List of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers monsters (Season Three)

List of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers monsters (Season Three)

During the third season of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd made monsters together (occasionally with Finster's assistance). During the latter part of the season, Master Vile did as well.

To make a monster grow, Zedd would combine his staff with Rita's wand in a criss-cross fashion pointed towards Earth, and lightning would shoot from the staff and wand and straight into the skies; the monster would then get zapped and turned giant.

List of Monsters

Here is the list of monsters seen in this season:

Plague Patrol

* First Appearance: "A Friend in Need, Part 1" (9/2/95)

A trio of monsters who work for the Plague Sentry on Edenoi. After getting beaten by the combined powers of Dex and the Power Rangers, they retreated with the Plague Sentry, swearing revenge on Dex. They reappeared in the Masked Rider episode "Escape from Edenoi, Part I," where they were shown pursuing Dex and his friends.


* First Appearance: "A Friend in Need, Part 2" (9/9/95)

Repellator was a powerful tick monster created by Finster to destroy the Earth for Rita and Zedd, while five of the Power Rangers were off on the distant planet Edenoi. While Kimberly was suffering from the flu, she battled Repellator, who ended up catching her cold thanks to her sneezing. When he returns to the moon palace, his sneezes caused moonquakes. Later, as Finster examined him, he was told to rest in bed until he was well, but Repellator refused, insisting on defeating the Pink Ranger for Rita and Zedd. After refusing a shot with a gigantic needle, Repellator finally agreed to take two pills, then immediately returned to Earth. Repellator later fought the Rangers when they returned to Earth, at which point he became giant. The Rangers summoned the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. In a fierce battle, Repellator was destroyed by the Thunder Saber.


* First Appearance: "Ninja Quest, Part 4" (9/11/95)

Vampirus are alien vampire bat monsters. They are known to be incredibly ugly and have good combat skills. Finster stated that this creature was not at all his cup of tea. They hatch from eggs that are approximately the size of a pineapple. Vampirus is able to take his opponents to a pocket dimension of flames and a red sky.

Rito Revolto obtained a few Tenga Warrior Eggs and a Vampirus Egg as a wedding present for Lord Zedd and Rita. Once the Tengas hatched, the Tengas placed the Vampirus egg outside the entrance to the rock formation which led to the Temple of Power so that Vampirus could seize the Temple's power for Rita and Zedd. Vampirus then hatched and lured Ninjor out, into the Desert of Despair, and fought him. Ninjor and the Ninja Megafalconzord destroyed Vampirus.

Vampirus would be recreated by Finster on many occasions. He was paired up with Artist Mole as part of Rita and Zedd's divide-and-conquer attack. He was at Master Vile's End of the World Party, and at the Machine Arena. He was later shown with Rita and Zedd's army on a planet in the Vica Galaxy fighting the Gold Ranger. He was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave.

Artist Mole

* First Appearance: "A Brush with Destiny" (9/18/95)

Artist Mole was a painter/mole monster that was capable of draining the color out of his foes, rendering them powerless. He spoke with a French accent.

Artist Mole was created by Finster, pulled out of a nightmare of Kimberly's concerning her mother's new fianceé. Artist Mole began draining things of their colors until he was challenged by the Power Rangers (sans Kimberly, who had lost her communicator during a Tenga battle and couldn't be summoned). Whenever the Rangers tried to land a blow on Artist Mole, they would simply pass right through him, so they summoned Ninjor for help. Unfortunately, he wasn't much help, and Artist Mole drained the colors from all six of them. Kimberly finally arrived and destroyed the creature's palette, causing the colors to return to the Rangers and Ninjor. Grown to giant size by Rita and Zedd, Artist Mole was quickly destroyed by Ninjor and the Ninja Megafalconzord.

Artist Mole later took part in a divide-and-conquer attack of Rita and Zedd's, stationed with Vampirus at a huge powerline tower. All the invading forces (which also included Goldar, Rito, and Tenga Warriors) were soon joined together by the Rangers, and they soon retreated. They returned moments later, only to be driven off by the Rangers' Shark Cycles.

Artist Mole later appeared as an audience member in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena.


