iO Digital Cable Service

iO Digital Cable Service
The logo of iO Digital Cable


Interactive Optimum, better known as iO Digital Cable or simply iO, is a digital cable service offered by Cablevision, available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and parts of Pennsylvania. It includes 130 HDTV channels, interactive channels, such as games, and channels that allow viewers to browse listings of autos and homes for sale in the area, and video on demand. HD channels are free with iO to customers who subscribe to the service package that includes the SD channel. Additionally, iO comes with 46 channels of Music Choice music channels. iO also offers a DVR and an HD-DVR, for an additional cost. It was the first American company to offer BBC World News (formerly BBC World). For years, Cablevision was one of the few providers not carrying BBC America until they finally added the channel on August 25, 2011.

On Demand services

Subscription channels

  • HBO On Demand
  • Cinemax on Demand
  • Anime Network On Demand
  • Showtime on Demand
  • Starz!-Encore on Demand
  • The Movie Channel on Demand
  • Disney Channel on Demand
  • Playboy on Demand
  • IFC in Theaters On Demand
  • Too Much for TV On Demand
  • Here! on Demand
  • Howard Stern On Demand
  • WWE Classics On Demand
  • The Jewish Channel on Demand

Free On Demand channels

  • A&E On Demand
  • ABC Prime Time On Demand
  • AMC On Demand
  • Adult Swim On Demand
  • Animal Planet On Demand
  • BET On Demand
  • Bravo On Demand
  • Cartoon Network On Demand
  • CMT On Demand
  • Comedy Central On Demand
  • Customer Help Videos On Demand
  • Discovery Channel On Demand
  • Food Network On Demand
  • Fox Prime Time On Demand
  • Fuse On Demand
  • Golf Channel On Demand
  • HBO Sampler On Demand
  • HGTV On Demand
  • Investigation Discovery On Demand
  • Mag Rack On Demand
  • Local On Demand
  • Logo On Demand
  • MSG Free On Demand
  • MTV On Demand
  • MTV2 On Demand
  • Music Choice On Demand
  • NBC Prime Time On Demand
  • Nickelodeon On Demand
  • Nick Jr. On Demand
  • Planet Green On Demand
  • Science On Demand
  • Showtime Sampler On Demand
  • sportskool On Demand
  • TeenNick On Demand
  • The Hub On Demand
  • Thirteen Kids On Demand
  • Thirteen on Demand
  • TLC On Demand
  • Travel Channel On Demand
  • Tr3s On Demand
  • Versus On Demand
  • VH1 On Demand
  • VH1 Classic On Demand
  • WE On Demand

Cablevison On Demand Channels

  • Movies on Demand
  • Free on Demand
  • HBO on Demand
  • Starz on Demand
  • Encore on Demand
  • Showtime on Demand
  • Disney Channel on Demand
  • Cinemax on Demand
  • Anime Network On Demand
  • Howard Stern on Demand
  • Here! on Demand
  • IFC in Theaters On Demand
  • The Jewish Channel On Demand
  • Bollywood Hits On Demand
  • WWE Classics on Demand
  • Adult On Demand
  • Playboy On Demand
  • Too Much For TV
  • World Picks Latino On Demand (included in iO en Espanol package)
  • World Picks Hindi On Demand (included in iO Indian/Southeast Asian package)


  • Active Rentals

High definition

iO HD logo

Cablevision expanded its HD offerings beginning July 28, 2008. The rollout was complete on August 1, 2008, Cablevision now has over 100 high definition television channels at no additional charge to subscribers. (For a list of HD channels, see channels in the 696-847 range in iO channel list.)

Movie channels

Sports packages

Non-English packages and channels

iO channel list

     Channel is also available in HD

     Sports Overflow (SO)

     Pay Per View (PPV)

     Adult Channel (ADT)

     Non broadcast Channel (bold NB channel number) (NB)

     Sports Package (SPT)

     3D Channel (3D)

     Music Choice (bold MC channel numbers mean that channel contains ShowOff) (MC)

     On Demand (OD)

     DVR (DVR)

     Enchanced TV (ETV)

     Multi-View (MV)

     Channel to become available, move, or cease operations Soon

     New Channel!

