List of characters from The Sopranos

List of characters from The Sopranos

The characters from the HBO series, The Sopranos that are friends or family of the Sopranos.


Soprano family blood relations

Domenica "Nica" Baccalieri

Domenica (nicknamed "Nica") is Tony Soprano's niece. She was born some time after Johnny Sack's incarceration in 2004 and before 2006. Her parents are Bobby Baccalieri, Jr. and Janice Soprano. Domenica enjoyed the festivities of the "Feast of St. Elzear" in 2006, where she was already tentatively walking. She was involved in the ride malfunction but did not seem upset and enjoyed the attentions of her uncle, who spun her around in the air. She was seen older at her father's lake house, when her Aunt Carmela and Uncle Tony came for Tony's birthday.

Anthony "Tony B." Blundetto

Tony Soprano's cousin, who was imprisoned and soon thereafter became embroiled in a life of crime. Tony B. gets his massage license and tries to set up a massage business. He sabotages the business before it gets off the ground, and goes back to crime. Tony S. sets him up in the airbag scam, but it is not enough money for Tony B. To earn extra money, he performs a contract hit for Rusty and Angelo. After Angelo is killed, Tony B. kills Billy Leotardo in retaliation, igniting dangerous tensions with the New York crew. To bring peace with Johnny Sack (and to avoid Tony B.'s being tortured to death by Phil Leotardo), Tony S. kills Tony B. by shooting him in the face with a shotgun.

Quintina Pollio Blundetto

Quintina is Livia's younger sister and the mother of Tony Blundetto. Quintina, or "Aunt Quin" as people call her, is first seen when she and Livia are planning to board a plane for Arizona. However, because the tickets are stolen, the FBI questions her and Livia. Tony B. lives with his mother for a short time after being paroled from prison. She is very nervous and always trying to look out for Tony B. and his twin sons, Jason and Justin Blundetto.

Brian Cammarata

Brian is Carmela's cousin and a financial advisor. He assisted her in planning her estate when she worried over her own and her children's futures should anything happen to Tony. Tony and Brian became friends and Brian could later be seen accompanying Tony at parties at the Bada Bing (for Paulie's homecoming) and Chief Smith's casino. Tony set Brian up with Patsy to get cheap designer suits. Brian was also responsible for giving Tony the idea for the HUD scam. Later, he attended Hugh De Angelis' birthday party at Tony's home. Also, he and his wife accompanied Tony and Carmela to an Elton John/Billy Joel concert. Years later, in season 6 part 2, Brian and his pregnant wife bought Carmela's spec house.

Hugo "Hugh" De Angelis

Carmela's father who is in his mid 70s. Hugh has been married to Mary for over 40 years and is a resident of West Orange, New Jersey. Although now semi-retired, Hugh had worked as a contractor, and he built Tony and Carmela's house. Most everyone in the Soprano family universe consider Hugh a classy, old school gentleman for whom tradition and respect are very important values.

Hugh and Mary eat Sunday dinner with Carmela and Tony when they are all on good terms. Hugh also has a brother named Lester and a sister named Lena, who is actually the mother of Christopher Moltisanti's father Dickie, thus making Hugh Chris' great uncle. During Carmela and Tony's separation, Hugh was eager to see Tony whenever possible and often took Tony's side in family discussions. This is due to Hugh's strong sense of tradition and respect for the traditional home and family. He did not want to be present at a family gathering if "the man of the house" was not there (in the episode "Marco Polo"). Hugh became involved in a real estate investment with Carmela involving a spec house. However, construction of the spec house was halted after a building inspector found that low-quality wood had been used. Carmela blamed her father for the setback and Hugh became angry that Carm was treating him as a subordinate rather than a partner. After Tony's shooting, Hugh steals items from the house's storage garage and abandons the house. Carmela discovers this months later and scolds him about the permit - Hugh again becomes enraged at her attitude. Their feud leaves Mary meeting with Tony and Carmela alone while Hugh stays home. Carmela and Hugh reconciled enough for him to attend Christmas celebrations at the Soprano home later that year - after Carmela's spec house started to go ahead again. Throughout the whole series, Hugh is shown being belittled by his wife Mary, who treats him more as a subordinate than a husband.

Mary Pellegrino De Angelis

Carmela's mother who is in her mid 70s. Mary has been married to her husband Hugh De Angelis for over 40 years. Mary and Hugh have a long marriage, but she does nag her husband quite a bit and tends to treat Hugh as a subordinate rather than a partner, a theme that reappears in Hugh's relationship with both his wife and his daughter Carmella. Shortly after Carmela began dating Tony Soprano she became extremely protective of her daughter and tried to prevent her from marrying him. After Carmela got married, the De Angelises met Tony's mother, Livia Soprano, with whom they became very angry after Livia told Carmela that "Tony would get bored of her." Mary had a brother named Febby who died of cancer. Mary and Hugh resurfaced in Carmela's life after Livia was put in a nursing home. Recently, Mary has tried to prevent Tony from attending Hugh's 75th birthday party in fear that he would embarrass them in front of Russ and Lena Fegoli, her "cultured Italian friends." Mary wishes to appear as a WASP and is embarrassed by Italian stereotypes. (For example, Mary, when Meadow was born was disappointed at her granddaughter's dark skin tone.) Carmela became angered at her suggestion to ban Tony from the party but decided to put the issue aside. Mary and Hugh continue to surface during family functions and Sunday dinners at the Soprano home. Mary also suffers from psoriasis.

Alyssa Giglione

Alyssa is the daughter of Barbara and Tom Gigilione, sister of Thomas Giglione, niece of Tony and Carmela Soprano, and cousin of Meadow and AJ Soprano. She is seen during Sunday dinner at Uncle Junior's, witnessing Tony having an outburst because Jurior repeatedly said, "He never had the makings of a varsity athete." Alyssa also attends Chris and Kelly Moltisanti's house-warming party.

Thomas "Tommy" Giglione, Jr.

Tommy is the son of Barbara and Tom Gigilione, brother of Alyssa Giglione, nephew of Tony and Carmela Soprano, and cousin of Meadow and AJ Soprano. He is seen at Sunday dinner at Uncle Junior's, witnessing Tony having an outburst because Junior repeatedly said, "He never had the makings of a varsity athete." Tommy also attends Chris and Kelly Moltisanti's house-warming party.

Thomas "Tom" Giglione, Sr.

Barbara's husband and Tony and Janice's brother-in-law. He and Barbara live in Brewster, New York with their two children. Apparently he is not involved in criminal activities, and he should not be confused with the capo "Gigi" who died in the toilet. The reason Barbara gives Tony for being unable to stay with Uncle Junior in "Members Only" indicates that Tom works in show business. His father is killed one day after retiring, falling off a roof while trying to install a satellite dish. Although not a member of the crime family, Tom's marriage to Tony's little sister Barbara caused Tony to be on excellent terms with him, and he gave a "boost" (envelope with cash) to Tom at his father's funeral. Tony debated the death of Tom's father in therapy, but in front of his family he was genuinely upset at the loss of Tom's father, and angry that Meadow was too casual about the death. Tom was seen attending the wake of Bobby Baccalieri in the series finale. Tom originally sported a goatee and beard in the earlier seasons, but shaved in off in favor of a clean shaven look later on.

Barbara Soprano Giglione

Tony's younger sister who lives in Brewster, New York. Barbara tries to avoid being overshadowed by her mob-related family and only visits for family functions, weddings or funerals. She has two children with her husband, Tom. Barbara took part in caring for Junior Soprano as his dementia worsened.

After Tony's shooting by Uncle Junior, Barbara increased the level of contact with her siblings. She took part in keeping a round-the-clock vigil for Tony at the hospital and later attended family Sunday dinners at his home. She accompanied Janice to a viewing when Janice bought the Sacrimoni household and was seen attending the wake of Janice's late husband, Bobby Baccalieri, in the series finale.

Harpo "Hal" (last name unknown)

Harpo is the estranged Italian-American-French Canadian son of Janice Soprano. Janice said he was named from the song "Harpo's Blues" by Phoebe Snow (as opposed to Harpo Marx). His father, named Eugene, took him back to Montreal and Janice states that she tried to petition the State Department to have him returned to her. Janice mentions that Harpo had become homeless when Tony proposes flying him in for Livia's funeral. Later, she tells Tony that he now goes by "Hal" instead of "Harpo."

Alphonse "Al" Lombardo

Al is Kelli Moltisanti's father and Christopher's father-in-law, he owns several successful hardware stores in North New Jersey. Chris pushed "Little Paulie" Germani out of a window because he allegedly stole tools from one of Al's hardware stores. Al appears to like Chris until after Chris's death, when Al expresses his frustration with Chris leaving his daughter a widow and his granddaughter fatherless, by driving a car under the influence of cocaine.

Rita Lombardo

Rita is Kelli' Moltisanti's mother and Christopher's mother-in-law. She mentions that the doctors said it was possible for Christopher to have survived the accident if they had gotten to him sooner.

Christopher Moltisanti

Kelli Lombardo Moltisanti

Kelli was Chris's girlfriend, she became pregnant and she planned to terminate the pregnancy, blaming herself for the lack of contraception. When she told Chris, he was actually overjoyed that Kelli was pregnant. Christopher bemoaned that his former fianceé Adriana could not have children and immediately suggested they go to Atlantic City and get married. Soon after their marriage, Kelli and Chris make an offer on a new home and move in. They also ate Sunday dinner with the Sopranos and Kelli complimented Tony on his (stolen) wine. Kelli became a regular at Soprano Sunday dinners - attending even when Christopher went to an AA meeting. Christopher's interest in Kelli began to drift and he began an affair with Julianna Skiff while his wife was still pregnant. Kelli remained devoted to Christopher and did not complain about his long absences. She was terrorized by Paulie Gualtieri when he drives his Cadillac CTS through their front yard in retaliation for Christopher throwing his nephew Little Paulie Germani out of a window. She attended the Soprano's Christmas celebrations in 2006. When Christopher died, Tony complained that Kelli was putting on too much of an appearance at the funeral; that she was acting and looking like Jackie O.

Joanne Blundetto Moltisanti

Joanne is the widow of Richard "Dickie" Moltisanti. After Christopher got revenge for his father's killing in For All Debts Public and Private he went to his mother's house to look through his father's things. He found an old picture of his father in a U.S. Navy uniform and gave it to his mother, thinking she would cherish such a picture, but she is later seen to put it face down on the table and not look at it. After which, they talked about Dickie, but then proceeded to nag him about his drug abuse, to which Christopher retorted she is in no position to talk given her alcoholism. Joanne attended Adriana La Cerva's bridal shower when she became engaged to Christopher. Later, she took part in an intervention for Christopher's drug addiction during which Christopher called her a whore. When Joanne's cousin Tony Blundetto, killed Billy Leotardo, Christopher hid from Phil Leotardo at her townhouse. She was intimidated to the point of tears by Phil and Jason Masucci, but did not give up her son. The role of Joanne was played by actress Nancy Cassaro in only one episode, From Where To Eternity, at which point the role was subsequently recast with actress Marianne Leone Cooper playing Joanne Moltisanti for the rest of the series.

