One Life to Live miscellaneous characters

One Life to Live miscellaneous characters

The following are minor or recurring characters from the American soap opera One Life to Live.


Kimberly Andrews

Kimberly Andrews
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Amanda Setton
Duration 2009–10, 2011-
First appearance August 14, 2009
Created by Ron Carlivati
Nickname(s) Kimmy
Aliases Aubrey Wentworth
Kimberly Buchanan
Occupation Former Stripper
Former Executive Assistant at Buchanan Enterprises
Former Con artist
Residence Anchorage, Kentucky

Kimberly "Kim" Andrews (formerly Buchanan; née Aubrey Wentworth) is a Las Vegas exotic dancer who arrives in Llanview on August 14, 2009 to help her best friend Stacy Morasco.[1] Stacy has miscarried her baby with Rex Balsom, which had been the only thing keeping him in her life; Kim conspires to help Stacy get pregnant again by someone else and pass the child off as Rex's.[1] Kim and Stacy try to get Kyle Lewis to sleep with Stacy, but he tells them he's gay. Stacy tries Oliver Fish but he says he's in a relationship with Layla Williamson. Stacy later drugs Schuyler Joplin to sleep with her, but he refuses. Stacy gives up hope of getting Rex back. Stacy and Kim go to tell Rex and Gigi that she lost the baby, but decides not to. Kim immediately clashes with Stacy's sister Gigi Morasco. Stacy sleeps with a drunken Oliver and get her self pregnant again. Kim and Stacy also works to break up Gigi and Rex for good. Kim goes on a date with Schuyler Joplin making Gigi jealous. Running low on money, Kim sets her sights on the wealthy and newly married Clint Buchanan. In November 2009 Schuyler discover that Stacy lost her baby. Thinking on her toes Kim lies and say that Schuyler is the father. Schuyler keeps there secret so he can have Gigi for himself. Kim manipulates her way into a position as his executive assistant, and soon finds out that Clint's wife Nora has fallen back in love with her ex-husband, Clint's own brother Bo. In December 2009 Kim arranges for Clint to discover the truth. Aware of Kim's manipulations from the beginning, Clint is nonetheless grateful, he lets Kim keep her job. At the Mayors New Year's ball Clint publicly humiliating Bo and Nora. In January 2010 Clint files for divorce and invites Kim to live at his mansion. Kim gets Schuyler to steal a vile vile of oxytocin to make Stacy give birth early to pass the baby off as Rex's. On February 18, 2010 Kim is devastated when Stacy falls through the ice of a frozen lake and is presumed dead. Kim and Clint marry on March 11, 2010, so she can get custody of Stacy's baby. Kim is blackmailed by David Vickers into leaving Clint and Llanview on April 2, 2010, because of a secret that she's been hiding from Clint. Kim then leaves town and says that she promises to destroy David one day for blackmailing her out of town and out of Clint's life. Clint is currently searching for Kim, but her whereabouts are unknown.

Kim later turns up at The Spotted Pony strip club in Anchorage, Kentucky on August 22, 2011 and is spotted by Rex. He informs her of all the developments that have happened in her absence since she left Llanview. Kim then has an unknown woman in a hospital room in Kentucky that she tells her plans to return to Llanview to claim the Buchanan fortune again and reunite with her ex-husband Clint. The unknown woman is later revealed to be Gigi's sister and Kim's best friend Stacy Morasco! Kim then heads back to Llanview to confront David, though they soon reach an agreement to still keep Kim's secret safe between them so that she can reunite with Clint without David's interference. Clint is happy to see Kim again, and wants to know where she's been for a year and a half. Kim manages to avoid telling the truth, but Clint later figures out she's been stripping again. Clint then wants to know what secret Kim has been hiding from him that caused her to be blackmailed out of town and out of his life by David, but Kim doesn't divulge her secret to Clint. Clint's daughter Natalie Buchanan then arrives in Llanfair and kicks Kim out of the house.

On September 2, 2011, it's revealed that Kim is Cutter Wentworth's real sister, and that her real name is Aubrey Wentworth when Kim pays her brother Cutter a visit to The Minute Man Motel, and he calls her by her real name "Aubrey". It was also revealed that Kim had plastic surgery done to turn herself from an "ugly duckling" to a sexy looking woman, thanks to the money she stole from her former French boarding school roommate Rama Patel to pay for the plastic surgery. Kim also found out that her brother was inspired to scam the Buchanan family after he read about Kim's marriage to Clint in the newspaper. Kim told Cutter that she would pay back the money that she stole from Rama. Kim also discovered that her brother quit being a con artist so that he could turn over a new leaf to impress Aubrey, who also reformed from her grifting ways, and got a job working as a front desk clerk at The Minute Man Motel. Kim later goes to Llanfair to talk to Clint about helping her take care of her friend in the hospital. Clint agrees to help if she quits stripping, saying she is better than that, and Kim agrees to the deal. Kim later comes face to face with Cutter's girlfriend and former scamming partner Christine Karr (the fake Aubrey Wentworth) at the motel room. Kim tells Christine that she is the real Aubrey Wentworth and Cutter's sister. After Kim left, Cutter told Aubrey that he and Kim used to be scamming partners when he teamed up with her to seduce rich men for their money after Kim had her plastic surgery, but they later parted ways after they were exposed as con artists after the incident at the Spotted Pony. Kim returns to Llanfair where Clint wants Kim's friend to be moved to Llanview Hospital, but Kim refuses. Clint also look up information on Kim's friend in the hospital in Anchorage, Kentucky, but comes up with nothing. Kim later visits her brother Cutter and discovers that he bought a stuffed beaver named Morris for Aubrey as a gift that Rex's adoptive mother Roxy Balsom was selling at a flea market being held in Angel Square, and that Rex's gun was hidden in the beaver (Rex was the suspect in the murder of Victor Lord Jr., and his gun was considered as evidence in the case) Cutter told Kim that he was tempted to use Rex's gun to blackmail him for the Buchanan fortune, but later changed his mind so that he could still be a changed man for Aubrey. Kim sneaks back into his motel room and steals the gun to blackmail Rex's biological mother Echo DiSavoy to convince her son to hand back the entire Buchanan fortune to Clint, so she can pay her friends medical bills or she will give the gun to the police.

In late September 2011, Rex find the hospital that her friend is at in Kentucky. Kim gets Rex to leave and returns to the hospital room and says "That was a close one, Stacy!". Cutter arrives in the hospital in Kentucky to confront Kim about stealing Rex's gun from him, but Kim convinces her brother to let her still keep the gun to continue to blackmail Echo to convince her son Rex to give back the entire Buchanan fortune to Clint, and to help pay for Stacy's medical bills. Cutter then goes into Stacy's hospital room and tells Kim she left out a lot of details about her mysterious condition. Cutter decides to keep Stacy's condition a secret, saying that no one will believe him when he tells anyone about what happened to Stacy. On October 10, 2011, Kim tells Stacy she got Echo to forge Rex's signature on the documents that Echo signed herself to give the Buchanan fortune back to Clint. It's also revealed that Stacy has Gigi's face when Kim reminicesd about Stacy reuniting with Kim several months earlier at the Spotted Pony, and Kim finding out that Stacy survived drowning in that frozen lake, and that Stacy had plastic surgery done to her in South America to look like her sister Gigi so that she could take over her life. Cutter then arrived at the hospital and told Kim that Aubrey broke up with him because she found out about what he really did with Rex's gun, and also blamed Kim for their break-up. He also decided to revert back to his grifting ways and blackmailed Kim to give him the forged documents, or he will tell everyone in Llanview about Stacy still being alive with Gigi's face. Cutter then asked Kim if she was sure that it was Stacy that was in that hospital room. Kim explained to Cutter that Stacy ended up in a coma because she went to Llanview to track down Gigi, but instead she ended up in the same basement of the rental house with her that was leaking carbon monoxide that killed Gigi. Kim then tracked down Stacy and took her body, and put her in a hospital in Cherryvale before she ended up in the hospital in Kentucky. Cutter told Kim that he believes her, and Kim gave him the forged documents on the condition that he gives her some of the money to pay for Stacy's hospital bills. On October 14, 2011, Kim revealed to Stacy of what happened that night several years ago at the Spotted Pony. Cutter enlisted Kim to seduce a rich guy at the club named Mr. Berger by working as a stripper, and Cutter snuck in too much "mickey" into his drink, which caused Mr. Berger to pass out and die. Kim runs into Rama at the Spotted Pony, who recently discovered from Aubrey that she stole money from her to pay for her plastic surgery and calling herself "Kim", and that she was there to "settle the score" once and for all! On October 17, 2011 Cutter and Rama set Kim up for the murder years ago at the Spotted Pony. Kim begs Cutter to take care of Stacy before being dragged away by the police. On October 28, a letter from Kim arrives from the prison she's staying at in Kentucky at Llanfair for Clint, but the letter ends up falling into Clint's granddaughter's Bree Brennan's bag that she's using to go trick or treating with on Halloween before Clint could see the letter. Bree later discovers the letter in her bag and dumps it on the front doorsteps of the Buchanan Mansion. Cutter then discovers Kim's letter and has it forged, along with another forged letter from Clint, to make it both look like they were breaking up with each other, and to not let anyone know about Stacy's identity, and to cover up the truth about Cutter framing Kim for the murder that he committed at the Spotted Pony.

Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe

Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Peter Bartlett
Duration 1991—
First appearance 1991
Occupation Butler

Peter Bartlett (1991–present)

Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe is the longtime butler and confidante of billionaire Asa Buchanan.

In early 2003, Nigel is romantically linked to Roxy Balsom.

In October 2006, David Vickers finds out that Asa once had an affair with David's mother, Emma Bradley, but Asa denies it. Later, David's brother Dr. Spencer Truman claims to be Asa's son, but a DNA test proves otherwise. A conversation between Asa and Nigel hints that there is more to the story. On August 16, 2007, Asa dies in his sleep and is found by Nigel.[2] At the funeral on August 17, 2007 Nigel tells a returned Max Holden that Asa has another son: David Vickers. Max advises Nigel to wait to tell the rest of the family; meanwhile, an eavesdropping Alex Olanov seeks out David.[3] Nigel inherits Asa's yacht and private island, but in his video will Asa announces the existence of his other son; Nigel is tasked to inform this son of his parentage "when the time is right." Alex returns, married to an in-the-dark David, and blackmails Nigel with the facts of David's parentage. Not wanting the Buchanans to discover that con man David is one of them, Nigel gives his inheritance to Alex in exchange for her silence. Nigel has a cousin Neville (also portrayed by Peter Bartlett since 2009) who is the Buchanan mansion butler to the Buchanans living in London, England. Nigel later becomes a butler to Clint Buchanan, his wife Nora Buchanan, Clint's brother Bo Buchanan, and Bo and Nora's son Matthew Buchanan after Asa gives the Buchanan Mansion to Nora in his will. After Clint and Nora divorce in 2010, Nigel soely works for Clint after Clint wins ownership of the mansion from Nora in their divorce settlement. After Clint has a heart attack in the spring of 2011 and is blackmailed and extorted for a piece of the family fortune and the Buchanan Mansion in exchange for committing his mentally ill daughter Jessica Buchanan to St. Anne's by her then husband and con artist Cutter Wentworth, Clint loses ownership of the mansion to Cutter, and Nigel then works as Cutter's butler, along with his houseguests Vimal Patel and his wife Rama Patel. Cutter later loses ownership of the mansion when Rex Balsom blackmails his estranged father Clint for the entire Buchanan fortune and the mansion in exchange for Clint to get the heart of Rex's dead fiance Gigi Morasco. Clint hires Nigel to evict Cutter, Vimal, and Rama out of the mansion on June 28, 2011. However, on July 8, 2011, Rex fires Nigel as the mansion's butler because he can't trust Nigel because of his friendship with Clint. Nigel is later hired by Clint to be his butler/confidante when he is under house arrest for twenty years at his ex-wife Victoria Lord's Llanfair estate for commting recent various crimes.

Liz Coleman Reynolds

Liz Coleman Reynolds
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Barbara Niven
Duration 2002–03
First appearance September 3, 2002
Last appearance March 7, 2003
Created by Lorraine Broderick and Christopher Whitesell

Barbara Niven (September 3, 2002[4]-March 7, 2003[5]) (Deceased)

Antonio Vega leaves Llanview after he is kicked off of the police force by Bo Buchanan for accidentally shooting Ben Davidson. Arriving in a nearby town, he meets a woman named Liz; he confides in her about his problems, and they part company. Soon after, they meet again when Antonio comes upon Liz, her car broken down. She tells him about the recent death of her husband, and she and Antonio sleep together. They once again go their separate ways the next day, and Antonio returns to Llanview; Liz appears there herself, and it is revealed that she is Liz Coleman Reynolds, the mother of Keri Reynolds — Antonio’s fiancée. Liz becomes pregnant, and tells Keri that the baby is her deceased husband's. With the pregnancy threatening Liz's health, Keri soon agrees to act as a surrogate mother. With the transfer a success, Antonio seeks a paternity test. He is indeed proven to be the father, and he and Liz decide to withhold the information from Keri.

