List of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers monsters (Season One)

List of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers monsters (Season One)

This is a list of fictional monsters from the Power Rangers universe, specifically those that first appeared in the television series "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers". Monsters from later series can be found in the List of Power Rangers monsters articles. Other season monsters can be found on List of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers monsters (Season Two) and List of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers monsters (Season Three). Only 11 monsters from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger appeared in US footage. Fourteen monsters in this season come from footage commonly referred to as "Zyu2" -- footage featuring the ZyuRangers, but not from the original source sentai "Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger". In this season, a monster would be made into a giant whenever Rita would throw her magic wand down to Earth.

List of Monsters


* First Appearance: "High Five" (9/7/93)

A skeleton monster created by Finster. He is the first monster the Power Rangers ever faced (not counting Goldar), one of the few to have his own set of minions (glowing skeleton warriors), and was the first boss in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers videogame for the SNES. He was destroyed by Trini after having his head thrown down a pit full of lava. It is important to note the clay statue Finster uses to create Bones is often used as stock footage to show other creatures he creates.


* First Appearance: "High Five" (9/7/93)

A giant knight summoned by Rita after Bones's defeat. She said this incantation to summon him:

: "Moondust soft and pliant,: "Send to Earth a giant."

Once it appeared in Angel Grove, it pulled the Red Ranger out of Bones's dimension. The Ranger then summoned the Tyrannosaurus Zord and destroyed the Giant.


* First Appearance: "Teamwork" (9/8/93)

The Mighty Minotaur is a minotaur monster created by Finster. It manages to cause mass havoc against Jason, Zack, and Billy while Trini and Kimberly are preoccupied fighting the putties. After the Minotaur grows, the Rangers regroup and call on their zords, but after a brief confrontation in Megazord Tank Mode, Zordon determines the monster is too much for the Rangers' zords, without allowing them to attempt a battle in Megazord Battle Mode. Zordon gives the Rangers their Power Weapons to battle the monster. When confronted by the Minotaur again, they bring their weapons together to form the Power Blaster and defeat the monster. The Mighty Minotaur also appeared in the first Sega Genesis game based on the show though he is simply referred to as Minotaur in the game.

King Sphinx/Fly Guy

* First Appearance: "A Pressing Engagement" (9/9/93)

King Sphinx was a Pharaoh-like Sphinx monster created by Finster. He could send away other beings with his wings. He also wields a scepter with a gold question mark on the end, which emitted flaming question marks. Finster supposedly created him from a handful of Egyptian sand, which he threw into the clay mold while making the monster's model. King Sphinx was destroyed by the Megazord's Power Sword.

King Sphinx was originally named Fly Guy in the (originally) unaired pilot for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. He was also the most featured non-regular villain character to appear in art for much of the franchise's merchandise. He was the first boss in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers videogame for the Game Gear as well as the fourth boss in the Game Boy game.

* Pictures of King Sphinx would often appear on Big Bad Beetleborgs in the comic store "Zoom Comics".

Gnarly Gnome

* First Appearance: "Different Drum" (9/10/93)

A gnome/goblin monster created by Finster. He could control people with his music, which he played with his magical accordion. He also wielded a rake as a weapon. He held the friends of Kimberly's deaf friend Melissa as hostages in a cave and made them dance uncontrollably with his music. Melissa led Kimberly and the others to the cave, and Kimberly had Melissa take cover, thereby preventing her from seeing her and her friends morph into the Rangers. The Rangers took on Gnarly Gnome and obliterated him with the Power Blaster, but then Rita made him reform and grow. During the Megazord battle, Gnarly Gnome first used his rake, but the Megazord soon took it away and used it against him. Gnarly Gnome then used his accordion to confuse the Megazord and cause the Rangers to see illusions of a city in the empty battlefield, and to hallucinate Gnarly Gnome as a city building, and then a rolling boulder. The Megazord knocked the accordion away, putting a stop to the gnome's music, and then defeated him with the Power Sword.

Gnarly Gnome was also the second boss in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game for the SNES. He was also the first monster to also appear in US footage.

Pudgy Pig

* First Appearance: "Food Fight" (9/4/93)

Pudgy Pig was a ravenous pig monster. He could wipe out the Earth's entire food supply in a mere 48 hours. However, he didn't like spicy food. Pudgy Pig was created by Finster to ruin the Food Festival at the Youth Center, immediately beginning to eat everything in sight. Before creating it Finster warned Rita it was not his best work. When battling the Power Rangers, Pudgy Pig swallowed their Power Weapons and sent the Rangers into a swirling vortex. The Rangers realized that the monster didn't like spicy food, so they fed it a sandwich containing a spicy vegetable, causing it to become ill and vomit up all the food, as well as the Rangers' weapons. The Rangers then used their Power Blaster to destroy the Pudgy Pig.

Some time later when the Rangers were sent to the Island of Illusion, they were assaulted by the illusions of monsters they had already defeated, including Pudgy Pig. A few dozen episodes later, Rita Repulsa was able to transform Norman (Bulk's pet pig) into another Pudgy Pig. Like the first Pudgy Pig, Norman was gluttonous, but unlike the first, he did not have evil intentions — he just wanted some food to snack on. The Rangers were able to track Norman to a farm where he was found gazing at a female pig. Trini observed that none of Rita's monsters could fall in love like Norman had. The Rangers then turned this Pudgy Pig back into Norman.

NOTE: In "A Pig Surprise", Pudgy Pig fought the Power Rangers in a battle utilizing the same footage from "Food Fight", this time without eating their Power Weapons. This was executed by very careful video editing.

* Pudgy Pig battles the Rangers and The Ninja Megazord in Marvel Comics "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4".

