One Life to Live minor families

One Life to Live minor families

Though the American soap opera One Life to Live has focused predominantly on the families of Victoria Lord, Asa Buchanan and Dorian Cramer Lord, many other families have played a prominent role at one time or another in the show's long history.


The Carpenters

  • Maggie Carpenter: Crystal Chappell (1995–1997)
  • Sloan Carpenter: Roy Thinnes (1992–1995)
  • Andrew Carpenter: Wortham Krimmer (1991–1999 (Contract); 1999–November 2006[1], December 2008[2], November 2009[3], February 26 & March 1, 2010[4] (Recurring)

Reverend Andrew Carpenter took over St. James, an Episcopalian church, in 1992. He quickly fell in love with ailing Megan Gordon Harrison and helped bring her MIA husband Jake Harrison back to Llanview before she died. Andrew then became close with Cassie Callison, the daughter of Dorian Lord, and tried to counsel the very troubled Marty Saybrooke.

Andrew's father Sloan Carpenter followed him to town the following year. He was a widower, and a retired four-star general turned author. Sloan had one other son William, who had died of AIDS several years earlier. Sloan was a stern, reserved, and conservative man. He and William were estranged because of William's homosexuality. His relationship with Andrew was also strained. While writing a biography of deceased millionaire publisher Victor Lord, Sloan met and became involved with Victor's daughter Viki — and made an enemy in Dorian, who was furious that Sloan's book hinted that she may have killed Victor.

Llanview was torn apart by scandal when Marty accused Andrew of being a gay pedophile, and of having seduced local teenager Billy Douglas. But Andrew weathered the storm, and even brought the AIDS quilt project to Llanview. The crisis served to bring him and Sloan to reconciliation,and prompt Andrew and Cassie to fall in love and marry. But afterwards,Cassie was unable to have children after a disastrous miscarriage. She and Andrew then adopted a son named River Carpenter.

Viki was unconsciously attracted to Sloan because of his similarity to her own coldly aloof father. This eventually led to her divorce from Clint Buchanan, as they fell in love. Sloan and Viki were married by Andrew, while Sloan lay hospitalized. He died in 1994, just several weeks after the marriage was officiated. His death was a major factor in causing Viki's Multiple Personality Disorder to reemerge.

Andrew's cousin Maggie Carpenter came to town in late 1995. Maggie was a former wild child seeking a new start by becoming a nun. But she was in love with Max Holden, and couldn't fully embrace a life of faith. Part of her motivation for becoming a nun was to spite her Protestant minister father Bishop John Carpenter, who constantly belittled her. But the Bishop was eventually exposed as a hypocrite, having had a long-term affair with Eleanore Armitage. After leaving the church and hooking up with Max, Maggie tried to open a 'circus arts' school in Llanview, but was sabotaged by Max himself. Feeling betrayed, Maggie left town.

In 1997, Cassie and Andrew divorced as a result of her affair with Kevin Buchanan. Cassie went on to marry Kevin before departing Llanview for good. After several years passed, River (now a teenager) returned from living with his mother and got involved with Adriana, yet another one of Dorian's daughters. River and Adriana were horrified to discover this secret, as Dorian is his "grandmother" and Cassie Adriana's sister. After his one-night stand with Shannon McBain, Adriana dumped River, who got a scholarship to The Juilliard School for his musical talent and left town. Currently, only Reverend Andrew remains in Llanview - but he is rarely seen.

The Craigs

In 1968, Dr. Jim Craig, came to Llanview and began work at the community hospital. (Eventually he would become chief-of-staff at the hospital.) He was the supervisor and mentor figure to internists Larry Wolek and Price Trainor. Jim was a widower with a young daughter Cathy (initially an adolescent, Cathy underwent SORAS and became a teenager overnight.)

Jim fell in love with his pretty young patient, actress Carla Benari. A widower, Dr. Craig soon asked her to marry him; Carla accepted, knowing that she didn't love him as much as he did her. Jim loved Carla even after learning her secret, that she was really a black woman passing as white. Nevertheless, Carla returned his engagement ring. Soon afterward, Jim fell in love with and married Anna Wolek. Throughout the 1970s, Jim and Anna were primarily support characters, who commented on the affairs about town, and would offer wise advise to the more dynamic characters, but be very inactive in most of the storylines. Jim's daughter Cathy however became a major troublemaker.

Cathy was unusually attached to her father and didn't want to 'share' him with Anna. Cathy rebelled against her father and stepmother by using drugs, eventually becoming an addict and killing her dealer Arnie Duncan in a drug-induced mania. Cathy sought treatment for her addiction at Odyssey House in New York City (a real treatment center) in 1971.

After leaving the treatment center, Cathy became a writer for the Llanview Banner, and a book author as well. She considered herself a feminist and had a brief romance with Tim Siegel. But Cathy was more of a trouble-making villainess character: Cathy nursed a crush on Viki's then-husband Steve Burke, and hoped he would leave Viki for her. Later, just before Viki re-married Joe, Cathy became pregnant by Joe. Unfotunately, Cathy and Joe's baby Megan was born with a congenital heart defect that ensured she would never live to adulthood. Cathy was kept in the dark about this. And so, when the baby died while in Viki's care, Cathy believed that Viki had killed her baby out of jealousy.

Cathy married Tony Lord, Viki's half-brother, in 1976. But Tony was truly in love with Pat Ashley. Adding to Cathy's woes was the fact that Viki became pregnant herself, and gave birth to a boy Kevin in 1976; a boy who did not inherit the heart condition that plagued Megan. Cathy's mental state wavered at that point, and she became obsessed with having a baby with Tony. Cathy miscarried, and at that point she went completely over the edge. She kidnapped Viki's baby and disappeared for several months. When she was finally located, Cathy was in a catatonic state and did not have the baby. Many more months went by before Cathy recovered sufficiently to tell what she did with Kevin (who was recovered after being missing for almost a year). After recovering from her breakdown, Cathy granted Tony a divorce and left Llanview.

Jim and Anna remained in Llanview to give advice to their friends for the rest of the decade. When the actor playing Jim died of a heart attack in 1980, the character was killed off as well. Anna remained for a few years into the 1980s, but faded away by 1983.