Liz decides to stay in Llanview and renews her relationship with R.J. Gannon, who is revealed to be Keri's father. R.J. soon learns the truth about the baby Keri is carrying; he is on the verge of telling Keri when Antonio handcuffs R.J. to a booth in the Angel Square Diner. Antonio tells Keri that the baby is his, and Keri goes into premature labor. Keri gives birth to a baby girl in the hospital. Later tests prove that the surrogacy had actually failed and that Keri had already been pregnant with Antonio's child herself. Hating Antonio, R.J. helps Keri, Liz, and baby "Stephanie" sneak out of town. Their plane crashes, leaving no survivors, and Antonio is devastated at the loss of Keri and their daughter. Months later, Natalie Buchanan begins to suspect that R.J. is up to something, and soon discovers that Keri and Stephanie had never gotten on the plane and had been hiding out in Toronto. After returning to Llanview, Keri reveals that she renamed her daughter Jamie and that Liz had actually died in the plane crash.

Jonas Chamberlain

Jonas Chamberlain
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Kevin Spirtas
Duration 2008
First appearance June 11, 2008
Last appearance August 28, 2008
Created by Ron Carlivati

Kevin Spirtas (June 11, 2008[6]-August 28, 2008[7])

Jonas Chamberlain,[8] the US Ambassador to the European principality of Mendorra, welcomes the Mendorran Crown Princess — actually former Llanview resident Tina Lord — to town[6] after the Mendorran Crown Jewels are stolen.[9] Tina soon acquires the jewels from corrupt Llanview Police Commissioner Lee Ramsey, who has stolen them at her request, but soon Ramsey is gunned down and Tina is on the run with the jewels from the sinister Jonas, who apparently wants them for himself.[10][11] Tina finds refuge with her estranged daughter Sarah Roberts and Sarah's boyfriend Cristian Vega;[12][13] Llanview police officer Talia Sahid inexplicably aids Jonas in kidnapping Sarah,[14] and soon Cristian and his brother (and Talia's boyfriend), Police Detective Antonio, discover that Jonas has both women.[15][16] Tina and the Vegas agree to accompany Jonas back to Mendorra in order to make an exchange: Sarah and Talia for the Crown Jewels.[17]

In Mendorra, Talia's estranged father is revealed to be villain Carlo Hesser, the real mastermind behind the kidnappings.[18] Talia despises Carlo, a longtime enemy of both Tina and the Vega brothers.[19] Carlo, bent on revenge for Tina's part in his son's death in 1990, announces publicly that she and the Crown Prince (Cain Rogan in disguise) are frauds, and reveals Jonas as the true heir to the throne.[20] Carlo intends to marry Talia to Jonas; she protests and stalls, but goes through with the royal wedding on July 31, 2008 to save Antonio and her friends from harm — not knowing that Jonas has already stabbed Antonio and left him for dead.[21][22] A wounded Antonio appears, overpowers Jonas and the guards and leads Talia to safety, but Carlo, Jonas, and their men catch up. Talia brokers a deal with Carlo: she will stay if the others are allowed to leave. With several people's lives at stake, a furious Antonio is forced to leave Talia behind.[23][24] Antonio, Sarah, and Cristian later return; they drug Carlo and Jonas and stage them in bed together, and Talia leads a team of reporters to "discover" the scene. Talia and the others leave Mendorra as a protesting Carlo and Jonas are arrested for fraud.[7][25]

Riley Colson

Riley Colson
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Jay Wilkison
Duration 2003–05
First appearance February 24, 2003
Last appearance June 8, 2005
Occupation Musician

Jay Wilkison (February 24, 2003 – June 8, 2005)

Riley Colson arrives in Llanview in February 2003 as the boyfriend and bandmate of Sarah Roberts. The son of District Attorney Daniel Colson, Riley and his father have a somewhat volatile relationship. Riley had been named for Viki Davidson's first husband, reporter Joe Riley, whom Riley's mother had admired. In the summer of 2004, Riley becomes involved with Jennifer Rappaport.

In 2005, Daniel marries Nora Buchanan and is soon revealed as Paul Cramer's murderer; Paul had been blackmailing Daniel with the secret of Daniel's homosexuality. Daniel first frames Jennifer for the crime, and then strangles her to death in 2005 when she learns the truth. Daniel is ultimately caught and brought to justice. After the fallout of Jennifer's death and Daniel's crimes, Riley returns to using drugs, and is arrested for dealing. He shares a sad goodbye with his stepmother Nora and leaves town to go to a rehabilitation center.

Grace Davidson

Grace Davidson
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Susan Misner
Duration 1999
First appearance March 12, 1999
Last appearance November 17, 1999
Aliases Grace Monroe

Susan Misner (March 12, 1999 – November 17, 1999) [26] Kelly Cramer's boarding school friend Grace Monroe comes to Llanview with her grandfather in 1999 and soon becomes romantically involved with Kevin Buchanan. Grace's grandfather, secretly a mobster, is searching for Dr. Ben Davidson to kill him because Grace's father had died while Ben was treating him.

Meanwhile, Rae Cummings returns to town in search of her missing husband Daniel Faulkner; her one lead is Daniel's former mistress — Grace. The young woman has no information to help Rae find Daniel. Hating Grace for the affair, Rae tries to convince Kevin to end the relationship. He is upset by Grace's past but forgives her, so Rae slowly and subtly tries to lead Kevin to believe that Grace is a horrible woman. Rae complicates their relationship, but Kevin and Grace grow closer and are eventually engaged.

Ben is shot but survives, and it is revealed that Grace is really the younger sister of Ben and his brother Sam Rappaport, kidnapped as a child by the mob and presumed dead (Grace's childhood nickname is "Maisy" – short for "Amazing Grace." It is through the memories associated with the nickname – which Ben and Sam continue to use – that Ben and Sam realize that Grace is their sister.) Reunited with her brothers, Grace changes her name to Grace Davidson.

At Kevin and Grace's engagement party, Kevin's grandfather Asa Buchanan — who hates Ben and Sam — confronts Grace with pictures he had uncovered of her sleeping with her father's mob friends. An upset Grace runs out into the storm and ends up in the Buchanans' summerhouse, which is under construction. Locked in, she falls through a hole in the floor into the cold water below. Rae arrives and unsuccessfully tries to save Grace; the two women make peace and Grace tells Rae that Daniel is in Pine Valley. Both woman are eventually pulled from the water, but despite her brother Ben's best efforts, Grace dies on November 3, 1999.[26]

Kevin is devastated over Grace's death and starts drinking heavily; he and Kelly console each other as she and Kevin's brother Joey become engaged in December 1999. Kevin and Kelly begin developing feelings for each other, which complicates her relationship with Joey.

Tomás Delgado

Tomás Delgado
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Ted King
Duration 2011—
First appearance January 21, 2011
Created by Ron Carlivati
Occupation Artist
CIA agent
Residence 437 Jackson Hill Road
Llanview, Pennsylvania

Ted King (January 21, 2011 to present) Tomás hit the canvas on January 21, 2011 as a struggling Parisian artist. He was found by Blair Cramer and Cristian Vega. He admitted to Blair that he found a photo of her at a flea market from which he painted her portrait.

Unable to get Blair out of his head, Tomás goes to Llanview to see her in February. It was then soon revealed that he is Tomás Delgado the brother of Téa Delgado who left the family a while back. In June 2011 Tomás goes to New York followed by Blair and she finds out he is married but separated. He also finds out that Sebastian, or "Baz", is his biological son with Yvette.

After being interrogated by John, Téa and Blair, Tomás reveals that he is ex-CIA. At the premiere of Vickerman, Tomás announces that Todd is an impostor just as a man with a scar arrives, claiming to be the real Todd Manning. Tomás later admits to Blair that he is not certain which of the two men claiming to be Todd is the real one. In August 2011 John Brody and Tomás infiltrated the agency headquarter and found Irene Manning. It is later revealed that the man with the scar is indeed the real Todd Manning, while the man who has been posing as Todd Manning for the last eight years is in fact Todd's twin brother Victor Lord Jr.

Madame Delphina

Madame Delphina
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Lea DeLaria
Duration 1999, 2008, 2009, 2011
First appearance 1999
Occupation Psychic
Residence Llanview, Pennsylvania

Lea DeLaria (1999;[27][28] June 30, 2008[17]-August 28, 2008;[7] January 15, 2009;[29] July 27, 2009;[30] August 19–20, 2009;[31][32] October 2009; December 2009; May 2011; June 20, 2011 – July 11, 2011; August 2011)

Dorian Lord consults psychic Madame Delphina in 1999 following the death of Dorian's husband, Mel Hayes. Through Delphina, Mel's spirit chastises Dorian for accidentally running over Jessica Buchanan and then fleeing the scene, and advises Dorian to make peace with her longtime nemesis Viki Lord Carpenter.[27][28]

On June 30, 2008, Dorian schemes to break up David Vickers' marriage to her sister Addie Cramer by paying Delphina to "predict" misfortune should the couple stay together. Her plan backfires when Delphina instead predicts happiness in their future.[17] Delphina also channels Mel, who again scolds Dorian for her recent deeds.[17] Making her way around town, Delphina senses others' secrets and makes further cryptic predictions; one of these leads District Attorney Nora Hanen to evidence incriminating Lindsay Rappaport for the murder of Spencer Truman.[33] His wedding to Lindsay aborted, a devastated Bo Buchanan leaves town, and Delphina gives Rex Balsom clues to find him.[34] In Texas, Bo and Rex are struck by lightning and travel back to 1968. Seeking a way to return to the present, they find Professor Delbert Fina, a supposed expert on the subject and Delphina's psychic counterpart in 1968.[35] With Delphina helping Gigi Morasco find Rex in 2008, and Professor Fina aiding Bo and Rex in 1968, another bolt of lightning sends Bo home but pulls Gigi back to 1968.[36] Later, Professor Fina watches as Rex and Gigi are transported back to 2008 after saying "I love you" to each other.[37] Back in the present, Delphina tells Dorian's orphaned foster daughter Langston that she has a blood relative still alive somewhere.[7]

In search of ex-husband David Vickers, Dorian summons Delphina on January 15, 2009,[29] and the psychic reappears on January 23, 2009.[38] She returns on July 27, 2009 to help Renee Buchanan communicate with her deceased husband Asa,[30] and Jessica Buchanan visits Delphina on August 19 and August 20, 2009 seeking information about her own dead husband Nash Brennan.[31][32] Delphina visits Jessica at Llanfair on October 14, 2009.[39] Delphina is revealed to be the ex-girlfriend of Dorian's new lesbian pseudo-wife Amelia Bennett on December 16, 2009, and when the women reconcile, Dorian agrees to tear up the marriage certificate that she and Amelia had gotten as a stunt to help Dorian's campaign for mayor of Llanview. Madame Delphina returned recently to tell Natalie where Liam might be and dropped some hints on getting him back also mentioned the man who had me was wearing a mask which the who had him was "Todd" Manning. Delphina is set to make her return June 20, 2011. Delphina's last airdate until unknown will be July 11, 2011.[40][41] She returned in August 2011, to help Rex with his Gigi's "ghostly" problem.

LeeAnn Demerest

LeeAnn Demerest
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Yasmine Bleeth
Duration 1991–93
First appearance 1991
Last appearance 1993

Yasmine Bleeth (1991–1993)[42]

LeeAnn Demerest comes to Llanview in 1991 on the heels of her mother DuAnn, the midwife who had helped birth Max Holden. Max is trying to uncover whether he is Asa Buchanan's biological son, and DuAnn seems inclined to help him make it look that way ... for a price. LeeAnn becomes involved with Kevin Buchanan, who is on the rebound from a failed romance with Stephanie Hobart, but LeeAnn and Max are also drawn to one another. When LeeAnn believes that Max has fallen for Luna Moody, she sleeps with Kevin and becomes pregnant. Kevin finds out in 1992, and they elope. Meanwhile, blackmailing DuAnn is murdered, and Julia Medina ultimately confesses to the crime. Kevin and LeeAnn's marriage crumbles over her closeness with Jason Webb; they divorce, and LeeAnn leaves town for Texas with their son Duke in 1993.

