Basic metabolic panel

Basic metabolic panel
Basic metabolic panel
LOINC 24320-4, 24321-2, 51990-0

A basic metabolic panel (BMP) is a set of seven or eight blood chemical tests. It is one of the most common lab tests ordered by health care providers. It provides key information that has a variety of applications in guiding the medical management of a patient. For example, values can be used to assess and monitor a patient's fluid and electrolyte status, kidney function, blood sugar levels, and response to various medications and other medical therapies. It is also frequently employed as a screening tool to look for problems that might need to be addressed, as many disease processes can cause a derangement in the blood serum levels of basic metabolites.



The version with seven tests is often referred to by medical professionals in USA as the "CHEM-7", or "SMA-7" (Sequential Multiple Analysis-7).[1] The seven parts of a CHEM-7 are tests for:

Calcium (Ca2+) is often considered part of the BMP,[9][10] though, by definition, it is not part of the CHEM-7. A basic metabolic panel including calcium is sometimes colloquially referred to as a "CHEM-8".


Pathophysiology sample values
Na+=140 Cl=100 BUN=20 /
K+=4 CO2=22 PCr=1.0 \
HCO3-=24 paCO2=40 paO2=95 pH=7.40
pACO2=36 pAO2=105 A-a g=10
Ca=9.5 Mg2+=2.0 PO4=1
CK=55 BE=−0.36 AG=16
PMO = 300 PCO=295 POG=5 BUN:Cr=20
UNa+=80 UCl=100 UAG=5 FENa=0.95
UK+=25 USG=1.01 UCr=60 UO=800
LDH=100 TP=7.6 AST=25 TBIL=0.7
ALP=71 Alb=4.0 ALT=40 BC=0.5
AST/ALT=0.6 BU=0.2
AF alb=3.0 SAAG=1.0 SOG=60
CSF alb=30 CSF glu=60 CSF/S alb=7.5 CSF/S glu=0.4

These lab values are often listed in a standard grid:

Na+ Cl BUN
K+ CO2 creatinine

Glucose (and sometimes calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus) are listed to the right of this grid, but there is greater variation in how these values are reported.

The Chem-7 is drawn in a green topped vacuum tube and sent to chemistry

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