Machine Empire

Machine Empire

The Machine Empire is a group of robotic villains in the Power Rangers universe, who first appeared in the television show Power Rangers Zeo and were later mentioned in Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Wild Force.



The Machine Empire was a massive alien race and galactic empire of mechanical beings, led by the Royal House of Gadgetry. Possessing countless Cogs, Quadra Fighters, and monsters, the Machine Empire had already conquered an entire chain of galaxies before reaching Earth. It was when the Empire arrived on Earth that they finally encountered a foe capable of repelling their forces, the Zeo Rangers. Numerous monsters from the Empire perished at the Rangers' hands before King Mondo himself took to the battlefield and was destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord.

It was during Mondo's absence that the Empire was led by Louie Kaboom, a renegade robot created by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. Louie meant well, but squandered the Empire's forces, and was eventually overthrown by Mondo and Machina's eldest son, Prince Gasket, and his wife, Archerina. The two led the Machine Empire against the Zeo Rangers rather well, initiating a massive, all-out invasion on Angel Grove. After this invasion failed, King Mondo returned, causing Gasket and Archerina to flee. When the Royal House of Gadgetry were later destroyed by Rita and Zedd, the Machine Empire went into a period of inactivity, useless without the Royal House to lead it.

The Royal House of Gadgetry later appeared, rebuilt, as part of Dark Specter's alliance. When Dark Specter initiated his universal invasion, the Machine Empire invaded KO-35 and the Phantom Ranger's homeworld, conquering both planets and defeating the Karovan rebels, the Phantom Ranger, and the Blue Senturion. When Zordon's energy wave struck these planets (during Countdown to Destruction), much of the Machine Empire (including King Mondo) was destroyed, being reduced to a pile of sand.

Years later, in an episode of Power Rangers: Wild Force called "Forever Red", the remnants of the Machine Empire, led by General Venjix, gathered on the moon to make a final strike against the Power Rangers and the Earth. Unearthing Zedd's Serpentera, they brought the massive Zord to full power, but were foiled by a team of ten Red Rangers. The other generals destroyed, General Venjix and Serpentera were destroyed by the Red Lion Ranger, in his Red Wild Force Rider.

Royal House of Gadgetry

The Royal House was the ruling body of the Machine Empire at the beginning of Power Rangers Zeo. It consisted of King Mondo and Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, and their top servants, Klank and Orbus.

King Mondo

King Mondo, also known as the Machine King, was the ruler of the Machine Empire and the main antagonist in Power Rangers Zeo. Driving Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd off the moon, Mondo believed the Earth would be an easy conquest, but was shocked when his army of Cogs was repelled by the Zeo Rangers. He was intrigued by the Rangers, as his other conquests had been far too easy, and decided that the Rangers proving to be formidable enemies would make eventually winning more enjoyable. However, Mondo soon grew tired of the Rangers, and just as it seemed he would defeat them, the Gold Ranger arrived and foiled Mondo again. Mondo, tired of fooling around, unearthed the ancient Sword of Damocles. He grew and battled the Rangers, but was defeated and destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord.

King Mondo was later rebuilt and returned to the throne, chasing away Prince Gasket and Archerina. He then failed at an attempt to steal the Gold Ranger powers by growing giant, but was defeated by the Zeo Rangers and Trey the original Gold Ranger who also grew giant to battle him. Afterwards Mondo was destroyed by a bomb from Zedd and Rita that blew and the rest of the Royal House of Gadgetry to pieces.

He then returned in Power Rangers in Space as part of the invasion in Countdown to Destruction. Zordon's energy wave destroyed Mondo for good.

King Mondo was voiced by David Stenstrom who previously portrayed Hal Stewart from Masked Rider.

Queen Machina

Queen Machina is King Mondo's wife, mother of Prince Sprocket and Prince Gasket, and queen of the Machine Empire. She usually carries a metal fan with her. She loves her husband and son dearly. She was destroyed at the end of the Zeo arc by Lord Zedd's bomb, was rebuilt, and then destroyed again by Zordon's energy wave. She is one of three (possibly five) female characters to be destroyed by Zordon's Wave.