Richard "Dickie" Moltisanti

See separate entry

Anthony John "A.J." Soprano, Jr.

Anthony John "Tony" Soprano, Sr.

Carmela Soprano

Corrado “Uncle Junior” Soprano, Jr.

Corrado Soprano, Sr.

Corrado was the father of Junior Soprano's and Johnny Soprano's father and Tony Soprano's paternal grandfather(see family tree). He emigrated to America from Avellino, Italy in 1910 and worked as a master stonemason. He helped to build a church in Tony's old neighborhood, to which Tony occasionally brings his children, so that he can tell them about their heritage. Tony also recalls that when he was 13 his grandfather would let him play around on his construction sites, even allowing him to drive heavy machinery. Junior told a story about his old man smacking him in the mouth as a boy for refusing payment from a wealthy woman he helped. As punishment, Junior was forced to walk home, 11 miles away.

Ercoli "Eckley" Soprano

Ercoli was Tony Soprano's uncle and Junior Soprano's younger brother (between Junior and Tony's father in age). Although described as physically fit and looking like George Raft, Ercoli suffered from mental deficiencies best described as Down Syndrome. Junior claimed that Ercoli, besides his mental handicap, was born into an immigrant family who had enough problems adjusting to life in the United States and a society that lacked understanding of mental illness unlike society today, which Junior claims that today Ercoli could have been trained to do a simple job. As a result, he was institutionalized early in his life and his existence was concealed, even from Tony. Apparently a target for ridicule, Junior remained fiercely defensive of Ercoli even after his death, regretting that he could do nothing more than pay for his care. Junior also heaps praise on Tony's paternal grandmother for sparing no expense and searching for a mental institution that could properly provide for Ercoli's care. As Junior grows older he begins to think about his brother and discusses him with Tony. He was named after Corrado and Johnny Soprano's grandfather (Ercoli is Italian for Hercules) and shares the same name and nickname, Eckley, as former DiMeo family boss Ercoli "Eckley" DiMeo. It is also reported that Ercoli died not long before his brother Johnny Boy Soprano did, making his death presumably 1985 or 1986.

Janice Soprano

John Francis "Johnny Boy" Soprano

Tony's deceased father, the former captain of the Soprano crew. Johnny was married to Livia Pollio and they had three children: Janice, Tony Soprano and Barbara Soprano-Giglione. Johnny worked closely with his brother Junior during Tony's childhood. They both went on to become capos in the DiMeo crime family. Johnny was well liked in the organization - boss Ercoli DiMeo was thought to be considering him to take over before his death. Johnny's crew included Paulie Gualtieri and Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero. Sal stood up for Johnny in the unrest of '83 and Johnny's leadership led to Sal becoming a made man shortly afterwards. Both Sal and Paulie followed Johnny's wishes and supported Tony becoming capo after Johnny's death of emphysema. Johnny took Tony and his friend Silvio Dante under his wing and brought them up in the organization as part of his crew.

Johnny made many trips to Florida with Paulie Gualtieri, where Johnny had a piece of a dog track. On Paulie's first trip in the South when Johnny and Paulie were in a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz in Georgia they were pulled over by a state trooper and Paulie, who was 20 at the time and had never been outside of New Jersey, was driving without a driver's license and worried about what to tell the trooper. Johnny told Paulie to tell the state trooper that his cousin was a state trooper and gave Paulie a southern sounding name. When the trooper asked for the cousin's name, Paulie said 'Barney Fife'. The trooper then hit Paulie in the face, while Johnny laughed uncontrollably and resolved the issue by giving the trooper a one-hundred dollar bill.

Paulie also told Tony that his father loved him very much and that the only time he saw Johnny cry was when Tony was born. Tony told Paulie that he "never knew where he stood" with his father but Paulie tells Tony that Johnny trusted him enough to let him make his bones by killing a bookie named Willie Overall when Tony was only 22 years old, on Labor Day of 1982.

Johnny was only seen in flashbacks to Tony's childhood or in Tony's dream sequences. Tony once witnessed Johnny cut the pinky finger off of Mr. Satriale while Junior held him in place in the Fall of 1970; Satriale was a gambler who was avoiding giving Johnny payment. This event contributed to Tony's first panic attack at the kitchen table that evening. Tony also recalled his father discussing a possible move to Reno, Nevada in the Summer of 1967 to manage a supper club for Rocco Alatore and his mother refusing, a move that Livia would later sweep under the rug when Alatore later became a millionaire with his investments.

Tony also witnessed Johnny Boy plotting a scheme in 1967 at a children's carnival by bringing Janice along. Tony had originally thought that his father favored Janice over him, but later learned the truth, that mobsters brought their daughters to their meetings as a ruse. When Janice recalled the time Johnny shot through Livia's beehive hairdo while they were driving home, Tony thought the anecdote was shameful and made their family look "dysfunctional". Tony described his mother's relationship with his father as wearing him down to "a little nub". Johnny Boy also kept a mistress named Fran Felstein, whom he had met during Tony's childhood. In 1976, when Tony was 16, Johnny stayed all night at her home when his wife pregnant and was in the hospital. The next morning Johnny and Tony went to the hospital and Tony lied to his mother saying they went to a New York Yankees baseball game and stayed in New York. Livia saw through Johnny's lie and lost the baby due to bleeding.

Through the various dream sequences and his therapy sessions, it appears Tony's relationship with his father was never as close as he presumed - an issue that Dr. Melfi attempted to engage but which was met with dismissal by Tony, who refused to delve deeply into his relationship with his father. What is clear is that Johnny Soprano exhibited many traits of a shameless narcissist who placed his own carnal needs above those of his family and used his own children as pawns in his criminal activities, a trait that Tony would somewhat copy by indulging in his own carnal appetites with women, but not involving Meadow or Anthony Jr. in his criminal activities.

Throughout the series there is a bit of ambiguity surrounding exactly when Johnny Boy passed away. Although some Soprano family timelines suggest that he passed in 1986 other references in the series suggests he passed away much later. In the season one episode College Tony explains to Christopher that Febby Petrillo, a former associate turned Mafia informant who Tony has discovered living in Maine under an alias while accompying Meadow on college visits, had flipped in 1989. Petrillo's testimony was so damning that it put many DiMeo family associates away. Tony explained that his father already sick never fully recovered from the betryal suggesting Johnny Boy was alive as late as 1989. In the season five episode In Camelot Johnny's former mistress Fran Felstein tells Tony a story about a Jersey Shore trip she and Johnny took in the summer of 1992, not long before his passing suggesting Johnny passed sometime in 1992 or 1993. Furthur more in the series pilot Tony refers to Johnny being gone for a few years meaning Johnny could have been alive as late as 1995 before the conviction and imprisonment of DiMeo family boss Ercoli DiMeo.

Livia Soprano

Meadow Soprano


Comàre (pronounced "goomah") is the Italian word for godmother, which has come to mean "girlfriend" or "mistress."

Svetlana Kirilenko

Svetlana Kirilenko (Russian: Светла́на Кириленко) is the maternal cousin of Tony's ex-comàre Irina and is the manager of a home care nursing business. Irina has stated in the past that they have a sister-like rivalry, as Svetlana has a very committed boyfriend, an American fiance named Bill who works for the New York Mets, whereas Irina does not have a fiance or boyfriend. During her childhood, Svetlana developed an infection on her leg which was amputated soon afterwards. She was first hired as Livia Soprano's nurse since Janice had left town. When Livia dies, Tony allows Svetlana to remain at Livia's until she can get settled. However, when Janice asks the whereabouts of Livia's phonograph records, Svetlana informs Janice that Livia bequeathed the records to her. In revenge, Janice steals Svetlana's prosthetic leg. Svetlana then sends the Russian mob after Janice as a counterattack.

Svetlana resurfaces as Uncle Junior's nurse after he suffers a fall at the courthouse. One afternoon while Uncle Junior is asleep, Tony has sex with Svetlana but they are caught by Junior's nurse, Branca. Irina soon finds out about this and informs Carmela about the affair, prompting Carmela's violent confrontation of Tony and their ultimate separation.

Tony admires Svetlana for her toughness of spirit and her refusal to allow her disability and misfortune to get in the way of her ambitions. Arguably, Svetlana is the most psychologically balanced of all Tony's extramarital affairs.

Valentina La Paz

Valentina was Tony's mistress during seasons 4 and 5. Of Cuban and Italian descent, she was originally Ralph Ciffaretto's comàre but was drawn to Tony after they met at Hesh's horse stable. Over lunch, she disclosed to Tony Ralph's sexual idiosyncrasies. The following day, Tony and Valentina have passionate sex in a hotel room where Valentina plays pranks on him when their lunch arrives; she begins dating Tony behind Ralph's back. Subsequently, after not being able to bear anymore of Ralph's masochistic inclinations, she breaks up with Ralph and begins dating Tony exclusively, which Tony later reveals to Ralph. As Ralph is rather preoccupied with his son's severe medical condition, he shrugs it off and is seemingly indifferent about it. In the Season Five episode "The Test Dream", after she pushes Tony to make a decision about staying with his wife or being committed to her, her robe catches fire while trying to cook eggs for Tony. Tony quickly extinguishes the fire, but Valentina suffers from second degree burns. Although it is soon discovered that Valentina will fully heal from the wounds and return to her beautiful self, Tony breaks the news to her that he is going back to Carmela. Valentina lives in Fairfield in Essex County, New Jersey.

Irina Peltsin

Irina was Tony's Russian comàre during the first two seasons. Tony broke up with Irina because she wanted him to commit to a relationship but he could not because he was still married with children. Irina then attempted suicide but was found by her cousin, Svetlana. As a sign of friendship and apologies, Tony sent Silvio to tell her to move on with her life, and present her with a one-time payoff of $75,000. In Season Four, when Assemblyman Ronald Zellman tells Tony that he has been dating Irina for quite some time, Tony gets jealous and decides to take matters into his own hands. Tony humiliates Zellman in front of Irina by whipping him with a belt. Svetlana later tells Tony the couple had broken up because, after the emasculating attack, Zellman "could not perform." It was Irina who informed Carmela that Tony was sleeping with Svetlana, which caused their marital separation.

