Forces of Darkness (Power Rangers)

Forces of Darkness (Power Rangers)

The fictional villains of the Power Rangers universe that appeared in the television series Power Rangers Mystic Force are magical beings that dwell underground, known as the Forces of Darkness; they were also referred to as the Morlocks in promotional material, though this reference was never made in the show. Originally, the Forces of Darkness attempted to take over the magical world with their sights set on the human realm as well. But Leanbow, the strongest wizard of those to challenge them, cast a spell to banish them into the Underworld, sealing them for all eternity in a noble sacrifice. Years later, the seal was cracked and they resumed their campaign to finish what they had started.

All members of the Forces of Darkness appear in footage imported from Mystic Force's source material, the 2005 Super Sentai Mahou Sentai Magiranger, in which the characters comprise the Underground Hades Empire Infershia (albeit with different names).



The Supreme Master of the Underworld (Octomus) is the main antagonist of Mystic Force and the true leader of the Forces of Darkness and his minions revere him so much that he has only ever been referred to by his title. He contacts his minions via the white pool at the center of their lair, which turns red to signal his presence. His true form was revealed to be an immense Cthulhu-like demon with a skull-like face, many tentacles and dragon heads on the end of each tentacle, but usually only his right eye can be seen. His other eye is embedded in Koragg's shield, and one of his fangs was used to make Morticon's sword (which was taken by Koragg when Morticon was destroyed and forged into a new Knight Saber) and quite possibly some of his claws were given to Necrolai, her "Claws of the Master".

He was sealed in his Pit by the efforts of Leanbow at the end of the Great War, when the Forces of Darkness attempted to invade the Surface Realm, but he was able to transform his enemy into his most loyal servant Koragg the Knight Wolf beforehand. He was also responsible for dragging Catastros down to the Underworld. With the Forces of Darkness active once more, their sole motivation is to free their Master.

The Master has often had to intervene to stop his minions squabbling - in one case, Koragg was placed on trial before him, accused of being a failure to the villains' cause, and he made his verdict in Koragg's favor. He also created Imperious out of the mummified remains of Calindor.

To gain the Master's favor after his attempts at usurping him had failed, Imperious proposed the idea of feeding the Ranger's Legend Warrior powers to him, giving him the power to enter the surface world. But when Udonna's interference almost got her killed by the Master himself, Koragg stopped him at the last second and was turned into Leanbow once more. The Master was able to partially emerge onto the surface before Leanbow pulled off the ultimate sacrifice, seemingly destroying himself and the Master. However, the Ten Terrors were confident that by following the Rules of Darkness, they could bring about Master' resurrection.

Nevertheless, in Hard Heads, a monkey wrench was thrown into the Terrors' works. Sculpin learned that Leanbow, still stuck in the body of Koragg, seems to be somehow preventing the Master's resurrection from beyond the grave. Later, Sculpin located Leanbow in the Underworld, and extracted the Master's spirit, giving it to Gekkor for safe keeping. In The Return, the Master ultimately chose Matoombo as his vessel and was restored to having a physical body by tearing his way out of Matoombo's body and molding it into his own evil image of a skeletal fallen angel-like beast with a skull-like face, a black mask that concealed his hideous brain and numerous tentacles. He also had two additional eyes on his skull-face to replace his original right eye.

In his final bid for power in Mystic Fate, the Master first possessed Nick Russell directly and transformed him into a new Koragg - one more sadistic and vicious, who laid waste to parts of the forest and Rootcore before he was saved. While the Rangers were distracted by this, the Master personally went to the Mystic Realm and seemingly destroyed the Mystic Mother, source of all good magic, and when Leanbow & Daggeron arrived to face him he devoured their Knight powers and killed them. Following this, he personally went to Briarwood and attacked the Rangers directly, hurling them into a vision of the future where he had succeeded in destroying the Earth before devastating the Manticore Megazord, devouring part of their magic, and sending the Rangers fleeing.

His victory seemed certain - Nick was able to wound him and have the Rangers sent back to the real world, but at the cost of their magic. However, the Master was undone when it was revealed Itassis & Necrolai had defected from him (causing the resurrection of Daggeron & Leanbow), the Mystic Mother was still alive and both the people of Briarwood & the forest had gathered against him. Regaining their magic from people's belief in them, the Mystic Force Rangers used the Master's devouring of good magic against him by overloading him and causing his destruction.

The Master was voiced by John Leigh in his second form (he never spoke in his original form).


The former general and leader of the dark army, Morticon appears to be an undead cyborg, with the machinery that comprises the bulk of his body fused to what remains of his blue skin, somewhat similar to Dr. Victor Frankenstein's monster. He is known to use a mystical portal to view the world and wields a sword made from one of the Master's fangs. He possesses Herculean strength, able to hurl the Mystic Dragon (with the Mystic Phoenix riding it) with one arm with relative ease and because of his strength and skill in battle, especially with his sword, he considers himself to be the Most Powerful Warrior of All Time.

He initially couldn't leave the Pit because Koragg's magic wasn't strong enough to free him, although he briefly broke through to the surface in giant form when Koragg robbed the Mystic Titans of their Megazord power and used it to free him. However, Nick quickly used a counter-spell to imprison Morticon once more. Morticon had a very short temper, he desperately wanted out of the Underworld and frequently attacked Koragg to get him out. Morticon has also been seen blasting a Styxoid into thin air, and can be very intimidating to the villainous Necrolai. He and Korrag never got along, and have gotten into fights on two occasions.

He was freed again to battle the Power Rangers in "The Gatekeeper" Pt. II. He proved very powerful and was once again in his giant form when he appeared, easily defeating the Titan Megazord uses his own form of the Dark Magic Strike. He batted away the Mystic Dragon with his sword while Nick went to rescue Clare. He was eventually defeated when the Rangers formed the Titan Megazord and, with the help of Udonna, destroyed him. All that remained after that was his sword, which Koragg found and claimed for himself.

