Villains in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Villains in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

The fictional villains of the Power Rangers universe that appeared in the television series Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and opposed the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers were demons who served Queen Bansheera.

5,000 years ago, a faction of evil demons had plans to destroy and conquer the Earth, but they were sealed away in the Tomb of Forever by a warlock. In the present day, a group of wandering nomads accidentally freed the demons. The demons are angry to find that humans have built the city of Mariner Bay over their former palace and vow to get it back. They also worked to revive Queen Bansheera. The leader of the demons at any one time (below Bansheera herself) wielded the Star Power. This Star Power was passed from its initial owner, Diabolico, to Bansheera's son Olympius during the course of the series as Bansheera awaits the day to release the demons from the Shadow World. The main antagonists are listed below in order of appearance.


Queen Bansheera

Queen Bansheera (whose name is based on the Banshee of Irish Mythology) is the evil monarch of the demons. She was in parts unknown when Diabolico and his band were freed, and later returned in an energy form. She was later brought back physically by a ceremony enacted by Prince Olympius, but because of the Rangers' tampering, she was a grotesque form. She later regained her humanoid form by destroying Vypra and absorbing her life energy.

Bansheera set out to conquer the world, and proved far more ruthless than Diabolico or Olympius. She forced Diabolico to destroy Loki, left her own son in the Shadow World, and nearly destroyed the Rangers. Despite Diabolico telling the Red Lightspeed Ranger to strike where her heart should be, she continued to menace the Rangers. She eventually turned Diabolico and Olympius into Super Demons, but they were defeated.

However, Bansheera planned to open the Shadow World's portal that is within a sarcophagus in order to free all the demons from the Shadow World. Taking over the Aquabase and the Omega Megazord, she was close to succeeding. However, she ended up suspended above the Shadow World portal by the Red Lightspeed Ranger. The spirit of a vengeful Diabolico appeared, pulling her inside, where she was attacked by the demons (and presumably beaten to death).

Queen Bansheera is voiced by Diane Salinger.

Prince Olympius

Prince Olympius was the son of Queen Bansheera. He initially appeared as the infant Impus who was cared for by the Demons in her absence. Impus was the greatest threat to Diabolico, as Bansheera threatened to give Impus the Star Power. He eventually gained it when Diabolico was destroyed for the first time, maturing into the humanoid dragon warrior, Olympius. He took Diabolico's place as the Rangers' main antagonist, but because he is so naive, he was not as adept as his predecessor.

He gained access to the Aquabase when he captured four of the Rangers and assumed their forms. Carter Grayson (Red Ranger) was able to see right through him and foiled his plans, resulting in him falling into the sea and losing most of his personal power along with the ability to shape-shift. As a result he was no longer a physical match for the Rangers or Vypra and Loki who then took charge and most of the time Olympius just meekly obeyed them.

Olympius had managed to destroy the Rangers once by using a device that allowed him to use the Rescue Bird against them, but Carter went back in time to change history and prevent Olympius from pulling the trigger.

Olympius managed to revive Bansheera, but instead of treating him like a prince, she treated him as just another expendable pawn like the rest of her minions. His plans to win her affection were unsuccessful and quickly lost favor with her. When he discovered that Vypra and Loki were to take his place as second-in-command, he plotted to eliminate them by using the monster, Vilevine, to bury the two of them alive. His plans were hampered by the return of Diabolico when Vypra and Loki survived and resurrected him. In an attempt to destroy the Rangers, he employed the services of the Shadow World's Gatekeeper to trap the Rangers in the Shadow World roaming with defeated demons. However, he himself became trapped at Diabolico's bidding when the gateway was destroyed and the key was stolen. He was forced to absorb the destroyed Demons, evolving into an even more powerful version of himself with a more muscular physique, larger wings, a thick tail and an evil grin with a fang-filled mouth. However, he still needed more power to escape the Shadow World.

Jinxer, still loyal to Olympius, placed a Star Power link inside the Aquabase generator to provide Olympius with more energy. Olympius seem unstoppable until Ms. Fairweather broke the link to the Aquabases energy and weakened Olympius enough for the Rangers to defeat him. His Star Power was also destroyed by the Omega Megazord during the battle. He lay recuperating under the care of Jinxer for a short time, and then took revenge on Diabolico by besting him in battle and had his mother turn Diabolico into a mindless slave. Olympius and the mindless Diabolico attacked the Rangers. However, the demonic child's plans were derailed when Diabolico regained his mind and rebelled against Olympius and fought against him and destroyed him. Bansheera revived both Diabolico and Olympius in new, "Super Demon" forms, Olympius being transformed into an enormous, powerful more dragon-like version of himself. In in Super Demon form Diabolico and Olympius succeeded in demolishing all of the Megazords and seemed to have the upper hand until the Rangers brought in their latest and most powerful Megazord: the Life Force Megazord, which drew power from the Rangers themselves, which destroyed the two demons once and for all.