Julianna Skiff

Julianna was almost Tony's new comàre as he recovered from his gunshot in 2006. They met because she was a realtor working for Century 21 and trying to purchase a building owned by Tony (Caputo's Poultry). She was persistent in pursuing the deal, contacting Tony at Satriale's, the Bada Bing and over the phone. At the Bada Bing Tony first made a pass at Julianna but she told him she was going to exercise self control and decline because she was engaged and everything was going well for her. Despite some misgivings eventually her third offer was high enough for him to accept the deal, Tony arranged to meet her at home to sign the papers. When he arrived, they got business out of the way and immediately started kissing and began to undress one another. When the undressing reminds Tony of Carmela's devotion in taking care of him after his gunshot wound, Tony abruptly ends the encounter and walks out. Tony later spotted Julianna on a ride at the Feast of St. Elzear but failed to get her attention.

Following her rejection by Tony, Julianna went to an AA meeting and discussed her feelings at the encounter. Christopher Moltisanti was in attendance and had seen her when she first approached Tony at Satriale's. He introduced himself after the meeting and invited her for coffee which prompted the beginning of an extra marital affair with Julianna. Tony reinitiated his pursuit of Julianna when they met to close the Caputo's poultry real estate deal and she was initially polite in declining any further contact with him. He arranged to meet with her on the basis of starting another real estate deal and this time she was more angry in rejecting his advances.

Despite warnings from both their sponsors, (Christopher and Julianna's relationship was enabling for the two recovering addicts) they began smoking heroin together. Christopher revealed to Tony his relationship with Julianna to avoid him investigating for himself and discovering their drug use. After a conversation about Chris' disappointment with his life in organized crime (because of failure of others to live by the code of omertà), and their return to drug abuse Julianna worried their relationship was ending and suggested they attend a meeting together. She attended Christopher's wake, encountering Tony and Carmela together as she came to pay her respects, where Tony accidentally introduced her as "Julianna Skiffle".

Gloria Trillo

Gloria Trillo was a car salesperson for Globe Motors, a Mercedes Benz car dealership who was also a patient of Dr. Melfi's. She accidentally met Tony Soprano at Melfi's office, and within days, the two were having an affair. Although a very strong and independent woman, Gloria suffered from intense bouts of severe depression and abusive behavior, which led to several violent clashes with Tony. One such incident occurs after Gloria sees Tony's wife Carmela at her dealership and offers to drive her home. After another clash, Tony is disgusted to realize Gloria has recognized him as a man capable of violence and is trying to provoke him into killing her. Instead, he calls it quits and cuts off all contact with her and orders Patsy Parisi to intimidate Gloria into staying away from Tony, a job which Patsy does well. This proves to be too much for unbalanced Gloria, and she resorts to hanging herself in her home not long after the break-up. When Tony hears of this, he initially blames Dr. Melfi for Gloria's death, claiming that she did too little to save Gloria, as well as himself. Later, he comes to understand that Gloria was beyond salvation.


  • Played by: Ariel Kiley
  • Appears in: "University", "He Is Risen"

Tracee was a young dancer who worked at the Bada Bing strip club. Her boss was Silvio Dante, the owner of the Bing, who extended credit to many of his dancers who wished to undergo breast augmentation. Unlike them, Tracee had run up a debt with Silvio for orthodontia to straighten her jagged teeth. Only 20 years old, she already had a son, who was taken by child protective services after she burnt him with cigarettes. She blamed her abusive behavior on "lot of repressed anger" of hers which could be traced back to her own abusive upbringing. She was dating Ralph Cifaretto, and got pregnant with his child.

One day at the Bing, Tracee expressed her thanks to Tony by giving him some homemade bread for advising her to take her sick son to the doctor, but Tony firmly reminded her that strippers were not supposed to make friends with their bosses. This did not stop Tracee from seeking his advice on whether to have an abortion or to keep the baby. Tony gave his advice, although reluctantly, that taking her age and situation into account and with Ralph as the father, it would be best to get an abortion. Later, Tracee missed work, and Silvio hunted her down to find her waiting on Ralph hand and foot. As Silvio forced her into his car, he slapped her and threatened her, while Ralph watched from the window laughing uncontrollably. The following night, Tracee met Ralph at the Bada Bing VIP lounge, where she insulted him in front of the other associates and capos. Ralph followed her out to the deserted parking lot, where he teased her into thinking he would actually marry and support her. He then abruptly changed his tone and gleefully made snide remarks that her daughter would end up as a "cocksucking slob" just like her. Outraged, Tracee slapped him and insulted his masculinity, which led to Ralph brutally beating her to death. When Tony found out about this, he assaulted Ralph, violating a well-established Mafia code according to which made men were never to strike one another. Tony justified his actions by stating that Ralph "disrespected the Bing". When asked about his opinion on the incident by Tony, Silvio said that Tony would only have been able to physically retaliate if it had involved a woman whom Tony either had a sexual relationship with or who was a blood relative, and Tracee was neither.

Carmela's male friends

Furio Giunta

Father Phillip "Phil" Intintola

A local Catholic priest who is especially fond of Carmela Soprano. Tony feels uncomfortable always having Father Phil over since he thinks Carmela is in love with him. Carmela denies this saying she is using Father Phil as a spiritual mentor to become a better Catholic. One evening, with Tony and Meadow in Maine and AJ at a friend's house, Father Phil visits Carmela who is sick and the two share ziti and wine together. Father Phil stays the night with some awkwardness during the morning after. Tony later finds out about this and verbally taunts Father Phil several times. Carmela could only help but get jealous when she sees him with Rosalie Aprile, who feeds him a dish she prepared. She ends her close relationship with him, accusing him of manipulating her and the women in the church to get gifts and other favors. Later on, Father Phil is usually seen on the series celebrating mass (particularly funerals), at Soprano family functions, and at charity functions coordinated by Carmela. He was shown bedside, comforting Carmela when Tony was comatose.

Vic Musto

Vic is a decorator whom Carmela Soprano hired to wallpaper the dining room in her home. He is also the brother-in-law of David Scatino. Carmela and Vic once kissed in the powder room Carmela is considering renovating and later made plans for a gourmet lunch date to be prepared by Carmela for Vic's next visit. However, after Vic discovers that Tony has taken over David's sporting goods store as a result of David's gambling addiction (which has subsequently left David bankrupt), Vic cancels his lunch date with Carmela by sending his assistant, Ramon, in his place to complete the redecoration. Vic is also seen meeting David Scatino at a bar. At first Vic tries to be supportive of David's problems, but after David badmouths his wife/Vic's sister Christine, Vic loses patience, ordering David to move away and to stay away from Vic's sister at all times; Vic also pledges to pay for Eric Scatino's college education, as David has also gambled away his son's college fund. Carmela and Vic later have an awkward meeting in a paint shop, but part on good terms as Carmela thanks Vic for assigning Ramon to finish her house, as she would have been too tempted to commit adultery, and David was being strong for the both of them.

Robert Wegler

Robert Wegler had a relationship with Carmela Soprano while she was separated from her husband Tony. He was AJ's high school guidance counselor and they met through this relationship. It also proved to be their downfall as Wegler felt that Carmela was sexually manipulating him to improve AJ's college prospects.

Soprano family friends

Aaron Arkaway

Boyfriend of Janice Soprano in 2001. Aaron was devout evangelical Christian which suited Janice's religious choice of the day (and would occasionally irritate Tony). They tried to make Christian rock music together. Aaron was also narcoleptic, causing him to fall asleep at inopportune times. He was also an occasional Sunday dinner guest at the Soprano residence, which he attended with Janice. He later appeared at the hospital while Tony recovered from his coma, protesting at a "right to life" rally.

Artie Bucco

Charmaine Bucco

Carter Chong

A young Chinese-American patient at Junior's halfway home who helps Junior organize a card game between patients. He is intelligent (a visitor references his time at M.I.T.), but has serious mental issues relating to his parents. He has many similar attributes to the Randle McMurphy character from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey who would be portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the film version. He looks up to Junior Soprano as a role model to shape after himself during his stay at the mental institution. Eventually after Corrado comes to terms with his ailments and takes his medication Carter becomes disillusioned and angry at Corrado for this obvious sign of defeat and betrayal to him, and gives him a beating.

Jeannie Cusamano

Dr. Cusamano's wife who is a stay-at-home mom. Friend of Carmela, but embarrassed and intimidated by the Soprano family's mafia connections. In "I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano", Tony told Dr. Melfi he had fantasized about Jeannie during a dream, rather than admit that Dr. Melfi was the subject of his fantasy. In the same scene Dr. Melfi seems to indicate she is acquainted with the Cusamanos. Jeannie's twin sister, Joan (also played by Saundra Santiago), was harassed into writing a recommendation for Meadow's college application by Carmela in "Full Leather Jacket", although it's never made clear if she actually wrote the letter, or if Jeannie told Carmela it was written just to appease her.


She is described by Tony Soprano as the "best friend" of his mother Livia Soprano from when she was married to "Johnny Boy" Soprano and was a regular attendee with Livia to Anthony Soprano, Jr.'s birthday parties. Fanny cannot drive due to physical ailments brought on by her age and relies on Livia to drive her around. Livia accidentally hits her with her car after driving her home, breaking her hip. Despite this, Fanny was one of the few people with something nice to say about Livia at her wake - that she always kept her informed when someone died.

Fran Felstein

Fran was the longterm comàre of "Johnny Boy" Soprano until his death in 1986. She is based on real life John F. Kennedy mistress Judith Exner. Tony met Fran at his father's graveside and started a short association with her where she told him about her relationship with his father. He also learned that when his mother forced his father to give his childhood pet away, the dog, named Tippy, went to Fran and her own son, Bruce (who Fran says is now working for Israel's national airline El Al). She was also involved briefly with President John F. Kennedy. She was extremely attractive in her younger years. Fran appealed to Tony to secure her promised share in a midget car racetrack that was up for sale, which was co-owned by Johnny Boy with Hesh Rabkin and Phil Leotardo, which he did.

Dov Ginsberg

Dov Ginsberg is one of Tony's financial advisors although as mentioned by Carmela, Ginsberg is actually a CPA. In the episode Everybody Hurts, Carmela's cousin Brian Cammarata, a finance expert, was advising Tony and Carmela about some finance planning but Tony decided to have a second opinion with Ginsberg which Brian fully approved. Later on at the horse track Ginsberg met with Tony and told him that the life insurance that Brian advised him was irrevocable and will only benefit Carmella when he dies. Ginsberg also told Tony that a life trust could be an alternative for him.

George Piocosta

George is the father of AJ Soprano's one time friend, Jeremy Piocosta and an acquaintance of Tony Soprano. When AJ and Jeremy fight in school in 1999, George becomes afraid that Tony will seek revenge and avoids contact with him. In 2001, George seems to have overcome his worries as he watches AJ's high school football game alongside Tony.