Channels 1-99

Channel Name
2 WCBS New York (CBS) (Not available in Litchfield County, CT)
3 WPXN New York (ION)
KYW Philadelphia (CBS) (Mercer County, NJ)
WFSB Hartford (CBS) (Connecticut)
4 WNBC New York (NBC)
WVIT New Britain (NBC) (Litchfield County, CT)
5 WNYW New York (Fox) (Not available in New Haven or Litchfield County, CT)
WTXF Philadelphia (Fox) (Mercer County, NJ)
6 WXTV Paterson (Univision)
WPVI Philadelphia (ABC) (Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ)
WRNN Kingston, NY (IND)
(Southern Westchester County, NY)
WVIT New Britain (NBC)
(Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
WTIC Hartford (Fox)
(Litchfield County, CT)
7 WABC New York (ABC) (Not Available in Litchfield County, CT)
NJTV (PBS) (New Jersey)
WXTV Paterson (Univision) (Southern Westchester County, NY)
WTNH New Haven (ABC)(Connecticut)
NY1 (New York City)
9 WWOR-TV Secaucus (MyNetworkTV)
CPTV (PBS) (Litchfield County, CT)
10 WLNY Riverhead (IND)
WCAU Philadelphia (NBC) (Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ)
WTBY Poughkeepsie (TBN) (Dutchess and Orange Counties, NY (parts of) Rockland and Westchester Counties, NY Sussex County, NJ and Pike County, PA)
CPTV (PBS) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
WHPX New London (ION) (Litchfield County, CT)
11 WPIX New York (The CW)
WNBC New York (NBC) (Litchfield County, CT)
12 News 12
WHYY Wilmington/Philadelphia (PBS) (Mercer County, NJ)
WCCT Waterbury (The CW) (Litchfield County, CT)
13 WNET Newark/New York (PBS)(Not available in Litchfield County, CT)
14 MSG Varsity
15 QVC
WFME Newark (Northern New Jersey)
WFMZ Allentown, PA (IND) (Mercer County, NJ)
WYBE Philadelphia (Public TV) (Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ)
WLNY Riverhead (IND) (Fairfield County, CT)
CT-N (The Connecticut Network) (Litchfield County, CT)
16 WNJU Linden (Telemundo)
WUVP Vineland (Univision) (Mercer County, NJ)
WRDM-CA Hartford (Telemundo) (Litchfield County, CT)
Telemundo (New Haven County, CT)
17 WFTY Smithtown / WFUT Newark (TeleFutura)
WCTX New Haven (MyNetworkTV) (Connecticut)
18 HSN (Bronx, Brooklyn, and Lower Westchester County)
WGTW Burlington, NJ (TBN) (Mercer County, NJ)
WXTV Paterson (Univision) (Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ, and Fairfield County, CT)
WUVN Hartford (Univision) (New Haven and Litchfield Counties Connecticut)
19 ShopNBC
WPHL Philadelphia (MyNetworkTV) (Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ)
WRNN Kingston, NY (IND) (New York City, Rockland, Dutchess, Orange, Counties, NY and Northern Westchester County, NY ,Bergen, Sussex Counties, NJ, Pike County, PA and Fairfield County, CT)
WGN America Chicago (Superstation) (Litchfield County, CT)
20 WMBC Newton (IND)
WNYW New York (Fox) (Mercer County, NJ)
WTXF Philadelphia (Fox) (Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ)
WCCT Waterbury(The CW) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
Public-access television cable TV (Long Island)
21 WLIW Garden City (PBS)
WPPX Wilmington (ION) (Mercer County, NJ)
WHYY Wilmington/Philadelphia (PBS) (Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ)
ShopNBC (New Haven County, CT)
22 WNYE New York (IND)
WPSG Philadelphia (The CW) (Mercer County, NJ)
WPXN New York (ION)(Fairfield County, CT)
WHPX New London (ION) (New Haven County, CT)
WYBE Philadelphia (Public TV) (Mercer County, NJ)
News 12 New Jersey (Mercer County)
25 CNN
W25AW (WZBN) Trenton, New Jersey (IND) (Mercer County, NJ)
WTIC Hartford (Fox) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
26 Fox News Channel
MCTV 26 (Mercer County Community College) (Mercer County, NJ)
27 Discovery Channel
28 TLC
29 Food Network
Telecare (Long Island)