Chunky Chicken

*First Appearance: "Big Sisters" (9/11/93)

A chicken monster created by Finster when Rita asked for a truly cruel monster. He captured Maria, a young girl who Kimberly and Trini were babysitting, and used her to open a chest to retrieve the Power Eggs, as the chest could only be opened by a child. The Chunky Chicken used a pair of giant scissors to tear a hole in the fabric of time and space in order to move around. The Chunky Chicken was destroyed by the Megazord, after unsuccessfully trying to duck the Power Sword.

Eye Guy

* First Appearance: "I, Eye Guy" (9/14/93)

Eye Guy is an eye monster created by Finster. Rita had once employed Eye Guy's skills on Redna 2 to capture incredibly bright children to use their intelligence for evil. Eye Guy was one of Rita's favorite monsters and Eye Guy seemed to show some attraction and loyalty to her, calling her "lovely" and "a sight for sore eyes". Eye Guy had an array of energy beam attacks he could launch from his various eyes, and could reassemble himself if blown apart. Eye Guy's mission was to capture a highly-intelligent child so Rita Repulsa could absorb their intelligence. Eye Guy captured Billy's friend Willie and was challenged by the Power Rangers. Eye Guy proved to be invulnerable to their Power Blaster and had them on the ropes until Billy destroyed his main eye. Grown to giant size by Rita, Eye Guy was destroyed by the Megazord, freeing the child before Rita could get to him.

Some time later when the Rangers were sent to the Island of Illusion, they were assaulted by the illusions of monsters they had already defeated which then vanished when they were about to touch the Rangers. One of these illusions was Eye Guy. Eye Guy later attended Rita and Zedd's wedding, bringing a caged spider for "either a decoration or a light snack." After the reception, he was part of the monster army that fought and was destroyed by the Thunderzords.

Eye Guy was featured in "Countdown to Destruction" and was one of the many monsters that aided King Mondo in raiding the Phantom Ranger's home planet. Eye Guy was last seen in the finale of Lightspeed Rescue when Queen Bansheera attempted to open a gateway to the Shadow World. He was among the undead monsters seen in the gateway.

Eye Guy was also one of the villains (the third boss) in the original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Video Game for the SNES.

Mr. Ticklesneezer

* First Appearance: "For Whom the Bell Trolls" (9/15/93)

A rather friendly and timid fairy/troll monster created from Trini's doll of the same name in her dream. His specialty was collecting. Mr. Ticklesneezer enjoyed collecting large objects (or "goodies") such as vehicles and buildings inside his small glass bottles. Rita wanted to use these skills to capture the Power Rangers and the world. When Mr. Ticklesneezer fought the Megazord, he realized the difficulty he had caused everyone, and returned everything he collected. He is one of the few monsters that any incarnation of the Rangers had spared, even if he only appeared in a dream.

Knasty Knight

* First Appearance: "Happy Birthday Zack" (9/16/93)

An evil black knight summoned by Rita to attack Zack on his birthday. He was one of the most powerful of Rita's monsters, used to eliminate many who opposed her. The Knasty Knight was featured on Page 12 of Finster's monster book. The Knasty Knight was greatly resilient to the Rangers' Power Weapons, damaging some of them with his powerful sword. He even disabled the Megazord's Power Sword by taking away its energy. The Rangers managed to reverse this process, restoring their sword to normal and destroying him.

Knasty Knight made a special appearance as part of Zack's crystal-created nightmare in the episode "Crystal of Nightmares".

Knasty Knight was the second boss in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the Game Gear.


* First Appearance: "No Clowning Around" (9/17/93)

A pineapple/octopus monster created by Finster who took the form of Pineapple the Clown. He turned Trini's cousin, Silvia, into cardboard (she was later restored by Trini and Alpha 5). He could also extend his long vines and use them like whips and launch spheres of energy. His magic dust was useless against the Rangers, whose suits protected them. After growing, Pineoctopus demonstrated a weakness to cold, becoming frozen easily by the Mastadon freeze spray. He was the only monster to be defeated using the Megazord cranial laser. Later on when the Rangers were sent to the Island of Illusion, they were attacked by the illusions of monsters they had already defeated, one of which was the Pineoctopus. Pineoctopus was also present when Rita and Zedd conquered the Vica Galaxy.

Terror Toad

* First Appearance: "Power Ranger Punks" (9/20/93)

A toad monster created by Finster. His horn turned into an energy Pac-Man like shape, the large white energy tongue wrapped around Trini and Zack and sucked them into the monster's mouth in the form of spheres. His stomach bore pictures of the yellow and black ranger's faces. Terror Toad's power grow as he ate the rangers. Kimberly and Billy chopped off Terror Toad's horn with their blade blaster blades. Terror Toad managed to swallow Jason and Billy with his tongue, as he chewed the rangers he revealed hidden eyes and a mouth on his neck. Kimberly shot three arrows from her power bow into Terror Toad's neck, making him fall over and releases the four swallowed rangers from his mouth in the form of energy spheres. The Terror Toad was later destroyed by her Power Bow's arrow.

Madame Woe

* First Appearance: "Peace, Love, and Woe" (9/21/93)

It is unclear how Madame Woe came into existence: at first Rita contacts Woe and asks her to come to the palace, yet earlier Rita seems to infer that Finster is responsible for creating Madame Woe, by telling him that she wanted him to create a monster, and when he asked which one, her response was a Madame Woe. She gets her name from bringing woe or trouble to everyone she touched. Madame Woe's jewel allowed her to control wind, rain, heat, and cold and could send people to other dimensions. She was defeated when Billy ripped the crystal off of her head, crumpled it, freeing the other Power Rangers and Marge. They then used the Power Blaster to finisher her off. Madame Woe was present in the Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's army to conquer of the Vica-Galaxy and later she was hit by Zordon's energy wave.


