.
52 October 7, 1995 303 The Guardians Walker goes undercover at an oil rig to locate The Guardians, a group of eco-terrorists that have infiltrated the rig with the intention of blowing it up.
53 October 14, 1995 304 Collision Course C.D's niece is kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and forces her into a string of bank robberies. Walker and C.D.'s pursuit of them becomes further complicated when a radio show host offers a bounty on their Bonnie and Clyde-style bank robberies.
54 October 21, 1995 305 Point After Walker and Trivette's investigation of the death of an assistant high school football coach leads to their discovery of a blackmail plot towards the team caused by an illegal high-stakes gambling ring.
55 November 4, 1995 306 Evil in the Night A malevolent medicine man resurrects after desecration of his burial ground.
56 November 11, 1995 307 Final Justice After learning one of his parent's killers was never brought to justice, Walker finds a witness to help make things right.
57 November 18, 1995 308 The Lynching In a small town, an elderly woman is murdered and a mentally disabled person who was living with her is accused of murdering her by a lynch mob which demands to settle it with vigilante-style justice.
58 November 25, 1995 309 Whitewater: Part 1 Alex and Walker's whitewater rafting trip becomes a working vacation when one of the rafters is murdered. Note: Parts 1 and 2 are shown as a single episode on the DVD release.
59 December 2, 1995 310 Whitewater: Part 2 See Part 1 above for overview. Note: Parts 1 and 2 are shown as a single episode on the DVD release.
60 December 9, 1995 311 The Covenant A gang leader who is trying to start a turf war attempts to recruit one of Walker's karate students, Tommy Lopez, to his side. When Tommy refuses, the gang severely wounds his older brother Ernesto in a drive-by shooting and frames a rival gang who they had shot at previously for it, and Walker must stop the gang from retaliating and igniting the turf war.
61 January 6, 1996 312 Rodeo Victor DeMarco (Joseph Campanella), a mob boss who was put away in prison years ago, is given a new trial and intends to go free by using false witnesses. After his men kill two of the real witnesses, Walker and Trivette go undercover to protect the final witness, a rodeo rider who is an ex-boyfriend of Alex after he refuses protective custody.
62 January 13, 1996 313 Flashpoint Irish militants are trying to kill a peacemaker. (Note: This episode serves as a backstory for the season 6 episode "Second Chance")
63 January 20, 1996 314 Break In Walker goes undercover in a prison to gather evidence on a convicted felon that had a key witness and two rangers murdered, but is unaware that the assistant warden and some of the guards are working for the felon.
64 February 3, 1996 315 The Return of LaRue Paroled on a technicality, Victor LaRue pretends to have changed as he takes revenge on Walker and Alex.
65 February 10. 1996 316 The Juggernaut Alex helps an abused wife at a mountain retreat of her women's support group to see that her violent husband can never change, but when he tracks her down at the retreat it places all of them in danger.
66 February 17, 1996 317 El Coyote: Part 1 Walker poses as a peasant to track slave-labor smugglers in Mexico.
67 February 24, 1996 318 El Coyote: Part 2 See Part 1 above for overview.
68 March 2, 1996 319 The Avenger After the suspect of a weapons bust is killed by Walker in a raid his older mercenary brother Caleb Hooks (Michael Parks) gets revenge by killing the F.B.I. agent in charge of the bust and kidnaps Walker and makes him fight to the death. Meanwhile, Trivette works with the F.B.I. agent's partner to locate Walker.
69 March 23, 1996 320 Behind the Badge Action surrounding Walker stymies Trivette's attempts to impress the reporter of a "Behind the Badge" documentary show.
70 April 6, 1996 321 Blackout A blow to the head leaves Walker with amnesia during an undercover operation to uncover money laundering at a casino.
71 April 13, 1996 322 Deadline A senator proposes to save money by disbanding the Texas Rangers. But when his daughter is kidnapped by a gang of bank robbers, he refuses the Rangers' help, choosing to rely on the F.B.I., although Walker and Trivette have a better chance of locating the kidnappers in time.
72 April 27, 1996 323 The Siege While on vacation at a friends' house, heroin smugglers lay siege on their house when one of their friends accidentally stumbles on their operation. Things become complicated when their friend's son is critically wounded and Walker and Trivette's guns are running low on ammunition.
73 May 4, 1996 324 The Moscow Connection A Russian policeman comes to Texas to help the Texas Ranger deal with Russian criminals that are attempting to take over a local organization.
  • "Notes": While on a stakeout, Trivette quotes a passage from "The Secret Power Within" to Walker. Walker asks Trivette the name of the book Trivette tells him and mentions it was written by Chuck Norris. Walker gives the impression that he's never heard of Chuck Norris (however he does correct Trivette on the number of world karate championships Norris had won), which is humorously ironic seeing as Cordell Walker is played by Chuck Norris. This episode shows that Chuck Norris exists in the shows fictional universe.
74 May 11, 1996 325 Miracle at Middle Creek While he and C.D. are trailing a group of bank robbers, Walker learns a small boy is trapped underground, unaware that the boy's father was forced to help in the robbery. When Walker finds himself buried alive with the boy, it is up to Trivette to rescue them.
75 May 18, 1996 326 Hall of Fame A serial killer from C.D.'s past taunts him as he prepares for induction to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. Features Baboon

