Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers Time Force
Power Rangers Time Force
PR Time Force logo.png
Format Action/Adventure
Science fantasy
Written by Judd Lynn
Jackie Marchand
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
Kaizo Hayashi
Worth Keeter
Isaac Florentine
Yoshi Hosoya
Makoto Yokoyama
Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Jason Faunt
Erin Cahill
Kevin Kleinberg
Deborah Estelle Phillips
Michael Copon
Daniel Southworth
Vernon Wells
Kate Sheldon
Edward Lawrence Albert
Voices of Brianne Siddall
Eddie Frierson
Neil Kaplan
Composer(s) Lior Rosner
Jeremy Sweet
Inon Zur
Glenn Scott Lacey
Shuki Levy
Kussa Mahchi
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 40 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Producer(s) Jonathan Tzachor
Editor(s) Richard Bracken
Ronald LaVine
Cinematography Ilan Rosenberg
Camera setup Aldo Antonelli
David Mun
David C. Negrin
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Saban Entertainment
Original channel Fox (Fox Kids)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run 02011-02-03 February 3 – November 17, 2001 (2001-11-17)
Preceded by Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Followed by Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers Time Force (often abbreviated as PRTF and often simply called Time Force) is the 2001 incarnation of the Power Rangers series, based on the Super Sentai series Mirai Sentai Timeranger, running for 40 half-hour episodes from February to November 2001. It was the 9th season of Power Rangers.[1] This was the last full season to completely air on Fox Kids following the sale of Fox Family Worldwide, which included Fox Family, Fox Kids and Saban Entertainment being purchased by The Walt Disney Company.

Many fans have compared this season to Power Rangers in Space for being more dark, emotional and realistic. Along with Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and Power Rangers RPM, it is one of the darkest seasons.



The Time Force Rangers

The Time Force Rangers and the Quantum Ranger
Wesley "Wes" Collins
The protagonist and the Red Time Force Ranger in the year 2001; he is actually an ancestor of Alex Drake, the Red Ranger in the year 3000. He was needed to activate the Chrono Morphers for the other Time Force Power Rangers because of the DNA match, but he later did assist the Power Rangers, despite his privileged upbringing. He was portrayed by Jason Faunt.
Jennifer "Jen" Scotts
The female protagonist and the Pink Time Force Ranger, made cold-hearted because of the apparent death of her fiancée Alex (the former Red Ranger) in the year 3000. She was portrayed by Erin Cahill.
Lucas Kendall
The Blue Time Force Ranger; a race car driver in the year 3000 and womanizer in any year. He was portrayed by Michael Copon.
Katie Walker
The Yellow Time Force Ranger; she was imbued with enhanced strength due to genetic engineering. She was portrayed by Deborah Estelle Phillips.
The Green Time Force Ranger; a Xybrian alien, noted by his green hair and jewel in his forehead, the latter of which amplifies his psychic powers. He was portrayed by Kevin Kleinberg.
Eric Myers
The Quantum Ranger; leader of the Silver Guardians, a group funded by Wes's father to combat the Mutants set free by Ransik. He was portrayed by Daniel Southworth.
The initial Red Ranger and descendant of Wes who is thought to have died during the events of the first episode. He is later discovered to have survived the accident and help the Time Force Rangers in the year 2001 from behind the scenes until he discovers that their actions are changing the course of history. He takes control of the Time Force Rangers in 2001 for a short period of time until the future returned to its proper course. Jason Faunt also portrayed Alex in addition to his portrayal of Wes.


  • Circuit: A small blue mechanical owl which acts as an information source (like Alpha 5) and calls Captain Logan to send the Zords when needed. (Voiced by Brianne Siddall)
  • Captain Logan: Time Force commanding officer. (Played by Roy Werner)
  • Mr. A. Collins: Wes' father and millionaire businessman, who set up the silver guardians which were led by Eric. (Portrayed by Edward Laurence Albert)
  • Philips: The Collins family butler, always ready to give Wes helpful advice (Portrayed by Douglas Fisher).
  • Dr. Michael Zaskin: A Biolab scientist that works for Collins. (Portrayed by Ken Merckx, who previously portrayed Count Dregon from Masked Rider)
  • Silver Guardians: A private security force funded by Wes' father and later led by Eric that protected Silver Hills from Ransik's mutants. They hold a tenuous relationship with the Time Force Rangers. At the end of the series, Wes becomes co-leader of the Silver Guardians with Eric.
  • Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers
  • Wild Force Power Rangers


