Buck's fascia

Buck's fascia
Buck's fascia
The penis in transverse section, showing the blood vessels. In this drawing, Buck's fascia is labeled deep fascia.
Latin fascia penis

Buck's fascia is a layer of deep fascia covering the penis.[1]

It is also known as the "deep fascia of the penis".[2][3]

It is also sometimes simply called the "fascia of the penis", and the Terminologia Anatomica is simply "fascia penis".

Some sources call it the "deep perineal fascia" but other sources use the term "Gallaudet's fascia" for the deep fascia of the perineum. [4] Some sources state that it is a "continuation" of the deep perineal fascia.[5]

Buck's fascia is continuous with the external spermatic fascia in the scrotum and the suspensory ligament of the penis.

The deep dorsal vein of the penis is inside Buck's fascia, but the superficial dorsal veins of the penis are in the superficial (Dartos) fascia immediately under the skin.

It is named after Gurdon Buck.

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