Zygomatic process of maxilla

Zygomatic process of maxilla
Bone: Zygomatic process of maxilla
Articulation of nasal and lacrimal bones with maxilla. (Zygomatic process visible at center right.)
Left zygomatic bone in situ. (Zygomatic process of maxilla visible but not labeled.)
Latin processus zygomaticus maxillae
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The zygomatic process of the maxilla (malar process) is a rough triangular eminence, situated at the angle of separation of the anterior, zygomatic, and orbital surfaces.

  • In front it forms part of the anterior surface.
  • Behind it is concave, and forms part of the infratemporal fossa.
  • Above it is rough and serrated for articulation with the zygomatic bone.
  • Below it presents the prominent arched border which marks the division between the anterior and infratemporal surfaces.

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