Queen Machina was originally voiced by Alex Borstein. However in Power Rangers in Space, she was voiced by Brianne Siddall.

Prince Sprocket

Prince Sprocket was the younger son of King Mondo and Queen Machina. He was the first child-like villain of Power Rangers. Prince Sprocket was spoiled by his parents and liked to play, often with the Rangers. He was destroyed at the end of Power Rangers Zeo by Lord Zedd's bomb, rebuilt, and destroyed again in Countdown to Destruction.

Sprocket was voiced by Barbara Goodson

Klank and Orbus

Klank is one of the top two robots that serve the Royal House of Gadgetry. Klank is a humanoid robot, while Orbus is more of a module. They serve as the monster enlargers of the Zeo arc, and are often kicked around by their masters. Klank has a rather thick Scottish burr for a mechanical background, though as the other robots also have accents (and "American" is an accent too for an alien), he's hardly unique in that regard. He is also quite pompous and thinks highly of himself. He serves his masters with fierce loyalty, but never inserted himself physically into battle.

Orbus is one of the top two robots that serve the Royal House of Gadgetry. Orbus is a mini module. They serve as the monster enlargers of the Zeo arc, and are often kicked around by their masters. Klank would swing Orbus on a thread and throw him at monsters, and Orbus would then make the monster grow. Orbus has a high-pitched voice.

Both were eventually destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Countdown to Destruction.

Klank was voiced by Oliver Page in a Scottish accent and Orbus was voiced by Barbara Goodson.


Towards the end of the Power Rangers Zeo series, King Mondo was seemingly destroyed, and control of the Machine Empire was left to several usurpers to the throne - first Louie Kaboom and later Prince Gasket and Archerina. Their voice actors, however, were all uncredited.

Louie Kaboom

Louie Kaboom was sent by Rita and Lord Zedd in an attempt to take command of the Machine Empire once King Mondo had been destroyed. However, Goldar and Rito lost the remote control they were using to control Louie. After a failed attempt by the Power Rangers to use the remote to shut Louie down, Louie had himself rewired so that the remote no longer affected him.

Louie did his best at leading the Empire, trying to win Queen Machina's affections in the process, but was met with failure each and every time. Meanwhile, Zedd and Rita were trying to regain control of Louie, but were less than successful.

When Prince Gasket and Archerina arrived on the moon, Archerina took control of Louie with one of her love arrows. She had him attack Angel Grove and battle the Power Rangers, but he was destroyed by the Rangers' strongest weapon: the Super Zeo Ultrazord.

Louie Kaboom was voiced by Lex Lang in a rather thick Brooklyn accent.

Prince Gasket

Prince Gasket was the first-built son of King Mondo and Queen Machina and older brother of Prince Sprocket. He fell in love with Archerina, daughter of Mondo's archnemesis, King Aradon. Knowing their marriage would never be approved of, the two of them eloped a la Romeo and Juliet.

Gasket has a bitter sibling rivalry with Sprocket over who is the true heir apparent to the Royal House of Gadgetry, over Queen Machina's favoritism, and over who has better plans against the Zeo Rangers.

When news of Mondo's death reached him, Gasket returned to take care of his mother, depose of the interloper Louie Kaboom and take his rightful place as the Machine King. Gasket notably brainwashed Tommy Oliver, Zeo Ranger V, into temporarily thinking that he was the King of the Machine Empire and that the other Rangers were his enemies. Another time, he trapped the people of Earth in a time loop, forcing them to relive the same day over and over so that he could observe the best way to attack them. Unfortunately for Gasket, Tommy knew there was a time loop thanks to Gasket's earlier tampering with his brain and was able to use that knowledge to put a stop to the plan.

When Mondo was rebuilt and returned, Gasket and Archerina fled temporarily, but then they came back in the episode "Hawaii Zeo," where Prince Sprocket offered the idea of growing into giants to defeat the Rangers. This actually was a cunning attempt by Sprocket to get rid of his brother (as he knew full well that any creature that grew would be destroyed by the rangers). Following Sprocket's plan, Gasket and Archerina grew into giants. After an intense battle where they held their own and nearly overwhelmed almost the Rangers' entire arsenal of zords, they ultimately became overwhelmed by the Zeo Ultrazord. But just as Prince Sprocket came out of hiding and began celebrating the apparent destruction of his brother and sister-in-law, the two were revealed to have survived the blast (though they shrank back to normal size), and just as they were about to face Sprocket, King Mondo arrived to confront them. Prince Gasket and Archerina then fled, this time for good.