Archdiocesan Channel (Bronx)
The NET (Brooklyn)
31 Disney Channel
32 Cartoon Network
33 Nickelodeon
34 TV Land
35 ESPN2
37 TNT
38 USA Network
39 TBS
40 FX
41 Spike
Turner Classic Movies (New York City)
42 We TV
43 AMC
44 Bravo
45 Lifetime
46 A&E Network
47 History
48 Syfy
WRNN Kingston, NY (IND) (Nassau and Western Suffolk Counties)
49 ABC Family
50 Comedy Central
51 E!
52 VH1
53 MTV
54 BET
55 MTV2
56 Fuse TV
Spike (New York City)
57 Animal Planet
58 TruTV
59 HLN
SoapNet (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
60 SportsNet New York
61 News 12 Traffic & Weather
62 The Weather Channel
63 Galavision (New York City)
HLN (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
64 SoapNet (New York City)
NESN (New Haven County)
66 SO MSNBC (Mercer County, NJ)
Food Network (Long Island) (Southern Suffolk County, NY)
C-SPAN 2 along with Sports overflow (New York City and Brookhaven Township, NY)
67 QVC (Upper Westchester County)
CNBC (Mercer County, NJ)
Syfy (Nassau and Western Suffolk Counties)
Food Network (Long Island) (Northern Suffolk County, NY)
Fox News Channel (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
68 SoapNet
CNN (Mercer County, NJ)
MSNBC (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
NESN (Litchfield County, CT)
69 Speed
Fox News Channel (Mercer County, NJ)
CNBC (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
70 YES Network
HSN (Mercer County, NJ)
CNN (Connecticut)
71 MSG Network
Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia (Mercer County, NJ)
72 MSG+
73 Galavision
News 12 Traffic & Weather (Lower Westchester County)
MSG Network (Mercer County, NJ)
YES Network (Connecticut)
74 Public, educational, and government access (PEG) (Upper Westchester County)
OTB (Long Island)
MSG+ (Mercer County, NJ)
75 CUNY-TV (New York City)
76 GSN (New York City)
77 SO C-SPAN(Long Island)
Cablevision Channel Guide along with Sports overflow (Mercer County, NJ)
WSAH Bridgeport (IND) (Fairfield County, CT and Southern Westchester County, NY)
HLN (Brooklyn and The Bronx NY.)
78 WVVH-CA Wainscott (America One) (Eastern Suffolk County, NY)
Jewelry Television (Nassau and Western Suffolk Counties)
Fuse TV (Brooklyn and The Bronx NY.)
79 SO C-SPAN2 along with Sports overflow (Long Island) (except the Brookhaven system)
80 SO Cablevision Channel Guide along with Sports overflow (Brooklyn and The Bronx NY.)
81 Oxygen
HSN (Bridgeport and Norwalk Ct.)
C-SPAN (New Haven Ct.)
82 HBO
83 IFC
CT-N (The Connecticut Network) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
84 Showtime
85 Cinemax
86 The Movie Channel
87 Fuse TV
MSG Network (New York City, Newark, and Hudson County, NJ)
88 GSN
MSG+ (New York City, Newark, and Hudson County, NJ)
89 SoapNet
YES Network (New York City, Newark, and Hudson County, NJ)
Oxygen (Fairfield and New Haven counties)
90 Showtime 2
HBO (Fairfield and New Haven counties)
91 Flix
Cinemax (Fairfield and New Haven counties)
92 PPV PPV In Demand 1
92 Showtime (Fairfield and New Haven counties)
93 PPV PPV In Demand 2
93 The Movie Channel (Fairfield and New Haven counties)
94 PPV Playboy TV (offered as both a premium and a pay-per-view service)
94 IFC (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
95 ADT PPV Spice Xcess
96 Travel Channel
97 Turner Classic Movies
Food Network (Brooklyn and The Bronx NY.)
98 Zee TV (South Asian Programing) (Raritan Valley,NJ)
SPT (Portuguese Programming) (Newark and Elisabeth, NJ)
Showtime 2 (Fairfield and New Haven counties)
HGTV (Brooklyn and The Bronx NY.)
99 SO Cablevision Channel Guide along with Sports overflow
Speed (Brooklyn and The Bronx NY.)
NOTE Galavision is moving to Channel 198 in all service areas as of 12/15/11.