* First Appearance: "Foul Play in the Sky" (9/22/93)

Snizard was a snake/lizard monster created by Finster to battle the Power Rangers. Its torso was actually a large snake mouth, which could open up and fire what he called "tonsil snakes" at his foes, which would then wrap up and weaken their targets, draining them of their life energy. His arms were a pair of snakes and his legs were a bunch of snakes coiled around each other. The Zapper Apple on his crown also possessed great power, possibly strong enough to have been able to destroy the Power Rangers with a single shot from a weapon charged by it. Confronting four of the Rangers in Angel Grove Park, Snizzard overwhelmed and nearly destroyed them with an arrow charged with energy from his crown's Zapper Apple. It was then that Kimberly Hart arrived and saved her teammates. After defeating a group of Putties that Snizzard had summoned, Kimberly slew the reptilian monster by firing an arrow of her own into his Zapper Apple.

Snizard was brought back in season 2 by Lord Zedd as one of the monsters in Doomstone's graveyard. He was once again recreated (by Finster) to guard the Power Rangers in the Specter Theater. He later attended Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's wedding, where he played the song "Here Comes the Bride" on the organ. Rita provided her own lyrics as she walked down the aisle, calling the song "Here Comes the Queen". A couple of the guests were jumping over his tail like a jump rope as he wagged it around from side to side while playing the organ.

Lastly, Snizard reappeared in Rita and Zedd's army as they conquered the Vica Galaxy.

Dark Warrior

* First Appearance: "Dark Warrior" (9/28/93)

A stealthy, army-colored ninja monster created by Finster, Dark Warrior kidnapped Trini's uncle Howard and threatened to kill him unless he revealed the secret of a new invisibility formula that he had invented. He was destroyed by the Megazord. He was also featured in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video game for the SNES as the fifth boss.


* First Appearance: "Switching Places" (10/4/93)

An evil jackal-headed genie released from his lamp by Squatt and Baboo, the Genie was one of the few monsters of the day that was not blown up by the Power Rangers -- they instead destroyed his lamp, causing him to disappear.

He's also featured in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video game for the SNES as the fourth boss.


* First Appearance: "The Trouble with Shellshock" (10/11/93)

A tortoise monster created by Squatt and Baboo, Shellshock had a traffic light atop its body which created speed and freeze spells. For hand weapons, he had a hook and a baseball bat with a ball, as well as a large cannon in his shell. He was exceptionally powerful but lost some of his power when Trini shorted out his traffic light using the deandra flowers. In the end, he was destroyed by the Dragonzord & Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Some time later when the Rangers were sent to the Island of Illusion, they were assaulted by the illusions of monsters they had already defeated, including Shellshock. Shellshock appears in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the Game Gear as the boss of the fifth level.


* First Appearance: "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (10/12/93)

A spider monster created by Finster. After a brief battle, with the Rangers badly losing, he grows to giant size. Initially they formed the Megazord, and although they were able to hold him off for a bit with the Megazord, they were under an intense attack and had to separate into individual zords. The Rangers battled the monsters with their individual Dinozords, but he proved to be too much for the individual zords to handle, even shaking off the Mastodon freeze spray, and trapping the Dragonzord in an exploding web. The Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber-Toothed Tiger Zords then combined with the Dragonzord for the first time to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode (with the Tyrannosaurus and Pterodactyl assisting it), and promptly obliterated it with the spinning, glowing Power Staff, perforating a hole in its midsection and causing it to fall and explode.

pit Flower

* First Appearance: "The Spit Flower" (10/19/93)

A flower-eating insect monster created by Finster. Unlike most monsters, the Spit Flower demonstrated no language abilities, communicating only with evil laughter. When it eats flowers, the flowers come out as biting little monsters that eat the energy from their targets. After growing, the Spit Flower overwhelmed the Dragonzord in Battle Mode. Later on, the Rangers discovered the monster's weak spot was its spit sac. Kimberly hit it with the Power Bow's arrows, causing the monster to become frustrated with not being able to form new biting bloomers, giving the Rangers time to form the Power Blaster. The Rangers then used the Power Blaster to destroy the Spit Flower, who needed three blasts from the Power Blaster to finally be taken down.

Frankenstein Monster

* First Appearance: "Life's a Masquerade" (10/30/93)

A humanoid monster created by Finster who is based on Dr. Frankenstein's monster. His main weapon was removing his neck-bolts and connecting them with a chain, creating a meteor hammer-like weapon and a spiked ball chain. He blends in with the crowd at a costume party in the Youth Center in an attempt to seek out the Rangers. After the Rangers confronted the Frankenstein monster, they were promptly overpowered. For reasons unknown, Rita made him grow, even though he was winning the fight while small.

After growing giant, the Rangers in their Megazord struggle with him. Early on in the battle, the Rangers call for the Power Sword, and appear to turn the tide, deflecting his weapon at first, until they use the finishing strike which bounces harmlessly off of the Frankenstein monster's chest, the first time a monster survived a Megazord finisher. They tried the finisher again, which was this time blocked by the bolt weapons, knocking the Megazord back. He the used his bolt weapon as a meteor hammer, and a chain, grabbing the Megazord with it and tossing it around. The Frankenstein monster then picked up and tossed the Megazord around, knocking it into buildings. After the Megazord's final reserves of power were about to go out, Tommy finally joined the other Rangers. For a while, things appeared grim, as the Frankenstein monster was able to handle both the Dragonzord and Megazord simulatenously. Then, Dragonzord Battle Mode is formed. Initially, the Frankenstein monster still has the upper hand. The Frankenstein Monster was able to land nearly every attack on the Dragonzord Battle Mode, even returning the crest blast. While he was laughing mockingly at the Rangers, they use the opportunity to obliterate the monster with the Dragonzord Battle Mode's Power Staff.


