Flag of Nebraska

Flag of Nebraska

Flag of State of Nebraska
Use Civil and state flag Civil and state flag
Adopted 1925 (official July 16, 1963)
Design Seal of Nebraska in gold on an azure field
Designed by J. loyed McMaster

The flag of the state of Nebraska is a blue cloth charged with the state seal. The current design was adopted in 1925, yet a design in 1921 from an architect based in New York State was rejected by the state government. The official designation of the design as the state flag occurred in 1963; Nebraska was one of the last states to adopt an official flag.[1]

The Nebraska flag was rated in a survey by the North American Vexillological Association as 71st out of 72 U.S. and Canadian flags, making it the second worst flag in the survey.[2] The worst-ranked flag, the flag of Georgia, has since been changed.

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