Olympius was responsible for the creation of a variety of different monsters, most of them either fire-elemental (like Fireor and Trifire) or reptilian (Freezard and Infinitor). Others included Mantevil, Vilevine, and an unhatched Monster Egg (which was predicted to grow into a giant hydra monster). When maturing into Olympius he proved to be a noteworthy adversary to the Rangers. However, being new at wielding the Star Power put a great strain on him and so he had to slowly get used to his new powers. In his first encounter with the Rangers he swiftly defeated them and managed to capture four of them within the Star Power. Soon after he used the Star Power to turn himself into nearly identical duplicates of his prisoners and used this power to infiltrate the Aquabase. However, after being weakened from the exposure of water he could no longer contain the Rangers inside the Star Power. In battle Olympius displayed excellent physical strength and stamina and skills in using various weaponry. He primarily used a double-bladed spear. At times he even used some of the Rangers' own weapons against them including Carter's rescue blaster and the RescueBird. Olympius also has shown he had the ability of pyrokinesis by expelling fire and controlling it. Olympius has proven to be a skilled warrior in defeating an army of undead demons and even besting Diabolico twice (the second time he even destroyed him). In his more powerful draconic form he displayed great powers by reflecting the Rangers' weaponry and firing his own energy. However, to maintain his strength in this form he needed another energy source (for this he drained power from the Aquabase). Without a suitable energy source he was considerably hindered. Even so, he managed to survive blows from the Omega Megazord and Lightspeed Solarzord that would have normally destroyed other monsters, weakening enough only to revert him back to his normal form. In his Super Demon form he was at the peak of his power and by combining his powers with Diabolico he managed to destroy nearly all of the Rangers' Megazords, a feat that very few villains and monsters are capable of achieving.

Olympius alters his appearance and anatomy over the series, though all his forms has draconic aspect. His first, Impus form was a mix of a furby with a baby dragon. His second (and more known) form is of a humanoid dragon-like warrior with a white face. Olimpius twice absorved powerful demoniac energy that turn him in differents dragon monsters: The first was a more demoniac version of himself, with large horns, talons, tails and snake neck, bestial musculature, and a Malebolgia-like jaw; The second has a more Godzilla-like fashion, with a longer and more reptilian snout and without his white face.

Impus is voiced by Brianne Siddall while his adult form of Olympius is voiced by Michael Forest.


Diabolico (a name based on the word "diabolical," whose root comes from the Spanish for "devil") is the devil-like primary villain for the first part of the Lightspeed Rescue series. He was first in line to be granted the Star Power by Queen Bansheera, and attacked the Rangers with his army of demons.

Diabolico displayed strong spiritual powers, as he was able to appear in a spiritual form even when he was imprisoned and after being destroyed. He could also control the weather by creating storms and can summon energy blasts. In battle he used a skull-themed two-pronged staff. He has also shown a strange ability where he can detach his right hand and grab onto opponents with it and bring the rest of his body closer to his target. With the Star Power, Diabolico was immensely powerful; one of his energy beams was enough to put a hole through the Super Train Megazord. Even without the Star Power, he was a competent fighter, nearly besting Olympius in their first battle. When turned into his Super Demon form, Diabolico was at his peak in power. In this form he used a jewel-encrusted sword as his weapon and when combining his powers with Olympius' they were enough to destroy nearly all of the Rangers' Megazords, a feat very few villains and monsters are capable of achieving.

Some time before the series, Diabolico appeared before Captain Mitchell and his two children when they were hanging off the edge of a cliff after a car accident. Ryan was about to fall to his doom when Diabolico offered to save him, but in return, he asked for ownership over Ryan, to which Mitchell reluctantly agreed. After rescuing Ryan, Diabolico told Captain Mitchell that he would see his son again on his twentieth birthday. From then on, Diabolico was able to train Ryan to be a skilled warrior; this proved to be the former's downfall when Ryan switched sides.