* First Appearance: "Island of Illusion Part One" (11/2/93)

A powerful zombie-like monster summoned by Rita. Mutitus used bolts attached to chains similar to the ones that Rita's Frankenstein Monster used. As Rita accurately stated, Mutitis was quickly winning against the Megazord, with the Megazord unable to even push him back. It was a fierce opponent and after summoning the evil god, Lokar, Rita had him use his "Breath of Doom" to transform Mutitus into a more demon-like form and with a power boost.

Mutitis continues to overpower the Megazord, until the Dragonzord arrives, catching him off guard briefly. Mutitis quickly regained control of the battle, knocking both zords back easily. Soon after, Mutitus sprays toxic foam all over the Megazord and Dragonzord, causing them to short-circuit. Rita traps the Rangers on an dimension called 'The Island of Illusion' after Mutitus beats the Megazord and Dragonzord. While on the Island of Illusion, the 6 Rangers face illusions of their worst fears. When they return, they immediately call upon the MegaDragonzord, and the battle continues. Mutitus quickly proves no match for MegaDragonzord, unable to even damage it, after which launches its Z-sphere, disintegrating Mutitus in a flash of bright light.

Mutitus in his second form is the first enemy the Rangers must defeat using the Megazord in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game for the SNES. He appears in level six of the game.


* First Appearance: "The Rockstar" (11/4/93)

Rockstar was a rock monster who accompanied Scorpina and stalked Jason and his younger cousin, Jeremy, during their journey to capture the Mirror of Destruction. Rockstar is destroyed when he sees his reflection in the Mirror of Destruction that Jeremy points at him.

amurai Fan Man

* First Appearance: "Calamity Kimberly" (11/5/93)

A fan-wielding samurai monster created by Finster. Inside his jug is an alternate dimension, where he trapped Kimberly. It was said by Alpha that if the jar broke, she'd be trapped there forever. Weapons in his arsenal include his fan (which fires electrical sparks and a huge gust of wind, the main purpose of which is to blow his adversaries long distances away from him, and eventually to a far-off dimension), a large steel rake, a Samurai Lance, and explosive quills on his helmet that seem to regenerate themselves. Samurai Fan Man was so tough that Zordon recommended using their zords against the small Samurai Fan Man to crush him, and the other Rangers recommended the Dragonzord in addition to the other four zords. This was because during their battle, the Power Rangers were vastly overpowered and blown away by the fan.

Kimberly was still trapped inside the jug when Rita made the Samurai Fan Man grow to a giant size. Jason then called on Tommy, who morphed and joined the others (against Alpha's wishes, as Tommy was recovering from an injury at the Command Center). Tommy called on the Dragonzord, which combined with the other zords to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode, yet none of its attacks could harm the Samurai Fan Man, although they did catch him by surprise and made him drop his rake. The battle continued to go poorly, with their best efforts only pushing him back a bit, until the team managed to cut the monster's jug loose with the Dragonzord Battle Mode's finishing move with the Power Staff, freeing Kimberly. After a quick battle with the samurai lance which forced the Dragonzord Battle Mode to retreat, Kimberly summoned her Pterodactyl Dinozord, allowing the Rangers to form the Megazord. When in Tank Mode, Jason immediately called for preparation for the Ultrazord, although this formation was a bit delayed. They called on the Power Sword, breaking the Samurai Fan Man's Samurai Lance, but he then blew blow both the Megazord and Dragonzord away simultaneously, which were stopped by a nearby mountainside. Finally, Jason called on Titanus to form the Ultrazord, which was finally able to destroy the monster.

Samurai Fan Man made a special appearance as part of Kim's crystal-created nightmare in the episode "Crystal of Nightmares".

Babe Ruthless

* First Appearance: "A Star is Born" (11/15/93)

A baseball-esque pixie monster created by Finster who accompanies Goldar in his turn to conquer the rangers. After mercilessly clobbering the individual zords, the Rangers form the Dragonzord Battle Mode. A short battle ensues, but Babe Ruthless's attacks aren't as successful, with some even being returned. Eventually, he is destroyed by the Dragonzord Battle Mode, being impaled through his stomach, leaving a sizzling perforated hole, causing him to fall over dizzily and explode. His name is a play on Babe Ruth.


* First Appearance: "A Star is Born" (11/15/93)

A worm monster created by Finster, Scorpina's pet and a deadly adversary. He can weave a pink strand of a gooey weblike substance, trapping the rangers in it on one occasion, and the entire Megazord in a strand the second time around. The Megazord battle with the Weaveworm seemed to be going nowhere until the Weaveworm upped the ante with his cocoon attack. He was surprisingly good at hand to hand combat, the Megazord's punches not fazing him. However, when the Dragonzord comes to the rescue and frees the Megazord from its sealed containment, the tide is turned. The Rangers form the MegaDragonzord, and use the spinning Z-Sphere to obliterate the Waveworm in a flash of bright light.


* First Appearance: "The Yolk's on You!" (11/16/93)

A gooney bird egg-obsessed monster created by Finster. Baboo and Squatt eat his gooney-bird eggs, causing this apparently non-evil monster to go insane and become easily manipulated by the forces of evil. He claims that the eggs were intended for lunch, but his actions indicate that they were more to him than just a delicious treat. Rita promises Fang an endless supply of gooney bird eggs, but only if he can defeat the Rangers first. Fang complies with this ultimatum, having been convinced that the Rangers had stolen his previous batch of eggs. Jason tries to comply with Fang by explaining to him that they aren't aware of any eggs and that they haven't taken anything from him, but Fang doesn't want to listen. After Fang mercilessly clobbers the Megazord and the Dragonzord, and then the Dragonzord Battle Mode and Tyrannosaurus, the Rangers are left with no other choice but to defend themselves by destroying Fang with the Ultrazord.