The Dennisons

  • Tom Dennison: Lee Patterson (1986–1988)
  • Carol Dennison (Lee Halpern): Janet Zarish (1987–1988, 2008, 2009)
  • Mari Lynn Dennison: Tammy Amerson (1986–1989)

When widower Tom Dennison comes to Llanview with his daughter Mari Lynn in 1986,[5] everyone — especially Viki Lord Buchanan — is thrown by the fact that he looks exactly like the late Joe Riley, Viki's first husband. It is ultimately revealed that Tom is Joe's long lost twin; he leaves town in 1988.[5] Mari Lynn is seduced into becoming a disciple of cult leader Mitch Laurence, but ultimately breaks free of the cult and marries Wade Coleman. She later becomes a star of the fictional daytime drama Fraternity Row, and leaves town in 1989.[5]

Lee Halpern, a former prostitute for Renee Divine and now a business partner of Max Holden's, arrives in Llanview in 1987 and turns out to be Carol Harper Dennison, Tom's presumed-dead wife. Her awkward reunion with her daughter is cut short when Lee is accidentally shot to death by Mari Lynn in 1988.[5]

In April 2008, private nurse Janet Ketring appears in Llanview, helping Lee Ramsey and then Todd Manning care for an amnesiac Marty Saybrooke. During his investigation of Todd, Llanview Police Detective John McBain discovers in October 2008 that Janet is, in fact, a very-much alive Lee. He uses this information to pressure Janet into revealing that her mystery patient is, as he suspects, the presumed-dead Marty.[6]

The Evanses

Shaun Evans first appears in 2006 as the bodyguard and trusted friend of businessman Vincent Jones. Several of Vincent's buildings are burned by the white supremacist group One Pure People in 2007, prompting a racially diverse art exhibit backed by the police called "Real Americans," secretly intended to lure OPP into another attack. Shaun and his grandfather Fred Wenton participate in the exhibit, in part because Fred and his wife had previously been targeted by the group. Shaun remains in town after Vincent's departure in 2008, soon being hired as a bodyguard by Todd Manning. Todd fears that his three children are in danger when his enemy Lee Ramsey becomes the new police commissioner, and also wishes to keep his daughter Starr away from her boyfriend Cole Thornhart. Shaun quits after Todd becomes increasingly volatile and violent towards Cole and even Starr; when Todd's ex-wife Blair Cramer secures sole custody of all three children (inlcusing Todd's son by another woman), she hires Shaun to make sure Todd can get nowhere near them. In 2009 it is revealed that Matthew Buchanan's new high school friend Destiny Evans is Shaun's sister. A freshman at Llanview High, Destiny defends Matthew when he is bullied for being the son of the district attorney and the police commissioner. After Matthew is paralyzed in a car accident, Destiny repeatedly asks Shaun for a number to contact their estranged doctor brother, whom she believes can help Matthew. Shaun refuses, harboring some sort of grudge that Destiny urges him to put aside. On June 23, 2009, Dr. Greg Evans appears in town, having been contacted by Matthew's uncle Clint Buchanan.[8][9] Greg thinks he can help Matthew walk again.[12]

Matthew is elated to have his surgery but, when Bo and Nora learn there is a good chance Matthew could die on the table they refuse the operation. This causes Matthew to sue for the right to choose if he wants the surgery himself, taking Tea on as his attorney. Greg also begins to seduce Shaun's girlfriend, Rachel Gannon. Their budding feelings leads to a bad break-up with a hurt Shaun. Destiny also helps Matthew receive his operation. With David Vickers help she is able to free him from his English Boarding School and along the way they meet Tea's daughter, Danielle Rayburn, who joins them. Destiny then reveals that she is in love with Matthew but, her feelings are not instantly reciprocated due to Matthew's attraction to Danielle.

Greg Evans is blackmailed by Eli Clarke into falsely diagnosing Tea Delgado with cancer, and then drugging her to create symptoms to make the diagnosis appear real, to the point that Tea goes to a hospice in St Kitts. Ordered by Eli to kill Tea, Greg refuses, and transfers Tea to a clinic, while telling Eli and Tea's family that she has died. Greg later reveals that he was being blackmailed with the secret that he is Destiny's true father, and his parents are her grandparents. He also admits that Destiny's mother was Charlene, a girl Shaun was in love with, and that he killed her, which not even his parents knew. Shaun never knew as he was in prison when Destiny was conceived and born. On November 17, 2010, Greg was sentenced to six years in prison with a possibility of parole in four and was escorted off to Statesville.

The Gannons

  • Hank Gannon: Nathan Purdee (1992–2003, 2009)
  • Nora Hanen: Hillary Bailey Smith (1992–present)
  • R.J. Gannon: Timothy D. Stickney (1994–2008, 2009)
  • Rachel Gannon: Ellen Bethea (1992–1995, 2000, 2002, 2005), Mari Morrow (1995–1996), Sandra P. Grant (1996–1998), Daphnee Duplaix (2009–2010)

Hank Gannon came to Llanview in 1992 and replaced Herb Callison as District Attorney. Known by his old college football nickname "The Cannon", Hank was a hard-charging, driven prosecutor, and quickly became involved with Sheila Price. Hank (who was black) revealed to Sheila that he had a white ex-wife. Before long, his ex-wife Nora Hanen Gannon came to town, as did their daughter Rachel Gannon. Nora fell in love with Bo Buchanan, while Rachel dated Bo's nephew Kevin Buchanan.

In 1994, Hank's estranged, mobster brother R.J. ("Randal James") Gannon came to town and quickly established himself as a troublesome presence. When she was still married to Hank, Nora had had an affair with R.J., and the guilt over that secret cast a shadow over her relationship with Bo. R.J. chose an inopportune moment to reveal the truth to Hank about the affair — right in the middle of the reception for Hank's marriage to Sheila. Hank and Sheila's own marriage barely lasted a year. Nora's second marriage to Bo lasted significantly longer, but likewise ended in divorce.

After a long run as District Attorney, Hank eventually vacated the position in 2003 due to the bad press surrounding the Llanview Police Department's handling of the Mitch Laurence case, and began teaching law at Llanview University, albeit offscreen. Hank later moved to Chicago to be near Rachel, and was last referenced in late 2007, when R.J. indicated that he was still teaching law and had also taken up coaching college football.

Rachel's relationship with Kevin ran its course, and she dated Sheila's younger brother Dr. Ben Price for a while. But she went into a tailspin after that, flunking out of law school and becoming a drug addict. Later in 1998, she killed Georgie Phillips (who was stalking Bo, and threatening to kill Nora) and was sent to jail. Rachel served her time and was released, relocating to Chicago where she took up social work.

Over time, R.J. disassociated himself with his mob ties, and became a nightclub promoter. Liz Reynolds revealed to a stunned R.J. that he was the biological father of her daughter Keri Reynolds. R.J. tried to be a good father to the young woman, and was genuinely crushed when Keri committed suicide. R.J. believed Keri's boyfriend Antonio Vega drove her to it, and fought Antonio for custody of Keri's baby Jamie Vega. After a difficult romance with partner in crime Lindsay Rappaport, R.J. chose to visit his brother and niece in Chicago for an indeterminate length of time in summer 2008.

Hank reappears in Llanview on April 1, 2009 when he hears the news that Nora's son Matthew Buchanan has been paralyzed. Rachel returned to town with her father and worked at a drug clinic for a while with Schuyler Joplin and treated Cole Thornhart. She dated Shaun Evans, but later hurt him by beginning to date his older brother Greg. She and Hank eventually returned to Chicago.

