List of Garfield and Friends episodes

List of Garfield and Friends episodes

This is a complete listing of episodes from the animated television series Garfield and Friends. The first episode of Garfield and Friends aired on September 17, 1988.


Episode list

121 half-hour episodes were produced. Note that the first and third titles are for Garfield shorts, while the middle ones are for U.S. Acres shorts. There were Garfield Quickies and U.S. Acres Quickies which were short clip jokes based on gags from the strips. During the second and third seasons, the show also featured Screaming with Binky quickies in which Binky the Clown would scream his catch phrase and ruin an activity. The U.S. Acres Quickies and Screaming with Binky ended after season three (and were mostly removed in syndication), but Garfield Quickies lasted until the show ended.

Season 1 (1988)

The first and second seasons featured the theme song "Friends are There", written by Desirée Goyette. The closing credits for this season feature Garfield's face from a looking-up perspective against a pink background. All thirteen shows from this season can be found on the Garfield and Friends: Volume 1 DVD set. Also, during this season, many of the episodes aired out of order. This was corrected when the show went into syndication.

Episode Garfield Episode 1 U.S. Acres Episode Garfield Episode 2 Original Airdate
"Show 1" Peace and Quiet Wanted: Wade Garfield Goes Hawaiian 17 September 1988 (1988-09-17)

Peace and Quiet: Garfield tries to get some rest when Jon and Odie are out shopping, annoyingly Binky the Clown shows up, trying to give a birthday message to someone who doesn't live at that house.

Wanted: Wade: Wade believes that the police will arrest him after he rips the a tag off the bottom of a couch. First appearance of Orson Pig, Roy Rooster, Wade Duck, Booker the Chick, and Sheldon the Egg (Bo Sheep first appeared in the Quickie preceding the clip).

Garfield goes Hawaiian: Garfield catches a rare cat disease which makes him dance whenever someone mentions anything to do with Hawaii. First appearance of Liz Wilson
"Show 2" Box O' Fun Unidentified Flying Orson School Daze 24 September 1988 (1988-09-24)

Box O' Fun: Jon is to learn a new complicated language and brings in some books in a cardboard box. He leaves the box on the table and Garfield starts playing with it, imagining it to be different things.

Unidentified Flying Orson: Orson believes anything he reads. First appearance of Lanolin Sheep (though she appeared first in the Quickie preceding the episode).

School Daze: Jon decides to send Garfield to an Obedience School. First Appearance of Nermal and Herman Post.

Title Reference: School Days 
"Show 3" Nighty Nightmare Banana Nose Ode to Odie 1 October 1988 (1988-10-01)

Nighty Nightmare: Garfield consequently he has a nightmare, which involves him eating so much that he turns into a King Kong sized monster, though nothing will stop him from eating. First appearance of aliens.

Title Reference: Nighty Night

Banana Nose: The farm animals are annoyed by Roy's practical jokes and pranks, so they decide to make fun of his beak, calling him Banana Nose. First Appearance of the Worm.

Title Reference: Banana notes

Ode to Odie: Garfield tells a Poem by rapping about locking Odie out of the house with his favorite bone. Odie wanders off into an alleyway, where tough dogs hang out. Here he is teased and his bone is stolen.First appearance of Pooky, who is briefly seen at the beginning colored yellow.

Title Reference: Ode to Joy 
"Show 4" Fraidy Cat Shell Shocked Sheldon Nothing to Sneeze At 8 October 1988 (1988-10-08)

Fraidy Cat: Garfield and Odie watch a horror movie. Jon goes out shopping, but while he is away, Garfield and Odie think that the movie is really happening, so they lock Jon outside by mistake, since they didn't know he was gone. The Power goes out and Jon is trying to get into the house, while Garfield believes that Jon is in danger from the monster outside.

Shell Shocked Sheldon: Sheldon feels it is time to be born, but when they go to the chicken coop to find a Chicken Mother to hatch him, they have all gone on strike. So it is up to Orson to hatch him, but while he is away to get something to eat, the villainous Fox steals Sheldon. The farm animals, led by "Power Pig" (Orson) go to the Foxe's layer to rescue Sheldon.First Appearance of Power Pig and the Fox.

Nothing to Sneeze At: Jon is trying to find a girl to go out with him, as he has bought a new sweater to wear during the date. Jon takes Garfield to the vet, partly because Garfield has been sneezing all morning, but mostly to get Liz to go out with him. Liz thinks that Garfield may be allergic to something, and Garfield decides he should come with Jon on his date with Liz, where his sneezing causes a disturbance. 
"Show 5" Garfield's Moving Experience Wade: You're Afraid Good Mouse-keeping 15 October 1988 (1988-10-15)

Garfield's Moving Experience: Garfield feels mistreated by Jon, so he decides to find himself a new home. A rich girl takes him to her giant manor, but Garfield ends up deciding that she loves him too much, and he didn't get what he was used to, so he tries to escape.

Wade: You're Afraid: The farm animals think it a good idea for Orson to make Wade the bravest duck in the world. But things get out of hand them Wade opens up the bull pen and sets him loose. The Animals have to stop the bull destroying the farm before it is too late.

Good Mousekeeping: Mice invade Garfield's home when he tells Floyd, his best friend, that he does not eat mice. Garfield has to get rid of the mice, but no matter what he does, he can't get rid of them. The unstoppable mice eat everything in the house. First appearance of Floyd.

Title Reference: Good housekeeping 
"Show 6" Identity Crisis The Bad Sport Up a Tree 22 October 1988 (1988-10-22)

Identity Crisis: A dog catcher mistakes Garfield for a dog who he is chasing. The catcher is put on his last warning from the boss that if he doesn't catch it, he will be fired. The dog he was supposed to chase barks at Garfield, and Garfield barks back. Floyd wants Garfield to teach him how to meow like a cat, and while doing so, the dog catcher hears Garfield barking, and chases him, while Floyd teaches the Dog how to squeak.

The Bad Sport: Orson wants the farm animals to play a new game called Pig Ball, but when Roy refuses to play, he decides to steal Orson's rule book and change the rules, making the game confusing.

Up a Tree: Nermal visits Garfield, but when Garfield gets jealous and tries to be cute for Jon, he wrecks the house. Because of his cat instincts, Garfield climbs up a tree and gets stuck. To get the people's attention to get him down, he tricks Nermal into climbing up the tree. 
"Show 7" Weighty Problem The Worm Turns Good Cat, Bad Cat 29 October 1988 (1988-10-29)

Weighty problem: Jon buys a new scale, which Garfield tampers with, causing the results to be inaccurate. After Jon notices that he is possibly 50 pounds overweight, he decides to go on a diet, including Garfield as well.

The Worm Turns: Orson tells the viewers a story of why Booker stopped chasing worms, which was caused by trapping himself instead of the worm.

Good Cat, Bad Cat: After Jon tells Garfield to leave the mailman alone due to an important package delivery, his two consciences (bad and good) appear, though Garfield only listens to the bad conscience, leading himself into trouble. 
"Show 8" Cabin Fever Return of Power Pig Fair Exchange 5 November 1988 (1988-11-05)

Cabin Fever: Jon, Garfield, and Odie, vacation during the winter in a cabin. While Jon is out to buy groceries, Garfield and Odie are snowed inside the cabin without nourishment.

Return of Power Pig: An accidental game of Chinese Whispers is played by the farm animals after Orson reads Sheldon "Humpty Dumpty", eventually leading to the conclusion that there is a monster on the farm.

Fair Exchange: Garfield and Jon both have dreams where they switch bodies after they argued earlier that one lives life easier than the other. 
"Show 9" The Binky Show Keeping Cool Don't Move 12 November 1988 (1988-11-12)

The Binky Show: To win Jon a present, Garfield goes on a game show titled "Name That Fish", which is hosted by Binky the Clown.

Keeping Cool: Orson is terrified of the fact that his mean older brothers are visiting him, while Bo tells him not to worry about how they harm him. First appearance of Mort, Gort and Wart.