After repeated failures, however, Diabolico was threatened by Queen Bansheera, who wanted to take the Star Power and give it to her son Impus. Diabolico considered even killing Impus himself to prevent him from having the Star Power taken away from him, but lost the chance. Finally, after his Troika monster was destroyed, he grew big himself to try to destroy the Power Rangers. However, the Power Rangers formed the Lightspeed Solarzord and destroyed him by absorbing one of his blasts and using the power from it in their own cannons blasting him until he was destroyed (this was ironic since the Rangers were able to destroy Diabolico with Ryan, the Titanium Ranger's help). The Star Power drifted from the fiery explosion caused by his defeat and went to Impus, who matured into Olympius.

Diabolico was later revived (from what was said to be the Shadow World) by Vypra and Loki after they were almost been destroyed by Olympius and his monster servant Vilevine. He immediately returned to his queen's side, attempting to regain favor with her and recapture the Star Power from Olympius. His plans went so far as to trap the naive demonic child in the Shadow World, where all dead monsters dwell, however Olympius escaped. When the Rangers were teleported to the Skull Cavern, Bansheera, in an attempt to destroy the Rangers, force Diabolico to kill his ally and friend, Loki, while he was in the way of the other Rangers. He turned against Bansheera, and told the Red Lightspeed Ranger where to strike to defeat her, but she survived.

Fleeing Bansheera, no longer wanting to serve her, Diabolico was attacked and defeated by a vengeful Olympius. He was dragged back to Bansheera, who turned him into Olympius' mindless pet. The two then attacked the Rangers, but with the help of the Red Ranger (Carter), Diabolico's noble side came back out, and he turned against Olympius once more giving Carter the key to the Tomb (it returned to the Tomb after he and Olympius were destroyed for good). Olympius then took out Diabolico, and in response, the Rangers took down Olympius. Soon, Bansheera revived the two of them and made them into giant Super Demons, with Diabolico now back under Bansheera's control again. They wreaked havoc on the city and the Rangers' Megazords. It took the power of the previously-unused Lifeforce Megazord to finally destroy the two Super Demons. Then, at the very end of The Fate of Lightspeed, the Power Rangers fight Queen Bansheera in the Skull Cavern Palace. Carter (the Red Ranger) knocks her in, but she manages to drag him down leaving them suspended above the monsters below. Carter urges his friends to close the tomb, but they want him back. At that moment, Diabolico's spirit appeared to help the Rangers and he freed Carter and dragged her into the Shadow World, exacting his final revenge on her. Carter climbed out and closed the tomb.

Diabolico also appears as the sixth and final boss in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue for Game Boy Color.

Diabolico is voiced by Neil Kaplan.


Vypra is one of only two female demons, along with Queen Bansheera. She is the most human-looking demon in serpentine armor and adept in demonic magic. At first Vypra was considered a motherly figure to the young Impus, but after he had matured into Olympius she began to look down on him as an immature leader.

She led several attacks on the Rangers, including the use of her Vyprari dune buggy. She primarily used a thin saber that could unleash energy disks. She almost never took hits, but apparently she was vulnerable to damage, because in at least one episode, Carter was able to hold her up by threatening to shoot her.

After Olympius lost favor with his mother, he discovered that she was considering making Loki and Vypra second in command. He plotted to eliminate them by having Vilevine bury them alive. Loki and Vypra retaliated by bringing back Diabolico from the dead to deal with him. She was later killed by Queen Bansheera, who seemed to absorb Vypra into her being to use her energy to regain a bodily form.

In the episode "Time for Lightspeed" of Power Rangers Time Force, Vypra returns from the dead with an army of undead soldiers. She is seen digging herself out of a cemetery, but no explanation is given as to how she got there (originally her body was devoured by Bansheera, not buried) or how she managed to resurrect herself. She teams up with the mutant Ransik to obtain an artifact called the Solar Amulet. With its Dark Magic from the Shadow World and the sun being in perfect alignment with the stars, she could have used its power to revive the Super Demon Quarganon in Silver Hills. However, she was killed again by Wesley Collins (Red Time Force Ranger) with his Red Battle Warrior and Quarganon by Carter with his Trans-Armor Cycle. She was the only human-looking villain to be shown killed.

Vypra is played by Jennifer L. Yen (episodes 1; 4-37) and Wen Yann Shih (episodes 2-3).