Morticon was voiced by Andrew Robertt.


The Dark Mistress of the Underworld and Queen of the Vampires, this evil spy is frequently disrespected by Koragg and Morticon, who constantly call her a "hag". She can fly and usually scouts the area for Morticon. Necrolai is usually the one who brings up monsters and thinks up the schemes. She is a formidable fighter in her own right and has battled the Rangers occasionally. Due to her status as Queen of the Vampires, she is not adversely effected by garlic or sunlight. She was once obliterated by the power of the Dawn Crystal, but managed to reassemble herself during a half moon later that night. Despite her early claims of immortality, she does seem to fear Morticon and, to a lesser extent, Koragg, which would explain why she puts up with their behavior and rarely talks back to them. She showed true fear when Morticon threatened her after her repeated failures against the Rangers. After Morticon was destroyed, she brought the mummy of Calindor from the cave to the Underworld, releasing Imperious.

Necrolai is ambitious, callous, and egocentric; what she does, she does for her own benefit, intending to rise to a position of power. She however is a capable fighter in her own right, even holding her own against the entire Mystic Ranger team on occasion, without the assistance of magic. Much like Scorpina before her, she takes few if any hits during battle. Being afraid of Morticon, she will not seek to rise alone beyond a certain point, but attempts to raise her own status by backing the Master.

Necrolai is also Leelee's mother. The father is seldom mentioned; Necrolai has claimed that she changed him into a worm. Necrolai seems to have little or no regard for her daughter, doing nothing to help Leelee after Imperious turned her into a bug. Necrolai herself transformed Leelee into a bug, testing out the purple Mystic Morpher's powers. After Morticon's death, she had a minor panic attack over the loss of her leader and expressed to the Master that she did not trust Koragg to lead, and when Imperious arrived, she tried to flatter him into favoring her.

In Ranger Down, Necrolai received Koragg's magic in the form of a purple Mystic Morpher, but in Koragg's Trial, Koragg took his magic back to challenge the Rangers' new Legend powers. After pleading his case to the Master, his magic was officially returned to him, and Necrolai was once again without magic.

After Leanbow freed the Rangers from the Underworld, Imperious weakened him, allowing Necrolai to capture Leanbow and bring him back to the pit where he was once again turned into Koragg by the Master.

After the destruction of the Pit and Imperious, Necrolai was shown having a few doubts about her current role, but the discovery of the Book of Prophecy changed all that - ignoring her daughter entirely, she followed the Book's instructions and provoked the Ten Terrors into attacking the Surface. She now appears with Gekkor on excursions to the surface world.

Recently, Necrolai placed a scale on Leanbow, that was given to her by Sculpin, so that the Ten Terrors could track him down and extract the Master's essence from him. They were successful in doing just that.

Necrolai seems to have an inferiority complex with regards to the Ten Terrors as well as a slight fear of them. She believes that by following their orders she will spare herself any wrath they may inflict on her by beckoning to their whim, obeying them more so out of fear than just out of respect for their rank to the Master.

While Necrolai normally seems like she doesn't care about Leelee, it is revealed in Mystic Fate that she does care - when Itassis was told to destroy all humans by the Master, Necrolai begged her not destroy Leelee. While Itassis was willing to do so, Sculpin demanded Leelee die with the humans as punishment for living with them. As a result, she betrayed the Master to revive Itassis, as well as the dead Leanbow, Daggeron, and Jenji. In the process, she was turned into a human.

Soon after the final battle, she started dating Toby (who called her "Nikki") and both she and Leelee apparently moved into a condo.

Necrolai was voiced by Donogh Rees. Nikki was portrayed by Brigitte Berger, but voiced by Donogh Rees.

Koragg the Knight Wolf/Leanbow

Koragg was the Master's right hand man, as Morticon and Imperious were too untrustworthy as servants. hu


Referring to himself as the Dark Wizard of the Underworld, Imperious sees magic as a way to grant his own selfish desires. He was formerly a friend of Mystics' named Calindor, he himself one of the Mystics in the Great Battle. Fed up of following Leanbow's teachings and corrupted by dark magic, he betrayed the others and tried to take Bowen to the Underworld. He battled Daggeron over the baby, resulting in both combatants being cursed and sealed in a cave. Nineteen years later, after Morticon had been destroyed, Necrolai tricked the Rangers into breaking the seal and retrieved the mummified Calindor. The Master brought him back to life as the mummy-like Imperious to serve as the new leader of the Underworld, a role Imperious took an immediate liking to. Imperious was easily annoyed by Leelee's complaining, turning her into an insect. With the ability to summon and free monsters (including himself) from the Underworld, Imperious wasn't hindered by a focus on escaping the Underworld like Morticon was, and focused more on direct attacks on the civilians of Briarwood.

In Long Ago, Imperious briefly reassumed his previous identity as Calindor to gain Udonna and the other Rangers' trust, intending to poison Udonna, frame Daggeron as the traitor and steal the Xenotome. Luckily, Clare worked out his true nature and found out from Phineas he was the traitor just in time to stop Imperious from poisoning Udonna, and Daggeron prevented him from stealing the Xenotome and rendering the Rangers powerless. After that, he began seeing Daggeron as a personal rival.

In Ranger Down, he dared Koragg to fight without magic, relying on only his physical strength. Koragg agreed, and his magic was turned into a purple Mystic Morpher that was given to Necrolai. Unbeknownst to Koragg, this was just the first step in a much larger plan - to destroy the Master and rule the world on his own. In the next step of Imperious' plan, he released the four Barbarian Beasts. Warmax and Shrieker were sent to battle the Rangers first, wearing them down, while he secretly dispatched both Fightoe and 50-Below to take out Koragg so he couldn't interfere. Imperious then sent them to battle the Rangers, knowing that their laziness and battle fatigue would cause them to summon Jenji - at which point Fightoe captured him and took him to the Underworld, where Imperious used Jenji's power to wish for a world where good magic and everything related to it didn't exist, rendering the Rangers powerless. This allowed the forces of darkness to conquer the world - Rootcore was reduced to rubble and the Rock Porium vanished, color was nonexistent, humanity was enslaved and music was outlawed. One thing Imperious hadn't counted on was that Koragg had survived and plotted against them, helping the Rangers to reach the Tribunal of Magic and reverse Jenji's wish, after which 50-Below was destroyed. After the battle, Imperious scolded Fightoe for fleeing from battle and destroyed his body and then used Fightoe's soul to power the war machine monster, Ursus, which was also destroyed.