Don't Move: Garfield wanders into a fish shop to eat, and tells Odie to stay on the sidewalk on an X he drew, though Odie is distracted and goes on a journey despite Garfield knowing he has left. 
"Show 10" Magic Mutt Short Story Monday Misery 19 November 1988 (1988-11-19)

Magic Mutt: When Jon is asked to perform a magic show, he discovers that his tricks are not as good as he thought, so he visits a magic shop, where Garfield and the owner's dog duel with the equipment in the store.

Short Story: Booker is tired of being short, while Orson's brothers try and steal the harvest crop. While the gang is on security duty, Booker is told not to get involved.

Monday Misery: Garfield mails himself to another country to get away from the Monday that has caused him misery. 
"Show 11" Best of Breed National Tapioca Pudding Day All About Odie 26 November 1988 (1988-11-26)

Best of Breed: When Garfield gets jealous of Nermal's awards, he enters a cat talent show, where he is up against Nermal coincidentally.

National Tapioca Pudding Day: Roy makes tapioca pudding, so he can trick the farm animals to believe that it is "National Tapioca Pudding Day", a fake holiday where tapioca pudding is given as a gift.

All about Odie: At a university, Garfield presents a documentary-like presentation about Odie. 
"Show 12" Caped Avenger Shy Fly Guy Green Thumbs Down 3 December 1988 (1988-12-03)

Caper Avenger: While a cartoon expert comes to review some of Jon's characters, Garfield's alter ego the Caped Avenger searches for Pooky, who is missing.

Shy Fly Guy: During the winter Fred Duck, Wade's cousin, visits the farm to ask Wade if they want to fly together, and finds humor in the fact that Wade is afraid to fly, so Wade makes a resolution to fly during the end of the winter. First appearance of Fred Duck.

Green Thumbs Down: Jon decides it's a good idea for them to grow their own food in the garden after noticing the high grocery bills. 
"Show 13" Forget Me Not I Like Having You Around Sales Resistance 10 December 1988 (1988-12-10)

Forget Me Not: Garfield is hit in the head with a pie tin, and suffers from amnesia.

I Like Having You Around!: Orson is writing an extract in his diary, from about two weeks ago, about Bo leaving the farm after fighting with his sister Lanolin.

Sales Resistance: Garfield buys a 'free' Elephant repeller from a bothersome salesman named Herbert Finally Jon threatens that if he buys worthless items off TV, he will no longer be fed lasagna. 

Season 2 (1989)

Starting with this season, the show was expanded to an hour-length format, allowing six episodes to air each week. The closing credits background was changed to feature Garfield's face, between Jon's and Odie's, which are between those of the U.S. Acres characters, against a blue background. Episodes 14–24 can be found on the Garfield and Friends: Volume 1 DVD set, while the rest are on the Garfield and Friends: Volume 2 set.

Episode Garfield Episode 1 U.S. Acres Episode Garfield Episode 2 Original Airdate
"Show 14" Pest of a Guest The Impractical Joker Fat and Furry 16 September 1989 (1989-09-16)

Pest of a Guest: During the winter, a greedy cat that appears to be on his death bed is welcomed into Jon's home, where Garfield fears that this intruder will ruin his life, and is therefore determined to get rid of him.

The Impractical Joker: Roy is banned from the farm after insulting all the animals with a joke book, and is replaced by Fred Duck.

Fat and Furry: Garfield, Jon, and Odie become famous icons after Garfield buys a winning lottery ticket. Guest voice by Robin Leach. 
"Show 15" Rip Van Kitty Grabbity The Big Catnap 16 September 1989 (1989-09-16)

Rip Van Kitty: At the park, Garfield falls asleep, and wakes up twenty years later in a futuristic universe, as an older version of himself.

Grabbity: Roy plays a prank on Wade, who wonders what would happen if the Law of Gravity (or "Grabbity" as Roy pronounced it) was canceled.

The Big Catnap: Jon's mother sends him a box of homemade cookies, and tries to avoid Garfield, who eats them every year they are delivered. 
"Show 16" The Great Getaway Scrambled Eggs Hansel and Garfield 23 September 1989 (1989-09-23)

The Great Getaway: Jon is visiting New York City, on a holiday without Garfield, where he meets his seating companion on the plane. Little does he know that Garfield has hidden in his hand luggage to cause trouble.

Scrambled Eggs: Orson tells the audience a previous event about Sheldon and how he was mistaken for a mother turtle's child, who, like Sheldon, was not hatched yet.

Hansel and Garfield: Garfield tells Nermal his twist on the story of Hansel and Gretel, which Nermal hates. 
"Show 17" The Sludge Monster Fortune Kooky Heatwave Holiday 23 September 1989 (1989-09-23)

The Sludge Monster: Jon, Garfield, and Odie are forced to stay in an old hotel after his car breaks down in front of it, where he tells Garfield and Odie the legend of the Sludge Monster, whom Garfield and Odie believe is real.

Fortune Kooky: The farm animals become superstitious after reading their paper fortunes from Chinese fortune cookies.

Heatwave Holiday: During a hot summer day, Garfield decides to think in cold ways, where he causes a trend in the city of decorating for Christmas in the middle of July. 
"Show 18" One Good Fern Deserves Another Goody-Go-Round The Black Book 30 September 1989 (1989-09-30)

One Good Fern Deserves Another: A blind green house salesman accidentally sells Jon a meat-eating fern after Garfield destroys all the ferns at his house.

Goody-Go-Round: Bo needs a record player so he can play some music, and Orson sets out to find him one for being such a good friend, where a chain reaction is put in effect after the giver wants something in return, with some catastrophic results.

The Black Book: Jon is going on a date with one of his girlfriends, until he thinks that she already has one, so he tells Garfield to hide his black book with phone numbers (primarily consisting of his "girlfriends"). 
"Show 19" The Legend of the Lake Double Oh Orson Health Feud 30 September 1989 (1989-09-30)

The Legend of the Lake: Garfield is a tour guide at a cat museum, and shows the tourists a legendary lake, where he explains its history.

Double oh Orson: Orson reads a fictional spy story, and places his alter ego "Double O Orson" as the main character, which is a parody of James Bond and his book seems to be Thunderball.

Health Feud: Garfield takes revenge on a stereotypical TV health/fitness show host after he finds out that he ruins Jon's life by his instructions. 
"Show 20" Binky gets Cancelled Show Stoppers Cutie and the Beast 7 October 1989 (1989-10-07)

Binky gets Cancelled: Garfield tells the viewers about a past event where Binky the Clown becomes a handyman after his show is cancelled by low ratings.

Show Stoppers: The Farm animals put on a talent show, where Wade has stage fright, and soon Orson, because his brothers attend the show.

Cutie and the Beast: Nermal runs away after believing that he is ugly, which is caused by one of Garfield's pranks. 
"Show 21" The Lasagna Zone Sleepytime Pig Yojumbo 7 October 1989 (1989-10-07)

The Lasagna Zone: Jon buys a new TV satellite dish, and when Garfield spills lasagna on its surface, he is transported into the shows.

Sleepytime Pig: Since the Sandman's substitute forgot to make Orson go to sleep, Orson is tired during the day, causing the animals to help him rest.

Yojumbo: Garfield interrupts Jon and Liz's date as usual, and shows his soft side, and decides to protect Jon after hearing an Asian legend. 
"Show 22" Pros and Cons Rooster Revenge Lights! Camera! Garfield! 14 October 1989 (1989-10-14)

Pros and Cons: After being assigned to buy groceries, Odie is cheated out of his money by an alley cat, who trades an old sock in for Odie's grocery money.

Rooster Revenge: After pulling several pranks on Orson, Roy fears that Orson is planning a revenge prank on him, despite Orson's statement that he would not.

Lights! Camera! Garfield!: Garfield accepts a job as a movie stunt double after he thinks that he will be famous with larger roles. 
"Show 23" Polecat Flats Hogcules Brain boy 14 October 1989 (1989-10-14)

Polecat Flats: Jon takes Garfield to a dude ranch called "Polecat Flats", where Garfield learns how life is lived on the ranch, while wondering what a polecat is. First appearance of Cactus Jake.

Hogcules: Orson tells the chicks the myth of Hercules using himself as the title character, Wade's shed is destroyed by a storm.