Prince Gasket was voiced by Douglas Sloan, one of the show's directors, writers, and its producer.

Princess Archerina

Princess Archerina is a robot princess with the appearance of a female archer, and she is the wife of Prince Gasket. Archerina is the daughter of King Aradon, King Mondo's archnemesis. Archerina and Gasket eloped and fled from their parents.

She can fire arrows of energy which she can use to make others fall in love with her. Archerina is also capable of firing arrows of destructive energy from her bow. Archerina can teleport with a fiery aura, turning herself into a living missile. Her bow can also transform into a sword to be used in close combat.

She and Gasket returned when King Mondo was destroyed by the Zeo Rangers, and took over in his absence. When the tyrant Louie Kaboom tried to take over, Archerina used her love arrows to make him her slave, forcing him to obey her, which later led to his destruction.

Archerina's jealousy of Katherine Hillard led to the formation of a strong grudge against her.

Upon King Mondo's return, Archerina fled the Earth with her husband, but came back in "Hawaii Zeo" to confront the Rangers once more. After becoming a giant alongside Gasket, both Gasket and Archerina were defeated by the Zeo Ultrazord, but they survived. However, King Mondo arrived to confront the two of them, and they quickly escaped, never to be seen again.

Archerina was voiced by Melora Harte.

Machine Empire Remnants

Years after Countdown to Destruction in the episode Power Rangers Wild Force episode Forever Red, the last generals of the Machine Empire gathered on the moon. Determined to obtain revenge for the destruction of their beloved monarch King Mondo after what happened to him in the "Countdown to Destruction" event, they set out to resurrect Serpentera. Led by the Generals Venjix, Tezzla, Gerrok, Steelon, and Automon, the Machine Empire unearthed the giant Zord and placed a neo-plutonium core inside to power it. However, just as they were about to board Serpentera, a team of 10 Red Rangers arrived on the moon. The Generals battled the Rangers, and Tezzla, Gerrok, Steelon, and Automon were destroyed. Venjix escaped to Serpentera, which he flew towards Earth. However, the Red Wild Force Ranger used his Wild Force Rider to reflect Serpentera's blast back into it. The Zord was destroyed, along with Venjix and the Machine Empire.

It should also be noted that the Machine Empire Remnants are really recycled Big Bad Beetleborgs/Beetleborgs Metallix costumes. Due to the use of these Beetleborg costumes, the Machine Empire Generals appear to be more technologically advanced than the rest of the Machine Empire including the Royal House of Gadgetry itself.

General Venjix

Four years after the destruction of the Machine Empire, surviving members of the Empire remain seeking to destroy the Earth. Tezzla, Gerrok, Steelon, and Automon (and many Cogs) are all that is left of the Empire, as well as General Venjix, their leader. They have recently learned that Earth's Moon is the resting place of Serpentera, a gigantic war machine created by Lord Zedd with the power to destroy a whole planet. Ever since Zedd's "death" in "Countdown to Destruction", the location of Serpentera remained a mystery for many years. Venjix finds it and begins using Cog soldiers to dig it up, refitting it with a Neo Plutonium reactor to power it. Venjix and his other Generals prepare to board Serpentera, but they are then interrupted by the Red Rangers. Venjix sends Cogs to distract the eight Rangers while he and the others flee to Serpentera. The Rangers battle the Cogs unmorphed and easily defeat them. Eventually, Cole escapes the barrage of Cogs and chases after the Generals. Venjix fires at him, but Cole is rescued by Leo and Aurico on Leo's Jet Jammer. Then all the 10 Red Rangers gather, morph with their respective morphing calls (except for Aurico, who has already morphed), and battle the Generals. Red Wildforce Ranger Cole Evans and Red Mighty Morphing Ranger Jason Lee Scott fight Venjix, Cole having trouble at first but coming back strong after Jason single-handedly overwhelms Venjix with a corkscrew kick to show off to Cole.