Season 4: 1996–1997

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
76 September 21, 1996 401 Higher Power Walker & Alex save a Buddhist monk (Master Rin), a mother, and her son Davey from some local thugs. They learn that Master Rin is searching for the reincarnation of his former master, Lama Dolgin whom Rin believes to be Davey (he is later proven correct). When Master Rin is hurt while protecting Davey when are attacked during Tai Chi practice by a man who believes himself to be the reincarnation of a man named Chang, who Lama Dolgin disgraced when he defeated Chang after the man had challenged him and who Dolgin stops from committing ritual suicide (he later swore to take revenge on the Lama). The current Chang intends to capture & imprison Dolgin's reincarnation so he my corrupt him (because killing Davey would only result in the young Lama's reincarnation). Walker must fight Chang in order to protect young Davey.
77 September 28, 1996 402 Patriot After the leader of a white-supremacist group is arrested for the murder of Trivette's military cousin, the group retaliates by taking over a minority-owned television station and threaten the lives of the hostages (including Alex) if their leader is not released. Kind hearted Shelly Preston confronts the leader Colonel Rolsky in the television studio but Rolsky punches her and knocks her out cold. As she helplessly lays there, defeated, everyone looks on waiting for Walker to save the day.
78 October 5, 1996 403 Ghost Rider A dead child's spirit assists Walker to discover who murdered him eight years ago.
79 October 12, 1996 404 The Brotherhood A group of dirty cops have been murdering criminals by targeting the ones who get off due to technicalities. Meanwhile, Walker helps Ernesto Lopez (who had joined Marine Corps after recovering from being shot in "The Covenant"), who has been accused of rape (the victim had mistakenly picked him out of a police lineup) and Alex is able to help him uncover DNA evidence that would prove his innocence. However, before this becomes public knowledge, the crooked cops murder Ernesto and it becomes a personal issue for Walker.
80 October 19, 1996 405 Plague An agricultural feed is tested on the Cherokee reservation by a company that is more interested with containing the information from their research rather than to contain the virus. But when Walker learns that the company had murdered an informant who tried to inform Alex about the company's motives, he soon finds that the company intends to murder the Cherokee inhabitants to keep their research a secret.
81 October 26, 1996 406 Redemption Alex's attorney father, Gordon Cahill (Rod Taylor), who walked out on his family years ago because of his alcohol problems, is defending Karl Mayes, the crime boss that she is prosecuting. But when one of Mayes' henchmen disguises himself as a cop to kill a witness that Walker has in custody, Gordon quits the case out of disgust. However, this makes him a key witness and both he and Alex are next on Mayes' hit list.
82 November 2, 1996 407 Codename: Dragonfly A military helicopter with stealth capabilities has been stolen to be utilized by a drug cartel. The thief turns out to be ex-Marine Randy Shrader (Marshall Teague) who abandoned his unit during the war in Vietnam, leaving the men (including Walker) for dead.
83 November 9, 1996 408 A Silent Cry The Rangers seek out a trio of construction workers, who have been using date rape drugs to subdue and assault young women. Things get personal for Walker when Darcy Reynolds, the daughter of one of his friends, falls victim to the trio, and she struggles to deal with the traumatic experience. After the rapists' next victim turns up dead from a roofie overdose, Walker heats up the investigation, prompting the trio to try anything to shake the Rangers off their trail.
84 November 16, 1996 409 Swan Song Walker and Alex lead an expedition in Utah to locate a crashed plane, that was used by robbers eight years ago that had stolen money from a bank and killed one of Walker's friends. However, a group of opportunists hearing that there is three million dollars on board, secretly follow the group. Unaware to both groups, one of the robbers survived the plane crash, and has been living in a cave as a mountain cannibal.
85 November 23, 1996 410 Cyclone As a tornado approaches Dallas, kidnappers demand $10 million for a school bus, full of kidnapped children as well as C.D. and Alex, which unknown to the Rangers have been buried alive. Walker and Trivette must locate the bus through the severe weather before it runs out of air.