Loki (pronounced "Low-Kai") is a fierce and loyal warrior and friend to Diabolico (to whom Loki gave a spider/scorpion-shaped amulet to as a token of their millennia-long friendship) and Vypra. He serves as the dumb muscle of the demons, and was considered expendable by Queen Bansheera despite his loyalty. When Diabolico was destroyed for the first time, Loki and Vypra were anguished by his death and considered the newly matured Olympius as a mere child who would not make a suitable leader. After losing favor with his mother, Olympius discovered that Bansheera considered making Vypra and Loki the new second in command and plotted to eliminate them by having Vilevine bury them alive. The two managed to survive and escape to where the demons were first imprisoned and brought Diabolico back to life to help get rid of Olympius. In a plan to destroy the Power Rangers, Bansheera telepathically took control of Diabolico's body and forced him to use Loki's bazooka to take aim at the Rangers, an act that would also risk harming Loki. The Rangers managed to survive the blast, but Loki was fatally wounded and died in Diabolico's arms, his body exploding and reduced to ash in the typical way monsters were destroyed. Diabolico swore to avenge Loki's demise at the hands of Queen Bansheera.

The monsters Loki created were mainly earth-elemental, including Quakemon and Elestomp. In battle, Loki normally used a two-pronged staff as his weapon, but in "The Wrath of the Queen", the final episode he appeared in, he used a bazooka that was in the shape of a dragon's head. Loki could also expel electricity from his eyes.

Loki is voiced by David Lodge.


Jinxer, whose name is based on the term "jinx," was highly insightful and skilled in the ways of magic. He could conjure monsters from the cards the other demons used as well as using his own set of monster cards and was also skilled in hypnotism. He was highly loyal to Olympius and even helped him escape the Shadow World and fed him power from the Aquabase. Jinxer also helped nurture Olympius back to health when the rest of the villains dismissed Olympius for the dead. He was a cowardly sort of villain, but did engage in battle with the Rangers at least a few times. His method of attacking was using a cane-like blaster. During the Rangers' battle against the Super Demon forms of Diabolico and Olympius, Jinxer planted his only card left - a Batling card - on the leg of the Lifeforce Megazord which he then used to give rise to a massive army of Batlings to invade the Aquabase after the Lifeforce Megazord was brought back. Jinxer himself and a small faction of Batlings piloted the newly repaired Omega Megazord to place the circle of stones around Mariner Bay to assist Queen Bansheera's ceremony in opening the gateway into the Shadow World and releasing all of the demons from within into the world. After placing the final stone, Carter and Ryan destroyed the Omega Megazord by ramming the Mobile Armor Vehicle into it; Jinxer's final fate is never specified but it is assumed he was destroyed as well.

Jinxer is voiced by Kim Strauss.


Triskull is a Demon warrior who swears allegiance to Trakeena. He is the leader of the ghouls, foot soldiers Trakeena uses with the destruction of her Sting Wingers. He pretends to aid Olympius in collecting energy for Queen Bansheera, but is actually collecting it so Trakeena can return to her insectoid form. He attempts to stop the Rangers from entering the building where the energy is kept, and is destroyed by the Red Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers.

Triskull's power is highly inconsistent, since in the episode before his death he easily defeated all Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers.

Unlike most villains and monsters, Triskull did not explode after being killed by the Rangers

Triskull is voiced by Michael Sorich.

The Troika monsters

The Troika Demons are fallen angel-like demons summoned by Diabolico from his last three monster cards. They are made up of Demonite, Thunderon, and Falkar.

Diabolico first summoned them to spread feathers from their "angel" wings across Mariner Bay that would explode when the sun set. Fortunately, Lightspeed Rescue was able to retrieve almost all of the feathers (the last one was thrown away by Ryan) before the sun set. The three warriors considered fighting the Rangers like a game and easily defeated the five primary Rangers. However, they were soundly defeated by Ryan. Ryan's defection led to Diobolico placing a cobra on his back; if Ryan morphed, the cobra would move up his back, and when it reached the neck, Ryan would die. After the original five Power Rangers defeat the monsters, they became big. Demonite was destroyed first. Ryan risked his life by piloting the Max Solarzord and managed to defeat the other two fallen angels. However, the cobra was now so far up his back that the next time would kill him.

  • Demonite is a demonic knight and the leader of the three. In battle, he used a sword gauntlet that he wore on his right hand and was sharp enough to slice a car in two and could fire lasers from his eyes. Diabolico later gives him a mirror that creates a duplicate of himself. The Titanium Ranger is no match for the Demonite clone. The Red Ranger is dared to destroy Demonite but is forced to shoot him and when Demoite is destroyed, his clone is too. Jinxer revives him as a giant in advanced form and is destroyed by the Lightspeed Megazord.
  • Thunderon is a hulking green-skinned angel warrior. Thunderon did not use any weapons in battle (although he had spiked gauntlets on his knuckles) preferring to use his brute strength, he was, however, able to shoot green electricity from his eyes. He was the only one of the three Demons who did not change appearance after he grew into a giant. Thunderon is destroyed the Max Solarzord.
  • Falkar is an elf-like falcon-based angel warrior. Falkar behaved in an effeminate manner and used a three-pronged staff, which he could use to spin on. Falkar could also fire blue energy beams from his falcon-helmet. When fighting alongside Thunderon, Falkar is engulfed in rubble The Pink and Yellow Rangers. Falkar has made his way out of the rubble, and cowardly stands on the sidelines as Thunderon fights. He is busted by Diabolico who asks if he can help Thunderon. When Falkar states that he'd like to see how Thunderon does first, Diabolico sticks an Advanced Growth Card in his back making him grow. He is destroyed by the Max Solarzord.