Channels 100-199

Channel Name
100 NB iO Digital Channel Guide
100 Movieplex (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
101 BBC America
102 C-SPAN3
103 EuroNews
104 BBC World News
105 Bloomberg Television
106 Fox Business Network
107 PPV PPV In Demand 1 (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
108 Live Well Network (WABC 7.2, WPVI 6.2 in Mercer County)
Eyewitness News Now (WFSB 3.3 carried in Litchfield County)
108 PPV PPV In Demand 2 (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
109 NBC New York Nonstop (WNBC) (4.2)
NBC Philadelphia Nonstop (WCAU 10.2 in Mercer County)
NBC Plus (WVIT 30.2 in Litchfield County)
109 PPV Playboy TV (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
110 Universal Sports (WNBC) (4.4) (not available in Litchfield or Mercer County) (As of 1/1/12, this channel will no longer be available.)
110 NB iO Digital Channel Guide (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
111 Bloomberg Television (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
112 C-SPAN 3 (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
113 EuroNews (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
114 Antenna TV (WPIX 11.4, WTIC 61.2 in Litchfield County)
115 Public Access 2 (Long Island)
Estrella TV (11.2) (New York City)
New England Cable News (Connecticut)
Global Mind (WYBE 35.2) (Ocean and Mercer Counties, NJ)
116 New York State Legislative TV(New York State)
CPTV4U (49.2 or 24.2) (Connecticut)
MHz Worldview (WYBE 35.3) (Ocean and Mercer Counties, NJ)
117 Livewell/LivewellHD (WABC 7.2) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
118 Local Programing (Long Island and Middlesex, NJ)
NBC New York Nonstop (WNBC) (4.2) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)
119 Universal Sports (WNBC) (4.4) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT) (As of 1/1/12, this channel will no longer be available.)
120 The Hub
121 Disney XD
122 Nicktoons
123 Nick Jr.
124 TeenNick
125 Boomerang
131 Kids Thirteen (WNET) (13.2)
132 PBS World (WLIW) (21.3)
133 Create (WLIW) (CPTV in New Haven and Litchfield Counties) (21.2) (24.2)
134 WTBY-TV Poughkeepsie (TBN) (New York City, Long Island, Southern Westchester and Rockland Counties, NY, New Jersey except Mercer County, Fairfield County, CT)
Trinity Broadcasting Network (New Haven and Litchfield Counties, CT)
135 EWTN
136 Daystar Television Network
137 Telecare (except on Long Island where it's on channel 29)
140 ESPN Classic
142 Fox Soccer
143 CBS Sports Network
145 Golf Channel
146 Versus
148 NBA TV
149 MLB Network
158 National Geographic Wild
160 The Biography Channel
161 H2
162 National Geographic Channel
163 Smithsonian Channel
168 Chiller
169 Cloo
170 Science
171 Investigation Discovery
172 Planet Green
173 Military Channel
175 G4
176 Style Network
177 ReelzChannel
178 TV One
179 Logo
180 OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network
181 ShopNBC
182 Jewelry Television
184 Great American Country
185 Centric
186 VH1 Classic
187 CMT
188 MTV Hits
189 VH1 Soul
190 Fox Movie Channel
191 Hallmark Channel
192 Sundance Channel
193 Hallmark Movie Channel
194 Estrella TV (11.2)
NY1 Noticias (New York City)
195 MTV Tr3́s
196 Fox Deportes
197 mun2
198 Galavision can be found on this channel as of 12/15/11.
199 V-me (WNET 13.3)

^ This channel replaced Toon Disney on February 13, 2009. ^ Boomerang from Cartoon Network was added on May 13, 2009.