Cole later severely damages Venjix with his Crystal Saber (Blazing Lion attack). Battle-damaged, Venjix then jumps into Serpentera and takes off. The Rangers fear they have failed, but Cole calls upon his Wild Force Rider to battle Venjix. Cole uses the Wild Force Rider to fly into Serpentera and destroy it from the inside. Both Venjix and Serpentera are finally destroyed, and Cole ends up surviving the explosion despite the others' momentarily thinking he may have been destroyed too.

General Venjix is voiced by Archie Kao.

NOTE: General Venjix is a recycled version of Shadowborg.

General Tezzla

She fought and engaged the Quantum Ranger Eric Myers and Red Alien Ranger Aurico, they destroyed her with great team work and Eric using his Quantum Defender.

Tezzla is voiced by Catherine Sutherland.

NOTE: Tezzla is a recycled version of Ladyborg.

General Gerrok

He battled Red Zeo Ranger Tommy Oliver and Red Timeforce Ranger Wesley Collins, Tommy destroys him with the Zeo Flying Power Kick.

Gerrok is voiced by Walter Emanuel Jones.

NOTE: Gerokk is a recycled version of Green Hunter Borg.

General Steelon

He engaged Red Space Ranger Andros and Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger Carter Grayson and destroyed him by combining power from their Astro, Rescue, and Thermo Blasters.

Steelon is voiced by an uncredited Scott Page-Pagter.

NOTE: Steelon is a recycled version of Dragon Borg minus the dragonfly wings on the head.

General Automon

He excellently fought against Red Turbo Ranger T. J. Johnson and Red Lost Galaxy Ranger Leo Corbett as they destroy him with their Quasar Saber, Transdagger, Turbo Blade, and Turbo Lightning Sword attack.

Automon is voiced by an uncredited David Walsh.

NOTE: Automon is a hybrid of two Beetleborgs suits. He has the head of Fire Borg and the body of Lightning Borg.


The Machine Empire's foot soldiers. They pilot the Quadrafighters and are able to blast lasers out of their eyes.


The monsters of this show are robots created by the Machine Empire. To make a monster grow, Klank would swing Orbus around until he latched onto the monster emitting an energy that would enlarge the monster.


A star-shaped robot monster used by the Machine Empire. He was the first monster to be destroyed by the Zeo Megazord.


A robot rocket monster used by the Machine Empire after the Cogs created it from some spare parts. The Zeo Megazord destroyed Silo the first time. In "A Golden Homecoming," Silo was among the Machine Empire's monsters who received the Neo-Plutonium Armor. Destroyed again by Super Zeo Zord 5.

Boohoo the Clown

A robotic clown monster used by the Machine Empire. Boohoo could can emit a high frequency sound waves extremely painful to the human ear. Boohoo was dispatched from the Machine Empire to enhance the frequency and amplitude of baby Joey's voice to make the sound waves extremely destructive. He was destroyed by the Zeo Megazord.

People Pitcher

  • First Appearance: "Rangers in the Outfield"

A robotic pitching machine monster used by the Machine Empire. Trapped Rocky inside of him when Rocky hit one of his balls. Tommy freed Rocky. People Pitcher was destroyed by Zeo Megazord. In "A Golden Homecoming," People Pitcher was among the Machine Empire's monsters who received the Neo-Plutonium Armor, but was never used.


Digster is a robot-excavation monster used by the Machine Empire that was operated by levers pulled by the small mechanoid pilot on top of his head. Destroyed by the Zeo Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "The Puppet Blaster"
  • Voice Actor: Paul Pistore

A robotic monster created from a benign entertainment robot by Klank when the Cogs planted a transmitter on its backside. He hypnotized kids to be under his control. The Rangers arrived, but Puppetman used the kids as shields, knowing the Rangers wouldn't harm the children. Puppetman then escaped to a satellite station where he intended to amplify his mind-altering powers on all the kids of Angel Grove. The Rangers took him down with the new Defender Wheel. Puppetman grew, and the Zeo Megazord fought him. Billy discovered that his power came from Puppetman's nose, and told the Rangers that destroying the nose would cause Puppetman to lose his power. The Zeo Megazord's Saber cut off his nose and destroyed Puppetman. Later, Alpha 5 rebuilt the Puppetman for the next Captain Pete show.