After the three monsters are destroyed, the remains of the Troika Demons are turned into three colorful gems (a red one for Demonite, a green one for Thunderon, and a gold one for Falkor) Furious at the loss, Diobolico used the gems to summon the monsters again, and merging them into one larger, stronger monster: Troika, who possessed the faces of all three monsters as well as some of their body parts (Demonite's right arm, Thunderon's left arm and Falkar's legs). The Power Rangers were unable to defeat them. After retreating, Captain Mitchell asks Ms. Fairweather if she has anything that could possibly defeat the merged monster. In the next battle, the Power Rangers call on the Battle Boosters, which Troika is no match for.

Demonite was voiced by David Stenstrom, Thunderon was voiced by Alonzo Bodden, and both Falkar and Troika were voiced by Ezra Weisz.


The demons' bat-like foot soldiers that fight with swords.


The following demons are conjured by Diabolico and his forces through Demon Cards. To make a demon grow, Jinxer would cast an incantation upon the monster's body enabling them to grow. Some even have advanced forms when revived with Advance Growth Cards. When a demon is destroyed, it ends up in the Shadow World. Two other demons; Abominus and Mermatron, were not mentioned in the main series but appeared in the video game.


  • First Appearance: "Operation Lightspeed"
  • Voice Actor: Ken Merckx

A fire-based demon who attacked Mariner Bay in the middle of the day. He was the first to battle the Rangers and was destroyed by their Rescue Blasters. In "The Fate of Lightspeed," Ghouligan was one of the monsters seen in the Shadow World Tomb in the finale.

NOTE: Ghouligan is a partially-recolored version of Psycho Monster Red.


A giant lava golem that appeared from a meteor that crashed into Mariner Bay summoned by Jinxer. Magmavore mainly caused lava to flow through Mariner Bay and destroyed a building with his bare hands. Magmavore was the first monster to battle the Lightspeed Megazord and was defeated when he was hurled back into the crater he emerged from, but he was not destroyed, merely laid dormant. In "Rising From Ashes," Magmavore was later reawakened by Queen Bansheera, this time with a reddish hue and wielded a club, which he used to break the Lightspeed Megazord's saber. He seemed stronger the second time around and was able to resurrect Trifire in a stronger form, both monsters defeated the Megazord and forced the Rangers to summon the Supertrain Megazord which destroyed them both.


  • First Appearance: "Trial by Fire"

A giant earthquake-based demon summoned by Loki and Jinxer. Was the first demon to be destroyed by the Lightspeed Megazord saber. In "Sorcerer of the Sands," Quakemon was later resurrected by the Gatekeeper of the Shadow World to attack the Rangers. It was later defeated and absorbed by Olympius in "Olympus Unbound."


  • First Appearance: "Riding the Edge"
  • Voice Actor: John C. Hyke

A tornado-based demon selected by Diabolico. Destroyed by Lightspeed Megazord.


A sword-wielding fire demon who was the first monster created by Baby Impus. Fireor was summoned to steal a fuel cell from the Rangers. Fireor and a group of batlings chased the Rangers but found out that they did not have the fuel cell in their possession. This angers him so he created a circle of fire above the city which is drawing on sun's power to roast the citizens of Mariner Bay and detonate the heat sensitive fuel cell. He was destroyed by the Lightspeed Megazord. In "Sorcerer of the Sands," Fireor was later resurrected by the Gatekeeper and chased the Rangers through the Shadow World. He was one of the three monsters that managed to escaped but was destroyed when the Lightspeed Solarzord used its own energy against it. Fireor's face also appears on Queen Bansheera's skirt when she assumes bodily form.

Gold-Beaked Monster

  • First Appearance: "Wheels of Destruction"
  • Voice Actor: Neil Kaplan

A vampire bat demon that made a brief appearance and was destroyed by the Rescue Blasters.


