Anal triangle

Anal triangle

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Caption = Muscles of the female perineum. (Anal triangle is roughly equal to bottom half of diagram.)

Caption2 = Muscles of male perineum. (Anal triangle is roughly equal to bottom half of diagram.)
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The anal triangle is the posterior part of the perineum. It contains the anal canal.


The anal triangle can be defined either by its vertices or its sides.
* "Vertices"
** one vertex at the coccyx bone
** the two ischial tuberosities of the pelvic bone
* "Sides"
** perineal membrane (posterior)
** the two sacrotuberous ligaments


Some components of the anal triangle include:
* Ischiorectal fossa
* Sacrotuberous ligament
* Sacrospinous ligament
* Pudendal nerve
* Internal pudendal artery and Internal pudendal vein
* Anal canal
* Muscles
** Sphincter ani externus muscle
** Gluteus maximus muscle
** Obturator internus muscle
** Levator ani muscle
** Coccygeus muscle


ee also

* Perineum
* Urogenital triangle

External links

* - "The Female Perineum: Boundaries of the Female Perineum"
* (NormanAnatomyFig|perineumboundaries)

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