86 November 30, 1996 411 Lucky A homeless man's dog helps Walker track down the source of an attack and near death of a priest. Meanwhile, Alex and C.D. put on a charity Thanksgiving dinner.
87 December 14, 1996 412 The Deadliest Man Alive The Viper, a deadly international assassin, is in Texas, and Walker must stop him before he strikes again.
88 December 21, 1996 413 A Ranger's Christmas Walker tells the story of the Old West's Hayes Cooper, a Scrooge-like Texas Ranger who finally learned to have Christmas spirit. This episode aired just four days before Christmas in 1996.
89 January 11, 1997 414 Mayday After surviving a plane crash that was supposed to kill him and Charlie Brooks (Terry Kiser), an important witness and former mob accountant, Walker must protect Charlie and the other survivors from hit men who have come to finish them off.
90 January 18, 1997 415 Last Hope The Rangers set up a Camp to help troubled teens with pressure, with the assistance of Charlie Brooks, who had been sentenced to community service. However, one of the troubled teens endangers everybody at Ranger Camp by unknowingly stealing a money bag from drug dealers.
91 February 1. 1997 416 Full Contact Walker clears the name of a young martial artist framed for the murder of his trainer, and then trains him for a kickboxing tournament championship.
92 February 8, 1997 417 99th Ranger While looking into recruiting a replacement for a Texas Ranger that was killed in a shootout, a Fort Worth, Texas police officer who is being haunted by her violent ex-husband (Jeff Kober) gives up her dream of becoming a Texas Ranger until Walker convinces her otherwise.
93 February 15, 1997 418 Devil's Turf Walker goes undercover as a high school teacher to help bust a drug ring that are using Powerballs, a deadly drug that had killed a couple of students as well as helping his students improve themselves.
94 February 22, 1997 419 Days Past Vince Pike (Leon Rippy), a mob boss that had killed Walker's fiancée Ellen Garret 10 years ago, is given an early release, and he intends to get revenge on Walker by targeting C.D., Trivette, and Alex.
95 March 8, 1997 420 The Trial of LaRue Deranged criminal Victor LaRue (Wayne Pére) manages to disarm the bailiffs during his competency hearing and then takes the courtroom hostage. He kills the judge and demands to see Walker, off tracking other criminals, and taunts Alex while he waits. LaRue's manic actions range from death threats for a sandwich, televising his crimes, terrorizing a divorced couple at a custody hearing, and killing people at random. When Walker forces his way into the courtroom LaRue fires a shot at Walker. LaRue is fatally shot by Walker in return. Later, as LaRue's body is taken away on a gurney, Alex has a conscious nightmare that he snaps back to life.
96 April 5, 1997 421 Heart of the Dragon Walker protects a young man who has a jade dragon that a Chinese gang believes has magical power.
97 April 26, 1997 422 The Neighborhood Walker helps a ten-year-old girl (Kyla Pratt) severely wounded in a drive-by to end violence in her community.
98 May 3, 1997 423 A Father's Image Ranger Hunt (Tammy Lauren) goes undercover to gather evidence against crime boss Sal Matacio (Dan Lauria) who is raising his ten-year-old son, Nicholas, to take over the family business, as well as plotting to kill the boy's mother (Mary Chris Wall).
99 May 4, 1997 424 Sons of Thunder (Part 1) When a preacher friend of Walker's dies, his military son, Trent, returns to take care of his family. Walker tries to get him to become a police officer. Meanwhile, Walker works a case of a serial cop-killer and discovers one of his targets is a friend of Trent's. This two-part episode led to a spinoff series of the same name in 1999.
100 May 4, 1997 425 Sons of Thunder (Part 2) Notes: See above for overview. This was originally a two-part episode with both parts being broadcast on May 4, 1997.
101 May 10, 1997 426 Texas vs. Cahill When Alex's former lover, who's also the defending attorney in her current trial, turns up dead by her bed, she's accused of murder and sent to a woman's prison that's packed with inmates who hold a grudge against her, though her cellmate who was put in there due to a mistake is able to protect her. While Gordon Cahill returns to defend Alex in court, he helps Walker suspect that Lane Tillman (Robert Forster) -- the man Alex was prosecuting—had a good reason to frame her.
102 May 17, 1997 427 Rookie Joey Prado (John Haymes Newton) just graduated from the academy with the best marks since Walker. One of his first assignments is to go undercover as a drug dealer. Along the way, he reunites with his childhood friend, Victor Solano (Damon Collazo)--who he later finds out is one of the men he has to arrest.