* First Appearance: "The Green Candle, Part One" (11/17/93)

A one-eyed monster created by Finster, Cyclops was able to change his shape at will. He could project energy beams from his eye. Cyclops had disguised himself as the Dragonzord to lure the Rangers out. Once he was found out, he retreated after realizing that being hit with the real Dragonzord's tail had taken away his ability to maintain a disguise. He later launched another attack on a city near Angel Grove, this time disguised as the Dragonzord in Battle Mode. The Ultrazord destroyed Cyclops.

Hatchasaurus & Cardiatron

* First Appearance: "Birds of a Feather" (11/19/93)

A bird/dinosaur monster created by Finster, Hatchasaurus possessed a magical speaking computer heart called Cardiatron that was able to re-assemble/enhance the monster after it was destroyed by the Rangers. First, the Tyrannosaurus finisher was used, which only temporarily defeated him. Then, the Megazord used its Power Sword to the same results. Hatchasaurus demonstrated incredible strength when he became his most advanced form the third time he was reassembled. It wasn't until Red Ranger destroyed Cardiatron with the Power Sword and Dragon Dagger that he and the others were able to destroy Hatchasaurus once and for all with Ultrazord.

Hatchasaurus later reappeared in the second season when summoned by Terror Blossom. This time around it possessed the capability to speak with Cardiatron not speaking (strangely with Cardiatron's original voice). Like the first time, the Rangers had to destroy Cardiatron, before they could destroy the monster completely. To defeat it the first time, they merely emitted smoke from a nozzle in the Thunder Megazord's chest, but it quickly reassembled. The second time around, Hatchasaurus survives the Thunder Megazord Thunder Saber (which apparently destroyed Cardiatron inside of the Hatchasaurus), but is weakened enough to be taken out by the Tigerzord's thunderbolts.


* First Appearance: "Clean-Up Club" (11/20/93)

A flying unicorn monster created by Finster, it was created to spread pollution wherever it went. Its main weapons were the horn on its head, its wings, and physical strength. Once its horn was cut off, it lost some of its power. Rita then made it grow. After it blew the Megazord a good distance with its wings, they finished the battle with a mid-air blow from the Power Sword and destroyed Polluticorn. Polluticorn appeared as the boss of the sixth stage in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the Game Gear.

Twin Man

* First Appearance: "A Bad Reflection on You" (11/22/93)

A reflective monster, Twin Man turned himself and 4 Putties into duplicates of the Rangers to frame them. After being struck by the Power Weapons, each of the fake Rangers reverted to Putties. Eventually Twin Man was revealed as the bogus Red Ranger. Twin Man was destroyed by the Power Blaster after being weakened by the tower formation attack.


* First Appearance: "Rita's Seed of Evil" (2/7/94)

A vain plant monster planted by Squatt and one of only two female monsters during the first season. Before hatching, her tentacles grew and strangled Jason almost to the point of death. He was saved by the Rangers, but while they were being attacked by Goldar, Scorpina and the Putties, the plant grew into a full-formed monster. Immediately, Rita made her grow, and the Rangers called their Zords. They took some damage from the monster before forming the Megazord. The monster proved to be too powerful for them, as she used her tentacle to knock huge bouts of power out of the Megazord. The Rangers called for the Power Sword to try to turn the tide, and the monster suddenly got distracted when she gazed at her own reflection from a glass building. The Rangers took advantage of the opportunity, and struck Octoplant (who turned around and realized too late what awaited her) with the finishing blow from the Power Sword, immediately bringing about her destruction.

Goo Fish

* First Appearance: "Something Fishy" (2/9/94)

A fish monster that shoots out hazardous and sticky goo from his mouth that could glue a persons feet to the ground. Summoned by Goldar to confront and frighten Billy after Rita learns of Billy's fear of fish. Billy eventually overcame this fear and flipped up over and over the Goo Fish causing him to spray himself. He was grown to giant size and was eventually destroyed by the Megazord's Power Sword.

He was later resurrected by Lord Zedd as one of his best aquatic monsters in "A Reel Fish Story. He was also present when the Machine Empire conquered the Phantom Ranger's home planet."

Goo Fish comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.


* First Appearance: "Lions and Blizzards" (2/10/94)

Goatan was a chimera also known as the Storm Bringer. Goatan was created by Rita when she casted the following spell on the Noble Lion Trophy that Bulk and Skull stole:

: "Scabs, weasels, moons of Cryon,: "Make me a monster, half goat, half lion"

When the trophy turned into Goatan, Bulk and Skull got scared and fell into the lake. He was able to summon blizzards, tornadoes, and even hurricanes at will. Zordon noted that if Rita were to get Goatan to control the weather, the Earth would be in great peril. Goatan's weapons were a crossbow and a hockey stick. He could create energy winds and cyclones to blow his enemies away, project eye beams, and produce ice spray from the mouth of its goat center. When he was challenged by four of the Power Rangers, Goatan easily overpowered them, beating them soundly before enveloping them in an energy cyclone generated by the mouth of the goat head. When Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger, arrived, he assaulted Goatan with his Power Ax, stunning the chimera and causing Rita to make him grow. Generating a snowstorm during the fight against the Zords, Goatan encased the Megazord in a thick sheet of ice, but before he could cause any damage, the Megazord broke free, then destroyed Goatan with the fully-energized Power Sword. Unlike most objects that get turned into monsters, the Noble Lion Trophy was not restored after Goatan's destruction.