  • Ransik: (Portrayed by Vernon Wells) A mutant from the year 3000 and the primary antagonist of the series. He went back to the year 2001 along with his daughter Nadira, his robotic henchman Frax and Gluto. When he was created in 3000, he was shunned by everyone who saw him, he begin an army of mutant criminals. In the end of the series, instead of being destroyed, he realized his errors and his wrong ways, he willingly turned himself in. He and Nadira soon returned to help both the Time Rangers and the Wild Force Rangers to fight the Mut-Orgs, he soon was transformed into a human.
  • Nadira: (Portrayed by Kate Sheldon) The daughter of Ransik, she is very loyal to her father by unfreezing, mutants (originally frozen by Time Force) who she and her father along w/ Frax believe will destroy the Power Rangers. After helping deliver a baby, Nadira begun to feel different, she questions her father why humans and mutants despise each other. In the end, she changed her evil ways and begun to help humanity back at the year 3000.
  • Frax: (Voiced by Eddie Frierson) He was once a human named Dr. Louis Ferricks, he saved Ransik's life by creating a serum, however, Ransik destroyed Ferricks and leaves him presumed dead. Frax has been doing things without consent from Ransik. He reveals himself to Ransik before destroying the last vial with the serum. Eventually, Frax was captured by Ransik and was turned into a robot with no mind to pilot the Doomtron. He was destroyed along with Doomtron.
  • Gluto: (Voiced by Neil Kaplan) A gluttonous frog-whale who vies for Nadira's attention when she inadvertently saved him from cryogenic containment. He joins Ransik's army and follows him into the past. During the conclusion of the storyline, in a moment of cowardice, Gluto froze himself, as he was unwilling to remain present for the events that culminated in the final battle between the Time Force Rangers and Ransik.
  • Cyclobots: Robotic foot soldiers created by Dr. Louis Ferricks (before becoming Frax) and served Ransik.
  • Black Knight: An evil knight that wore Black armor that traveled forward in time from the medievel ages to the year 2001 along with his pet dragon. In the past he stole the Time Fire power from a White Knight but was unable to open the box it was contained in, for only a pure-hearted warrior could open. Wes is able to open the box after slaying the dragon and then uses it to activate his battilizer and destoys the Black Knight and seals the time portal the Knight created.


  • Chrono Morphers: Created by Time Force and usually used by select officers such as Alex and the Time Force Rangers. The Chrono Morphers can display holographic images and imprint the DNA of the wearer so that only the person in question, or someone with similar DNA, can use them to morph by calling "Time For Time Force!". These morphers are unique in the respect that if one was inactive, the others were as well. Initially only the Red Ranger's Chrono Morpher was active, but upon being separated from its previous owner Alex, it needed to be reactivated in order for the Chrono Morphers Jen, Lucas, Katie and Trip acquired to imprint their DNA.
  • Quantum Morpher: Eric Myers uses this device to morph into the Quantum Ranger by crying out "Quantum Power!", and it also controls his Quantasaurus Rex Zord. The Quantum Morpher's distinct Voice Activation feature allows Eric, or someone that sounds like him, to operate it. Eric deactivates this feature after being badly injured then gives the Morpher to Wes figuring that it may give Wes some more help. Wes uses it later to summon the Quantum Defender and to control the Q-Rex to destroy Doomtron
  • Time Force Badge: Each Ranger wears his or her own badge, thus identifying them as law enforcers to criminals. The badge can also seal an apprehended criminal in a cryo-containment unit.
  • Chrono Sabers: Each Ranger carries two Chrono Sabers, which can also double as a lance. In battle, the Chrono Sabers can fire energy projectiles and are used to deliver a Time Strike. The Rangers can also spin around like a tornado and strike an opponent.
  • Electro Booster: Trip created this unique blaster to help the team overpower an energy-absorbing mutant. It is formed through adding a series of attachments onto a Chrono Saber. Self-destructed by Wes in the Battle of the Clocktower to destroy the Clocktower and the army invading it.
  • Chrono Blaster: The standard Time Force firearm.
  • Quantum Defender: The Quantum Ranger's personal firearm can change into a sword. Can deliver the freeze strike mode where it charges with blue energy and slashes the enemy two times. Used by Wes to give the Q-Rex more power to destroy Doomtron in the final battle.
  • Vortex Blaster: This powerful cannon, forged from the five V Weapons, delivers a powerful blast capable of either freezing or knocking out targets.
    • V Weapons: Giant cannons used by the five core Rangers, each branded V1 to V5. They can easily destroy a target but are usually set to stun.
  • Battle Warrior Armor: A black knight once bested a white knight and claimed for himself a box that could be opened only by those with a pure heart. The black knight eventually appeared in Silver Hills and left the box in a cave, to be guarded by a dragon. Wes found the cave and defeated the dragon before opening the box to receive the magical Battle Fire, which gave him access to the Battle Warrior Armor. In addition to body, helmet and boot armor, Wes is armed with a giant sword which ignites its target in a blaze.
  • Mega Battle Armor: The Quantum Ranger's own armor, granted to him by Alex from the year 3000. The Mega Battle Armor places a visor over Eric's helmet and gives him torso shielding, roller-blades, detachable wings that serve as blasters and blades, and a large energy blade that is capable of "freezing" giant criminals.
  • Vector Cycles: Motorcycles from the future, assigned to each of the five core Rangers for ground pursuit.
  • Strata Cycle: A sleek vehicle sent by Alex to aid Wes. It has flight capabilities and awesome firepower.
  • TF Eagle: Quantum Ranger's personal transport, capable of travelling through time.
  • Time Jet: A glider-like aircraft that carries the Rangers to their Time Fliers. It can fire from front-mounted blasters and transform into an over-sized handgun. In its handgun mode, it is often used by the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue.