Season 5: 1997–1998

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
103 September 27, 1997 501 The Fighting McLains After Belle McLain, an undercover D.E.A. agent is murdered by Jack Garret, a drug lord, her military brother J.W. launches an act of revenge against him but is stopped and captured by Walker. After Luther Parrish, another army officer comes to pick up J.W., his other siblings Jessie and Wyatt break J.W. loose. Now Walker, Trivette, and Parrish must keep the McLains from taking the law into their own hands, as well as gather enough evidence to bust Garret.
104 October 4, 1997 502 Iceman After an explosives expert known as the Iceman is hospitalized, the Rangers are forced to ask their old friend, Charlie Brooks, for help in catching a local crime boss who had hired the Iceman for a job, since Charlie bears a resemblance to the Iceman (due to Terry Kiser portraying both of them). While Charlie agrees to do this in exchange for not having to serve the rest of his community service, he soon loses the device that allowed Walker to keep track of him, not to mention that the Iceman soon escapes from the hospital.
105 October 11, 1997 503 Lucas: Part 1 An AIDS-stricken 7-year-old (Haley Joel Osment) tries to find his mother, with Walker's help.
106 October 18, 1997 504 Lucas: Part 2 See Part 1 above for overview.
107 October 25, 1997 505 Forgotten People Trivette visits an old friend in a nursing home who is unable to find the tape recorder he had that would tell Trivette about the strange things the doctors were doing. The head doctor murders him to prevent him from exposing them and based on Trivette's suspicions, a few clues are uncovered, that suggests the doctors are conducting illegal experiments on their elderly patients, so C.D. is sent in undercover as an Alzheimer's disease patient to gather evidence to prove it.
108 November 1, 1997 506 Last of a Breed: Part 1 Children visiting the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame get treated to Walker telling a story about the Old West's legendary Hayes Cooper. (Note: Chuck Norris is the only actor to appear in this 2-part episode).
109 November 8, 1997 507 Last of a Breed: Part 2 See Part 1 above for overview (Note: these two episode's appear to ignore parts of the story of how and when Hayes Cooper became a Texas Ranger set in the 2-part season 3 episode "Flashback").
110 November 15, 1997 508 Brainchild After escaping a research center, a boy with genius-level IQ gets Walker to help him find his mother.
111 November 22, 1997 509 Mr. Justice Walker's idea for a "boot camp" for young offenders comes under heavy opposition from a senator who thinks prison is the only solution and he intends to see that Walker's efforts fail. U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson makes a special guest appearance as herself in this episode.
112 December 6, 1997 510 Rainbow's End James Lee Crown (Randolph Mantooth), a horse owner wants to win races in order to increase the stud fees for his horse even if it means by cheating. Crown murders a rival horse, along with its owner and trainer (the latter of whom was secretly working for him) that beat his horse in a race. He then sets his sights on fixing an upcoming race by targeting another rival horse Rainbow's End, which is owned by one of Walker's friends.
113 December 13, 1997 511 A Woman's Place Alex's cellmate Alfre (from Season 4's "Texas vs. Cahill") is now out of prison (since Gordon Cahill was working on getting her released at the end of that episode) and has a job as a female construction worker, but she finds herself in danger after threatening to blow the whistle on unsafe construction practices, which are secretly caused by a small group of employees led by the site foreman who are actually running an illegal money-making scam behind their company owner's back.
114 December 20, 1997 512 Small Blessings When two recently adopted orphans run away from their new foster home when they misinterpret a discussion between their foster parents and think that one of them might be sent back to the orphanage (which was actually about how their foster parents could not afford to have two "cars"), they witness a murder, and Walker must save the two from being killed before they can give testimony.
115 January 3, 1998 513 Tribe An archaeologist on the Cherokee reservation is murdered when a greedy oil company learns there's oil under her dig site. Her rejected would-be suitor, Sam Coyote (Branscombe Richmond), a reservation cop and friend of Walker, is used to take the fall for her murder. Walker must work on clearing him before Sam is transferred to F.B.I. custody.
116 January 10, 1998 514 Saving Grace Prison escapees take some nuns hostage and make demands, threatening to kill them along with Alex and her battered women's group if demands are not met.
117 January 17, 1998 515 Money Talks C.D. is filling in temporarily as the head of security for a country club until a replacement can arrive. While there he becomes suspcious over the mystery of what happened to his predecessor. Walker, Trivette, and Alex are later asked to go to the club discreetly to keep an eye on the rich CEOs that would be attending a social function at the club. However behind the scenes, C.D.'s second in command, Grady, who had murdered the previous head of security when he got too close, is working with some men under a mysterious leader to pull off a heist at the function.
118 January 31. 1998 516 The Crusader Walker helps a pro wrestler ("Rowdy" Roddy Piper) whose ex-wife is in hiding after witnessing a murder. (Note: This was the last episode to air on CBS before the network's broadcast of the XVIII Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan.)
119 February 28, 1998 517 In God's Hands While pursuing two armed robbers, Trivette finds a 6-year old boy shot during his pursuit of one of the robbers and believes that he is responsible. Placed on suspension and having to deal with the moral implications (such as inaccurate media coverage which implicates Trivette) as well as the wounded boy's older brother (Kaj-Erik Eriksen), Trivette finds the man leading the investigation against him is an officer who has a grudge against him for passing him over for initiation into the Texas Rangers. Meanwhile, Walker looks into proving that Kroeger (Sal Landi)— the man that Trivette was pursuing — was the one who shot the boy.
120 March 7, 1998 518 Undercover Detective Carlos Sandoval who is undercover in a drug ring is found out by the ring leader (John Vargas) who had also previously murdered Carlos' older brother Hector. The wounded Carlos escapes and is taken to a homeless shelter to recover.
121 March 21, 1998 519 Everyday Heroes After he protects a woman from her abusive ex-husband, Trent Malloy is contacted by the abused wife of a drug lord who watched the news report about his recent exploit on TV and asks for his help in getting away from her violent husband.
122 April 4, 1998 520 Warriors The mother of Davey (reincarnation of Buddhist monk Lama Dolgin from the episode "Higher Power"), who works as geneticist is kidnapped by a group wanting to use her research (which was derived from her son's unique DNA which grants him a form of rapid healing) to create a race of genetically superior soldiers. Davey returns to the states with Master Rin, wanting to help Walker find his mother via a special bond he shares with his mother. To save her Walker must contend with the group's genetically enhanced enforcer.
123 April 18, 1998 521 Angel When Trivette's old girlfriend gets his help to locate her father, then kills him and knocks out Trivette (while Walker is at the boot camp started in "Mr. Justice"). The investigation leads to a Jamaican drug gang.
124 April 25, 1998 522 The Soul of Winter Roscoe Jones (Paul Winfield), the minister who replaced Trent's father, is targeted by a former military comrade, now part of a white supremacy group.
125 May 2, 1998 523 Circle of Life Joe Lopez, a paroled safecracker is approached to join a group that needs his skills to commit a robbery. Wanting to stay straight for his family's sake and repair his strained relationship with his son Tommy, Joe asks Walker for help, and has a plan to identify the leader of the group.
126 May 9, 1998 524 Test of Faith When a teacher who is an old friend of Walker and Trent is killed for standing up to a gang leader, Walker goes undercover as a teacher to locate the killer as well as promote the message of standing up to gang influence. However when Faith, one of the Walker's students, starts a campaign to clean up the school, she also becomes a target.
127 May 16, 1998 525 The Wedding: Part 1 In this season-ending cliffhanger, Alex is gravely wounded at Kim (Lauralee Bell) and Phil's wedding when Karl Storm (Tobin Bell), a man she helped incarcerate 5 years prior, shoots her.