* First Appearance: The Doomsday Part 1

Goldar's own warzord which was released from within the earth (how it was sealed there in the first place in is unknown) when Rita move her palace to . It's arguably the strongest enemy fought during the first season. It posses brute strength for surpassing that of the ranger's zord, the ability to fire off a barrage of deadly missiles, powerful lasers, and it shoot its hands with them attached to cables and deliver a powerful a electric shock. Its weakness is that it adapts itself to whatever it is its fighting and grows weaker when it has to frequently change. When released it overwhelmed the Megazord, and the Dragonzord interfering didn't help either. Even when the rangers used the Dragonzord battle mode Cyclopsis maintained the upperhand and was about to finish off the Dragonzord battle mode and the Tyrannosaurus zord when Zordon ordered Titanis to intervene and it then blasted the to zords free. The rangers then formed the Ultrazord and defeated Cyclopsis, though its head remained intact which allowed Lokar to recreate it, this time armed with a blade on each arm. The rangers went out to fight it again after it was recreated, despite Titanis being sealed by Rita and their zords not fully recovered from before. Using its blades Cyclopsis sliced one of the Megazord's arms and when the Dragonzord came to fight Cyclopsis cut off half its tail. Lokar then finished off both zords and took them out of the fight. When the rangers zords recovered and they regained Titanis, they faced Cyclopsis for the final time, this time knowing its weakness. The first attacked it with the individual zords, then attacked with Megazord, meeting no success until Jason called in the Dragonzord with broke Cyclopsis's blades. The rangers then switched to the Dragonzord battle mode and took the upperhand until Lokar intervened and attacked the Dragonzord Battle Mode. The rangers then formed the Ultrazord, and because of the all the changes in modes they used Cyclopsis systems locked up. The Ultrazord then opened fire and destroyed Cyclopsis, though Lokar wasn't seen being destroyed.

Cyclopsis appears as the final boss in the Mighty Morphin Power rangers video games on the Super Nintendo (in that it's fought twice in a row, turning into a gold colored form the second time), Sega Genesis, and Sega Game Gear. Part of the reason for this might be that Cyclopsis was the last enemy fought in season one that appeared in zyuranger.

Fighting Flea

* First Appearance: "To Flea or Not to Flee" (2/16/94)

A flea monster created by Finster, he could spread an itchy rash by biting his enemies. He shrunk himself and hid inside a stray dog Jason was taking care of, with Jason getting the rash. During a battle with Putties, Jason decided to spread the rash to the Putties. Some special chemicals were used to cure Jason of the rash. In battle, Fighting Flea could blast lasers from his antennae. He was ultimately exterminated by the Megazord's Power Sword.

He returned in Part 1 of "Ninja Quest" as one of the monsters who helped Rito Revolto ambush and successfully destroy the White Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord.

Fighting Flea comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.


* First Appearance: "Reign of the Jellyfish" (2/17/94)

A jellyfish monster created by Finster, he could blast lasers from his fingertips as well as spray a toxic mist that was highly corrosive. In battle, he wielded an umbrella, which could deflect attacks as well as send enemies into another dimension where he was practically invulnerable. To escape his dimension, Zack blasted his umbrella with his Power Axe. Jellyfish seemed to have a weakness to the cold. He was destroyed by the Megazord's Power Sword. He was one of the many monsters that actually communicated with the Rangers, calling the Black Ranger "little mastodon".

Jellyfish was also among the monsters who aided Rita and Zedd's attack on the Vica Galaxy in "Countdown to Destruction" and was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave.

Jellyfish comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.


* First Appearance: "Plague of the Mantis" (2/24/94)

A praying mantis monster created by Finster. It is extremely skilled in Praying Mantis Kung Fu and it is an expert warrior as well, regardless of its affiliation with the treacherous Rita Repulsa. When the Power Rangers attack Mantis, it notifies them that they have no honor and that they do not believe in fighting a fair battle. This especially has a tremendous effect on Trini, who had been training in the art with her sensei, Master Li, and she decides to fight the monster alone in a later encounter in order to maintain her honor. However, once Mantis loses the one-on-one standoff match, Mantis resorts to receiving help from the putties and this leaves Trini asking "What about your honor?" The Mantis gives her the most fitting response applicable. "I have no honor. Like you said, I am one of Rita's monsters." Luckily for Trini, her friends show up in time to help her defeat the Mantis. Trini feels that she did have honor because she gave the Mantis a fair fight even though the Mantis eventually resorted to ganging up on her. Mantis then grew into giant form and was destroyed by the Megazord's Power Sword. He re-appeared briefly in Season 2 as an hallucination caused by the Trumpet Top monster.

Mantis comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.


* First Appearance: "Return of an Old Friend, Part One" (2/28/94)

A mole monster that had the ability to trap the Rangers and anyone it sprayed with its smoke. He brainwashed the Rangers except for Kimberly and had them attack her, but Tommy returned to help the team, forcing Rita to make Dramole grow. He had his way with the Megazord and Dragonzord for awhile, even causing the Rangers to need to reboot the Megazord for the first known time. The Dragonzord revived itself and brightened up the sky again, allowing it to keep a weakened Dramole busy until they formed the Ultrazord. He was soon defeated by the Ultrazord with a slash effect, like from a sword.

He was later recreated in part 2 of "Rangers Back in Time" to guard the Rock of Time, but was defeated again. He was recreated once more by Finster to guard the abandoned Spectre Theater, also attending Zedd and Rita's wedding. He was one of the six monsters who was grown to giant size in part 3 of "The Wedding", and he was destroyed again by the Thunder Megazord's Thunder Saber. Unlike the previous two times, Dramole could speak. Dramole helped Dark Specter conquer the universe before being destroyed for good by Zordon's energy wave.

Dramole comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.

Grumble Bee

* First appearance: "Grumble Bee" (4/28/94)

Grumble Bee was a bee monster created by Finster after Rita Repulsa saw Billy's rage over getting a B on a science test. Grumble Bee was too powerful for Blue Ranger to handle alone, so Yellow Ranger came to her friend's aid. Grumble Bee could shoot greenish-yellow venom which could eat through anything, including the Blue Ranger's suit. He also had vibrating wings that could send yellow pulses energy through air hurt the ears anyone ultra sonic sound. Later he grows giant, and was defeated by the Megazord's Power Sword.