Renée Divine Buchanan

Renée Divine Buchanan
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Patricia Elliott
Duration 1987—
Created by S. Michael Schnessel
Aliases Jean Rappaport
Occupation Owner of The Palace Hotel
Residence The Palace Hotel

Renée Divine Buchanan (portrayed by Patricia Elliott since 1987) arrives in Llanview in 1987 as the former employer of Lee Halpern, secretly once a prostitute at Renée's Strip Club in Georgia. Renee soon runs into Asa Buchanan, her old flame from those days. Renée and Asa rekindle their romance, and marry for the first time on November 30, 1988[43] in a double wedding with Asa's grandson Cord Roberts, who remarries ex-wife Tina Lord.

Mobster Carlo Hesser — another of Renée's exes — appears in Chesnut Hills in 1990. Asa and Renée divorce in 1992 when Asa discovers old love letters that Carlo had sent Renée, but Asa and Renée eventually wed again on May 18, 1999.[43] Around this time it is revealed that Renée had conceived a son by Asa when they had been involved in their youth, and had put the boy up for adoption. Max Holden poses as the missing heir, but Asa and Renée's real son turns out to be Ben Davidson, adopted brother of Sam Rappaport and love interest of Asa's former daughter-in-law Viki Carpenter. Asa and Renée divorce in 2001, but remarry for the last time on February 14, 2004.[43] The marriage ends with Asa's offscreen death on August 16, 2007.

Renee has been seldom seen since Asa's 2007 death, but still resides in Llanview and runs the Palace Hotel. On August 23 and 24, 2011, Renee reappeared on the show to pay her respects to her late husband Asa at his gravesite alongside Asa's son Bo Buchanan to honor Asa on the fourth anniversary of his death.

Eddie Ford

Eddie Ford
One Life to Live
Portrayed by John Wesley Shipp
Duration 2010, 2011
First appearance November 8, 2010
Last appearance December 15, 2010 (death) April 26, 2011 (flashback)
Cause/reason Shot and killed by Matthew Buchanan
Created by Ron Carlivati

John Wesley Shipp (November 8, 2010 to December 15, 2010, April 6, 2011 & April 26, 2011)

Edward "Eddie" Ford is the abusive ex-husband of Inez Salinger and father of Robert Ford, James Ford, and Nate Salinger.

In November 2010, Eddie showed up at the doorstep of his two eldest sons, Bobby and James. Eddie had been in jail in Ohio for running an illegal chop shop but told his sons that the charges hadn't stuck. Eddie had shown up in town, looking for the $50,000 that James had stolen from him earlier that year, but James and Bobby said the money was gone. Eddie threatened to have James sent to jail unless they agreed to let him stay at their apartment.

When James began defending Inez against his father's diatribes, Eddie realized that Inez had been in contact with her sons. When Inez showed up at the apartment with Nate to deliver some food, she was shocked to see Eddie there. Eddie assumed Nate was Inez's lover, but she told him he was their son – something Eddie still doubted. Eddie lashed out at Inez for leaving him alone with two small boys, and Inez said she regretted running away but that she would protect them from his abuse now.

Bo paid Eddie a visit and warned him that the police would be watching him. Eddie rightly assumed that Inez had sought Bo's assistance and warned Bo that Inez was trying to get her hooks into him. Eddie followed his sons to Dorian Lord's house on Thanksgiving Day and crashed her gathering. When he was ordered to leave, Eddie went berserk, insulting Starr and punching James in the face before being physically restrained by Robert. Furious and disgusted, Dorian immediately called the police and had Eddie arrested for trespass and assault.

Eddie met Nora and insinuated that Bo and Inez were having an affair, and then made a crude pass at Nora. Eddie was released from police custody after a high-priced lawyer hired by Clint Buchanan got the charges dismissed. Eddie then was summoned to the Buchanan mansion, where Clint promised to pay Eddie a large sum of cash and provided him a gun. In return, Clint had Eddie kidnap Nora and send text messages from her phone to Bo, telling Bo that he should sleep with Inez to even the score over her affair years before with Sam Rappaport. Nate punched Eddie in the face after Eddie made suggestive remarks to Nate's girlfriend, Danielle. Todd Manning warned Eddie to stay away from Todd's daughter.

Eventually, James confronted his father at his hotel room and held him at gunpoint. Even after being egged on by Eddie, James was ultimately unable to bring himself to do so, instead warning him to leave town before someone else tried to do so. Indeed, some time after James' departure, Eddie was found shot dead in his hotel room, and it is eventually discovered that Clint murdered him to cover his tracks. However on April 1, 2011, it was revealed that Matthew Buchanan had in fact shot and killed Eddie as Clint told this to Bo and Nora.

Walker Flynn

Walker Flynn
One Life to Live
Duration 2003
First appearance 2003
Last appearance 2003
Cause/reason Fell down an elevator shaft that was sabotaged by Victor Lord Jr.

Trevor St. John (2003)

Walker Flynn is the brother of Mitch Laurence and a mobster running casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. After Todd Manning is beaten to near death by Mitch's followers, he is recovered by Flynn, who has Todd's face surgically altered to look like his own in order to hide from authorities.

Natalie Buchanan also enters a pool tournament in Las Vegas, run by Flynn. John McBain, an FBI agent posing as one of Flynn's thugs becomes her manager, and helps her compete in the pool tournament, under the guise of trying to lure Natalie into a trap. Flynn's plans are for Natalie to make it to the final round of the tournament, and then throw the competition.

Blair Cramer ends up in a relationship with the faux Walker (Victor), and after meeting the real Walker (who wears glasses, talks with a posh accent, and has a snobby demeanor), assumes that he is leading a double life of sorts. She later verbally attacks the real Walker and John in Las Vegas, and after Victor/faux Walker shows up, they cover their tracks by claiming to be twins.

As Walker's plans begin to unravel, he decides to blackmail Todd, demanding $500,000 or he will reveal the faux Walker's identity as Todd Manning(Victor Lord Jr. . Natalie defies Flynn by winning the tournament, and she is brought to Flynn's suite to be killed. After a confrontation between Walker, Todd, John (who has revealed himself to FBI), Antonio Vega, Cristian Vega, and Jessica Buchanan, Walker takes Natalie hostage. A botched rescue attempt leads to Cristian being taken by Flynn and seemingly killed (he is later revealed to be alive and in the custody of Flynn's business partner, Tico Santi, both of whom are under the employ of Carlo Hesser).

Flynn returns to Llanview and disguises himself as the faux Walker. However, Todd(Victor), desperate to keep his identity secret, plots to kill Flynn. He creates a remote control that will cause the elevator in his penthouse to fall. The two lookalikes end up fighting in the elevator, and it ends up crashing. Flynn is killed in the crash, and Todd (Victor) survives.

Wes Granger

Wes Granger
One Life to Live
Duration 2008–09
First appearance September 25, 2008
Last appearance February 18, 2009
Cause/reason Stabbed to death by Powell Lord III

Justin Paul Kahn (September 25, 2008[44]-February 18, 2009[45])

Wes Granger first appears in September 2008 when Rex Balsom and Gigi Morasco contact him for information on his best friend Brody Lovett. A former Navy SEAL who had done several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Wes had served with Brody in Fallujah and Basra, and had witnessed the friendly fire incident in which Brody had accidentally shot and killed an Iraqi child, triggering Brody's downward spiral into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With Wes' help, Rex, Gigi and the Llanview police are able to track down the unstable Brody, who has made off with Gigi's young son Shane. After Brody is committed to St. Ann's Sanitarium for treatment, Wes comes to Llanview and becomes a frequent visitor during Brody's convalescence. As Brody undergoes therapy, he begins to recover memories that contradict what he believes happened during the shooting in Basra. Though Wes urges him not to delve deeper into the mystery, Brody continues treatment and Wes ultimately admits that the Iraqi boy had been unarmed, and Wes had planted a weapon on him to protect Brody.

Wes forms a friendship with the troubled amnesiac Marty Saybrooke, who has begun to behave irresponsibly as she crumbles under the pressure of other people's expectations of her. Marty stays with Wes in his hotel room in a platonic arrangement, as Marty's teen son Cole Thornhart and former love interest John McBain become concerned that she has taken up with a questionable stranger. Wes is shocked to discover that the key witness in a local trial is Lee Halpern, a woman whom he thought had been killed 20 years before. Con artist Lee had seduced Wes' father and swindled him, leaving the Grangers penniless and fatherless. Wes is hungry for revenge, and when Lee is later found stabbed to death, John discovers her connection to Wes and suspects him of the crime. Wes maintains his innocence, but after a heated argument with Marty even she is unsure whether or not to believe him. Falling asleep next to Wes drunk, Marty wakes up on February 16, 2009 to find him stabbed to death in the bed next to her in a manner similar to Lee's death.[46] With no memory of the night before and covered in his blood, Marty is arrested for Wes' murder when her fingerprints are found on the knife.[47] Powell Lord III later confesses to the murder (among others), committed as part of his plan to punish anyone who has hurt Marty, frame Todd, and then punish him by killing him and anyone he loves.[48]

In 2011, Jessica Buchanan, who met Wes a few times during her stay in St. Ann's, developed an alternate personality based on memories of him and stories she heard from Brody. Unlike Jessica's other alters, "Wes" seems to believe that "he" actually is Wes Granger rather than a part of Jessica's psyche.

Lee Halpern

Lee Halpern
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Janet Zarish
Duration 1987–88, 2008–09
First appearance 1987
Last appearance February 3, 2009
Cause/reason Stabbed to death by Powell Lord III
Aliases Janet Ketring
Carol Harper Dennison

Janet Zarish (1987–88;[49] April 2, 2008[50]-November 11, 2008;[51][52] January 9, 2009[53]-February 3, 2009[54])

Lee Halpern, a former prostitute for Renee Divine and now a business partner of Max Holden's, arrives in Llanview in 1987.[49] She marries Charles Sanders, former US Ambassador to the European principality of Mendorra, during a drunken night in Las Vegas, and he dies of a heart attack on their wedding night. Lee manages to torment Charles' wealthy mother Elizabeth Sanders more than even his first wife, Judith. It is soon revealed that Lee is in fact Carol Harper Dennison, the presumed-dead wife of Llanview resident Tom Dennison and mother to Tom's daughter, Mari Lynn; Tom is the twin brother of Joe Riley, first husband of Llanview society figure Viki Buchanan. The revelation of Carol's past as a prostitute had ended her marriage to Tom, and she had subsequently chosen to fake her death. Lee's awkward reunion with her daughter is cut short when it appears that Lee is accidentally shot to death by Mari Lynn in 1988.[49][55]

In April 2008, private nurse Janet Ketring appears in Llanview,[50] helping Lee Ramsey care for a bedridden and amnesiac Marty Saybrooke. Ramsey is killed and Todd Manning secretly takes custody of Marty, whom all of Llanview believes had been killed in an explosion in December 2007. Todd coerces Janet, who is only concerned for Marty's well-being, to continue tending to Marty under his employ. For the sum of $1 million, Janet also agrees to keep Marty's existence a secret from the people, according to Todd, who wish to harm Marty. Neither Marty nor Janet are aware that Todd had raped Marty over a decade before; though Todd had served time and Marty had overcome the trauma, their relationship before the explosion had been far from intimate. Seeking absolution for his crimes against Marty (and an escape from his troubled life) at any cost, Todd lies about their relationship and even the existence of Marty's son; both Marty and Janet come to trust Todd and his warnings about the danger to Marty's life. During a personal conversation with Todd about their families, Janet reveals that, like him, she is estranged from her loved ones — in particular, a daughter — and claims she is "dead to them." Todd shows Janet a picture of his sister, local society figure Viki Davidson; Janet becomes anxious, soon explaining that she merely recognizes Viki from the newspaper. During his investigation of his nemesis Todd in October 2008, Llanview Police Detective John McBain discovers that Janet is, in fact, a very-much-alive Lee Halpern. He uses this information to try to pressure Janet into revealing that her mystery patient is, as he now suspects, the presumed-dead Marty.[56] Janet is horrified to hear from John that Todd had raped Marty and is keeping her from her son. Janet confronts Todd, who also knows her true identity and threatens to expose her unless she continues to keep his secret. He soon forces her to assist him in his intended kidnapping of his unborn grandchild. Todd calls off the plan, but his mentally ill niece Jessica Buchanan switches her own stillborn baby girl with the newborn daughter of Todd's daughter Starr Manning.[57][58] With Starr's baby believed dead, Janet leaves Llanview on November 11, 2008,[51][52] but reappears on old friend Renee Buchanan's doorstep on January 9, 2009, desperate for sanctuary.[53] Janet fears prosecution and also Todd's wrath, but soon agrees to cooperate with the authorities to punish Todd for his crimes. Todd catches on to her attempt to get him to incriminate himself while she is wearing a wire, but Janet is kept in protective custody awaiting her testimony against him. On the advice of Todd's lawyer (and ex-wife) Téa Delgado, Todd publishes an exposé on Janet in his newspaper, The Sun, to sabotage her credibility. Terrified that one of the many people she has conned in the past will come after her now that it is public knowledge she is alive, Janet escapes police custody.[59] Todd discovers Janet stabbed to death on his living room floor on January 30, 2009.[59] Believing that Todd is innocent but realizing that he would be blamed, Téa confesses to the police that she had stabbed Janet in self-defense, and Janet's body is taken away.[54] Powell Lord III later confesses to the murder (among others), committed as part of his plan to punish anyone who has hurt Marty, frame Todd, and then punish him by killing him and anyone he loves.[48]

Kirk Harmon

Kirk Harmon
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Randolph Mantooth
Duration 2007
First appearance May 21, 2007
Last appearance July 10, 2007
Cause/reason Killed by his son's group.

