Triangle (disambiguation)

Triangle (disambiguation)

A triangle is a geometric shape that has three straight sides. Triangle can also refer to:


* Spherical triangle
* Sierpinski triangle
* Pascal's triangle
* Triangle wave
* Triangle inequality


* Triangle (instrument), a musical instrument.
* Triangle (snooker), a device for aligning the balls at the start of each game
* Triangle offense
* Triangle piercing, one of several forms of female genital piercing
* Triangle choke, a chokehold common to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
* Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911
* Love triangle
* Set triangle, a tool used in technical drawing
* "The Triangle", a student newspaper of Drexel University
* In systemics, a triangle is the structure of every system composed with three reciprocally connected/interrelated abstract or real objects.
*Black Triangle (UFO)


Places named Triangle include:
* Triangle (Israel), a concentration of Israeli Arab towns in the Sharon plain
* Triangle Lake, Oregon
* Triangle, New York
* Triangle, Virginia
* Triangle, West Yorkshire, a village near Halifax, West Yorkshire
* Triangle, Newfoundland and Labrador
* Bermuda Triangle
* Golden Triangle
* Grandview Triangle
* Polynesian Triangle
* Rhubarb Triangle
* Sunni Triangle
* The Triangle (North Carolina), also known as the Research Triangle or the North Carolina Triangle
*Triangle, Zimbabwe


Groups named Triangle include:
* Triangle Fraternity
* Princeton Triangle Club
* The Triangles, an Australian indie-pop band


Things in the entertainment industry named Triangle include:
* "Triangle" (television), a former BBC soap opera
* "The Triangle" (miniseries), a mini-series on the Sci-Fi Channel
* "Triangle" ("Buffy" episode), a fifth-season episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
* "Triangle" (The X-Files), a sixth-season episode of "The X-Files"
* "Bizarre Love Triangle", a song by New Order
* "Acute Triangle" (Welcome To Paradox), an episode of "Welcome To Paradox"
* "Triangle (film)," a 2007 film directed by Johnnie To, Ringo Lam, and Tsui Hark
* Triangle (1967 film), a 1967 Armenian film

In medicine

A triangle is medical shorthand for diagnosis, and also is used anatomically to describle various structures, including:
* Femoral triangle
* Pubic triangle
* Anal triangle
* Cubital fossa (the triangle shape visible on the inside of the elbow joint)

See also

* Delta (letter) (disambiguating the Greek character Δ ("delta"), a triangle shape that is typographically distinct from the character ∆)
* The Triangle (another disambiguation page)
* Triangle of Life an earthquake preparedness theory
* Triangular function
* Triangulation
* Triangulum, a star constellation
* Trinity
* Reuleaux Triangle
* Öçpoçmaq, a Tatar dish (name means "triangle")
* Wye (railroad), a three-way track junction
* Dark side of the moon, an album by Pink Floyd (features a triangular prism on its front cover)

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