Roberta "Bobbi" Sanfillipo

  • Played by: Robyn Peterson
  • Appears in: "Boca"

Roberta was a long-term friend/comare of Junior Soprano. He often took her down to Boca Raton, Florida on weekends and had set her up with an office job. Roberta and Junior's relationship ended in 1999 when Tony got word from Carmela that his uncle performed cunnilingus on Bobbi, and Tony then made taunting references to this at a golf game. Bobbi had started the rumor herself by discussing her sex life at a nail parlor also frequented by Gaby Dante. Junior had warned Bobbi never to talk about this aspect of their relationship because it would cost him respect. Realizing that she had ignored his wishes, Junior stormed into her office and ended their sixteen-year relationship. Junior was so furious that Bobbi was afraid he would harm her, but in the end, he just fired her and smushed a lemon meringue pie in her face. In the following season, after Junior's release from prison into house arrest, he asks Bobby Baccala whether any of his acquaintances have called to express sympathy or concern, and specifically asks about Bobbi Sanfillipo. Baccala tells Junior that Sanfillipo has married and moved away.

Francis Satriale

Owner of Satriale's Pork Store. We only see Francis in a flashback. He is a successful independent neighborhood businessman who is familiar with the ways of the Mafia and is well liked and known in the neighborhood. Johnny Boy had known Francis for a long time and had been a regular guest at his house. Apparently, he owed Johnny Boy Soprano a sufficient amount of money which he had received through Johnny Boy's loanshark operation. He is a wholesaler who sells a variety of meat products. Johnny Boy informs him that he had been avoiding a meeting with him to discuss his overdue debt. Tony, as a youth, followed his dad to the pork store without his dad knowing. During one of Johnny Boy's final visits with Francis, he attempts to barter with Soprano by informing him of all the fine meats he had given Livia recently free of charge for compensation. Johnny Boy becomes enraged at Francis trying to barter his way out of his debt with the meat deliveries. There, Johnny Boy chopped off Francis' pinky with a cleaver. He half-heartedly apologizes to Francis in having been forced to inflict punishment upon him. In a later episode, "...To Save Us All From Satan's Power", Paulie mentions that Francis committed suicide with a gun. It is suspected that Francis committed suicide having been faced with being murdered over his large debt to Johnny Boy. Johnny Boy later is suspected of acquiring the business and therefore ultimately clearing his family of the debt brought upon them.

David "Davey" Scatino

David "Davey" Scatino is a childhood friend of Tony Soprano and Artie Bucco. He is often called Davey. He owns the local sporting goods store (Ramsey Sports and Outdoors) and his son, Eric, was a good friend of Meadow. Reluctantly, Tony allowed David to participate in a high stakes poker game with full knowledge that he did not have the financial assets or poker savvy to win or break even. David quickly became heavily indebted to Tony. Tony took over his business, and took David's son's car as a down payment. The car was given to Meadow, but she quickly rejected it when she realized it once belonged to her friend. Having lost his life savings, his business, his son's college fund, the respect of his family, and his wife (who divorced him), he decided to move out west to work on a ranch near Las Vegas.

In the Season 3 episode, "The Telltale Moozadell", Meadow informs Tony that David later went into a mental facility in Nevada, after a breakdown. Tony told David that he had subconsciously planned to profit from David's gambling habit, in accordance with his "predatory" nature. Tony later took offense when his other high school friend, Artie Bucco, became similarly indebted and suggested exactly the same thing, after Artie had attempted to commit suicide.

Yale Shane

Yale is a hacky, untalented, comedian whose act isn't well-received. As part of his act he does impressions of Ed Sullivan and Bob Dylan. He is seen at Green Grove attempting to entertain the seniors, though none of them are listening, and also at The Bada Bing, which ends with his getting booed off the stage.

Soprano crime family relations

Kelli Aprile

Rosalie Aprile's daughter. Kelli attended the funeral of her brother, Jackie Aprile, Jr. and suggested that the mafia was responsible for his death. Meadow Soprano chastised her for speaking of their family connections in front of an outsider and suggested that Kelli lacked loyalty.

Rosalie Aprile

Karen Baccalieri

Karen was Bobby Baccalieri's wife until her death in a car accident in 2002. They had two children, Bobby III and Sophia. Karen was friends with Carmela Soprano, Rosalie Aprile and Gabriella Dante and attended church functions with them. Bobby kept Karen's last baked ziti in the freezer for a long time following her death as he didn't feel ready to eat it. When Janice Soprano became Bobby's girlfriend, Bobby felt secure enough to know Karen was at peace, so he allowed Janice to reheat the ziti and the two ate it to honor their engagement.

Robert "Bobby" Baccalieri III

Son of Bobby Bacala and Karen Baccalieri, brother of Sophia Baccalieri. He is referred to as "Bobby Jr." although his father is actually the second "Bobby". Bobby Jr.'s mother died in a car accident in 2002. He was often the victim of bullying from A.J. Soprano. After Bobby Jr.'s mother died, his father married Janice Soprano, who became Bobby's stepmother. Bobby Jr. was involved in the ride malfunction at the 2006 Feast of St. Elzear festival. His relationship with his father became more distant in his teenage years and he refused to play with his father's trainset and watch a Giants game with his father. Janice continues to use her manipulative skills with Bobby Jr. She controls his behavior by threatening him with a public reading of a report card to keep him home for Sunday dinner and to do his homework. Bobby Jr. cited A.J.'s behavior as a reason why he should be able to avoid family engagements.

Sophia Baccalieri

Daughter of Bobby and Karen Baccalieri, sister of Bobby Baccalieri III. Sophia's mother died in a car accident in 2002. Sophia's father later remarried and Janice Soprano became Sophia's stepmother. Sophia played soccer in school and Janice once got into a headline making altercation with another soccer mom at one of Sophia's games. After the death of her father, it is revealed Sophia and her brother wished to live with their grandmother, which upsets Janice because she felt Dominica (Janice's daughter, Sophia's half-sister) was "very much into her older sister." Janice then describes to Tony that her and Sophia "actually have a bond" when Janice expressed she wanted to live with her stepchildren. Whether or not Sophia and her brother became close to Janice is unclear; Janice is known for lying and judging from past episodes, Bobby's kids have always shown great contempt towards Janice.

Jason & Justin Blundetto

Tony Blundetto's identical twin sons who spent time with him between his release from prison and death in 2004. Their father's sperm was smuggled out of prison to impregnate his (now divorced) wife.

Kelly Blundetto

Tony Blundetto's estranged daughter, who lived with the Sopranos for an undisclosed period of time prior to the show. Tony Soprano told the NY family that he had spent the evening with Tony B. searching for her to provide him with an alibi for the killing of Joe Peeps. When Tony B. asks Meadow how his daughter did in school she replied "Straight A's".

Louise Blundetto

  • Played by: Judy Del Giudice
  • Referenced in: "Cold Cuts"

Daughter of Pat Blundetto and cousin to Tony Soprano, Tony Blundetto and Christopher Moltisanti. Louise helps her father move out of his home on the farm to a smaller place.

Angie Bonpensiero

Angie Bonpensiero is the late Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero's wife. They had three children, including sons Kevin and Matt, at college age in 2000, and daughter Terri, who was married and trying to conceive with her husband in 2000. Angie was unaware of her husband's status as an FBI informant. His disappearance when he was afraid his friends were on to him and subsequent erratic behavior created problems for their relationship. When she and Pussy were having marital problems, Angie considered suicide and divorce. She discussed this with her horrified friends Gabriella Dante, Rosalie Aprile and Carmela Soprano over lunch. She also revealed that she had been unwell since Pussy's return and had been investigated for cancer. Pussy had remained indifferent to her health problems and seemed more concerned about spraying WD-40 on his pocket knife. At Carmela's urging to stay true to her Catholic faith, Angie decided to move into a separate bedroom rather than end their marriage. Later, when Pussy arrives home and silently presents flowers to Angie, she smiles for a moment but then swats him with them.

After Pussy "disappeared" for good, Angie believed that he had left her and decided to move on with her life. Tony continued to compensate Angie in her husband's absence - she used the money to buy a fancy new Cadillac but still complained to Carmela about her strained finances. As punishment, Tony damaged the car and took away her allowance. Soon, Carmela finds Angie giving out free samples at the local Pathmark and they lost contact. This likely moved Tony to forgive Angie, as he has since made her the manager of Pussy's body shop. After a long period of time without talking, she and Carmela decide to end their quarrel and go out to dinner where they both show off their new cars, with Angie showing how successful she has become running Pussy's Auto Body by buying a new Chevrolet Corvette. Shortly after the reconciliation Carmela learns that Angie is putting money out on the street via Patsy Parisi and Benny Fazio for shylocking and they are using their connections to help her with the body shop.

Edward "Duke" Bonpensiero

  • Played by: Philip Larocca
  • Appears in: "Marco Polo"

Duke is Salvatore Bonpensiero's brother and a co-owner of the Body Shop. He runs the body shop alongside Angie Bonpensiero and helps repair Phil Leotardo's car. Edward is later extorted by Phil for his car repairs by refurnishing the Lincoln Town Car with an expensive front bench seat and brand new radio.

Kevin Bonpensiero

Kevin was one of Salvatore and Angie Bonpensiero's children. He was enrolled in Villanova University in 1999 and visited home when suspicion of his father being a rat prompted Tony Soprano to visit.

Matthew Bonpensiero

  • Played by: Steve Porcelli
  • Appears in: "D-Girl"

Matt is Salvatore and Angie Bonpensiero's youngest child. He was enrolled in college in 2000 and visited home and played baseball at the batting cages with his dad and Anthony Junior. He also talked philosophy with A.J. Soprano, offering to help out his dad when A.J. first tried to relate Friedrich Nietzsche to Big Pussy. His father, who never enrolled in any philosophy classes, was at a loss until Matt said to his dad he better understood and would speak to A.J. about his concerns. He later broke up his parents fighting and got them back together.

Terri Bonpensiero

Terri is never seen, though she is Big Pussy's and Angie's oldest child and only girl. It's mentioned she is attending Villanova University as well as her brother. She is married and has had difficulty conceiving a child. She is perhaps the same person as the Terri that is shown as a friend of Adriana La Cerva who helps her chose a wedding dress as well as tells her that a wife may be called on to testify against her husband ("Watching Too Much Television").

Lisa Cestone

  • Played by: Margo Singaliese
  • Appears in: He Is Risen

Gigi Cestone's wife. Tony Soprano offers his condolences to her at her husband's funeral.

Justin Cifaretto

Ralph Cifaretto's son who impales himself while playing with a bow and arrow with a friend while Ralph is in the bathtub. Ralph became very distraught over his son's serious injury, one of the few times he actually shows his true emotions to his criminal associates. Even with his son hospitalized and in the emergency ward recovering from the injury, Ralph still produced more illicit funds from his criminal enterprising than the rest of the Soprano crew. Ralph may also have arranged to have the stables which held his and Tony's prized racehorse Pie-O-My set ablaze to pay for his son's overwhelming hospital bills, although Ralph denies this when Tony confronts him. It could be said that his son Justin's accident led to Ralph's death as Tony strangles him to death following an argument about the fire. Justin does not fully recover from the hospital before his father's murder and subsequent disappearance. When Tony visits Ralph after the stable fire though, Ralph mentions that only Justin's speech will be affected and that he'll have to learn to talk all over again.