Randolph Mantooth (May 21, 2007 – July 10, 2007)

Kirk Harmon, the father of ex-baseball superstar Tate Harmon, comes to Llanview to see his son; the two share a secret. Just when it seems that Kirk is the anti-semitic and racist arsonist who has been terrorizing the city, Kirk confronts Tate, who is the real killer. Kirk takes the blame for Tate's crimes to protect his son, but when he realizes that Tate will not stop his misguided crusade, Kirk decides to tell the truth to the police. Before he has the chance, Kirk is killed in prison by a member of Tate's white supremacist group "One Pure People."

Tate Harmon

Chris Beetem (February 8, 2007 – August 9, 2007)

Tate Harmon is a young professional baseball player, well-known and recently retired. An anti-drug lecturer, Tate comes to Llanview in February 2007 and speaks out against steroid use at Llanview High School. He is soon hired by entrepreneurs Adriana Cramer and Layla Williamson to be the model for their new men's underwear line. Tate's romantic interest in Adriana invites the ire of her boyfriend, Rex Balsom. On April 23, 2007, Tate is a guest on the daytime talk show The View and declares his love for Adriana in a "Tom Cruise-like" couch incident. After meeting Tate's ex-wife, who claims their marriage ended due to "fraud" on Tate's part, Rex outs Tate as gay on local television; the story is soon picked up nationwide.

Rex's assertion is soon proven untrue, but Tate hides another secret: he is a member of the white supremacist group "One Pure People." Using half-Latin Adriana as a cover, Tate has been participating in OPP's recent anti-semitic and racially motivated arsons in Llanview. Tate's father Kirk Harmon comes to town and soon takes the blame for the crimes to protect his son, but when Kirk realizes that Tate will not stop his misguided crusade, Kirk decides to tell the truth to the police. Before he has the chance, Kirk is killed in prison by an OPP member, but Rex, Adriana and the police ultimately deduce that Tate is the culprit. In a macabre endgame, Tate traps Adriana, Layla, and Vincent Jones on a rooftop, intending to kill them for their racial "impurity." Rex arrives, and Tate convinces Adriana to jump off of the roof to spare the lives of her friends. Tipped off to Tate's whereabouts, Officer Talia Sahid shoots and arrests him before Adriana jumps or anyone else is harmed. Tate is convicted for his crimes and is sent to Statesville Prison on August 9, 2007; to his dismay, his cellmate is an African American named Luther.

Stephen Haver

Dr. Stephen Haver
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Matthew Ashford
Duration 2003–04
First appearance December 10, 2003
Last appearance March 22, 2004
Aliases Love Child Killer
White Rose Killer
Music Box Killer
Occupation Psychology Professor at Llanview University

Matthew Ashford (December 10, 2003 – March 22, 2004)

Dr. Stephen Haver is a psychology professor at Llanview University who specializes in human sexuality and researches serial killers and sexual predators. He becomes a favorite instructor of Jessica Buchanan. When a friend confides in Jessica that another professor had demanded sex from her in return for a passing grade, Jessica recruits Dr. Haver, his colleague, psychiatrist Rae Cummings, and student activist and radio talk show host Marcie Walsh to help her expose the scandal. When the serial killer known as the "Music Box Killer" begins terrorizing the university, Jessica and Dr. Haver find themselves at the center of the investigation, with Haver and Rae Cummings acting as consultants and psychological profilers for the Llanview Police Department. Haver works closely with new Chief of Detectives John McBain, but no one is aware that Haver and the "Music Box Killer" are actually one and the same, and that Haver had been responsible for the death of McBain's fiancée years before.

The Music Box Killer strangles his victims with a red leotard, paints a teardrop on their faces, and leaves a music box by their bodies as a calling card. He sometimes targets women at random, such as private investigator Elyssa Collins or sorority girl Madison Kensington, but seems to focus on women who are either older and maternal, or promiscuous and involved in sex work, like Jennifer Rappaport or her friend Karen, a local prostitute. In reality, Haver is murdering women who he identifies with his mother, a promiscuous, alcoholic dancer and folk singer from the "free love" era of the 1960s. For a time, Haver uses psychotic mental patient Troy MacIver as his alibi; as MacIver's therapist at St. Ann's Sanitarium, Haver releases the man from the institution at the times when he plans to kill. As the authorities get closer, Haver kills Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan's girlfriend Gabrielle Medina, and nearly kills Sarah Roberts. Meanwhile, John McBain grows increasingly suspicious of Haver, who becomes his prime suspect in the case. Jessica, Haver's protege, angrily defends her teacher to McBain, but when she stumbles upon the truth, Haver is forced to take action. He kidnaps Jessica, and brainwashes her with drugs and hypnosis to conceal his crimes and conspire with him against the police. In the meantime, Rae Cummings also deduces Haver's secret; he takes her hostage, forcing her to act out his twisted psychological ritual of posing as his mother before apparently strangling her and then immolating her isolated prison.

The LPD discovers Jessica's brainwashing and rehabilitates her, but they still have no actionable proof of Haver's guilt. As John McBain digs deeper into Haver's past, he discovers that Haver has actually posed as many serial killers in many different parts of the United States, changing methodology and modus operandi each time to avoid detection. John is shocked to learn that Haver was once the "White Rose Killer," who he had hunted unsuccessfully during his tenure with the FBI; as the "White Rose Killer," Haver had murdered McBain's fiancée Caitlin Fitzgerald in her bed while she slept beside him.

Trapped and growing desperate, Haver abducts Jessica's sister Natalie Buchanan, who John has become romantically linked to. In a stand-off with police, Haver straps a bomb to Natalie's body and threatens to kill her. Haver is shocked as Rae Cummings suddenly enters the room — she had survived his assault, and has been kept in police protection. Taunting Haver with the memory of his mother, the focus of his psychosis, Rae manages to distract Haver long enough for the police to subdue him.

While behind bars and awaiting trial, Haver is shot and killed by a rogue cop. It is revealed that Haver brainwashed the cop to shoot him and then commit suicide, in the hopes of framing John for Haver's "murder" (the cop implicated John as an accomplice in his suicide note); his plan does not succeed.

Mel Hayes

Stephen Markle (April 1997 to January 1999;[60][61] July 21 and 22, 2008;[62][63][64][65] January 7 and 8, 2010;[66][67] February 8, 2010[68])

Melvin "Mel" Hayes is a prize-winning journalist and "loose cannon" who crosses paths with Dorian Lord in April 1997.[60][61] Drunk in a Washington, D.C. hotel bar, Mel literally "falls" over Dorian, and their mutual attraction soon sparks a relationship. Dorian convinces Mel to seek a job at Llanview's newspaper, The Banner, and he moves into a houseboat on the Llantano River. The death of Mel's wife Muriel in a plane crash 18 months before had fueled his addiction to alcohol, which in turn has estranged him from their children, Roger, Frank, and Dorothy Hayes.[61] Dorothy comes to Llanview in 1997 to rebuild her relationship with Mel, but leaves in 1998 after a failed relationship with Joey Buchanan. Mel and Dorian's family begin to suspect that Dorian is hiding something from her past; after Mel's investigation into the deaths of Dorian's parents reveals conflicting information, he convinces her to face her painful childhood. Dorian returns to Canton in 1998, remembering the psychological abuse she and her sisters had suffered at the hands of their mentally ill mother, Sonya. Dorian is shocked to discover that Sonya had not only killed Dorian's father, but is actually still alive and being cared for by the former Cramer nanny, Charlotte Stonecliffe. Dorian and her daughter Cassie are attacked by a deranged Sonya, who later dies with Charlotte when the house is consumed by fire. Furious that he had dredged up her past, Dorian breaks things off with Mel.

A near-death experience after Dorian is accidentally shot changes her mind. Dorian proposes to Mel suddenly at The Banner in May 1998; they marry in an impromptu wedding in the middle of the newspaper's city room.[61] All ends badly in January 1999 when Viki Carpenter — Mel's boss and Dorian's longtime nemesis — is on a plane with Mel and inadvertently intercepts a note from Dorian telling Mel to come home. Viki gets off the plane instead, and it crashes; Mel is killed and Dorian blames Viki.[61] Psychic Madame Delphina later channels Mel's spirit, who advises Dorian to make peace with Viki and give up her vendetta. Feeling a great sense of peace, Dorian finally accepts Mel's death, and lets go of her animosity toward Viki over the crash.

Mel appears to Dorian as a ghost on July 21 and 22, 2008 (One Life to Live's 40th Anniversary episodes)[62][63] as Dorian grapples with whether or not to try to save Viki's life after a car crash. His words ultimately get through to Dorian, who manages to revive Viki.[64][65] Subsequently in 2008 and 2009, a young woman named "Mel" (Tia Dionne Hodge) — whom Dorian comes to believe is either her Mel in another form or sent by him — appears in various guises whenever Dorian behaves less than ethically, speaking to Dorian's conscience with advice and warnings.[69][70][71][72][73]

Mel reappears to Dorian on January 7 and 8, 2010, as new Llanview Mayor Dorian gives in to Mitch Laurence's threats against her family and fires Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan at Mitch's command.[66][67] Mel returns on February 8, 2010, to convince Dorian to stop Charlie Banks from going through with his and Dorian's plan to kill Mitch.[68]

Hugh Hughes

Josh Casaubon (July 18, 2005 – September 21, 2006)

Hugh Hughes
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Josh Casaubon
Duration 2005–06
First appearance July 18, 2005
Last appearance September 21, 2006
Occupation Former Assistant District Attorney Llantano County
Former Temp. District Attorney

Hugh Hughes comes to Llanview as the new Assistant District Attorney, working closely with both the district attorney's office and the police. Not long after his arrival, Hugh is out with one of the many leggy models he often has on his arm and runs into Marcie Walsh, who is being ridiculed by other writers after her novel The Killing Club had been played out by a serial killer. He gives up his evening to take the drunken Marcie home, where she throws up on his shoes. This begins an unusual friendship between the playboy Hugh and writer Marcie, much to the annoyance of her ex-boyfriend Dr. Michael McBain.

Hugh is soon thrown into the seat of district attorney as Nora Hanen is hospitalized. His first big case is the trial of Todd Manning for the murder of pregnant Margaret Cochran. Hugh is determined to see Todd pay for his crimes, in part because Hugh himself had been adopted and he cannot rationalize to himself why anyone would want to kill a child. His belief in Todd's guilt never wavers, and he feels that justice is truly served when Todd is convicted. When it is discovered that Todd had been innocent, Hugh immediately apologizes to him for having been the one to put him in prison, even though he had been only following the trail of the evidence.

Hugh then discovers that doctors Spencer Truman and Paige Miller are his biological parents; Paige had put him up for adoption without telling the evil Spencer that she was pregnant. At Spencer's bail hearing for Margaret Cochran's murder, it appears that Hugh wants Spencer to go free when he agrees to offer him a $1 million bail. However, he and Detective John McBain had planned it in the hopes that Truman would lead them to the gun that he used to kill John's father, Thomas McBain.

Hugh is killed on September 22, 2006 in a car accident, but in a case of mistaken identity he is thought to have survived and been bandaged for his burns. In reality, it is John McBain (who had also been in the accident) under the bandages while Hugh is buried in what everyone thought was John's grave.