Leaky Faucet

  • First Appearance: "Invasion of the Ranger Snatcher"
  • Voice Actor: Ezra Weisz

A robotic faucet monster used by the Machine Empire after its costume was stolen from the set of "The Invasion of Blueface." he merged with three other monsters. In "Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise," the Machine Empire rebuilt him and sent him into the water systems to pollute it. He traveled through underground pipes to get to his planned destination. Billy pointed out that this version of Leaky Faucet was more lethal than the first one. Ultimately though, he was destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord. In his second appearance in the episode "Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise," Leaky Faucet wore a blue hat rather than a yellow one.

Pumpkin Sorcerer

  • First Appearance: "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers"

A robotic Jack-o'-lantern monster used by the Machine Empire after its costume was stolen from the set of "The Invasion of Blueface." Merged with three other monsters to form the eye in front of Bucket of Bolts.


  • First Appearance: "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers"
  • Ohranger counterpart: Locker Knight

A robotic shower monster used by the Machine Empire after its costume was stolen from the set of "The Invasion of Blueface." Merged with three other monsters to form the eye in front of Bucket of Bolts.

Traffic Kitty

  • First Appearance: "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers"

A robotic traffic signal monster used by the Machine Empire after its costume was stolen from the set of "The Invasion of Blueface." Merged with three other monsters to form the eye in front of Bucket of Bolts.

Bucket of Bolts

  • First Appearance: "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers"

A robotic train monster used by the Machine Empire after its costume was stolen from the set of "The Invasion of Blueface." Its eye was a fusion of Leaky Faucet, Pumpkin Sorcerer, Shower Monster, and Traffic Signal Monster. In giant form, he turns himself into a train. It was decimated by Zeo Megazord when the Megazord sliced the track apart with its saber, causing the Bucket of Bolts train to fall to his doom below.

Video Vulture

  • First Appearance: "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers"
  • Voice Actor: Dave Mallow

A robot vulture with a video camera for a head. Video Vulture transported the Rangers to Prince Sprocket's movie dimension. Video Vulture was later used to broadcast the gladiator-like games at Prince Gasket's arena across the universe.

Hydro Contaminators

  • First Appearance: "Graduation Blues"
  • Voice Actor: Dan Woren

Robotic beings that attacked Aquitar and poisoned its waters. One followed Cestro to Earth and begun its plan to pollute Earth's waters. It was destroyed by the Zeo Blaster.

Adrian and Pollenator

  • First Appearance: "A Few Bad Seeds"

Robotic plant monsters created by King Mondo from Rocky's plants. Pollenator was destroyed by the Zeo Pistols, while Adrian disappeared.


A robotic piano monster created by King Mondo from Angel Grove High's piano. for the intent of capturing the 'mysterious piano player.' Fortissimodo overpowered Adam until the other Rangers showed up. Klank made him grow and he grabbed Adam, who was soon freed by Tommy who attacked with the Defender Wheel. Fortissimodo shot out explosive piano notes, but was defeated by the Zeo Megazord. Oddly enough its hat survived and landed on a building

Mean Screen

  • First Appearance: "Mean Screen"

A robotic computer virus monster used by the Machine Empire capable of absorbing the information on all of the Power Rangers' weapons and even the Zords. He then used their own firepower on them. His screen was his main source of power. In giant mode, his screen was shattered by the pyramid power of the Zeo Megazord, which was equipped with Zeo 3 Power Helmet. Mean Screen was eliminated by the Zeo Megazord Saber slash.


  • First Appearance: "Mr. Billy's Wild Ride"
  • Voice Actor: Eddie Frierson

A robotic monster used by the Machine Empire. Mondo sent Klank to set up an ambush and to destroy the Angel Grove University warehouse if the Rangers got too close to spare fuel cells. Mechanizer attacked Tommy when he split up from the others to find the fuel cell. Mechanizer torched the warehouse by blasting several containers of explosive liquid. It was unknown whether he was destroyed or not. He either reappear or was rebuilt in "A Golden Homecoming" as Mechanizer was among the Machine Empire's monsters who received the Neo-Plutonium Armor. He ended up getting destroyed by the Super Zeo Zords 1 and 2.