* First Appearance: "Passing the Lantern" (9/19/95)

An oriental lantern monster created by Rita and Zedd from one of Ko's stolen lanterns. He was destroyed by the Ninja Megafalconzord's flying power punch.

He was resurrected later and took part in Master Vile's conference, and was also an audience member in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena. He was among the Machine Empire's army on the Phantom Ranger's Home Planet.

Marvo the Meanie

* First Appearance: "Wizard for a Day" (9/20/95)

A scientist monster created from Mr. Wilton (played by Bob Zachar) by Rito. Marvo the Meanie resembles a combination of an elf and mushrooms. Rito tries to prove to Zedd and Rita that he can create a capable monster and defeat the Rangers, but his plan would fail miserably. Marvo was created accidentally when Rito, who aimed to turn all the Rangers into monsters, pointed Zedd's staff the wrong way. Marvo turned all the Rangers, except for Rocky, into tubes of colored liquid chemicals. After Rocky retreated and restored the other Rangers at the Command center, Marvo grows giant and the Rangers take him on in their Ninja Megafalconzord. After landing an Ape punch on Marvo, Rocky, feeling responsible, battled the monster himself in his Ape Zord, and defeated him, causing him to shrink back into normal size and change back into Mr. Wilton.

The monster was resurrected as an audience member in the Machine Arena.

Marvo the Meanie was later seen on Onyx during "Flashes Of Darkonda" Marvo was seen in the Lord Zedd and Rita's army

and then again, on Onyx, as one of the bidders for the Pink Quasar Saber in "Protect The Quasar Saber".


* First Appearance: "Fourth Down and Long" (9/23/95)

A football-playing centipede monster accidentally created by Finster when he drops a magical centipede on top of a football that Rito had thrown. He turned Bulk & Skull, Rocky's friend Alan, and Rocky's uncle Joe, as well as every Ranger except for Rocky into footballs by striking them with his footballs. Rocky, with the help of Ninjor, was able to reverse the spell by reversing the energy waves that created the footballs in the first place. Zedd and Rita then made Centiback grow. In the midst of a snowstorm, Centiback is destroyed by the combined might of Ninjor and the Ninja Megazord's Power Punch.

Centiback was seen again amongst the audience in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena and in the Machine Empire's army from Eltar, Centiback was again in the Lord Zedd and Rita's army during Countdown To Destruction.

Face Stealer

* First Appearance: "Final Face-Off" (10/2/95)

An ancient face-stealing monster who inhabits an ancient vase. The Face Stealer was stolen from a museum exhibit by Squatt, Baboo, and Rito and was released from the vase upon arriving at Rita and Zedd's palace. The Face Stealer can actually steal faces from his opponents. He manages to steal Bulk, Skull, Adam and Aisha's faces in battle. When the remaining Rangers wear some ancient masks, they are shielded from the Face Stealer's spell and the spell is reflected back toward the Face Stealer, causing him to lose the stolen faces. After Zedd and Rita made him grow, Face Stealer was hit by the Ninja Megafalconzord's Power Punch, but it didn't even faze him. He is, however, ultimately defeated by the Ninja Ultrazord and imprisoned back into his vase.

He somehow escaped his vase again and made an appearance in The Machine Empire's army on Eltar during Countdown to Destruction.

Hate Master

* First Appearance: "Stop the Hate Master, Part 1" (9/25/95)

A spellcaster monster created from Finster's evil seeds by Rita and Zedd. He can use his dust to inflict hate upon anyone. He raps and dances while executing his hate spells. Everyone gets inflicted by the hate spell except for Aisha, who helps her friends come out of the spell by using the advice her grandmother gave her. Aisha reminds her friends of the love they all have for one another. The Hate Master ends up getting destroyed by the combined powers of the individual Ninjazords and Titanus.

He was resurrected and seen among the many monsters in the Machine Arena.