Britney Jennings

Katrina Bowden (September 26, 2006 and October 4, 2006)
Portia Reiners (October 10, 2006 – October 17, 2007)

Britney Jennings
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Katrina Bowden (September 26, 2006 – October 4, 2006)
Portia Reiners (October 10, 2006 – October 17, 2007)
Duration 2006–07
First appearance September 26, 2006
Last appearance October 17, 2007
Cause/reason Moved to Massachusetts to attend boarding school.
Occupation Student (Senior) Boarding School in Massachusetts
Former Student at Llanview High School
Residence Massachusetts

In the fall of 2006, "popular girl" Britney Jennings targets Llanview High School freshman Starr Manning after an argument between their fathers Todd Manning and Blake Jennings, taking every opportunity to bully Starr and her friend Langston Wilde. Britney's attitude toward Starr worsens when Britney sets her sights on football player Cole, who himself is developing feelings for Starr after coming to her rescue at a dance. Trying everything to thwart Starr and Cole's new relationship, Britney discovers that Cole had been pressured into taking steroids, and uses it to her advantage. Britney spikes Cole's drink, which pushes him into a fit of "roid rage" during which he attacks Starr. Britney, posing as Starr, calls the police. In the aftermath, it is revealed that Cole's parents are Marty Saybrooke and the deceased Patrick Thornhart, both enemies of Starr's father Todd. Todd had raped Marty years before, and Starr's mother Blair Cramer had been romantically involved with Patrick between her marriages to Todd.

Starr forgives Cole but her parents forbid her to date him. They secretly see each other, much to Britney's dismay, and Britney does all she can to split them up. Cole and Starr attend a school ski trip, each telling their parents that the other is not there. Todd, Blair, and Marty arrive coincidentally and the lodge is snowed in; Britney orchestrates the reveal that Starr and Cole have spent the night together, nearly having sex. Starr and Cole run away together, but are soon caught and forced to break up.

Teacher Marcie McBain coerces several students to participate in the school musical, including Britney, Starr, and Cole. Though at first trying to follow their parents' orders and stay apart, Starr and Cole are soon drawn back together. Meanwhile, Britney uses fellow school student Henry Mackler to do her homework for her, falsely leading him to believe that she would date him. Henry begins to see that Britney is deceiving him, and a worried Starr and Langston encourage him to cut himself loose from Britney. Henry has been secretly taking pills to stay awake to do both his and Britney's homework; after not having slept for two weeks, a distraught Henry steals a car. Starr, Cole, and Britney get inside and Henry drives off; acting strangely, Henry has chest pains and his vision blurs. Henry confronts Britney, but Cole manages to get Henry to drive back to school. However, when they arrive to find the police in the parking lot, Henry panics and drives the car into a tree. Starr, Cole, and Britney are unharmed, but Henry — not wearing a seatbelt — is thrown from the car to his death. Starr and Langston place blame on Britney for pushing Henry to this extreme; Britney begins to see that she had wronged Henry, and feels responsible for his death.

Britney seems to turn over a new leaf, dropping her vendetta against Starr. But after Cole leaves her at the prom to be with Starr, Britney reverts to her old ways. With Todd missing, Blair decides to allow Starr and Cole, obviously devoted to each other, to date. Soon Britney learns that Cole is lying to Starr about her father's whereabouts; Cole's new stepfather Miles Laurence is holding Todd captive, but Cole is keeping quiet to keep Miles from telling the authorities that Marty had supposedly murdered Spencer Truman. The secrets come out and strain Starr and Cole's relationship, but they are soon reunited, Todd is found, Marty is exonerated, and Miles is arrested.

Britney incites an argument in class between Starr and teacher Marcie, which results in Marcie's temporary suspension from her job. Britney soon announces during the week of October 15, 2007 that her parents are sending her to a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts. Before she leaves, Britney overhears that Langston's parents had died over a year before and Langston has been living on her own; Britney calls Social Services, who take custody of Langston — despite Dorian Lord's protests — and put her in a group home pending assignment to a foster home.

Dallas Jones

Loyita Chapel (1999, 2005, July 31, 2008 – October 17, 2008)

Having met and begun dating Clint Buchanan in London after he left Llanview in 1998, Dallas Jones accompanies him back to town in 1999 as his daughter Jessica is about to deliver her first child and his father Asa is set to remarry Renee Divine. In 2005 Clint returns to Llanview to help ex-wife Victoria Lord Davidson deal with Jessica's dissociative identity disorder, and Dallas follows to spend the holidays with Clint. Clint is furious when Dallas blames Viki for her relationship troubles with Clint, and he breaks it off with Dallas. Clint remains in Llanview, and Dallas returns to London. Dallas reappears again on July 31, 2008 as Clint is dating his former sister-in-law, Nora Hanen.[22][74]

Schuyler Joplin

Schuyler Joplin
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Scott Clifton
Duration 2009–2010
First appearance January 9, 2009[53][75][76]
Last appearance April 9, 2010
Cause/reason Sent to prison for accidentally shooting Bo Buchanan
Occupation Former Medical student
Former Drug Counselor
Former Biology teacher
Residence Statesville Prison, Llanview, Pennsylvania

Schuyler Joplin, a new Llanview High School teacher befriends student Starr Manning in January 2009 on the heels of the suicide of his mother, Dr. Leah Joplin (Maureen Mueller).[53][76] On August 20, 2008, Todd Manning had visited Dr. Joplin[77][78] — his estranged daughter Starr's obstetrician — and blackmailed her into helping him steal Starr's child after the birth rather than let Starr put the baby up for adoption. Todd had discovered that as a teen, a drug-addicted Schuyler had stolen drugs from Llanview Hospital, and that Dr. Joplin had covered it up.[79][80] Though disgusted by Todd's intentions and guilt-ridden over the plot, Dr. Joplin capitulates to Todd's demands (after failing to convince him to change his mind) in order to protect her career. However, the infant is switched at birth with Jessica Buchanan's daughter, who had been stillborn due to Rh disease.[57][58] Thinking she had failed to diagnose the easily treated syndrome and caused the newborn's death, Dr. Joplin shoots herself in her office and dies on December 4, 2008.[81][82]

In March 2009, a distraught Starr kisses Schuyler in the school hallway. She later tries to seduce him, and her ex-boyfriend Cole Thornhart becomes convinced that Schuyler is the one trying to seduce his underage student; Cole reports the incident, and Schuyler is suspended from his teaching position. Schuyler's ex-girlfriend Stacy Morasco comes to town, and he stumbles upon her plot to steal her sister Gigi's boyfriend Rex Balsom through blackmail. Stacy forces Gigi to break up with Rex, and in June 2009 Schuyler helps Gigi turn the tables on Stacy. He soon develops feelings for Gigi but refuses to tell her; when he finally does, he and Gigi grow closer. Rex and Gigi reunite, but their relationship falls apart when Stacy is revealed to be pregnant after sleeping with Rex while he and Gigi were separated. Gigi is drawn to Schuyler, and they begin a relationship; meanwhile, Schuyler determines that he is actually the father of Stacy's baby, but Stacy convinces him to keep the secret so that Gigi will not reunite with Rex. Rex learns that he is not the baby's father just as Stacy gives birth to Sierra Morasco. Stacy apparently dies soon after (she seemed to drown, but her body was never recovered); Gigi breaks up with Schuyler for keeping the secret, and states her intention to challenge him for custody of Sierra.

In spring 2010, Allison Perkins shows up as a house inspector and a volunteer from child services at Schuyler's apartment and later points a gun at Schuyler and then kidnaps Sierra. Later Schuyler goes to Statesville prison and helps Mitch Laurence escape. Meanwhile Allison shows up at Foxy Roxy's hair salon and then holds Roxy Balsom and Natalie Buchanan at gunpoint. Allison then takes Roxy and baby Sierra back to Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish`s apartment and holds them hostage there. Then Mitch calls Allison and tells her to come down to Statesville prison and bring Sierra with her. In the medical room Schuyler gives Mitch a drug that will make his heart stop and hopes that he will die. Later Allison shows up with the baby and reveals that Mitch and Roxy are Schuyler's real parents, making Jessica Buchanan his biological paternal half-sister, Walker Laurence and Miles Laurence his uncles, and Jessica's daughters Megan Buchanan (deceased), Bree Brennan, Chloe Brennan (deceased), and later her son Ryder Ford are his nieces and nephew. Years earlier, Allison had switched infants Schuyler and Rex, who is not their son after all, and tried to convince Roxy that the baby she'd given birth to had died the night he was born, while she gave Schuyler to her sister, Dr. Leah Joplin, who could not conceive children of her own.

Later, Schuyler takes Allison's gun and holds Gigi at gunpoint at Viki Buchanan`s cabin and tries to force Gigi to sleep with him. He once more says that he wants Gigi back in his life but Rex and the police find them. He attempts to shoot Rex, blaming him for all his problems, but ends up shooting police commissioner Bo Buchanan, who is badly wounded and taken to the hospital for surgery. Brody Lovett arrests Schuyler and takes him to the police station. His lawyer Téa Delgado comes and is told what happened. Then Roxy shows up and tells him that she knows the truth as well as he does. Everyone eventually accepts the truth and Schuyler finds out that Sierra is not his daughter, she is Oliver's child as confirmed by a DNA test which Schuyler also accepts. On April 9, 2010, Schuyler appears in court and confesses to the judge, who sends him to Statesville prison where he is to await sentencing. As he is led away, Schuyler tells Rex that "I never had a chance with her (Gigi)."

Rebecca Lewis

Reiko Aylesworth (1993–1994)[42]
Jessica Kaye (May 1, 2009[83]-May 20, 2009[84])

In 1993 Rebecca Lewis, follower of the Tabernacle of Joy ministry, meets and falls for Todd Manning, who is incarcerated for the rape of Marty Saybrooke. Though Todd begins to have feelings for her as well, he escapes while on work assignment at the Tabernacle to seek revenge on his "enemies." A fugitive Todd and a captive Marty are surrounded in 1994; Rebecca talks her way inside in exchange for Marty. Todd escapes with Rebecca as a willing hostage, and she tries to persuade him to turn himself in. Surrounded yet again, Todd lets Rebecca go and flees; he is shot and presumed dead after a fall into an icy river. Rebecca returns to Llanview and begins a romance with Powell Lord III, a reluctant accomplice in Marty's rape who had since been released from prison for good behavior. Meanwhile, Todd reappears alive and hides out in the gardener's shed at Llanfair where Rebecca — the only person who cares about him — is an occasional babysitter. Todd makes his presence known to Rebecca, who is at first terrified but later softens; he is eventually caught, but pardoned after saving the lives of Marty, Jessica Buchanan and C.J. Roberts en route back to prison. Rebecca and Powell become engaged as a serial rapist begins terrorizing Llanview; Todd is the obvious suspect. It is ultimately revealed that Powell, threatened by Rebecca's obvious attraction to Todd, has descended into madness and has been raping women to emulate Todd and thereby win Rebecca's love once and for all. Powell is caught and institutionalized, and Rebecca leaves town.

In 2009, former Llanview police detective John McBain is investigating a serial murderer who leaves clues pointing to Marty's 1993 rape. A visit by John and Marty to Powell, not lucid and still in a sanitarium, seems fruitless[85] until John stumbles upon Rebecca's name and learns that a "Dr. Marty Saybrooke" has been visiting and treating Powell.[83] On May 1, 2009 it is revealed that Rebecca has been impersonating Marty and aiding a quite sane Powell in a sinister plot against people connected with Todd and Marty.[83] With her lab technician brother Dr. Kyle Lewis settled in Llanview, Rebecca helps Powell escape from the institution, imprisons John there,[86] and helps Powell drug and abduct Todd, Marty, and Todd's ex-wives Blair Cramer and Téa Delgado with the intent of killing Todd and anyone he cares about.[87][88] Powell confesses to the string of murders.[48] John shoots Powell and saves Todd and Marty; as he pulls Blair and Téa from a gas-filled basement, Rebecca lights a match and is presumed dead in the subsequent explosion.[84]

Henry Mackler

Jonathan Groff (April 11, 2007 – May 7, 2007)

Henry Mackler is a bookish student whom the popular and manipulative Britney Jennings uses to do her schoolwork by encouraging his romantic feelings toward her. When Henry discovers the truth and confronts her about it, she gives him the cold shoulder, and so he deletes the paper he had been working on for her. The following week, a distraught Henry speeds away from school in a car with Britney, Cole Thornhart, and Starr Manning. Cole discovers drugs and realizes that Henry is under the influence, and Henry refuses to stop the car and let the others free. Soon, Henry has chest pains, and drives the car into a tree; though the others are merely bruised, Henry is not wearing his seatbelt and is thrown through the windshield. He suffers a drug-related heart attack and dies.

