Nebraska gubernatorial election, 2002

Nebraska gubernatorial election, 2002
Nebraska gubernatorial election, 2002
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November 5, 2002
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Nominee Mike Johanns Stormy Dean
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 330,349 132,348
Percentage 68.68% 27.52%

Governor before election

Mike Johanns

Elected Governor

Mike Johanns

The 2002 Nebraska gubernatorial election, held on November 5, 2002, featured incumbent Republican Governor of Nebraska Mike Johanns defeating his Democratic opponent Stormy Dean in a landslide.

This was the first gubernatorial election in Nebraska where the winning primary candidates chose their running mates after the primary election. Prior to this, both the governor and the lieutenant governor were chosen at the primary election.[1] This was also the first gubernatorial election in which a Republican was re-elected in more than forty years.[2]


Republican Party primary



Republican Party primary results[3]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
Republican Mike Johanns (inc.) 128,277 86.84%
Republican Robert J. Wicht 19,441 13.16%
Totals 147,718 100%

Democratic Party primary


  • Stormy Dean, insurance company executive
  • Luis R. Calvillo


Democratic Party primary results[4]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
Democratic Stormy Dean 47,369 77.26%
Democratic Luis R. Calvillo 13,943 22.74%
Totals 61,312 100%

Nebraska Party primary


  • Paul A. Rosberg, farmer


Nebraska Party primary results[5]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
Nebraska Paul A. Rosberg 36 100.00%
Totals 36 100.00%

General election


Nebraska gubernatorial election, 2002[6]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Mike Johanns (incumbent) 330,349 68.68% +14.78%
Democratic Stormy Dean 132,348 27.52% -18.46%
Nebraska Paul A. Rosberg 18,294 3.80%
Majority 198,001 41.17% +33.24%
Turnout 480,991
Republican hold Swing


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