Gabriella Dante

Gabriella is the wife of longtime Soprano family soldier and consigliere Silvio Dante. They have a daughter, Heather Dante, who played volleyball and soccer with Meadow Soprano. She is close friends with Rosalie Aprile and Carmela Soprano and can often be seen dining out with them, typically at "Nuovo Vesuvio".

In 2006 when Tony was shot Silvio became acting boss of the family. Gabriella was supportive of her husband in this role and ambitious enough to encourage him to consider the possibility of it long term. Silvio revealed that Jackie Aprile had considered him to take over when he was diagnosed with cancer but that Silvio had decided it wasn't for him, and encouraged him to pick Tony instead.

Gabriella attended Allegra Sacrimoni's wedding with her husband and continued to support Ginny Sacrimoni including attending her 50th birthday party at her home. She attended Christopher Moltisanti's funeral. She is last seen attending to her husband (by filing his toe nails) in the hospital, as he lies in a coma after being shot by gunmen sent from New York.

Heather Dante

The daughter of Silvio and Gabriella Dante. Plays soccer and volleyball with Meadow Soprano. She is a feminist and thinks her dad's strip club business is "disgusting." Silvio recalls during Christopher's drug intervention in 2002, once finding Heather smoking pot. The show mentioned her attending two different colleges after high school; The College of the Holy Cross, and Lackawanna College in the episode "Christopher". She was also mentioned again during the episode Unidentified Black Males.

Benito "Benny" Fazio, Sr.

Father of Soprano crime family associate/soldier Benny Fazio. Benny took his parents to dinner at Nuovo Vesuvio to celebrate their anniversary.

Constanza "Connie" Fazio

Mother of Soprano crime family associate/soldier Benny Fazio. Benny took his parents to dinner at Nuovo Vesuvio to celebrate their anniversary. Benny had moved the location from Da Giovanni at Tony's behest and this confused Connie.

Jennifer "Jen" Fazio

Jen is the wife of Soprano crime family associate Benny Fazio. Benny is unfaithful to her and had an affair with Martina, a hostess at Nuovo Vesuvio. Jen nags Benny for using his cell phone while at dinner. Jen was pregnant with Benny's child in 2006. She attended a dinner at Nuovo Vesuvio with Benny's parents where Artie Bucco made veiled references to Benny's affair in front of her.

Jason Gervasi

Jason is the son of Soprano capo Carlo Gervasi. He is first seen in the second half of Season Six participating in a sports gambling ring at Rutgers University, along with Patsy Parisi's youngest son, also named Jason. He displays violent tendencies common to mobsters, including torturing a welshing gambler and beating a Somalian cyclist. His behavior is initially admired but later seems repulsive to A.J. Soprano. In the series finale, Jason is arrested for selling drugs, forcing his father to turn against Tony Soprano and cut a deal with the FBI.

Marianucci Gualtieri

"Nucci" is introduced as Paulie Gualtieri's elderly mother who is very nervous and protective of her son. When Paulie was younger, Nucci was always there to bail him out of jail and to defend him from the neighbors. After Tony had placed his own mother in the Green Grove Nursing Home, Paulie followed his lead and found Nucci a spot and she soon moved in. Unlike Tony's mother though, Nucci was grateful for Paulie to do this for her. However, her old friends, Cookie Cirillo and Minn Matrone were far from friendly and tried to exclude her from social activities. To avenge his mother's honor, Paulie sent Benny and her grandson Little Paulie to badly beat Cookie's son, after which the two were forced to include her. Paulie later murdered Minn Matrone for her money. Nucci played an active role in getting Paulie to help Sal Vitro reclaim his landscaping business when Feech La Manna's nephew stole all of his customers.

Paulie learns from his Aunt Dottie's deathbed that she is his mother and that Nucci adopted her nephew as her child. When Paulie hears this, he cuts off all contact with both of them, refusing to attend Dottie's funeral or pay for Nucci's accommodation at Green Grove. Nucci and Paulie reconnected at the Feast of St. Elzear festival - Nucci criticized Paulie for his involvement in organizing the festival as a ride malfunction had injured several children. Later Paulie visited her at Green Grove (now paid for by her biological son) and they had a silent reconciliation. She died of natural causes, however her funeral was poorly attended, as a majority of the people went to Christopher Moltisanti's funeral, much to Paulie's ire as he felt Christopher always out-shined him in life, and even manages it in death.

Minn Matrone

Minn was a friend of Nucci Gualtieri. Minn and her friend, Cookie Cirillo, didn't like Nucci too much. Paulie knew Minn didn't like his mom, and he didn't like that at all. Minn was angry at Nucci when Nucci caused a car accident for the three friends while Minn was driving. Cookie mentioned that Minn kept her life savings under her mattress. Paulie heard this, and broke into Minn's house late that night. Paulie was looking for the money under her bed, but Minn caught him. Minn threatened to call the police on Paulie, but he hung up the phone, trying to play it off as a misunderstanding. Minn saw through his act and kneed Paulie in the groin, and ran out of the bedroom screaming for help, but was chased down by Paulie in the hallway. Paulie threw Minn on the ground, and suffocated her with a small pillow. He left her dead body on the floor as he took the money.

JoJo Palmice

JoJo was the wife of Mikey Palmice - a soldier in Junior's crew and consigliere to Junior when he became boss. JoJo is a short form for the names Joanna, Joanne, Jody and Josephine although it is never known what her true name is because that is all Mikey refers to her as. She, like many other "mob wives", is aware of her husband's lifestyle. They have a turbulent relationship which is shown when her husband brings home a stolen food processor, and she comments "yay, another kitchen appliance". She fulfills the role of a subordinate housewife and is widely ignored, neglected and verbally abused by her husband, although it is never shown if Palmice physically harms her. It is suggested that she suffers from mental anguish or depression brought on by her husband's belittling behavior. However, as his wife she still loved him. Mikey was killed while out jogging, for attempting to kill Tony, leaving JoJo a widow. She appeared in the episode "Pie-O-My" after the death of the wife of Bobby Baccalieri, Karen. JoJo had brought food for Bobby to show her support at a difficult time. She had moved on from then. Janice Soprano had romantic ideas for Bobby and sensed a potential rival in JoJo so she took the meal to Junior's house to conceal it from Bobby, saying she made it herself.

She also has two children with Mikey, Michael Palmice Jr. and Francis Albert Palmice.

Donna Parisi

Donna is the wife of longtime Soprano soldier Pasquale "Patsy" Parisi and sister-in-law to Phillip Parisi. She is occasionally seen accompanying him at family functions such as Furio Giunta's housewarming and Tony Blundetto's welcome home party. She very infrequently socializes with the other mob wives, but does not appear to be part of Carmella's inner circle, however, this appears to be changing on account of Meadow Soprano due to be married to her son in the final episode.

Jason Parisi

It appeared in Season 6B that Jason Parisi, along with Jason Gervasi are associates of the DiMeo Crime Family. Jason is the younger son of Donna and Patsy Parisi and nephew of Phillip "Philly Spoons" Parisi. He is seen in the second half of Season 6, participating in a elusive professional sportsbook gambling ring at Rutgers University, along with Carlo Gervasi's son, also named Jason. He displays violent tendencies common to mobsters, including torturing a welching gambler and beating a Somalian bicyclist. His behavior is initially admired, but later repulsive to A.J. Soprano. According to Patsy, Jason is a computer whiz and he built a website for his mother.

Patrick Parisi

Patrick is the son of Roberta Feliciano and Patsy Parisi, and the older brother of Jason Parisi. He is the nephew of Phillip Parisi. He is mentioned only in passing, but it is revealed that Patrick was Meadow Soprano's recurring "mystery date", and that the two have been dating since the premiere of Cleaver. Tony and Carmela both have reservations about Patrick for reasons that are not disclosed, to which Meadow responds that he has changed. It is implied that he is studying or practicing law. In the series finale, Meadow announces her engagement to Patrick.

Ally Pontecorvo

Deanna and Eugene Pontecorvo's daughter. Younger sister of Robby Pontecorvo.

Deanna Pontecorvo

Eugene Pontecorvo's wife until his suicide in 2006. Deanna was eager to take the inheritance they received from the death of Gene's aunt and move to Florida. Her husband was unable to achieve this because his boss Tony Soprano refused his retirement request—as did the FBI. Deanna was frustrated with Gene's lack of progress with his work and not afraid to tell him so, contributing to his suicide.

Robert "Robby" Pontecorvo

Deanne and Eugene Pontecorvo's son. He is the older brother of Ally Pontecorvo. Robert had a growing drug addiction which adds turmoil between him and his father. The drug addiction contributed as one of the major factors to his suicide.

Francesca Spatafore

Francesa Spatafore is the daughter of Vito Spatafore and Marie Spatafore and the younger sister of Vito Spatafore, Jr. Francesa and Vito Jr. become estranged from each other after Tony Soprano has Vito Jr. sent off to boot camp in Idaho.

Marie Spatafore

Marie Spatafore is the widow of Vito Spatafore and mother of their two children Vito, Jr. and Francesca. She is also a cousin of Phil Leotardo and a friend to his wife - the two families eat dinner together. Marie accompanied Vito to the wedding of Allegra Sacramoni. They left early and Marie remarked that Vito often behaved oddly at weddings. Despite his claims to be ill, she is not very surprised when he goes out later that night telling her he needs to make collections.

Marie is loyal to her husband despite his homosexuality. When the crew are looking for Vito, Marie is visited by Silvio who quizzes her about their sex life, which she refuses to discuss, but seemingly confirms by her silence. She attended Phil's grandson's confirmation dinner despite the rumors about her husband. Phil himself is supportive of Marie but he discusses the need to find Vito with her. She tells Phil that Vito is a good father and a loving husband and she hopes that he will not be cast aside after his years of loyal service.

Marie does not seem to have a close relationship with Carmela or the other Soprano family mob wives - although Carm referred to her as a smart girl when she found out about Vito - implying that Marie must have known. Carmela wonders whether they had an arrangement.

When Vito phoned home from the road Marie was not hostile towards him and when he later returned to New Jersey after months of absence she allowed him to see the children and seemed to consider his reconciliation overtures. When he was killed, Marie was distraught again insisting to Phil that Vito was a good father and a good man. She silently accepted Phil's wife's comments that Vito was ultimately a sinner and probably killed after picking up a stranger, but that they should "hate the sin, not the sinner".

Vito Spatafore, Jr.