Imperious later attempted to convince the Master that Koragg was incompetent and a traitor in order to get rid of the warrior once more, but failed. Realizing he was unable to destroy the Master as long as Koragg was around and scared of his treachery being found out, he decided to get into the Master's good books instead by raising him out of the Underworld with the Ranger's Legend powers. To that end, he formulated a plan by separating Daggeron from the Rangers and destroying him, while using his power to create the Chimera to help drag the Rangers down into the Underworld; Udonna's interference and Koragg's transformation back into Leanbow freed the Rangers, but the Master was still rising. Imperious was on the verge of triumph when it was discovered Daggeron had in fact survived. Imperious challenged him to a bound battle - the two, in their Ancient Mystic Modes, would be chained together and fight with only swords. Imperious cheated, snatching the Solaris Laser Lamp for use and mocking the idea of fighting with honor. Despite this, Daggeron was able to win and mortally wounded his enemy. Imperious regressed back to Calindor and then into the mummified shell of himself before dissolving to dust as he made a cryptic remark about the coming of Ten Terrors.

Imperious is a skilled fighter and extremely powerful, as well as supremely arrogant. He balances out his physical strength with magical powers, which are the same kind of magic as the Mystic Rangers' only to a higher degree, and he is willing to use forbidden magic (such as to create the Chimera) and can free banished monsters. He carries around a Folding fan that he also uses as a weapon as he can use it to send magical spells and it can also become a staff that can be used in battle. He can grow to a size more than one hundred times the size of the Titan Megazord. In his first encounter, he easily defeated the Rangers, and only Jenji's surprise attack and the fact his magic hadn't yet returned to full strength (due to being stuck in the cave) drove him back. Despite his new form, he can return to being Calindor at will and use his old Ancient Mystic Mode. In his Ancient Mystic Mode, he uses a Mystic Sword similar to the one that Daggeron uses and that both used during their final duel, and was able to fight him evenly matched, showing that he hadn't forgotten any of his old fighting skills.

Coincidentally, Imperious is Latin for "controller"

Calindor was portrayed by Will Hall, Imperious was voiced by Stuart Devenie.

The Ten Terrors

The Ten Terrors of the Underworld are a Pantheon of ten god-like demons/monsters and the most powerful servants of the Master. They supposedly only existed in the worst of nightmares but were discovered by Necrolai in The Light, dwelling in the Lower Sanctum of the Underworld. They are all normally giant in size, especially in their lair but they can change their size at will to match the height of the Rangers. They are adamant about upholding the Laws of Darkness and are willing to kill each other (and be killed) for transgressing them; it appears that if they don't follow the Rules, there will be dire consequences for them and they may be banished. Their cardinal law is that those who oppose dark magic are to be punished. They appeared on Earth to demonstrate their power and announce themselves. They each wield a different kind of weapon.

In their lair stands a giant stone monolith known as the Stone of Judgment which projects a ball of light that passes over the Ten Terrors, stopping on the weapon of whoever is chosen to punish Earth next, however, in the first part of Mystic Fate the Stone of Judgment is destroyed when The Master used it as a portal into the Underworld, causing it to shatter. They wait for their Master's return and resurrection. Although they easily decimated the Rangers and their Megazords in their first appearance, the Terrors were less successful in individual attacks on the surface world. Nearly all of the Terrors were destroyed, the only Terrors that survived were Itassis and Matoombo as they both eventually defected to the side of good, (although both of them were destroyed at one time, Matoombo was destroyed when Sculpin struck him down and the Master was reborn in his body and Itassis was slain by the combined strengths of Black Lance and Sculpin).


Magma was the first of the Ten Terrors chosen to fight the Mystic Force Power Rangers while Udonna left to find Leanbow. He was an Ifrit (a type of fire demon) who used a club with a ball and chain as his weapon. He shoot out fire from his club, and fire out a spiral blast form fire form his chest. For defense, he can create a shield of heat that can stop almost anything but water-based attacks, although he's durable enough survive the Rangers' Legendary Warriors United Formation attack. When he was sent to punish humans on the surface, he lit a radio tower to show how much time the people had left before he punished them with an attack called "Volcanic Force". He offered to play a game with the Rangers, lighting another radio tower on fire and saying that if even one Ranger was left standing when the tower burned down, the Rangers would win. Magma beat the Rangers fairly easily, but Madison's passion of wanting to save the people of earth compelled her to use a powerful Tidal Wave attack, causing Magma pain. Out of anger Magma grew to giant size to battle the megazords. He was unaffected by the Maniticore megazord's Striker Spin Attack in this giant form, but as he was about to pummel the Rangers, the other Terrors noticed that the tower had burned out; Magma had lost the game. Sculpin threw his trident at Magma, destroying him. In his dying breath, Magma foreshadowed the challenges the Rangers had to face with the Ten Terrors before he was turned to stone and was destroyed.

Magma was voiced by Greg Smith.


A red-eyed robotic Cyclops, Oculous is the sharpshooter of the Ten Terrors and is known as the "Cunning Hunter". He used a sniper rifle with a bayonet as his weapon. When Necrolai first entered the lower sanctum where the Ten Terrors dwelled, he was on the verge of firing on her with his sniper rifle, calling her an "eyesore", before Gekkor intervened. He possesses the power to demolecularise whatever he shoots at and can access another dimension from which he can fire at any target he wants wherever it is.