Grumble Bee later resurfaced as a guest at Rita and Zedd's wedding, and apparently hit on the Invenusable Fly Trap during the celebration. Grumble Bee was also one of the 6 monsters in the showdown against the team of the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord (in part 3 of "The Wedding"). He was defeated by the White Tigerzord with a slash effect.

Grumble Bee comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.

Two-Headed Parrot

* First Appearance: "Two Heads are Better than One" (4/29/94)

The Two-Headed Parrot was created by Finster when Rita chose to use the old saying "two heads are better than one" on the Rangers. The Parrot appeared as a redish-pink color with one head on the top and the other on the chest. The monster's main weakness was expolited by the Rangers when a Pamango fruit was given to it, causing the two heads to bicker. Rita then made it grow after the Rangers gave it a good trashing. The Megazord and Dragonzord then battled the Two-Headed Parrot with neither side gaining an upper hand. The zord attacks seemed to only agitate the parrot, rather than weaken it, so they formed the Ultrazord. After the Ultrazord was formed the Two-Headed Parrot cowered before the Ultrazord, begging them not to use it on it. Jason then told it that they had no choice, and then it was destroyed by the Ultrazord. Although it was never mentioned in the episode, the monster's action figure packaging indicates that the two heads are named Pete and Repeat. The Two-Headed Parrot helped the Machine Empire conquer Eltar before it were destroyed by Zordon's energy wave.

Two-Headed Parrot comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.


* First Appearance: "Fowl Play" (5/2/94)

A woodpecker monster created by Finster. He would wave his wings around to create sudden storms and he would also use his extended beak as a weapon, pecking at the Power Rangers. After Zack got the idea to use a fake balloon that was actually filled with a special hard substance, the peckster tried to pop it and this resulted in his beak getting stuck. Rita made Peckster huge and this freed him from the bind, but he was destroyed by a swing of Megazord's Power Sword regardless, exploding in a burst of maniacal laughter. Tommy stayed out of this fight to preserve his unstable Green Ranger powers.

During the Rita and Zedd's marriage, Peckster assisted Rhinoblaster when guarding the Rangers in an abandoned theater, not at all menacing like before, but instead more of a monster version of Bulk and Skull.

Peckster comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.

Pumpkin Rapper

* First Appearance: "Trick or Treat" (5/3/94)

A pumpkin monster planted by Squatt and Baboo. Resembling an orange humanoid with an upside-down jack-o-latern on its head, the Pumpkin Rapper spoke mainly in rhymes and rap tone (though one line was spoken in non-rhyming tone). Although it proved a tough adversary with vine tentacles and pumpkin bombs, it was soon taken out by the Power Blaster.

Because the Pumpkin Rapper happened to be one of Zedd's favorite monsters, it was resurrected by Zedd as part of a Halloween monster assault. While the army (consisting of Robogoat, Primator, Rhinoblaster, Invenusable Flytrap, and Snizzard with Doomstone as the leader) was largely unsuccessful, Zedd threw a growing bomb which Pumpkin Rapper used to grow himself only after leaving the dimension. It battled the White Tigerzord until succumbing to the Thunder Megazord's saber. Pumpkin Rapper appeared again helping Zedd and Rita conquer a planet in the Vica Galaxy. He was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave.

Pumpkin Rapper comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.


* First Appearance: "Second Chance" (5/4/94)

Soccadillo was an armadillo monster created by Finster. Soccadillo could roll & fly in ball mode. As it was fed energy to transform into its monstrous form, the Soccadillo could become invincible in less than an hour. He could project energy bolts from the spikey areas on his forearms and could project energy from his eyes. After being attacked in the park by the monster in his ball mode, the Power Rangers morph to do battle with the monster. None of their standard attacks defeat the monster. Zordon later said that all six Rangers would be needed to defeat the Soccadillo, which would later prove to be inaccurate. After the Green Ranger joined the battle, the Red and Green Rangers simultaneously punched the flying Soccadillo in ball mode, causing an explosion which reverted Soccadillo to monster form. When Soccadillo grew to giant heights, he was unharmed by the Dragonzord's missiles. The Megazord's Power Sword destroyed Soccadillo with an explosion effect, as if hit by missiles.

Soccadillo was recreated, along with several other monsters, to trap the Rangers in an abandoned, magical theater. Finster noted that the monsters he recreated for this occasion were some of Rita's favorites. Soccadillo also attended Zedd and Rita's wedding and caught Rita's bouquet in his mouth. After that he helped chase the Rangers as they retreated to the Command Center and assisted five other monsters in battling the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord, where he was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord's Thunder Saber. Soccadilo was featured in Countdown to Destruction. Soccadillo was also seen on Onyx during the auction to sell off the Pink Quasar Saber in Lost Galaxy.

Soccadillo comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.

lippery Shark

* First Appearance: "On Fins and Needles" (5/5/94)

A hammerhead shark monster created by Finster whose main source of power was a fin on a chain that he wielded. Slippery Shark wielded his boomerang like a sword. Slippery Shark zapped Jason and Tommy under a trance, putting them through a rivalry against each other. Zordon sent Jason and Tommy together to hunt down Slippery Shark in order to overpower the rivalry spell. Slippery Shark lost his power when his fin was destroyed, then he himself was destroyed by the Megazord's Power Sword.

Slippery Shark was recreated later as one of the best aquatic monsters (under the name Shark Monster) and he was one of the few to attend Master Vile's End of the World Party at the Youth Center. He was also featured in Countdown to Destruction.

Slippery Shark comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.


