Internal spermatic fascia

Internal spermatic fascia

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Latin = fascia spermatica interna
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Caption = Transverse section through the left side of the scrotum and the left testis. The sac of the tunica vaginalis is represented in a distended condition. (Infundibuliform fascia labeled at left, fourth from top.)

Caption2 = The scrotum. On the left side the cavity of the tunica vaginalis has been opened; on the right side only the layers superficial to the Cremaster have been removed.
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The internal spermatic fascia (infundibuliform fascia) is a thin layer, which loosely invests the cord; it is a continuation downward of the transversalis fascia.


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* - "The inguinal canal and derivation of the layers of the spermatic cord."
* (NormanAnatomyFig|spermaticcord)

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