Henry was to be the instigator in an altercation at the high school. Writers abandoned the storyline in the wake of the Virginia Tech Massacre.[89]

Eve McBain

Lisa Banes (January 30, 2004 – March 15, 2004)
Lisby Larson (September 28, 2006 – October 12, 2006)

Eve McBain arrives in Llanview, Pennsylvania after she is invited to a dinner party by her son Michael’s friend Marcie Walsh. After the dinner party, Eve decides to stay in town for a little while to catch up with her sons, John and Michael. Eve begins to go on a series of dates with Bo Buchanan; weeks later, Eve is abducted by the Music Box Killer, and is forced to tell Natalie Buchanan that her dead husband Cristian Vega is alive. Natalie forgives Eve for lying after she discovers that Eve had been forced to tell Natalie about Cristian by the killer. Eve returns to Atlantic City.

In 2006, John tells Eve that he is going to ask Natalie to marry him; Eve comes back to town to give John her engagement ring to give to Natalie. Upon her return, she is devastated to learn that John died in a pile-up on his way to Atlantic City. After John’s funeral, Eve gives Natalie the engagement ring as a way to remember John. Eve returns home. John is later found to be alive.

Paige Miller

Kimberlin Brown (October 12, 2004 – June 30, 2005) [90]
Cady Huffman (August 19, 2005 – January 23, 2006)
Alexandra Neil (February 6, 2006 – July 27, 2007)

Dr. Paige Miller (formerly Truman) arrives at Llanview Hospital and is soon revealed to be the ex-wife of Dr. Spencer Truman, and begins dating Bo Buchanan. Paige is cold to Spencer, and he enjoys reminding her that he knows something about her that she would not want anyone else to know. This secret also somehow concerns Spencer's brother David Vickers, who teams up with Paige to determine Spencer's real reason for coming to Llanview. They believe he is up to something, and hope to finally turn the tables on him and reverse the power he has over them. In April 2006, the secret comes out: as a youth, David had shot police detective Thomas McBain, father of Detective John McBain. At the hospital, Paige had operated on Thomas despite the fact that she was intoxicated, and McBain had died. Spencer had covered up both crimes.

David is arrested, and Paige's license to practice medicine is revoked. Later in 2006, however, it is revealed that Spencer actually shot McBain, made sure the detective died in surgery and framed Paige to keep a hold over her. It is also revealed that Paige had a son by Spencer and put him up for adoption, never telling Spencer. Llanview attorney Hugh Hughes is discovered to be that son, but is killed in a car wreck on September 22, 2006. By December 2006, an exonerated Paige has her medical license reinstated. Though she is slowly able to deal with her grief over Hugh, Paige continues to struggle emotionally and ultimately decides to leave town to work with the humanitarian aid group Doctors Without Borders in the Middle East. She says a final goodbye to a disappointed Bo on July 27, 2007.

Stacy Morasco

Stacy Morasco
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Crystal Hunt (2009-2010)
Farah Fath (2011-)
Duration 2009–2010, 2011-present
First appearance February 6, 2009
Created by Ron Carlivati
Aliases Gigi
(stripper name)
Occupation Former Stripper in Las Vegas, Nevada
Residence Minute Man Motel
Llanview, Pennsylvania

Crystal Hunt (February 6, 2009[91][92][93] – March 9, 2010[94])

Farah Fath (October 10, 2011 – present)


Hunt's casting as Stacy, "a bad girl with a connection to someone in Llanview," was announced in December 2008.[91] In 2005 the actress had received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series[95] and a Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for her portrayal of Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light.

Of Hunt's February 2010 exit, One Life to Live Executive Producer Frank Valentini said, "It was time for Stacy to leave the canvas. Sometimes it's great when the audience hates a character. It keeps them involved and we certainly don't want to make them mad, but some people, you just don't like and yet they're in your world and they do tend to cause some excitement, so that's not a bad thing. It was storyline-dictated and it was time to help propel all of the other characters into major story."[96] In the same article, Soap Opera Digest noted that the character of Stacy had "never clicked with viewers and critics."[96]


The character is first seen on February 6, 2009 as a Las Vegas stripper named "Gigi." She begins spying on Rex Balsom and Gigi Morasco, and later follows them back to Llanview.[97][98] The dancer is revealed to be Gigi's younger sister Stacy Morasco. Gigi is thrilled to see her, but is devastated by the news that their parents had died in a car crash years before, and Stacy's own struggles since.[99] "Wild" Stacy makes fast friends with Gigi and Rex's son Shane, though Gigi is somewhat uncomfortable with Stacy's influence. Gigi also begins to suspect that her sister is trying to seduce Rex. After Shane is diagnosed with leukemia in March 2009, Stacy learns of a matching donor. Wanting Rex for herself, she pretends that she is the match and forces Gigi to break up with Rex in exchange for her blood. Shane receives the transplant and improves, but Gigi is afraid to reveal Stacy's blackmail in case Shane needs more of her stem cells. Eventually, Gigi tells the truth, but in the meantime Stacy and Rex have slept together. Rex and Gigi reunite as Stacy's blackmail is revealed. Rex spurns Stacy, but she discovers that she is pregnant; she miscarries after an argument with Gigi. Stacy keeps the truth from Rex knowing that it is her only hold over him. Stacy calls her stripper best friend Kimberly Andrews to come to llanview. Kim comes up with a plan to help get Stacy pregnant again to pass the baby off as Rex's. She drugs ex-boyfriend Schuyler Joplin and attempts to sleep with him, but he refuses her. She only becomes pregnant again after seducing a drunken Oliver Fish. In November 2009 Schuyler find out that Stacy lost her baby with Rex. Kim thuinking on her toes tells Schuyler that he is the baby's father. Schuyler agrees to keep the truth from Rex so that he can have Gigi for himself. In January 2010 Rex's crazed biological father Mitch Laurence tries to kidnap stacy to raise her baby as his heir. Kim and Stacy tells Schuyler to steal a drug called oxytocin so Stacy can give birth a month before her due date to pass the baby as Rex's. On February 2, 2010 Stacy is kidnaped by Mitch Laurence so he can raise her baby as his heir; when she reveals that the baby is not Rex's, Mitch abandons Stacy in a blizzard. Gigi finds her, takes her to a cabin, and on February 11, 2010 helps Stacy deliver a baby girl she names Sierra Rose.[100] On February 16, 2010, Stacy falls through the ice of a frozen lake; despite Rex and Oliver's attempts to save her, she disappears beneath the ice and is presumed dead.[96][101][102] Kim takes off a pair of boots while grieving at the lake. Later, the boots are missing and a pair of boot footprints is seen leading away from the lake. Days later, Stacy's spirit appears to Kim several times to get Kim's assurance that she will do all she can to care for Sierra.[103][104][94]

On August 22, 2011, Kimberly, who is in Anchorage, Kentucky working as a stripper at The Spotted Pony strip club, is seen talking to a mysterious comatose woman at a hospital. Next to the mysterious woman's bed is a picture of Stacy and Kim together. Kim promises to have Stacy taken care of at the hospital before she goes back to Llanview to win back her ex-husband's Clint Buchanan's heart, and to still get her piece of the Buchanan fortune after Kim was blackmailed out of Llanview and out of her marriage to Clint a year and a half ago over a mysterious secret that David Vickers Buchanan had on Kim over what happened at The Spotted Pony several years ago. It is implied that Stacy is still alive. On September 20, 2011, Rex find the hospital that her friend is at. Kim gets Rex to leave and returns to the hospital room and says "That was a close one, Stacy!". On September 21, 2011, Kim's brother and former scamming partner Cutter Wentworth arrives at the hospital in Kentucky to confront Kim on stealing Rex's gun from him that he had hidden in the stuffed beaver he bought from Roxy Balsom (Cutter quit being a con artist so that she could impress his girlfriend and former scamming partner Aubrey Wentworth, who also reformed from her grifting ways. Cutter was tempted to use the gun to blackmail Rex for the Buchanan fortune, but later changed his mind so that he could still be a changed man for Aubrey, and lied to her about turning over the gun to the police). Kim told him that she wanted to use the gun to blackmail Rex's biological mother Echo DiSavoy to convince Rex to sign over the entire Buchanan fortune back to Clint that Rex extorted money from so that Clint could get Rex's finace's Gigi's heart after she died from carbon monoxide poisoning after being trapped in the basement of a rental house that was set-up by Jack Manning, who was bullying Shane in high school, when Gigi went in Shane's place to walk into a trap set-up by Jack and his friends. Kim also wanted to use some of the money to help pay Stacy's medical bills. When Cutter walked into Stacy's hospital room, he notices something different about Stacy. Cutter then tells Kim about Stacy's mysterious condition, and Kim tells her brother not to tell anyone about what he saw strange about Stacy. Cutter agrees to keep Kim's secret about Stacy, noting that no one will believe him when he tells anyone back in Llanview about what happened to Stacy.

On October 10, 2011 Kim comes to Stacy's room and tells her she can now pay for her medical bills since Echo forged Rex's signature on the documents to give all that he took from Clint back. It is also revealed that Stacy has Gigi's face thanks to plastic surgery she got in South America after she survived drowning in that frozen lake a year and a half ago. Kim's brother Cutter then returns to the Kentucky hospital to tell Kim that Aubrey dumped him after she found out the truth about him lying about what he did to Rex's gun, and also blames her for their break-up. Cutter then decides to revert back to his grifting ways by blackmailing Kim to give him the forged documents so that he could use it to scam the Buchanans, or he'll reveal the truth about Stacy to everyone in Llanview. Cutter also asked Kim if she was sure that it was really Stacy in that hospital room. Kim told Cutter that it was really Stacy, and that she got plastic surgery to look like her sister so that she can take over her life. Kim also confessed to Cutter that she tried to stop Stacy's scheme against Gigi when she followed Stacy to Llanview, and found her in the basement of a rental house that was leaking carbon monoxide, along with Gigi's dead body. Kim then got Stacy out of the house and put her in a hospital in Cherryvale before she ended up in the Kentucky hospital after she fell into a coma from the carbon monoxide poisoning. Cutter told Kim he believed her story, and Kim then gave the forged documents to Cutter on the condition that he'll give her some of the money to pay for Stacy's hospital bills. On October 14, 2011, Stacy wakes up from her coma. She then asks Cutter questions about where she is and who she is, but he is evasive to her answers. He only tells her that she has a sister who recently passed away. Cutter then decides to use Stacy as leverage to blackmail Rex for the Buchanan fortune. On October 24, Stacy looks up information on Gigi and Stacy on the internet on Cutter's laptop computer he left in her room, and comes to the conclusion that she might be Gigi. Stacy then leaves the hospital, and goes to Llanview to stop by the Llanfair estate and sees Tina Lord at the front door. Tina asks her who she was, and Stacy told her that she might have lived here and that she might be Gigi Morasco. Tina told her that she didn't recognized the name since she's been out of town for a few years, but will ask her relatives. Tina then ask her her niece Jessica Buchanan if she knew about Gigi. Jessica told her that Gigi is dead, and when Tina went back to talk to Stacy, she saw that she was gone. Stacy then went to Gigi's gravesite at the cemetery, and was confused about who she was and why she looked like her dead sister. Cutter then found her at the cemetery and she asked him about why she looked like someone who just died. Cutter then explained to Stacy that she wasn't Gigi, and that she got plastic surgery to look like her sister to take over her life, and survived being trapped in that basement that was leaking carbon monoxide that killed her sister before her friend Kim rescued her to take her to the hospital when she ended up in a coma. Cutter then took Stacy to his home with her after she left a flower on Gigi's tombstone. The next morning, Stacy wakes up in bed in a motel room she shares with Cutter at The Minute Man. Stacy asks Cutter if he remembers anything about her life, but Cutter promised Stacy that he would tell her everything she knows after she took a shower. After she got out of the shower, Stacy wonders who Cutter was arguing with at the door, and Cutter tells her it was his ex-girlfriend, but is not honest about what they were talking about. On October 28, Cutter convinces Stacy to crash Natalie and Brody's costume themed engagement party at the Buchanan Mansion on Halloween night with him so that when she sees Rex and Shane at the party, it could help her to get her memories back. Cutter dressed himself in a mummy costume, and Stacy dressed as Little Red Riding Hood wearing a mask when they both arrive at the mansion greeted by Rex at the door. Stacy tells Cutter that she felt strong feelings towards Rex when she first saw him at the door. Stacy then discovers a halloween greeting card with a recorded voice by Gigi. Shane then approaches her, and thanks her for finding the card for him before she escapes to the stables when Shane asks for her name. Stacy then departs to the stables where Cutter finds her with her mask off. Cutter then puts the mask back on her face before they are both discovered by Aubrey when she takes off Cutter's mask and foils his latest scheme. Rex also finds both of them at the stables as well. Cutter and Stacy then leaves the party to head back home. The next morning, after Stacy wakes up from dreaming about Rex, Stacy confronts Cutter about why she's using her to get to Rex. Cutter explains to Stacy that he's using her so that she can reunite with Rex, and that he can get the Buchanan fortune from him while they both benefit from what they want from Rex. Cutter also reminds Stacy that she used to be a con artist herself, and that's how she got to Rex before. After Cutter left the motel room, Rex went to the door and broke into the room to find Stacy himself. Stacy then hid in the bathroom before Rex entered the room, where she heard Rex scold her for trying to fool him to think that she was his dead fiance Gigi. After Rex left the room and confronted Cutter about his scam after he arrived back home, Stacy told Cutter that she wanted out of their deal so that she could get plastic surgery to look like her old self again. On November 14, Stacy goes to the airport to catch a flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to reverse her plastic surgery, when Cutter stops her from boarding the plane. Stacy tells Cutter that she doesn't want to be part of his scam anymore, and that she doesn't want to hurt Rex and Shane anymore by pretending to be Gigi. Cutter becomes touched by Stacy's change of heart, and allows her to go to Brazil, on the condition that he can tag along with her on the trip. Stacy then asked Cutter to talk about his past after they boarded the plane. Cutter then talked about how his father William J. "Billy Joe" Wentworth Jr. grew up poor and then became rich after investing his money in the stock market after getting a job as a stock trader. Billy Joe then married a woman named Alexandra, who later abandoned him and Cutter and his sister Kim by taking off with some of Billy Joe's money. Billy Joe later killed himself after he failed to find his missing wife. Cutter and Kim then both were seperated going into the foster care system after their father died. Cutter ran away from all of his foster homes to find his sister until he found her, and they later supported themselves by becoming con artists to try to regain the wealth they used to have in their early childhoods. Stacy began to feel sorry for Cutter after hearing about his tragic past. Stacy and Cutter then arrived in Rio where they went to the plastic surgeon's waiting room outside his office. They both asked a nurse if Stacy has been here before to get plastic surgery. The nurse then got Stacy's file and was shocked by her before and after photos of her surgery. Stacy and Cutter then both sat down to wait for the doctor when Cutter's estranged mother Alexandra (who later revealed herself to be Alex Olanov) left the doctor's office and complained about her botched surgery on her cheek.