The Gordons

The Gordon family consisted of Roger Gordon, Victoria Lord's childhood sweetheart, and his two daughters, Megan and Sarah.

Sarah Gordon was the first member of the family to arrive in Llanview. She was a therapist specializing in training blind people to live without their sight. Sarah became a counselor to Clint Buchanan, who had been blinded due to a gunshot wound to the head, in late 1987. Early on, Sarah stated that her desire to help the blind was inspired by working with an older sister Anna (never seen) who was blind since birth and died young. Sarah started out as Tina Lord's rival for Cord Roberts' affection, but Sarah and Cord never progressed far in their relationship. She later fell in love and married Bo Buchanan. Sarah became a witness to the drug-trafficking activities of Carlo Hesser, who kidnapped her, and was thought to have killed her. Sarah turned up alive, just as Bo was about to marry Cassie Callison. Sarah and Bo divorced, but reconciled, all during a time in which Sarah was a major suspect in the first murder investigation of Carlo Hesser. Tragically, Sarah was on her way to remarry Bo when she was killed for real in a car accident.

Megan Gordon came to town a year after her sister. This was 1988, during the time when the soap-within-a-soap "Fraternity Row" was produced in Llanview. As an in-joke, Megan was an actress who played the gooder-than-gold heroine on "Fraternity Row", but was in 'real life' a petulant, self-absorbed prima dona. Soon after settling in Llanview, her father Roger revealed a secret about her paternity that changed her life forever (see below). Despite initially locking horns with him, Megan fell in love with Max Holden. But Max could never get Gabrielle out of his life, so Megan broke up with him. Megan also shared several humorous adventures with Marco Dane (although the pair never became lovers), mostly pitting them against Megan's nemesis Spring Skye, a rival soap diva. Megan briefly romanced the crown prince of Mendorra before meeting her true love - Jake Harrison (who was the half-brother of Max's half-sister Andy; Max and Jake were not related). After many exciting adventures together, Megan and Jake tied the knot. But Jake's private investigator job took him to the middle eastern country Jaba where he was imprisoned by a warlord. For months, Megan didn't know if he was alive or dead. Making matters worse, she became gravely ill with lupus. As Megan's prognosis worsened, Reverend Andrew Carpenter (who had fallen in love with Megan) went to Jaba to rescue Jake. Jake returned to Llanview in time for one last goodbye before Megan died. Megan's spirit however lives on in Llanview, and she has appeared several times in the form of a guardian angel to her friends and loved ones.

Roger Gordon, an archeologist, arrived on the scene determined to convince both his daughters to move away from Llanview with him. Just as he and Sarah were about to leave town (after having convinced Megan to follow them to California), Roger overheard news that Viki had found the long-lost daughter she had spent months searching for. Inexplicably, Roger changed his plans and refused to leave town! Roger knew that the 'long-lost daughter' was a fraud - because Megan was the real missing Lord heir.

As a child, Roger Gordon's family participated in Victor Lord's disastrous, secret 'Eterna' project (in which a small underground city was created under Llantano Mountain). Against the wishes of the Eterna citizens themselves, they were sealed off from the outside world and abandoned to die. Roger's parents managed to break their teenaged son out of imprisonment. Once outside, Roger met and fell in love with a then-teenaged Victoria Lord. The teens married, made love, and Viki became pregnant with Roger's child. But Victor intervened, and instigated an accident that turned Viki into her alter ego Niki Smith for many months. Niki ran away to New York City and carried her baby to full term. Just as she was about to give birth, Victor tracked her down and forced her to return to Llanview with him. A very young Larry Wolek (still in med school at the time) delivered the baby, and Niki reverted to Viki immediately afterward. Victor hushed up the whole incident (including hiring a hypnotist to erase Viki's memory of the incident) and gave the baby to Roger. Roger later married Carrie Gordon, and the two passed Megan off as their own child (Carrie was the birth mother of Sarah & Anna. She was already divorced from Roger when he arrived in Llanview. Carrie appeared only rarely.)

Roger confessed to Viki that Megan was their daughter. Megan was initially less than thrilled to hear the news (she and Viki did not get along), but then developed a close rapport with Viki and the Buchanan family (especially Viki's other daughter Jessica). Both Roger and Viki began to feel their old teenaged passions rekindling, even though Viki was married to Clint at the time. However, Roger eventually realized he could never have what he once had with Viki, so he left town and allowed Viki to get on with her life.

The Grays and the Halls

Sadie Gray was initially a maid in Llanfair, the Lord family manor. She eventually quit that job to take charge of Llanview Hospital's housekeeping department. She also lived across the hall from her good friend Anna Wolek. From the show's beginning, she was a widow and made mentions of a daughter named Clara, whom she said was 'lost to her'. Most Llanview-ites assumed that Clara had died. Sadie was a gifted gospel singer who often sang at weddings and special occasions.

A mystery woman named Carla Benari showed up in town very early into the series' run. The presumably Italian-American woman became Dr. Jim Craig's secretary and dated African-American Dr. Price Trainer. Many hosptial staffers were shocked at the prospect of a white woman dating a black man. About six months into the show's run though, it was revealed that 'Carla Benari' was in fact Clara Gray - Sadie's daughter, a light-skinned black woman "passing" as white. Sadie was furious that her daughter would deny her heritage, but eventually mother and daughter reconciled, and 'Ms. Benari' embraced her roots. She took back her rightful surname "Gray", although she continued to be known as 'Carla'.

Carla had several romances, including a relationship with Jim Craig but eventually married police Lieutenant (eventually Captain) Ed Hall in 1973. Ed and Carla adopted a troubled street youth Josh West (who assumed the surname Hall). Ed's brother Gus Hall served as his best man, and was a recurring character through most of the 1970s and into the early 1980s. In 1979, Carla divorced Ed to marry Dr. Jack Scott, but that marriage didn't last long.

Carla left Llanview during the early 1980s, but came back in 1984 after attending law school. While embroiled in a romantic "quadrangle" with ex-husband Ed and their respective new love interests, she became the Assistant District Attorney and was forced to prosecute Ed for a police brutality charge. Josh (who'd been written out of the storyline in the late '70s) also briefly returned during the mid-1980s. But by 1986, Sadie, Carla and Josh were all unceremoniously ejected from the series, with Carla departing to take a judgeship in Arizona. Ed Hall remained as a recurring character until 1988, but then he too simply disappeared.