  • First Appearance: "There's No Business Than Snow Business" Pt. 1

A robotic love monster used by the Machine Empire. A female love robot that specialized in the power to make humans develop obsessive attractions to nearby mechanical appliances. Even Robocupid is affected by her own powers, as one of her beams reflects back at her and becomes attracted to Klank. She was destroyed by the Zeo Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "There's No Business Than Snow Business" Pt. 3
  • Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

A robotic heat-manipulating scorpion monster used by the Machine Empire. He made the weather scorching hot in Angel Grove by destroying plants to produce a greenhouse effect. He was seemingly destroyed by Zeo Megazord. He only reduced to normal size. While the weather did cool down after the Zeo Megazord's victory, Defoliator started a new attack on Angel Grove and the Rangers. Zordon pointed out that the Rangers could not risk Defoliator growing so Billy powered up the Zeo Blaster and Defoliator was gone for good.

Main Drain

  • First Appearance: "Inner Spirit"

An energy draining robot monster used by the Machine Empire. In battle, he shot his drain tubes underground and attached them to the Zeo Megazord. He was the first monster to ever break a Megazord Saber which broke in two after Main Drain electrocuted the Zeo Megazord. He was himself destroyed by Red Battlezord.


A robotic boxing monster used by the Machine Empire. A robot boxing monster who turned Adam into a trophy. In the first confrontation, Punch-A-Bunch managed to eject Tommy from the Red Battlezord, but destroying his own glove in the process. Later there was a boxing-style battle that took place, but the Machine Empire cheated. Soon the boxing ring was destroyed by the Rangers in the Power Chamber and the fight was fair again. He was eventually destroyed by the Red Battlezord.

Mace Face

  • First Appearance: "Found and Lost"
  • Voice Actor: Brad Orchard

A spiked robot monster used by the Machine Empire. He had two forms: his regular spiked monster form, and the form of a spiked ball. He was the first monster to be destroyed by the Zeo Mega Battlezord.


  • First Appearance: "Brother, Can You Spare An Arrowhead?"
  • Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

Autochthon ('Aw-Tock-thon') is ancient evil spirit that was accidentally awakened by Tommy's brother David Trueheart. He originally overpowered the Zeo Megazord and the Red Battlezord, but was ultimately destroyed by the Zeo Mega Battlezord.


  • First Appearance: "Trust In Me"

A deceptive robot monster created from Machine Empire scrap. He was to make friends with the Power Rangers, aiding the Rangers on Earth with different situations. He even saved a little girl's dog from being run over by a car on the street. Later, King Mondo and an army of Cogs and Quadrafighters launched an attack on the Rangers and Defector. Klank then arrived to cause pain to Defector with a remote control. Rocky went to check on him, and he responded by attacking the Rangers. Rocky then went on the attack, and soon afterwards Tommy called on the Defender Wheel. Rocky (who felt responsible for the whole thing) volunteered to pilot the Defender Wheel and destroyed Defector.

Drill Master

  • First Appearance: "It Came From Angel Grove"
  • Voice Actor: Dan Woren

A robotic drill monster used by the Machine Empire. Originally a monster from Adam's dream. He fought Tommy alongside a Quadrafighter. Tommy manages to destroy Drill Master with his Zeo Power Sword In "A Golden Homecoming," Drill Master was among the Machine Empire's monster who received the Neo-Plutonium Armor. Ironically, he was destroyed by Adam in Super Zeo Zord 4.

Googleheimer the Toy Robot

  • First Appearance: "Bulk Fiction"
  • Voice Actor: Dave Mallow

A robot toy monster used by Prince Sprocket, that was a deadly adversary. The Rangers did take him down with the Zeo Cannon, but it wasn't enough as Klank and Orbus made the monster grow. During the Megazord battle, the monster trapped the Zeo Megazord in what looked like silly string. The Red Battlezord came to the rescue and bailed out the Zeo Megazord. After the two Zords merged to become the Zeo Mega Battlezord, playtime was definitely over for the monster when he got decimated by the Zeo Mega Battlezord.