* First Appearance: "Enter...The Lizzinator" (5/6/94)

Lizzinator was an extremely powerful lizard monster that possessed Herculean strength, able to lift cars and huge boulders with ease. He also had the ability to fire explosive red energy beams from his eyes and an explosive, gaseous spray from his mouth, which he dubbed his "Super Stink Breath." He had a German accent and sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Created by Finster to destroy the Power Rangers, Lizzinator was forged from supermetals from another galaxy. First encountering Jason, the Lizzinator was unfazed by the Red Ranger's assaults and easily overpowered him. Bored with the fight, the reptile retreated, saying he would come back when he could face all six Rangers together. When Lizzinator appeared next, he was met with the full team, and again gave Jason quite a beating, assaulting him with massive boulders.

Lizzinator might have destroyed Jason if Tommy hadn't intervened, distracting Lizzinator and giving him a rather good pounding. Grown to giant size by Rita, Lizzinator easily overwhelmed the Rangers' Dragonzord and Megazord, so the Rangers quickly formed the Ultrazord. The Ultrazord was able to break through Lizzinator's metal skin with its superior firepower, destroying him in a burst of flame.

Lizzinator was later seen chasing after the Rangers right after Zedd and Rita's wedding, assisting along with the other monsters that had attended their wedding. Much later, Finster recreated Lizzinator (without his German accent) to help Rito Revolto ambush and destroy the Thunderzords. Lizzinator was successful in demolishing the Zords, but was never seen again.

Lizzinator comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.


* First Appearance: "Football Season" (5/9/94)

Rhinoblaster was a american football-playing rhinoceros monster created by Finster. He's quick on his feet and very clever. He could emit white mists from his nostrils and place his enemies in a multidimensional vortex. He wields a curved sword. He could project energy bolts from his sword and horn. He had put the Putty Patrol in football jerseys to battle the Power Rangers, then used his white mist to trap the Rangers in the vortex. He was then challenged by Tommy and the Dragonzord. As Rhinoblaster emitted his mist to trap Tommy, Tommy threw the Dragon Dagger into the source of the mist, as Jason caught it, allowing the other Rangers to escape the vortex. But still, the Rhinoblaster overwhelmed the Dragonzord and the Megazord until they combined into the Mega-Dragonzord, and launched its Z-sphere blast that destroyed Rhinoblaster without disintegrating him, like it had Mutitis and Weaveworm.

Rhinoblaster was later selected, along with Peckster, to guard the Rangers in the Abandoned Theater as Rita and Zedd got married. They failed miserably, as he and Peckster were ensnared in a net by the Rangers, leading to the Rangers' eventual escape. Peckster and Rhinoblaster in the theater were not at all like their original menacing selves, but instead more like a monster version of Bulk and Skull.

Rhinoblaster comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.

Commander Crayfish

* First Appearance: "Mighty Morphin' Mutants" (5/16/94)

Commander Crayfish was a crayfish monster that led the Mutant Rangers (whom were Putties using the Badges of Darkness). He was chosen to lead the Mutant Rangers when no Putty was worthy of becoming the Red Mutant Ranger, being entrusted with the power of the Red Badge of Darkness. He wielded a similar version of the Red Ranger's Power Sword. The Ultrazord was able to destroy Commander Crayfish and the Blue, Green, and Black Mutant Rangers simultaneously. He was the last monster grown giant by using only Rita's wand.

He was recreated by Lord Zedd along with Goo Fish, Slippery Shark, and Pirantishead in "A Reel Fish Story" as one of the four aquatic monsters to attack the Rangers at the beach (he was referred to as Cruel Crayfish this time). He, like the other three monsters, was defeated for good by Tommy.

Commander Crayfish comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.

Mutant Rangers

* First Appearance: "Mighty Morphin Mutants" (5/16/94)The Mutant Rangers were Putties who were given the Badges of Darkness, making them evil counterparts of the real Rangers. Since no Putty was worthy to become the Red Mutant Ranger, the Red Badge of Darkness was crushed to dust by Goldar. The remaining Badges turned five Putties into Green, Black, Pink, Blue, and Yellow Mutant Rangers, distinguishable from the real Rangers by their darker colored gloves, boots, and belts. They had their own versions of the Ranger weapons except for the Green Mutant Ranger, who appeared to wield the Sword of Darkness, used by Tommy when he was under Rita's power.

Tommy and Kimberly encountered the Green and Pink Mutants in the park. After notifying the other Rangers, Zordon told them that since the Mutants were waiting for Rita to give them a leader, there was nothing for them to do but wait until the Mutants and their leader attacked.

When the Rangers' weapons proved insufficient against the Mutants, Alpha and Zordon gave them upgraded versions of their weapons. The Rangers destroyed the Pink and Yellow Mutants with their upgraded Power Blaster. The Green, Black, and Blue Mutants were grown to gigantic size, along with Commander Crayfish, and all four of them were destroyed by the Ultrazord.

The Mutant Rangers come from the so-called "Zyu2 footage", as they were not seen in the original ZyuRanger.


* First Appearance: "An Oyster Stew" (5/23/94)

An oyster monster awakened by Rita. He guarded his pearls of power. In battle, he could fire from the holes on his body an acidic gel that can burn through anything. He fought with the Megazord briefly underwater after growing on his own accord, where he had the upper hand. However, Dragonzord (who lived underwater) was able to knock him back onto dry land. Here, the Megazord was able to defeat him with the Power Sword.

Oysterizer was later used to guard the Rock of Time. He later attended Master Vile's End of the World party, appeared in the Machine Arena, and was one of many monsters featured in Countdown to Destruction. Oysterizer was also seen on Onyx as one of the monsters trying to bid on the Pink Quasar Saber, and was last seen in the Shadow World during the finale of Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.

Oysterizer comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original ZyuRanger.

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