In 2000, the Hall family made a brief resurgence on OLTL. Jared Hall, purportedly Ed and Carla's "grandson" (presumably by Josh), debuted on the show as a young ADA like his grandmother. Jared was played by actor Herve Clermont. A friend of attorney Sam Rappaport, Jared had a checkered past in his law school days, and faced review by the Pennsylvania bar. Sam represented Jared, and called his grandfather, Ed Hall, to the stand to testify on his grandson's behalf. Ed helped Jared escape being disbarred and promptly disappeared from the show again. Jared would follow later in the year, after a fizzled flirtation with Nora Buchanan's daughter Rachel. To date, the Halls have not reappeared.

The Holdens

  • Max Holden: James DePaiva (1987–1990; 1991–2003; August 16 and 17, 2007), Nicholas Walker (1990–1991)
  • Steve Holden: Russ Anderson (1987–1988)
  • Al Holden: Kirk and Robert Raisch (1988–1990), Ryan and Sean Buckley (1990–1991), Evan Bonifant (1991–1993), Michael Roman (1993–1994), Eddie Karr (1994), Jason Alexander Fischer (1994–1997), Michael Tipps (2001), Nathaniel Marston (2001–2004)
  • Andrea "Andy" Harrison: Bronwen Booth (1989–1991), Wendee Pratt (1994–1997)

Max Holden came to Llanview in 1987 to seek a loan from family friend Maria Roberts, who agreed to give him the money he needed on the condition that Max lure Tina Lord away from her son, Cord. Max soon fell for Tina, but she could never get Cord out of her system; Max finally broke things off for good when, during their wedding ceremony, Tina accidentally said Cord's name. He would eventually rekindle his romance with former flame Gabrielle Medina, with whom he conceived a son, Al Holden. Max later lured Blair Cramer away from her husband of convenience, Asa Buchanan, but Max found true love in 1991 with Luna Moody, with whom he would have twin children, son Frankie and daughter Leslie. Luna was killed in 1995. Max enjoyed future relationships with Andrew Carpenter's sister Maggie, as well as a reunion and marriage with Blair and a fling with Kelly Cramer. He also reunited with Gabrielle, but it was not to be. Later, in a drunken Vegas escapade he awoke to find himself married to Roxanne Balsom, a union that quickly fizzled. When Al died of liver failure in the fall of 2003, Max took the advice of Luna's spirit, and left Llanview to be with their twins Frank and Leslie in North Carolina. Max returned in August 2007 for the funeral of Asa Buchanan, and revealed that he, Frank, and Leslie were all living in Gabrielle's home country of Argentina. He invited Blair to join him there and gave her an intense kiss, unaware of her continuing passion for Todd. Blair gently rebuffed him. Wishing his best to Blair, Max returned home to Argentina.[13][14]

Max's brother Steve Holden came to town in 1988 and soon became involved with (and married) Gabrielle. She still carried a torch for Max, however, and the relationship fell apart. Later that year at the double wedding of Cord and Tina and Asa and Renee Divine, Steve noticed that the wedding cake had been wired to explode (by Tina's crazy enemy, Ursula Blackwell). Steve threw himself in front to the bomb to protect his fiancee Brenda and was killed instantly as it exploded. Brenda later discovered she was pregnant with Steve's child.

Max's half-sister Andy Harrison came to town in 1989 with news of their mother Patricia's death; Max and Andy's volatile relationship eventually cooled before she left town in 1991 after marrying Hunter Guthrie. She would return in 1994 (divorced from the abusive Hunter) as a police officer, and become involved with fellow officer and ex-con Antonio Vega, who she had a whirlwind romance with, before marrying him and leaving again for Berkeley, California in 1997. Years later, Andy and Antonio's marriage ended when Andy cheated on him with her partner on the police force.

The Medinas

  • Gabrielle Medina: Fiona Hutchison (1987–1991, 2001–2004, 2011-)
  • Dante Medina: Henry Darrow (1986-1987)
  • Julia Medina: Linda Thorson (1989–1992)
  • Debra Medina: Lucinda Fisher (1989–1990)
Gabrielle Medina, portrayed by Fiona Hutchison

Gabrielle Medina and her sinister father Dante come onto the canvas in 1987 when Gabrielle's former flame Max Holden reappears in Gabrielle's homeland of Argentina with his new girlfriend, Tina Lord. Drug lord Dante is killed and Tina is presumed dead after plummeting over the Iguazu Falls. She turns up alive as Gabrielle secretly gives birth to Max's son; Gabrielle is soon duped by Tina into letting Tina pass the child off as her own. Gabrielle believes that Tina is raising the child with Max, but Tina actually pretends the child is hers with estranged husband Cord Roberts, hoping to reconcile with him. Gabrielle moves to Llanview, and the truth eventually comes out, leading her to reunite with her son, Al. Max and Gabrielle fight their passionate attraction to one another after she marries his brother, Steve Holden, in 1988. After Gabrielle and Steve divorce, she orchestrates a baby switch to prevent her friend Michael Grande from learning that his newborn son actually died; Gabrielle and Michael get engaged, but once the switch is exposed, the relationship ends. Gabrielle goes on trial but is given a slap on the wrist; she and Max reunite and marry in 1990. In 1991, mob boss Carlo Hesser blackmails Gabrielle to aid him in his plot to poison Viki; Gabrielle backs out and testifies against Carlo. She accepts the blame and goes to jail for seven years to protect her young son Al Holden from Carlo's wrath.[15]

Gabrielle's sister Debra and scheming mother Julia follow her to Llanview in 1989. Debra becomes involved for a time with Cord before leaving town in 1990; Julia eventually confesses to the murder of DuAnn Demerest, and goes to prison in 1992.

Gabrielle returns to Llanview in 2001 and marries billionaire Asa Buchanan as part of her scheme to destroy Max, with whom she is angry for being a "dead-beat father" to Al. Gabrielle and Asa's plot to fake Asa's death and frame Max for his murder fails, and after their divorce, she attempts to change her scheming ways by dating Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan. Her insecurities over Bo's friendship with his ex-wife, Nora Buchanan, nearly ruin their relationship, but Gabrielle and Bo become engaged shortly after Al's tragic death in 2003. Just as she has found happiness again, Gabrielle is murdered in January 2004 by Dr. Stephen Haver, a psychotic serial killer.

The Montezes

Ray Montez is incarcerated in a Colombian maximum security prison, where he is found by Jared Banks on September 10, 2008. Hoping to make amends with Buchanan family patriarch Clint, Jared seeks Ray's help in securing leverage against Dorian Lord, who has taken over Buchanan Enterprises. Clint and Jared plan to convince Ray, the only living blood relative of Dorian's foster daughter Langston Wilde, to seek custody of the teen, assuming that Dorian will return the company to the Buchanans in exchange for Ray's relinquishing his rights to Langston. Using his connections, Clint has arranged Ray's "exoneration" and release through the corrupt warden of Plato Prison. Ray agrees to Jared and Clint's proposition, and accompanies Jared back to Llanview, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, international crime boss Carlo Hesser kidnaps his nemesis Cristian Vega, and has him interred in Plato Prison, conspiring with the warden to give Cristian Ray Montez's prison jumpsuit and imprison him under Ray's name. Cristian escapes the prison when he meets Ray's beautiful wife Vanessa, who bribes the warden for Cristian's freedom. Vanessa alleges that Ray wants her dead for testifying against him at his trial, where he stood accused of the murder of his first wife, the mother of his daughter Lola. Vanessa is anxious to accompany Cristian to Llanview with Lola, unaware that Ray is there as well.