Miss Chief

* First Appearance: "The Potion Notion" (10/9/95)

A fire chief-dressed love monster created by Finster and pretty much activated by Rito Revolto. Rito goes against Zedd and Rita's orders to stay out of trouble. Instead, he uses a love potion on Miss Chief, making the monster fall in love with him. Rito uses the monster to his advantage, sending him down to cause havoc on the rangers by making them fall in love with others. This works on Kimberly, who falls in love with Skull, and also on Bulk, who falls in love with Aisha, and the police chief also gets hit by the spell. Once Goldar finds out Rito's idiotic game, he sends Finster down to reverse the spell. This results in the Rangers fighting Miss Chief in combat rather than mind games. Miss Chief also pulls off a discus maneuver, similar to a boomerang which spins around and right back to her, spiking the Rangers when spinning. Regardless, Miss Chief's efforts are in vain because she is destroyed by the Ninja Megafalconzord.

She was seen again, though, attending Master Vile's Monster Conference, as well as being as a member of the audience in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena, and Rita and Zedd's army in Countdown to Destruction.


* First Appearance: "A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 1" (10/16/95)

Katastrophe is the cat monstrous or true form of Katherine Hillard in the Power Rangers universe, appearing in the third season of the television show "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".

She is a brown-furred cat wearing lingerie. Katastrophe can teleport. Her weapon is a sword.

Katastrophe was created by Rita out of Katherine's cat form, PC. Katastrophe was sent to ambush Billy Cranston and Adam Park on their way to Billy's lab. She overwhelmed the two Rangers until they were able to call the others. The Power Rangers easily thrashed Katastrophe, and she retreated. Kat was turned back to Katastrophe to attack the Rangers. As soon as the Rangers arrived to fight her, she was beaten by Ninjor and later destroyed by his fireball and the Ninja Megafalconzord's Power Punch. Though Kat returned in her human and animal form, she wasn't able to become Katastrophe again.

Katastrophe was among Divatox's army on the planet Gratha during "Countdown to Destruction", where she was vaporized by Zordon's energy wave.


* First Appearance: "Changing of the Zords, Part 2" (11/1/95)

Incisorator was created by Lord Zedd to distract the Power Rangers. For a creature whose mission was merely to keep the Rangers busy, Incisorator was surprisingly powerful, blocking the Rangers' blows with his shield-like cape. Incisorator also had the ability to fire purple electric beams from his scepter. Incisorator completely overwhelmed the Rangers until, elsewhere, Goldar captured Kimberly, at which point Incisorator teleported away and was not seen again until Master Vile's "End of the World Party."

Incisorator was later present in the Machine Empire's army as they invaded the Phantom Ranger's home planet, where he was presumably vaporized by Zordon's energy wave.

ee Monster

* First Appearance: "Changing of the Zords, Part 3" (11/2/95)

The See Monster is a flasher monster. After a fight between the Rangers and the Tenga Warriors, which the Tengas lost, Rita wanted to fight back. With Lord Zedd busy fighting the White Ranger, she had Finster create a monster to battle the Rangers, and so he sent See Monster. Assaulting the Rangers with telepathic waves from his numerous eyes, See Monster's attack was foiled when Rocky DeSantos visualized pushing the waves away, then told the others to do the same. When Rita summoned the Shogunzords, See Monster teleported away, but when the Rangers gained control of the Zords, an enraged Zedd made See Monster grow. Blasting the Zords with energy beams from his eyes, See Monster soon found himself face-to-face with the Shogun Megazord, which destroyed See Monster with the Fire Saber. See Monster was later chosen by Master Vile as one of the 5 toughest monsters to invade Angel Grove along with Professor Longnose and had what looked like a sai in place of his right hand. After briefly fighting Delphine, the White Alien Ranger, See Monster was grown to giant size, and fought the Alien Rangers' Battle Borgs. When Longnose was destroyed, See Monster teleported away. See Monster then came back as an audience member at the Machine Arena.

Crabby Cabbie

* First Appearance: "Follow That Cab!" (11/4/95)

Crabby Cabbie was created by Finster in the form of a taxicab and could project energy from his tailpipes.

Lord Zedd had used Finster's vehicular transformer apparatus on the cab that Bulk, Skull, and Kimberly were riding in, transforming it into Crabby Cabbie. Bulk, Skull, and Kim were trapped within the warping inside of the car. Crabby Cabbie was destroyed by the Shogunzords Tower Formation.