Hannah O'Connor

Meghann Fahy (February 25, 2010 – November 1, 2010)

Hannah O'Connor
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Meghann Fahy
Duration 2010
First appearance February 25, 2010
Last appearance November 1, 2010
Cause/reason Incarcerated in Statesville Prison for various crimes
Created by Ron Carlivati
Occupation Former Sophomore at Llanview University
Residence Statesville Prison

Hannah O' Connor arrives in Llanview in 2010 as Cole Thornhart's project partner. She is revealed to be Robert Ford's ex-flame in March and that she wants him back. After several attempts to bring Ford back, Hannah loses hope and briefly turns to drugs. Cole catches Hannah with drugs and helps her through her troubles, suggesting that she see his mom, Marty Saybrooke for counseling. In April, Hannah comes to Cole's apartment to see Cole. After spilling coffee on her shirt, Hannah takes her shirt off to clean it. Todd Manning sees Hannah and Cole together and attacks Cole, causing drama between Cole and his girlfriend, Starr Manning.

Marty is pushed down a flight of stairs, and miscarries her unborn baby as a result of the attack. Hannah claims that she saw Starr's father Todd attack Marty. Both Starr and Todd disagrees and thinks Hannah is using her seeing who pushed Marty to break up Starr and Cole so Hannah have Cole to herself. Hannah then is accused to have tried to kill Ford, so she uses Cole and tells him Starr is dating a man named James Ford who she has just met. Hannah leads Cole to her old home in Delaware. Hannah then pretends Starr and James slept together, so this causes Cole to be depressed and kiss Hannah. Cole stops the kiss and escapes with Hannah when she is found by the police. Cole and Hannah head to a motel in Maryland where they run into Cris and Layla. John McBain and Natalie Buchanan soon arrive and place Hannah under arrest for the attempted murder of Robert.

Hannah hires Elijah Clarke as her lawyer, knowing he was the one who pushed Marty down the stairs. When they talk, Elijah threatens Hannah saying confess to pushing Marty down the stairs so Cole won't get hurt. Hannah fakes a breakdown and is sent to St. Anne's. She then continues to lie about Eli's crimes and Eli points a gun at Hannah and forces her to take several pain killer pills and is out unconscious. She is revived by her doctors. While in her room alone John asks Hannah on what's really going on between her and Eli and finally reveals on what Eli has been holding over her and reveals to John that Eli had not only held at gunpoint but also forced her to take all the pills or Eli was going to hurt Cole and did to save Cole and was the only way to save him from danger. Hannah finally reveals to John that Eli pushed Marty down a flight of stairs and was being blackmailed into faking a breakdown and was forced to swallow a bottle of pills that could've killed her if Cole hadn't saved her. Hannah also told John that Eli attacked Ford. John assures Hannah that Eli will be brought to justice.

Later Marty visits Hannah and she apologize to Marty for all the trouble she caused her. Later in Hannah's court hearing, Marty volunteers to bring Hannah in her house and live with her under her care. Marty forgives her and tells her that she's going to have a good life. However, Hannah kidnaps Starr and Hope after they escape Eli, who had been holding them and Dani hostage, intending to kill them so she can have Cole all to herself. James Ford gets suspicious of Hannah and confronts her, but before he can call the cops she knocks him out with her father's pistol and kidnaps him as well. Hannah takes them all to the cemetery and forces James and Starr to dig their own graves at gunpoint before forcing Starr to bury James alive. Just as Hannah is about to do the same to Starr, James digs himself out of the grave and attacks her, managing to distract her long enough for Starr to bash her unconscious with a shovel, with the police arriving just in time to arrest her.

James accompanies the police and Hannah to the station, where Marty, having confessed to Eli's murder to protect Cole, watches them enter. James informs them of everything that Hannah has done. Hannah pleads with Marty to help her avoid prison time and get better, but instead, a shocked and furious Marty disowns her, coldly informing her that she is insane beyond fixing and that it was a mistake to ever trust her. Hannah is last seen being dragged away by the police, vocally bemoaning her circumstances.

Lee Ramsey

Hunt Block (October 16, 2007 – June 13, 2008 [105])

FBI Agent Lee Ramsey is assigned to track down Marcie McBain, who has taken her adoptive son Tommy on the run after custody is awarded to his biological father, Todd Manning. Ramsey and Llanview Police Detective/former FBI Agent John McBain share some bad blood; Ramsey had carried an unrequited torch for John's late fiancee Caitlin Fitzgerald, and blames John for her murder years before at the hands of a serial killer whom both men were tracking. As Marcie is married to John's brother Michael, John initiates his own pursuit of her; he and Ramsey and continually run into one another on their separate searches across the country. After Marty Saybrooke and her son Cole Thornhart go missing, John returns to Llanview to find them. John discovers that Ramsey has been searching for the terrorist who had murdered Marty's husband, Patrick Thornhart, and entices Ramsey to break off his hunt for Marcie in order to finally capture Patrick's killer. John and Ramsey are forced to work together to track down Marty and Cole. John discovers a microchip in the back of one of Patrick's books of poetry, and later uses it to bargain with terrorist Simon Ryerson in Ireland in exchange for Marty and Cole's safety. The transaction is botched by Ramsey's reckless actions, and Marty is apparently killed in an explosion. Ramsey is promptly suspended by the Bureau for his conduct during the affair.

Now a free agent, Ramsey offers his services to Todd as a bounty hunter. They confront waitress Gigi Morasco, whom they soon discover is hiding Marcie from the authorities. Ramsey takes Gigi and her young son Shane hostage, over Todd's objections, and demands that Gigi call Marcie to meet with her. Marcie arrives but escapes; Ramsey attempts to gun her down while she is still holding Tommy. Todd angrily struggles with Ramsey, and Michael McBain is shot instead. He survives, and Marcie is later apprehended. Ramsey visits a jailed Gigi and threatens to harm her and Shane if she tells anyone about Ramsey and Todd holding her hostage. He is later arrested on suspicion of attempting to kill Gigi and Shane, but on February 15, 2008 is inexplicably named the new Commissioner of Llanview Police Department after the mayor fires Bo Buchanan. It soon becomes clear that Mayor Lowell is in league with Ramsey for some mysterious reason.

Loyal Llanview police officers Antonio Vega and Talia Sahid are determined to get Bo his job back, and work with John to oust Ramsey and expose him as a crooked cop. To this end, Antonio and Talia stage a break-up, and Antonio tricks Ramsey into believing that he has switched allegiances and is open to Ramsey's corrupting influence. With Antonio as an accomplice, Ramsey orchestrates the theft of the crown jewels of Mendorra, set to be displayed in Llanview at Lindsay Rappaport's Fine Arts Gallery. During the heist, Ramsey attempts to have Talia framed for criminal collusion and tries to have her dismissed from the force. On June 11, 2008, it is revealed that Ramsey has been secretly caring for an injured and confused Marty in the penthouse he had purchased from Todd, and that he had the jewels stolen in order to sell them on the black market and pay for Marty's private medical care.[106] It becomes clear that the crooked Ramsey has compassion for Marty, and harbors regret for his part in her near-fatal accident. He tells Marty that he hopes to heal her physical and mental traumas and release her to her family and friends, and then be reinstated by the FBI himself. Ramsey's buyer for the jewels turns out to be Todd's long-lost sister Tina Lord — now the Crown Princess of Mendorra. Tina arrives at Ramsey's penthouse with a briefcase full of Euros, and the two make an exchange. But when Tina briefly moves in another room, thugs sent by United States Ambassador to Mendorra Jonas Chamberlain burst into the penthouse and shoot Ramsey to death. Ramsey's last act as he lies wounded is to crawl towards the penthouse stairs, in an attempt to protect Marty.[10]

After Ramsey's death, Carlo Hesser reveals that Ramsey had appointed to the commissioner’s office, by him, via the mayor. In addition, Ramsey had been in Hesser's employ as part of the scheme with the Mendorran Crown Jewels, and had secured Carlo's secret release from Statesville Prison.

Claudia Reston

Kerry Butler (January 18, 2006 – January 3, 2007)

Claudia Reston is the ex-girlfriend and later friend to Nash Brennan. Nash's pregnant girlfriend Tess (the alternate personality of Jessica Buchanan) visits Claudia in a drug rehab, where Claudia has been since her break-up with Nash. Claudia, a rich heiress and a recovering alcoholic, explains that Nash made her believe he loved her, but was really scamming her for her father's money. Nash explains that his grifter days are behind him and that he sincerely regrets taking advantage of Claudia. Seemingly rehabilitated, Claudia soon appears in Llanview, taking a job as a singer at Antonio Vega's club "Capricorn." Soon her powerful father George arrives on the scene, blaming Nash for Claudia's troubles. After Mr. Reston threatens Nash and Tess' lives, Nash turns to the manipulative Claudia for help. Claudia hopes to regain Nash's love by aiding him in a scheme against her father, but their plan ends in tragedy when George Reston ends up dead by Claudia's hand during a scuffle with Nash. Nash, however, helps her cover up the fatal accident.

Claudia continues to try and woo Nash while befriending Antonio, but her hopes are in vain. When she falls off the wagon on New Year's Eve 2006, Nash and Antonio urge her to go to rehab. Claudia then heads back to New York City to detox and start a new life.

Mark Solomon

William M. Cavenaugh (July 2, 2004 – June 3, 2005)

Mark Solomon is a failing student at Llanview University, who is assigned to help re-build the recently burned down community center with other failing students. Mark and Marcie Walsh become good friends, and Mark comes out to her.[107] Mark tells the rest of the group that he is gay, and begins dating a boy named Justin. Months later, Daniel Colson marries Nora Hanen, though it appears that he is having an affair.[107][108] With the murder of Paul Cramer still unsolved, the motive is revealed; Paul had discovered that Daniel is romantically involved with Mark, and had begun to blackmail Daniel.[107][108] This had prompted Daniel to kill Paul.[107][108] Daniel begins planting evidence to frame Jennifer Rappaport for the crime, but Jen catches Daniel and he suffocates her. Bo Buchanan and Rex Balsom discover Daniel's crimes and the extramarital affair. While Daniel is in custody awaiting trial, a devastated Mark breaks things off with him.