Brain Boy: Garfield is framed for destruction by Rocco, a polite and clever son of Jon's cousin, who turns out to be cruel. 
"Show 24" Maine Course No Laughing Matter Attack of the Mutant Guppies 21 October 1989 (1989-10-21)

Maine Course: Jon's aunt and uncle send him an alive lobster to cook, though Jon, Garfield, and Odie befriend it as a family member and name him Therm. When Therm gets sick they have to do the right thing and set him free into the Ocean.

No Laughing Matter: After Roy annoys the farm animals with a new joke book, aliens who lack a sense of humor visit the farm to destroy comedy, which the animals try to save.

Attack of the Mutant Guppies: After hearing Garfield's story on giant radioactive mutant guppies, Nermal gets scared and can't go to sleep. So Garfield tries to prove to Nermal that his fictional story about giant radioactive mutant guppies is false so he can sleep. 
"Show 25" Robodie First Aid Wade Video Victim 21 October 1989 (1989-10-21)

Robodie: A Mad Scientist kidnaps Odie to use him as a model for his cloning machine. First appearance of Dr. Garbanzo Bean.

First Aid Wade: Wade thinks that he has broken his leg on a cow and that Orson and Roy will perform surgery on it.

Video Victim: Garfield and Jon make a bet that if Garfield can stop watching TV for twenty four hours that he will stop using the vacuum, which annoys Garfield, who finds it hard to live without viewing programs. 
"Show 26" The Curse of Klopman Mud sweet Mud Rainy Day Dreams 28 October 1989 (1989-10-28)

The Curse of Klopman: Jon's cousin Norbert has died, and has left the Klopman Diamond in his will, which Garfield believes has a curse; meanwhile a business partner ploys to steal the rare jewel.

Mud Sweet Mud: The farm animals debate to get rid of Orson's Waller after cleaning the farm, where Orson explains to them what it means to him.

Rainy Day Dreams: During a rainy night, Jon has a date at home, despite the fact that his date is a home insurance salesman, while Garfield and Odie use their imaginations for adventures since they are bored. 
"Show 27" Basket Brawl Origin of Power Pig Cactus Jake Rides Again 28 October 1989 (1989-10-28)

Basket Brawl: Set as a basketball game mice attend, Jon, Odie, and Nermal attempt to pack a picnic lunch without Garfield devouring the food.

Origin of Power Pig: Orson tells Wade a flashback story of how he originated to become Power Pig, while his brothers are given an idea for stealing the harvest crops.

Cactus Jake Rides Again: Jon, Odie, and Garfield invite Cactus Jake to reside at their home temporarily during a rodeo championship, which they find to hate. 
"Show 28" Binky Goes Bad! Barn of Fear Mini-Mall Matters 4 November 1989 (1989-11-04)

Binky Goes Bad!: Binky is put on trial at court after he is framed for Stinky Davis, a criminal; the events are explained to the audience by a script Garfield reads.

Barn of Fear: The farm animals are forced to stay in the spooky abandoned barn, where Orson's brothers play tricks, after they fill the current barn up with their crops.

Mini-Mall Matters: Garfield hosts a factual and educational show about mini-malls and how they are grown, maintained, and their features. 
"Show 29" Attention-Getting Garfield Swine Trek It Must be True! 11 November 1989 (1989-11-11)

Attention-Getting Garfield: Garfield tries to gain more public attention after he realizes that Odie has the most attention.

Swine Trek: While resting due to a terrible cold, Orson dreams that the gang and him are part of a galaxy crew called the Swine Trek.

It Must be True: At a TV station called WBOR, Garfield presents a show to a live Audience called 'It Must be True', where he claims everything stated television is a true fact. 
"Show 30" Arrivaderci, Odie! Gort Goes Good Feeling Feline 18 November 1989 (1989-11-18)

Arrivaderci, Odie!: Garfield believes that Liz has adopted Odie after a visit to the vet, and soon discovers the pros and cons of his absence.

Gort Goes Good: Orson's brother Gort explains that he has given up his evil ways and is now on Orson's side.

Feeling Feline: After hearing a statement on television about pet owners becoming like their pets, Jon starts to discover that he himself acts like Garfield. First appearance of Jon's Mom and Dad
"Show 31" The Bear Facts Nothing to be Afraid of The Big Talker 18 November 1989 (1989-11-18)

The Bear Facts: While camping in the forest, much to Garfield's disadvantage, a stray dancing bear appears at the site.

Nothing to be Afraid of: The farm animals are tired of Wade's phobias, so they try to find something that would not scare him.

The Big Talker: Garfield is furious with a loudmouth superstitious television host, who hates cats, and plans revenge with superstition
"Show 32" Cactus Makes Perfect Hogcules II Crime and Nourishment 25 November 1989 (1989-11-25)

Cactus Makes Perfect: Garfield, Jon, and Odie visit Cactus Jake on his ranch. Cactus Jake shares a story about his cat which was similar to Garfield.

Hogcules II: Roy tricks Wade into spilling grain and Orson ends up cleaning it up. He day dreams about Hogcules cleaning up after a two-headed giant.

Crime and Nourishment: Retrieving his lasagna at a picnic, Garfield stumbles upon a strange community of small green people (similar to the Smurfs) who use food items as currency, and eat money. 
"Show 33" T.V. of Tomorrow Little Red Riding Egg Well-Fed Feline 25 November 1989 (1989-11-25)

T.V. of Tomorrow: After their current set breaks, Jon, Garfield, and Odie go shopping for a new TV, some of which are bizarre.

Little Red Riding Egg: After finding a video camera, Orson decides to make a movie with the farm animals adapting Little Red Riding Hood using Sheldon as the title character, while the Fox is searching for nourishment.

Well-Fed Feline: When Garfield expectedly eats Jon's entire "lasagna cake", Jon scolds him and rules to never feed him again until Arbor Day. However, an activist overhears this and tells Jon she will call the police, if Garfield isn't fed by the time she gets back. Jon feeds Garfield everything in the house by the time she returns. But soon realizes he didn't feed Nermal, who Jon himself took in earlier, and is taken to jail. Garfield realizes without Jon, there will be no one to buy more food, and settles Jon's case by appearing in court to show how well-fed he really is. Jon is freed by Garfield and Nermal, however Nermal is left in Jon's cell after tasting the terrible prison food inside as Garfield throws away the key into a mailbox. 
"Show 34" Invasion of the Big Robots Shelf Esteem Housebreak Hotel 2 December 1989 (1989-12-02)

Invasion of the Big Robots: Garfield wakes up one morning and finds himself in a Space Shuttle Launch Site. After a warrior (Starwolf) passes by him and makes commands to his fleet, Garfield soon realizes that he is in the wrong cartoon. He then asks Starwolf for assistance, but Starwolf doesn’t recognize him as a cat and tries to attack him, as Starwolf and his fleet are apparently trying to take over the world. Garfield manages to get away; then he soon discovers that he is actually inside a robot. He commands the robot to stop, and it does; then Garfield commands it (and another robot) to dance, which causes enough commotion to ruin Starwolf and company’s invasion plans. Garfield further learns that the robots are Transformer robots, and he hits random buttons to see what will happen. Garfield’s button pressing ejects him from the robot via a transportation pod, and he lands in a forest. He is relieved that he is no longer in the cartoon with the giant robots until he meets a band of cute animals living in the forest who promise to teach him to be sweet and nice. He then wishes to be back with the giant robots, and he gets back into the pod and leaves.

Shelf Esteem: Wade runs around in a usual frenzy and eventually crashes into Orson, who is busy trying to put his books away. Roy tells Wade and Lanolin that that will never get done because Orson cannot put a book away without reading it first; then he bets Wade and Lanolin a month’s chores that Orson can’t do it. Meanwhile, Orson continues his work but then he gets caught up reading The Scarlet Pimpernel. Roy sees this and confirms his confidence, but then he sneaks some of his library books into Orson’s pile of books. Orson then comes across one of Roy’s books (about the Stone Age) thinking it belongs to him, and begins reading it. Wade and Lanolin had seen Roy’s trick, and Wade tells her that she will lose the bet. Lanolin then slips a new book into Orson’s hand before Roy walks up to Orson and convinces him to read the book before putting it away. The book is called How to Be a Librarian, and after reading that “a good librarian puts every book in its place right away”, Orson does just that. Lanolin and Wade give Roy their respective lists of chores; Wade comments that his chores include raking the leaves. Orson overhears this and suggests to Roy that reading a book could help the time go faster. Roy opens the book and reads about slaves rowing a ship.

