Melbourne tram route 75

Melbourne tram route 75
City (Spencer St) - Vermont SouthCity (Spencer St) - Vermont South
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Route Information
Route Number 75
Number of stops 75
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Zone Location
Zone 1
Spencer St (La Trobe St) - Riversdale Rd (Burke Rd)
Zone 1 & 2
Riversdale Rd (Burke Rd) - Burwood Hwy (Vermont South Terminus)

Tram route 75 is a public transport service in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It runs from the corner of Spencer Street and La Trobe Street in the city centre to Vermont South in the eastern suburbs.

Unlike most tram routes in Melbourne, it falls within Metcard/myki ticketing Zone 1 and Zone 1/2.

During the 1999 election campaign the Australian Labor Party committed to extend route 75 to Knox City Shopping Centre, this was later changed to the current arraignment, with it terminating at Vermont South, and connecting bus, operated by Ventura Bus Lines - the Knox Transit Link (run as part of Route 732) - running to Knox City Shopping Centre, the bus meets every tram and runs only within Zone 2. The Public Transport Users Association is campaigning for the line to be extended to its originally proposed terminus of Knox City Shopping Centre.[1]

From Warrigal Road to the terminus in Vermont South, the trams have their own dedicated tracks, reducing interference by vehicular traffic. Despite this, motorists are still required to turn across the tracks to enter businesses or do U-turns, leading to several incidents and accidents.



The origins of route 75 lie in separate tram lines, Australia's first cable tram from Bourke Street to Hawthorn Bridge and a horse tram from Hawthorn Bridge to Auburn Road, which was converted to an electric line and extended over many years to its current terminus at Vermont South.

The first cable tram line opened by the Melbourne Tramway and Omnibus Company was from Bourke Street to Hawthorn Bridge along Spencer Street, Flinders Street, Wellington Parade and Bridge Road opened on 11 November 1885.[2][3] On 27 January 1889 a horse tram from Hawthorn Bridge to Auburn Road, travelling Burwood Road, Power Street and Riversdale Road was opened.

The Hawthorn Tramways Trust closed the horse tramway for conversion to electric traction on 31 January 1916,[4] with the electric line opening in two stages; Power Street to Auburn Road along Riversdale Road opening on 7 May 1916,[4] and from Hawthorn Bridge to Riversdale Road along Burwood Road and Power Street on 21 June 1916.[4] The Riversdale Road line was extended by the Hawthorn Tramways Trust to Bowen Street, Camberwell along Riversdale Road and Camberwell Road, passing through Camberwell Junction, opening on 31 May 1916, it was extended again to Boundary Road (now Warrigal Road) along Camberwell Road and Norwood Road (now Toorak Road) on 10 June 1916.[4]

The Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board converted the Bourke Street to Hawthorn Bridge cable line to electric traction in three stages, closing the line on 29 June 1927.[5] Reopening with electric trams running from Lonsdale Street - a short electric extension to the previous cable terminus of Bourke Street - to Swanston Street on 14 July 1927,[5] from Swanston Street to Simpson Street on 17 September 1927,[5] and Simpson Street to Hawthorn Bridge on 4 December 1927.[5]

The lines City terminus was extended slightly north to its current terminus at La Trobe Street, when the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board opened the La Trobe Street line on 15 January 1951.[6]

On 19 July 1978, the route was extended from Warrigal Road to Middleborough Road, Burwood East, Victoria,[7] on 8 July 1993 to Blackburn Road,[8] and on 25 July 2005 to its current terminus at Vermont South Shopping Centre, Vermont South.[9]


 Route 75 
Unknown BSicon "KBHFa yellow"
City Routes 24, 30, City Circle Stop 119
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Bourke St Routes 86, Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Southern Cross Station Southern Cross Station Routes 11, 42, 48, 109, 112 122
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Spencer St Routes 70, Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
King St 2
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Market St Route 55 3
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Elizabeth St Flinders St Station Routes 19, 57, 59 4
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Swanston St Flinders St Station Routes 1, 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72 5
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Exhibition St Route 70 7
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Spring St Routes City Circle, 48 8
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Clarendon St Jolimont Station 11
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Punt Rd 14
Unknown BSicon "STR yellow"
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Church St Routes 78, 79 18
Unknown BSicon "STR yellow"
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Hawthorn Bridge Route 48 23
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Hawthorn Station Hawthorn Station 11
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow"
Glenferrie Rd Route 16 32
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow-halfblue2"
Camberwell Junction Routes 70, 72 40
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow-blue"
Toorak Rd 51
Unknown BSicon "STR yellow-blue"
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow-blue"
Warrigal Rd 58
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow-blue"
Deakin University 63
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow-blue"
Middleborough Rd 66
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow-blue"
Blackburn Rd 70
Unknown BSicon "BHF yellow-blue"
Springvale Rd 73
Unknown BSicon "KBHFe yellow-blue"
Vermont South 75

Not all stops are shown, refer to timetable for full list of stops.

B2 tram on route 75 at Vermont South Terminus

Route 75 runs from La Trobe Street in the CBD, it heads south on Spencer Street, it turns east at Flinders Street and continues past Flinders Street railway station, St Paul's Cathedral, and Federation Square, entering East Melbourne east along Wellington Parade and into Richmond continuing east on Bridge Road.

At Hawthorn Bridge it crosses the Yarra River into Hawthorn and continues east on Burwood Road, it briefly travels south on Power Street before turning east into Riversdale Road, traversing Hawthorn and Hawthorn East. At Camberwell Junction it crosses Burke Road and travels south east along Camberwell, Camberwell. It enters Toorak Road and heads east, at Warrigal Road Toorak Road becomes Burwood Highway, Burwood, it continues east, past Deakin University and through Burwood East, to its terminus in Vermont South at Vermont South Shopping Centre, where a connecting bus, the Knox Transit Link (run as part of Route 732[10]) can be caught to Knox City Shopping Centre.


Route 75 is run from Camberwell depot[11] and is predominantly run with B2 class trams.

Controversy over accessibility

A new accessible stop at Stanley Road

During the extension of the route from Burwood to Vermont South, all new stops were constructed as wheelchair accessible, low-floor platforms, with many other stops along the route converted to accessible platforms.

However, there has been controversy ever since in the local newspaper, as even though the platforms are wheelchair accessible, the route is operated with high floor trams with steps. Therefore, the upgrade was considered a waste of money, because if the platforms were accessible, but the trams weren't, the accessible stops wouldn't be of much use.

The government and local MPs are being pressured by the local newspaper and disabled tram users to use low floor trams on the route.

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