Season 6: 1998–1999

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
128 September 26, 1998 601 The Wedding: Part 2 As Alex lays in the hospital, Walker embarks on a quest to find Karl Storm (who wounded Alex at the end of the Season 5 cliffhanger) and bring him to justice.
129 October 3, 1998 602 Trackdown Walker helps free Hector Lopez (Greg Serano) Det. Carlos Sandoval's nephew-in-law, when he is falsely accused of a crime by his greedy former employer, Hector is forced to escape from prison to when he witnesses his cellmate being killed by corrupt prison guards (after he passes off evidence of guard's corruption to Hector). Det. Sandoval tries to bring his escaped nephew in alive but is shot by prison guards. Carlos (with help from Walker) must protect Hector and bring the guards to justice.
130 October 10, 1998 603 Royal Heist Garret Stone (David Parker), who Walker helps put away years prior, is paroled and resumes his life of crime. Trivette infiltrates his gang to bring him back to justice once again. Meanwhile, Alex opens her Help Our People Excel (HOPE) center to help save youth from gang life.
131 October 17, 1998 604 War Cry Walker investigates a mystery illness sweeping across the children on a Cherokee reservation from polluted water. When a Cherokee boy dies, suspicion falls on a nearby factory, and the E.P.A. tests find nothing wrong with the water, Walker must stop a band of radical Cherokee from waging vigilante justice, and prove that the factory owner (Luke Askew) had lied during the inspection.
132 October 24, 1998 605 Code of the West A convict escapes from prison seeking retribution for those responsible for putting him there. Having already murdered his case's prosecutor and head juror, Walker and Trivette go on the case to stop him before he can murder his trial's judge.
133 October 31, 1998 606 The Children of Halloween A Satanic symbol found at the crime scenes suggest abducted children are going to be sacrificed on Halloween. Appropriately, this episode aired on Halloween night in 1998.
134 November 7, 1998 607 Survival A camping trip turns nightmarish when Alex is kidnapped by 3 deranged brothers, and the men (Walker, Trivette, Trent, and Carlos) must come to the rescue.
135 November 14, 1998 608 Second Chance Walker and the Rangers find themselves in the middle of an IRA conflict when a former member brings his daughter to Dallas for medical treatment, and she is kidnapped by a splinter faction in retaliation for her father's killing one of their members, albeit in self-defense (Note: this episode is tied to the events of the 3rd season episode "Flashpoint").
136 November 21, 1998 609 Paradise Trail In another Hayes Cooper adventure, Mormons and their wagon train must be defended from outlaws.
137 December 5, 1998 610 Eyes of a Ranger Teenage country music artist Lila McCann plays an aspiring singer. She is being closely followed by Brad Alt (Sean Kanan) and follows him under the pretense that he will help her launch her career. What she does not know is that he is trying to gain control of the heroin industry in Dallas. This episode also featured an appearance by Michael Peterson.
138 December 12, 1998 611 On the Border A corrupt sheriff (Lee Majors) fakes an accident to disguise a murder of a trucker who refused his drug smuggling. But when the boy's mother claims to Alex that he would not have anything to do with drugs, she gets Walker and Trivette to help her investigate.
139 January 9, 1999 612 Lost Boys Carlos' nephew Jesse is in trouble with the law when a gun is found in his room, that was used by a man named Johnny Blade (Dan Clark) to kill a cop and was hidden there by one of Jesse's friends who was also an accomplice of Blade. When Blade finds out, he kidnaps Jesse's mother (Ada Maris), then has his lawyer (Michael Costello) help him force Jesse to take the rap for the crime or they would kill his mother.
140 January 16, 1999 613 Special Witness A special girl is the only witness to Trent's stabbing attack, and the Rangers need her to identify the assailant to prove that the man who Trent was going to testify against is behind the attack.
141 February 6, 1999 614 The Principal A principal of a high school (Morgan Stevens), who is an old friend of Walker, has his suspicions about a faculty member who is supplying drugs and is murdered when he accidentally witnesses the exchange between a teacher (James Remar) and a student after the Rangers busted the Head of Security who was thought to be the ringleader. Walker and Trivette go undercover as the new Principal and Head of Security to find those responsible.
142 February 13, 1999 615 Team Cherokee: Part 1 The Rangers investigate a series of suspicious accidents involving a Cherokee Indian racing team that are being caused by Team Forbes, a rival team that wants to put them out of the race for good. Meanwhile, Trent and Carlos search for a kidnapped young girl (Sara Hickman) and rescue her from a pedophile.
143 February 20, 1999 616 Team Cherokee: Part 2 When Brian Falcon (Michael Greyeyes) is injured in a racing accident caused by the No. 2 man on Team Cherokee (Byron Chief-Moon) who secretly betrayed the team, Walker, who had prior experience with racing, is asked to drive their NASCAR stock car as a replacement driver. This forces Team Forbes to try to destroy Team Cherokee's car before the next race. Meanwhile, after uncovering the evidence that would convict a young girl's kidnapper (Lynn Mathis), Trent's car is stolen with the evidence, promoting the Rangers to search for the thieves to recover the evidence.
144 February 27, 1999 617 Trivette's girlfriend disappears and pictures of her surface on an Internet site, with details that suggests that she is to be sold in a sex-slavery auction with other missing girls.
145 April 24, 1999 618 No Way Out Alex and Trivette reminisce about Walker's past adventures as they are waiting to be rescued after being imprisoned in a tank filled with cold water by Caleb Hooks (who Walker encountered and defeated in the Season 3 episode, "The Avenger"), who once again is out for revenge on Walker for the death of his brother. (Note: This was the first episode aired on CBS since Sons of Thunder, a short-lived spinoff of Walker, ended its run.)
146 May 1, 1999 619 Brothers in Arms Trivette's brother, Simon, is arrested by the Rangers, and find out that Simon has been told to kill him. (Note: This episode is dedicated to the memory of creative consultant Nicholas Corea (1943–1999), who died of pancreatic cancer after filming was completed.)
147 May 8, 1999 620 Mind Games While Walker and Trivette are busy going after an escaped convict and find that he had been hired for some kind of job, C.D. after noticing some strange occurrences revolving around the death of Brian, the son of his friend Maisie Whitman (whom C.D. met while undercover at the nursing home in Season 5's "Forgotten People"), suspects foul play and decides to investigate. It turns out that Maisie's daughter-in-law, Caroline is taking advantage of Maisie (who appears to be losing her grip following her son's death) in order to gain control of her trust-fund under the pretense of helping her. C.D. and Alex conclude that Caroline and her secret boyfriend Peter had Brian murdered after he discovered they were after his mother's trust fund. C.D. soon finds out that Caroline and her cohorts are drugging Maisie in order to gain control of her.
148 May 15, 1999 621 Power Angels A loan shark, who has a minister's son under his thumb, attempts to steal a charitable telethon's proceeds.
149 May 15, 1999 622 Jacob's Ladder Alex's attempt to prosecute a gang leader is having some difficulty when his gang is using fear tactics with arson to prevent the witnesses from testifying. However, it gets out of hand when a firefighter (John Schneider (television actor)) announces their act as cowardly, and the gang responds by attacking the firefighters during their next attack.
150 May 22, 1999 623 In Harm's Way: Part 1 In this season-ending cliffhanger, a wealthy Dallas family and staff are murdered by a group of masked men as an example. This was part of a larger plan that was meant to extort millions of dollars from other wealthy families. Meanwhile, a twin-engine plane carrying Ranger Walker and his fiancée, Alex Cahill, crashes into a lake after it was shot down by a World War II-era plane.