In The Hunter, he became the second Terror chosen by the Stone of Judgment to challenge the Rangers, offering to spare their lives if they sacrificed Nick, The Light. The Rangers refused and attempted to escape, but Oculous easily took out Vida, Madison, Xander, and Chip from his other dimension, leaving Nick wounded and desperate. When Phineas told Nick to look into his "heart", Nick summoned Fire Heart and combined with him, summoning the Mystic Battlizer and becoming the Red Dragon Fire Ranger. Nick defeated numerous Hidiacs & Styxoids before firing at Oculous, destroying him, and making his friends rematerialized.

Oculous was voiced by Andrew Laing.


Lady Serpentina is a Medusa-like Gorgon monster with a mirror-coated shield (similar to the Aegis of Athena) for a weapon, which can deflect almost any attack. She is one of the two female terrors, and the slyest of the ten. She speaks in a hissing lisp. She has the ability to morph her lower body in a more serpentine shape (similar to a Nāga) and can shoot purple electricity from her mouth, a technique she calls the "Snake Strike". She also has the ability to transform herself into a giant snake and can summon many snakes (her "children") and when a victim is bitten by her snakes, she can activate her shield causing all who have been bitten to turn to stone.

In The Light, she openly said that the Master was growing incompetent. She also seems to not care whether the Master is revived and agreed with Megahorn, both were annoyed that the Terrors should follow the Rules of Darkness according to the Stone of Judgment.

In Hard Heads, she was the third to be chosen by the Stone of Judgment to face the Power Rangers. She had peered into the Book of Prophecy and realized it was her turn to be chosen, and so tricked Hekatoid to attack before her so that he would be able to get rid of the Rangers before she had to punish the humans. Although Hekatoid failed, he did manage to cast a spell on Nick and Vida that caused them to lose their ability to morph, giving the team a disadvantage. On her first appearance on the surface world, she fought Daggeron and the three remaining Rangers, who were forced into their Titan forms, due to Nick and Vida's inability to morph. Nick and Vida used a spell to knock her off balance, and Serpentina attempted to attack them when the other Rangers came to their aid. When Daggeron attempted to use Jenji's Shining Attack, Serpentina managed to get one of her snakes to bite Jenji and then activated her shield, turning Jenji to stone. She then challenged the Rangers by inviting them into her Serpent Dimension where she proceeded to swallow them in her giant snake form. She returned to the human world and set her sights on finishing the job by consuming Nick and Vida while they were still vulnerable, until Itassis intervened, reversing Hekatoid's spell on them. Nick then defeated Serpentina with his Battilizer, causing Serpentina to regurgitate the other Rangers. She then grew into her giant form and summoned her snakes all over Briarwood, but before any of them could bite, Daggeron used the Solar Streak Megazord's furnace blast to suck up Serpentina's shield, causing all of her snakes to vanish. The Rangers then destroyed Serpentina. In her last breath, Serpentina warned the Rangers that Megahorn would avenge her destruction before falling and exploding. Because of her destruction, the spell on Jenji was lifted and he was returned to normal.

Serpentina was voiced by Sally Stockwell.


Megahorn is one of the least willing to obey the rules and the most short-tempered. He also looks very similar to a Drake creature. He has an extendable neck and wings and bonelike armor equipped with what appear to be dragon skulls. While flying, he can fly as fast of the Mystic Dragon. He also wields a jagged sword which looks much like a dragon's tail. Megahorn, even compared to other Terrors, is also very strong. By slashing his sword, he is able to create shockwaves or summon green fireballs (his fireballs can defeat the Maniticore Megazord in one blast). He also can summon strange black and purple spheres of dark energy. One of his most powerful attacks is the "Lizard Laser", where he blows a powerful blast of green fire from his mouth, and can also breathe powerful blasts of fire or fireballs. During this attack, he fires green lasers from his eyes strong enough to defeat the Solar Streak Megazord. Also, his armor is incredibly durable, able to withstand Daggeron's Ancient Mystic Mode's power, the Maniticore Megazord's Striker Spin attack, and even when the rangers were in Legend Mode and combined their powers with Snow Prince they couldn't hurt him. His armor isn't completely impenetrable, however, an area on the back of his neck was less durable than the rest of his body so it proved to be a weakspot that would lead to his downfall.

He, along with Serpentina, felt annoyed that the Terrors should follow the Rules of Darkness according to the Stone of Judgment. Believing that the Terrors should destroy their enemies at all costs, he is often frustrated by the Stone not picking him yet. He broke the Rules of Darkness once already in The Hunter. Secretly going up to the surface without being chosen, he fought against Daggeron, who had been busy training with Jenji. He nearly succeeded in destroying Daggeron before Itassis intervened and forced him to leave. Still, Megahorn vowed that he will face the Solaris Knight again.

At the end of Hard Heads, Serpentina claimed that Megahorn would avenge her defeat. In The Snow Prince, Megahorn was at last selected by the Stone of Judgment to attack the Surface World. He happily went, even showing the arrogance to rub it in Gekkor's face. The Rangers had little success against him when they fought him at first but Nick managed to reveal a weak spot on the back of his neck when he repeatedly attacked him. Megahorn, however, was able to revert the Rangers from Titan form and Ranger form altogether and prepared to finish them off when the Snow Prince appeared and battled him. Surprisingly, even outside of his dimension the Snow Prince managed hold his own with Megahorn, though the dragon eventually overpowered him. The Snow Prince then transported Megahorn into his dimension and he, along with the Rangers, battled him amongst the snowy plains. Daggeron, however, was excluded because the Snow Prince did not feel he had learned what he needed to know. Megahorn, however, still could not be defeated, easily and defeated the Rangers once again, along with the Snow Prince, and broke free from the Snow Prince's dimension . This was when Daggeron arrived and battled Megahorn himself, repeatedly attacking Megahorn in both his Ranger form (Solaris Knight) and his Ancient Mystic Mode in the same fashion as Nick did. He managed to rediscover Megahorn's weak point, on the back of his neck, and targeted that area and temporarily defeated Megahorn. This did not stop the dragon-like Terror, however, and he grew to giant size to battle the Rangers once more. It was at this time Sculpin sent Black Lance to assist him since he believed two Terrors would be far more successful than one (and it was secretly to draw Leanbow out) much to Megahorn's dismay, thinking he could handle the Rangers on his own. Black Lance was sent back to the Underworld by Leanbow and Daggeron continued fighting Megahorn in the Solar Streak Megazord. Then by holding Megahorn in place, the Manticore Megazord had the perfect opportunity to strike the back of Megahorn's neck, weakening him enough for Daggeron to finally finish him off by using the Furnace Blast to suck Megahorn in the Megazord's engine and destroy him. Although Megahorn never got along very well with the other Terrors, save for Serpentina to some degree, they were shocked that the rangers were able to defeat him.

