Melbourne tram route 31

Melbourne tram route 31
Victoria Harbour - Hoddle StreetVictoria Harbour - Hoddle Street
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Route Number 31
Number of stops 19
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Zone 1
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Tram route 31 is a public transport service in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It currently runs from Victoria Harbour via Collins Street through the city to St Vincents Plaza, then down Victoria Parade to Hoddle Street. The route has previously run from the old Collins Street West End terminus via Southern Cross Station in the city centre and Collins Street to St Vincents Plaza. With the rerouting of Route 48, route 31 had ceased to run.

This route was designed as a supplementary service along Collins Street, with services running inter peak and reduced services on weekends.

In October 2010, it was announced that the route would be reinstated.[1] The new route 31 now runs from Victoria Harbour in Docklands to the intersection of Hoddle Street and Victoria Parade in Collingwood. The service runs on weekdays during business hours.


Current route description

Starts at Victoria Harbour, then runs via:

Ends at Hoddle Street, East Melbourne (stop 18)

Note: Some services continue down Victoria Street and Barkers Road to the Kew Tram Depot and vice versa.

Pre 2010 route description

Starts at Collins Street Extension; then runs via:

Ends at St Vincents Plaza (stop 12)


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