Season 7: 1999–2000

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
151 September 25, 1999 701 In Harm's Way: Part 2 In this concluding episode from the Season 6 cliffhanger, Walker and Alex survive a plane crash and race to get to the courthouse with critical evidence before a killer is set free.
152 October 2, 1999 702 Countdown Terrorists plan an urban release of anthrax in 48 hours, sending Walker and Trivette into action to stop them. They must team up with Rangers Francis Gage and Sydney Cooke for the first time. Note: Although Sydney Cook (Nia Peeples) and Francis Gage (Judson Mills) appear in the credited cast of the first episode of this season, this episode is actually the first in which they appear.
153 October 9, 1999 703 Safe House Gage and Sydney protect an accountant along with his wife & daughter, so he can testify at the trial of a crime boss who wants him and his family dead. Gage & Sydney manage to foil two separate attempts on the accountant and his family before making it to a safe house with a built-in panic room. However the accountant's wife mistakenly calls her mother to let her know they are alright (despite being warned earlier not to), alerting the mob boss to the safe house's location.
154 October 16, 1999 704 Way of the Warrior An Indian shaman transports Walker back to the 19th century to prevent a recurrence of a 20th century injustice.
155 October 23, 1999 705 Tall Cotton Sydney and Gage go undercover in a bar to locate Gage's reporter sister who had gone missing. Meanwhile Walker and Alex's romantic camping trip is interrupted by a lost Boy Scout troop.
156 October 30, 1999 706 The Lynn Sisters Record pirates kidnap the Lynn sisters (who play themselves in this episode), hoping their disappearance will help sales of their bootlegs.
157 November 6, 1999 707 Suspicious Minds The deaf daughter of an Elvis impersonator witnesses the murder of an undercover cop by a mob boss's underlings, necessitating the Rangers' protection until the boss can be taken down.
158 November 13, 1999 708 Widow Maker With the community gearing up for its first rodeo for charity, a father targets Trivette, after Trivette accidentally killed his son, who had tried to sexually assault a female rider. But after bull rider Ty Murray (who plays himself in this episode) is injured in one of the revenge attempts, Walker must take his place to ride a dangerous bull known as the Widow Maker.
159 November 20, 1999 709 Fight or Die Walker, Trivette, and Gage go undercover inside a prison to investigate enforced prize fighting.
160 November 27, 1999 710 Rise to the Occasion Sydney poses as a singer to investigate a corrupt club owner, while Walker seeks to end the conditions that led to a middle-schooler's suicide.
161 December 11, 1999 711 Full Recovery After an amnesiac's brother finds sarin nerve gas at a genetic research facility (Cox Genetics), he needs the ranger's protection, after his brother was killed while trying to get the gas to the authorities. He is rescued by Sydney after he is hit by a car driven by his pursuers (one being the man who shot his brother). At the hospital it is discovered that he has amnesia. Walker (with the help of the young man's oddball girlfriend, Seagull) must help him recover his memory in order to foil the CEO of Cox Genetics mad plot to unleash the gas at a military airshow to take revenge on the military top brass whom he holds responsible for his son's suicide.
162 December 18, 1999 712 A Matter of Faith The Rangers investigate a rash of armored car robberies by a group dressed as Santa. A church where ex-gang members worship has their Christmas donations stolen by current members. (Note: This episode was also Noble Willingham's last appearance on the series.)
163 January 8, 2000 713 Vision Quest Temporarily blinded by a bomb, Walker learns to cope while the other Rangers seek out those responsible.
164 January 15, 2000 714 A Matter of Principle A retired Texas Ranger (Robert Fuller) joins Walker in the pursuit of those who shot his daughter during a jewelry store robbery. (Note: Ranger Francis Gage does not appear in this episode)
165 February 5, 2000 715 Thunderhawk After a powerful laser is stolen, Walker hunts down the thieves to discover they have subsequently had it stolen from them.
166 February 12. 2000 716 Justice Delayed Seeking to prove her father innocent of murder, a student gets Trivette to help. Meanwhile, registering for their wedding shows Alex a part of Walker she'd not seen before.
167 February 19, 2000 717 The Day of Cleansing In this crossover episode, which continued from the Martial Law episode Honor Among Strangers, Walker comes back from Los Angeles with Sammo Law (Sammo Hung) to track down the white supremacist Cliff Eagleton they caught who had escaped custody. To help determine Eagletons next target, Syndey and Gage go undercover to gather information, with Gage infiltrating Eagleton's hate group and Syndey at a resort run by the man who is financially supporting Eagleton.
168 February 26, 2000 718 Black Dragons Gage is assaulted by a diplomat's son, who is protected by diplomatic immunity. However, when Gage reveals he overheard the son talking about a drug shipment, the Rangers start a new investigation.
169 March 25, 2000 719 Soldiers of Hate The Texas Rangers must stop a white supremacist group from destroying a Unity Festival. Meanwhile Gage finds out that a little boy is being tempted towards gang life by his brother's influence and decides to be a positive role model to help steer him away from it.
170 April 8, 2000 720 The General's Return Walker seeks to bring justice to a Vietnamese gang responsible for murdering the son of his former martial arts instructor.
171 April 29, 2000 721 Showdown at Casa Diablo: Part 1 The Rangers incur the wrath of a Mexican drug lord by intercepting several shipments of cannabis. Alex and Sydney were kidnapped by the drug lord at the end of the episode.
172 May 3, 2000 722 Showdown at Casa Diablo: Part 2 Walker, Trivette, and Gage go to Mexico to rescue Alex and Sydney. They work their way across the Mexican countryside to Casa Diablo. In the ensuing showdown, the drug lord and his brother are both killed.
173 May 13, 2000 723 The Bachelor Party On a wilderness trip, the men (Walker, Trivette, and Gage) have to contend with both a violent criminal out on bail and an equally violent grizzly bear.
174-175 May 20, 2000 724-725 Wedding Bells As Walker and Alex prepare to tie the knot, Walker finds out that they have both been targeted for death by an assassin. The wedding, which features a performance by country singer Tracy Lawrence, proceeds without incident. However, what happens en route to their honeymoon in Paris is a different story. (Joan Jett plays an ex-CIA Agent in this episode. In syndication, this is a two-part episode; however, it is one episode on the DVD release.)