Vito Spatafore, Jr. is the son of Vito Spatafore and Marie Spatafore and the older brother of Francesca Spatafore. At a confirmation dinner for Phil Leotardo's grandson, Vito was teased by other children about his father's rumored homosexuality. When Vito Sr. called home from lamming it to avoid the consequences of being outed, he had a difficult conversation with his young son and asked him to look after his mother.

After the death of his father, Vito became increasingly isolated and hostile, and started to dress and hang around with kids in the Goth subculture. He frequently ran away from school, vandalized property and was expelled after defecating in the shower of his high school locker room. Both Tony and Phil sat down with Vito trying to set him straight, but he continued to act out. At wits end with her son's behavior his mother approached Tony asking for financial help to move to a new house in Maine so Vito Jr. could get a fresh start, but Tony, at that point deep in debt from gambling losses, pushed her into the cheaper alternative: a boot camp for delinquents in Idaho. Vito Jr. is last seen being forced out of his house by members of the boot camp in the middle of the night, who are going to transport him to the training camp in the West. As Vito Jr. is kicking and screaming he yells for his mom, who says this is for his own good, and cries out to him she loves him.

MacKenzie Trucillo

  • Played by: Danielle Cautela
  • Appears in: "Army of One"

MacKenzie Trucillo is the cousin of Kelli Aprile and Jackie Aprile Jr. It is not known whether she is a maternal or a paternal relative to the Aprile family.

Jim "Johnny Cakes" Witowski

Jim Witowski (also known as "Johnny Cakes") was Vito Spatafore's Polish-American gay lover. Vito met Jim in New Hampshire after Vito fled New Jersey. Jim owned a diner in the New Hampshire town where Vito was staying and Vito was a frequent customer. Vito and Jim soon formed an attraction, though the two got into a fistfight outside a bar when Jim tried to kiss Vito and, still in denial about his homosexuality, Vito violently rebuffed him. Jim won the fight decisively. The two soon reconciled and Vito became Jim's live-in lover. Vito even professed his love for "Johnny Cakes" one evening, and the pleasantry was returned by Jim. The pair enjoyed romantic dinners, going on long motorcycle rides, and picnicking lakeside. Ultimately, Vito missed his family and fast-paced lifestyle back in New Jersey too much to stay with Jim. Vito left Jim's house early one morning to return to New Jersey while Jim was still asleep. Vito would later call Jim, but Jim was still angry over the way Vito had left and wanted nothing more to do with him. Vito was violently murdered soon thereafter.

Jim's nickname, Johnny Cakes, derives from a dish that he recommended to Vito when Vito initially came to his diner.

Lupertazzi crime family relations

Eric DeBenedetto

  • Played by: Adam Mucci
  • Appears in: "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request", "Moe N' Joe"

Johnny Sack's son-in-law. Johnny insisted Eric call him "Dad" and paid for the lavish wedding of Eric and his daughter, Allegra.

Charlie Garepe

Angelo Garepe's son.

Patty Leotardo

Patricia or Patty as everyone calls her is the wife of Lupertazzi crime family acting boss Phil Leotardo. Patty and Phil attended Allegra Sacramoni's wedding together in 2006. Patty is friends with Marie Spatafore and the two families eat dinner together. Patty was also seen at the confirmation dinner of her grandson held at Da Giovanni. Patty was a factor in Phil's decision to kill Vito Spatafore after they discovered he was homosexual - she told Phil that Vito had to be made to face his "sin." She offered little consolation to Marie at Vito's wake and was more upset about her tailor losing his sight. Patty accompanied Phil to the hospital when he first had worries about his heart and rushed him there when his heart attack occurred. She was at his bedside when Tony Soprano came to visit him. Patty was in the driver's seat when Phil was shot dead outside their car at a gas station in the series finale. After he's shot, she rushes out the door with car still in 'drive', and the doors locked, resulting in Phil's head being run over by the car.

Nicole Lupertazzi

The wife of "Little Carmine" Lupertazzi. She is first seen at Carmine, Sr.'s funeral. She is later terrified when her husband's boat is sunk right outside their home during the turf war with Johnny Sack. Her husband confides to Tony Soprano that Nicole had convinced him to exit the deadly turf war with Johnny Sack, as it was too dangerous and she did not want to become a "rich widow". Carmine also shared with Tony that he and Nicole had had domestic problems that they resolved with the help of marital counseling.

Gianna Millio

  • Played by: Merel Julia
  • Appears in: "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request", "Luxury Lounge"

Gianna was the wife of Lupertazzi crime family capo Rusty Millio until his death in 2006. Rusty and Gianna attended Allegra Sacramoni's wedding together in 2006. Rusty was killed in a car outside his home, Gianna was in the house at the time of his death. Rusty and Gianni have a strained relationship. Rusty does not like being asked to perform simple household chores like going shopping for groceries and other routine tasks.

Ronald "Ron" Pearse

  • Played by: Brad Zimmerman
  • Appears in: "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request", "Moe n' Joe"

Johnny Sack's lawyer. He advised John to cooperate to avoid a life sentence, to which John rejected by saying that a rat-mobster is like being a Jewish-Nazi. Ron later tries to come to an agreement with the prosecutor, to which she replies, "Get back to me when you're sober, Ron." John and Ron make a plea agreement for several millions in assets and fifteen-years, to which Ron encourages John to take saying, "You're still a young man. In fifteen years you'll be sixty-seven. The golden years."

Allegra Marie Sacramoni

  • Played by: Caitlin Van Zandt
  • Appears in: "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request", "Moe N' Joe", "Stage 5"

Johnny and Ginny Sack's daughter. During the series run she became a registered nurse, and Tony is seen giving her an envelope of cash as a present for graduating from nursing school. Johnny paid for her lavish wedding to Eric DeBenedetto while Johnny was in prison awaiting trial. Johnny was released to attend the wedding and Allegra was ecstatic that her father would be in attendance, but the judge's conditions meant that Allegra had to put up with metal detectors and US Marshals at the ceremony and reception. Her reception ended on a low-note with her departing limousine being blocked in by the Marshals' SUV's, her father breaking down in tears as he was forcibly led away in handcuffs, and her mother fainting in the crowd. As soon as Ginny fainted, Allegra rushed to her mother's side to check her well-being. She attended her father's trial for racketeering and was present when he was convicted. Ginny described difficulties in her relationship with Allegra to friends - she knew that Allegra felt Ginny was not happy for her and acknowledged it was difficult for Allegra to visit the house with her father imprisoned. Allegra was at her father's side, along with her mother and older sister, when he died of lung cancer in a prison hospital.

Catherine Sacramoni

Johnny Sack's daughter. Catherine complains that her family always talks about food and is at odds with her mother and sister in terms of appearance; Catherine looks almost underweight, whereas her mother and sister are both extremely obese. There are brief undertones that Catherine may be suffering from an eating disorder. Catherine attended her father's trial for racketeering and was at her father's side, along with her mother and sister, when he died of lung cancer in the prison hospital.

Ginny Sacramoni

The wife of John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni and the mother of Catherine and Allegra Marie Sacramoni. Once a slender professional dancer, Ginny has struggled with her weight since having children. John's love for her seems genuine and blind to her size. In fact, he likes her as she is, "Rubenesque" as he described her, although she is much heavier than the term "Rubenesque" implies. Ginny's ample figure is the subject of numerous jokes by members of the Soprano crime family, and this leads to a serious dispute between her husband and Ralph Cifaretto. Johnny is willing to kill to defend her honor and viciously attacks a member of Ralph's crew, who Johnny mistakenly believes was telling jokes at Ginny's expense. John sometimes becomes angry with Ginny, particularly when she lies to him (as when he once found her sneak-eating hidden candy) but he is usually quick to forgive her. John's discovery of Ginny's secretive binge-eating made him realize he was too hard on the guys who made the joke about his wife.

Ginny was proud to attend her daughter Allegra's wedding and ecstatic when Johnny was allowed to attend, despite being in prison awaiting trial. Her day ended on a low note when US Marshals blocked her daughter's departure and dragged her sobbing husband off in handcuffs. This proved too much for Ginny, who fainted.

Ginny turned 50 in the episode, "Moe n' Joe", and her friends Carmela Soprano, Angie Bonpensiero, Gabriella Dante, Janice Soprano, and Rosalie Aprile attended a birthday celebration at her home. She discussed some difficulties with Allegra, who felt Ginny was not happy for her marriage. Gabriella pointed out that Allegra may just have been shocked to be less happy than she had expected to be as a newlywed.

Ginny was in court when Johnny admitted his involvement with the Mafia and received a 15 year sentence for racketeering. Ginny was forced to move when John arranged the sale of their home to Janice Soprano as part of an agreement with Tony to try and secure capital following the asset seizures that came with his conviction.

Ginny visited her husband John in prison when he was diagnosed with cancer, and was at his side with their two daughters when he died. Tony mentioned, in passing (in the episode "Remember When") that Ginny was forced to take an office job, selling insurance, in order to support herself and her adult children.

The actress who portrayed Sacramoni received the part in a 2000 open casting call.[1] Borino died of cancer on October 27, 2010.[2]


Yaryna was Phil Leotardo's Ukrainian comare. She was with Phil when Benny Fazio torched Phil's Brooklyn wire room. In a later episode, she and her father were murdered in a case of mistaken identity. Her father, who resembles Phil, was mistaken for him and shot on the orders of Tony Soprano. Yaryna witnessed her father's death and she herself is shot in the belly and right breast. She falls down the stairs and lies dead while the hitman stands above her lifeless corpse and shoots her in the head to make sure she is dead.

Meadow Soprano's friends and associates

Finn DeTrolio

Meadow Soprano's former fiancé. The two met at Columbia University and began sharing an apartment together in her sophomore year (2002). Little is known of Finn's family life except that he is originally from Mission Viejo, California. Unlike Meadow, he is only part-Italian. Upon finishing college, Finn enrolled in dental school. For a brief period in the summer of 2004, Finn worked at a construction site run by the Aprile crew, a job Tony Soprano got for him. Finn struck up a friendship with the daughter of the site manager. One morning as he arrived very early to work, he saw Vito Spatafore fellating a security guard in a parked vehicle. Finn talked to Meadow about what he saw but she promised to keep his confidence. After Vito tried to intimidate Finn into attending a San Diego Padres and New York Yankees game with him, Finn panicked and decided to leave town before Vito came after him. Meadow was saddened and angered when Finn packed a suitcase without telling her or inviting her to accompany him and they argued. During the argument and when Meadow talked about a commitment, they decided to get engaged.

In 2006, Finn returned from dental school to support Meadow while Tony was in a coma and, he admitted, to escape dental school, which he disliked. He had to face Vito again and Vito behaved in a predatory and flirtatious way towards him. Finn accompanied Meadow to Allegra Sacrimoni's wedding but seemed uncomfortable when the festivities prompted questions about their own wedding plans.