An elephant demon selected by Loki. It was easily destroyed by the Unilaser.


A lightning-based demon that battled both the Cyborg Rangers and the originals. Strikning could fire the spikes from his body to act as lightning rods. Strikning was able to make the Cyborg Rangers malfunction and turn against the Rangers. He was incredibly weak and was easily defeated when he fought both Ranger teams. He was destroyed for good when the Lightspeed Megazord was able to trick it into being electricuted by its own lightning.


A gas-based demon selected by Vypra. Smogger hurls explosive orbs at buildings that causes them to be set on fire. He caused an explosion that had Kelsey ending up in the hospital. The monster was destroyed by the Red Lightspeed Cycle and Rescue Speeder.


  • First Appearance: "Go Volcanic"
  • Voice Actor: Dave Mallow

A fire-breathing Cerberus demon created by Impus to cause Mt. Jasmine to erupt. He was destroyed by the Lightspeed Megazord. In "Rising From Ashes," Trifire was resurrected in a stronger form by Magmavore and aided him in defeating the Megazord but was destroyed by the Supertrain Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "Truth Discovered"
  • Voice Actor: Archie Kao

A dinosaur/dragon-like demon with a dragon head for a right hand that was unleashed by Vypra to distract the Rangers while Ryan escaped. He was first destroyed by the Rescue Bird, but was resurrected in a giant, stronger form and destroyed by the Supertrain Megazord. In "Sorcerer of the Sands," Liztwin's advanced form was later resurrected by the Gatekeeper of the Shadow World. He was one of the three monsters to escape the Shadow World and was destroyed by the Supertrain Megazord.

Demonite Clone

After the Troika Monsters were defeated in battle against the Titanium Ranger, Diabolico gave the apologetic Demonite a special mirror-card to aid the him and his fellow monsters in the battle against the Rangers. When Demonite used the card it created a clone of himself. This clone almost exactly resembles the original Demonite except the clone possessed two sword gauntlets instead of one and also had a blue-visor. Whenever the original Demonite was injured, the Clone would feel the same pain as the original. While the five primary Rangers battled the three Troika monsters, the Demonite Clone fought Ryan and because of the Cobra's curse that Diabolico placed on Ryan, the Demonite Clone had the upperhand. However Carter was able to destroy the original Demonite, therefore resulting in the destruction of the Demonite Clone as well.

Cobra Monster

A cobra monster with cobra-headed hands that was associated with the Cobra Tattoo that Diabolico placed on Ryan's back. It resided in the Tomb of Forever. Ryan confronted it there and battled him. When the Cobra Tattoo was about to strike Ryan, he managed to knock down a pillar crushing the Cobra Monster killing it. Thus, the Cobra Tattoo was no more.

NOTE: The Cobra Monster is a recolored, altered, and modified version of Snizard.


A stag beetle demon that aided Vypra in a failed attempt to infiltrate the Lightspeed Aquabase. He was destroyed by the Lightspeed Solarzord. In "Sorcerer of the Sands," Thunderclaw was resurrected by the Gatekeeper of the Shadow World, but was defeated and absorbed by Olympius in "Olympius Unbound." In "The Fate of Lightspeed," Thunderclaw was one of the monsters seen in the Shadow World's Tomb.


  • First Appearance: "A Face from the Past"
  • Voice Actor: Herbie Baez

An electronic demon sent to destroy electronic plants. He was destroyed by the Lightspeed Megazord. In "Sorcerer of the Sands," Shockatron was one of the demons resurrected by the Gatekeeper of the Shadow World and was later defeated and absorbed by Olympius in "Olympius Unbound." In "The Fate of Lightspeed," Shockatron was one of the many monsters seen in the Shadow World's Tomb in the finale.


  • First Appearance: "The Queen's Return"
  • Voice Actor: Kirk Thornton

A mystical wizard demon. With the planets aligned, Spellbinder performs the ritual to bring back Queen Bansheera. The Titanium and Red Rangers take him out and he revives himself as a giant. He is defeated by the Lightspeed Solarzord after the Titanium Ranger cleared a tidal wave Queen Bansheera caused. In "Sorcerer of the Sands," Spellbinder was resurrected by the Gatekeeper of the Shadow World and was later defeated and absorbed by Olympius in "Olympius Unbound."


  • First Appearance: "The Fifth Crystal"
  • Voice Actor: Ken Merckx

A dog/mole demon who invented a laser powered by Vypra's stolen Starlight Crystals. He was destroyed by the V-Lancers.