In the episode's climax, Walker piloted the Paris-bound plane, which made an emergency landing in Savannah, Georgia after the pilot and co-pilot were killed by the assassin. Gage and Sydney were so happy Walker and Alex were safe that they kissed. In the end, Walker and new wife Alex Cahill-Walker kiss while in Paris.

Season 8: 2000–2001

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
176 October 7, 2000 801 Home of the Brave To catch a group of kidnappers targeting newborn children and holding them for ransom, Sydney and Gage play the role of the parents of the most recent baby-napping. They manage to retrieve the baby unharmed and track down the rest of the baby-napping ring. Meanwhile, Alex encounters a man trying to force tenants out of rent-controlled apartments, under the direction of the owner, and with the help of the tenants manages to convince a judge to halt the owner's attempt to have the place condemned, so he can demolish the building to make room for a strip mall. However, he plots to secretly violate this order by destroying the furnace of the apartment and make it look like an accident. When a little boy accidentally witnesses this he is trapped and Walker must rescue him before the building collapses.
177 October 14, 2000 802 Deadly Situation A rookie police officer, trying to expose corruption in his department is forced to take Alex hostage after they framed him for stealing drug evidence and killed his partner. Walker must protect the rookie cop (who happens to a descendant of legendary Texas Ranger, Hayes Cooper) from both the corrupt officers and the rest of his own department who believe him to be dirty.
178 October 21, 2000 803 White Buffalo On the reservation Walker investigates the mystery of a statue of a "White Buffalo" (a sacred animal to the local native Americans) that appears to cry real tears. While Gage goes undercover to bust the dealers of a designer drug called "white buffalo" (made of heroin, PCP, a drug used in native American rituals). Sydney and Alex who are on a hike in the mountains with a little girl to visit the site of where the last white buffalo was killed, inadvertently stumble upon the headquarters of the White Buffalo distributors and Sydney is injured in the process.
179 October 28, 2000 804 The Avenging Angel A professional wrestler friend of Trivette's dies, and when their search suggests that this was due to an extortion scheme against his manager by a local businessman to forcibly merge his company with their wrestling company, Sydney and Gage go undercover to gather evidence to prove it. At the end of this episode, Walker and the group receive devastating news: C.D. Parker has died.
180 November 4, 2000 805 The Winds of Change (1) First episode of a four-part storyline, the longest in the series, which aired over four weeks during the November sweeps in 2000. At a senator's behest, Walker must stop a criminal genius who has infiltrated Federal law enforcement computer systems. Guest starring Paula Trickey (Pacific Blue).
181 November 11, 2000 806 Lazarus (2) In the second episode of a four-part storyline, the Chairman (Michael Ironside) continues to use knowledge gained from his computer hacking to terrorize Federal agents, and manages to keep Walker at bay.
182 November 18, 2000 807 Turning Point (3) In the third episode of a four-part storyline, Walker begins making real progress in ending the Chairman's reign of terror.
183 November 25, 2000 808 Retribution (4) In a desperate bid to avoid capture as Walker closes in, the Chairman orders hits on the task force. But when that fails, he kidnaps Alex in the finale of a four-part storyline.
184 December 9, 2000 809 Child of Hope A young woman leaves her baby with Alex after her husband is killed by a gang of thieves. Alex decides to care for the baby, in spite of Walker's reluctance. Attempts by the gang on the young woman's life are thwarted, with the final showdown being at the Walker ranch, where the young woman is reunited with her parents. At the end of the episode, Alex finds out she is eight weeks pregnant.
185 December 16, 2000 810 Faith An ambulance bringing a liver to a young girl for transplant is hijacked by a group of bank robbers. The Rangers have little time to track down the thieves and get the liver.
186 January 13, 2001 811 Golden Boy

Walker tries to keep a promising young boxer, Juan Guerro, (who he had taken under his wing) from throwing away his future, after both his beloved mother and abusive father are kill in a car accident, while on the way to his match. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers high on "Angel's Kiss" (a fake form of Ecstasy laced with PCP) get hit by a train following a rave party, causing the Rangers to start an investigation to put the counterfit Ecstasy ring out of business. While surveillaing the ring's leader Gage, Sydney, and Trivette they witness Juan at a meeting with the ring's leader (who Juan is told is a big shot fight promotor, by his new gangbanger friends). Juan starts hanging out the group of gangbangers unaware of their connection with the Angel's Kiss drug ring. Mario a friend of Juan's is stabbed after revealing to Juan that his new friends are drug dealers (Juan then protects Mario and punches the gangbanger who stabbed Mario, and flees the scene at Mario's insistence). After talking with Mario at the hospital, Walker finds Juan at his mother's grave and tells Juan the story of how his parents where murdered. Afterwords Juan provides Walker with information he overheard from one of the gangbangers, allowing Walker and the Rangers to put an end to the drug ring's activities.