Channels 200-293

Channel Name
200 OD World Picks Latino On Demand
201 TVE Internacional
202 CNN en Español
204 Momentum TV
205 Infinito
206 telefe internacional
207 History Channel en Español
208 Canal Sur
209 TV Colombia
210 TV Chile
211 Supercanal Caribe
212 Discovery en Español
213 Dominican View
214 La Familia
215 EWTN Español
216 Maria+Vision
217 Cartoon Network
218 Sorpresa
219 Disney XD en espanol
220 ESPN Deportes
221 CASA Club TV
222 Utilísima Satelital
223 Fox Deportes
224 GOL TV
225 Latele Novela
226 MTV Tr3s
227 mun2
228 Tele El Salvador
229 HTV música
230 Cine Latino
232 Azteca America
233 VeneMovies
234 Telemrico Internacional
235 Ecauvisa Internacional
236 Caracol TV Internacional
237 WAPA America
238 Chinese Channel
239 ET Global NY
240 CCTV-4
241 OD Bollywood Hits On Demand
242 OD World Picks Hindi On Demand
243 TV Asia (South Asian Programming)
244 ITV Gold (South Asian Programming)
245 Zee TV (South Asian Programming)
246 SET Asia (South Asian Programming)
247 NEO Cricket
248 Jus Punjabi
251 RTV-i (Russian Programming)
252 RTN (Russian Programming)
253 Channel 1 Russia
254 NTV America (Russian Programming)
261 MKTV (Korean Programming)
262 MBC (Korean Programming)
263 The Korean Channel
265 TV Japan
267 TV5MONDE (French Programming)
268 TFC (Filipino Programming)
269 GMA Pinoy TV (Filipino Programming)
275 RTPi (Portuguese Programming)
276 SPT (Portuguese Programming)
277 TV Globo (Portuguese-Brazilian Programming)
278 TV Record International
279 RAI Italia (Italian Programming)
281 TVN24 (Polish Programming)
282 TV Polonia (Polish Programming)
283 iTVN (Polish Programming)
284 Deutsche Welle
287 ART (Arabic Programming)
290 The Word Network (New York City, Newark, and Hudson County, NJ)
291 OD The Jewish Channel On Demand
292 ANT (Greek Programming)
293 Mega Cosmos (Greek Programming)

% This channel also replaced Toon Disney for the Spanish feeds on February 13, 2009

Channels 300-399

Channel Name
300 OD Home Box Office On Demand
301 HBO Signature
302 HBO Family
303 HBO Comedy
304 HBO Zone
305 HBO Latino
306 HBO West
307 HBO2 West
308 HBO Signature West
309 HBO Family West
310 HBO2
320 OD Showtime On Demand
321 Showtime Showcase
322 Showtime Extreme
323 Showtime Beyond
324 Showtime Next
325 Showtime Family Zone
326 Showtime Women
327 Showtime West
328 Showtime 2 West
329 Showtime Showcase W.
339 OD STARZ On Demand
341 Starz Cinema
342 Starz Kids & Family
343 Starz Edge
344 Starz InBlack
345 Starz West
346 Starz Comedy
349 OD Encore On Demand
350 Encore
351 Encore Action
352 Encore Suspense
353 Encore Westerns
354 Encore Love
355 Encore Drama
356 Encore Family
357 Encore West
370 OD Cinemax On Demand
371 ActionMAX
372 MoreMAX
373 ThrillerMAX
374 WMAX
375 @MAX
376 5 Star MAX
377 Outer MAX
378 Cinemax West
379 OD The Movie Channel On Demand
380 The Movie Channel Xtra
381 The Movie Channel West
382 TMC Xtra West
397 Flix (Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT)

Channels 400-465

Channel Name
400 MLB Network
401 NHL Network
402 TVG Network
403 Fuel TV
404 Fox College Sports Pacific
405 Fox College Sports Central
406 Fox College Sports Atlantic
407 The Outdoor Channel
408 Versus
409 GOL TV
410 Golf Channel
411 MavTV
412 CBS Sports Network
413 Big Ten Network
414 SO iO Sports (This channel will only broadcast a blue screen with a note unless a third or fourth game is scheduled on MSG or MSG+ for overflow events.) (Channel also now being used for occasional Big Ten Network overflow events.)
415-428 SPT NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings
429 NHL Network
430 NBA TV
432-441 SPT NBA League Pass/MLS Direct Kick
445-450 SPT ESPN PPV (ESPN Game Plan and ESPN Full Court)
460 SO iO Sports 2 (Only available in HD) (This channel will only broadcast a blue screen with a note unless a third or fourth game is scheduled on MSG or MSG+ for overflow events.) (Channel also now being used for occasional Big Ten Network overflow events.)
461 Fox Soccer Plus
462 Sportsman Channel
463 NEO Cricket
464 Fight Now
465 World Fishing Network

@ The sports packages change by season.