Housebreak Hotel: Jon is planning to go out of town, but none of his friends want to look after Garfield and Odie while he's away, thus forcing him to put them in a pet shelter. Garfield isn't very keen on the idea, at least until he sees a commercial on the TV about a "grand" pet hotel called Housebreak Hotel. At Housebreak Hotel, Garfield, Jon, and Odie meet Howie, the smug owner of the hotel, who assures Jon that his pets will be taken good care of. As Jon leaves, the servants take Garfield and Odie to their rooms, which are revealed to be dull, dark storage areas where the pets are kept in cages. The hotel is actually a pet abusing scam which is illegal but Howie knows that. Things get much worse when Howie serves up slop to the pets as their dinner. Garfield refuses to eat it, so Howie orders his goons to force-feed Garfield the food. Later, as he's inside his cage, Garfield can't take anymore, so he escapes his cage by shaking it open, then releases all the other pets, causing them to escape, as well as rescuing Odie. With his business ruined, Howie tells Garfield that he'll do anything just to get rid of Garfield. Garfield has a great idea in mind. A few days later, Jon arrives at Hotel LePosh and finds both Garfield and Odie there, relaxing in a luxury room. Jon is enraged by how much this will cost, only to find out that Housebreak Hotel are paying for Garfield and Odie's hotel bill. And so, Jon decides to relax with Garfield and Odie in Hotel LePosh. 
"Show 35" First Class Feline Hamelot How to be Funny! 2 December 1989 (1989-12-02)

First Class Feline: Jon, Odie and Nermal tricked Garfield that he wouldn't get his meal until he gets Nermal before it takes to Abu Dhabi.

Hamelot: After a nasty fall, Orson imagines everyone in a Camelot-like setting.

How to be Funny!: Garfield gives a lecture on humor and what it means to be funny. He goes into detail on what is funny (silly costumes and gags) and what is not funny (pie and silly lighting jokes). 
"Show 36" Mystic Manor Flop goes the Weasel The Legend of Long Jon 9 December 1989 (1989-12-09)

Mystic Manor: Coming Soon

Flop goes the Weasel: The farm animals believe Wade is a hero after defeating the Weasel, causing Wade to take the fame for granted. First appearance of the Weasel.

The Legend of Long Jon: While visiting Yorktown, Jon discovers that he had an evil pirate ancestor named Long Jon Arbuckle
"Show 37" China Cat Cock-a-Doodle Dandy Beach Blanket Bonzo 9 December 1989 (1989-12-09)

China Cat: While visiting China, a waitress at a restaurant tells Jon a legend about an orange cat similar to Garfield, and how it brings bad luck.

Cock-a-Doodle Dandy: Roy tries to think of a way to make his bugle wake up call without disturbing an insomniac bear.

Beach Blanket Bonzo: Jon tries to impress a girl at the beach, and Garfield doesn't understand how anyone could go crazy over a pretty face until he falls in love with a Female Cat named Nola. 
"Show 38" Lemon-Aid Hog Noon Video Airlines 16 December 1989 (1989-12-16)

Lemon-Aid: Jon gets conned by Al J. Swindler (Al G. Swindler in later episodes) into getting a new car, only to find that it's broken.

Hog Noon: Hammerhead Hog, the pig that bullied Orson back in school, writes him a letter saying that he's coming to settle things with Orson once and for all.

Video Airlines: Garfield, Jon and Odie sit down to watch television. On "The Mediocre Movie Matinee", a bad science fiction film called Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage 2 is playing. Jon changes the channel to "Adequate Theatre" only to find out that they are showing the same movie. Jon turns on "Binky the Clown" in desperation, but Binky is showing Kung Fu Creatures. Jon tries a Spanish language television station, but on "El Cine Spectacular", Las Criaturas de Kung Fu en Rompaje Dos is playing. The trio give up and head to "Video Everything" to rent a movie. While Jon presents an obscene amount of information in order to open up a membership, Garfield sings "Video Airlines", a song about the joys of film. By the time Jon receives a membership card, only one tape is left. Jon rents it without looking, only to discover that it's Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage 2. The gang heads to a movie theatre, only to find out that they bought tickets to the brand new sequel, Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage 3. Getting up to leave, they see that the auditorium is filled with Kung Fu Creatures. Garfield, Jon and Odie reluctantly stay to watch the show. 
"Show 39" The Mail Animal Peanut-Brained Rooster Mummy Dearest 16 December 1989 (1989-12-16)

The Mail Animal: Jon's mailman, Herman Post, delivers the mail and is once again defeated by Garfield when he falls down a trapdoor. As he walks back to the mail truck, the post office chief scolds him for being "a disgrace to your uniform" and for being afraid of a cat. He takes away Herman's cap, necktie and letter bag and fires him. When Jon finds out what happened to Herman, he decides to punish Garfield by locking him out of the house. Garfield sees Herman weeping on the curb, talking about how he always wanted to be a mailman and how his dream has been ruined, and Garfield gives the post office chief a taste of how hard it is to deliver to the arbuckle house. Eventually, the post office chief surrenders and gives Herman his job back and the next day, he is literally sprang into the air and down the chimney.

Peanut-Brained Rooster: Orson is having his lunch when the Viewer (AKA You) has lunch with Orson. Orson hopes you haven't brought any peanuts after what happened the other day.

Mummy Dearest: While visiting a museum, Garfield falls down and hurts himself leading to a dream sequence. In it Garfield dreams he is a cat in ancient Egypt. And an Egyptian guy is trying get rid of the Pharaoh's (Jon) good luck charm: his cat! 

Season 3 (1990)

In this season, the show switched to its more well-known "We're Ready to Party" theme song, also written by Desiree Goyette, and the only theme song shown in syndication. Episodes 40-48 can be found on the Garfield and Friends: Volume 2 DVD set, while the rest of this season are on the Garfield and Friends: Volume 3 set.

Episode Garfield Episode 1 U.S. Acres Episode Garfield Episode 2 Original Airdate
"Show 40" Skyway Robbery The Bunny Rabbits is Coming! Close Encounters of the Garfield Kind 15 September 1990 (1990-09-15)

Skyway Robbery: Jon is conned by Swindler again by flying him to Miami.

The Bunny Rabbits is Coming!: Orson receives a mysterious message in the morning telling him that "the bunny rabbits is coming". Wade snaps into panic. Later, the weasel kidnaps the resident chickens by bagging them. He then stuffs Roy, Wade and Orson into another bag. But his plan backfires when the "bunny rabbits" come and trample him. Orson, Roy and Wade escape and Roy is soon praised by the chickens when he rescues them. The weasel runs away and the guardian of the bunny rabbits comes and asks where his herd went.

Close Encounters with the Garfield Kind: An alien lands in Jon's backyard. Jon thinks he is friendly, but Garfield finds out that the alien's appearance is deceptive. 
"Show 41" Astrocat Cock-A-Doodle Duel Cinderella Cat 15 September 1990 (1990-09-15)

Astrocat: Garfield tells Odie the story of his great-uncle Buchanan, the first cat in space.

Cock-A-Doodle Duel: Roy leaves the farm after the chickens fall for a new rooster named Plato. But when the weasel steals all the chickens, Plato is afraid to stop him.

Cinderella Cat: After discovering a lost copy of "Cinderella" in the park, Garfield encounters a Fairy Godfather. When Garfield makes his wishes, it gets him in trouble. 
"Show 42" Ship Shape Barn of Fear II Break a Leg 22 September 1990 (1990-09-22)

Ship Shape: Garfield wants to go on a cruise with Jon, only to discover the captain doesn't allow cats on the ship. So Garfield sneaks in, only to be chased by the captain.

Barn of Fear II: Orson plans to throw a harvest party in the Old Barn but Wade fears the Old Barn could be haunted. Meanwhile, Orson's brothers plot to steal the harvest.