Megahorn was voiced by Dallas Barnett.


Hekatoid is a gluttonous, turquoise toad monster that wields a hammer that also functions as a trumpet. When Necrolai first met the Ten Terrors, Hekatoid used the trumpet function of his hammer to blow her away. He speaks in a deep, wheezing voice, however, his voice is nowhere near as dark as that of Matoombo. He loves to eat, especially dessert foods such as cakes and donuts and he keeps a large table filled with these items in his personal lair. He is the shortest and fattest of the Ten Terrors. He also enjoys playing games with his opponents. By squeezing his warts, he can squirt various kinds of slime, one brand acts like an acid that is strong enough to dissolve concrete, another can prevent whichever of the Rangers it touches from morphing. He also has the ability to spit large gobs of explosive oily sludge at his enemies and can extend his tongue like a real frog to ensnare his enemies. He also has the ability to conjure huge clouds containing Poisonous Tadpoles (his "babies") that would eventually hatch and become Poisonous Frogs, and can also summon evil, black-necked doppelgangers of the Mystic Force Rangers themselves during one of his games. He is easily the weakest of the Terrors, possessing horribly weak stamina (Black Lance noted that he was out of shape), and is easily injured by any attacks the Rangers use.

In Hard Heads, Hekatoid was tricked into fighting the Rangers by Serpentina since she knew that it would be her turn to be chosen by the Stone of Judgment. He battled Nick and Vida and squirted them with a special slime by squeezing one of his warts, making them unable to morph. However, when the Selection Ceremony to choose Serpentina was underway, he was forced to retreat and return to the lair. Itassis was able to pry the information that Hekatoid was sent by Serpentina to give her an advantage in the next battle.

During Snow Prince, he continually expressed his concern about how the Terrors that were dispatched seemed to have a disadvantage against the Rangers and was amazed that Megahorn was defeated. At the end of Snow Prince he found Udonna and Clare at the Lake of Lament and attacked them, knocking Clare unconscious then using his long frog tongue to capture Udonna.

In Light Source, he was the fifth chosen by the Stone of Judgment to attack the surface world. When Hekatoid was chosen, he disliked and complained about having to work, and Matoombo scolded him because of his gluttonous and sloppy habits. Black Lance expressed some concerns that he felt that Hekatoid was not ready because he was greatly out of shape. Hekatoid planned to lure the Power Rangers to him using the captured Udonna as bait. He challenged the Rangers to a game where they had to battle a large group of Styxoids within a time limit, which they succeeded in doing. Next he sent them off to fight evil versions of themselves. When the Blue and Yellow Rangers were victorious, the Rangers got to fight Hekatoid himself to reclaim Udonna, but he refused to give up Udonna so easily and their battle took them from Hekatoid's lair back up to the surface. When it seemed that the Rangers finally got Udonna from Hekatoid's grasp, he used one of his sludge balls to send her away again. He also used his power to steal the Ranger's ability to morph, then fled back to his lair. Once there Hekatoid found out that Daggeron and Jenji were using the Solar Streak Megazord to suck up the Poisonous Tadpole eggs in the sky and went back to fight them as a giant. The Solar Streak Megazord used so much power in sucking up the eggs that it didn't have enough power to fight Hekatoid, and so, Hekatoid battled Daggeron on foot. By this time the tadpoles had matured into frogs and began raining down from the sky, but before they could reach the ground, the newly revived Udonna used her ice magic to freeze and vaporize the frogs. Knowing Hekatoid was out of shape, the Rangers used their agility and endurance to tire out the toad and take back their Ranger powers. When their powers were returned, Udonna and the Rangers combined their magic to finally destroy Hekatoid.

Hekatoid was voiced by Charlie McDermott.


A spear-wielding Wyvern/Gecko creature that wears a visor, Gekkor stopped Oculous from shooting Necrolai with his rifle, willing to lend her an ear. He was also with her on the surface, watching the battle between Magma and the Rangers. Gekkor seems to be the fastest of the Terrors, able to move at lightning speed in battle. Utilising his speed, he was able to overwhelm all the Power Rangers plus Solaris Knight together. He is also able to shoot a barrage of needle-like projectiles and summon forth fiery green energy blasts from his spear. He was the first to mention that the Master was going to return. When Oculous was chosen to be the next to attack by the Stone of Judgment, Gekkor was curious (and seemed somewhat annoyed) that he himself was not chosen to carry out the punishment and was reminded by Matoombo that the Stone of Judgment is never wrong. In The Snow Prince, when Megahorn was selected by the Stone of Judgment to attack the surface, the dragon-like terror boasted proudly about him being chosen and rubbed Gekkor's face in it, to which the wyvern replied: "Whatever!"

In Light Source, Sculpin took Gekkor and Matoombo with him to get the Master's spirit from Leanbow. Gekkor battled Leanbow, using his lightning speed to his advantage against the knight. However, Leanbow was able to severely injury Gekkor by striking him in the stomach with his sword then using a fire attack on him. Gekkor claimed that he still could fight but Sculpin stopped him and ordered Matoombo to fight. Gekkor was irritated and jealous that Matoombo got to fight Leanbow. When Sculpin extracted the Master's spirit from Leanbow's body, Sculpin gave Gekkor his spirit to take care of.