Crabby Cabbie was among the monsters at Master Vile's monster conference. When selected to assist Professor Longnose, a large cannon was mounted onto his back. He grew to giant size to attack the Alien Rangers with the group of monsters to fight alongside Professor Longnose. When Longnose is destroyed, Crabby Cabbie is teleported away.

Garbage Mouth

* First Appearance: "A Different Shade of Pink, Part 2" (11/7/95)

Garbage Mouth is a garbage monster created by Finster. Garbage Mouth could project exploding energy blobs at his enemies.

Garbage Mouth was sent to capture Kat Hillard, but she was able to get herself free. Garbage Mouth was able to capture the Shogunzords with a trash can. The Shogunzords were able to free themselves from the can. The Shogun Megazord destroyed Garbage Mouth.

Garbage Mouth was among the resurrected monsters to attend Master Vile's End of the World Party at the Youth Center. He then joined Professor Longnose and his pack of monsters in a new invasion of Angel Grove with an arm cannon in place of his right arm. When Longnose is destroyed by the Shogun Megazord, Garbage Mouth (like the other monsters) is teleported away.

Garbage Mouth was present among in The Machine Empire's army from the Phantom Ranger's Home Planet during "Countdown To Destruction".


* First Appearance: "Rita's Pita" (11/11/95)

A monster created by Finster to induce hunger into anyone. He would shrink down to action-figure size and live in his victims' stomachs to do this. In this case, he lived in Tommy's stomach. Because of this, Tommy started eating large amounts of junk food in an uncontrollable manner. It was at the Power Chamber that his friends learned that Ravenator was behind his gluttonous eating. They then informed Tommy of this at the park and together they devised a plan to break the spell. Aisha sparked up the idea of buying the largest sundae a nearby ice-cream truck had. She and Rocky then held it to Tommy while the others restrained him in their attempt to keep him from giving in to temptation, despite Ravenator yelling out that he wanted to eat that dessert. Tommy succeeded in resisting the temptation, forcing Ravenator out of his stomach (thus breaking the spell) and making him grow back to human-size to battle the teens, who at this point morphed into their Ranger forms. The Rangers easily took him down, but then Rita and Lord Zedd quickly made him grow into a giant. The Rangers then formed the Shogun Megazord and as Ravenator charged it, they quickly put him out of action with one simple Fire Saber slash. Ravenator was again seen with Rita and Zedd's army in the Vica Galaxy in "Countdown to Destruction" and was turned to sand by Zordon's energy wave.

Brick Bully

* First Appearance: "Another Brick in the Wall" (11/13/95)

A brick monster created from a brick wall by Rita. He turned four of the Rangers into colored bricks, forcing Billy and Katherine (who survived the attack) to return to the Command Center for some help. Then Brick Bully gained additional strength from eating construction tools and supplies, which allowed in to gain a second, more mobile form. Billy went after the monster himself and struck up the idea to lure the monster away from the building supplies, which in turn greatly weakened the monster. After Rita made Brick Bully grow into a giant, Billy took him on with his Blue Shogunzord. When Brick Bully was knocked to the ground during the battle, Billy used his Shogunzord's power weapon to scatter Brick Bully's parts about, destroying him.

Brick Bully's second form was resurrected and then selected as a member of Professor Longnose's army in his invasion of Angel Grove with a large mechanical pincer arm in place of his right arm. He is then teleported away when Longnose is destroyed by the Shogun Megazord.

Brick Bully's second form was seen yet again in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena.

inister Simian

* First Appearance: "A Chimp in Charge" (11/18/95)

An ape monster created by Lord Zedd from Kat's chimp Kelly. Returned to normal with a blast from Blue Shogunzord. Sinister Simian was resurrected as an audience member in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena, and was also later seen playing the piano in a bar on the planet Onyx during the "In Space" season and attempting to bid for the Pink Quasar Saber during the "Lost Galaxy" season.