Break-a-Leg: Garfield and Jon go to a ski resort. 
"Show 43" Twice Told Tale Orson goes on Vacation Wedding Bell Blues 22 September 1990 (1990-09-22)

Twice Told Tale: After their house is filled with yogurt, Garfield and Jon each tell their side of the story of how it happened.

Orson Goes On Vacation: When Orson goes away on vacation, he leaves Wade in charge.

Wedding Bell Blues: Jon's cousin Marian visits for her upcoming wedding. When Garfield overhears the conversation and thinks Jon is getting married, it results in a dream sequence about what life with a married Jon would be like. 
"Show 44" Clean Sweep Secrets of the Animated Cartoon How the West was Lost 29 September 1990 (1990-09-29)

Clean Sweep: Fed up with having to bathe Odie, Jon orders the "Shlocko Laundro-Mutt" programmed to bathe Odie the minute he gets dirty to which Garfield takes advantage of.

Secrets of the Animated Cartoon: Orson explains cartoon physics to the viewers.

How the West was Lost: After Cactus Jake is fired and kicked off the ranch, Jon tries to find him a new job. 
"Show 45" Binky Gets Canceled Again! Orson's Dinner Flat Tired/A Witch In Time 29 September 1990 (1990-09-29)

Binky Gets Canceled Again!: Complaining that Binky's show isn't educational, the WBOR manager replaces Binky's show with the Buddy Bears.

Orson's Dinner: Orson is cleaning out old books and finds a book called How to Start Your Own Restaurant. He and Wade decide to open their own diner as a way to make some extra cash. They set up, and Roy becomes their first customer. Orson says they have no menu, promising they have a fully stocked kitchen. He also makes the claim that "If you can order something we can't fix, you get free food for a month!" Roy comes up with some wild orders and each one is filled, until he orders something they can't make, an "elephant foot sandwich with mustard". They race around trying to find elephant and almost have no luck when Binky's circus truck breaks down and unknowingly the elephant inside escapes. Orson and Wade bring the elephant back and tell Roy they couldn't complete his order. He asks if it's because they didn't have any elephant and Orson responds, "Oh, we have plenty of elephant! We just ran out of mustard!"

Flat Tired: Garfield wakes up one morning, and tells the unseen director that he is too tired to act. Odie suggests that he fills in for Garfield, and the director agrees and presents him with a cartoon of his own. Garfield lies in his bed and watches the cartoon on a portable television set.

A Witch In Time: Odie is seen walking down a street and picks up a purse. He finds the owner, which turns out to be an old lady who invites him to come to her house, where she promises to reward Odie with a steak. Odie complies, but as soon as he gets to the house, he discovers the lady to be a wicked witch. Odie tries to escape unsuccessfully. The witch puts him into a cage and turns him into a gerbil. Next, she decides to make a gerbil sandwich from Odie. The director eventually convinces Garfield to save Odie. While the witch is preparing the ingredients for her sandwich, Garfield comes to the door, disguised as a mailman, and presents her with a large box, and then walks off. The witch sets the box onto the table. Garfield pops out of the box, and uses the magic wand to turn the witch into a bird, which flies away. Garfield turns Odie back into a dog, and they walk home. Odie asks Garfield how he got inside the box, to which Garfield responds by saying, "Hey, don't ask me, it's your cartoon". First Appearance of J.D 
"Show 46" Return of the Buddy Bears Much Ado About Lanolin Reigning Cats and Dogs 6 October 1990 (1990-10-06)

Return of the Buddy Bears: Garfield wrecks the house and Jon tells him to clean it up or no food. He doesn't know what to do, but the Buddy Bears show up and they can't disagree so he tells them to clean it. They steal all the food and he has to deal with it until they leave, but Jon is still mad and Garfield joins the Buddy Bears.

Much Ado About Lanolin: Everyone's hot and there's nothing to do, but Orson recommends a play by William Shakespeare. Since Lanolin isn't there (though see she is present and speaks in this episode), the others use their imagination to create "The Shrub" (Lanolina, actually "the imaginary Lanolin", as quoted by Booker and Sheldon). Wade does To Be Or Not To Be , but Bo reminds Wade he's doing the wrong play, embarrassing him. Roy and Orson then goes to Lanolina's palace for Orson to teach Lanolina a lesson, but only angers Lanolina, eventually saying he likes her the way she was, but Lanolina hears "I like you", becoming very affectioniate towards Orson, but their imagination expires due to Lanolin arriving (and her personality), but Orson does manage to tell her what they were doing, but Lanolin disapproves of it, letting Bo says it can her something, so he says they all like her, causing Lanolin to announce that she'll be nicer to the rest of the gang, so she holds hands with Bo as they and rest walk into the sunset, while Wade ends the cartoon doing a play, but soons get pulled off the screen.

Reigning Cats and Dogs: Cats from everywhere turn on their television sets, and they are doing this because there is a show on. The topic is why cats are better than dogs, and Garfield hosts the show. He talks about that cats are just better than dogs before letting Odie on the show to demonstrate. After saying that this is easy and he knows Odie's basic flaws he walks around Odie, confused that he doesn't know where to start. He also needs a cat to be on the show. Nermal runs in for the show and comments that he is 'the cutest thing on four legs,' but Garfield comments that lasagna served on a dining table actually is the cutest thing on four legs. To Garfield, Nermal is not the ultimate cat for Garfield because he wants to do it alone, so Nermal is pulled away from the scene. Then Garfield shows some films about how a dog and a cat ask for food, bring in paper, exercise, chase a ball, and go to a store. At one point Nermal comes in and after showing Garfield how he balances on a ball, he is immediately put right in a box, somehow prepared to be sent to Abu Dhabi. Later Garfield gets a visit from dogs who have heard about the show and they do not like it. Garfield is reported if he insults the dogs once more, he will be in trouble. Soon Nermal comes out of the box. he is upset, and gets upset enough that he feels better when Garfield doesn't only let Nermal be on the show, but to host it. Nermal talks about the dogs and gets a visit from the same dogs Garfield met. As Garfield and Odie head for the sunset thinking that dogs are not actually very bad because they show some useful functions, Nermal becomes chased by the dogs. However, Garfield and Odie do not care, and they continue walking into the sunset. 
"Show 47" Fit for a King Ben Hog Dessert in the Desert 6 October 1990 (1990-10-06)

Fit for a King: Garfield tells the story of The Royal Appetite.

Ben Hog: While everyone else is off at the State Fair parade, Orson is guarding the harvest and his brothers distract him with a copy of Ben-Hur.

Dessert in the Desert: After Jon gets a flat tire, Garfield and Odie get lost in the desert and begin to see mirages. 
"Show 48" Hounds of the Arbuckles Read Alert Urban Arbuckle 13 October 1990 (1990-10-13)

Hound of the Arbuckles: Garfield is anxious to see "The Hound of the Baskervilles", but the TV is broken. Jon can't find Odie anywhere and tells Garfield to read Sherlock Holmes so his imagination can create the pictures. Garfield dozes off and finds himself playing Watson in a dream sequence entitled "The Hound of the Arbuckles".

Read Alert: Roy and Wade think Orson gets too carried away with his imagination whenever he reads a book.

Urban Arbuckle: Cactus Jake fixes up Jon with his daughter Cactus Jackie. While on a dinner date (with Garfield and Cactus Jackie's entire family), Jon struggles to ride a mechanical bull in an attempt to impress Jackie. Garfield attempts to help Jon win back Jackie with the aid of some pasta and a horse. 
"Show 49" Odielocks and the Three Cats Quack to the Future Beddy Buy 13 October 1990 (1990-10-13)

Odielocks and the Three Cats: While waiting for his microwave lasagna to cool, Garfield decides to tell Odie his version of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" by changing it to "Odielocks and the Three Cats".

Quack to the Future: While fixing the tractor, Orson gets oil all over himself as a result of Wade skipping over the manual. Orson's anger causes Wade to run off. While waiting in line at the laundromat, Orson fantasizes about inventing a time machine. When Orson, Roy, Lanolin, Booker and Sheldon arrive in the future, they discover Wade is about to go into outer space in a rocketship never to be heard again.