Pamela Stuart

Christine Jones (1986–1987; 1988; October 2001; January 18, 2008 – January 21, 2008; April 9, 2008 – April 10, 2008; June 3, 2008; October 19, 2009)

Pamela Reed Stuart Buchanan O'Neill[109][110][111] is one of Asa Buchanan's many ex-wives. In 1986, Tina Lord discovers that Asa has been leading a double life for years; on the tropical island of Malakeva, he is known as Jeb Stuart, and has been "married" to a woman named Pamela for a decade. Stirring up trouble, Tina tells Pamela that her "husband" is not a sea captain, as she believes, but actually a millionaire with a family in Llanview. Noting that Asa and Pamela's marriage is not legal, Tina convinces Pamela to pretend she is dying to manipulate Asa into marrying her for real. He does on January 20, 1986, and Pamela springs from her "deathbed" and confronts her husband. Arriving in Llanview to live as "Mrs. Asa Buchanan," Pamela is at first a thorn in his side. As Asa realizes he wants her to be his wife in every sense of the word, she demands a divorce — and half of his fortune.[112][113] Their marriage ends in 1987; Pamela marries lawyer Pete O'Neill, and they leave town that year to return to Malakeva.

Asa fakes his death in 2001, framing his wife Gabrielle Medina and her lover Max Holden for murder; Pamela and all of Asa's other living ex-wives appear for the funeral.[109] Ex-wife Alex Olanov finds Asa in hiding on his private island, St. Blaze's, and he is ultimately dragged back to Llanview.[113] Pamela returns to Llanview on January 18, 2008[109][110][114] at the invitation of Asa's son Bo, and attends the Buchanan Enterprises board meeting to weigh in on the possibility that Jared Banks is the illegitimate son of Asa, who had died on August 16, 2007.[2] Bo had determined that Asa had been with Pamela around the time of Jared's conception; Pamela confirms that Asa had never even met Jared's mother Valerie Banks, let alone conceived a child with her. To the shock of everyone assembled, Pamela reveals that Valerie had in fact been her sister; Pamela then drops the bombshell that she is actually Jared's biological mother. Afraid of losing Asa's love by bringing a child into the relationship, Pamela had asked Valerie to secretly adopt Asa's son. Pamela declares him the Buchanan heir; after the board meeting lets out, however, Pamela returns to meet with Jared alone. It is revealed that Pamela has lied to the Buchanans and is merely going along with Jared's scheme; Pamela is not really Jared's mother, but has known Jared and his family since he was a child, and had told the young boy many stories about her life with Asa. Through Pamela's stories of the great Asa Buchanan, Jared's fascination with Asa and the Buchanan clan had been born. Jared had not been aware that Pamela was going to appear at the meeting or lie for him, but Pamela explains that it was the least she could do "after everything my brother" — a violent abuser named Harlan Oliver who dated Jared's mother after Charlie left the Banks household — "did to you and your family."[115] Pamela, who still remembers Jared with fondness, warmly wishes him good luck with the company, and tells him that — whether he realizes it or not — what he is doing is not about the money or the power, but about the Buchanans, and their good name.

Pamela is summoned back to Llanview by Natalie Buchanan on April 9, 2008;[116][117] Jared has admitted his true identity to Natalie, who wants to know why Pamela had lied to the Buchanans. Pamela relates Jared's troubled childhood, including the death of Jared's younger brother, and explains that she had only wanted to help him.[118] Pamela appears once more on June 3, 2008, making a surprise appearance at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholders' meeting. Reluctant and saddened, she confirms Dorian Lord's reveal that Jared is not really Asa's son, telling Jared "Sorry, kid" as she hurries out.[119][120] On October 19, 2009, Natalie and John McBain find a murdered Pamela's corpse at the Buchanan cabin.[121]

Moe and Noelle Ortiz Stubbs

John Rue and January LaVoy (October 22, 2007 – January 17, 2008; May 7, 2008 – May 12, 2008; July 16, 2008 – August 28, 2008; December 1, 2008 – November 25, 2009 (him) /December 28, 2009 (her))

Maurice “Moe” Stubbs is the owner and chef of the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas — and Noelle Ortiz is one of his waitresses — in October 2007 when wealthy Viki Davidson is revealed to be secretly working at the diner to escape the complications of her life in Llanview, Pennsylvania. Bossy, impatient and rude, Moe is frustrated by his clientele's lack of appreciation for his gourmet cooking skills; his gruff exterior hides a warm and caring heart. Close friends with Viki, Noelle shares tales of woe from life with her ex-husband. Moe and Noelle are soon in competition over the "Dallas Pie Bake-Off," in which both hope to win the blue ribbon for "Best Pie." After a judges' tasting debacle at the Bon Jour which turns into a food fight, both Moe and Noelle are inadvertently disqualified, and Noelle is crushed. Struck by Noelle's sadness, Moe selflessly goes to the selection committee and has Noelle re-entered in the contest, but does not submit himself. Noelle wins the blue ribbon, and the two longtime platonic friends begin to grow closer, a fact which does not go unnoticed by Viki. When fugitive Marcie McBain (who had been posing as new waitress "Sally Ann") is arrested along with Noelle's fellow waitress Gigi Morasco following a police stand-off, Noelle takes care of Gigi's young son Shane. After the crisis makes national news, Viki's daughters Natalie and Jessica arrive at the Bon Jour Café; Moe happily serves them his duck entree which, unlike the regular lunch crowd, the girls fully appreciate. Not long afterwards, Moe, Noelle, Shane, and a newly released Gigi share an emotional goodbye with Viki as she and her family return to Llanview.

Moe and Noelle are seen again in May 2008, when Natalie and her secret lover, con man Jared Banks, visit Paris and the Bon Jour to get away from the prying eyes of the Buchanan family. They are unaware that the notorious David Vickers, the true Buchanan heir, has taken a job at the Bon Jour as a busboy alongside a reluctant Moe and Noelle. After discovering that Jared and Natalie are lying to the Buchanans about Jared's lineage (but unaware that he is the true heir), David quits the Bon Jour to follow them back to Llanview, but before leaving, urges Moe and Noelle to admit their mutual feelings for each other.

Moe and Noelle reappear again in July 2008 when Bo Buchanan and Rex Balsom visit the Bon Jour separately. By this time, Moe and Noelle have revealed their feelings for each other and are shown to be in a committed romantic relationship. When Bo and Rex travel through time back to 1968, they discover Moe and Noelle's counterparts in the past: Moe is "Jeremiah Stubbs," (Moe's father), the hippie proprietor of what was then known as the "Good Day Café," and Noelle is "Rosa," a strong-willed Mexican maid working for the Buchanan family alongside Maria Vasquez. Rosa is Maria's only confidante about her out-of-wedlock pregnancy by Clint Buchanan; her unborn child will grow up to be Cord Roberts. Much like Moe and Noelle, Jeremiah and Rosa are shown to have feelings for one another. Unlike Moe, Jeremiah is a mellow, peace-loving fellow who is shown to oppose the Vietnam War and deal in certain "medicinal substances," which he includes as ingredients in some of his baked goods. While sharing some "brownies" with a young Renee Divine, he encourages her to reconsider her frayed relationship with Asa Buchanan, the love of her life. Back in 2008, Gigi returns to Paris during her search for a missing Rex, Noelle has the chance to catch up with her former co-worker. After getting what information she could about Rex from Moe, Gigi heads to the Buchanan Ranch. After the customers leave, Moe proposes to Noelle, who accepts.

In late 2008, an engaged Moe and Noelle visit Viki at the "Buenos Dias Café," Carlotta Vega's burned-down diner rebuilt as a recreation of the Bon Jour Café. Dorian Lord, having previously tasted Moe's quality cooking in Texas, invites him to be her personal chef, and he accepts. Later, as part of her plot to marry or gain power-of-attorney over Buchanan heir David, Dorian gives Moe her house and its contents.[122] Moe and Noelle soon marry in Las Vegas on February 9, 2009.[97]

Carlotta Vega

Patricia Mauceri (March 1995 – March 25, 2009)[123][124][125]
Saundra Santiago (September 3, 2009[124][125][126] – September 8, 2011[127])

Carlotta Vega (née Espinoza) is introduced in 1995 as the longtime maid and loyal confidante of Dorian Lord. Carlotta's teenage son Cristian soon becomes romantically involved with heiress Jessica Buchanan. At first, both Carlotta and Jessica's parents disapprove of the match. Carlotta's elder son Antonio, a former gang member in Llanview's Angel Square, is released from prison the same year after serving a seven-year sentence for murder. Carlotta eventually quits Dorian's employ to run her own diner. Antonio later proves that his crime had been self-defense; he becomes a lawyer and then a police officer, eventually leaving town in 1998, but returning in 2000. Carlotta herself is romantically linked at times to both Clint Buchanan and Hank Gannon.

Carlotta suffers through the disappearance and presumed death of Cristian in 2003; Antonio is also accused of killing Keri Reynolds, the mother of his child, but is later exonerated. Also in 2003, Carlotta's 15-year-old goddaughter Adriana Colón arrives in Llanview; by 2004 it is revealed that Adriana is actually the secret daughter of Carlotta's brother, crime lord Manuel Santi, and Dorian Lord.

A Cristian lookalike with no memory of his past appears in Llanview in 2004, secretly programmed by Manuel's son Tico Santi to kill Antonio — who is secretly Manuel's eldest son and heir. Carlotta is forced to admit that Antonio is actually Manuel's son with Isabella/Angelina; the attempt to murder Antonio fails as the trauma of trying to kill his own brother brings Cristian's memories flooding back. After killing Tico and being sent to prison in 2005, Cristian keeps his true identity hidden from his family. Later in 2005, Cristian's sentence is overturned; he is released from jail and reveals himself to his overjoyed mother.


Character Date(s) Actor Circumstances
Shannon McBain March 2 – December 2, 2004 Danneel Harris John and Michael McBain's cousin, Shannon, arrives to attend Llanview University. Shannon fails to achieve good grades, though UP Victoria Lord Davidson offer her a chance to pass. Shannon has to help rebuild a burned down community center. Shannon is an outsider and is blamed for continued vandalism on the project. Shannon is caught in bed with River Carpenter by his girlfriend Adriana Cramer. However, Shannon begins dating Rex Balsom, though their relationship fails. Shannon leaves after being put into is police protection.
Sonia Toledo June 24 – December 20, 2004 Lisa Lo Cicero Sonia is a federal agent with relations with the Santi clan. She begins an affair with Antonio Vega and is involved in his storyline. She leaves Llanview after her adoptive brother Tico is murdered.
Tico Santi July 7 – December 8, 2004 Javier Morga Augustico is first seen when Antonio finds him imprisoned by a drug gang and he is taken to Llanview. Tico finds out he is Antonio's cousin ans they build a relationship and also dates Jessica Buchanan. Tico and sister Sonia are hiding their mother Isabella Santi in their home. Tico hires Antonio's brother Christian to kill him. He later marries Jessica, though Christian fails to kill Antonio and reveals the truth. Tico is then murdered.
Ted Osbourne August 11 – November 2, 2006 Mike Jerome Ted is introduced as an employee of Vincent Jones. Vincent forces Ted to sabotage Christian's boxing match. Christian attacks Ted when he loses his career, after he tells the truth Christian reports them to the police. Ted pleads guilty in court. Ted is later killed in a warehouse fire started by Tate Harmon.
Deanna Forbes March 23 – July 19, 2011 Nafessa Williams Deanna is the ex-girlfriend of James Ford. She arrives and hopes to rekindle her relationship with James but he is happy with Starr. She moves in with James' brother, Nate Salinger, and the two bond. With no money, Deanna contemplates Rick Powers' offer to take part in pornographic films. Rick later blackmails her into doing the film for information on her mom and afterward, Deanna leaves for California to find her mother.
Sebastian "Baz" Moreau June 20 – September 20, 2011 Barret Helms Sebastian "Baz" Moreau is the son of Tomás Delgado (played by Ted King) and Yvette Moreau (played by LaChanze). Baz arrives in Llanview after his mother sent him to live with his father, Tomas, who was already in Llanview. He is a DJ and an aspiring musician and songwriter. Baz and Starr Manning forge a friendship and make music together. He later kisses Starr, who rejects his advances because she is in a relationship with James Ford. Baz enlists the help of former pornographer turned music producer Rick Powers to launch Starr's music career. He leaves town in September 2011 wit Rick to take a DJ gig in Paris, France.
Victor Lord, Jr. May 20, 2003 – August 31, 2011 Trevor St. John Victor is the twin brother of Todd Manning and the son of Victor Lord and Irene Manning. Victor had been living in Llanview for eight years thinking he was Todd after being brainwashed by his mother, Irene. Irene had kept the real Todd locked up in an unknown location for these eight years, and he was able to escape in May 2011. He made it back to Llanview and proved to everyone that he was the real Todd and Victor was a fake. It was later confirmed that Victor was indeed not the real Todd, and that he was his twin brother. With many people out to get him, Victor was shot by an unknown assailant on August 30, 2011 and died from his injuries on August 31, 2011.


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