Channel 500-672

Channel Name
500 OD Video On Demand
502 OD Free On Demand
503 OD Disney Channel On Demand
504 OD Westchester On Demand (Westchester County)
506 OD here! On Demand
507 OD Anime Network
508 OD IFC in Theaters
512 OD WWE 24/7 On Demand
513 OD Howard Stern On Demand
515 OD Adult On Demand
516 OD Playboy On Demand
517 OD Too Much for TV
591 MDU Channel 1
592 MDU Channel 2
593 MDU Channel 3
594 MDU Channel 4
600 ETV iO Quick Views (multi-view)
601 ETV Market Showcase
602 ETV Market Showcase Extra
603 ETV Market Showcase Plus
604 ETV MSG Interactive
605 ETV Optimum Autos
606 ETV Optimum Homes
608 ETV Voyage Television
609 ETV More Market Showcase
610 ETV tag Games
611 ETV Newsday TV (Long Island)
612 ETV News 12 Interactive
614 ETV MSG Varsity Interactive
615 ETV Lustgarten Foundation
616 ETV Health TV
617 ETV My Government
618 ETV HealthiNation
619 ETV HSN Shop By Remote
620 ETV HGTV Interactive
621 ETV Food Network Interactive
625 ETV Amberwatch TV
630 ETV OV Caller ID on iO TV
640 ETV iO Photos
641 ETV Optimum Link
651 ETV Mattel Barbie Channel
653 ETV Ford Channel
654 ETV MXenergy TV
659 ETV Chrysler Group
660 ETV Metro Ethernet Now

Channels 696-798

Channel Name
696 WVIT HD (NBC) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties)
697 WTIC-TV HD (Fox) (Fairfield County)
698 WTNH HD (ABC) (Fairfield County)
699 WCTX HD (MyNetworkTV) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties)
701 WFSB-TV HD (CBS) (Fairfield and New Haven County)
WFSB-TV HD (CBS)(Litchfield County)
703 WPXN-TV HD (Ion)
WPPX-TV HD (Ion)(Mercer County)
WHPX-TV HD (Ion)(New Haven and Litchfield Counties)
WCAU HD (NBC)(Mercer County)
WVIT HD (NBC)(Litchfield County)
705 WNYW HD (Fox))
WTIC-TV HD (Fox)(New Haven County)
WUVN HD (Univision)(Litchfield County)
706 WXTV HD (Univision))
WUVP HD (Univision)(Mercer County)
WUVN HD (Univision)(New Haven County)
WTIC-TV HD (Fox)(Litchfield County)
WPVI HD (ABC)(Mercer County)
708 WFUT HD (Telefutura)
WTNH HD (ABC)(New Haven and Litchfield Counties)
709 WWOR-TV HD (MyNetworkTV)
CPTV HD (PBS) (Litchfield County)
711 WPIX HD (The CW)
WPHL-TV HD (MyNetworkTV) (Mercer County)
712 News 12 HD
WCCT HD (The CW) (Litchfield County)
714 MSG Varsity HD
715 YES Network HD
716 MSG Network HD
717 MSG Plus HD
WCTX HD (MyNetworkTV) (Litchfield County)
718 SportsNet New York HD
719 Versus HD
720 Big Ten Network HD
721 WLIW Digital (PBS)[1]
WFMZ-TV HD (IND)(Mercer County)
NESN HD (New Haven and Litchfield Counties)
722 Bloomberg Television HD
CPTV HD (PBS) (Fairfield and New Haven Counties)
725 CNN HD
726 National Geographic Channel HD
727 Velocity HD
728 WNJU HD (Telemundo)
729 WABC or WPVI-Live Well HD (7.2/6.2)
731 Disney Channel HD
732 Cartoon Network HD
733 Nickelodeon HD
734 Turner Classic Movies HD
735 ESPN2 HD
737 TNT HD
738 USA Network HD
739 TBS HD
741 Spike HD
742 WE: Women's Entertainment HD
743 AMC HD
744 Bravo HD
745 Universal HD
746 A&E HD
747 History Channel HD
748 Syfy HD
749 ABC Family HD
750 Disney XD HD
751 E! HD
752 VH1 HD
753 MTV HD
754 BET HD
755 CMT HD
756 Fuse HD
757 Animal Planet HD
758 truTV HD
759 Science Channel HD
760 OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network HD
761 Fox News Channel HD
762 The Weather Channel HD
763 Travel Channel HD (CableCARD only)
764 TLC HD
765 Discovery Channel HD
766 Food Network HD
767 FX HD
768 Comedy Central HD
769 Speed HD
770 BBC America HD
771 Bloomberg Television HD (Connecticut)
772 Fox Business Network HD
773 SO iO Sports HD (CableCARD only)
774 SO iO Sports 2 HD
777 TV Land HD
778 Investigation Discovery HD
779 National Geographic Wild HD
780 Smithsonian Channel HD
781 The Biography Channel HD
782 Hallmark Movie Channel HD
783 IFC HD
784 Crime & Investigation Network HD
785 Palladia HD
786 G4 HD
787 Golf Channel HD
788 Outdoor Channel HD
790 MLB Network HD
791 NHL Network HD
793 CBS Sports Network HD
797 Fox Soccer HD
798 Fox Soccer Plus HD