Beddy Buy: After Garfield breaks his bed, he and Jon go out to buy a new one. 
"Show 50" Count Lasagna Mystery Guest Rodent Rampage 20 October 1990 (1990-10-20)

Count Lasagna: Jon attempts to pitch a comic book featuring Dracula's cat "Count Lasagna".

Mystery Guest: Roy hosts a gameshow called Mystery Guest with a tractor as a Prize and Fred Duck as an assistant who flew south for the winter. Then Garfield made an entrance and the caller were guessing who he was.

Rodent Rampage: Floyd's cousin Tyrone visits and is surprised upon discovering Garfield doesn't chase mice. Once Jon discovers the mice in his house, he tries to get Garfield to chase mice by threatening not to feed him sausage lasagna. 
"Show 51" The Feline Felon The Legal Eagle The Cactus Saga 20 October 1990 (1990-10-20)

The Feline Felon: Jon bakes a pie for a charity bake sale and warns Garfield not to steal the pie which Garfield does anyway. While falling down a tree with the pie, Garfield fantasizes about being on a TV show called "Wanted: Bad Guys".

The Legal Eagle: Roy becomes a detective.

The Cactus Saga: Cactus Jake tells Jon and Garfield the story of how he got to be known as Cactus Jake. The flashback sequence features Cactus Jake's Grandpa Jack and his sidekick (resembling Garfield) The Lasagna Kid. 
"Show 52" D.J. Jon Cornfinger Five Minute Warning 27 October 1990 (1990-10-27)

D.J. Jon: Jon accepts a job as a disc jockey at a local radio station, but the job soon takes over his life, leading him to neglect Garfield and Odie.

Cornfinger: Coming Soon

Five Minute Warning: Garfield makes a bet with Jon that he will not eat anything for five minutes. 
"Show 53" Wonderful World The Orson Awards The Garfield Workout 27 October 1990 (1990-10-27)

Wonderful World: Coming Soon

The Orson Awards: Orson hosts an awards show, where Orson's brothers demand an award, or else.

The Garfield Workout: Coming Soon 
"Show 54" All Things Fat and Small Robin Hog Hare Replacement 3 November 1990 (1990-11-03)

All Things Fat and Small: Coming Soon

Robin Hog: Coming Soon

Hare Replacement: Coming Soon 
"Show 55" Stick to It Orson in Wonderland For Cats Only 10 November 1990 (1990-11-10)

Stick to It: Odie is disrupting Garfields nap so Garfield gives in and throws a stick for Odie to fetch. The stick ends up landing in a milk truck so Odie follows it to a milk factory but ends up on the assembly line with the bottles! He sees the stick in one of the milk bottles which are being shipped by train so Odie climbs aboard the train. A man on the train finds him and gives Odie some milk because he looks so tired but throws the stick out of the train! Odie finds it in a squirrels hole but leaves it for the squirrels nest. After all his work Odie returns empty-handed to a disgruntled Garfield.

Orson in Wonderland: While playing croquet with Lanolin his ball goes clear into the woods. After he reaches his ball he drifts off and dreams a dream much similar to Alice in Wonderland.

For Cats Only: This episode dicusses how cats came to Earth from another planet and now pretend to be pets for humans. Cats are really using the humans as their slaves since they constantly feed and tend to cats every need. Dogs (which used to be intelligent) began to suspect cats were up to something and infiltrated the cats secret lair. To keep their plan from being revealed the cats used a special ray to drain them of their intelligence. 
"Show 56" Mistakes will Happen The Well Dweller The Wise Man 17 November 1990 (1990-11-17)

Mistakes Will Happen: The episode begins as Garfield says he got emails about the show having mistakes, and says thats impossible, so he and Odie go to watch a episode to prove it, called "Mistake will Happen". (This is already a mistake) But while the episode has many mistakes, Garifeld says there are only three. Odie still thinks there are more mistakes, but Garfield refuses. In the last shot, Odie is replaced with Marmaduke and Garfield says, "Come on Odie. Time for a midnight snack."

The Well Dweller: Coming Soon

The Wise Man: Coming Soon 
"Show 57" Star Struck Election Daze Dirty Business 24 November 1990 (1990-11-24)

Star Struck: Fed up with all the "supporting actors" (Jon and Odie), Garfield decides to write his own episode, but all the scenarios end the same way.

Election Daze: Coming Soon

Dirty Business: Jon takes Garfield and Odie to visit his cousin Berferd. All kinds of things are vanishing from the cousin's store, and eventually Garfield finds out that a pack rat is the one who steals the stuff. Before this, Jon and his cousin get a lot of mud thrown on them by an angry neighbor named Rufus, who believes that Berferd has stolen his dad's watch. 

Season 4 (1991)

For this season, the closing credits background was changed again, this time with the faces of Garfield, Jon, and Odie at the top, and the U.S. Acres characters at the bottom, against a green background. The Syndication package skips episodes 62-67 and 70-73. All episodes of this season except the last one are on the Garfield and Friends: Volume 3 DVD set, with episode 73 starting off the Garfield and Friends: Volume 4 set.

Episode Garfield Episode 1 U.S. Acres Episode Garfield Episode 2 Original Airdate
"Show 58" The Legend of Cactus Jupiter Birthday Boy Roy Jukebox Jon 21 September 1991 (1991-09-21)

The Legend of Cactus Jupiter: Cactus Jake tells the story of how if you look into a fire you can see into the future. This is what Garfield sees.

Birthday Boy Roy: Its Roys birthday and everybody pitches in and buys him a pocketwatch. But Roys watch disappears and he begins to accuse everybody of stealing it. Its not long before everything on the farm starts vanishing and its up to Orson and his friends to catch the thief.

Jukebox Jon: Jon is up for a job but his boss dislikes people who bite their nails. To correct the problem he orders a hypnosis record to listen to in his sleep. When Odie breaks the record Garfield replaces it arbitrarily with records from Jons collection thinking it won't make a difference. 
"Show 59" Squeak Previews Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Wade A Tall Tale 21 September 1991 (1991-09-21)

Squeak Previews: Coming Soon

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Wade: Coming Soon

A Tall Tale: Coming Soon 
"Show 60" Moo Cow Mutt Big Bad Buddy Bird Angel Puss 14 September 1991 (1991-09-14)

Moo Cow Mutt: Odie thinks he's a cow after Garfield played a trick on him.

Big Bad Buddy Bird: Roy quits the show and becomes a cast member on The Buddy Bears.

Angel Puss: Coming Soon 
"Show 61" Trial and Error An Egg-Citing Story Supermarket Mania 14 September 1991 (1991-09-14)

Trial and Error: Coming Soon

An Egg-Citing Story: Coming Soon

Supermarket Mania: Coming Soon 
"Show 62" Frankenstein Feline Weatherman Wade Fill-in Feline 28 September 1991 (1991-09-28)

Frankenstein Feline: Coming Soon

Weatherman Wade: Orson and the others are tired of the rain after a while, but Wade supposedly stops it. This becomes a problem later on, as the farm is running short on water.

Fill-in Feline: Nermal replaces Garfield because he's sick, but he thinks Garfield's roles are hard. 
"Show 63" Polar Pussycat Over the Rainbow Remote Possibilities 28 September 1991 (1991-09-28)

Polar Pussycat: Garfield gets lost in the South Pole when he accidentally gets sent to the plane while he takes a nap.

Over the Rainbow: Coming Soon

Remote Possibilities: Coming Soon 
"Show 64" Night of the Living Laundromat Fast Food Cash and Carry 5 October 1991 (1991-10-05)

Night of the Living Laundromat: Coming Soon

Fast Food: Orson, Wade, Booker, and Roy complain that Bo is a slow cook (by making Spagetti one strand at a time), and Roy decides to go to a fast food restaurant called Roy's Rapid Restaurant, however Orson, Wade, and Booker don't get anything to eat there. Garfield makes a cameo guest star appearence in this episode

Cash and Carry: Jon decides to cut up his credit cards, and spend cash on everything. 
"Show 65" Speed Trap Flights of Fantasy Castaway Cat 5 October 1991 (1991-10-05)

Speed Trap: Coming Soon

Flights of Fantasy: Coming Soon

Castaway Cat: Coming Soon 
"Show 66" Mind over Matter Orson at the Bat The Multiple Choice Cartoon 12 October 1991 (1991-10-12)

Mind Over Matter: Coming Soon

Orson at the Bat: Coming Soon

The Multiple Choice Cartoon: Garfield gives a "quiz" to the audience depicting about the whole scene. 
"Show 67" Galactic Gamesman Garfield Sly Spy Guy The Thing That Stayed... Forever! 12 October 1991 (1991-10-12)

Galactic Gamesman Garfield: Garfield is hooked up on video games while Jon has appendicitis.