Blue Globbor

* First Appearance: "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 1" (11/20/95)

The Blue Globbor is an energy-draining slime monster created by Master Vile to drain Ninjor's power, then capture the Power Rangers. He was successful in the 1st pt. of the mission, capturing Ninjor and draining his energy. Fighting against the Rangers' Ninja and Shogun Zords, it seemed for a minute that Globbor was destroyed by the Ninja Megafalconzord's Power Punch, but much to the Rangers' shock, Globbor survived the blow as he arose from the flames and continued the assault on the Rangers. Globbor used Ninjor's power to achieve a second form, in which he gained some of Ninjor's armor and abilities. Eventually, at Vile's command, Globbor drained the power from the Zords themselves, losing Ninjor's armor and growing four heads, each of which were an Aquitian Ranger-resembling helmet. He also had five badges in the form of the Kakuranger shuriken. However, Globbor had a glaring weakness: bright, direct sunlight. By parting the storm clouds Vile had created, Alpha 5 was able to weaken Globbor so greatly that he lost all the powers he had stolen. Faced with the Power Rangers in full force, and reverted to his true form, Globbor found he was no match for them, prompting Master Vile to help him out by growing into a giant himself (darkening the skies again). Ninjor, who was freed of the link to Globbor, grew into a giant (in his advanced warrior mode) also to help turn the tide in his (and the Rangers') favor. Globbor charged Ninjor and the Zords, and was quickly weakened by Ninjor's saber. The Shogun Megazord then took a mighty swipe at Globbor with the Fire Saber. After that, Ninjor charged up his fireball and blasted Globbor with it, causing him to fall and explode. This time Globbor was defeated, though Master Vile continued to attack the Rangers. The Falconzord then combines with the Shogun Megazord to form the Shogun MegaFalconzord where it fires its wingtip cannons at full blast at Master Vile. And, the Falconzord quickly then joins with the Ninja Megazord to form the Ninja MegaFalconzord where it lands its finishing Power Punch on Master Vile, but both attacks never even fazed him. He then teleported away, despite having the upper hand (perhaps fearing that the Rangers would then form the Shogun Ultrazord), vowing that the Rangers and Ninjor hadn't seen the last of him, and in doing so, the skies turned bright again.

As for Globbor, he later appeared amongst the audience of monsters and Cogs in the Machine Arena donning the Alien Ranger helmets). Globbor was next seen attending Dark Specter's conference, accompanying Master Vile, once again donning the Alien Ranger helmets. Lastly, Globbor was in Rita and Zedd's army in the Vica Galaxy (again with the Alien Ranger helmets), where he was vaporized by Zordon's energy wave.


* First Appearance: "Sound of Dischordia" (11/25/95)

A singing monster used by Master Vile, Dischordia was an old ally of Master Vile's who previously seen in her dress form performing at Master Vile's End of the World party. She was later summoned to assist him in battle against the Power Rangers outside her dress form. Dischordia ambushed Katherine and Aisha in front of Aisha's house, taking control of them with her sinister singing sound, which caused them to dance uncontrollably. She had all six Rangers dancing to exhaustion upon their arrival. She nearly succeeded in having Tommy give her his Power Coin, but the Rangers summoned their Metallic Armor, breaking the dancing spell and giving Dischordia quite a thrashing before Zedd made her grow with his staff.

Faced with the combined strength of Ninjor, the Shogun MegaZord, and the Ninja MegaFalconZord, Dischordia proved to be nearly unstoppable. But once the FalconZord and Titanus arrived, Dischordia was weakened, but still continued to fight. After she was unaffected by Ninjor's fireball and still not destroyed by the Shogun MegaFalconzord, the Rangers called on Titanus, forming the Shogun UltraZord, firing all weapons at Dischordia they finally managed to destroy her. She was back, however, as an audience member of Prince Gasket's Machine Arena. Both her original and powered forms appeared together in the arena, yet in separate seats.

Dischordia, in her dress form, was last seen in the Onyx Tavern.

Parrot Top

* First Appearance: "Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2" (2/5/96)

An aquatic monster summoned by Master Vile. He was among the 5 best monsters selected to be used as Professor Longnose's army. He wielded a large, curved, silver arm blade in place of his right arm and had metal boots on his feet. He is then teleported away when Longnose falls victim to the Shogun Megazord's fire saber.