In The Return, Gekkor was the most zealous in punishing the traitorous Matoombo and so he was dispatched to deal with Matoombo, who managed to elude him with the help of Vida and Xander. Gekkor was desperate in his chase, following Vida and Matoombo on board the Solar Streak Megazord and into the Dawn Woods, demonstrating his great speed. However, when he finally caught up with Xander and Matoombo, it turned out that Vida transformed into Matoombo to distract the wyvern-like Terror. Gekkor fought the six main Rangers and nearly swiftly defeating them with a large sphere of green energy, his full power, at them, almost assuring a "Sweet" victory. However, Gekkor was finally killed by the restored Leanbow with a Blazing Storm Slash. This made him the seventh Terror to be destroyed and the sixth to be destroyed by the Rangers. He was also the first Terror to be destroyed by the Rangers before being chosen to do so by the Stone of Judgment.

Gekkor was voiced by Mark Ferguson.


A powerful green-skinned titan gladiator with gray armor who has an afro-like hairdo and no visible eyes. He had an extremely deep voice. Matoombo referred to himself as the "Energy Warrior of the Underworld" and initially boasted of conquering the world. He wields a double-bladed staff and is the tallest of the Terrors. He is also one of the most physically strong, able to battle Leanbow and give him a challenge, as well as being able to break his shield and is formidable with his staff, able to defeat both the Titan and Solar Streak Megazords with only a one stroke. He has an air of wisdom about him, on par with Itassis, he reminded Gekkor that the Stone of Judgment is never wrong. In Light Source, Matoombo scolded Hekatoid for being such a slob and a glutton after he complained about being chosen by the Stone of Judgment.

When Necrolai found Leanbow in the Underworld, Matoombo, along with Sculpin and Gekkor, went to seek out Leanbow to recapture the Master's spirit that Leanbow held within him. After Gekkor fought against Leanbow for a bit, Sculpin ordered Matoombo to fight him. Matoombo's strength was enough to give Leanbow a challenge, the Titan was even able to shatter Leanbow's shield with his staff, leaving him open for Sculpin to extract the Master's spirit from his body.

In The Return, Matoombo was the sixth Terror chosen to face the Rangers, and made it clear that he didn't actually want to harm anyone, apparently not realising, until then, that conquering the Earth would hurt people. He initially gathered up electricity to use against the Earth before realizing it. After watching him save a child from being hit by a car, Vida befriended him and convinced him to call off his attacks, and the electricity he gathered. Unfortunately by this point, Matoombo had also been chosen as the new body for the Master, and Gekkor was sent to retrieve him. This led to a protracted chase to an alternate dimension, where Vida (joined by Xander) managed to distract Gekkor long enough for Matoombo to reach the Sleeping Lake where he would slumber eternally, and thus prevent the return of the Master. Unfortunately however, before he could enter the lake, Sculpin appeared and killed him, thus allowing the Master to reassume a physical form, which he did by breaking through Matoombo's body.

At the end of Mystic Fate, Matoombo was somehow revived (perhaps because, now that the Master was destroyed, Matoombo regained his body); he was last seen DJing with Vida at the Rock Porium.

Matoombo was voiced by Cameron Rhodes.


A Sphinx monster with eyeglasses and an arm-mounted bazooka in the shape of a lion's head. She's a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter, and her bazooka has immense power. The wisest of the ten and working for the Master in pursuit of knowledge rather than power, Itassis makes sure the other Terrors follow the Rules of Darkness - she was the one who stopped Megahorn from destroying Daggeron in order for him not to disrupt the Rules of Darkness. She also was the one who reversed Hekatoid's spell on Nick and Vida that prevented them from being able to morph so that Serpentina would follow the rules. In Snow Prince, she expressed surprise and concern when Sculpin began to break the Rules of Darkness himself by sending Black Lance to help Megahorn on the surface. Unlike the other Terrors and the Master, Itassis prefers peaceful means to end conflicts and hers is the way of knowledge.

In The Return, Itassis expressed surprise at the situation between Matoombo and the Rangers. After Vida escaped on the Solar Streak, she made a deal with the Rangers to assist them in return for knowledge - the answer to how, though the Terrors were stronger, the Rangers managed to defeat them time after time. The answer given was their courage, which led them to keep fighting for the sake of others, and she expressed confusion over why anyone would fight to defend a weaker being.

When the Master chose Itassis to destroy the Rangers, she displayed great power in easily defeating the team, including Nick as the Red Dragonfire Ranger, but was confronted by Madison and Nick that she was just a puppet of the Master, she realizes that the Master had been using her, and changed sides. However, Black Lance and Sculpin defeat and destroy her after she declares that she will not serve Evil any more. In the end, Necrolai brings her back to life and she finally defeats Sculpin. Proclaiming to the Master that "this puppet has cut the strings", she manages to weaken him and send him retreating. She also witnesses the destruction of the Master by the Rangers. Afterwards, she turns good and expresses to Daggeron that she is interested in learning more about courage.

Itassis was voiced by Josephine Davison.

Black Lance

Black Lance is a black knight-like monster (inspired by the legendary horse Sleipnir, evident because his breastplate resembles a horse's head) with a shield and lance and sometimes uses a thin, jagged sword instead of his lance. He also has a Chariot that he rides into battle with that is pulled by horses that appear to be smaller and differently colored versions of Catastros. He is also one of the most powerful of the Terrors, boasting incredible offensive power, able to defeat the Manticore Megazord with one stroke of his lance and also seems to be one of the fastest when he is riding his chariot, he can also shoot lighting from his lance. He has another attack when he leaps into the air and spins around like a screw and drives towards his enemies. His shield is also nearly indestructible. Black Lance seems to act as a war advisor to Sculpin, as well as his right hand man.