Sly Spy Guy: Coming Soon

The Thing That Stayed... Forever!: Jon's uncle Ed is visiting his house for a while, but Garfield and Odie don't like him because he takes over everything, so they try to remove him from the house. 
"Show 68" Bouncing Baby Blues The Ugly Duckling Learning Lessons 19 October 1991 (1991-10-19)

Bouncing Baby Blues: Garfield and Odie go to the supermarket and accidentally take a baby home.

The Ugly Duckling: Coming Soon

Learning Lessons: Coming Soon 
"Show 69" Robodie II For Butter or Worse Annoying Things 19 October 1991 (1991-10-19)

Robodie II: Coming Soon

For Butter or Worse: Coming Soon

Annoying Things: Coming Soon 
"Show 70" Guaranteed Trouble Fan Clubbing A Jarring Experience 26 October 1991 (1991-10-26)

Guaranteed Trouble: Coming Soon

Fan Clubbing: Coming Soon

A Jarring Experience: Coming Soon 
"Show 71" The Idol of Id Bedtime Story Blues Mamma Manicotti 2 November 1991 (1991-11-02)

The Idol of Id: Coming Soon

Bedtime Story Blues: Orson reads Cinderella to Booker and Sheldon, who keep making changes to the story.

Mamma Manicotti: Coming Soon 
"Show 72" The Pizza Patrol The Son Also Rises Rolling Romance 9 November 1991 (1991-11-09)

The Pizza Patrol: Garfield Jon and Odie travel to an out-of-the-way Italian restaurant which serves in Garfields recollection the best Italian food he has ever eaten. He also finds that a large chain of pizzerias Papa Plastique whose food is so bad even Garfield wouldnt eat them wants to buy Mama Manicottis recipes.

The Son Also Rises: Wade's father comes to visit the farm.

Rolling Romance: Coming Soon 
"Show 73" The Automated, Animated Adventure It's A Wonderful Wade Truckin' Odie 9 November 1991 (1991-11-09)

The Automated, Animated Adventure: Animator Mr. Sproket uses Garfield to demonstrate Computer animation to Jon.

It's A Wonderful Wade: A guardian angel shows Wade what the farm would be like if he was never born.

Truckin' Odie: Garfield sings about Odie riding with a rookie trucker named Billy Bob (He bears a resemblance to Jon) 

Season 5 (1992)

The syndication package ends at episode 83. All the episodes from the season are included on the Garfield and Friends: Volume 4 DVD set. In the first opening sequence for this season Garfield tells the audience not to waste time checking what was on NBC, since NBC in actuality had stopped broadcasting cartoons.

Episode Garfield Episode 1 U.S. Acres Episode Garfield Episode 2 Original Airdate
"Show 74" Home Away from Home Rainy Day Robot Odie the Amazing September 19, 1992

Home Away from Home: Garfield runs away, and is nearly smothered by his new owner, who believes Garfield is her missing cat.

Rainy Day Robot: Roy buys a robot that can alter the weather.

Odie the Amazing: Odie finds a magic wand. 
"Show 75" Home Sweet Swindler Forget-Me-Not Newton The Great Inventor September 26, 1992

Home Sweet Swindler: Jon is conned out of his home by a phony repairman.

Forget-Me-Not Newton: Wade's dangerously forgetful cousin comes to the farm looking for work.

The Great Inventor: Garfield tells the story of an ancient cat who helped create lasagna. 
"Show 76" Taste Makes Waist The Wolf Who Cried Boy Day of Doom September 19, 1992

Taste Makes Waist: Jon is tricked into buying (what he thought was) a good, nutritious meal package after deciding to go on a diet.

The Wolf Who Cried Boy: Roy plays one too many practical jokes on the gang after taking advantage of a new bell.

Day of Doom: Garfield's wish to rid the world of Mondays has consequence. 
"Show 77" Country Cousin The Name Game The Carnival Curse September 26, 1992

Country Cousin: In an effort to get married, Jon's cousin looks for a job, and ends up destroying the home.

The Name Game: Orson reads Rumplestiltskin to Booker and Sheldon, who keep making changes to the story.

The Carnival Curse: After getting her arrested, Garfield is cursed by a Fortune Teller. And though she claims to be a fraud, the hex is all too real. 
"Show 78" Renewed Terror Badtime Story Tooth or Dare October 3, 1992

Renewed Terror: After Jon subscribes to a magazine, the magazine salesman begins pestering him to renew his subscription, constantly lowering the price.

Badtime Story: Orson, too sick to read to Booker and Sheldon, has the rest of the farm try to help.

Tooth or Dare: A Saber-Toothed Tiger--one that should have been extinct millions of years ago--trades places with an unwittingly involved Garfield. 
"Show 79" The First Annual Garfield Watchers Test Stark Raven Mad The Record Breaker October 3, 1992

The First Annual Garfield Watchers Test: Garfield hosts a quiz show while constantly having to deal with an annoying spokesmouse for various commercial products.

Stark Raven Mad: A parody of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven entitled The Rooster.

The Record Breaker: Jon wants to play records for a woman who showed up at his doorstep, but Garfield and Odie accidentally break his record player. So Jon, Garfield, and Odie go out to find a new record player, only to discover that no one knows what a record player is. 
"Show 80" The Kitty Council The Bo Show Bad Neighbor Policy October 10, 1992

The Kitty Council: Garfield is put on trial for being less of a cat.

The Bo Show: After the farm animals (except Bo) are kidnapped by Orson's brothers, Bo has to perform the rest of the episode by himself, impersonating Orson and the others.

Bad Neighbor Policy: Garfield's constant antics pester his neighbor. 
"Show 81" Canvas Back Cat Make Believe Moon The Creature that Lived in the Refrigerator, Behind the Mayonnaise, Next to the Ketchup and to the Left of the Cole Slaw! October 10, 1992

Canvas Back Cat: Coming Soon

Make Believe Moon: Orson's imagination can (literally) take the guys anywhere: even the Moon.

The Creature that Lived in the Refrigerator, Behind the Mayonnaise, Next to the Ketchup and to the Left of the Cole Slaw!: A creature from the refigerator, behind the mayonnaise, next to the ketchup, and to the left of the cole slaw comes alive and tries to get Jon, Garfield, and Odie. 
"Show 82" Cute for Loot The Caverns of Cocoa Dream Date October 17, 1992

Cute for Loot: Garfield uses Nermal's looks to his advantage.

The Caverns of Cocoa: Wade, Roy, and Orson discover a mine infested with chocolate--and then find out why it was abandoned.

Dream Date: Jon goes on a rigged dating show. 
"Show 83" Airborne Odie Once Upon a Time Warp Bride and Broom October 24, 1992

Airborne Odie: Odie gains the ability to fly.

Once Upon a Time Warp: Coming Soon

Bride and Broom: A witch wants to make Jon her husband. 
"Show 84" Dummy of Danger Sooner or Later Jumping Jon October 17, 1992

Dummy of Danger: Coming Soon

Sooner or Later: Coming Soon

Jumping Jon: Jon takes up skydiving. 
"Show 85" The Worst Pizza in the History of Mankind Jack II: The Rest of the Story The Garfield Opera October 24, 1992

The Worst Pizza in the History of Mankind: Coming Soon

Jack II: The Rest of the Story: Coming Soon

The Garfield Oprea: Coming Soon 
"Show 86" The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy Who Done It? The Picnic Panic October 31, 1992

The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy : Garfield reveals the injustice cartoon cats must suffer.

