Nissan Xterra

Nissan Xterra
Nissan Xterra
2002 Nissan Xterra
Manufacturer Nissan
Production 2000–present
2003–2007 (Brazil)
Assembly Smyrna, Tennessee, United States
São José dos Pinhais, Brazil
Successor Nissan Rogue (Mexico)
Class Compact SUV
Body style 4-door SUV
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive

The Nissan Xterra is a compact SUV built on the Nissan F-Alpha platform. The Frontier-based vehicle is named after the XTERRA off-road triathlon race series that Nissan sponsored through the end of 2006.



The Xterra was introduced in North America in the 2000 model year and marketed with the slogan Everything you need, nothing you don't.

The Xterra was not Nissan's first compact SUV. Nissan in Japan had the Nissan Mistral, in Europe the Terrano a 2-door SUV sold from 1993 to 2006.

Three design cues remained through the vehicle's life, rear door handles, a raised rear roofline, and the hump-backed rear gate. The raised roof allows for stadium seating and the hump provides room for a first aid kit. The rear door handles are installed on the "C" pillar as a Nissan design tradition started with the 1986 Nissan Pathfinder. When the four door Pathfinder was introduced, Nissan chose to conceal the door handles as a part of the "C" pillar trim to visually make it appear like a two door truck with a camper shell, with conventional door handles on the front doors.

In the United States, the Xterra was Nissan's entry-level SUV until the arrival of the 2008 Nissan Rogue. In the model lineup, the Xterra is priced between the Rogue and the Murano, but sized below the Rogue.

First generation (WD22)

First Generation
2001 Nissan Xterra
Production 2000–2004

2.4 L 143 hp (107 kW) I4
2.8 TDI CRD MWM 140hp (106kw) I-4

3.3 L 170 hp (130 kW) V6
3.3 L 180 hp (130 kW) V6
3.3 L 210 hp (160 kW) V6
Transmission 4-speed automatic
5-speed manual
Wheelbase 104.3 in (2650 mm)
Length 178.0 in (4522 mm)
Width 70.4 in (1788 mm)
Height 2002-04 XE: 73.7 in (1872 mm)
2002-04 SE 4WD: 74.2 in (1884 mm)
2002-04 SE 2WD: 74.4 in (1889 mm)
2002-04 S/C 4WD: 73.8 in (1834 mm)
2002-04 SC 2WD: 73.9 in (1877 mm)
2000-01 XE: 69.4 in (1672 mm)
2000-01 SE 4WD: 74 in (1879 mm)
2000-01 SE 2WD: 73.6 in (1869 mm)
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During its first two years there were three Xterra models, two designated XE and a luxury SE.

The base XE came with a 143 hp (107 kW) KA24DE I4, 5-speed manual transmission, and steel wheels. It lacked accessories as step rails and roof rack.

The XE Xterras were configured with several option packages combining the 170 horsepower 3.3 L VG33E V6 engine with either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission, as well as such features as roof rack, side step-rails, and carpeted floormats.

The SE was the premium trim level for the Xterra, offering almost everything available on an XE as standard. A flip-up sunroof and "SE" badging on the back set a fully optioned XE and SE apart.

Several minor options were available from the dealer, such as mudflaps, cargo liners, and in-cabin ventilation microfilters.[1]

Canadian models from 2000 to 2004 were limited only to the VG33E V6, and only available with part-time 4WD.

The interior however, had minor changes in the climate controls. The old 200 SX buttons and controls were replaced with the same set up used from 2002 to 2004.

2002 - 2004

Xterra was freshened for 2002 with a redesigned dash and center console, improved powerplant, and front end styling. in Brazil 2 two engine 2.8 MWM 4.07 TCA 132hp@1800RPM TDI Mechanical Pump VE-Bosch 36kgf torque 2003-2005 the 2.8 MWM 4.07TCE CRD 140hp@1800RPM 41kgf torque 2005-2008 The 3.3L VG33E V6 was upgraded to 180 hp (134 kW) and a 210 hp (157 kW) supercharged VG33ER option was carried over from the 2001 Nissan Frontier, with 246 lb·ft (334 N·m) of torque for the automatic, and231 lb·ft (313 N·m) of torque with 5-speed manual. This is either for the sake of the manual gearbox not being able to handle the additional torque,[2] or to give the automatic more power to compensate for the longer gearing.[3]

The 2002 Xterra's restyled front end was grafted on to an otherwise unchanged bodywork. In 2003, new options were added including side-curtain airbags and a tire pressure monitoring system.