When Vito was spotted in a gay bar by two New York crew members making a collection, Meadow revealed Finn's secret to her mother and Rosalie Aprile. Then Carmela insisted Meadow tell her father. A visibly frightened Finn was brought to Satriale's to give his account of what he saw and his subsequent encounter with Vito to the senior members of the Soprano crime family. Finn's "testimony" proved highly significant in cementing the crew's belief that Vito was homosexual, since Finn was seen as a neutral party with no reason to lie.

Later, Meadow complained to Tony that she was having difficulties in her relationship with Finn. Finn attended a Sunday dinner shortly after this conversation. Meadow and Finn later broke up, as revealed in another Sunday dinner conversation, the implied reasons being that Finn was "abnormal".

Coach Don Hauser

  • Played by: Kevin O'Rourke
  • Appears in: "Boca"

Meadow Soprano's soccer coach and associate of Tony, Silvio, and Artie because of his involvement in coaching their children. Coach Hauser was well liked by the fathers of kids in his team because of the success he brought them on the playing field. He once had drinks with Tony, Silvio, and Artie at the Bada Bing club but refused Silvio's offer to go in the "VIP Room" with a stripper-prostitute. However once it was revealed Coach was leaving for another job, the Soprano family began trying to intimidate him into staying. Paulie delivered a television to his house and insisted he take it. Christopher returned his "missing" dog - probably after taking it himself. Meadow later revealed to her father that the coach had had a sexual relationship with Ally Vandermeed, one of her peers. Ally attempted suicide by cutting her wrists because of this relationship. Tony, after an impassioned plea for temperance by Artie Bucco, decided against being a vigilante, and the coach ultimately was arrested by authorities for the statutory rape of Ally.

Caitlin Rucker

Meadow Soprano's roommate at Columbia University. Caitlin hailed from a small town in Oklahoma (she wears a Bartlesville High School sweatshirt).[3] At first, she seemed to enjoy New York City and college life, at one time dancing in her underwear in front of Meadow after a night out drinking. However, she has a manic-depressive disorder and frequently annoyed Meadow and the dormitory Resident Assistant and Meadow's boyfriend, Noah Tannenbaum, with her troubles. She went out with them for her birthday and had an anxiety attack after seeing a homeless woman with newspaper in her buttocks. When Meadow was away, she annoyed Noah while he was writing a term paper, causing him to get a bad grade and later, inspiring Noah to get his attorney father to file a restraining order against her. She practiced cutting and pulled out her own hair. At a fraternity party, she sees Jackie Aprile, Jr., who gives her ecstasy, which causes her to lose her manic-depressive attitude. Caitlin tells Jackie that she has a crush on him, then states to Meadow how handsome Jackie Jr. is and how lucky Meadow is to be dating him. Caitlin becomes aloof during the party, while stoned on ecstasy, and agrees to have sex offscreen with another frat boy at the party.

Hunter Scangarelo

Hunter is a good friend of Meadow Soprano. She sang with Meadow in the school choir and the two hounded Chris to buy the speed to help them study. She had a crush on Brendan Filone shortly before his death and even wrote a poem for him. She was accepted to Reed and visited Meadow just after she started there. Hunter drank with the soccer team around the time that their friend Ally Vandermeed tried to kill herself. In the final episode of the series, Carmela finds her talking to Meadow in her bedroom and casually mentions her expulsion from college. Carmela is then quietly dismayed to learn that Hunter sorted her life out, went back to college at SUNY Purchase, and is now in medical school after graduating, which Carmela and Tony had hoped Meadow would enter.

Noah Tannenbaum

Meadow Soprano's boyfriend when she first started at Columbia. Noah is from Los Angeles and his father is Jewish and his mother is an African American. His father is an attorney for various celebrities and Hollywood notables. Noah, being a film buff, thought he had common ground with Tony when he saw there was the latest video technologies at the Soprano residence. However, when Tony Soprano met Noah, he tried to intimidate him into staying away from Meadow. Noah was apparently frightened by Tony, as he would not get out of the car the next time Meadow brought him to the house. Tony expressed his displeasure with Meadow for having any kind of relationship with him, and this started a lengthy feud between Tony and Meadow which ultimately drove Noah and Meadow closer together. Not long after the first time they had sex, Noah broke up with Meadow, presumably because his father did not approve of her and/or because he was more focused on getting into graduate school than maintaining their relationship.

Ally Vandermeed

  • Played by: Cara Jedell
  • Appears in: "Boca"

A high school and grade school friend of Meadow Soprano. She played on the soccer team alongside Meadow and had a sexual relationship with their coach, Don Hauser. The relationship caused her to become anti-social and withdrawn from schoolwork and Meadow. Ally tried to kill herself by slicing her wrists after the coach took another job elsewhere, but her friends found her and she survived. Meadow later had her over for a sleepover while she was recovering from the suicide attempt. Coach Hauser was arrested for the statutory rape of Ally.

AJ Soprano's friends and associates

Principal Cincotta

AJ's high school principal. He caught AJ and his friends both times they broke into the school. When AJ and his friends destroyed the pool area and trophy display, Cincotta found the remains of a pizza with a custom topping selection only AJ was known to order. When AJ and his friend urinated on a wall and then stole the answer key to an exam, Cincotta got them to talk by pretending he had gotten their DNA from urine samples taken from the scene.

Rhiannon Flammer

An ex-girlfriend of Hernan O'Brien, whom A.J. meets again in the mental health ward while recovering from his suicide attempt. They hang out together and, when they begin to have intercourse in the woods in A.J.'s Nissan Xterra, the vehicle's catalytic converter sets fire to the dry leaves below it and A.J. and Rhiannon scramble out; the car explodes soon afterward. A.J. later tells his parents that Rhiannon, now his girlfriend, doesn't want him to join the Army. A.J. is shown picking up Rhiannon from high school in his new BMW M3 after a day of work at his new job, on the production team for a film bankrolled by Little Carmine. Rhiannon is a junior at Montclair High School and is implied to possibly be underage.

Egon Kosma

Egon was the best friend of A.J. when they attended Verbum Dei School. Egon, like A.J., was also a troublemaker, having joined in with A.J. and several other children to trespass into the school's swimming pool when it was closed for the night and vandalize it by smashing trophy cases and throwing articles into the pool. Unlike A.J., Egon was not punished for the rampage as A.J. refused to rat out Egon and took the entire blame. Egon was also a poor student like A.J., and both boys were in danger of failing their geometry classes, a problem they sought to solve by breaking into the school after hours once again, this time to see an advance copy of the mid term exams and memorize the answers. Both are discovered by the headmaster of Verbum Dei when their superior test scores are reported as a suspicious improvement. While A.J. manages to evade the headmaster's intimidation, Egon breaks down in tears, revealing the cheating. Due to his prior disciplinary record, Anthony Junior is expelled from Verbum Dei. Egon's disciplinary record, as well as his ultimate punishment for the break-in and subsequent cheating, is unknown, although the audience is given a strong impression he was kicked out of Verbum Dei alongside A.J.

Hernan O'Brien

Hernan was an Irish-American school acquaintance of AJ Soprano's. After they graduated Hernan and AJ become friends and they often went clubbing in New York after AJ dropped out of college. Hernan used AJ's fame as a relation of Tony's to chat up girls and bathe in the reflected glory of his minor celebrity status. He is the ex-boyfriend of Rhiannon Flammer who later dates A.J. Soprano.

Devin Pillsbury

AJ's English-American girlfriend in seasons four and five. Devin is from an even more wealthy family than AJ and this causes a little friction between them when he first finds out about it. AJ and Devin had visited the Soprano home and been to see Meadow at the South Bronx Law Center that day to look for a quiet place to make out. This had prompted AJ to discuss the injustice of his family's wealth. When discussing Devin with his friend Patrick, AJ says that he thinks she is ready to have sex with him. Devin attended the party that AJ organized when he was in high school. She shares the same last name as Charles Alfred Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury, the founders of the Minneapolis flour and grain company.

Jeremy Piocosta

Jeremy was a friend of AJ Soprano and attended a summer camp with him. In 1999, their relationship had soured and AJ and Jeremy had a fight in school after A.J. sent a text message to Jeremy insulting his mother. They argued again shortly after this and agreed to fight at "the pit" so they wouldn't get broken up. Jeremy's father, George, had a chance encounter with Tony Soprano on the same day and fled, fearing Tony was seeking revenge on his son's behalf. On arriving at the pit, Jeremy said he could not fight AJ and instead offered money to replace a shirt he had damaged in their first encounter. His last name is taken from Pio Costa Enterprises situated in Fairfield, New Jersey[disambiguation needed ].

Blanca Selgado

Blanca is A.J. Soprano's Dominican girlfriend, whom he met while working at the construction site. Blanca is an administrator at the site and is also responsible for making payments to Paulie Gualtieri. Blanca has a 3-year-old son named Hector and lives in an apartment building in South Passaic. She attended Christmas celebrations at the Soprano family home and met A.J.'s parents (Tony and Carmela Soprano), who were initially skeptical about the relationship for several reasons: she was not Italian, she was ten years A.J.'s senior, and she was a single mother, but they ultimately accepted it because she was Catholic like they were. Blanca lives in a neighborhood that had been disturbed by a youth gang, which A.J. steps up to deal with. He convinces the gang members to move on by bribing them with a bicycle. A.J. eventually proposes marriage to Blanca and she accepts, but later changes her mind and ends the relationship, sending A.J. into an emotional downward spiral that lasts for several episodes.

Matt Testa

Matt is a friend of AJ Soprano's. Matt attended the party that AJ organized when he was at high school. Later, he works in the local branch of Blockbuster with AJ. He shares the same last name as real life Philadelphia crime family mobsters Phil Testa and his son Salvatore Testa.

Patrick Whalen

Patrick is a friend of AJ Soprano's. Patrick seems to be very curious of AJ's life as the son of a mobster, assuming his house resembles that of Godfather II's. He seems even more impressed with Devin's father's art and a mint condition vinyl of Rubber Soul when he and AJ both attend her mansion.

Christopher Moltisanti's friends and associates

J.T. Dolan

A screenwriter and an associate of Christopher Moltisanti from rehab. J.T. borrows money from Christopher and their friendship is effectively ended when he fails to pay it back on time. Little Paulie Germani and Chris beat J.T. up in his home. Despite the beating, Chris later resumes their friendship when the debt has caused J.T. to relapse. As J.T. Dolan is enrolling in rehab, Chris freezes the debt and assures J.T. that he will return to prosperous screenwriting jobs. Later Chris has J.T. forcibly abducted by Murmur and Benny Fazio from a writing class he teaches and offers to clear the debt if J.T. writes a screenplay for his movie project. The friendship between Dolan and Christopher is questioned, and it is unknown whether Dolan wants to hear about Moltisanti's life of organized crime and use them in a book or screenplay. (Mob boss Charles Luciano allegedly was contacting Hollywood directors and writers to produce a film based on his life when he died of a heart attack which led people to believe several conspiracy theories surrounding his death.) When Christopher relapsed, he attempted to find comfort by talking to J.T., as his sponsor was out of town. Heavily intoxicated, Christopher suggested that J.T. knew the fates of Adriana La Cerva and Ralph Cifaretto (both were murdered and had their deaths covered up as disappearances). J.T. tried to get Christopher to stop talking about these things, suggesting that he did not want to know. After J.T. exclaimed "Chris, you're in the Mafia!", Christopher shot him in the head, killing him.