Who Done It? : Three dogs named Who, What, and Where come to work on the farm. For Roy and Wade, it quickly turns into an Abbott and Costello-type nightmare as they desperately want to know their names.

The Picnic Panic: A musical segment finds Garfield trying to keep ants from ruining a picnic prepared by Jon. 
"Show 87" Sound Judgement Gross Encounters The Perils of Penelope October 31, 1992

Sound Judgement: When the sound effects supervisor quits, Garfield gives Odie the job of putting sound effects into the show, with humorous results.

Gross Encounters: After Orson reads a book about close encounters, the entire barnyard is addicted to aliens. This gives the wolf an idea to making everyone think they are all aliens.

The Perils of Penelope: After dumping Brick, Penelope decides to have Garfield as her new boyfriend. However, Garfield is terrified of being near Penelope, because Brick said if he saw him near her, he would pound him.

Title Reference: The Perils of Penelope Pitstop 
"Show 88" Ghost of a Chance Roy Gets Sacked Revenge of the Living Lunch November 7, 1992

Ghost of a Chance: Coming Soon

Roy Gets Sacked: Thinking Orson is going to fire him, Roy leaves to farm and goes to his agent, who books him onto The Buddy Bears, much to Roy's dismay.

Revenge of the Living Lunch: Coming Soon 
"Show 89" Supersonic Seymour A Mildly Mental Mix-Up The Garfield Rap November 7, 1992

Supersonic Seymour: Coming Soon

A Mildly Mental Mix-Up: Coming Soon

The Garfield Rap: Garfield performs in a music video. 

Season 6 (1993)

For this series, the titles changed at the beginning. Instead of showing clips from only the first two seasons, which is what happened for the last three seasons, the titles included more clips from the latest three seasons, plus some from this season, season six, but still retaining a large amount of the original clips. However, the theme tune remained the same. Episodes 90-96 are available on the Garfield and Friends: Volume 4 DVD set. Episodes 97-105 are available on Garfield and Friends: Volume 5 DVD set.

Episode Garfield Episode 1 U.S. Acres Episode Garfield Episode 2 Original Airdate
"Show 90" A Vacation From His Senses The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster Dread Giveaway September 9, 1993

A Vacation From His Senses: Coming Soon

The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster: Coming Soon

Dread Giveaway: Coming Soon 
"Show 91" The Wright Stuff Orson Express Safe at Home September 18, 1993

The Wright Stuff: Coming Soon

Orson Express: Coming Soon

Safe at Home: Coming Soon 
"Show 92" Jon the Barbarian Uncle Roy to the Rescue The Kitten and the Council September 25, 1993

Jon the Barbarian: Coming Soon

Uncle Roy to the Resuce: Coming Soon

The Kitten and the Council: Coming Soon 
"Show 93" Next-Door Nuisance What's It All About, Wade? Bigfeetz September 25, 1993

Next-Door Nuisance: Coming Soon

What's It All About, Wade?: Coming Soon

Bigfeetz: Coming Soon 
"Show 94" Canine Conpiracy Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs (Part 1) The Genuine Article October 2, 1993

Canine Conpiracy: Coming Soon

Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs (Part 1): Coming Soon

The Genuine Article: Coming Soon 
"Show 95" The Best Policy Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs (Part 2) Fishy Feline October 2, 1993

The Best Policy: Coming Soon

Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs (Part 2): Coming Soon

Fishy Feline: Coming Soon 
"Show 96" The Pie-Eyed Piper Fine-Feathered Funny Man Sweet Tweet Treat October 9, 1993

The Pie-Eyed Piper: Coming Soon

Fine-Feathered Funny Man: Coming Soon

Sweet Tweet Treat: Coming Soon 
"Show 97" The Floyd Story How Now, Stolen Cow? The Second Penelope Episode October 9, 1993

The Floyd Story: Coming Soon

How Now, Stolen Cow?: Coming Soon

The Second Penelope Episode: Coming Soon 
"Show 98" Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse Payday Mayday How to Drive Humans Crazy October 16, 1993

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse: Coming Soon

Payday Mayday: Coming Soon

How to Drive Humans Crazy: Coming Soon 
"Show 99" Date of Disaster A Little Time-Off The Longest Doze October 16, 1993

Date of Disaster: Coming Soon

A Little Time-Off: Coming Soon

The Longest Doze: Coming Soon 
"Show 100" Stairway to Stardom The Return of the Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster The Life and Times of the Lasagna Kid October 23, 1993

Stairway to Stardom: Coming Soon

The Return of the Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster: Coming Soon

The Life and Times of the Lasagna Kid: Coming Soon 
"Show 101" Magic, Monsters and Manicotti The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere's Duck Unreal Estate October 23, 1993

Magic, Monsters and Manicotti: Coming Soon

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere's Duck: Coming Soon

Unreal Estate: Coming Soon 
"Show 102" Lost and Foundling Winter Wonderland Films and Felines October 30, 1993

Lost and Foundling: Coming Soon

Winter Wonderland: Coming Soon

Films and Felines: Coming Soon 
"Show 103" The Garfield Musical Mind Over Melvin Madman Meets His Match October 30, 1993

The Garfield Musical: Coming Soon

Mind Over Melvin: Coming Soon

Madman Meets His Match: Coming Soon 
"Show 104" Knights and Daze Holiday Happening Jailbird Jon November 6, 1993

Knights and Daze: Coming Soon

OHoliday Happening: Coming Soon

Jailbird Jon: Coming Soon 
"Show 105" The Third Penelope Episode Hare Force Garfield's Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Review November 6, 1993

The Third Penelope Episode: Coming Soon

Hare Force: Coming Soon

Garfield's Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Review: Garfield entertains the neighborhood pets with some assistance from Odie and Nermal. However, Garfield's antics are keeping Jon awake. 

Season 7 (1994)

In this season, the show went back to airing one new episode a week, but stayed in the hour-length format, filling up the second half-hour with episodes from the previous season and some of the prime-time specials from the 1980s. This entire season, along with the second half of season 6, is available on Garfield and Friends: Volume 5 DVD set. Also worth noting is that here, a new theme song was added that was written by J.R. Johnston and Neil Panton. The theme was sung by J.R. Johnston. This theme song was not shown internationally, and as a result, it does not appear on the DVDs (although Garfield's quotations are kept intact).

  • Show 106: The Legend of Johnny Ragweedseed / Grape Expectations (part one) / Catch As Cats Can't (tx 17.09.94)
  • Show 107: A Matter of Conscience / Grape Expectations (part two) / Top Ten (tx 17.09.94)
  • Show 108: Change of Mind / Temp Trouble / The Perfect Match (tx 24.09.94)
  • Show 109: My Fair Feline / Double Trouble Talk / Half-Baked Alaska (tx 24.09.94)
  • Show 110: Puss in High-Tops / Egg Over Easy (part one) / The Beast from Beyond (tx 01.10.94)
  • Show 111: Model Behavior / Egg Over Easy (part two) / Another Ant Episode (tx 01.10.94)
  • Show 112: Guy of Her Dreams / The Discount of Monte Cristo / The Fairy Dogmother (tx 08.10.94)
  • Show 113: The Stand-Up Mouse / Daydream Doctor / Happy Garfield Day (tx 08.10.94)
  • Show 114: Sit on It / Kiddy Korner / Brainware Broadcast (tx 15.10.94)
  • Show 115: The Suburban Jungle / The Thing in the Box / The Feline Philosopher (tx 22.10.94)
  • Show 116: Thoroughly Mixed-Up Mouse / The Old Man of the Mountain / Food Fighter (tx 29.10.94)
  • Show 117: The Jelly Roger / The Farmyard Feline Philosopher / Dogmother 2 (tx 05.11.94)
  • Show 118: Alley Katta and the 40 Thieves / If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Alpha Centauri / Clash of the Titans (tx 19.11.94)
  • Show 119: Canned Laughter / Deja Vu / The Man Who Hated Cats (tx 26.11.94)
  • Show 120: The Horror Hostess (part one) / Newsworthy Wade / The Horror Hostess (part two) (tx 03.12.94)
  • Show 121: Arbuckle the Invincible / The Monster Who Couldn't Scare Anybody / The Ocean Blue (tx 10.12.94) Series Finale.


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