Wrecking Ball

  • First Appearance: "Song Sung Yellow"

A robot wrecking ball monster controlled by Prince Sprocket. Destroyed by Red Battlezord.

Admiral Abominator

  • First Appearance: "Game of Honor"
  • Voice Actor: Ezra Weisz

A robotic admiral monster used by the Machine Empire. He held Bulk and Skull prisoner in the forest until the Rangers came to free them. The admiral wielded a sword and also had a bed of spikes built in underneath his coat. He tried to impale Katherine with it, but Tommy saved her and Katherine knocked him out with her shield. Orbus made him grow. The Red Battlezord delivered a flurry of punches to the admiral, the Rangers then destroyed him with the Zeo Mega Battlezord.


  • First Appearance: "The Power of Gold"
  • Voice Actor: Steve Kramer

A wolf monster used by the Machine Empire. He was sent to ambush the Rangers during a divide and conquer tactic. When it looked like Wolfbane had the Rangers beaten, he and the Cogs were teleported away in order for King Mondo to figure out what was heading for Earth. Later, as the Rangers had split up again to track down the UFO, they were attacked again by Wolfbane and the Cogs. Suddenly, Gold Ranger appeared for the very first time and was able to take out the Cogs and Wolfbane. Wolfbane became big and fought the Zeo Megazord and then the Red Battlezord. Wolfbane had more than enough power to knock the Rangers out of their Zords. The Gold Ranger then exterminated Wolfbane with the Pyramidas.


  • First Appearance: "A Small Problem"

A robotic tarantula monster used by the Machine Empire. After growing, he beats the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord, preparing to have them for lunch and then Pyramidas saves them. They form the Zeo Ultrazord and Tarantabot quivers in fear before being destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord.


A robotic sleep-inducing monster used by the Machine Empire. Destroyed By Zeo Ultrazord.

Borax and the Varoxes

  • First Appearance: "Do I Know You?"
  • Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook (Borax)

Borax and his race are a group of intergalactic robotic bounty hunters. He arrived on Earth when pursuing the Gold Ranger and became allied with King Mondo. He was destroyed by the Zeo Megazord. In "Revelations of Gold" Pt. 1, seven Varoxes pursued the Gold Ranger in their ships. They ended up shooting down the Pyramidas which crashed on Aquitar and declared their mission a success.

Hose Head

  • First Appearance: "A Golden Homecoming"
  • Voice Actor: Dave Mallow

A robotic monster used by the Machine Empire. He was among the Machine Empire's monsters who received the Neo-Plutonium Armor. He was destroyed by Super Zeo Zord 3.

Tough Tusks

  • First Appearance: "Bomber in the Summer"
  • Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

A robotic elephant monster created by Louie Kaboom from Emily's elephant-headed necklace. He shot a bluish-white energy beam from his forehead. Tough Tusks was destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord and Jason returned the necklace to Emily.


  • First Appearance: "Scent of a Weasel"
  • Voice Actor: Brad Orchard

A robotic skunk monster used by Queen Machina. He had the ability to spray a gas from his tail that made victims smell terrible. He proved to be tough but was eventually beaten when his tail was destroyed. He was revived at giant size and gained the ability to dissolve buildings with his spray. He held his own until the newly arrived Warrior Wheel arrived and pummeled him, then was wielded by the Super Zeo Megazord to destroy him.

Midas Monster

  • First Appearance: "The Ranger Who Came In From the Gold"
  • Voice Actor: Dave Mallow

A robot monster used by Louie Kaboom. This monster first appeared in the form of a small dog statue known as the Midas Hound. It could transform ordinary items into gold, but soon began transforming things at random on its own. Jason's body became a lifeless solid gold statue. The Midas Hound was made giant and turned parts of the Super Zeo Zords to gold. After Jason's body was revived, he shattered the Midas Hound with the Pyramidias. The true Midas Monster revealed himself. Adam was able to use the Red Battlezord to destroy the Midas Monster's Goldarizer, causing everything to turn back to normal. An enraged Midas Monster then locked all the Zords up with chains and zapped them with electricity. The Zeo Megazord then broke the chains off with its saber. He was destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord.