Once in Llanview, Clint sets his plan into motion, and Ray crashes Langston and Dorian's party celebrating Langston's adoption. Upon introducing himself to his niece, Ray quickly grows fond of Langston, reminiscing about his past with his late sister Linda, Langston's mother. Soon thereafter, Ray pursues and is granted custody of Langston, and announces his intention to take her back to Colombia with him. Though this is still a part of Clint's gambit against Dorian, Ray is seemingly torn between his deal with Clint and his own burgeoning feelings for Langston, who desperately wants to remain in Llanview with her adoptive family and new friends. Ray gains custody, and Dorian refuses Clint's offer to have Ray relinquish his rights in exchange for Dorian signing Buchanan Enterprises back to him. At the airport with Langston, Ray comes face to face with Vanessa, who shoots him in front of everyone. She is arrested; a critically injured Ray tells the police detective Antonio Vega that Vanessa had framed him for his first wife's murder, but Antonio is doubtful. Meanwhile, Cristian defends Vanessa in court, and Langston befriends her newfound cousin Lola. Ray is sent back to Colombia, and Vanessa and Lola are soon threatened with deportation as well. Fearing retribution from Ray should she return to Colombia, Vanessa asks Cristian to do the only thing that can keep her in the United States: marry her. Initially reluctant because of his relationship with Sarah Roberts, Cristian ultimately marries Vanessa when an anonymous note threatens her life. Lawyer Téa Delgado is secretly representing Ray, seeking to prove that Vanessa had framed him for his wife's murder. Téa begins to win over Lola as Ray escapes prison again and confronts Vanessa in Llanview; she denies murdering Lola's mother, but admits in front of everyone that she had framed Ray as a way to take his money. Vanessa is deported on February 26, 2009,[22] and Ray is exonerated.

To Dorian's chagrin, Ray and Lola are invited to move into Dorian's mansion La Boulaie by its owners, Moe and Noelle Stubbs. Ray and Dorian eventually end up bonding as they fight, and share a kiss. Lola goes after the affections of Langston's boyfriend Markko Rivera; he rebuffs her advances and tells Langston, putting the couple at odds with Lola. Vowing revenge, Lola tries to thwart their plans to have sex and eventually pokes holes in the condoms they intend to use; taking drugs at the prom, Lola later confesses this act to ray and Dorian, as well as the fact that she had been the one to kill her own mother after catching her in bed with another man. Lola is brought to St. Ann's Sanitarium for evaluation. Ray leaves town on June 10, 2009 after telling a crushed Dorian that he has sent Lola to a facility out of town, and plans to join her himself.[19]

The Moodys

Darlene "Luna" Moody literally fell from the heavens into Llanview society in 1991. She was skydiving, and her parachute was blown off-course so that she landed on the yard of the Llanview country club during a gala event. Luna was a devoted Wiccan who believed in reincarnation and the spirit world. She hosted a radio talk show and ran the Serenity Springs health spa. The spa was situated on land owned by Max Holden, whom Luna immediately fell for. Max was infatuated with Blair Daimler (who was married to his arch-enemy Asa Buchanan), but eventually realized that Luna was his soul-mate. Luna once wrestled with the spectre of Death for Max's soul, and Max in turn confronted the ghost of Luna's deceased first husband, Bobby Ever, before the two were finally wed in a joint Christian/Wiccan ceremony presided over by Reverend Andrew Carpenter and a Pagan priestess. Luna gave birth to twins - Frankie (who was later revealed to be deaf) and Leslie - before being killed herself when she was inadvertently struck with a bullet during a gangland fight. She was memorialized when a statue of an angel designed by Cristian Vega bearing her likeness was sculpted and put on display in Angel Square.

Several of Luna's brothers followed her to Llanview. Tyler "Ty" Moody came to work on Serenity Springs during the summer of 1993. Ty was more traditional than either Luna or Max, and objected to their living together without being married. Ty also discovered that the mischievous Alex Olanov was behind the 'haunting' of Serenity Springs (Alex was trying to drive away Max and Luna's business, so that the spa would close and Asa - whom Alex was seeking to seduce - would be able to take over). Alex led Ty on, pretending to be interested in him. But Ty finally realized that Alex didn't care about him and left town.

Dylan Moody came to town when Luna was suffering from a spinal injury. He helped her during her convalescence, and then romanced Marty Saybrooke. Dylan and Marty married, but Marty was really in love with Patrick Thornhart. Following their divorce, Dylan ran a youth center in Angel Square (a neighborhood riddled with gang violence at the time). Tragically, Luna took the bullet that was really intended for Dylan.

Luna's brothers Bascombe Moody and Charlamagne Moody only appeared briefly in Llanview. Bascombe tended to dislike Max, who he thought was bad for his sister. Nevertheless, he did attend Max and Luna's wedding. Bascombe blamed Max for Luna's near-crippling spinal injury and beat him up.

During her time as a Llanview radio announcer, Luna hosted an annual Valentine's Day music show spotlighting songs about love. For several years after her death, Andrew Carpenter and Renee Divine hosted the Valentine's Day show in her honor. Like Megan Harrison, Luna's spirit took on the form of a guardian angel, watching over and caring for her still-living friends and loved ones in Llanview. Upon the death of her adoptive son Al, Luna urged the grieving Max to move forward with life and return to her home of North Carolina to care for their two children. Luna was also instrumental in helping Al's soul come to inhabit the body of Michael McBain, and urged him to win Marcie Walsh's love again in his new life. When her mission was complete and Al merged with Michael for good, Luna returned to the hereafter.