Channels 800-1382

Channel Name
800 HBO HD
801 HBO2 HD
802 HBO Signature HD
803 HBO Family HD
804 HBO Comedy HD
805 HBO Zone HD
806 HBO Latino HD
807 HBO West HD
808 HBO2 West HD
809 HBO Signature West HD
810 HBO Family West HD
811 Starz HD
812 Starz Kids & Family HD
813 Starz Edge HD
814 Starz West HD
815 Starz Comedy HD
816 Encore HD
818 IFC HD
820 Showtime HD
821 Showtime Too HD
822 Showtime Showcase HD
823 Showtime Extreme HD
824 Showtime West HD
825 Showtime Too West HD
826 Showtime Showcase West HD
830 Cinemax HD
831 ActionMax HD
832 MoreMax HD
833 ThrillerMax HD
835 @Max HD
836 5 StarMAX HD
837 OuterMax HD
838 Cinemax West HD
840 TMC HD
841 TMC Xtra HD
842 TMC West HD
843 TMC Xtra West HD
845 QVC HD
846 Planet Green HD
847 Style HD
851 MC Hit List
852 MC Hip Hop & R&B
853 MC MC Mixtape
854 MC Dance/Electronica
855 MC Rap
856 MC Hip-Hop Classics
857 MC Throwback Jamz
858 MC R&B Classics
859 MC R&B Soul
860 MC Gospel
861 MC Reggae
862 MC Classic Rock
863 MC Retro Rock
864 MC Rock
865 MC Metal
866 MC Alternative
867 MC Classic Alternative
868 MC Adult Alternative
869 MC Soft Rock
870 MC Pop Hits
871 MC '90s
872 MC '80s
873 MC '70s
874 MC Solid Gold Oldies
875 MC Party Favorites
876 MC Stage & Screen
877 MC Kidz Only!
878 MC Toddler Tunes
879 MC Today's Country
880 MC True Country
881 MC Classic Country
882 MC Contemporary Christian
883 MC Sounds of the Seasons
884 MC Soundscapes
885 MC Smooth Jazz
886 MC Jazz
887 MC Blues
888 MC Singers & Swing
889 MC Easy Listening
890 MC Classical Masterpieces
891 MC Light Classical
892 MC Musica Urbana
893 MC Pop Latino
894 MC Tropicales
895 MC Mexicana
896 MC Romances
900 ETV Explore Optimum
901 ETV Order Optimum Online
902 ETV iO Upgrades
903 ETV iO Upgrades Extra
904 ETV iO en español Explore Optimum
905 ETV DVR Plus Upgrade (The Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, and Connecticut)
906 ETV Showtime Preview
908 ETV Optimum Rewards on Demand
909 ETV Optimum Rewards
910 ETV Optimum Wifi
999 NB iO Digital Channel Guide (Available in certain areas)
1000 DVR iO DVR
1001 DVR iO DVR Plus (The Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, and Connecticut)
1011 HITN
1016 Nat Geo Mundo
1018 Discovery Familia
1027 Puerto Rico Network
1028 Cuba Play
1035 ESPN2 (No longer available on this channel as of 12/6/11)
1036 ESPN (No longer available on this channel as of 12/6/11)
1039 Sur Peru
1046 Mutimedios
1060 SNY (No longer available on this channel as of 12/6/11)
1069 Latin American Sports
1070 YES (No longer available on this channel as of 12/6/11)
1071 MSG (No longer available on this channel as of 12/6/11)
1072 MSG+ (No longer available on this channel as of 12/6/11)
1081 Vme Kids
1085 CBeebies
1086 Semilitas
1100 Noire TV Africa
1101 Afrotainment Plus
1103 Cee-TV
1104 CaribVision
1105 TEMPO
1121 Disney XD
1145 Golf Channel
1158 National Geographic Wild
1160 The Biography Channel
1170 Science Channel
1172 Planet Green
1175 G4
1176 Style Network
1186 CTC
1187 CMT
1188 TeleKlub
1193 Hallmark Movie Channel
1300 3D iO 3D
1306 HBO West
1307 HBO2 West
1308 HBO Signature
1309 HBO Family West
1322 Showtime Extreme
1327 Showtime West
1328 Showtime 2 West
1329 Showtime Showcase W.
1345 Starz West
1373 ThrillerMAX
1374 WMAX
1376 5 Star MAX
1378 Cinemax West
1380 The Movie Channel Extra
1381 The Movie Channel West
1382 TMC Extra West
1998 Movie Explorer (Available in Certain areas)
1999 NB Alert Channel (Currently not active)