Audio systems were also upgraded, the premium 6-disc, 4-speaker AM/FM/CD setup being replaced by a 6-speaker 300W Rockford Fosgate AM/FM/CD system along with an 8-inch subwoofer that took up a small portion of the rear storage area. The Nissan Xterra SE & XE system is designed to Rockford Fosgate's sonic signature "The Punch"; a two DIN AM/FM/RDS/6-disc source unit/in-dash CD changer (frequency response (CD) +\- 3dB, 20 Hz-20 kHz); an amplifier that drives 1-ohm loads per channel and 72 watts (12V Batt) per channel with built-in equalization, custom tailored to the vehicle; the lower front door speaker uses a 6.5" 1 ohm driver and a special 1 ohm voice coil; the upper front door speaker uses a 4-ohm, 25mm tweeter; the rear speaker systems are 2-ohm 6" x 9" full-range speakers located in the rearmost side panels.[4] The system was advertised as an 8-speaker by considering the dual voice coil subwoofer as two speakers. The Rockford-Fosgate system's speakers, amplifier and factory subwoofer enclosure are actually manufactured by Clarion.

Second generation (N50)

Second generation
2005-2008 Nissan Xterra
Production 2005–present
Platform Nissan F-Alpha platform
Engine 4.0 L 265 hp (198 kW) V6
Transmission 5-speed automatic
6-speed manual
Wheelbase 106.3 in (2700 mm)
Length 178.7 in (4539 mm)
Width 72.8 in (1849 mm)
Height 74.9 in (1902 mm)
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The Xterra was redesigned in 2005 on the Nissan F-Alpha platform shared by the Titan and Frontier. Offering a rear differential locker on the off-road model, the new model is larger in all dimensions than its predecessor. Utilizing Nissan's variable valve timing fitted 4.0 L VQ40DE engine, it produces 265 hp (198 kW). The Xterra received a facelift for 2009 with more options and colors, leather seats on SE models, and roof mounted lights on off-road models. The last year of the Nissan Xterra in Mexico was 2008, as the larger-but-cheaper unibody Nissan Rogue replaced in the product lineup. Reasons why the Xterra stopped sales in Mexico was for Nissan to free up room for the 2009 Suzuki Equator at the Smyrna plant, and also because of Nissan building fewer Xterras due to declining sales in the United States and Canada.[citation needed] After that, the Xterra is now mutually exclusive with the unibody X-Trail sold outside the United States and Canada. However, the X-Trail was sold in Canada from 2005 to 2006 alongside the Xterra, but after the 2006 model year, Nissan replaced the X-Trail in Canada with the Rogue.

2009-present Nissan Xterra

Awards and recognition

Soldiers and Nissan Xterra vehicles of Brazil"s Força Nacional de Segurança.

Production elsewhere

Nissan Paladin in China

All Nissan-produced Xterras are built in Smyrna, Tennessee, and São José dos Pinhais, Brazil until 2007. It is built under license by Pars Khodro in Iran and called the Nissan Roniz, and in China by Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile and sold in as the (Japanese: Nissan Paladin) starting in 2003. The Paladin uses the same chassis and running gear as the first generation Nissan Xterra, but the engine is a 2.5 diesel mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The front end is from the local Pickup.

Cultural references

  • In the sitcom The Office (episode "Did I Stutter"), we learn that Andy Bernard drives a Nissan Xterra, which he subsequently sells to Dwight.
  • In the crime-drama The Sopranos, A.J. Soprano drives a yellow Nissan Xterra.
  • In the teen drama Veronica Mars, Logan Echolls drives a yellow Nissan Xterra with aftermarket parts including an ARB front bumper and a Safari Snorkel.
  • In the movie The Big Bounce, Jack Ryan drives a yellow Nissan Xterra.
  • In the movie Orange County, the main character drives a first gen silver Nissan Xterra.


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