The O'Neills

  • Harry O'Neill: Arlen Dean Snyder (1984), Frank Converse (1984–1985)
  • Pete O'Neill: James O'Sullivan (1985–1987)
  • Connie O'Neill: Elizabeth Keifer (1984–1985, 1988), Terry Donahue (1985–1986)
  • Didi O'Neill: Barbara Treutelaar (1984–1988)
  • Joy O'Neill: Kristen Vigard (1984–1985), Julie Ann Johnson (1985–1986)

Harry O'Neill and his daughters Didi, Connie, and Joy are a hard-working family who work at the Lord-Manning plant, which Clint and Viki Buchanan are considering closing for financial reasons in 1984. Harry has a romance with Niki Smith, unaware that she is Viki's alternate personality.[27] The relationship ends when Harry is murdered in 1985 by con man Mitch Laurence, who had intended to kill Clint and frame Viki.[28] Eldest daughter Didi marries Clint's brother Bo Buchanan in 1986, but is electrocuted on a high-voltage fence in 1988 during the climax of the "Faux Bo" story, in which Patrick London gets reconstructive surgery and assumes Bo's identity. Connie marries Brad Vernon, and youngest daughter Joy is one of the many disciples of Mitch Laurence during his stint as a cult leader in 1987, after he manages to get released from jail. Harry's brother Pete comes to Llanview in 1985 in the wake of his brother's death; a lawyer, he defends Tina Lord when she is accused of Harry's murder.[28] Pete later falls for Asa Buchanan's ex-wife, Pamela Stuart, leaving town with her for her home island of Malakeva in 1987.

The Prices

  • Sheila Price: Valarie Pettiford (1990–1994), Stephanie E. Williams (1994–1996)
  • Rika Price: Vanita Harbour (1990–1991)
  • Ben Price: Charles Malik Whitfield (1993–1994), Peter Parros (1994–1995)

Sheila Price came to Llanview as the rehabilitation therapist who helped Victoria Lord recover from a stroke in 1990. Sheila became the love interest for Police Chief Troy Nichols; Sheila's younger sister Rika Price was a scholarship student at Llanview University. Enormously overprotective of Rika, Sheila objected to Rika dating Troy's troublesome son Kerry Nichols. This situation caused much tension between Sheila and Troy. Rika and Kerry left town in 1991; Troy remained until 1993. Rika was never mentioned again, not even showing up for Sheila's wedding to Hank Gannon.

Sheila's previously never-mentioned brother Dr. Ben Price came to town in 1993, and stole Rachel Gannon away from Kevin Buchanan. Ben saved Viki's life by determining the cause of the deadly flu virus that was sweeping through Llanview. Still, Rachel dumped him and he lost his job at the hospital. Ben briefly flirted with Marty Saybrooke, but nothing came of it; he left town in 1995.

After suffering a miscarriage, Sheila divorced Hank and left Llanview in 1996.

The Rappaports

Nora Buchanan's former flame Sam Rappaport came to town in March 1998. That year, Nora's husband Bo Buchanan was devastated when his son Drew, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. Nora hoped to conceive a child to give Bo a reason to live; out of desperation she turned to Sam. The pregnancy pulled Bo back onto his feet, but he and Nora later divorced when it was revealed that Nora's son Matthew had been fathered by Sam.

Sam's ex-wife Lindsay Rappaport followed him to Llanview in May 1998, immediately sparking a rivalry with Nora (with whom Lindsay had always blamed for breaking up her marriage to Sam). Much to everyone's surprise, she married Clint Buchanan suddenly in 1998; the marriage fell apart quickly as Clint tired of Lindsay's manipulative ways. Lindsay's business partnership with Dorian Lord blossomed into friendship, and Lindsay's friendship with Nora's former brother-in-law (and sometimes criminal) R.J. Gannon got her in (and out of) her share of trouble.

Sam and Lindsay's son Will Rappaport arrived in July 1998 and befriended Jessica Buchanan, who later became pregnant with his child while involved with Cristian Vega. When Dorian Lord accidentally ran down Jessica with her car, Jessica survived but lost her unborn child (later named Megan).

Sam's estranged brother Ben Davidson appeared in Llanview in January 1999. Oil industrialist Asa Buchanan developed a strong dislike for the Rappaport family in general, and for Ben in particular. However, it was eventually revealed that Ben had been adopted, and that he was the biological son of Asa Buchanan and Renee Divine. Ben fell in love with and married Victoria Lord Carpenter. He was accidentally shot by police detective Antonio Vega. Falling into a coma, Ben died in 2004.

Kelly Cramer's boarding school friend Grace Monroe comes to Llanview with her grandfather in 1999 and soon becomes romantically involved with Kevin Buchanan. Grace's grandfather, secretly a mobster, is searching for Dr. Ben Davidson to kill him because Grace's father had died while Ben was treating him. It is revealed that Grace is really the younger sister of Ben and his brother Sam Rappaport, kidnapped as a child by the mob and presumed dead. Reunited with her brothers, Grace changes her name to Grace Davidson.

At Kevin and Grace's engagement party, Kevin's grandfather Asa Buchanan — who hates Ben and Sam — confronts Grace with pictures he had uncovered of her sleeping with her father's mob friends. An upset Grace runs out into the storm and ends up in the Buchanans' summerhouse, which is under construction. Locked in, she falls through a hole in the floor into the cold water below. Rae Cummings arrives and unsuccessfully tries to save Grace. Both woman are eventually pulled from the water, but despite her brother Ben's best efforts, Grace dies on November 3, 1999.

Sam and Lindsay's rebellious daughter Jennifer Rappaport appeared in January 2001, becoming involved with Al Holden, being engaged to Cristian Vega and marrying Rex Balsom and Joey Buchanan. She had a tempestuous relationship with her mother Lindsay, but became close to her father's girlfriend Nora (and Nora's son with Sam, Matthew).

Will left town in August 2001, but would return briefly in 2003 and 2005 for two family tragedies. Sam died in March 2003, and it was revealed that Matthew was, in fact, Bo Buchanan's son. Jennifer had somewhat settled down and started dating Riley Colson in 2005, but was murdered by Riley's father (and Nora's husband) Daniel Colson in his effort to cover up a murder he had committed as well as his homosexuality.

Lindsay was arrested for the murder of Dr. Spencer Truman in the fall of 2007, and Will once again returned to visit her in jail and offer his support. On 3 January 2008, Lindsay was deemed "fit to stand trial," but also "determined to have been insane" at the time of the murder. With both Bo and R.J. offering to be her legal guardian, Lindsay is returned to St. Ann's sanitarium.[29]

The Roberts

Cord's parents, Clint Buchanan (Clint Ritchie) and Maria Vasquez Roberts (BarBara Luna), 1987

When they were both teenagers, Maria Vasquez became pregnant with Clint Buchanan's child. Clint's father Asa found out about it before she could tell him though. Because Maria was of Mexican heritage, Asa looked down on her and refused to allow her to marry Clint (as Clint would have done, had he known the truth). Asa pressured Maria into abandoning Clint without ever telling him about the baby. Maria married the sturdy, reliable ranch-hand Al Roberts instead, and gave birth to a boy named Cordero "Cord" Roberts. The Roberts family lived in El Paso, Texas. Al was a good husband and father, even though he knew Cord was not truly his son. Cord grew up believing that Al was his father. Maria however nursed a bitter grudge against Asa and spent her life pining for Clint.