A cyclops demon created by Loki when he was challenged by Olympius to create a worthy monster. Cyclopter possessed great physical strength and fighting skills, however he was weak against the Rangers whenever they wielded their weapons against him, he was also easily defeated by Chad's sensei in martial arts combat. Cyclopter sought Chad's sensei and asked him to train him, to which he agrees. After being trained, Cyclopter turned against his sensei and battled the Rangers, this time more skilled than before. To defeat him once and for all, Chad reconciled with his Sensei and honed his martial arts skills, thus becoming skilled enough to combat Cyclopter and finally destroy him. In "Olympius Unbound," Cyclopter was among the monsters seen in the Shadow World (although he was not among the monsters that had been summoned by the Gatekeeper the previous episode). Like the rest of the monsters, Cyclopter were defeated and absorbed by Olympius. In "The Fate of Lightspeed" Pt. 2, Cyclopter was one of the monsters seen in the Shadow World's Tomb.

Cyclopter also had a very small cameo appearance in Power Rangers S.P.D. as a video game character the Rangers were playing. In "Wired" Pt. 2, Cyclopter made a cameo appearance as a patron in Piggy's cafe.


A powerful praying mantis demon who accompanied Olympius in an attack upon downtown Mariner Bay. He was one of the two "Infinity Monsters" that was featured in the series. Mantevil aided Olympius in stealing the Rescue Bird, but was later defeeated when Carter relived the same day over again. Jinxer made Mantevil grow where Mantevil was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Supertrain Megazord, Lightspeed Solarzord and Omega Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "As Time Runs Out"
  • Voice Actor: Kim Strauss

A vine demon unleashed by Olympius. Vilevine was used by Olympius in a ploy to get rid of Vypra and Loki after he overheard Queen Bansheera talking with Jinxer that she planned to place Vypra and Loki in charge of operations. Vilevine later infected the Rangers' morphers with parasitic plants that would eventually bloom and release toxic spores and would kill them and everyone around them. The Rangers were able to cheat death by going into space and letting the spores being sucked out into the vacuum of space. Vilevine was later destroyed by the Omega Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "In the Freeze Zone"
  • Voice Actor: Steve McGowan

An ice-spewing cobra-like demon unleashed by Olympius. Freezard first froze Ms. Fairweather and then devoured all of the Rangers, sending them into an alternate dimension inside his stomach where the Rangers were frozen alive, except the Red Ranger. However Olympius and Freezard were interrupted by a sudden reappearance by Vypra, Loki and Diabolico. Later Olympius and Freezard challenged Carter again, but Carter was able to use the Thermo-Blasters to heat up Freezard's stomach, causing him to regurgitate the Rangers and then destroyed by the Thermo-Blasters and then by the Omega Megazord after a fierce struggle. In "Sorcerer of the Sands," Freezard was one of the monsters summoned by the Gatekeeper in the Shadow World and was defeated and absorbed by Olympius in "Olympius Unbound."


  • First Appearance: "The Mighty Mega Battles"
  • Voice Actor: Paul Schrier

A powerful dragon-like warrior who strongly resembles his creator Olympius. Infinitor was the second of the "Infinity Monsters" to be summoned (the first being Mantevil). Infinitor was able to absorb the Rangers' weapons and deflect them back at them. Infinitor was only defeated after Joel tricked Olympius into attacking him and then using their Thermo-Blasters while he was still stunned. Of course the Rangers required even stronger weapons to destroy Infinitor so Ms. Fairweather had the Mega-Battles made for Chad and Joel to destroy him. Jinxer later revived Infinitor as a giant and still proved to be a powerful fighter, defeating the Lightspeed Megazord and getting the upperhand against the Omega Megazord, shielding himself from its attacks. The Rangers weren't able to win until the Omega Megazord took the Lightspeed Megazord's sword and used it to destroy Infinitor.

Monster Egg

  • First Appearance: "The Great Egg Caper"

This egg was said to hatch into a very powerful stingray-like monster that would destroy whatever it saw. The egg was given to Jinxer to be hatched underwater but was stolen by a thief who held it for ransom. Jinxer created Bird Bane to reclaim the egg but after several attempts he failed. It wasn't until the thief had a change of heart and threw the egg while the Rangers destroyed Bird Bane, causing both of them to be destroyed.

Bird Bane

A goofy garuda demon that was summoned by Jinxer to help reclaim the Monster Egg. Bird Bane was the self-proclaimed "King of Winged Demon Creatures". Bird Bane attempted to find the monster egg with a group of Batlings but failed at every turn and battled the Rangers. He was destroyed when the thief that stole the egg tossed the egg into the air and Bird Bane was distracted trying to catch it and was destroyed by the Rangers. Bird Bane was later made big in a more powerful form, now wearing knight-like armor. The Supertrain Megazord battled Bird Bane, first able to break Bird Bane's armor and then finishing him off.