187 January 20, 2001 812 Desperate Measures After two bikers break their girlfriends out of a prison transport bus to continue their bank robberies, Walker and Trivette head after them. Meanwhile the other two that escaped pick up Gage who is in need of transportation on his way back to Dallas after his bike breaks down. While one of these women is a thrill killer, the other one, Laura Pope is the victim of a setup that was caused by her mob boss ex-husband, who sends his men out to kill her after learning of her escape.
188 February 3, 2001 813 Division Street To help stop gang-related activities, Walker and Boomer Knight Hulk Hogan organize basketball tournaments amongst a group of interracial kids. Walker and Boomer (with the help of some ex-gangbangers) end up convincing some of the rival gang members to play on the same basketball team. Boomer uses basketball to teach them to work together and eventually the rival gang members become a strong team. Thru Boomer's efforts the two rival gangs both stop working for a local drug dealer (who had been doing business with both gangs), who decides to take his revenge by kidnapping Boomer. One of the local kids sees Boomer's abduction and tells both Walker and the gangs (the two gangs join forces to help rescue Boomer). Meanwhile the drug dealer and his men decide to lynch Boomer. Working together the two gangs are able to locate where Boomer is about to be killed and rescue him from the drug dealer and his men. However the former rival gang members decide to deal the drug dealer some street justice by lynching him with the same noose that he planned to use to hang Boomer. Walker and the Rangers arrive on the scene to find the two gangs about to take revenge on the drug dealer for attempting to kill Boomer. Walker and Boomer manage to convince them to let the law handle it, telling them that killing the dealer is not worth going to prison.

"Guest Star:" Hulk Hogan

189 February 10, 2001 814 Saturday Night Walker & Alex have dinner at a local nightclub with the wife and daughter of the owner/croner, (portrayed by Frank Stallone). Meanwhile, Trivette goes undercover as a street husler named "Luther" to investigate recent mob-related murders involving victims being dumped in vats of acid. It is revealed that Frank owes money to a loan shark named Sonny Martone, Frank is about to pay his final payment, when Sonny "gives him an offer he can't refuse", to sign over the club to him and his associates (Frank tries to refuse but is roughed up by Sonny's men). Seeing Sonny in the club the next night, Walker confronts Frank who reveals he got a loan from Sonny (unaware he was a loan shark) to start up the club and tells Walker Sonny has threatened his family to get him to sign over the club. Later Alex informs Walker that the loan agreement is unfair but legal, forcing Gage and Sydney go undercover in the nightclub to help Frank thwart Sonny and a the group of gangsters looking to take ownership of the club, which they intend to use as a front for money laundering

"Guest Star:" Frank Stallone as the club owner and croner, Frank.

190 February 17, 2001 815 Justice for All When a lawyer preparing to file a scathing police brutality lawsuit is found dead, Walker investigates.
191 April 14, 2001 816 6 Hours The Rangers have 6 hours to rescue a billionaire's daughter before she is killed, live, over the Internet, when the bodyguard takes her hostage.
192 April 14, 2001 817 Medieval Crimes Workers at a Medieval-themed restaurant moonlight as fine art and jewelry thieves. But after one of them is killed during a robbery, Sydney and Gage go undercover at the restaurant to find the rest of the gang. Trivette goes to a prison to pickup a prisoner that says that he is a jinx.
193 April 28, 2001 818 Legends After a mob boss is convicted, his son decides to get revenge by targeting the three key people that put his father away, the judge, the head juror, and the prosecuting attorney Alex Cahill-Walker.
194 April 21, 2001 819 Unsafe Speed After a truck driver who was using meth kills a family, he tells the Rangers that a biker gang gave him the meth before he passes away. Alex discovers that with his qualifications he would not have been given a trucker's license. While Syndey and Gage go undercover as bikers to infiltrate the gang, Trivette goes undercover as a new applicant at the DMV to find who is illegally issuing trucker's licenses.
195 April 28, 2001 820 Without a Sound Gage loses his hearing during a car theft, in which his old high school girlfriend and her fiancée were killed by the thief. While Gage faces the prospect of being deaf for life, Walker and Trivette track down the killer, who is the leader of an auto theft ring, while Sydney guards Gage.
196 May 5, 2001 821 Blood Diamonds The Rangers try to bring a halt to the black market trade of African conflict diamonds for illegal weaponry. Meanwhile, Alex finds herself in danger of exposure to the Ebola virus, and matters go worse when Walker and Trivette are being tracked down by the men responsible for the illegal trade. The episode would not only turn out to be a vivid nightmare by Alex, but also a premonition, which might result the deaths of Walker and Trivette.
197 May 5, 2001 822 Reel Rangers Walker and Alex make preparations for the impending arrival of their baby. Meanwhile, the Rangers end up on a movie set and become stars in the process. A charity motorcycle ride features Walker and Trivette.
198 May 19, 2001 823 The Final Show/Down In the final original episode of the series, a gang of Walker's former enemies is sprung from Huntsville Prison and attempts to exact revenge on Walker and his fellow Rangers by terminating all the Texas Rangers in Ranger Company B, including Walker and Trivette. Dan Jensen and Wade and Betsy Harper are all victims. The gang's leader, Emile Lavocat (Marshall R. Teague) also reveals to Walker that he had murdered their friend C.D. Parker as the first ranger to die. Meanwhile, Trivette, after reuniting with Erika, an old girlfriend, asks her to marry him.

After Trivette is seriously wounded, Alex panics, then goes into labor, but has to undergo surgery. Walker sees an angel while sleeping at her bedside. During the finale, the conclusion of the story of Hayes Cooper is also told. Later, Walker, Gage, and Syndney storm the gang's hideout, and Walker fights an all-out brawl with Lavocat, which leads to both launched out a window. Lavocat meets his end after Walker pulls the tab out of a grenade on Lavocat's belt. At the end of the series finale, he and his wife, Alex Cahill-Walker, give birth to a baby girl named Angela. (Note: In syndication, this is a two-part episode.)


  • Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire (TV Movie of the Week on CBS)

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