When the Rangers attacked the Ten Terrors with the Manticore Megazord, Black Lance blocked the attack with his shield, then countered with his lance, easily defeating them. In Snow Prince, Sculpin broke the Rules of Darkness and ordered Black Lance to go to the surface world in order to help Megahorn battle the Rangers. Black Lance was delighted, saying that his stallions needed a little exercise despite Megahorn not wanting his help. Black Lance attacked the Manticore Megazord using his chariot. When it seemed that Black Lance would emerge victorious, Leanbow arrived in the form of Koragg's Knight Wolf Centaur and began attacking Black Lance. The knight accused the former Koragg of being a traitor and used the spikes on the wheels of his chariot to injure him. Leanbow then leapt onto Black Lance's chariot and used his sword to smash one of its wheels, causing the chariot to crash and break and flinging Black Lance away. Black Lance then battled Leanbow as the Centaurus Wolf Megazord, during this time Necrolai planted Sculpin's fish scale on one of the wolf figureheads on his right shoulder. Leanbow then overpowered Black Lance and used a teleportation spell to drag Black Lance down into the Underworld, where the Knight-like terror vowed that he would get his revenge on Leanbow.

In Light Source, he expressed concern about Hekatoid being sent to fight since he was out of shape.

In the finale, Black Lance assisted Sculpin in destroying Itassis for her betrayal, then, with a new chariot, began attacking the surface world, and soon began fighting the Manticore Megazord, overwhelming it again. He appeared on the verge of victory before Nick, backed up with Fire Heart, beat him back, and the Rangers soon used their version of the Mystic Spell Seal to finish off Black Lance for good, making him the seventh and final Terror destroyed by the Rangers. He was also the first Power Rangers monster to battle their Megazords more than once and never lose.

Black Lance was voiced by Derek Judge.


Lord Sculpin is the red fish man-like leader of the Ten Terrors with a trident for a weapon. His appearance is similar to both the Gill-man and Dagon and he has a fish for a head. Being the leader, Sculpin is most likely the most powerful of all the Terrors, his trident is an efficient weapon, able to strike down Magma, Matoombo and Itassis with it easily and can summon a flurry of fireballs from his trident when fighting. He also has the ability to shed his fish scales and use them as tracking devices. He is fanatically loyal to the Master, and doesn't even view it as his place to question orders.

When Magma failed to destroy the Rangers before the flame he lit burnt out, Sculpin hurled his trident through the portal created by the Stone of Judgment and destroyed Magma. He is extremely zealous about upholding the Rules of Darkness and has made it clear he will destroy anyone who breaks them, although this only because he thought following them would allow the Master to return. When he noticed that the Master showed no signs of returning, he became suspicious and went to investigate. He scried using the Lake of Lament to find out what happened to the Master. He realized that Leanbow was preventing the Master from being resurrected. Although this was a major hindrance to the Terrors' plans, Sculpin found the aspect "fun". He then plotted ways to lure Leanbow out in the open. He went back to the Lake of Lement and called Leanbow and showed him Megahorn's rampage and how strong he was against the Rangers. When Leanbow refused to help, Sculpin resorted to drastic measures. He deliberately broke the Rules of Darkness by sending Black Lance to the surface in order to assist Megahorn, feeling that two Terrors were far more difficult to handle than one. This strategy proved successful when Leanbow did appear on the Surface World. It was then that Sculpin gave Necrolai one of his fish scales to plant on Leanbow when he was battling Black Lance as the Centaurus Wolf Megazord. After Black Lance was sent back to the Underworld and Megahorn was destroyed, he expressed that Megahorn was a "Hot-head that deserved to lose," then proceeded with his next plan to find Leanbow.

In Light Source, Sculpin gave Necrolai another one of his fish scales for her (and them) to use to track down Leanbow. When she found him, he brought along Gekkor and Matoombo with him to personally battle Leanbow. He first allowed Gekkor to fight the knight but when Gekkor was weakened, he order Gekkor to stop fighting and then sent Matoombo to take his place. After Matoombo shattered Leanbow's shield, this left him open for Sculpin to use his trident to extract the Master's spirit from Leanbow's body. Once Leanbow was "exorcised", Sculpin used his trident to create a fissure in the ground and send Leanbow plummeting into it.

In The Return, Sculpin's immediate goal of restoring the Master was realized after he personally slew his Master's chosen vessel, Matoombo, thus restoring the Master to a physical form.

In the finale, Sculpin, with some assistance from Black Lance, destroyed Itassis for her disloyalty. Alongside Black Lance, he fought the Rangers viciously, kidnapping Udonna and temporarily killing Jenji. In the Underworld, however, he was confronted by Itassis, who was brought back to life by Necrolai. The two fought but Sculpin was ultimately killed, unable to stand against her new sense of courage. In his last breath, Sculpin vowed that the Master would avenge him and that the forces of darkness would be victorious.

Sculpin was voiced by Peter Daube.


One set of foot soldiers used by the Forces of Darkness. There is a ton of them that surround the center of the lair, in rows starting from the hole on the Earth's ground all the way down to the lair. they are based on zombies.


Styxoids are more powerful versions of the Hidiacs used by the Forces of Darkness. They are more muscular and wear leather masks and vests and wield spears. They also possess the ability to speak and are sometimes used to command squads of Hidiacs and monsters.


These are the monsters used by minions of Octomus. To make a monster grow, the "Uthra Major, Rise Up" incantation must be said which then causes the monster to grow to giant size.

Troll #1

  • First Appearance: "Broken Spell" Pt. 1

A troll monster.


  • First Appearance: "Codebusters"
  • Voice Actor: John Callen

A slime monster. It swalloed Nick, Madison, and Xander, but they were rescued by Vida and Chip. He was then destroyed by the Mystic Titans.