  • First Appearance: "The Last Ranger"
  • Voice Actor: Marc Caldera

A memory-erasing Grim Reaper monster sent by Diabolico. Memorase's appearance and role was very brief. He was destroyed by the Lightspeed Solarzord.


  • First Appearance: "Sorcerer of the Sands"
  • Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

The Gatekeeper of the Shadow World is an entity guarding the gateway between Skull Castle and the Shadow World. Olympius summoned the Gatekeeper for help to rid himself of the Rangers for good. The Gatekeeper was able to summon the spirits of past monsters with his staff and control them. However, he lost control when the Rangers destroyed his staff and the fallen monsters attempted to attack both him and Olympius. In "Olympius Unbound," he and Olympius somehow became separated but rejoined and were able to escape the Shadow World and battled the Rangers. Both the Gatekeeper and Olympius grew to gigantic proportions. Gatekeeper was never seen again during the rest of that fight.

Furnace Monster

  • First Appearance: "Sorcerer of the Sands"

A defeated demon in the Shadow World summoned by the Gatekeeper who was able to chase the Rangers. He alongside Fireor and Liztwin's advanced form escaped into the real world and was destroyed by the Supertrain Megazord.


A kappa demon summoned by Diabolico. According to Diabolico, Aquafiend was the only demon monster that was not affected by water like the other demons were. In fact, Aquafiend lived in the waters of a lagoon near Mariner Bay. Diabolico summoned Aquafiend to retrieve Neptune's trident and use it to drain all the water from Mariner Bay so the demons could attack the Aquabase undeterred. Aquafiend was able to steal the trident while Neptune slept and began using it to drain the waters of Mariner Bay. Chad was able to battle Aquafiend and force him out of the water where the Rangers were able to destroy him. Vypra then revived Aquafiend as a giant, who then made Neptune's trident grow to giant proportions so that Aquafiend could wield it effectively but was still defeated by the Lightspeed Megazord.

Later on, when Queen Bansheera gained her bodily form, Aquafiend's face was featured on her skit.


  • First Appearance: "Sorcerer of the Sands" (unofficial), "Web War" (official)
  • Voice Actor: Catherine Battistone

A spider demon. She was first seen as a defeated demon in the Shadow World and was later defeated and absorbed by Olympius. Despite being devoured by Olympius, she returns as a living creature (Some fan speculated the demon in the shadow world could have possibly been the father of her babies). When Diabolico expresses his frustration at needing Jinxer's help in creating a monster, Arachnor appears and offers her aid in exchange she captures people in webs to feed to her babies. The Rangers are held captive in a web along with other civilian victims. The spider eggs hang in the center. Arachnor shrinks down into a smaller spider and sneaks into the Aquabase and one by one captures the Lightspeed staff. Carter pumps up the power with the Trans-Armor and destroys her.

Later on, Arachnor's face is featured on Queen Bansheera's skirt when she gains bodily form.


  • First Appearance: "Sorcerer of the Sands" (unofficial), "In the Limelight" (official)
  • Voice Actor: John C. Hyke

A tree demon. He was first seen as one of the defeated zombie-like monsters that the Gatekeeper summoned in the Shadow World and was defeated and devoured by Olympius. Despite this, Treevil returns when Jinxer uses a monster card and a tree to create Treevil. Treevil attacked Mariner Bay by throwing explosive acorns around like grenades. He also possessed great physical strength, he was able to pull up a tree straight out of the ground and use it like a club. When only four of the Rangers were fighting him he was able to catch the Thermo-Blasters' energy blast and hurl it back at the Rangers, it wasn't until Dana rejoined the group and all five Thermo-Blasters were used that Treevil was destroyed. Treevil was revived as a giant. In giant form, Treevil was able to extend his roots into the ground and cause small earthquakes that opened crevices in the ground and caused the Lightspeed Megazord to fall in. However, the Rangers were able to quickly recovered and destroyed Treevil with the Lightspeed Megazord's saber.


  • First Appearance: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (video game)

A moth-like demon supposedly possessing ice-based powers. This demon was exclusive to the video game.


  • First Appearance: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (video game)

A female bat-winged siren/mermaid demon. This demon was exclusive to the video game.

NOTE: It should be noted that in "Sorcerer of the Sands," the advanced form of this monster was seen in the Shadow World.

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