The Zords in Power Rangers Time Force were all futuristic vehicles sent back in time from the year 3000 to assist the Time Force Rangers in the year 2001. They were launched by the Transwarp Megazord through a time gate. The Time Flyers had three formations: Jet Mode, Mode Red for power, and Mode Blue for speed. The Shadow Winger was sent back in time by Alex to assist his comrades in the past. The Quantasaurus-Rex was used solely by the Quantum Ranger, and was the precursor to the other Time Force Zords, although it was lost in the Jurassic.


# Title Original air date
1 "Force from the Future, Part 1" February 3, 2001
2 "Force from the Future, Part 2" February 10, 2001
3 "Something to Fight For" February 17, 2001
4 "Ransik Lives" February 24, 2001
5 "A Blue Streak" March 3, 2001
6 "A Parting of Ways" March 10, 2001
7 "Short Circuited" March 17, 2001
8 "Jen's Revenge" March 24, 2001
9 "The Time Shadow" March 31, 2001
10 "Future Unknown" April 7, 2001
11 "Uniquely Trip" April 14, 2001
12 "Worlds Apart" April 21, 2001
13 "The Quantum Quest" April 28, 2001
14 "Clash for Control, Part 1" May 5, 2001
15 "Clash for Control, Part 2" May 12, 2001
16 "Bodyguard in Blue" May 19, 2001
17 "The Legend of the Clock Tower" May 19, 2001
18 "Trust and Triumph" June 2, 2001
19 "Trip Takes a Stand" June 9, 2001
20 "Quantum Secrets" June 16, 2001
21 "Lovestruck Rangers" June 23, 2001
22 "The Last Race" July 7, 2001
23 "Full Exposure" July 14, 2001
24 "Movie Madness, Part 1" July 21, 2001
25 "Movie Madness, Part 2" July 28, 2001
26 "Time Force Traitor" August 4, 2001
27 "Frax's Fury" August 11, 2001
28 "Dawn of Destiny" August 18, 2001
29 "Fight Against Fate" August 25, 2001
30 "Destiny Defeated" September 8, 2001
31 "Undercover Rangers" September 15, 2001
32 "Beware the Knight" September 22, 2001
33 "Time for Lightspeed" September 29, 2001
34 "Reflections of Evil" October 6, 2001
35 "Nadira's Dream Date" October 13, 2001
36 "Circuit Unsure"
(dedicated to Thuy Trang)
October 20, 2001
37 "A Calm Before the Storm" October 27, 2001
38 "The End of Time, Part 1" November 3, 2001
39 "The End of Time, Part 2" November 10, 2001
40 "The End of Time, Part 3" November 17, 2001


  1. ^ Stanley, T.L. (June 9, 2001). "Power Rangers Still Have a Kick". The Los Angeles Times. http://articles.latimes.com/2001/jun/09/entertainment/ca-8240/2. Retrieved 2010-08-22. 

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