Tina Francesco

Tina was the Italian American girlfriend of Soprano family associate Salvatore "Mustang Sally" Intile before his death. She inadvertently caused the beating of Bryan Spatafore by urging him to give her a ride home following an argument with Intile. Tina's association with the family continued as a friend of Adriana La Cerva and she was expected to act as maid of honor in her planned wedding to Christopher Moltisanti. Tina upset Ade by constantly flirting with Chris and Ade retailiated by using her role as an FBI informant to reveal that Tina had been embezzling funds from her employer. The consequences of this revelation are unknown, but we do see Ade's FBI handler writing down the information, and Tina subsequently vanishes from the show.

Adriana La Cerva

Liz La Cerva

Liz is the mother of Adriana La Cerva. Liz was born Elizabeth Aprile and is a sister of the late Jackie Aprile, Sr. and Richie Aprile and sister-in-law to Rosalie Aprile (see family tree). Liz was never a big supporter of Adriana's relationship with Christopher Moltisanti and Ade often stayed with her following arguments or domestic violence. Following Adriana's disappearance in 2004, Liz was visited by the FBI who informed her that her daughter was believed to be dead and that they suspected Chris's involvement. When Carmela Soprano encountered her at the 2006 Feast of St. Elzear, Liz, having become convinced of her daughter's murder, was already showing evident signs of depression: she had stopped taking care of her appearance and later attempted suicide. Carmela visited her in the hospital, but Liz appeared to be unconscious at the time.

Amy Safir

Amy was a woman engaged to Christopher Moltisanti's cousin Gregory Moltisanti from Essex County, New Jersey. She met with Christopher because of his interest in scriptwriting and the two had a brief affair. She was a Vice President of a movie development company and worked with real-life movie director Jon Favreau, with whom she also put Chris in touch.

Richie Santini

Richie was an ex-boyfriend of Adriana La Cerva and her childhood neighbor. Richie was always a musician but had changed his approach to life, giving up hard drugs and switching from hair metal to alternative rock, after a near fatal accident involving him being electrocuted by a downed power line and receiving third-degree burns while high on heroin. Richie changed the name and genre of his band, "Defiler", to an alternative rock band called "Visiting Day". Richie reconnected with Adriana when she began to pursue a career in the music industry and her new boyfriend Christopher Moltisanti bankrolled her efforts to produce a demo tape for Richie's band. Richie and the rest of the band had a hard time in the recording sessions and refused Christopher's offer of amphetamines to aid the process, unwilling to risk relapsing into his old habits. Chris eventually became so frustrated with Richie that he beats him with his own guitar. Ultimately, Chris decides to abandon the project, much to the chagrin of Adriana, who still believes they could make the big time. Richie and his band weren't mentioned again during the show's run.


Dr. Ba

He is a physician who specializes in neurology. Dr. Ba is responsible for checking Tony's neurological functions after Tony suffered a gunshot wound, inflicted in 2006 by his uncle Corrado Soprano.

Dr. Bruce Cusamano

Tony Soprano's neighbor and family physician. His main field is internal medicine. He referred Tony to Dr. Melfi, who is a personal friend whom he entertained at his home at a dinner party. He and his wife, Jeannie Cusamano, have a dog, Esterhaus. He once invited Tony to play golf with him and some friends but Tony was upset that they only seemed interested in his mafia stories. Tony exacted revenge on Bruce by asking him to hold onto a package filled with sand for him, for an unspecified length of time, without telling Bruce what was in it. Bruce and Jean were tempted to open the package but terrified to know what it held. Heroin or a gun were their guesses.

Dr. Ira Fried

A player in the Soprano family's executive game - a high stakes, all night poker tournament. He is a doctor who specializes in treating erectile dysfunction, which is the source of much juvenile joking by the other card players. Dr. Fried was able to turn the tables when performing some out-of-hospital surgery on Furio Giunta after the attempted armed robbery at the Aprile social club. Furio, in agony, asks Tony "Who is this prick, is he a real doctor?" to which Dr. Fried replies, "Close - I'm a prick doctor, get it!?" In 2002 Dr. Fried acted as the initial property buyer in Tony's HUD scam - selling properties on to Maurice Tiffen at a profit. In 2004, Fried and numerous others were the victims of a large-scale car robbery at his Fried's daughter's wedding. He reached out to Tony about the theft. It turned out that Feech La Manna had organized the car theft scheme.

Dr. John Kennedy

An general surgeon who is responsible for Junior's care when he has his colon cancer operation. Junior is in awe of the man but Tony is less impressed by his dismissive attitude and feels Junior is blinded by his physician's famous namesake. When Tony consults an oncologist to discuss Junior's post-operative care, a tumor panel is convened and Kennedy becomes reluctant to be involved in the case as his decision is questioned. Junior receives chemotherapy but Dr. Kennedy stops returning his and Tony's calls. Tony catches up with Dr. Kennedy on the golf course initially presenting him a club as a gift but it soon becomes clear he is there to intimidate the man. Shortly afterwards Dr. Kennedy visits Junior at his chemotherapy appointment and gives him his home phone number.

Dr. Wendy Kobler

A counselor to whom Dr. Melfi refers Meadow. Kobler encourages Meadow to take a year off or participate in a college exchange program in Europe, much to her parents' dismay.

Dr. Krakower

A Ukrainian-Russian therapist to whom Carmela Soprano is referred by Dr. Melfi after Carmela shows up, alone, to one of her and Tony's short lived couples sessions. Dr. Krakower bluntly tells Carmela she enables Tony's lifestyle and she will never overcome her guilt and shame about her life unless she cuts Tony out of it completely. He advises Carmela to "take what is left of the children", divorce Tony, and accept no alimony or child support from him (as his is "blood money"). Carmela, unwilling to follow this advice, does not see Dr. Krakower again. Dr. Krakower's first name is never mentioned.

Dr. Elliot Kupferberg

Dr. Jennifer Melfi's therapist, who tries to convince her numerous times to refer Tony to another colleague. Elliot calls Dr. Melfi "Jen" in their sessions. Elliot also counsels Melfi following her rape.

Elliot has a daughter, Saskia, who is a lesbian and student at Columbia University, which Meadow attended.

Elliot once unknowingly encountered Tony Soprano in the parking garage at Columbia University, while both were visiting their daughters. He followed Tony in his car in the hopes of taking Tony's parking space when he left but annoyed Tony by driving too closely, describing him later to Melfi in a therapy session as "this Bluto-type guy." He presented the encounter to Melfi as a way of saying that parking garages are not inherently dangerous places and that she should not blame herself for her rape. He thought that Tony may have been a maintenance man working in the building.

Following Tony's shooting by Junior and the rise of his media profile, Melfi accuses Elliot of directing their therapy towards discussing "Patient Soprano" because of his desire for gossip and continuous shows of interest. In one scene during the sixth season, Elliot is watching a news report about the latest mob activities. Later, he repeatedly tells Melfi of a study that concludes talk therapy enables sociopaths. He further presses Melfi about Soprano at a dinner party, where he reveals to guests that Soprano is Melfi's patient, a serious breach of doctor-patient confidentiality. Melfi is upset, but nevertheless later reads the study herself, which leads her to drop Soprano as a patient at their next session. Elliot also seems to be interested in the mafia on a personal level. In the episode "Stage 5", he can be seen watching the news when the Lupertazzi crime family is discussed, remarking: "This Santoro thing, I called it a year ago".

Dr. Mehta

  • Played by: Ismail Behty
  • Appears in: "Second Opinion"

A Indian oncologist, with whom Tony arranges an appointment to discuss the best management of Junior's colon cancer. Mehta suggests they convene a tumor board meeting.

Dr. Jennifer Melfi

Dr. Melfi is Tony Soprano's therapist.

Dr. Lior Plepler

Tony Soprano's attending physician, who treats Tony for his gutshot in 2006.

Dr. Douglas Schreck

Junior Soprano's family physician, who allowed Junior to use his office to conduct meetings while under the pretense of coming in for medical appointments. The FBI used this as an opportunity to gather information by inserting an agent, who posed as a nurse and talked to Junior.

Dr. Richard Vogel

A therapist whom A.J.'s pediatrician recommends to Carmela for therapy concerning A.J.'s depression. Dr. Vogel also arranges a therapy session with Carmela, Tony and their son after A.J. tries to commit suicide and is admitted to a mental-health ward and continues to be his regular therapist afterward.

Friends, family and associates of Jennifer Melfi

Nils Borglund

  • Played by: Phil Coccioletti
  • Appears in: "Pilot"

Melfi eats dinner with Nils at Giuseppe's, where they bump into Tony Soprano. Nils is astonished that she knows the mob figure and deduces that she must be treating him.

Jason LaPenna

Jennifer Melfi and Richard LaPenna's son. He attends prestigious Bard College in the Hudson Valley of New York. While dining with his mother at an upscale restaurant, Jason witnesses an incident wherein his mother gets into an argument with a stranger over smoking and is embarrassed when they are asked to leave because of her drunken behavior. After his mother's rape, Jason vows revenge on Melfi's attacker and, in anger, asks the detective for five minutes alone with him.

Richard LaPenna

Richard is the estranged husband of Jennifer Melfi and father of Jason LaPenna. When Dr. Melfi's family learn that she is treating a major mob figure, they urge her to end the association as it is unhealthy. Richard is a member of an organization that aims to combat the negative portrayal of Italian Americans in the media. This Italian Anti-Defamation League is based on the real-life Italian-American Civil Rights League founded by Colombo crime family boss, Joe Colombo. Richard and Jennifer had reconciled in 2001 and he was living with her at the time of her rape. Richard was largely supportive and eager to seek justice for the rape. He was very angry when mishandling of the chain of custody allowed the man to go free. However, Richard placed some of the blame for the rape on Jennifer, as she had parked in a poorly lit garage and left work late. Richard is 10 years older than Melfi, and Melfi confides in her therapist, Dr. Elliot Kupferberg, that she feels she initially entered into the relationship because Richard he offered her an almost paternal sense of security, but his paternalism frustrated her.

Aida Melfi

Jennifer Melfi's mother. When she is told that Dr. Melfi has a patient in the mafia she encourages her to stop seeing him.

Joseph Melfi

Jennifer Melfi's father.


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