Retired Channels

  • cultural-ES
  • Nickelodeon Games & Sports For Kids
  • Wedding Central

Channels on Demand

  • Toon Disney
  • Discovery Kids

Notable Channels

  • The iO Digital Channel Guide on is a non broadcast programming channel. It only displays the guide and information.
  • The Cablevision Channel Guide listings channel is sometimes used for overflow game programming.
  • The C-SPAN 2 channel is sometimes used for overflow game programming.
  • Voom HD Networks channels were dropped on January 20, 2009 when the service was shut down. Voom provided 15 channels, like Ch. 777 Monsters HD and Ch. 776 Kung Fu HD.
  • Food Network and HGTV were dropped temporarily starting January 1, 2010 during negotiating distribution rights.[3] The channels were activated again January 21.[4]
  • Ch. 7 ABC was dropped March 7, 2010 due to distribution rights dispute,[5] but came back on the network that same day.
  • Fox and MyNetworkTV were dropped from Cablevision on October 16 due to a contract dispute. On October 27, 2010 Fox rejected the new offer that Cablevision offered for them. As of October 30, 2010 Fox and MyNetworkTV are now back on the air.[6] (Fox station in Hartford and My Network affiliates in Hartford and Philadelphia were not effected during the dispute and stayed on the systems that carried them.)
  • The iO Games channel has been dropped, it has been replaced by a new games channel named tag games which is now available of November 10, 2010.
  • Optimum Link on Channel 641 is now available.
  • iO DVR Plus on Channel 1001 is now available only in Bronx, NY and Connecticut. It will be coming soon in all other towns.
  • iO Quick Views on Channel 600 is now available.
  • Galavision is moving to Channel 198 in all areas as of 12/15/11.


  • Many have criticized the advertising of a "digital cable service" where many of the most popular channels are broadcast in an analog format.
  • High compression on digital (including HD) channels has been criticized as excessive, causing the picture to appear pixelized due to low bandwidth. While other cable providers usually multiplex 2 HD streams per 6Mhz QAM carrier, Cablevision multiplexes 3, 4 or 5 HD streams for some of its channels.
  • There is a high rate of instability of the Scientific Atlanta cable boxes.
  • Cablevision has also been criticized in the past for not having as many channels as other providers, such as Verizon FiOS, DirecTV, Dish Network, and Time Warner Cable, who carry the NFL Network, BBC America, and ESPN 3. BBC America was finally added on August 25, 2011.[7]


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