Cruel Chrome

  • First Appearance: "Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?"

A robot monster created by Prince Gasket. He was created by Prince Gasket from Detective Jerome Stone's wave runner. He was able to fire a hazardous water-like substance on the Rangers from a hose-like weapon. The Rangers received an antidote, they delivered a pounding to the monster, whose watery substance this time had no effect on the Rangers. Cruel Chrome then grew into a giant and had spikes from his hands and feet. The Rangers called on their Super Zeo Zords (Red's was piloted via remote control). Cruel Chrome had the upper hand for a bit until Jason arrived in the Pyramidas. The Super Zeo Ultrazord destroyed him. Prince Gasket was extremely dismayed by this defeat, saying he should have been king by now.


  • First Appearance: "King for a Day" Pt. 1
  • Voice Actor: Kirk Thornton

A robot monster used by Prince Gasket. It temporarily used Tommy's skills and strength. A robot warrior who Prince Gasket infused with Tommy's skills and power. He was a very tough adversary for Jason to deal with, but Jason was able to get inside his head and see if Tommy's mind was in there. He concluded that Gasket had transferred Tommy's powers and mind into Altor. Altor clutched his head and soon declared that he was Altor, signifying that he had lost Tommy's powers. Jason took this opportunity to destroy Altor using Altor's own staff.


  • First Appearance: "A Brief Mystery in Time"
  • Voice Actor: Richard Epcar

A robot monster used by Prince Gasket to guard the Chronosapios (a time-turning item that resembles a crystal ball). Destroyed by Super Zeo Megazord.


A robot monster used by Prince Gasket. Nuklifier was summoned by Prince Gasket to destroy Kat, at Archerina's request. He wielded a spear and shot orange energy from it. He could also shoot this energy stream from a cannon in his forehead. He grew giant and could not be defeated by the Super Zeo Megazord and the Warrior Wheel. He was destroyed by Auric the Conqueror.


A powerful robotic caterpillar monster created by Prince Gasket from Detective Stone's "Mechaterpillar 2000" fishing lure. It was able to separate itself into different parts. He was destroyed by the Zeo Megazord. The Mechaterpillar caused mass havoc, attacking from all sides and devastating the zord. After the monster reassembled itself, Jason comes to the Rangers' aid in the nick of time and destroyed the monster with the Pyramidas.

Cog Changer and Impursonator

Cog Changer was a robot monster used by the Machine Empire to access the Zeo technology. He was capable of replacing the cogs on the Zeo Jet Cycles with evil ones that would cause the Rangers to lose control of the Bikes. As such, the Zeo Jet Cycles ended up destroyed. He also piloted the Zeo Megazord after knocking it out of the Rangers' control.

Impursonator was a powerful purse monster made by Rita Repulsa from Kat's ugly purse. Rita had intended to turn Kat into a monster instead and was initially disappointed with accidental creation. However, Impursonator proved supremely powerful, as she survived every attack made by the Zeo Zords. Her rubbery skin made her nearly impervious to physical harm, as the rapid-fire punches of the Red BattleZord only briefly stunned her. She could fire pink lightning bolts from her hands, and had the ability to absorb the energy from any attack thrown at her. She could then use this energy to fire enhanced lightning blasts. Even the Zeo Ultrazord barely scratched her, and the Rangers were forced to retreat. She later got control of the Super Zeo Megazord, and used it to battle the Zeo Megazord. While Impursonator was eventually tricked out of the Zord by the Rangers. She then grown to giant size again, Impursonator was overwhelmed by the Super Zeo Zords.

In a last-ditch effort, Cog Changer fused with Impursonator to form a super monster that was never named on-screen. The Super Zeo Megazord was unable to destroy it alone, so the Rangers called in the Zeo Megazord, the Red Battlezord and the Warrior Wheel. The Rangers – via the Zords – tossing the Warrior Wheel around Cog-Impursonator allowed it to build enough power to destroy the combined monster.

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