Professor Longnose

* First Appearance: "Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2" (2/6/96)

One of Master Vile's top field generals, he would lead an army of Master Vile's best monsters (selected from the conference Vile held; specifically, Parrot Top, Crabby Cabbie, Garbage Mouth, Brick Bully and See Monster) into a new invasion of Angel Grove. He and the other monsters were the first Earth opponents for the Alien Rangers of Aquitar as they met them in the desert (far from any body of water). Lord Zedd and Rita made all the monsters grow, at which point the Rangers called for their Battle Borgs. The monsters all took a good thrashing from the Borgs, and on young Tommy's command, the Alien Rangers brought in the Shogun Megazord. Longnose, declaring that he was tougher than the Rangers, charged the Shogun Megazord, but got stopped in his tracks by the Fire Saber swipe, and he fell down and exploded. From this, the other five monsters were teleported away, and the Alien Rangers would be victorious in their first battle on Earth, very much to Master Vile's dismay.


* First Appearance: "Climb Every Fountain" (2/7/96)

A robot slot-machine like monster created by Lord Zedd from Billy's broken regenerator device after he, Rita and Goldar destroyed the Ninja Power Coins. After staving off a Tenga attack to the delight of a crowd of spectators, the Alien Rangers took to the quarry to take on Slotsky. He wielded a magnet that took the Rangers' weapons from them, and then he proceeded to use them on the Rangers. But the Rangers ended up outsmarting him, forcing Rita and Zedd to make the monster grow. The Alien Rangers called for their Battle Borgs and delivered a quick beating to Slotsky. Then, the Red Battle Borg jumped at the monster from a pyramid position on top of the other Borgs, and turned into an energy wave that would zap through - and ultimately annihilate - the monster.

The Barbaric Brothers

* First Appearance: "The Alien Trap" (2/8/96)

Erik and Merrick are twin surfer brothers (who in fact spoke like surfers, using the "dude" and "bogus" slang) used by Lord Zedd to poison the water of the Earth, which would prove to be especially bad for the Aquitian Rangers. Upon growing, they summoned their armor where Erik gained a buzz-saw arm and Merrick gained a drill arm. They were both wiped out simultaneously by the Shogun Megazord's fire saber after they knocked the Battle Borgs around for a while.


* First Appearance: "Attack of the 60' Bulk" (2/10/96)

A young monster created by Rita and Zedd from young Bulk. After a brief battle with the Alien Rangers (and then their Battle Borgs), young Bulk returned to normal. Then Rita and Zedd turned him back to Bratboy, who then declared that he wouldn't do whatever he was told. Rita and Zedd, annoyed, turned him back into young Bulk again.

Later, he would be resurrected as an audience member in the Machine Arena and was present in the Machine Empire's army from Eltar during Countdown To Destruction.


* First Appearance: "Water You Thinking?" (2/12/96)

A witch that's an old friend of Lord Zedd. Witchblade's manner and speech is very reminiscient of the Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz". Witchblade had a large claw arm. Witchblade also held out her hand and caused several large explosions in the water. Witchblade was sent to strike down Cestro when he was defenseless and had not yet completed re-hydration. When she grew, the Rangers were unable to call for the Battle Borgs, so they immediately called for the Shogun Megazord to finish off the monster. The Shogun Megazord's Fire Saber destroyed Witchblade.


* First Appearance: "Along Came a Spider" (2/13/96)

A spider monster created by Lord Zedd from a spider in Billy's garage. She was capable of shooting out spiderwebs from her arms and mouth. She captured Billy in one of her webs and held him in her underground lair, along with his Phase Modulator. The Aquitar Rangers went to rescue Billy, only to be ambushed by Arachnofiend. She used her web traps on most of the Rangers, but Tideus was able to break out of his web just as Arachnofiend was having her way with Delphine, and he struck her with a mighty blow from his sword, giving him time to free the other Rangers. Zedd then made her grow, at which point the Rangers called on the Battle Borgs. The Borgs gave the monster a good pummeling but Aurico thought that it wouldn't be enough to take her down (or else wanted to use excessive force in the form of the Shogun Megazord as revenge and out of rage due to Billy's capture, it's likely that the Battle Borg finisher would have most likely worked), so then they called for the Shogun Megazord to finish the job; Arachnofiend was promptly and very easily taken out by the Fire Saber swipe. Upon her demise, the webs that trapped Billy and his modulator disappeared, freeing him.

Arachnofiend was present to the among Divatox's army to conquer the planet Gratha.

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