Coronoid process of the mandible

Coronoid process of the mandible
Bone: Coronoid process of the mandible
Mandible. Outer surface. Side view. (Coronoid process labeled at top center.)
Latin processus coronoideus mandibulae
Gray's subject #44 174

The mandible's coronoid process (from Greek korone, "like a crown") is a thin, triangular eminence, which is flattened from side to side and varies in shape and size.

Its anterior border is convex and is continuous below with the anterior border of the ramus.

Its posterior border is concave and forms the anterior boundary of the mandibular notch.

Its lateral surface is smooth, and affords insertion to the Temporalis and Masseter.

Its medial surface gives insertion to the Temporalis, and presents a ridge which begins near the apex of the process and runs downward and forward to the inner side of the last molar tooth.

Between this ridge and the anterior border is a grooved triangular area, the upper part of which gives attachment to the Temporalis, the lower part to some fibers of the Buccinator.

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