  • First Appearance: "Codebusters"

An eight-headed worm monster that was responsible for digging the Underworld Pit. It attacked Claire in the forest, but she was saved by Phineas. It was destroyed by the Mystic Titans Dragon Formation.


  • First Appearance: "Rock Solid"
  • Voice Actor: Bruce Hopkins

A cockatrice monster. It was sent to turn the humans into stone and turned Madison into stone. He was destroyed by the Titan Megazord.

Troll #2

  • First Appearance: "Legendary Catastros"

A second troll monster was used by Koragg. He used the stolen Titan Megazord powers to upgrade the Troll Monster into a rock troll. Nick combined with Catastros and used the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord to destroy him and reclaim the Titan Megazord power.

Taxi Cab Monster

  • First Appearance: "Fire Heart"
  • Voice Actor: Derek Judge

A mimic monster that can take the form of a taxicab.


  • First Appearance: "Stranger Within" Pt. 1
  • Voice Actor: Ross Girven

A Venus Flytrap/leech monster. He disguised himself as DJ Fly and turned his listeners into vampires. He was detroyed by the Titan Megazord.

Cave Monster

  • First Appearance: "Petrified Xander"

A ghoulish jackal monster that was waiting for Xander and Vida when they opened the wrong door when trying to obtain the Fire Heart.


A skeleton monster. He could fire bone projectiles and could reform his body. He was sent by Koragg on Necrolai's begging to retrieve the Fire Heart. He was destroyed by Xander's Mystic Force Fighters.

Gargoyle of the Gates

  • First Appearance: "The Gatekeeper" Pt. 2

A gargoyle monster that guarded the Gates of the Underworld.


  • First Appearance: "Long Ago"
  • Voice Actor: Greg Ward

A gremlin monster. Imperious releases Jester who marks strange red symbols in different areas around the city that would help open a gate. He can detach his hand and have a hammer or a pair of scissors. He tried to attack an unmorphed Madison, but was stopped by a frog that turned out to be Daggeron. He was destroyed by Solaris Knight's Shining Ginji Attack.


  • First Appearance: "Inner Strength"
  • Voice Actor: Patrick Kake

A behemoth monster. He used a hammer and spikes to cause earthquakes. He was the first monster destroyed by the Solar Streak Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "Soul Specter"
  • Voice Actor: Callie Blood

A succubus monster that fights with a sword and can create green flames. She and Spydex were sent to steal the life force of people and use it to destroy the human world. She was destroyed by the Titan Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "Soul Specter"
  • Voice Actor: Millen Baird

A spider monster that shoots spikes and webs. Gnatu's silent partner who held onto the stolen lifeforce. Gnatu betrayed him by using him as shield against the Rangers attack thus destroying him.


  • First Appearance: "Ranger Down"
  • Voice Actor: Lori Dungey

A harpy monster with wings on its head and a beak on its forehead. She could "featherize" people with her scream, turning them into piles of feathers. She fought Ginji at normal size and lost her beak. She grew giant and was destroyed by the Solar Streak Megazord and Titan Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "Dark Wish" Pt. 1
  • Voice Actor: Mark Wright

A samurai monster who is one of the four Barbarian Beasts. Koragg did not get along with him that well. He attacked the Rangers first and started wearing them down. Xander was sick and missed out on most of the battle against this one. Xander finally came in and defeated Warmax as the Mystic Minotaur.


  • First Appearance: "Dark Wish" Pt. 1
  • Voice Actor: Susan Brady

A siren monster who is one of the four Barbarian Beasts. She fought the Rangers alongside Necrolai. The combined attacks of the Rangers was able to destroy Shrieker.

50 Below

  • First Appearance: "Dark Wish" Pt. 1
  • Voice Actor: Paul Minifie

An ice-elemental, hockey mask-wearing yeti monster who is one of the four Barbarian Beasts. He and Fightoe were selected by Imperious to take Koragg down. 50 Below accompanied Fightoe to fight the Rangers and he took them down. They retreated with Jenji's lamp leading Imperious to make his wish with Jenji. When everything returns to normal, the rangers defeated him with their new Legend powers. Seeing his destruction, Koragg commented "You live without honor, you fall without honor".


  • First Appearance: "Dark Wish" Pt. 1
  • Voice Actor: Jason Hoyte

A kobold monster who is one of the four Barbarian Beasts. He and 50 Below attacked the city taking the Rangers away from Toby's celebration. He and 50 Below fought the Rangers and defeated them making off with Jenji. When everything returned to normal, Necrolai using a dark morpher created by Koragg's magic, she makes Fightoe giant. The Rangers fight him and split his staff in half. He decreases in size and fights the Rangers along with 50 Below but when he sees 50 Below is about to be destroyed by the Legend Warriors, he retreats to the pit. Dissatisfied at Fightoe for letting the Rangers destroy 50 Below, Imperious destroys Fightoe and uses his energy to power Ursus.


  • First Appearance: "Dark Wish" Pt. 3

A machine golem monster. Imperious used Fightoe's life force energy to power it. Daggeron fought it with the Solar Streak Megazord in the dimension it was created in. The robot busts the Solar Streak Megazord into reality. It was destroyed by the Manticore Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "Heir Apparent" Pt. 1
  • Voice Actors: Adam Gardiner (Normal Face), Lauren Jackson (Chameleon Face), Oscar Burt-Shearer (Bull Face)

A chimera monster created by Imperious by using a forbidden magic to combine the spirits of the monsters Leanbow vanquished. It consists of its normal face, a female chameleon-like face, and an bull-like face, a vampire bat-like face on top of his normal head, a lobster's face on its neck, a lion-like face on its chest, a moustached-crocodile head for a right hand, the left arm of the Troll, the feathers of Screamer, and the feet of Clawbster. After its creation, Chimera appeared in the battle between Koragg and the Mystic Rangers and suggested to use a spell to trap the Rangers and bring them to the Underworld. After the Rangers escaped, Chimera was sent after them. Chimera was destroyed by the Phoenix Unizord.

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