In 1986, when Cord expressed an interest in photography, Maria sent Clint a telegram asking him to provide Cord a job at the Llanview Banner. Tina was in the midst of a bitter feud with Clint at the time. She intercepted the request and snooped about in El Paso, hoping to get some dirt on him. Cord met and quickly fell for Tina, and followed her back to Llanview. Tina reciprocated his interest, but had no intention of marrying a dirt-poor cowboy like Cord...until she discovered that he was Clint's biological son, and potential heir to the Buchanan mega-billions! After learning that, she wasted no time marrying him. Maria, who pegged Tina as a gold-digging tramp from their first meeting, became bitter enemies with her.

Al Roberts died of cancer very soon after Cord wed Tina. With no-one keeping her in El Paso, Maria relocated to Llanview to be near her son. By then, she had grown strong enough to hold her own against Asa's threats. Eventually she confessed to both Clint and Cord that they were father and son, and Clint welcomed Cord into the Buchanan family. Maria wheedled her way into both Clint and Viki's confidences, pretending to be just an 'old friend' to Clint. But she secretly conspired to break up their marriage. Maria had two overhwhelming desires - to win Clint's love once again, and to break up Tina and Cord. Maria brought Tom Dennison to Llanview, hoping Viki would leave Clint for him. That failed to happen. Later, Maria discovered before anyone else that Allison Perkins had kidnapped Viki's newborn baby Jessica. Maria secretly helped Allison return the baby, but arranged circumstances to make it look as if Viki had become Niki Smith again and kidnapped her own baby. Her shenanigans were ultimately discovered, and Clint railed against her for her evil deeds. Going completely off the deep end, Maria attempted to poison Viki, and frame Tina for the crime, only to become tainted by the fatal poison herself and die. (She might have been happy to know that Tina was found guilty of murdering her, and spent some time in jail because of it.)

When Clint was temporarily struck blind in 1988, Clint and Viki spent time in El Paso. Maria's brother George Vasquez came on the scene. He blamed Clint for Maria's death, and set out to get revenge. He engineered a riding accident that left Clint stranded in the desert. But the accident served to restore Clint's sight, and sent him back in time 100 years to the wild western Buchanan City. Apart from meeting Buchanan and Lord family ancestors, Clint also met Cody Vasquez, the right-hand man of Buck Buchanan. Cody married May McGillis, and they (presumably) became the great-grandparents of Maria and George. In modern day, George was killed after he discovered that 'Bo Buchanan' who returned after Clint went missing was really an imposter and attempted to blackmail him.

Meanwhile, almost as soon as they were married, Cord began to see Tina for the schemer she really was. Yet no matter what unthinkable stunt Tina pulled, Cord couldn't help loving her. Over the next several years, Cord and Tina were divorced, re-married, divorced again, and re-married again and divorced yet again. During the course of their marriage-go-round, they had two children together - Clinton James "C.J." Roberts and Sarah Roberts. Eventually, Tina left town (with the kids in tow), then Cord left as well.

In the new millennium, Sarah (grown to a young woman and using the alias 'Flash') came back to Llanview, and Tina and Cord visited as well. During One Life to Live's 40th anniversary in July 2008, Sarah was featured in a major storyline in which villain Carlo Hesser took revenge on both Tina and Sarah for past sins, while Cord was seen on July 22, speaking to Clint from London about Sarah, and reminiscing about Maria and her past with Clint. Simultaneously, a "time travel" storyline began, following characters at the Buchanan family ranch in Texas in the year 1968; there, the roles of the youthful Clint and Maria Vasquez are played by John Brotherton (who plays Jared Banks in the "present day" story) and Melissa Archer (who plays Natalie Buchanan), respectively. As seen in 1968, Clint and Maria's forbidden romance is in full bloom and a secret from Asa, and Maria has just revealed that she is pregnant with a child she plans to name "Cordero."

The Sanders

When Judith Russell Sanders first arrived in town, she and husband Charles Sanders were already separated; he quickly followed, hoping to reconcile and save their marriage. Judith (sister to Jon Russell, a private investigator involved with Dorian Lord) was a free-spirited idealistic lawyer who never truly fit into the conservative, aristocratic lifestyle maintained by Charles, who was the ambassador to the (fictional) European monarchy Mendorra. Judith also frequently locked horns with Elizabeth Sanders, Charles' domineering, manipulative mother.

Charles and Judith couldn't resolve their differences, and divorced — much to Elizabeth's delight. Judith subsequently had an affair with Herb Callison, while Charles romanced Dorian as part of a money-making scheme. When Dorian realized he was using her, she turned the tables on him by revealing that he had had an affair with a member of Mendorra's royal family. Charles was replaced as ambassador by Dorian herself. Later, Charles eloped with businesswoman Lee Halpern during a drunken night in Las Vegas, and died of a heart attack on their wedding night. Judith was distraught by Charles' death and left town soon afterward. Lee, a former prostitute living under an assumed name, tormented Elizabeth even more than Judith had.

Charles and Judith had two children; noble, heroic Kate and sleazy; spoiled Jamie. Kate was an anthropologist with a taste for adventure, and fell in love with Cord Roberts (who was then married to the scheming Tina Lord). When Tina was believed to be dead, Kate accepted Cord's proposal. But just as their wedding ceremony was coming to an end, Tina abruptly burst into the chapel — very much alive and carrying a baby she claimed to be Cord's son (who was actually the son of Gabrielle Medina and Max Holden). While Cord sought a divorce from Tina, Kate became entangled with Patrick London, her ex-fiance, who stooped to insane measures to break up Cord and Kate. He didn't need to bother though; as Kate came to realize Cord loved Tina, she broke up with him and left Llanview.

Jamie was Kate's polar opposite. Mean-spirited and rotten, he played on his mother Judith's sympathies to bail him out of one fix after another. Eventually though, his criminal ways (including running a crack factory, killing a fellow cocaine dealer and kidnapping Cassie Callison) caught up with him and he was sent to Statesville Prison for a life sentence. Even in jail, he was a menace: he threatened Tina when she was wrongly imprisoned for the murder of Maria Roberts, broke out and shot Clint Buchanan, and led a widescale prison riot.

Charles had one other son — Geoff McGrath — the illegitimate product of his affair with a Mendorran royalty. Geoff kept his true identity a secret for several months while he ran a legal service for low-income, working-class people. Geoff became close to Judith, but when she left town, he simply faded out of the storyline.

Elizabeth stuck around the longest. After Asa Buchanan led a successful hostile takeover of her Sanders Industries, she sought revenge. She masterminded a bizarre takeover scheme in which an impostor (actually Patrick London), masquerading as Bo Buchanan, infiltrated the Buchanan family, drugged Asa, and stealthily sold off the Buchanan family assetts, until all that was left would be Sanders Industries. The plot was foiled however, and Elizabeth went to jail. She later appeared as part of an army of prisoners whom her grandson Jamie helped escape from jail. That adventure was the last anyone heard of the Sanders family.

The Siegels

The Siegels were daytime's first family of Jewish characters, and the first interfaith marriage, although members of this family rarely were involved in front-burner storylines. From the show's start, lawyer David Siegel was married to Eileen Riley Siegel, sister of Viki's first husband Joe. David and Eileen already had twins Julie Siegel and Timmy Siegel, who started out as adolescents but underwent SORAS in the early 70s (Timmy then became known as Tim). David was the lawyer in resident for the more dynamic characters in Llanview, representing Larry and Vince Wolek in (separate) criminal cases. Eileen mainly acted as a confidante for Joe.

In 1972, Dave managed to get Steve Burke acquitted for the accidental death of his secretary. Unbeknownst to Dave, the crucial evidence came from a surprising source: Dave's presumed-dead brother-in-law, Joe Riley. Eileen had never given up hope that Joe was alive, and she was overjoyed when he finally appeared.

Julie Siegel fell in love with a law school lothario Jack Lawford and moved in with him, without marrying him (still a scandalous act for a soap opera heroine in 1972). Julie assumed Jack would marry her upon completion of his law school work. But when she discovered Jack was sleeping with other women, and realized he never intended to tie the knot, she had a nervous breakdown. While recovering from this breakdown, Julie met Dr. Mark Toland (played by Tommy Lee Jones). They fell in love and married, but Julie was a cold fish to him.

Dave suffered a massive heart attack and died in 1973; Eileen turned to painkillers to get through the ordeal. Eventually she sought treatment from Dr. Dorian Cramer. Mark had an affair with Dorian, prompting Julie to divorce him.

Eileen briefly romanced Ben Farmer, whose own wife Rachel had died because of a hospital mishap (involving both Dorian and Mark, ironically enough). But Julie strongly objected to Eileen dating anyone and demanded that her mother remain utterly devoted to the memory of David. (Julie was unwilling to let her own mother find the love and happiness she could not seem to find herself.) Julie even went so far as trying to seduce Ben herself in order to break up her mother's relationship with him. She didn't expect to actually fall in love with him. Eventually, they left town together but their relationship didn't last long and Julie moved to Florida.

Tim Siegel (who'd been written out for a few years) returned to Llanview after having dropped out of law school. He became a construction worker and fell in love with novitiate nun Jenny Wolek. Jenny gave up the cloistured life for Tim, and the two got engaged. Her cousin Vince, outraged that Tim was "stealing" Jenny from the church, got into a fight that exacerbated a latent brain anuerisym in Tim. When it became apparent that Tim was dying, Jenny arranged for a hasty wedding ceremony in Tim's hospital room. Tim died shortly after the marriage was officiated.

With no husband or children left in Llanview, Eileen opted to part for greener pastures in 1977. Neither she nor Julie were heard from again - not even when her brother Joe died, or even when Tom Dennison discovered he was the separated-at-birth identical twin brother of Joe (and therefore, Eileen's brother as well!).It can be presumed that Eileen died at some point because Viki mentioned to Tom Dennison that the last she heard Julie was still living in Florida.

The Vernons

Dr. Will Vernon was a resident psychotherapist at Llanview Hospital - which is a laugh given the twisted dynamics of his immediate family. Before arriving in Llanview in 1976, he'd already had one mistress, prompting his neurotic wife Naomi Vernon to attempt suicide. Will was genuinely remorseful over the consequences of his actions, and wanted to mend fences with his wife. However, Naomi was a passive-aggressive manipulator who never let him forget his sins. Moreover, Naomi was furiously jealous at the close relationship Will seemed to have with his assistant Jenny Wolek. Fearful that Will might leave her, Naomi concocted a fake suicide attempt in order to elicit her husband's sympathy. Her plan went awry and she actually did die as a result of taking too many sleeping pills.

Will and Naomi's son Brad (the Cad) Vernon was once on the fast-track to become a major tennis star. An elbow injury cut his pro-athlete dreams short though. Bitter and self-pitying, Brad became a ne'er-do-well lothario. He romanced several young women about town, chief among them cocktail waitress Lana McCain, and Jenny Wolek. Jenny resisted his advances, but that only made him all the more determined to win her over. Eventually Jenny did fall for him, but by then Lana was pregnant with Brad's child. During a quarrel, Brad accidentally caused Lana's death. Fearful that he might be blamed for murdering her, Brad coaxed Jenny into providing him an alibi for the time Lana died. The police didn't buy it and Brad went to trial. Jenny was called to testify against Brad, but refused on the grounds that she had eloped with Brad the night before - and as his wife, couldn't be asked to speak against him in court. Nevertheless, Brad went to jail for manslaughter. When she realized how she'd been used, Jenny sought an annulment. But after visiting him in jail numerous times, Jenny became convinced that he'd had changed. She stuck with the marriage when he was released from jail, and became pregnant by him. But if Brad had changed at all, it was for the worse - he raped Jenny's sister Karen, and pressured Karen into remaining quiet by telling Karen that Jenny was suffering a difficult pregnancy, and any upsetting news might cause her to miscarry. (Ironically, when Jenny learned about the rape, she went into early labor and DID end up losing the baby.) Jenny left Brad, and he eventually mellowed out. He dated Georgianna Whitmore, an auto mechanic, ran the 'Vernon Inn' for several years, and later married and eventually divorced Joy O'Neill (sister of Didi and Connie.)

Samantha Vernon, Brad's little sister, resented her father and seemed to be always on the search for a surrogate 'dad'. She chased the much older Tony Lord around town for a while. After Tony finally lost his temper and told her off, the devastated girl got into a car crash (one that scarred her, and resulted in the death of Pamela Cross - her father's fiancee). After leaving town for corrective plastic surgery, Samantha returned to marry the much, much, MUCH older Asa Buchanan. Unbeknown to Samantha (or Asa's sons Clint and Bo for that matter), Asa's first wife Olympia was still alive and refused to grant him a divorce. Thus Asa imprisoned her, and his marriage to Samantha was a bigamist affair. Olympia escaped several times and attempted to kill either Asa or Samantha, but was foiled and returned to her imprisonment time and again. Finally, the truth about Olympia came out, and Samantha divorced Asa. Samantha later fell in love with Rafe Garretson (Asa's nephew, who had served as Olympia's jailor) and married him. Samantha was pregnant with Rafe's child when a traumatic accident left her brain-dead. The child she was carrying was artificially inseminated into her friend Delila Ralston (another one of Asa's hapless brides), and Sam's father Will shut off her life-support. The baby that Delila eventually bore was a girl whom she and Rafe named Samantha in honor of her biological mother. Samantha was seen again however as one of many former friends who appeared to Viki as angels during the famed 'Heaven' storyline.


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